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This is the first big story I’d like to share so please let me know what you think :)
The apple tart crumbled into my cleavage as an arm reached over my head to knock my rosy-cheeked maidservant away. I whined; Rachel cowered from my guard’s gloved fist, clutching her thin shift over puckered nipples. I’d long since cut away the bottom half of her night dress in a rage and Rachel was unused to male guests leering at her pasty, freckled thighs. That was why I’d asked Fallon to deliver my mail to my bedchambers, of course. My father’s gruff prized swordsman, far too old for me but delicious eye candy nonetheless, was fortuitous enough to interrupt my maid hand-feeding me breakfast with her glorious swinging breasts in my face.

“Shall I remind your maidservant of her station, my Lady?” Fallon barked. His olive face, barely peeking over the tall back of my settee, was crimson under his whiskers. He was dressed for court in Father’s colors, green and gold. Fallon’s aged buttons and medals were more brass at this point.

“No, no, that’s quite unnecessary. You’re dismissed, Fallon.” I neglected to mention Rachel’s state was by my own choosing. Why would I defend my property? She glowered at me under her eyelashes across the coffee table laden with my breakfast. I blew a kiss in her direction. “Will I be seeing you in the arena today, Old Sir?”

Fallon chortled and slapped the arm of my chair heavily. “You mock me, Princess. Nay, you’ll not see me today. Nor the feast tonight, I’m afraid. His Majesty has me on another babysitting hunt with your brother.” I can hear the venom in his voice. I nod sagely.

I know why my brother needs a babysitter more than anyone else. The evidence of it sucked at his wet nurse’s teat in the chamber beyond.

Fallon ducks his head in a lazy bow and backs out of my bedroom. When the heavy door has creaked shut behind him, Rachel rose to her feet quivering with embarrassment. Or, perhaps, rage. I can never tell; she cried regardless. As my pretty servant’s eyes filled with tears I prodded my bulging breasts. “Did he look at them at all, Rachel? Oh, tell me he did even if it’s not true. I feel extraordinarily stiff in these stays but my décolletage is quite distracting!”

Rachel sniffed heartily. “That was cruel, ma’am.”

“Yes,” I pursed my lips, peering down my nose at her. She was even prettier when she cried; the pale freckles on her nose stood out. I hadn’t expected she’d lose her coloring when I made her a houseservant. She’d been a lovely hazelnut working in the garden alongside her aging mother. I often considered sending her back to the gardens just for the tan but Father never let the staff work in the nude, the boring cad. His new silly rules were all to please my stepmother. Foreign bitch. Her island’s treatment of their slaves was barbaric but she still felt entitled to judge our practices. My father hadn’t fucked a single other woman since their wedding night, as far as she knew.

Rachel licked her fingers and slid them between my breasts, wriggling for crumbs. I felt the bastards tickle past my ribcage into my skirts; it was a convenient excuse to grab Rachel by her loose brown hair and push her to the floor. She obediently untangled my skirts and began lapping at my wet pussy on her knees. I pulled my ass to the edge of the settee and spread my legs for her. I didn’t particularly expect to cum, I’d already done so twice before breakfast, but there was no reason I shouldn’t be serviced whilst reading my morning letters.

“Fingers too, Rachel.” I scolded my kneeling maidservant. She concentrated her tonguing on my sensitive clit and prodded my hole with three fingers. They penetrated my slit easily.

Her Royal Highness Princess Lilibeth of Moorsey:

It has been far too long since your tender breath caressed my-

I skimmed. Boundless ass, fruitful loins, insatiable snatch, the usual- ah, an offer of marriage. Signed cousin Sammuel. A good lay- fifteen years ago. I would hardly call that experience with my insatiable snatch. Rachel’s wet fingertips tickled my asshole. “Not this morning darling, I’m saving it for later.” I flicked my letters against Rachel’s head, just a lump in my pile of skirts. She mumbled her ascent into my pussy and returned her hand to my cunt.

The next letter was a summons to Father’s morning council: the false council, he should say, as it was just the facade he put up to disguise his evening meetings with the Priestess and I. Most real decisions were made there, with Father’s cock in someone’s ass. The last invited me to afternoon tea and a seat with House Tirut’s Ladies during the tournament. I’d already accepted the same invitation from the Southern House Shy; a shame, for the sisters Diana and Margrete were wonderful hostesses. Their obsession with other identical twins made for a delightful orgy.

I knocked Rachel from my pussy with my foot and stood. She appeared from beneath me damp with sweat and with a shiny streak from nose to chin. She slurped her fingers and smiled. “Would you like me to finish you, my Lady?” She chirruped.

“No, fuck off.” I didn’t wait for Rachel to scurry from the room before I squatted over my chamber pot. I pissed; the thick stream hit the pot with a clang and the lightest spray of piss across my stockings. My cunt was already swollen. The hot piss against my abused flesh stung. When I’d finished, I allowed only a moment’s drip dry before I lurched away.

I snatched a slice of melon on the rind from my abandoned breakfast. I munched it as I strode across the room to one of many doors on the opposite wall from my bed; I flung the leftmost open. My teats ached as my son mewled at the sight of me.

Little Brandon was done nursing and now crawled about the nursery with blocks in each fat fist. His wet nurse was still pulling her dress back up in the corner and the nursery maid had hunched over to clean an unidentifiable mess by the cradle. Brandon dropped his blocks and crawled to me. His fat fists flailed against my skirt and he squalled.

“Ugh,” Wet spots, small as buttons, appeared on the front of my dress. The wet nurse, one fat teat still swinging nude, hurried to press a rag between my leaking breasts and the thick brocade. The other servant plucked my son from the ground and bounced as he screamed for me. “Fuck- stop it, stop it, use your mouth.” I ripped the rag from the nursemaid and pulled my breasts from my bodice, resting them atop the bone stays. My engorged nipples dripped milk. The nursemaid stared up at me with huge eyes. “Stop looking at me like a fucking idiot, suck them.”

I grabbed the back of her head and pulled. The wet nurse resisted for only a moment before lowering her face to my leaking breaks and taking both nipples into her mouth. She was clearly unfamiliar with nursing herself but shortly suckled me like a baby at the breast. It was harder and messier with both breasts at once. Milk spilled from the sides of her mouth, splattering her uncovered tit. I liked watching my milk and her spittle mingle on her fat, hanging breast; I took her tit in my fist and tweaked her nipple as she sucked on me. She was clearly still sore from my son’s feeding; she moaned and sniffled when my long nails scraped her chapped skin.

I only made her milk me for a minute. I had other plans for the rest of it and I wanted to hold my son. I had him in my arms, snuggled against my naked chest, for only a few minutes before a shadow darkened the door. Brandon’s father, my second eldest brother and the most handsome of my family, cocked his eyebrow at my half-nude state. His dark curls were identical to the ones at my chin.

“Hello, Rynar.” I deadpanned. Despite myself, my core twisted. I could see the bulge in his trousers move as he addressed my engorged breasts.

“Little sister,” Rynar grinned. The servants had made themselves scarce fast. My brother quickly towered over me and our son. He took the little boy from my grasp and lowered him gently into his cradle. “You’ve been avoiding me.”

“Have I?” I skirted the fingers he tries to wiggle against my bare flesh. “I don’t recall doing so.”

“Yes, since you passed Brandon to the wet nurse. Yet I see you still produce?” Rynar cupped my tit in his large hand. He was so large, still growing even at 20, and his hand was not as gentle with me as with the baby. I gasped.

“I- I decided to lactate for pleasure. My lovers do not nip like Brandon-“

“Your lovers? You’ve not given me this pleasure, little sister. Am I not your lover?” Rynar’s icy eyes grew dark. I didn’t fear him, I never truly believed he’d ever hurt me, but I certainly didn’t prefer the games he plays in a dark mood. Instead of answering, I smiled demurely and caressed his bicep, gently tugging him down towards me. Rynar needed no more urging; like the nurse before him he closed his lips around my breast. He took one nipple between his teeth, rolling his tongue against it, then sucked hard. His technique was incorrect and arduous; my milk barely dripped until he wrapped his hands around both fat breasts and massaged them hard. Milk squirted from both tits, into my brother’s mouth and over his shoulder in an arc to splatter his back.

When Rynar had his fill of my teats he knocked me prone to the floor. He unbuttoned his pants and his veiny cock dropped free; he flicked my dress over my shoulder and mounted me from above. His short, uncomfortably girthy cock ground me into the rug, the fibers scratching my naked back. He grunted into my ear. After only a few thrusts, Rynar hissed and froze. His dick spasmed inside me, spraying his seed in my womb. Once he was spent Rynar was harmless; I tipped him off of me and stood, tucking my tits back into my dress.

“Always a pleasure, big brother,” I sniffed. He laughed; his shrinking cock jerked and spit leftover cum onto his trousers. Brandon cooed for me as I left.

Fallon was gone; the young guard by my chambers was a new transfer from the southern estates. He flushed when I winked at him but neglected to comment on the rapidly drying spots of milk still visible on my day gown. Father was not so judicious when I entered his study.

“Gods above Lilibeth, you look like a harlot.” Father huffed. His plump bride was between his spread legs at his desk; she squealed and tried to pull her face from his cock when I entered but Father smacked her back down. Her tits swung untethered in the loose scarves her people preferred to adorn themselves in. They flopped beautifully as she bounced on Father’s cock.

“Forgive me, I had no time to change. Rynar-“

“Enough,” Father waved a hand stacked with glimmering gems. “I can infer the rest.” He held up a finger and we both grew silent as he came in the Queen’s mouth. I heard her gurgle as it hit her throat and Father moaned. When he’d finished my stepmother straightened herself and rushed from the study without sparing me a glance. Father blinked down at his lap. “Every time I think I’ve improved her… Finish this, Lilibeth.”

I don’t have to ask for further instruction. My Father was a creature of habit; after oral he preferred to be finished with another minute or two of sucking. Sometimes by the time Father was satisfied with one blowjob he was hard enough for another. I obediently knelt and suckled Father’s limp cock, still damp with my stepmother’s saliva, as he stroked my red hair. “I’ll never understand the woman. I wouldn’t begrudge her lovers, I even encourage her to take another! Surely she has needs I won’t fulfill. Like your brother and your maid, what’s her name?”

I lift my mouth to murmur, “Rachel.”

“Yes, exactly. Benjamin’s wife would never let him do the things you two do to that girl. Will she be at the tournament today?” I nod. Father pats my head. “Good girl, that’s enough. Your brothers will be in soon.”

It was rare for all my brothers to be in one place but more so for them to all show up for morning council. My eldest brother, Benjamin, arrived with his two teenage boys minutes before Rynar slunk in discussing snares with the Captain of the Guard. Fallon gave me a dirty look when he and the other Kings Guards filed in behind my stepmother, though I couldn’t imagine why, and we’re all stuck waiting for my last two full-blooded brothers to arrive with the few nonfamilial ministers for over a half-hour. My stepsiblings, too small for council, wait with their nurses.

When Garrick and Harrison finally stumbled in with the similar hungover ministers of trade, coin, and foreign relations, Father scolded them and began the farce. Every morning I was reminded how little power the men in the room actually wielded; the decisions they thought they made were ultimately, universally, Father’s. His wan, condescending smile never budgeda as my brothers and the ministers bickered, swapping sides as often as they called for more watered-down wine.

As the meeting concluded I found Benjamin by my side. His sons had vanished as soon as my Father’s crown was brought out; once it was settled on his head the King left to attend to the court. Rynar sneered at Banjamin and I as he and Fallon left for the hunt. “Is it wrong of me to hope he falls off his horse?” Benjamin quipped.

I plopped a wet kiss on the heir’s cheek. He was much closer to my height than Rynar but I still had to rise to my toes to kiss him. “If it sends you to hell I’m with you, of course.” I replied. “He visited me in Brandon’s nursery after breakfast.”

Benjamin winced. “Was he too rough with you, dear one? Shall I kiss it better?”

“If only we had the time today, brother.” I sighed. Benjamin led me from the study into the hallway. The castle was quickly waking up; servants ducked around nobility, hustling to prepare for the afternoon’s entertainment. “I’ve entered Rachel today. I’m eager to see her bred.”

“Aren’t you worried she’ll be taken?” Benjamin understood my infatuation with the maidservant more than anyone; he’d appreciated her receptive body near as much as I had. It was a valid concern; the father of a child had ultimate right to the woman carrying it.

“I entered her into the lower tourney. He’ll be too poor to support a mistress.” I clicked my tongue. “I’m cleverer than that.”

Benjamin laughed and rubbed a finger across my cheek. “Of course, I shouldn’t underestimate you sister. Will I see you this afternoon?”

“I’ll be with House Shy. Nora has a eunuch she’s been plying me with for weeks.” Benjamin’s goodbye kiss was long; he pressed the full length of his hard cock against my stomach. I tasted the wine on his tongue and could smell the pussy he’d already had on his face that morning. Benjamin’s manservant often brought his wife to Benjamin’s chamber in the morning to distract my brother from the ass he’d plowed all night. Or perhaps Benjamin’s lady wife had woken early enough to service her husband, a rare occurrence. The lingering scent made my mouth water dramatically.


2022-09-21 00:50:49
A tantalising and erotic beginning to a story that has so much potential, I look forward to more of this tale.

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