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Had to turn up at night to a isolated spot
The mail man delivered the package. I placed it on the table and unwrapped the brown paper that covered the shoe box. I removed the lid and read the note on the top of the contents.

“You will wear these when you come to the address below at 9.00pm Wednesday, Understand Charlie, do not disappoint me!!” I read the words with dread knowing that I would comply as instructed.

I placed the note on the table and slowly started to go through the contents of the box.

There were a number of sealed plastic bags, and I opened and emptied the contents of the first onto the table. It contained cord and a piece of paper. I read what was the instructions on how to tie the scrotum and separate each testicle using the cord. I grimaced as I read it.

I opened the next bag which revealed a pair of what the instructions called nipple grabber claws. I pressed one of the steel pencil shaped objects and four tiny spring tensioned claws emerged.

I swallowed drily as I opened the third bag. The contents were razors and perfumes with instructions to make myself hairless from the neck down and smothered with the perfume for the meeting.

The final bag contained a tiny black posing pouch, set of hand cuffs, masked hood and a ball gag with the instructions stating to be wearing the pouch and bringing the rest in the bag.

I stared at the objects on the table, my mind searching for a way out of this nightmare, but I could not come up with one. I realised once more that the only option was to obey Sarah,s demands.

The following day was Wednesday and early evening I began what I was putting off all day and stood naked in the shower, soaped my body and began shaving the hair from my torso and limbs.

Every stroke of the razor removed both my body hair and also my self esteem. I felt as if I was emasculating myself as the hair fell on the shower tray.

Finally done, I rinsed myself off and towelled myself as I walked to the bedroom, and as I entered I saw myself in the full length mirror. …it was me, but was not me. I stared at my now naked hairless body with the exception of my scalp.

I suddenly realised there was something feminine about a smooth body…and I had been made to make my body like that!!!

I felt the stunned confusion in my mind again as I stared at my nakedness but was brought back to horrid reality when I saw the time was now 8.15pm. I knew it was a thirty minute drive to the address Sarah had chosen and shaving myself had took far longer than I had envisioned.

I moved to the bed where I had left all the contents of the box and picked up the length of cord and began binding the base of my now bald scrotum as the instructions said, followed by separating my testicles before tying the ends off. I felt the discomfort of my trapped exposed balls that showed the difference in size between the two.

Next I used the powerful smelling feminine perfume on myself before putting on the black posing pouch.

I then pressed the nipple grabber claw to expose the prongs placed it over my nipple and released the tension slowly. The claw grabbed my nipple and the pain was electric…I gasped at the sensation, but carried on with the second so my nipples were in this tormenting contraption.

I gingerly dressed trying to prevent too much friction between my shirt and the clamps.

Nearly 8.30pm, so I headed to my car dressed as ordered, for the journey.

I turned into the dark gravel floored desolate area that is used as parking for ramblers and dog walkers who use the surrounding forest during the day.

My headlights lit up Sarah,s car at the far end and I parked behind her. She climbed out of her car and signalled me and I gingerly climbed out of mine, gasping as the nipple claws were moved with the tension my shirt caused to them as I picked up the bag containing my hood and stuff.

Sarah signalled me to follow, and she moved several yards of the carpark into the trees and turned to face me.

“Strip” she ordered me.

And I clumsily obeyed, feeling the cool night air on my skin as I did so till I was standing before her wearing just the black posing pouch and the nipple claws.

She looked at my totally hairless body for several seconds before reaching out her hand for the bag I held. I gave her the bag and she took out the ball gag and without any word moved behind me and started putting it into place, I opened my mouth as the ball pulled tightly over my lips and teeth and it entered trapping my tongue and I felt the leather straps tighten against my cheeks as she fastened the buckle keeping it in place.

She then cuffed one wrist and moved me so as to face the car park and gestured me to raise my arms to a low branch above my head and cuffed my other wrist over it so I was restrained.

Sarah then stood in front of me and did not smile…she laughed and took out her phone and pressed a number and holding it to her ear said “Now”. And laughed at me once more and turned and walked back to her car and half sat on the bonnet looking at me and took out a packet of cigarettes and lit one and continued to look at me tied to the branch.

I heard a vehicle approaching and as it did Sarah again moved to me and put the hood over my head so I was now sightless to who was arriving.

I heard the vehicle stop and doors opening and closing and footsteps on the gravel.

I sensed that whoever he/she or they were that they were now looking at me…at my shaved body, and only the small black pouch covering my genitals.

I felt a hand on my breast bone and felt its fingers moving out towards my left nipple. I grunted with pain through the gag as whoevers hand it was pulled at the nipple claw. I felt the claw being twisted and I screeched with pain and involuntarily rose to my tiptoes trying to twist away.

I Felt the other nipple claw being touched and again the searing pain as it too was pulled and twisted

The ball gag prevented my screams from being heard too loudly beneath the hood and I felt my saliva drooling round the ball and down my chin as well as tears running down my cheeks.

I heard laughter at whoever was causing my pain and was relieved that whoever it was released the grip on the claws and instead slowly started pulling the chain to again bring me to my tiptoes, and as I was in that position arms raised and chained to the branch above me I felt that persons other hand feel my covered groin. Their fingers tracing between my separated exposed balls under my cock that I had tied as instructed and therefore were trapped and could not escape into my body. The person gripped my posing pouch and squeezed my cock and balls contained inside it.

I raised myself off the ground with my arms at the grip on my genitals and tried writhing in the air but the nipple claws and the grip prevented anything but token resistance against the pain.

After several seconds that seemed longer the pressure was released and I felt the ground again under my bare feet.

There was talking, but I could not make out due to the hood I wore. Then several more seconds of silence. I felt something being put on my ankle, but with my sense depravation I was late to react and my ankle was restrained. I felt my other ankle being fastened and felt and knew I was being fastened to a leg stretcher rod. Then the hood was pulled off my head and I squinted at the glare of the headlamps shining at me.

I got my focus back and saw 2 men…and Sarah beyond them to one side still sitting and watching from her car bonnet.

The men, I knew just from seeing them were queer,homosexual, bent, whatever you want to term it. I shuddered visibly which seemed to amuse them.

The nearest was probably in his early twenties, long blonde haired, slim, almost anorexic in appearance with a feminine looking face. The other was older, late thirties to early forties with a paunch, dark haired with a goatee beard and spectacles.

They turned to Sarah who nodded assent.

They turned back toward me ogling my almost bare defenceless body with leering looks before the younger stepped forward.

He stepped on the spreader bar, rooting me to the spot and reached out with his hand and put it slowly into my pouch. And started fondling my genitalia.

I started cursing him through the ball gag, as he held my balls and cock, it was the first time a male had touched me. Spittle ran down my cheek as he pulled down the pouch to expose my tied scrotum and testicles.

He looked at my nakedness and smiled. Then slowly he started undoing his pants and pulled his own already semi hard cock out and started rubbing it to an erection, and, keeping his foot on the bar bent his head between the nipple claws so that the linking chain was behind his neck.

He was now directly against my front and I felt his cock poke at my own. He started to slowly thrust his hard cock between my separated balls. I tried moving but he grabbed my hair with both hands and pulled my head backwards so my throat and neck was exposed to him and he started biting and sucking my neck.

I screamed through the gag as he started to give my neck painful ferocious love bites. I felt the bruising as he did not relent while still thrusting his cock against my ball bag.

He moved his head back which pulled on the nipple claws causing more stifled screams from me which made my antagonist grin before starting to kiss my cheeks and face. I tried to move again but his grip prevented me from avoiding his gay lips.

I sensed movement and turned my eyes as the youngster was enjoying kissing my face and saw the older guy stripping.

His shirt was already off and was just getting out of his jeans and pants.

He stood naked ,smiling at seeing his young companion enjoying me, beneath his ample paunch his 6 inch cock was hard and stood out.

He smiled directly at me, and with his index finger subconsciously pushed the centre of his glasses back into position and moved behind me.

He too stood on the spreader rod to keep me planted in place as he started rubbing his hairy body against my smooth shaven back and arse.

I felt his hard cock against my arse crack, then felt his finger exploring my sphincter. I tried to tighten my arse hole but he just pushed his finger slowly into me further and further.

I heard his grunts and his hot heavy breath against my shoulder as he pulled his finger out and started replacing it with his throbbing cock.

At the same time the young guy had started wanking me and kneading my balls while still love biting my neck and I was getting a forced hard on.

Older guy got his cock into me, I felt my arse muscles involuntarily yielding to the painful stretching entry of another mans penis and I groaned with the agonising pain as he started fucking me. Every thrust into me made me whince and in unison to his grunts.

His paunchy bodyweight was getting behind the now faster hard thrusts of his cock into my virgin arse and I felt his cock muscles pump and his spunk shooting into me.

The old sweaty guy milked his slowly softening cock inside my arse till his balls were empty before finally pulling his flaccid length out of my violated body.

The younger guy released his grip of my still hard cock and replaced the old man and forced his own young cock tip against my now partly surrendered arse hole muscles and pushed the entire length of his dick shaft into me. I wimpered at the pain of the violation again as my arse muscles stretched to accommodate his shaft, and felt his balls against me as he thrusted, and knew he was just using me as a fuck dump for his soon to come sperm.

The naked older guy went to his knees in front of me and began unwrapping the scrotum bindings beneath my erection. Even with the pain of the arse fucking I was receiving I felt the sensation of my testicles and ball bag being released and the blood fully returning to them.

He started wanking me roughly and massaging my balls in his hand.

I felt the youngers cock thrusting shorter faster pumps into my poor arse and knew he was about to fuck his cum into me, and that I was being forced wanked to a impeding climax.

The wanking became faster and I felt myself beginning to climax and my body must of betrayed the fact because the young guy thrusted even harder and faster.

Then my spunk started spurting from my cock shooting onto the ground ahead of me and the young guy emptied his load of cum into me simultaneously, so that I had two other males semen in me.

I hung from the branch supporting my arms and saw Sarah, camera phone in hand recording what was done to me.

The two violaters of me dressed, still not uttering a word and went to their vehicle and left with just a courteous nod to Sarah.

Sarah walked to me turning of the camera, and raised her hands and removed my salivated ball gag.

I looked at her and said.

“Remember It,s your turn next week Babe”

“ I know darling…can hardly wait to find out what you are planning for me” Sarah replied.
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