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A choice is made
By the end of 2011, my wife was in sexual relationships with a number of men; in particular there was Theo (See Lisa 4) and Steve (Lisa 5) who she routinely now visited once a month each guy on his own, plus we had several threesome with Steve here similar to the action in Lisa 5. We swapped every Friday night with Anita her sister; each would go and spend the night with the other’s spouse. Lisa (and sometimes me) was also spending one evening with our neighbour Ben, who by now we had introduced, not only Anita but 5 other wives who were now also regular visitors to him; and Ben had expanded his mates to help out on some of the evenings with those women. They were all women halves of couples we had swapped with at parties mostly introduced by Anita over the previous year.

Plus, by agreement Lisa could have one evening or night out to meet whoever, only telling me about it afterwards. She would often arrange one of our married or single friends to come and keep me company on those nights, failure to do so would result in her having a forfeit of a sexual nature to do later, this would happen about 40% of the time. At first those forfeits were mild, like lack of underwear at work; Play squash/tennis at public court in skirt without underwear, to phone a friend of mine who she had never had sex with and offer herself to him; or when with a new pick up on maybe a one night stand, phone me after their first climaxes and let him speak to me, I would let him know he could fuck her in the arse or pee in her mouth.

One of her lovers, Steve had a hard core collection of DVD’s, private and professional covering many aspects, but amongst them was BDSM to a heavy level, bestiality and scat. He had found out early on that these DVD’s aroused Lisa. She told me that seeing other women doing those things really got to her in a sexual way; not yet to the point she wanted to try it herself; she said, but I could tell it was moving her that way. It seemed that the bestiality would be the most difficult to arrange, even if I got her to agree to it. I’d spoken to Steve in the hope he had some contacts. But at that moment he hadn’t and in his own words, ‘he’d crawl naked over broken glass to see Lisa take K9’.

After that and over many months, he leant me his DVD collection; (based I guess that if I went for it, I’d get Lisa involved too) most of what he leant me was home-made recordings of women doing those things I mentioned. I realised that overall there were about 6 or 7 women involved in the recordings over a period of several years and doing different stuff, he told me they were all wives of men serving in Germany with him. The thing I found more appealing about the home made DVDs were the women all looked willing and eager to play, they were laughing and joking around as much as the guys.

His home-made DVD’s were of each woman; A couple of women I paid attention to were well spoken and attractive, he’d marked them as Alice and Morag and were the more recent of the recordings, he had about 20 DVD’s of those two woman and over time I watched them all, several times. He’d given me a few of Alice first, because she bore a passing likeness to Lisa; like the others they all started with small gang fucks of 5-6 guys, using all three holes of the wife of the evening who was also serving as a urinal for the men. As I moved through the scenes on each disc, the time stamps moved on as did the action on the disk. BDSM play started quite early on with light bondage and CP being applied and this got steadily harsher over time. None of them seemed distressed over the abuse and some obviously were getting off on it.

Once we started playing around with others, I started to look at contacts on sites such as “Craigslist”. In those days it was easy to find some dominant guys out there and some I noted offered k9 action; which admittedly l was interested in seeing her indulge in, but which Lisa declined, not outright in disgust, more of a no that's not for me. Yet by the same token that was the same reply to other questions, which in fact Lisa succumbed to doing in recent years, the most obvious being to have sex with total strangers whilst I watched

On holiday in the USA in October 2011, Lisa and I had met a guy in a pub, it wasn't arranged at all. Lisa admit¬ted that she was really randy to start off with and I’d dared her to exposure herself to this particular chap, who soon joined us. However after a few more drinks, we agreed to go back to his house, obviously to shag Lisa, who by then was more than willing. This guy was dead kinky and after he had her suck him and he’d fucked all three orifices of hers and she’d drunk his pee twice and he hers. I was left as a spectator, but enjoying the antics. He then wanted to enema Lisa with chilled wine, which she agreed to, but it made her incredibly drunk, very quickly. With the wine still inside her, more sex followed, then in the bath he let her release her bowel contents over his chest and face, which seemed to really turn Lisa on.

So then this chap asked Lisa if she'd do that to him and she agreed, he also told her that he'd need a good shit first, but whilst they were talking, they had swapped positions, Lisa started playing and licking at his arsehole and he just let go three sausage sized lumps into her mouth, which she took and swal¬lowed. To me it was obvious what was about to happen and my cock was rampant as it unfolded. Lisa said to me later, it just happened too fast. Anyway she swallowed the lumps down and was then promptly sick. I’d sent spiral of cum juice all over the place.

Later she admitted that she had expected that was his intension, but it was also the first time she’d taken a whole ‘and very full shit meal’, from a guy, up till then she had taken and swallowed small lumps from Steve and Theo and a couple of other guys. She told me that she wasn’t too sure how I would react to seeing her doing that, but when she saw my eruption, she knew it was okay. Months later she admitted that day was the only time she’d ever thrown up after the event.

Then we had the incident in Bournemouth with Nick also an American where he’d pushed her BDSM boundary further (Lisa 6); I think by this stage both Theo and Steve had been abusing her and like Nick she was willing for that to happen.

So two of Steve’s more hard core fetishes had come into Lisa’s life by the fall of 2011.

However one evening visiting a couple we'd known for ages and had swapped with about half a dozen times, and who weren't adverse at doing other kinky things, particular¬ly in public places, and l mean that literally. They were very much into being caught and seen having sex and doing kinky acts and if total strangers join in, so much the better. Both Lisa and l really liked their style on this, which was why we met them quite regularly.

l didn't really get on that well with Keith, Who was a bit of a Macho freak as far as l was concerned there was a little bit of an undercurrent always, but his wife Brenda, was extremely attractive and very sexy. That evening we found that since our last visit about 3 months before, they'd got a Labrador of about 2 years for their son who was then about 7 or 8. Lisa had dressed in a mini skirt, with no knickers on to tease Keith a bit (He was totally infatuated with Lisa, (she found him sexually attractive, but a total ass about other things). Anyhow the dog kept sniffing up Lisa's skirt in the afternoon and Willie (the dog) had to be put out in the kitchen, it caused some giggles, especially as its little penis was popping out as it sniffed at Lisa.

We had been drinking all afternoon, and catching up on the news of what each had been up to and getting in quite a sexy mood, and Lisa was flashing herself at Keith from time to time. So anyway while Brenda was putting the little boy to bed, Keith dared Lisa, encouraged by me as well, to see what Willie would do, eventually she agreed and sat in the armchair, skirt pulled up to her waist, a leg over each arm, cunt wide open.

So Keith let the dog in and quick as a flash it was over to Lisa's cunt and licking her, she giggled at first and tried to push him away after the first licks, then she realised that it was nice and lay back to enjoy it all. Before long Lisa had pulled her breasts free of her tiny top and was massaging her breasts and nipples as the dog went on licking her, several times she stopped her massage and pulled her fanny lips wider apart; In the end Keith and l moved over and we massaged her breasts, while she held her self wide open for the dog's eager tongue.

The nipple l played with was like a little rock on the end of her milky orb and looking closely l could see how swollen her clit was, really large and very dark red. Within about 5 minutes, Lisa was moaning as if she was being taken by a lover, the dog showed no respite and licked her to orgasm which must have taken another 10 12 minutes.

We both had to pull the dog off her in the end, because her clit became so sensitive that the rough tongue became painful. All this time the dog’s own penis had been hanging out of its sheaf. Keith and l both had the same idea, and between the two of us, we positioned the doggie's cock at Lisa cunt, she was still lying in the chair, legs wide apart, in a bit of a post orgasmic daze, eyes closed, smile on lips. Keith guided the dog's penis into her cunt and to my surprise Lisa still didn't protest, she was actually entered by the doggie's cock and it started to fuck her, her only visible reaction was a groan. The animal was then actually fucking my wife, without any further support from us, its front paws resting on her breasts and it's rear end going like a piston engine at her. I couldn’t believe that she was now actually going through with it, just like that.

It was too good to last, before a minute was up Lisa was pulling the dog off herself, with cries of protest from Keith and myself. She explained that the animal was making her sore, looking at her cunt lips, l could see that the dog's hairy penile shaft had been entering her was well at each thrust and her lips almost had blisters.

Realising what she said was true, one of us suggested she use her mouth on him, Lisa refused, not an outright no, more of a 'no, I'm not sure l should' kind of no. l think a bit more prompting and she would have gone ahead. Keith was a bit anxious now about Brenda returning, all the bathing noises had ceased and he told us not to mention it to Brenda.

Later on alone in bed with Brenda l told her what Lisa had done, l could tell instantly that she was turned on by my recol¬lection, so l dared her to do the same. Brenda fetched Willie and he licked her pussy (full of my spunk) just as he had done to Lisa. l tried to persuade her to fuck with him, she asked me if Lisa had really done it, l replied that she had been entered by him and would have done it fully but didn't have time, she seemed unsure, so l lied and told her Lisa had sucked it's penis for several minutes. After some more persuasion she lay beside the dog and did suck its cock, while l slowly fucked her cunt.

l hadn't expected it but that woman sucked and wanked at that dog's cock till it spunked and a good number of spurts went into her mouth, she made sure l saw that it had climaxed, in fact it kept spurt¬ing for some while, there was spunk all over her lips and face and a drop or two on it's belly, which she licked up. We mutually agreed not to mention it to Keith, but l could tell Lisa if l wished.

The next afternoon, (Sunday) while Keith and l were having a pint in the garden, while the girls watched T V, we talked about Lisa's stunt of the night before, He said that He'd loved to see her go all the way with the dog, licking it's cock and fucking it etc., l agreed with him and suggested that we set the wives up later that day, before we returned home. He said No that he didn’t want Brenda involved in that kind of thing, what he wanted was to come to us one evening, with the dog and Lisa to perform. That attitude got up my nose. So l told him that he had to fix it up with Lisa direct, after that the relationship be¬tween us became strained.

On our way home, l told Lisa what Brenda had done the night before and Lisa told me that Keith did proposition her before we left; she told him that she'd think about it. L explained to her that Brenda wasn't to be told or in any way involved, Lisa didn't believe that Keith was being so narrow minded about the whole thing. What got me was that she was so agreeable, to this idea, in fact she had come around to accepting that she would have sex with a dog, it was now a case of when.

Anyway about three weeks later Keith phoned us, Lisa spoke to him, l was in the same room and could hear what he was say¬ing, after some general sexual chit chat, he asked if she had thought anymore about doing things with the dog, after only about 2 minutes persuasion by Keith, she did genuinely agreed to do it, on our next visit to them, which would have been about 3 weeks later. But, he blew it when he said that Brenda was not to know etc.... Lisa told him that she would only do it if Brenda were they’re watching. He tried for ages to get her to change her mind about that and then he blew his top at her, called her various names, she just hung up.

He phoned Lisa regularly for ages after that, apologising etc., every time she hung up on him. l phoned Brenda, she said to me that a couple of times she'd let the dog lick her, but no more than that, Keith didn't know and 'Yes she'd love to watch Lisa go the full round with Willie.

However events would take over before anything with Willie would unfold, in that our neighbour dared her to do K9 with a mate of his who had a dog. I had tipped him off that she was probably ready at this point. I knew, because I’d witnessed it, her sister with the same dog months previously although I knew her sister was well experienced in the K9 activity, Lisa had only found out about 3 months before. Knowing that and having seen Steve’s videos, I felt sure she would be ready. Ben told me he gave her the choice of K9 or the boys during her last session when she was in a high state of arousal and she didn’t jump at one or the other, but neither did she tell him to get lost. At the end she said she’d think about both ideas for a few days and let him know. She then told me about Ben’s choice, and asked which she should do; it was obvious she wasn’t adverse to either option. At that time, she was aware her sister had done k9 and also (something I wasn’t aware of) one of her friends who also visited Ben was taking her son with her to watch sessions.

The next day she told Ben she’d do the K9 and he arranged it for the coming Friday. I went around with a boner for those three days.

On that Friday evening about 8:30, we walked across to Ben’s Lisa was wearing just a pair of knee high leather spiky heels boots. Ben and Marty were there ready and waiting with Bruno, Marty’s Red Setter, Bruno. Lisa seemed very controlled, I think she was more nervous the first time she had sex with a man whilst I watched. Yes she was sexually excited, of that there was no doubt.

Ben led Lisa to an armchair had her put a leg over each arm so she was spread apart; Bruno who had been watching the proceedings strolled over and began sniffing at her pussy and anus. After initially jumping at the shock of the dog’s cold wet nose, Lisa started giggling and then announced that it was unusual but not unpleasant sensation. She made no effort to move and the dog began to lick at her pussy and arsehole. All of the time Marty continued snapping shot after shot. For her part Lisa was patting him gently on his head and fondling his ears; now into the sensation of his tongue on her pussy, slipping further down in the chair spreading herself wider. Looking down at Bruno I saw his penis was now half emerged from its sheaf.

My heart almost stopped as I saw her hand reach down and gently take hold of the emerging doggie penis, a difficult reach and in doing so she slid completely out of the chair onto the floor. The dog’s cock came fully out of the sheaf in her hand at the same time he stopped licking around her pussy and arse and took a step forward. Lisa was now right between his legs. I knew what the dog wanted, I knew what Ben, Marty and I wanted to see. Then it happened her tongue came out and licked around the very end. That doggie cock was the strangest sight I’d seen so close up, so bright red and veiny, I had moved in closer, I could now smell the odour that Lisa must be engulfed in, that musky combination of unwashed dog and urine and the precum dribbling now out of the tip of his cock which my wife was licking off.

Lisa began to lick the tip of his penis tentatively with her tongue. Then she was engulfing his shaft with her soft mouth, taking as much in as she could, the tip must have been at the back of her throat by then. She moved her lips up and down that shaft with as much care and like she’d done for numerous men, this she did for maybe 5 minutes; I could even see her swallow its precum.

Now Lisa stood up. Her nipples were extremely hard indicating just how turned on she was by the whole experience. The Red Setter jumped up and placed his paws on her shoulders. As he did so his cock was straining hard and fully in view. It was a good 6 inches now fully exposed. Lisa took hold of his cock in her and slowly wanked it up and down. The dog began to lick her face clearly keen to encourage her efforts. Soon Bruno's cock was enormous, easily 9-10 inches long but very thin and slender. My wife, was reacting to Bruno’s licking of her face, by opening her mouth wide, ad letting the dog’s tongue go inside her mouth, its globules of saliva, wetting her face and inside her mouth she in turn had closed her lips around its tongue drawing it in and letting it slide out again before, she leant forward and it was her tongue going inside his mouth, her tongue flicking over his teeth and he opened his mouth wide as he could.

Lisa with her legs splayed apart resting her backside on the edge of the table and continued working the dog's cock. Fast as anything he repositioned himself close between her legs and tried repeatedly to mount her. Being a large powerful dog Lisa was in little position to prevent him in his efforts and before long I could see his cock brushing against her vagina perilously close to penetrating her vagina. Lisa gasps in a mixture of surprise and pleasure. And then she guided him into her pussy. OMG having seen Steve’s DVDs I was expecting the piston rapidity, but this was intense. One he was inside her, he was hammering, then I saw her eyes widen and a gasp as his knot went up inside her pussy, ‘Oh shit’ she gasped, then went back to holding his head and kissing him even more franticly, breaking only as her first climax rolled over her. But he not had finished and seconds later she was back kissing.

The next ‘oh shit‘ was followed by a ‘No’ with a cry of pain; followed by a ‘bugger, he’s in my cervix’ her eyes went huge, her face went red and I thought she might feint, then it was ‘Oh yes, come on’ she had relaxed as they continued. Lisa obviously climaxed a second and third time quite close together, then she was ‘Oh God’, his jackhammering suddenly stopped and Lisa announced that he was flooding her with what felt like pints of hot liquid.

As she calmed down and he was held to her by his knot, she went back to kissing and cuddling his head, He had pounded her pussy for maybe 6 minutes, given her three climaxes and was knotted to her for a further 6 minutes at least. Marty continued snapping away with his camera taking shots of Lisa with Bruno's penis embedded deep in her vagina and the liquid pooling below them.

I was so turned on by the sight which met me; my wife Lisa being used as a bitch by this huge dog who completely swamped her lithe frame. I had come off in my pants without realising and still had a hard on.

When Bruno finally pulled out, they both collapsed onto the floor. I looked at Lisa’s pussy, her labia was sore from the harsh fur at the base of Bruno’s sheaf, but white cum was dribbling out of her pussy as if she’d been gangfucked by 20 condom less men.

Marty and Ben now moved over to my wife, cocks out rampant and she sucked each in turn, both came off so quickly. I had already come off once minutes earlier, but when she sucked me I was soon letting my cum shoot into her mouth.

When I was finished Marty gave her a click of his fingers and pointed to where Bruno lay almost on his back, his penis was still out of the sheaf, leaking and she turned over towards him and gently took his cock into her mouth again. This was a gentle lick of his cock and slowly I saw it grow again, and at the same time I became hard again.

His cock was still dribbling cum juices and she was licking around the tip and along the shaft, engulfing it and then letting it slip out again, before repeating it. I was on my knees watching this lovely sight. My eyes were once again drawn to Lisa’s pussy, which was now much closer to me. Before I really registered what I was to do, I had put my mouth to her cunt and licked.

I heard her say ‘Oh yes’ and push herself against me as I did so. In the past year I had licked out my wife’s pussy when filled with other men’s cum maybe over 100 times and maybe 30 different men, each was a slightly different taste, but this was my first doggie cream pie. Yes it was different, but yes it was still a huge turn on.

Slowly she changed position so I was under her thighs eating her out as she continued to serve his cock which had given her pleasure. Something told me this was a new adventure she’d be repeating often in the future.

Lisa later told me how she was sucking him with juices flowing from his cock almost continually, after I started licking her, it had driven her on and finally he had spewed a proper cum dump into her and it was like 5 guys had suddenly erupted into her mouth there was so much juice.

Ben and Marty couldn’t believe it was Lisa’s very first time and said it was one of the best shows they’d seen. I recalled in my mind seeing Alice doing about 6 different dogs over 8 or 9 DVDs each was different, but there was one I’d seen and now knew my wife had seen as it was almost a repeat of Alice’s actions, In later ones she was taking 2 dogs at a time and using all 3 holes. I had a feeling my wife would soon follow.


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