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Tell me what yall think do yall want more shy adventures
So after the last story your probably wondering what happened to shy well let me tell you

I got home after my eventful night and went straight to bed . I woke up thr next morning to my phone ringing and sure enough it's shy So i answer and this is how the conversation went.

Bitch where the hell did you go

I met up with that guy I told you about last week you know Jeremy

I said oh well that guy buying me drinks yea he's a freak and he drugged me and kidnapped me

Um what I thought you were having a good time with mitch

What the hell you know him ??

Yeah girl he's a bouncer and a couple clubs I frequent..

Ok well even after everything I want to see him again I somehow enjoyed my time with him. So what happened with you and Jeremy??

Well let me tell you .. he is a big old freak we seen you and mitch having a good time on the dance floor so we decided to head out and do our own thing and as soon as we were in the car it started.. he slowly ran his hand up my thy till he got to my pussy and teased me from out side my panties till I was begging him to touch me so I took my panties off . I couldn't believe what I was doing . I haven't had dick in so long I just wanted it so badly . He then slowly rubbed up and down my pussy bairly touching my clit he was driving me crazy by time we got back to his place I was dripping down my legs we go in side and can't keep our hands off each other .

He then grabs me by the hair and directed me to the bedroom and made me get on my knees in front of him I could see his rock hard cock threw his pants so I undo his pants and pull his cock out it had to be a solid 8 inches .

I then began to kiss and suck just his head it was so fat I wasn't sure if I could take it all in my mouth but I sure was going to try i start sucking fast and harder taking as much as I can till it reaches my throat and I gag hard and this made his dick twitch . So he grabbed my hair and rapped his fingers in it to use as leverage and took over and begain to fuck my face making me gag every couple of strokes his rythem got slower but stronger he would slowly pull out but slam his dick in hard he was determined for me to swallow his whole cock at this point I got thick spit just flowing out my mouth down my chin and his balls making everything super slick so his cock was sliding freely in and out and then it happened he slammed his cock in hard and I gagged and down it went his cock now down my throat I'm gagging and he's just fucking my throat and I can't breath but my pussy was on fire I was so turned on by his aggressive fuck of my face I just knew I couldn't wait for more.

When he had enough of my mouth he let me go and I had to catch my breath but once I did he pulled me up on my feet and I took my soaked shirt off and my skirt hit the floor he again grabbed my hair and took me over to the bed and told me to lay on my back and with some old scarfs I had haning on the door knob he tied my ankles to my wrists so I had to be spread eagle .. he kissed and licked my pussy from my ass to my clit taking his time on my clit swirling his tongue and sucking till I was shaking orgasm building and he stopped ,frustrated me begged him to keep going then he leaned down close to my ear where he told me I'd cum if and when he let me and not to be a greedy whore ..

As I'm listening to her tell me her adventure I my self is getting turned on starting to wonder if I'll see mitch again I began to quietly rub my pussy . So I tell her to tell me more

He then slaps my ass and rubs his finger down my pussy around my clit and slides it in to my hungry pussy making me moan out loud I wanted him so bad at this point he pulled his finer out and slap he slapped my pussy real hard it stung but the pressure damn near made me cum right then ..

He told me to beg for his dick . I've never had to beg a guy to fuck me they were always so eager.. but wanting his cock I begged him please fuck me please fuck my pussy hard please make me cum .

He told me good girl and slapped the backs of my thys and slammed his cock deep in my pussy feeling him bottom out and not giving me a chance to adjust to his size felt like he was splitting me he grabbed behind my neck and began fucking me deep and hard.

soon the pain faded and it was feeling so good his dick sliding out to just the head and slamming deep in my guts over and over again and I was so wet it moved with ease I felt my orgasm building and I guess he did to because he stopped mid stroak and said not yet and he came around to the other side of the bed and told me to suck his cock to taste my sweet pussy juices I left all on it so I opened my mouth my hands are still tied at this point so i couldn't control how much dick I was taking and he went full force making me choke and gag letting me breath every few stroaks out I now have spit in my eyes and he pulls out rubbs his dick all over my face and tells me good girl before going back around and flipping me over.

He again licks my ass to my pussy making shiver with excitement ..

As I'm listening I'm having to control my breathing I'm nearing my own orgasm..

I excitedly asked what happened next..

He rubbed the head of his cock on my asshole I've let a few guys fuck my ass but none of them had cocks as fat as his so I knew it was going to hurt just when I thought he was going to fuck my ass he slid his dick back in my pussy and slid his middle finger in my ass now fucking my pussy and fingering my ass one finger two finger then 3 fingers I thought surly he was done their when he pulled them out but nope he slammed his cock all the way in my ass I yelled in pain he grabbed my hair and leaned down and told me to take his dick and hell for sure make me cum ..

He slowly starts sliding out and then slamming back in till he was at a good rythem my ass finally started to relax and it was starting to feel good my nipples were hard and tingling and he wasn't even touching them my pussy was twitching with excitement as he fucked my ass slow and hard bottoming out every stroke .

he then stopped and untied my hands and said baby girl your turn to put in some work and he laid on his back as I got on top he guided his dick back to my asshole and some how it felt bigger and like it went deeper with me on top .

I begin to grind back and forth enjoying the contact of his body against my clit then he directed me to start bouncing So i lift my body and drop it back down and this feels amazing his hands guiding my strokes when I get a solid pace I feel his hand rub up my thys to my pussy where he rubs my clit for a moment and up to my breasts and pinches my nipples .

He grabs me by the neck and chokes me and thats when he starts hard from below me holding my ass cheaks apart and him fucking me deep in my ass I feel my orgasm building again only this time he pounds my ass harder ..

He flipps me over back to my back with my legs up and me still holding my ass open for him he tells me that he's about to explode

(Shit me too at this point I almost forgot I was on the phone with her )

And that's when it happened I came so hard and he kept fucking me hard as waves of orgasm take over my body i got a super intense feeling I never felt before and before I could stop him I was squirting all over his dick and belly he growned fuck yea that's it take this dick cum on this dick and that's when he blew his load deep in my ass. I wanted to get up and shower and get a drink but I was so week and kinda in shock I just laid their and fell asleep and when I woke up he was gone..

Wtf where did he go ..

Home I guess their was a note on a freshly brewed pot of coffee that said thanks for a good time and hoped I'd have him over again..

Damn .

So what happened with mitch .. well he fucked my brains out and now I think I'm in love with him..

No your just in love with that dick

Shit maybe but it was good ..

We hung up and I went to the rest room and ran a bath and stepped in and with shys story and my own adventures I Finnish playing with my egar pussy and just as I came there was a nock at the door I got out and wrapped up in my robe and went to see who was their and when I opened the door i was shocked to see it was mitch . What are you doing here

I had to see that you were ok

I'm fine

I'm sorry the way I handled things

It's ok I actually really enjoyed my self just next time all you have to do is ask.

Really your into the bdsm life?

Yeah it was really hot being your cock whore.

Good I'm glad

Wait how do you know where I live? Damit shy!

Yes now let me in I take a few steps back so he can step in to where he grabbed me and thew me over the back of the couch and begin to fuck me hard .. man I was going love this man ..
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