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Francesco is loaded into a chopper with the other boys who serve the same sentence. Two of them have sex in front of all the others.
Prison Island


Francesco looked around with wary eyes. He had been given a set of fresh clothes which consisted of a t-shirt, a pair of jeans, and one pair of snickers, and then forced into the chopper, next to a bunch of other boys who looked no older than him. He hadn’t been in juvie much, so, in his mind, he thought he didn’t belong there, but no one cared what he thought about it, anyway.

He stood on a long bench, at a safe distance from the others. From the short time he had been institutionalized, he had gathered as much that on the inside, everyone wanted to either fuck you or fuck you over. He wasn’t in the mood to strike any alliances with the bunch of randos he had been forced with for the time being.

Once they got to their destination, he needed to take a hike and hide. He would have to find a way to survive, and hell, he didn’t plan on going down without a fight.

“Hey,” the guy across from him called.

Francesco had a mind to ignore him, but he didn’t want to get into a fight just yet. He looked at the other. This one seemed a bit older. He could be twenty, and he had strong shoulders and muscles. His t-shirt stretched across his torso, showing strong pecs. Francesco let his eyes linger a bit too much and caught himself.

He looked up and noticed the full plump lips, deep blue eyes, and blond hair, cut military style. If it weren’t for the hard jawline, he would have mistaken the dude for some teenage heartthrob. It didn’t matter that the guy looked strong. His mouth would be full of cock by midnight if he didn’t hide, like Francesco.

“Hey,” he replied and parted his legs to appear more impressive.

He was normally developed for his age, but he didn’t have muscles like the guy across from him.

The stranger cocked his head to one side and offered his hand. “I’m Karl.”

“Francesco,” he said and took the offered hand. Maybe it wasn’t so bad to team up with someone else, especially one who looked like he could handle himself.

“Italian, huh?”

He nodded.

“What do you say about me and you getting together?”

Francesco didn’t like the smirk Karl threw him. There was something disingenuous in it. And what the hell did he mean, getting together?

“You know, like a team, so that we can survive down there.”

Francesco nodded, trying to look indifferent. “Sure.”

“Now, take a look around,” Karl said. “Who else should we take with us?”

Francesco didn’t like to stare, but under Karl’s scrutiny, he began to scout their traveling companions. At the end of the opposite bench stood a guy who looked like a giant. There was an instant lump in his throat when he looked at him. He had huge forearms covered in black hair and a stern expression on his face. He didn’t have to pretend he was impressive. Most probably the reason why he had to spread his legs was because of the huge package between them. Francesco continued to stare, unable to look away. There was an unmistakable bulge there, easy to spot even from a little distance. His mouth watered, and he licked his lips.

The giant met his eyes, making him turn his head.

“That guy, huh?” Karl looked, too. “Go talk to him. Ask him if he’s game.”

“Why do I have to go?”

“Italians know how to talk to people.”

“It’s a basic human skill,” Francesco shot back.

“No shit.” Karl sneered. “Go, Cesco, chop-chop.”

“Don’t call me Cesco. And what am I? Your servant or something?”

Karl’s sneer twisted his lips. “Don’t be a spoilsport. Just go and talk to the guy.”

Francesco considered for a moment, but then he got to his feet and walked wobbly until he reached the giant. “Hey,” he said.

The chopper swerved, and he ended plastered against the giant. The guy grabbed him and placed him on his knee. Francesco felt his blood rushing to his head, and then down between his legs. He could smell the giant, and he smelled like a man.

“Um,” he started, “me and Karl over there are wondering if you’d like to team up with us once we’re down.”

“Only the three of us?” the giant asked.

“Yeah,” Francesco said.

“No. We’re taking everyone.”

Francesco then noticed another boy resting his head against the giant’s shoulder. His hair was a light brown and his face was pretty like a doll’s. He snored softly like he had not a care in the world.

“I’m Leon,” the giant said without releasing Francesco from his hold. “This one here is Ollie. He’s my boyfriend.”

Francesco froze for a second. “Okay,” he mumbled, “he’s welcome, too.”

“Not only him. All.” Leon made a short gesture with his chin.

Francesco took another look. On the same bench sat a couple of boys who looked not one day older than eighteen. One of them looked like he belonged in a boys’ band, and the other had his hair dyed pink. None of them looked strong. And way too pretty for where they were headed. Except for Leon and Karl, they all looked like they would be fit for getting fucked in all holes.

Then, Francesco noticed someone else. The guy must have sat by his side since he had gotten in, but he hadn’t seen him. He had large green eyes that shone with magnetism on an olive complexion. His hair, a bit long, was a dark red, and there was something about him that made Francesco think of a hunter.

And he was looking at him. The guy stretched his legs and then his arms. He wasn’t buff like Karl or Leon, but his lean muscles were strong. As Francesco watched him, he smiled and blinked lazily.

Francesco felt his stomach turning into knots. There was a come-hither call in those beautiful green eyes.

“Got it?” Leon asked. “Go and tell your friend that’s the deal, okay?”

Francesco said nothing as Leon pushed him up and patted his ass to move back to his place. Normally, he would have broken the dude’s arm, but Leon really looked like no one would mess with him.

He sat across from Karl, with his hands between his legs.

“Well? What did he say?” Karl asked.

“His name is Leon. He says that we should all be in it or no dice.”

“You mean we should take all these bitches with us? And what? Hope and pray that they won’t all end up with dozens of dicks taking turns at their holes?”

Francesco shrugged.

“Leon would never leave anyone behind,” the guy next to him intervened in the conversation.

“Who are you?” Karl asked, pursing his lips.

Francesco didn’t dare to turn. He couldn’t risk looking into those magnetic eyes. The guy was so close that he could feel hot breath on his face.

“I’m Ahab, but you can call me Mouse,” the redhead said. “So, you’re Karl, and you’re Francesco, right?”

“Yeah,” he replied without looking.

“I’m good with traps, hunting, foraging, you name it,” Mouse said. “I think we can strike something good together.”

“You look like you know everyone,” Karl spat.

For some reason, the blond couldn’t stand Mouse. It looked like Mouse didn’t care.

“Yeah. What do you want to know?”

“Who are those two bitches?” Karl pointed with his chin at the two pretty boys sitting not far from Leon.

“The pink-haired one is Ty. The other’s Anya.”

“Anya? That’s like a girl’s name,” Francesco said.

“Parents. Who knows what they’re thinking,” Mouse replied.

Francesco snickered. “Right. Ahab.”

“Yeah, you look nothing like an Ahab,” Karl said with unhidden envy.

“My mom couldn’t tell how I would turn out,” Mouse replied, without one sign that he was bothered by the other’s open hostility.

“Then, we’re all in?” Francesco asked.

“Yeah,” Karl said and rubbed the back of his neck with a grimace. “What’s the deal with Leon and that bitch by his side?”

“That’s Ollie, his boyfriend. Just a word of advice, Karl,” Mouse said, “don’t dare to say the word ‘bitch’ or ‘fag’ or whatever to his face, or Leon will cut your dick and fuck you with it.”

Francesco rubbed his arms and shivered. Leon didn’t look violent or anything, but they were all in there for something. That meant that Leon must have done something to be sent to a prison island, along with his boyfriend.

“All right,” Karl said with a sneer.

They fell silent. Francesco risked another look in Leon’s direction. That guy had no issue with talking openly how he liked to fuck a guy. Granted, he wasn’t the one taking it up the chute, so it was probably ‘kay. And he would probably beat the shit out of anyone trying to call him names or pull some crap with him.

Ollie woke up and smiled at Leon. His boyfriend lifted him in his arms and made him straddle him. Francesco looked at the scene in shock. Ollie began kissing Leon hungrily.

An entirely different can of worm opened in his stomach. Whatever he had ever had, it had been nothing but someone forcing him to take it up the ass. It didn’t matter that he liked it. It was still making him a bitch.

Ollie began whispering something, and Leon grunted in reply. Then, suddenly, Ollie dropped between Leon’s knees and started to pull down his fly.

“I don’t have a problem with you watching,” Leon said loudly while taking a long hard look at each of them. “You can jerk off if you want. But no one get smart about my boyfriend or I’ll cut your dick and fuck you with it.”

Mouse had spoken nothing but the truth, it seemed. Francesco felt his blood draining from his face. He should have looked away, but instead he found himself watching everything wide-eyed. Ollie pulled out a sizeable snake out of Leon’s jeans and began licking the head while letting out small sounds of pleasure.

“Well, the man said we could.” Mouse whipped out his cock and began rubbing it.

Francesco stared at him in disbelief. Mouse had a nice, long cock, not too thick, but definitely delicious. He pulled back the skin and gave his cock long languorous strokes. “Do you like what you see, Cesco?” he whispered.

“Fuck, no,” Francesco spat and this time looked away.

“Come on, show me yours,” Mouse encouraged him.

“No, no way, I’m not a fag,” Francesco whispered angrily.

“Whatever. Don’t mind me if I give my meat a good old rub, then.” Mouse laughed, and even the way he did that had something pleasant in it that tickled Francesco’s ear.

To his surprise, Karl did the same. Unlike Mouse, he had a real asshole wrecker in his pants, not that long, but thick and veiny.

“When in Rome,” the blond said and winked at him.

Francesco didn’t bother to look closely to know that Ty and Anya did the same. Every now and then, his eyes moved to Ollie and the way he polished Leon’s cock. He was taking it like a champ, slurping and making all kinds of sounds.

And then, Leon helped him to his feet and out of his jeans. Ollie straddled Leon and aligned that amazing snake with his backdoor. His ass was milky white and looked fuckable from all angles.

Francesco stared helplessly as Ollie’s ass began swallowing Leon’s anaconda. It wasn’t real what was happening. Why the hell was everyone into it?

“Fuck, that looks so nice,” Mouse whispered.

“I’d fuck an ass like that,” Karl said in a breathless whisper. “Have you ever taken a cock, Cesco?”

“Fuck you,” Francesco said and blushed.

“No? You haven’t?” Karl asked. He was looking at him now, and the hand on his cock was moving frantically.

“No, what the hell,” Francesco shot back.

“Good, then I’ll fuck you first,” Karl said and bit his lower lip as his cock began to shoot.

Francesco pulled back as much as he could to avoid having some of that landing on him.

“Good jerk off material,” Karl said and pointed at him with his hand full of cum.

“Fuck you,” Francesco spat.

Karl’s only reply was a laugh.

Francesco didn’t dare to say another word or look anymore. By the breathless moans in the cabin, one by one, the guys were shooting. And he was hard like a rock, but he couldn’t let them know how much of a bitch he was.

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