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“Jaycee has the look; the air of a girl ready to try anything. She radiates curiosity and isn’t afraid to talk or ask about sex stuff. Of all the girls I know, only her and two others have the ‘I’m ready for anything’ aura around them. Your sister is hot Will, she wants to be hot, let me call her, I’m pretty sure she’ll come around.”
She came into my room about 9:30, I was lying back on a pillow covered only by dark blue thigh-length jockey briefs, gaming on my Xbox. I looked up, a little surprised to see her. She was wearing a red satin slip that hung to mid-thigh, I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra, “Hey, what do you want?” I asked.

She leaned forward, put a knee on the bed, her hands were pressed into the mattress, “Nothing, I just want to talk.” With her right leg pulled up and the other still on the floor the slip moved enough to the side I could see up the length of her leg, she wasn’t wearing panties so I got a glimpse of dark reddish pubic hair covering her pussy. I reacted to the provocative sight as only an 18-year-old can, my cock immediately began to swell. She paused; a small smile curved up the corners of her mouth as she watched my briefs begin to stretch over my groin.

I had to force the words from my mouth, “Talk about what?”

She pulled her other knee up so she was on hands and knees over my lower body, she looked me in the eyes first then her gaze flickered to the evidence that showed my interest in her nearness, “That,” she said softly, then bent down and licked the outline of my swiftly growing erection through the cloth. Holy shit, if she did that again I was going to blow up! I think I moaned. She lifted her head then asked quietly, “Do you want to have sex with me?”

I was dumbfounded. My very pretty fifteen-year-old sister just came into my room and with no hassle, argument or hesitation and offered to fuck me? She was up to something; my prick deflated as suspicion gripped my heart, “What the hell Jaycee, are you fucking high on something?”

She pulled the controller out of my hands then stretched flat on my legs, my cock was lodged between her tits, her head over my stomach, she put her hands on my chest, smiled, and challenged quietly, “No, I’m not fucking high, I’m fucking offering you a few minutes of my,” she paused to smile, then stressed, “fucking time fucking.”

“Right now? You want to get laid right now? By me? What the hell?” I couldn’t believe I was awake.

“Come on Will, it won’t be the first time.”

Shit! I didn’t think she remembered that! “You remember? You were so drunk I thought you wouldn’t remember?”

“I remember everything, you kept giving me rum until I was totally bombed then you forced me to have sex. It hurt and I had blood all over me. I never did that before and the next day I wanted to tell dad but I thought he would be mad that I got drunk, so I didn’t. I hated you for doing that but you never bothered me afterward, so I quit hating you.” She stopped reminding me of what I did to her, glanced at my closed bedroom door, then offered again, “Mom and dad are watching Outlander, but that won’t last forever.”

It had been almost a year since I raped my sister. We got drunk at our parent’s anniversary party then I lured her outside, charmed her out of her panties with flattery, then took her virginity on the back lawn. I just lifted her skirt, pushed through her maidenhead, and fucked her. For her it was a five-minute ordeal, for me, it was fun as hell, at least until I sobered up. Now Jaycee was coming on to me as hard as I came on to her the year before, but she wasn’t drunk. “I’m sorry I did that Jaycee, I felt so bad. I was scared for you, hated myself, and I tried to make it up to you every way I could.”

She jostled a bit, moving her body for a feel of my cock, “I hated you when you did it, but I won’t hate you now.” She reached between us for the band of my shorts then rose enough to pull them down my legs. When they were at my knees she sat up over my thighs, grabbed my cock then held it under the slip against the soft warm split between her legs. Jaycee looked down and urged with a hint of daring, “Put it in me Will.” The pressure of her pussy on the shaft of my prick had the effect she wanted; in seconds I was man enough for her. I put my hands around Jaycee’s waist to lift her. She rose far enough that she could hold the head of my erection against her hole then I lowered her onto my lap. She was ready. She was wet, warm, and tight, but there was no discomfort or friction when she slipped down. When her ass was sitting on my nuts, I rolled my hips to push into her as far as I could. Jaycee looked down, gave me a big smile then whispered, “Don’t cum in me.”

I didn’t say anything but I started rolling my ass, fucking my younger sister while she smiled intimately. She was getting hotter, her pussy warmer, softer, and wetter. She closed her eyes, put her hands on my chest then began to flex her back, her body was rocking, her breath coming faster. I didn’t know if she had a boyfriend or was fucking guys, but she didn’t act as if this was her first time after the night I raped her. Muted sounds of pleasure were blocked off by her compressed lips but the moans trapped in her throat were loud enough to let me know she liked what we were doing. I put my hands over the red satin and cupped her breasts, capturing the nipples between my finger and thumb. Jaycee vibrated, gasped then shook her head back and forth causing her long dark copper hair to flail against her face.

After about five minutes of bouncing on my lap, Jaycee paused to roll off me to her back. I was on her in an instant, my cock didn’t even have time to feel the cool air before I drove back into her. She pulled her legs up, knees bent at my waist then let them fall wide apart, my sister was opening up as far as she could and I was taking as much as I could. I managed to pull the slip up around her neck so her body was bare from shoulders down. I pushed up on my arms and took in the sight of her breasts as they bounced and quivered in sync with my thrusts. My sister is slight built but her tits were full and round with pale nipples that invited my attention. Being a true redhead, my sister had a galaxy of light brown freckles across her shoulders and tits. I bent my head down and kissed her right tit then suckled the tip of it while I humped between her legs. She wrapped her arms around my back and pulled me down until my chest flattened her breasts. With her cheek pressed tight against mine I could feel her hot breath on my ear and neck. I knew our parents were home so I tried to keep our bodies from slapping together too hard.

Some fifteen minutes after she came into my room Jaycee managed to remind me, “You have to pull out,” then began to buck against my groin as she climaxed. I forced myself out just one thrust away from injecting her, my cock spit its entire load on her from pubic hair to bellybutton in six exquisitely sharp contractions. I collapsed down on Jaycee, between her thighs, my chest smeared the cum into her skin. She cupped my face in her hands, lifted me to look at her, and grinned prettily, “Damn, she was right.”

“Huh, she who, right about what?”

She pushed me up and off, “I have to go.” She said no more, she did not explain. She got off the bed so I rolled to my back and watched her pull the slip down to cover the sticky mess on her belly then left as quietly as she came; she gave my cock a quick look and a little air kiss before she pulled the door closed. My head fell back to the pillow and I marveled at the fact that I had just experienced the best quickie I'd ever had. God that girl was hot to fuck! But what in the world ever caused my sister to sneak into my room and fuck me like we’d been doing it forever; while our parents were sitting in the front room?! And who in hell was ‘she’, and why was she right?

The next morning, she was standing in the kitchen waiting for the toast to pop, “Hey,” she turned to me, “what was with you?”

Her eyes darted left, right, then she looked over my shoulder clearing the room before she said anything, “Not now, we can talk later.” The toaster ejected two slices so Jaycee grabbed them then went to sit at the table leaving me with the same questions I had the night before.

Two hours later I was mowing the front lawn when my sister came out of the house. She caught my eyes and smiled marginally then came my way holding two cans of Coke. She was wearing a baggy ‘Pink Tour – 2017’ fleece sweatshirt over loose summer shorts. I looked at her with new eyes as she came near and liked what I saw. Jaycee is a little over 5’6 but only about 115 pounds. The neck of the shirt was wide across her shoulders revealing a long slender neck that curved almost swan-like to her shoulders. Thin black bra straps curved over her shoulders holding 34B+ cups in place. As I checked out her legs my cock lifted its head, impelled by a combination of interest and memory. I shut off the mower and waited until she stepped up and handed me the cold soda, “I did a dare.”

“You fucked me on a dare?”

She averted her eyes, blushed lightly, long soft waves of red hair shimmered in the sun as she nodded, “Yeah, someone dared me to have sex with you.”

Fuck mowing the lawn, I could do that anytime, “Tell me what happened, what you did was really surprising and totally awesome, but who would dare you to mess around with your own brother like that?”

Jaycee turned toward the back yard so I followed, watching her firm little butt shifting as she moved. My cock took a deep breath of life. She led me to our old kid's swings and sat, I sat in the worn canvas sling next to hers. She sipped from her can, looked at me and said, “Anna.”

My mind jolted, Anna? My Anna? The girl I'd been dating for ten months? “Anna, my girlfriend?”

My sister nodded as a hint of humor sparked in her green eyes, “Yeah, your girlfriend, she dared me to do that with you.”

“Come on girl, you have got to tell me what’s going on. What on earth would make her dare something like that, and what would make you do it?”

Jaycee lifted her eyes to mine, “Why do you want to know, are you going to bitch about getting a freebie? Anna dared me, I did it; maybe that’s all you need to know.”

I studied her, “What the fuck is up with you, what is this all about?”

She chirped a small laugh, “Does it matter?”

“Goddamn it Jaycee, what the hell is going on?” I was getting frustrated.

Jaycee kicked her legs out and started to swing, short, slow arcs. I watched her legs as she rocked back and forth, she started, “Okay, here’s what happened. Since I’m new on the cheer squad and Anna is the Cheer Team Captain, she and the other Seniors have to train us new girls. You know we practice almost every day after school while you guys practice your games.”

“Yeah, watching you girls doing your routines while we practice is kind of hot, especially when you wear those tight red hotpants under the short skirts. Since you got on the team there were a lot of guys making all kinds of comments about you, because being the only redhead, you’re easy to spot across the field. A couple of them got pretty raunchy until they found out you’re my sister.”

My sister blushed, even after what she did and why we were talking, she blushed like an innocent little girl, “Well we like watching you guys running around in those cut-up practice uniforms too, and sometimes a girl will start telling us about some guy and what they did last weekend or something.”

This was news, the cheerleaders were gossiping about us, I thought only us boys did that about them, “What do they say? Does Anna talk about me?”

My sister smiled, her green eyes glinted, she took a sip of her soda, “Wouldn't you like to know.” She pushed back with her feet which sent the swing rocking back and forth even more. Her legs straightened and stretched forward as she rocked and talked, causing a brief shiver to shake my nuts.

I’d watched Jaycee morph from little girl to hot teen, and the more she developed the more my carnal interest in her grew. It grew so much that one night we got drunk and I forced her to give up her virginity. She was barely fifteen, I was seventeen and after I sobered up, I got so fucking scared I swore I would never touch her again. I never thought we would fuck again, but after what she did the night before, my body was reacting like she was a hot new girlfriend. I tore my eyes off her legs and shook off a surge of horny to listen as she continued, “So a couple of weeks ago after practice we all went to Pizza Hut and started talking about stuff. Jessica asked Zoey if she ever had sex, then pretty soon the older girls were asking all us new girls about boys and sex and if we ever did it.” Now the conversation was getting interesting, “That’s when Anna asked me if I ever did sex.”

My heart thudded, “You told her what I did?”

“No, I never told anybody, but I did tell her that Rick and I play around a lot.”

I sat up surprised, “Ricky? You’re fucking Rick Evers?” My sister shaded red again and nodded silently while looking at blades of grass, “Man, I never heard that.”

Her eyes lifted to mine, “Don’t be mad at him Will, I like him a lot.”

“Don't worry, I’m not mad and I won’t hurt him. So, you’re screwing the backup quarterback, I guess that’s about right for an up and coming head cheerleader.” She averted her eyes again, “Okay, your secret is out, so what does this all have to do with you sitting on my boner last night?”

Jaycee glanced into my eyes, colored lightly, took a breath, and continued, “A few days ago Anna wanted to talk to me alone, I thought she was going to get bitchy about one of my routines but she didn’t, she started talking real weird. At first it was about you and her and how she likes sex with you and the different things you do.” She paused, “I have to tell you Will, the way she was talking and describing some things you do together, started me thinking that I have a lot more to learn. I started getting itchy for Rick, I think I want to try some new stuff with him.”

“Like what?”

“Like she made my mouth water when she told me how she likes to suck on you, that she gets super turned on when you put it in her mouth.”

“She told you she gives me blow jobs?”

“Yeah, I never did that, but the way she talks about it I think I’m ready to try with Rick.”

Now my fucking prick was fully alert, my very sexy sister who fucked me the night before was starting to talk good stuff. If she wanted to suck a guy off, I was ready to volunteer to be her suck test dummy; but I didn't, I wanted to hear more, “So?”

“Then she talked about you going down on her. How you use your mouth and tongue between her legs and I almost got off the way she described it. I think I am so ready for some boy to do that with me. When I told her that, she joked that I should let you, that you are the best and I would enjoy it.”

My nuts were beginning to ache, “And will you? After last night another go with me shouldn't be too hard to do.”

Jaycee said with mild impatience, “I’m not done with my story.” My mind seized on the fact that she didn’t say no.

My sister got off the swing then went to sit cross-legged on the grass, I sat too, facing her. She pulled her knees up and wrapped her arms around them, she rested her chin on her knees, I had an enticing view of the junction of her legs. The hem of black panties was showing on each side of her crotch from the leg holes of the loose shorts. I don’t know if she was doing it on purpose but visualizing her pussy stiffened my cock even more. I had gotten to the point that getting her into bed again was becoming a crucial goal. I started thinking about how to do it when she started talking again, “Anna talked more about boys she’s gone to bed with, and how some are good, and some she wants to forget.”

Anna’s sexual history? “Did she tell you how many guys she’s fucked?”

“Not a number, but she told me she when she started.” At this point Jaycee stopped and looked directly into my eyes, “With her brother.”

My heart slammed, my mind reeled from the impact of her statement, “Alan? He’s like way older than her!”

My sister concurred, “Yeah, more than five years. He was almost 20 when he seduced her. He got her drunk then screwed her. Sound familiar?”

I could hardly speak above a whisper my throat was half closed off, “She told you all this, why?”

“I don’t know for sure, but I think her telling me about what she did got her all hot. She started saying about how Alan got her drunk and fucked her the first time, then after that how they had sex, how he taught her about doing different sex stuff, and how good he was when they did it. When she was done telling me about her brother, she told me I should go to bed with you. That you could do things for me that Rick never even dreamed of yet.”

My head was spinning; my girlfriend had told my sister she should fuck me? “What the hell Jaycee, she was serious?”

“I thought she was kidding so I tried to laugh her off but she insisted, she said I should screw you. I told her I wouldn't do it and that is when she dared me. She started telling me how cheerleaders should fuck the hot guys on the team and you are the hottest.”

“She dared you? My girlfriend dared you to fuck me?”

“At first it was a dare then somehow it became a bet when she said, ‘I bet you want to, don’t you Jaycee, you want to have sex with your brother’. I could only think of one thing to say when she said that; ‘But you’re dating him Anna, wouldn’t you be jealous’?”

She said ‘Come on girl, he’s your brother, it’s not like you’re gonna marry him.’

My erection was making no effort to stay hidden, Jaycee glance into my lap and her eyes lingered on the bulge long enough to make it pulse again. She looked back to my face, “I never told her I would, but I kept thinking about what she said and last night I just sort of got horny to do it. What made me hornier is that mom and dad being home, made the dare even more daring.”

“You got hot for me?”

“No, not for you, but for doing it with you.”

“Will, where the hell are you?” My father's voice brought me crashing back from fantasy land.

“Out back dad.”

Our father came around the corner of the house, “Get off your ass and finish mowing the lawn. Jaycee, your mom wants you to do some laundry. We are going to IKEA and look for more junk to clutter up the house and I want the chores done before we come back.” Of all the things my dad likes to do with mom, shopping was at the very bottom of the list. My sister and I knew if we didn’t finish our jobs before he came home, he’d be royally pissed. Jaycee and I put our conversation on hold and separated to do the chores.

My boner refused to wither back to full prick mode, I was half hard while I finished mowing the yard. It took me 45 minutes to do both the front and back and by the time I was done my nuts were aching because of what my sister had told me. Not only did she reveal some of my girlfriend’s past, she told me why she had sneaked into my room the night before. My girlfriend who had learned about sex from her brother convinced Jaycee that I could teach her a few things under the blankets. Man, I got to tell you, my thoughts about Anna were all over the place. From red hot, I wanted to fuck her, to what the hell kind of nympho bitch was I dating?

I went back into the house to clean up and when I went through the kitchen, I saw Jaycee in the small laundry room, she was bent over the top loader washing machine pulling wet clothes out to toss them into the dryer. Her legs were stretched as she stood on her toes to reach for the laundry at the bottom of the tub, her ass announced to my eyes, ‘Hey, check me out’, and check her out I did. I stepped up behind my sister, put my arms around her stomach then popped open the button of her shorts. Jaycee snapped her head around to look at me as I slid a hand into her zipper and rubbed my fingers down the outside of her panties, feeling her pussy. I felt her stiffen at first then she quickly relaxed then bent her ass back, rubbing on my cock. I pushed her pants and panties to her knees while she reached behind her to help me pull my pants down and free my erection. Jaycee shimmied her legs so her clothes slipped to her ankles where she stepped out of them then spread her feet apart, giving me access. I held my cock to the entrance between her legs then pushed up and in. We weren’t slick with lust so I pulled back out and spit a glob of saliva on my hand then coated the end of my cock. I pushed back into Jaycee and she took me easily until my groin mashed against her butt cheeks. Jaycee closed the lid to the washer so she could lay on it while I fucked her. I reached around her waist and started fingering the top of her cunt where her clit was hidden, my sister started heating up. My erection was warming in her, the folds of her pussy were getting softer, her body got slipperier and she started to gasp short cries when I thrust up. Even though I had cum a ton the night before, the newness of screwing Jaycee overwhelmed my balls. After a few short minutes of thrusting into her tight hot body, they surrendered to the excitement and signaled the end was near. I pulled out of her then turned her around, “Suck on it Jaycee, go down and get me off with your mouth.”

A flash of wariness in her eyes signaled she wasn’t sure if she should, so I put pressure on her shoulder and pushed her down until she was on her knees. I held my cock, she looked up at me then opened her mouth. I put the knob of my erection on her tongue then let her take over. She was hesitant at first but when she figured out she wouldn’t choke to death or gag up breakfast, she started mouthing my hard-on. I was stroking my erection and she reached up, put a hand over mine then together we forced me into overload. Fucking her had primed my balls so I put my free hand on her head to keep her from jerking away then released the forces built up in my nuts. The first surge of cum shot over her tongue and splashed against the back of her throat. Jaycee tried to pull off but I held her in place for the second blast. After that I let go of her and she pulled back looking up at me. Her eyes were huge with distaste, she gagged twice while cum from her lips, I convulsed again and shot a stream across her ear and into her hair. The final surge of semen splashed across her cheek then, when I stepped back, she stood. She wiped the cum off her face with the back of her hand then said in a shaky whisper, “Wow, I almost puked.”

Since nothing dripped from her mouth when she spoke, I assumed she swallowed my first two shots, “Come on, to my room.”

“Wait,” she bent over to pick up a towel and wiped her face then threw it in the washer with more laundry then hit the start button, when that was taken care of, she grabbed my hand and towed me to my room. She stopped next to the bed but I kept moving. I pushed her to her back, her legs were hooked over the edge of the bed, “Lie back Jaycee, you’re gonna like this.”

I dropped to my knees, pushed her legs apart then kissed her right at the top of her crack. I licked my sister from ass to clit a few times then focused on the labia, the lips of her cunt. I French kissed her pussy then turned my tongue loose on her. It took only seconds for her hips to start rolling, her stomach to shudder and her thighs to vibrate on my cheeks. My sister got awesomely hot, her pussy swelled even more and she started seeping lust. I put my right hand between her legs then probed into her with two fingers, feeling for her g-spot. I knew when I found it because Jaycee arched her ass off the bed and gasped her first orgasm. When she was done moaning, I suckled her clit out of its pocket then sent my sister on another, stronger flight of rapture. She cried out, “Oh my gaud, what are you doing to meee!?” then her body started shaking.

While eating my sister my cock swelled full again so as soon as she stopped trembling, I stood and pressed it into her again. Jaycee welcomed me with wide-spread legs and a big smile. We managed to roll up onto the bed then we stripped our shirts off, I unlatched her bra then she and I started fucking like new lovers; that it was my sister I was pounding into made our union even more erotic. We fucked in a few different positions until I couldn’t last any longer, “I’m gonna cum.”

She pushed me off, rolled me to my back then bent over the pole in my lap once more. Jaycee kissed and licked my cock until it fired off another series of juices. She kept me in her mouth until I quit squirting then opened her mouth and let my semen dribble to my nuts. Before it all spilled out, she closed her lips and swallowed what was left. She fell off her knees across my stomach, kissed the end of my relaxed prick then said, “Anna knows what she’s talking about, you must really like fucking her.”

I liked what we did but I didn’t cum in Jaycee, and that is maybe the best feeling I could imagine, cumming into a soft hot cunt. I pulled my sister’s head off my stomach by her hair, “I’ve got some rubbers, we need to do this all the way next time.”

“For me all the way is without a rubber. I’ve let Rick finish in me a couple of times, but it’s a little scary.”

“Why scary?”

“Because I’m not sure when I can let him and not worry.”

“Tell you what Sis, if you talk to Anna again, tell her what we just did, then ask her about fucking without them, maybe she can clue you in.”

Jaycee pushed up face to face with me then kissed me softly on the lips. Her eyes were open and sparkling with mirth, “I should ask her when it’s safe to fuck you?” She giggled, “The slut doesn’t know what she just started.”

“There is another way you can do it, and a guy can cum in you without problems.”

She perked up, interested, “How?”

“Anal, butt sex, did Anna tell you about that?”

Jaycee stared at me for a few long seconds, “You want to stick it in my ass, is that natural?”

“Anything is natural if you like it. Ask her, she gets off that way too.” My cock started firming up again but we couldn’t play around any longer, our parents wouldn’t be gone all day. I stood up from the bed and looked down on my very alluring sister, “You better go clean the cum out of your hair.”

Two nights later I had a date with Anna and we were so ready to screw we decided to skip the movie and go straight to sex. Anna was 18, and on the Pill so we didn't have to worry about filling her womb from my balls. The money we saved from the movie was about half what we needed for a cheap motel so I dug deeper and came up with the rest. As soon as the room door closed, we started a hard, fast mating ritual. Her first climax came as I rimmed her nether hole, the second while I fingered her clit. After that we went to straight fucking and she peaked with a series of orgasms before my nuts relented and gave her what she wanted. By the time she was lying on her back breathless and limp, the whole fucking motel knew she was getting laid. When she came from the little bathroom Anna flopped to her stomach on the bed, her firm round butt cheeks attracted my hands. She fluffed a pillow then cradled it like a beloved stuffed toy, “After cheer practice Wednesday, Jaycee told me what she did. She says you fucked twice and did other stuff.”

My breath caught in my throat, even though Jaycee had told me about what she and Anna had talked about, I was unsure how Anna would react to the actuality of me screwing my fifteen-year-old sister. Anna rolled over, held her arms up for a hug and pulled me down. She nuzzled my ear then asked softly, “Did you like having your big fucking girl toy in her tight little cunt Will? Did you enjoy screwing your pretty little redheaded sister?” Goddamn if my prick didn’t swell to capacity in seconds. The press of Anna’s body against mine, the vibrations of her voice in my ear, and the flashback to Jaycee all combined into one instantaneous flood of hormones and lust. I lifted Anna’s leg and not too gently penetrated her again while her eyes flashed mischief. She knew damn well what her words did for me and what I was thinking. When I was as far up her cunt as possible, she put a hand on my cheek and said “I want to call Jaycee, to see if she will come here.”

“What!?” My cock plopped from her body as I jerked back.

Anna sat up then proposed, “Her, me, and you. We can call her then you can screw both of us tonight. I think it would be hot watching you fuck her while I kiss and lick her from tits to pussy.”

Holy Fuck, my girlfriend is an incestuous, bi-sex, lezbo bitch?! “Why in hell would you think my sister would be into a three-way, she’s still a fucking beginner, only screwed Rick, and now me a couple of times.”

“Jaycee has the look; the air of a girl ready to try anything. She radiates curiosity and isn’t afraid to talk or ask about sex stuff. Of all the girls I know, only her and two others have the ‘I’m ready for anything’ aura around them. Your sister is hot Will, she wants to be hot, let me call her, I’m pretty sure she’ll come around.”

Man, I got to say, I was beginning to love being Anna’s boyfriend, “I think she’s out with Rick.”

Anna shrugged, “He’s not invited, get my phone out of my bag.”

As I got off the bed to get Anna’s phone my thoughts again were all over the place. My girlfriend wanted a three-way with me and my sister? How did I feel about that, was that going too far with Jaycee? Would she even play along, Anna seemed to think so? My sister and I had a couple of introductory fucks, but was she ready to play in Anna’s league so soon, after all, she wasn’t even sixteen yet? I was unsure as hell, but I retrieved the phone for my girlfriend.

“Jaycee? Anna, what are you doing?” Pause, “Can you get away from him, tell him you need to go home or something? I’m out here with Will and we want you to come see us.” She continued, “At the Quick Dip motel. Fucking, what the hell do you think we’re doing in a motel. Why did I call? Listen, do you think you want to have some fun with us? You and me and Will in the same bed, at the same time.” Anna repeated, “Sex; Will and you, Will and me. Yeah, I’m serious, you told me already how you fucked and sucked him, now you can learn even more about hot sex. Come on girl, you’ll have fun, and if you want to be the Lead Cheerleader, you have to learn how to have fun. Great. Call Lyft. Room 7, See you in twenty, bye.” Even before Anna put the phone down my nuts were swelling again, she said needlessly, “See, told you, we are going to turn your pretty little sister into a hot fucking party bitch.”

“I don’t have any rubbers.”

“That’s alright, that’s what I’m here for, squirt on her tummy, I’ll lick it off.”

Twenty-two minutes later there was a light tapping on the motel door. Anna went to open the door nude; she wasn’t hiding anything. I was lying on the bed also naked; my cock had deflated to half-sized. I was feeling a little awkward, this was my baby sister coming through the door, and we were about to introduce her to some intense intimacies. Jaycee stepped in, looked Anna up and down then glanced at me, she didn’t seem too concerned we were already nude. She turned, locked the door then stepped to the chest of drawers and put down her phone and purse, “Rick got kind of mad when I told him I had to go. He thinks dad called me home.”

Anna sat on the bed, “When do you have to be back, do you have a curfew?”

My sister kicked her shoes off then sat next to Anna, she started unbuttoning her blouse as she said “Midnight,” then turned to me and continued, “unless Will calls and makes some excuse and tells them I’m with him. Dad will probably let me stay out longer.” She pulled the blouse off then turned halfway from Anna who unlatched the bra for her. When the bra was on the floor Anna bent to kiss my sister’s neck, she swept her hair aside and nuzzled her just below the ear, Jaycee accepted the intimacy from the other girl without protest or qualms. My semi-hard cock was swelling to the max as I watched my sister pull her pants down, she wasn’t embarrassed or tentative at all. Two minutes after coming into the room I was looking at my 18-year-old girlfriend and 15-year-old sister standing side by side; the expert and her apprentice, both naked, both sexy, and both ready to fuck. My erection was straining for the stars and they were smiling at it. Anna looked my sister up and down then told her, “You should shave your pussy.”

Saying no more, Anna caught the younger girl’s hand then together they came up over the end of the bed and laid down with me, Anna on the left, Jaycee on the right. Since this was only the second time I'd seen my sister with nothing on I spent more time looking her over than Anna. Jaycee smiled, looked across my chest to the other girl and asked, “Now what?” Anna gripped my hard-on then asked my sister, “How many guys have fucked you?”

“Just Rick, and now Will. Why?”

“Then you don’t haven’t much experience with hard cocks so I’ll tell you now, your brother has an awesome cock. He’s well hung when he’s limp, and even better when hard. I’ve only screwed one guy bigger; Alan.”

“Your brother Alan?”

“Yeah, the monster hanging from Alan’s groin is over nine inches and as fat as a big ole sausage. Will is close, not as thick, but almost as long. I like when he puts it in slow, it feels like it will never stop sometimes.”

My sister put her fingers on the knob of my prick, “It who, Alan or Will?”

Anna smiled big, “Both.”

Jaycee bent down and put her lips over the head of my cock and started to suckle as her hand went to stroke my thigh. She licked and bobbed about a minute then Anna grabbed a fist full of red hair and pulled her off, “Watch.” She locked her eyes on mine while she lowered to the end of my erection then kissed it. Her tongue tip slipped through her lips and she teased the hole in my cock then Anna moved until it was halfway covered by her mouth. She smiled around the hard muscle then got busy. As my sister watched me get head from Anna she reached between my legs and cupped my balls. As she rubbed them, I put a hand over her hip to play with her ass. After a couple of minutes on me, Anna lifted off then leaned across my legs, kissed my sister, and said, “Now you.” Jaycee looked a little surprised at the quick soft kiss but recovered quickly and turned her attention to my boner. She brought me back to her mouth and began a much more energetic session of cock sucking. Anna directed my sister to suckle and lick my balls then again urging her to take me deep with lots of tongue action. Anna came to my side and we started necking while Jaycee worked on me.

I put my hand under my sister’s chin and pulled her up until she was lying full length with me, Anna stroked her hair while I pushed her to her back then started seducing Jaycee with my mouth on her tits. In moments Anna and I were both stroking, caressing, feeling, and kissing every part of my sister we could touch. Jaycee was getting hot, breathless, and began to squeak her pleasure as the two of us seduced her. Anna twisted around to lie between her legs, put her lips on the top of Jaycee’s pussy, and licked her. Jaycee jerked, her stomach clenched, and she climaxed. Anna didn’t give her a chance to catch her breath, she was so involved and excited to be fucking around with Jaycee she stayed where she was. Anna suckled Jaycee’s clit while I got up behind her then slammed deep. I fucked my girlfriend over her back while she licked and sucked the younger girl with two fingers jammed in her pussy; Jaycee looked up, into my eyes, then convulsed with another climax.

As Jaycee floated on an air of bliss me and my girlfriend moved away from her to pay more attention to each other. Jaycee moved to a side of the bed and as Anna got up over me, I pushed into her and we started a hot fuck session. We bounced and screwed for a few minutes then Anna rolled to her stomach to catch her breath. My cock and balls drew my sister’s attention again so within seconds of leaving one hot cunt, I was deep in another. For the next hour or so the two of them took turns fucking me. Anna would suggest different positions or acts, we would demonstrate for Jaycee, then my sister would let me do the same to her. Anna and Jaycee were also enjoying some intense girl-on-girl action. I had to pause to cool off, the girls would do some light necking, caressing, and fingering to keep their blood stirring. We got to the point where I needed to unload, my nuts were aching, my cock swollen. I told them to lie face down on the bed, feet on the floor then stood behind Jaycee and screwed her while she and Anna touched and caressed each other. I fucked my sister until I needed to pull out, shifted to my left, between Anna’s legs, then screwed her in a frenzy of ass slapping and groaning. Anna was ready and when she started crying out her climax, I loosened my balls and came into her repeatedly while Jaycee threw an arm around her and pulled her closer.

Anna went to the bathroom to clean the mess from her cunt while Jaycee pulled a bottle of water from my backpack. Back on the bed the three of us sat facing each other in a circle, my eyes were being treated to some spectacular views of young womanhood. The fifteen-year-old was strong competition for best of show next to the eighteen-year-old. Both girls were in a festive mood, laughing, talking, bubbling with energy and life as they talked. It was apparent that they were becoming good friends. Jaycee told Anna, “Will was surprised when I told him you used to screw your brother; didn’t you ever tell him?”

“No, some guys get weirded out when they are faced with what they consider ‘unnatural’ situations. For a lot of people, incest is unnatural, repulsive.”

“I thought it would be repulsive too, until a couple of days ago.”

“Not me, I like banging my brother, he’s hot and I learned a lot of hot shit from him. The first time he made moves on me I think he was surprised I didn’t start a big fight. We were drunk but he didn’t force me, I let him because I wanted to.”

Jaycee took a sip from the water bottle, “When is the last time you screwed him?”

“Don’t know, I don’t mark the calendar, but not too long ago.”

I went to my back, with a naked girl on each side of me, listening. As I watched them interacting, my cock was slowly becoming an erection again. I would be ready to fuck one of them, both of them, soon. I asked my sister, “Do you have a condom with you?”

Jaycee looked at me and paused before answering, “Yeah, two of them. I have some in case Rick forgets.”

“Go get one girl, I want to cum with my cock slammed deep up your pussy.”

Jaycee put a hand on my chest and said, “Not right now, I have to ask Anna something.”

My girlfriend looked at my sister, “What?”

“Where is Alan now? Is he still around, what’s he doing?”

“He lives in Mayton, about eight miles from here. He might be home, why?”

“Do you think, if he’s not busy, he might want to fuck you again, tonight?”

Anna sat back and looked at my little sister her eyes wide with surprise. She stared for a few moments then began to smile, “If my brother came over here, it’s not me he would want to screw.”

Jaycee looked at me, “Should we call him?”

I was too stunned to answer immediately. Until 48 hours earlier I thought my sister was a pure, innocent little girl but she was beginning to show her true self. In just two short days she fucked her boyfriend, me, Anna, and now wanted another hard-on while I watched? What the hell kind of free love slut was hiding behind her pretty face!? I got over my shock and said to her, “Jeez Jaycee, he’s almost ten years older than you.”

Anna interjected, “I’m sure he won’t mind.”

Jaycee became serious, “Will, I’m learning all kinds of new things this week. If Anna hadn’t said anything, I wouldn't have done what I did with you, I would never even dream of being here with you two right now. I like what I’m doing, and I’m in the mood to do more, and if she says her brother is hot and good, I believe her, I want to try him too.”

“But if he comes here, it could be hours before we get home.”

“We can tell dad we met up at Denny's after our dates.”

I looked at my younger sister, her eyes were full of excitement, her mouth slightly curved in anticipation, her nakedness drew my eyes as I said, “It’s not my call Jaycee.”

“Hey Alan, it’s me. When is the last time you fucked a hot little redhead?” She paused to listen, “I’m at the Quick Dip with a girl who wants to have fun with the biggest cock she can find, can you come over? Well of course you can screw us both, but you gotta share with my boyfriend. Our room, the one you and I used to ask for.” After she disconnected, she looked at me, “Room 7, my lucky number. He and I screwed in here a lot and I never got pregnant, that’s why I think it’s lucky.”

My sister got off the bed to go pee, when she was out of sight, I asked Anna, “Is he going to fuck you too? You and my sister?”

She fell to her side next to me, put a hand on my cheek then said quietly, “If he can keep it up, yes, both of us. And if you can get hard again, you can have another shot at us too.”

Jaycee was lying under the top blanket when Alan knocked on the door. Anna, again nude, opened the door and invited him in. When he stepped in my sister began to blush and looked like she wanted to be anywhere else, “Alan, this is Will, my boyfriend, and Jaycee, his sister.”

Anna’s brother looked like the kind of guy you don’t want competing with you for the only girl in the room. You’d lose. I’m not a good judge of manhood but he would stand out in any crowd as handsome and fit. I wouldn’t have been surprised if he told us he was a model for GQ magazine. I watched Jaycee’s reaction to meeting her next paramour, her eyes widened, her lips turn up slightly and she blushed. Alan sat at the end of the bed nodded to me then turned his eyes on the petite redhead trying to hide behind a veil of shyness. Anna’s big brother was a full-grown adult, ten years older than Jaycee, but was there to fuck her, at his sister’s invitation. He turned his head to me, “Your sister huh, is she screwing you?” I nodded, unsure what to say. He glanced at Jaycee who turned redder in the face, then smiled at me, “In-house fucking can be a lot of fun, good for you.”

Anna crawled onto the bed next to Jaycee then gently tugged the blanket from my sister’s hands and pulled it down, revealing Jaycee from head to hips for Alan. His eyes glinted with warmth as he looked her up and down then asked, “How old are you?”

Jaycee blushed more as she told him; her eyes locked on his. Alan paused for a thought, “I could go to jail for messing around with you, I have to be careful. Are you sure you want to party with me? You can’t be telling the world or anybody outside this room.”

The nervous young cheerleader admitted quietly, “I asked Anna to call you.” With that, Anna stood again, pulled her brother up, then started opening his shirt while he dropped his dockers. When he was naked both my sister and I were staring at his groin. I’d seen dicks the size of his in some porn videos but never in real life. Even in the showers after practice or games, no guy had anything that hung like Alan did. I watched my sister’s eyes widen with unease, then she began to grin. She pushed me from the bed then held a hand up to her next lover. Alan went to lie beside Jaycee while Anna and I sat on the end of the bed and watched.

It started with a stroke of her hair and a tender, introductory kiss. After a few moments of soft lip contact, Jaycee put a hand on Alan’s prick and gripped it in her fist. Her fingers curled around his cock, I could see it beginning to swell thicker, inching longer. Jaycee reacted to the muscle growing in her hand and began stroking it with more energy. It took only about a minute before Anna’s brother was ready to fuck my sister. She was definitely ready to fuck him. He pulled the blanket off Jaycee and appraised her body for several seconds, his cock twitched, a bubble of clear fluid oozed from the head. Jaycee put her thumb in the lube and smeared it over the end of his erection. She put her free hand on his neck and drew him down for a more heated kiss, he went to lie next to her then the two started getting serious. Alan was huge next to my petite sister, several inches taller and twice the weight. She jostled on the bed, sliding down from the pillow, giving him room to join her. Her legs went wide, he rolled over her then held still while Jaycee moved his colossal erection to the right place. Carefully Alan dipped into her a little at a time, sliding deeper with short thrusts of his ass; I watched her pussy stretch to accept the girth of his cock. After about 5 or 6 careful thrusts she had accepted all of him, he was balls deep in Jaycee. She arched her back and spread her legs even further, willing him to fuck her. While I was watching Jaycee take a bull-sized erection, Anna started caressing my nuts. My own cock was stone hard and she was encouraging me to fuck her. As my sister was getting laid by Alan, I started fucking his sister on the bed next to them. Not a full ten minutes after Alan’s arrival, we were involved in a full-fledged orgy.

Jaycee was yipping and yelping, getting louder as she got wilder, Alan was pounding her strongly, bringing her to peak. Anna and I were screwing like crazy when Jaycee began to orgasm, she screeched a final outburst then began to moan. Alan pushed up on his arms and urged her, “Cum you little bitch, take what you want, fuck me to the end.” Jaycee reacted to his words by arching her back and slamming her hips against him. Her tits rose as she took a deep breath then she went limp under Alan.

Anna knew her brother shouldn’t unload in Jaycee so she pushed me aside, rolled to face her brother, and offered, “She can’t take it, but I can.” Just seconds after pulling his enormous cock from my sister, Alan had it deep in Anna, fucking his fucking sister. Jaycee rolled to her side and shivered with sensual contractions while watching the siblings next to her. Alan and Anna were bonded by his cock in her and I could tell they were well experienced with each other. I sensed they would be at it for longer than I wanted to wait, so I got off the bed, went to the other side where Jaycee was lying. I laid behind her and lifted her leg then slipped my boner into the stretched hole between her legs. Jaycee arched her back, putting pressure on my groin then she and I screwed next to her third lover and my girlfriend.

I knew I shouldn’t make my sister pregnant so I offered, “I’ll get a condom.”

Jaycee twisted her head, looked at me for a few moments then said, “Don’t, let’s try something else.”

Expecting her to say ‘blowjob’ I asked, “What?”

“Fuck my butt Will, cum in my ass.”

I didn’t need any more encouragement; I pulled my erection out of Jaycee’s pussy then held it to her anus. She put a hand on her butt cheek and pulled on it, making a little more room for me. My boner was slick with our body oils so there wasn’t too much resistance as I dipped carefully into her sphincter. Jaycee flinched and pressed on my stomach to stop me for a couple of heartbeats then began flexing her hips, rocking her butt hole, taking me deeper.

Anna yelped which drew my eyes to her again. She was on her side facing us with Alan behind her. Anna and Jaycee were facing each other, both getting anal screwed by their brothers. Jaycee’s butthole got looser and looser until she was relaxed enough to enjoy my cock in her ass. Since butt sex is a good method of birth control I didn’t hold back. I grabbed her by the hips, breathed a warning then erupted, filling Jaycee’s anal canal with my discharge. Just as I tipped over, Alan blew his nuts in Anna.

The four of us spent another hour in the room, Alan screwed Jaycee again but Anna and I were too fucking fucked out to do anything but watch and offer the younger girl advice or suggestions on positions or acts. Alan did to my sister what Anna told him to, Jaycee climaxed about six times. When she couldn’t take anymore, she and Anna finished Alan off with a blowjob. His cock was so big it barely fit in their mouths, but they laughed, played and alternated on him until he was done.

Alan offered to take Anna home so when Jaycee and I left the motel we went straight home. It was almost five in the morning but our parents were asleep, they wouldn’t know we’d been out all night. After Jaycee cleaned up and went to bed, I was in the bathroom thinking about the night. I fucked my girlfriend, my sister, then we invited Alan to screw them too; my prick had been at rest long enough to reenergize as I thought about what we’d done. I knew our parents stayed in bed till around 8, so with a proud standing hard-on, I sneaked to Jaycee’s bedroom then crawled under the covers with her. She was naked and asleep, but as soon as I slipped my boner into her, she roused. Jaycee and I welcomed the morning with a long, sedate, but enjoyable fuck. My sister was on her back looking up at me when she orgasmed silently with her hands hooked over my ass. Her eyes twinkled with satisfaction as she held me tight and whispered, “Did you bring a condom?”

I flexed my erection in her and answered, “Ah, no.”

My sister thought for a few moments then put her lips against my ear and offered, “It’s okay, don’t pull out, just be still, I want to feel it pulse.” The hot, petite redhead put her arms around my back then held me close while I gave her several dangerous injections.


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Absolutely super sexy story


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Absolutely super sexy story

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