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Emma finally follows where her mother had been and finds satisfaction at last.
“Oh Daddy that feels so good, he’s huge, bigger than any man l’ve ever had.”

“Good girl sweetheart,” Jack encouraged her, “now push back to meet him.”

“Oh my god Daddy, he’s so deep inside me, Ooooh, what’s that!”

“That’s his knot baby,” Jack replied, “he’s trying to force it into you, it’s perfectly normal baby, just relax and let him force it in, then he can cum inside you.”

“Am l doing alright Daddy, are you proud of me?”

“You’re doing brilliantly sweetheart,” he replied, “we’re all proud of you, just look how much my friends appreciate you.”

Emma looked up at the four men stood in a semi circle around her, each with their trousers and underpants round their ankles, each holding their cocks and wanking.

“Push back hard against Buster,” Jack told her, “get his knot inside you then you will feel his hot cum in your belly, then let these nice gentlemen unload their cum in your mouth.”

Emma pushed back hard just as Buster rammed hard into her. She gave a squeal as his large knot forced itself into her, she shuddered from head to foot in orgasm as the dog forced her cunt wider than ever before. She almost collapsed forward onto the floor but just managed to maintain her position, then she came again as she felt that huge cock begin pumping it’s seed into her.

“Oh Daddy he’s cumming,” she cried, “oh my god, l can feel him filling me, it’s so hot Daddy, l’ve never been fucked like this, it’s so good.”

“When you’re ready gentlemen,” Jack said, “Don’t take too long, l’m sure you all want to cum in her mouth, no point in wasting your spunk on the floor.”

The first man shuffled forward, Jack grabbed his daughter by her hair, lifting her head. The man took hold of her head thrusting his cock at her mouth. Jack was pleased to see how readily she took his cock, not struggling as he forced himself deep into her mouth, pressing his hairy crotch against her face. He grunted as he unloaded into her, Emma sucking and swallowing as her mouth filled with cum.

“Who’s next?” Jack said as the first man pulled his cock out of her mouth, wiping his spunk covered cock against her face. He watched as Buster’s rear end jerked and humped as he continued to pump his cum into her, his front paws clawing at the leather cover that Jack had draped over her to protect her. The dog was slavering and grunting, slobber from his mouth dripping onto her back.

Each of the men took their turn, only taking seconds before each one unloaded into Emma’s ravenous mouth. Jack was impressed at how eagerly she accepted each cock, hardly any spunk escaping from her lips. He saw her shudder two more times in orgasm, groaning as Buster finally tried to withdraw from her cunt. He was stuck fast, he managed to turn around his cock still firmly seated inside her.

Emma finally collapsed forward as the last cock left her mouth, she lay there, mumbling in ecstasy as Buster tried to free himself. At last she cried out as the animal’s knot emerged from her cunt, followed by a stream of dog cum.

Jack waited a moment as the men pulled up their trousers. He took hold of Buster’s collar, bringing him round to stand beside Emma’s face. Emma looked up to see his cock still exposed, drops of doggy cum still oozing from his bright red cock.

“Clean his cock,” he told her.

Emma knew what was required, she got back onto her knees. Buster obviously knew what was going to happen as he got down onto his back, his back legs spread wide. Emma crawled over to him reached for his cock, licking the whole length of his shaft before slipping her lips over the head and taking him deep into her mouth.

“I know it’s hard to believe,” Jack said to the group of men, each one watching intently as Emma sucked hungrily on Buster’s cock, “but this is genuinely her first time with a dog, she only recently discovered my secret but she has been desperate to try it ever since she discovered what her mother used to do.”

“She’s a natural Jack,” one of the men replied, “every bit as good as her mother, will she be doing all the other stuff as well?”

“Oh yes,” Jack replied, “l’ll show her the films of her mother and she’s keen to try everything, l’ll be getting in touch with you once l’m able to set it up, it’s a bit more complicated as that useless streak of piss that she married must never find out, he’s not much use to her as a husband apart from the fact that he has pots of money and she doesn’t want to risk losing the benefits that brings.”

“Is it the same arrangement as it was with Jane?” The man asked.

“Yes, five pounds each, deposited in the usual place,” Jack replied.

Each of the men took a five pound note from their pockets then went behind Emma as she knelt over Buster, still sucking his cock, they pushed each note into her cunt before shaking Jack’s hand and leaving.

Jack returned from showing them out just as he heard Buster growl, he knew the dog was shooting his spunk into Emma’s mouth, he watched her suck hard, swallowing every drop before releasing his cock, giving it a final kiss.

“That was amazing Daddy,” she said, sat on the floor, legs spread, taking the soggy five pound notes out of her cunt. “Why the money Daddy?” She asked.

“It just adds to the fun for them,” he replied, “if they are paying you they feel happier using you like a whore, it gives them the freedom to indulge their fantasies, they know they can do what they like with you because you are paid for.”

“I must be a bargain whore then,” she laughed, holding up the four notes.

“It’s just a token,” he laughed, “their wives would get suspicious if they were spending too much money.”

“I don’t care Daddy,” she said, “that was so amazing l’m just sorry l missed all the years l could have been doing it with Mummy and you, and Buster of course, l’ve seen dog porn on the internet and often wondered about it, never thought l would have the nerve to try it, l should have done it years ago, when can l do it again?”

“Any time you want sweetheart,” he replied, “dogs have a much shorter recovery time, he might look all innocent over there on his bed but if you were to open your legs and call him over he’d be happy to fuck you again, obviously he may not have as much cum but everything else will be the same.”

“I don’t think l could take another one just now but l do want to do it again, l’ve never been fucked as good as that, Paul never lasts more than a couple of minutes and his cock is so tiny he never brings me off, l do get off when l fuck other men but none of them do the things to me that Buster did.”

“That Paul is a useless piece of piss, l don’t know what you see in him.”

“Money Daddy, and he loves me, I’ve a good life and l get plenty of sex from casual pick ups, Paul doesn’t suspect anything, l don’t think he would believe it if someone told him, he worships me.”

“Well Buster will worship you from now on,” Jack laughed, “ten inches of dog cock and a knot like a melon should keep you satisfied. You go upstairs and get cleaned up while l sort things out down here.”

“I’m sorry about the mess,” she said looking at the puddle of dog cum on the floor that had leaked from her cunt.

“Don’t worry, l’ll clean that up,” he said, “but in the future the men may want you to lick it up off the floor.”

“Oh god Daddy, the thought of that makes me wet again.”

“Go on with you,” he laughed, “l always knew you would be a good slut, just like your mother, now go and clean up then we’ll plan how we’re going to arrange this.”

Emma showered first, relishing the hot water cascading over her body. She took the handset off the wall directing the spray against her cunt. She spread her legs wide, using the fingers of one hand to part her labia allowing the tiny jets to hit her clitoris. She was about to dry herself off then looked at the bath, thinking how good it would feel to lie back and feel the encompassing warmth of the water. She turned on the taps, finding some bath oil in the cabinet that must have been left over from when her mother was alive. Once fully immersed in the welcoming scented water she laid back, relaxing. Her mind quickly drifted back to how this current situation had actually started.

It was twelve months since her mother had passed away suddenly with a heart attack. There had been no warning, Jane had always been a fit, active woman. Emma had always been aware of some mystery surrounding the actual incident but as the family doctor had been present when the attack happened she had never been sufficiently concerned to question the inquest verdict of natural causes.

Emma was an only child, she had grown up in what she believed to be a normal, loving household, she loved both her parents equally and was confident that they loved her. She had met Paul at University, he was the son of a very wealthy merchant banker, destined to take a major position in the firm upon his graduation. Paul had fallen head over heels in love with Emma right from the off and Emma quickly became aware of the lavish lifestyle that was available to her. She did feel affection for Paul and was sure that love would have blossomed had he been more passionate when it came to lovemaking. She had drifted into the marriage but had soon discovered the freedom that money allowed, she began having affairs, first with her personal trainer at the gym, then with casual acquaintances that she met at bars. Sex became a major part of her life, spending some part of every day with a cock thrusting inside her. Despite the easy availability of lovers, she could never find that one person that would give her fulfilment, having to resort to her collection of vibrators and dildos.

Following the death of her mother, Emma got into a routine of visiting her father every Wednesday afternoon, she had arranged for a woman to go in every other day to ensure the house was clean, laundry done, she also paid for a gardener to attend two days a week to keep the garden tidy. Everything went according to plan for a year until just eight days earlier when Emma had to change her visiting day to Tuesday, arriving earlier than her normal time.

She had used her own key to let herself in, calling out as soon as she was in the hall. She was slightly concerned when her father did not respond but what she saw when she entered the living room shocked her.

Her father was sitting in his armchair, initially she could only see that he was asleep, she could hear him gently snoring. As she walked round to face him she saw he was only wearing a t-shirt, he was naked from the waist down. Even though he was asleep, his left hand was holding his cock which was semi erect.

“Shit!” Emma said silently to herself, she wasn’t sure what to do, afraid that if she moved it would disturb him. Her eyes latched on to his penis, even with his huge hand wrapped around it there was still a good four or five inches on view, including a huge purple knob which was glistening with pre cum. “Jesus,” she thought, “even only half hard he’s three times as big as Paul,”. She felt a familiar tingling in her pussy and her hand automatically pressed hard into it.

“God l wish l’d known you had that when l was living at home Daddy,” she whispered, “just imagine the fun we could have had if you’d sneaked into my bedroom.”

She became aware of a flicker on the tv screen and realised he must have been watching something. “Caught you watching porn Daddy have l?” She smiled to herself. She picked up the remote control then realised he must have been watching something recorded on his hard drive which was plugged into the tv.

“Hmmmm, let’s see what you were wanking to,” she giggled softly, pressing the button to start the recording. There were a few flashes on the screen the a title page appeared.

“Jane the horny bitch,”. Was the title. The screen changed to a view of the front of the house, whoever was holding the camera was walking towards the front door. A hand appeared and pushed the door open, there was the sound of music coming from inside the house, also the muffled sound of voices. The camera proceeded along the hall, reaching the door to the living room. The hand again pushed open the door, the music became louder, also the sound of the voices. Now it could be clearly heard what they were saying.

“Go on bitch, take it, get that knot up your cunt,” one male voice called out.

“She’s such a gorgeous slut,” another voice said.

“I want to see him fucking her arsehole,” another said.

As the camera entered the room, it swung round to give a clear view of Emma’s mother on her hands and knees, there was a big German Shepherd mounted on her back and it was clear he was fucking her. The three men whose voices she had heard were stood around Jane’s head, all of them had their cocks out, they were wanking. Suddenly one of them came, he cried out and immediately her mother lifted her face and opened her mouth, catching most of his cum either in her mouth or on her face,

Emma recognised the dog as Khan, he had been the family dog way back when she was a teenager. She saw him give a big thrust, her mother cried out.

“She’s got it up her,” one of the men said. “Go on, good boy,” he called to Khan, “fill the bitch with doggy cum.” He bent down and slapped her mother across her face then her hanging breasts. “You filthy slag,” he said, spitting into her face. There was a close up of him spitting.

“Fuck!” Emma cried out as she recognised the man as their family doctor. She was totally absorbed in watching the screen, unaware even that she had lifted the front of her skirt and her hand was inside her panties. Her fingers located her clitoris and she hissed loudly as a second man shot his load of cum over her mother’s face.

Emma was transfixed, Khan had finished unloading his spunk, now he was trying to pull out but he was firmly wedged inside her. He had rotated causing the bizarre scene of him facing away and his cock forced backward still joined with her cunt. Emma thought it was the sexiest thing she had ever seen, she felt jealousy, wishing that huge dog cock was wedged in her cunt.

The third man had unloaded into her mother’s mouth, Emma could see her mother quivering as she went through orgasm. Suddenly, Khan managed to break free, her mother immediately turned round and held him, bending under him and taking his cock into her mouth.

“Oh Jesus Christ yes,” Emma cried out, her own orgasm causing her knees to buckle. She felt a hand on the back of her leg, she froze, knowing it was her father’s hand, she knew she should push him away and end this madness, instead, as his hand slid up the back of her thigh she parted her legs. She felt his fingers reach the gusset of her panties and pull it aside. Her eyes were fixed on the tv, watching her mother sucking Khan’s cock.

She felt her father’s fingers parting her labia then slipping inside her. She sighed loudly as two fingers pushed into her cunt, she was dripping wet and they slipped in so easily. Her father had huge hands, his fingers were long and thick. “Hmmmmmm,” was all she could say as they pushed deep inside her.

“Take your clothes off and get down on your hands and knees,” she heard her father say.

There was no thought to refuse him, her eyes were still fixed on her mother as she worked her mouth on that dog’s cock. She knew she had to be fucked, knew she wanted that huge cock she had seen her father holding deep in her cunt.

Her top and bra were off in seconds, she undid her skirt and as her father removed his fingers from her cunt, the skirt fell to the floor. She stepped out of it, quickly removing her panties the got down on her hands and knees.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” Her father said.

“Yes Daddy, yes please,” she replied, “l want you inside me, fucking me just like Khan was fucking Mummy.”

“You know that if you let me do it you will be my slut, just like your mother,” he said.

“Oh yes Daddy, l want to be your slut.”

As she spoke she saw her mother remove her mouth from Khan’s cock, she turned to face the camera, smiling, she opened her mouth to show her mouth full of the dog’s spunk, then she swallowed it.

Emma felt her cunt flooding, her juices running down her thighs as she came. She watched her mother sit back on her haunches, smiling as the three men gathered around her, each holding his cock. Emma gasped as she saw the first stream of piss hitting her mother’s face.

“Oh god, fuck me Daddy!” She cried out, “make me your slut Daddy, anything you want, just fuck me.”

She watched her mother opening her mouth as three streams of piss showered onto her, Emma saw her mouth fill, then saw her swallow before taking more. She felt her father behind her, his hands gripping her hips. She felt the head of his cock nudging between her cunt lips.

“No going back,” he said, “from now on you are my slut.”

Before Emma could respond, he pulled her back just as he drove his cock into her, forcing his whole length deep into her until his body crashed against her.

It was the biggest human cock Emma had ever had in her cunt, only her biggest dildo was bigger but that had never been rammed up her as hard as her father had just rammed his. His force made her collapse down onto the floor, she realised that she was in almost the same position and her mother had been when making the recording. She realised that her face was being pressed down on the floor in almost the same place as that puddle of piss that she could see on the tv, for a second she could smell that piss, she licked the floor, imagining that she was lapping up that piss. Her body spasmed as she came again.

Her father was ramming his cock into her, each thrust as vicious as the last. His cock was reaching places no other man had reached, she could feel him hitting her cervix, he was so frenzied she was sure he would split her but she didn’t care.

With one more thrust she felt his cock explode inside her, he cried out and she joined him in orgasm as her cunt filled with his hot spunk. He stayed deep inside her just like Khan had stayed inside her mother. She could feel his cock pulsating as he pumped his seed into her, the only thing missing was that huge grapefruit like knot, she wished her father’s cock had a knot just like Khan.

Emma stayed motionless as her father continued to pulsate inside her, his thrusting was less urgent now although he was still deep inside her belly. Finally the pulsations stopped, she groaned in disappointment as she felt him pulling out. Jack returned to his chair, reaching for the remote control to switch off the tv. After a few seconds Emma stirred, she got back up onto her hands and knees, she turned and saw her father sitting back in his chair, his legs spread, his cock lying limp against his thigh. It was the first time she had seen it’s full length, even in it’s relaxed state she guessed it must be at least ten inches. She saw the last of his cum still oozing from the eye onto his thigh. Without speaking she crawled towards him, kissing his cock, licking the cum from his thigh then taking his cock into her mouth, sucking the last dregs, tasting the mixture of both their fluids.

Jack sank back enjoying the warmth of her mouth on his cock. After a few minutes he felt himself growing hard again, Emma had felt him responding and her mouth became more urgent. It took all of his self control to push her gently away. Emma tried to resist but eventually released him, sitting back, resting against his outstretched leg.

“It’s been so long since your mother passed,” he said, “l got carried away, l shouldn’t have, you don’t have to do this, we can stop now and try to forget it ever happened.”

“How can l forget Daddy,” she replied, “l’ve just had the biggest cock l’ve ever had give me the most powerful orgasms l’ve ever had, l can never forget that, l don’t want to forget, l want it again, again and again, do you regret it Daddy?”

“I regret going against your mother’s wishes,” he replied, “she never wanted you to be involved in that side of our life.”

“Oh god Daddy, you have no idea how much l’ve wanted you all these years, ever since l started touching myself l’ve dreamt of you doing that with me, even with the boys in school when l let them finger my pussy and later put their cocks in my mouth l used to pretend it was you, if only l’d know how big you are, why did you make me wait so long Daddy, l’m twenty three, all those wasted years.”

“Your mother made me promise when you were ten that l would never touch you, that you must never find out about that side of our life.”

“When did you get Mummy to start doing it with dogs Daddy, Khan died when l was fifteen so that film must be at least eight years old, maybe more.”

“That was ten years ago,” he replied, “but it wasn’t me who got your mother into doing it with dogs, she was doing that long before l met her.” He saw the shocked expression on his daughter’s face. “It looks like l have some explaining to do, why don’t you go and freshen up then l will explain everything.”

She didn’t take long cleaning herself, she was eager to get back and hear what her father had to say. When she returned, he was fully naked, sitting on the sofa.

When Jack saw her entering the room he gave a sigh. “You never knew how many years l longed to see you naked,” he said.

“So…what do you think?” She giggled, turning slowly in front of him.

“Absolutely gorgeous,” he said, “you have your mother’s tits, big and heavy.”

“You don’t think they are too big?” She said, cupping them. “I do plenty of exercises but they will start to sag soon.”

“I remember when they started to bud,” he smiled, “that was when your mother made me promise not to look at you naked, none of your girl friends had tits anywhere near developing.”

“Oh l know,” she smiled, “l was only just out of primary school, none of the other girls in my class had tits, that was why the boys always gathered round me, they liked to feel me up and it made me feel good. I would have let you feel me up if you’d wanted Daddy.”

“That was what your mother was afraid of,” he replied, “she always said it would be so easy to turn you into a cock slut and she wasn’t going to allow that.”

“But l did anyway Daddy,” she said, “when the boys started showing me their cocks l loved it, l wanted to hold them, they taught me how to make them cum, Mummy knew what l was doing, she was always asking questions and l didn’t want to lie to her.”

“I know baby,” he said, “she used to tell me all about it, she knew how it got me worked up, she used to tell me all about it while she was wanking me, she enjoyed teasing me like that, she knew how much l wanted you.”

“Oh Daddy that was so cruel, you could have had me anytime, l wanted you too, l told Mummy l wanted you but she said that if you did it to me you would go to prison, she said l must never encourage you, l used to masturbate thinking about you, Mummy even gave me a vibrator, she told me l had to stop thinking of you, she got the doctor to put me on the pill.”

“Oh l remember when she said she was taking you to see Doctor McRae, that pervert, your mother always insisted that he only got you to undress and he examined you, she promised me she would never let him go too far.”

“I always had to undress for him,” she said, “l did think it was strange, even when l went to see him for simple things l had to undress but Mummy was with me so l thought it was okay, he used to touch me and sometimes he wanted to look at my pussy but he didn’t do anything more.”

“No, your mother wouldn’t let him,” he replied, “but every time you then had to wait in the waiting room while your mother stayed with the Doctor.”

“Yes, l remember,” she said.

“Yes, she would let him fuck her, it was part of the deal for you to get the pill.”

“But if you knew he was fucking her, didn’t that bother you?”

“You need to get the full story,” he said, “come and sit by me and l will tell you.”

Emma snuggled up next to him. Jack put his arm around her, reaching for her breast, cupping it, gently stroking her nipple. She pushed up harder against him, taking hold of his cock.

“Oooh this is nice,” she giggled,, “this is how story time should have been when l was little,”

“We would never have got to the end of the story,” he laughed.

“Fuck the story Daddy,” she giggled, “l would have just wanted to play with this.” She snuggled down, resting her head on his tummy, she kissed his cock then let it rest against her cheek. “Tell me about the dogs Daddy, when did you get Mummy to start fucking dogs.”

“It wasn’t like that,” he replied, “she was into what we call K9 long before l met her, it was her that got me into it, although l admit l was already interested. As you know, your mother was an orphan, she was the sole survivor when her father’s light aircraft crashed in the mountains of Scotland, Jane spent nine months in hospital and was lucky to survive.”

“Once she was on the road to recovery, it was decided that there were no close family members suitable to look after her so it was arranged for her to go to foster parents.”

“Would that be Aunt Carol and Uncle Jim?” Emma asked.

“Yes, as you know, they are not proper relatives and Jim passed away a few years ago, but they brought your mother up.”

“She always treated them like parents.”

“Yes she did,” he replied, “she loved them very much, she always said that they gave her a very happy and secure childhood.”

“Things started to change for your mother when she went to the senior school,” he continued, “like you, her body started developing early and by the time she was in the new school she already had a good sized pair of tits, bigger than most of the girls two or three years older. Needless to say, boys being boys, she was very popular.”

“Oh tell me about it,” Emma laughed, “l quickly learnt that the only way to keep them quiet was to let them feel me up.”

“She was the same,” he said, “it didn’t take long before the boys were getting her tits out, she did a deal with them that she would let them suck her nipples if they let her watch them wanking.”

“Oh god Daddy, that’s exactly the same as l did,” she giggled and kissed his cock, “after a while l started letting them put their cocks between my tits and cumming there, l started frigging myself off in bed at night thinking about it.”

“You are so much like your mother,” he said, giving her nipple a tweak.

“From what l’ve just seen, it would mean a massive change in my life, but it looks so exciting,” she kissed his cock again, giggling when she saw it twitch in response. “How long before the boys started fucking her?”

“Oh she told me that she didn’t start having proper sex with boys until she was sixteen.”

“You say with boys,” she said, “does that mean she was doing it but not with boys?”

“Let me tell you as it happened,” he said, “things started to change for her on her thirteenth birthday, she was on a shopping trip with her foster parents, it was the day before her birthday. They were in the pet department of the local market and there were puppies for sale. Your mother fell in love with one of them and begged them to buy him for her. Carol was not in favour of buying a puppy as a present but your mother promised faithfully that she would look after him. From the moment she got him home she devoted every spare minute to him, she still had him when l first met her, he was lovely, just a little terrier cross but there must have been some poodle in him as his coat was curly and soft, almost like wool, he was completely white, she called him Charlie.”

“Charlie followed her everywhere, always a couple of steps behind, tail wagging. At first she insisted that he slept on a bed beside hers but after just over a year she began to allow him to sleep on the bed by her feet.”

“He was three years old before anything significant happened, your mother usually slept in pyjamas, Charlie curled up on the quilt at the end of the bed. It was the middle of summer, there was a heat wave, temperatures much higher than normal. She decided that pyjamas were too hot and instead began sleeping in just a long t-shirt that just came down below her bottom. It was so hot that she had left her panties off.”

“It was early morning when she was awoken buy something cold and wet between her legs, she looked down and saw Charlie’s back end sticking up, his tail wagging, she realised he was licking her pussy. She told me that she tried to push him away but he refused to move, the more she pushed, the more he pushed back. Suddenly she began to realise that what he was doing felt quite nice, it felt better than when she frigged herself. She decided to relax and let him carry on, thinking he would get bored and stop.”

“I bet he didn’t get bored,” Emma laughed.

“No he didn’t,” he replied, “Jane’s said it felt so good she let him carry on until she came, even then he was licking her juices from her cunt, she had to stop him then as she was afraid she would disturb someone if she cried out in orgasm.”

“I bet she did it again pretty soon though.”

“Yes, it became a regular thing every night, she never went back to wearing pyjamas or panties unless she was having her period. Charlie licked her to orgasm every night, then one night, she was having her period and Charlie sulked when she pushed him away. She thought back to that afternoon in school when she had to tell her boyfriend he couldn’t finger her pussy, it was part of their routine, she would either wank him or suck his cock then he would finger her to orgasm. If she sucked him she always made him pull out before he came, anyway, that day she had sucked him off and he had cum, he was about to walk away when she asked him what he was going to do for her, she said her nipples were always super sensitive when she was having her period so she asked him to suck them. He ended up sucking one nipple while he twisted and pulled the other one, she came quickly.”

“Thinking back to what had happened with her boyfriend she tried to wonder if she could get Charlie to suck her nipples. She tried to offer him her tits but he wasn’t interested, he only wanted to lick her cunt. She decided he needed some incentive to suck her nipples so she sneaked downstairs to the kitchen. Charlie followed he as usual. She found a jar of honey and smeared some on her nipples. When she got back upstairs she laid on the bed and offered Charlie her tits, he could smell the honey and started to lick it off her nipple, she made him switch from one to another. Suddenly he must have remembered what nipples were for and started to suck on them, he had tiny sharp teeth and every now and then he would bite her, when he did it was like an electric shock went straight to her cunt and she had one of her best orgasms.”

“Oh Daddy that sounds so erotic,” she said, holding his cock and squeezing it, a bead of pre cum oozed from the eye and she licked it away, “l really want to do it with a dog Daddy, just like Mummy was with Khan, will you help me?”

“Of course l will sweetheart, it’s a shame your mother never got to tell you how good it feels when a big dog is knotted in your cunt, pumping his hot cum into you.”

“Oh Daddy,” she kissed his cock, “l want a really big dog, like Khan, can you get me a big one?”

“I can get you a bigger one than Khan was,” he said, “l can get you cocks so big you will think they would split you open.”

“Oh Daddy,” she sighed, “did Mummy let Charlie fuck her.”

“She tried a few times,” he replied, “but although he had a big cock in proportion to his size, he was still quite small, but she did start sucking his cock.”

“Oh yes l want to do that Daddy, l can’t believe l’ve never thought of it before. I’ve let loads of men fuck me and sucked off hundreds of cocks, don’t get me wrong, l do enjoy it and sometimes l have a nice cum but the thought of a dog like Khan fucking me like he did with Mummy, or shooting his spunk down my throat….oh Daddy, l do really want it, when did Mummy have her first big dog?”

“Oh that was a couple of years later, she was having such fun letting Charlie lick her to orgasm every night or sucking and biting her nipples. She had started sucking him off and swallowing his cum.”

“What about boys Daddy?” She said, “was she fucking them as well.”

“No she would never let any of the boys fuck her,” he replied, “it was as if she wanted to be faithful to Charlie, she did suck off some of the boys but she never had a long term boyfriend, once they realised that they weren’t going to get to fuck her they moved on to one of the other girls.”

“Oh that’s sad in a way,” Emma said, “so technically she was still a virgin, that is so weird, sucking off her pet dog and taking his cum but still a virgin. I don’t suppose that even if Charlie could have got his cock into her cunt he would have been big enough to take her virginity.”

“No but she didn’t care, she did look at other dogs,” Jack laughed, “she told me that one day Charlie caught her with a neighbour’s Labrador, she had started stroking him then couldn’t resist reaching under for his cock, she had it half way out of his sheath and was holding it when Charlie caught her. It sounds daft but she told me she could always remember the look in Charlie’s eyes, as if he felt betrayed.”

“Oh god that is so weird,” Emma said, “what did she do?”

“She let go of the Lab, took Charlie back to her bedroom and sucked him off, she said she apologised to him, promising she would never be unfaithful again. But she told me that even as she was saying it she knew she wouldn’t keep her promise, she couldn’t get the feel of that Lab’s cock out of her mind, he hadn’t got fully erect but she had still felt the power of him, she knew it was only a matter of time before she cheated on Charlie.”

“I would never have guessed Mummy was such a slut Daddy, she always looked so pure and innocent, how did you manage to keep it from me?”

“It wasn’t easy baby,” he replied, “l tried to convince her a few times that it would be much easier if we told you what we were doing but she wouldn’t hear of it. She knew l wanted to fuck you but she was adamant that she wouldn’t allow it, l loved your mother deeply, l would never go against her wishes. She would let me wank off looking at pictures of you, my favourite was one taken on holiday in Cornwall, you had just come out of the sea and your nipples were clearly visible through the material of your swimsuit. I made hundreds of copies of that photo, your mother would watch while l wanked and shot my spunk all over you, she would lick my cum off the photo it was always ruined.”

“How old was l on that holiday, oh l remember, it was my first summer in the senior school.”

“Yes, your tits were developing nicely, even at that age you had a good shape to your body, l used to watch other men looking at you, knowing what they were thinking, you were so innocent then, you didn’t realise the effect you were having, especially on older men, l can only imagine how many of them ended up wanking thinking of you.”

“I wouldn’t have refused you Daddy,” she said.

“I know baby, your mother knew as well, she knew what a dangerous game we were playing, but she wouldn’t give in, you were out of bounds and l had to accept it.”

“I used to see the way men looked at Mummy,” she said, “l wanted them to look at me like that. She had that green bikini on that holiday, she looked amazing, l remember her tits bouncing when she ran.”

“Oh she knew the effect she was having on men, she would often walk off and be gone for quite a while, l knew she was probably getting fucked somewhere.”

“Didn’t that bother you Daddy?”

“Right from the start l knew that it would take more than me to satisfy your mother, l knew l had a decent cock but that made no difference. I knew she loved me though, l never doubted that.”

“Did she let you fuck other women?”

“Oh l did,” he replied, “especially at parties, l told her many times that l wasn’t that bothered, l was so happy that we were together, l could never cheat on her, she was always in the same room if l was fucking someone else.”

“I always knew how much you loved her Daddy,” she kissed his cock, “l could see it in your eyes when you looked at her, l see it in Paul’s eyes when he looks at me, sometimes l think l’m being such a cow letting all these men use my body when l have Paul at home who loves me.”

“You can’t help the nature you are baby, just like l knew l would lose your mother if l tried to change her. I would see that look in her eye if we were out in a bar or restaurant and l knew she had made a connection with some male in the room. She didn’t need to tell me but l knew that when she walked off and disappeared for a few minutes she was getting fucked somewhere, she would tell me all about it later in bed.”

“But your cock is beautiful Daddy,” she said, “if Paul had a cock like yours l would never be unfaithful.”

“Oh yes you would baby,” he laughed, “just like your mother, you wouldn’t be able to stop yourself. She told me so many times that the man she had fucked earlier was nowhere near as good as me but that wasn’t what she did it for, she wanted men to use her like a cheap whore, she seldom came when they were fucking her, that always happened later when l fucked her. The only time she always came when she was being fucked was with dogs, they never failed her.”

“When did she start being fucked by dogs then if Charlie couldn’t do it.”

“That was just before she went to University, it was the summer before starting there. I know it seems strange that a girl who had sucked off so many cocks and regularly sucked off her pet dog was still technically a virgin at eighteen. She’d had vibrators and dildos up her cunt but never a proper cock.”

“It was the week before she left for Uni, it was a sunny day and she had taken Charlie for a walk. They had gone into the woods that lead down to the lake.”

“I know where you mean, there’s a picnic spot, l have an old man in his sixties, l meet him there every couple of weeks, he likes to spank my bottom then fuck me over one of the fallen tree trunks, he’s so sweet.”

“Well your mother had taken a bit of a picnic and had sat down in a small clearing just off from the main picnic area.”

“I know where you mean, Sidney has fucked me there, he likes to do it in the main area, it’s always in the evening, he likes the thrill of possibly being discovered, a couple of times men with dogs have found us and watched from a distance.”

“Well your mother was sat on the grass, she could see Charlie looking up her skirt, she knew what he wanted so she parted her legs for him, she hardly ever wore panties so when he dived under her skirt he had free access to her cunt. It didn’t take long for him to make her cum, then she told him to lie on his back so she could suck his cock. She was always amazed that such a small dog could have such a nice cock, she had seen boys with smaller cocks than Charlie.”

“She was on her hands and knees sucking his cock when suddenly her skirt was flipped up and a hand smacked her bottom. She heard a male voice calling her a filthy slut, when she looked back she saw a man in his sixties standing behind her, he had a big German Shepherd on a lead. If he had expected her to be ashamed and run away he was mistaken, instead she told him to ‘Fuck off’, calling him a pervert. Quite brazenly she went back to sucking Charlie’s cock.”

The man said something about her being a shameless whore then called his dog and went to walk off. The dog was called Jazz but instead of following his master, his eyes had locked on your mothers rear end, her skirt was still flipped up and with her legs parted while she stooped over Charlie, he cunt was on show. Before the man could stop him, Jazz had pulled forward and mounted her, she felt his weight on her back then felt his cock poking her, trying to locate her cunt.”

“Suddenly she felt him enter her, the man was trying to pull him off but the dog was having none of it, he began driving his cock into her and instinctively, your mother started pushing back to meet each thrust. She had seen Charlie’s knot plenty of times so when she felt something large banging against her cunt she realised what it was. It was too good an opportunity to miss, she called to Jazz, telling him he was a good boy, telling him to try harder and to make her his bitch.”

“By now the man had given up trying to pull the dog off, he had released the lead and was stood back watching the spectacle. As soon as the dog entered her she knew he was as big if not bigger than the biggest of her dildos, she had used a church candle up her cunt, she had stolen it from the church after Sunday School, so she felt confident she would be able to take him, she had seen the size of Charlie’s knot in comparison to his cock so knew the if Jazz could get his inside her it would feel huge.”

“Jazz was thrusting deep inside her and she could feel his knot banging against her cunt, she called to him, telling him he was a good boy, telling him to try harder. She pushed back hard to meet each thrust, the dog was clawing at her side risking tearing her top but she was past caring. With one mighty lunge his knot entered her, she cried out as the massive object forced her cunt wider than ever before.”

“She always said that first time with a dog was her best orgasm ever, and when he started to cum inside her she nearly passed out.”

“The man called her a filthy whore but when she looked up he had his cock out, she told him to stick it in her mouth while his dog filled her with cum, in seconds she had both cocks cumming inside her. When he’d finished he pulled out, he tried to pull the dog away but he was locked in her cunt, she often laughed about it with me over the years when she remembered his desperate attempts to pull the dog away until his cock had softened enough to slip from her, followed by a stream of his cum.”

“I bet he ran away,” Emma laughed.

“No, he suddenly realised he recognised her, his granddaughter went to school with her. He asked her when she was going to university, she said she would be going at the weekend, he said he always walked through the woods on a Friday evening, she said that she would meet him.”

“Did she?”

“Yes, that Friday she went back to the same spot but without Charlie, she waited a while, just when she thought the man wasn’t going to turn up she heard a noise, she saw him coming down the path with Jazz but there was another man with him. As soon as the dog saw her he started to get excited, the man said he didn’t have much time and told her to get naked.”

“Oh Daddy that is so hot, l love being naked outdoors.”

“He told her to lie over the log again, she said the bark was rough against her bare skin but that just made it sexier. Jazz didn’t waste any time, he mounted her, resting his front paws on the log. His cock slipped in easily, she had been frigging herself while she waited so she was very wet, he gave her a couple of thrusts, then she felt his knot hitting her. She heard both men talking about her, calling her dirty names, she looked up and they both had their cocks out.”

“She was pushing back to meet Jazz as he tried to get his knot into her, it didn’t take so long the second time and soon he was deep inside her cunt. He didn’t cum so quick that time, he was humping her, she could feel him swelling , his cock hitting her cervix.”

“The owner then told the other man he could have her first, he must have been well into his sixties, he had a bigger cock than Jazz’s owner. He grabbed a handful of her hair and rammed his cock at her face, she took him into her mouth and he forced it in deep causing her to gag. She managed to control it as her face was pushed hard against his belly, she could smell stale piss on him and that set off an orgasm. Jazz must have felt her cum because he started fucking her harder and started cumming inside her. Both men were calling her names, the one in her mouth started to cum and she had to swallow hard to take it. Jazz was humping away in her cunt, she could feel each jet of his hot spunk.”

“The owner told the other man to hurry up as he was nearly cumming. The man pulled out of her mouth, wiping his cock on her face, as soon as he stepped away the owner rammed his cock into her, she was glad he was smaller but when he came straight away he had much more spunk.”

“The force of Jazz fucking her was causing the bark of the log to rub against her tits, she could feel they were sore but didn’t care. She had another massive orgasm and Jazz finally rammed in deep and stayed there, she could feel his cock pulsing as he carried on giving her his spunk.”

“The owner pulled his cock out of her mouth and she relaxed, enjoying the feeling of the dog’s cock throbbing inside her. Then the other man was in front of her again, he grabbed her hair again, he was holding his cock with his other hand, he told her to open her mouth, she thought he was going to fuck her mouth again but as she opened her mouth she felt the jet of his piss hitting her face. She was shocked but immediately went into orgasm again, Jazz must have felt her cum and he began fucking her again. Initially she tried to keep her mouth shut but the man slapped her face, telling her to drink his piss.”

“Oh god Daddy, that is so hot.”

“She tried to drink it but there was too much, her face was covered in piss. Her cunt must have been so slippery that Jazz didn’t have as much trouble pulling out of her that time. She couldn’t move, she was fucked out. The man had finished pissing on her and let her go. She rolled off the log, lying on the ground. The owner stood over her, his cock in his hand and started pissing on her, they were both laughing and joking about her as he directed his stream all over her body and face.”

“When he had finished, they both got ready to leave. The owner brought Jazz over to her, he could smell the piss on her and started to lick her body, then he moved along side her, lifted his back leg and added his piss to that of both men. The owner laughed, telling her that even the dog thought she was a filthy slut. Both men were laughing as they walked away.”

“Wow Daddy, that was so hot, l bet she wanted to do it again.”


Emma must have fallen asleep in the bath, she could feel something warm hitting her face, she thought it was warm water. She woke and as her mouth opened she could taste what was hitting her, it was salty. She looked up and saw her father standing there, peeing on her. It only took her a few seconds to fully come round, quickly she got up on her knees in the bath and opened her mouth wide to take his stream. Her mouth filled and she swallowed and took more, it seemed as it his stream would go on forever but she took as much as she could, the residue flowing down over her breasts.

Eventually his stream dwindled, she took his cock into her mouth to catch the last few drops then sat back, looked up at him and smiled.

“I must have fallen asleep,” she said, “the water is cold.”

“You we’re up here over an hour,” he laughed, “you were dreaming, talking in your sleep.”

“I was thinking of when you told me how Mummy started with dogs.”

“You we’re moaning and frigging yourself,” he said, “then you started saying ‘Piss on me, piss on me,’ so l thought what the heck, your mother loved being pissed on so l thought l would see how you reacted.”

“And did l do okay?”

“You were brilliant, l have big plans for you.”

“Oh you make it sound so exciting,” she said, bending forward and kissing his cock. She saw it react to her kiss, starting to come to erection. “Mmmmmm,” she smiled, “l think he wants me again.”

“No more today,” he replied. Emma groaned. “You have to get home before Paul gets suspicious, you’ve been over here every day since we started this, and now today after your show with Buster l’m sure your cunt must feel battered.”

“It feels wonderful Daddy,” she said, “and l can do what l like, Paul would never believe l was cheating on him, and certainly not with my father and a dog.”

“For a very clever man he must be stupid where you are concerned.”

“He loves me Daddy, l know he’s not very good in bed but he’s wonderful in everything else and let’s face it it’s not difficult for a girl to get cock if she really wants it, there are plenty of fellas up for a quick shag with no complications.”

“We’ll l’ll be arranging more than a quick shag for you,” he said.

“Mmmmmmmm,” she replied.


2022-08-12 14:54:57
This was such a hot story, I am not into watersports, but it was so good I hope it continues.


2022-08-12 14:54:44
This was such a hot story, I am not into watersports, but it was so good I hope it continues.


2022-08-12 14:54:38
This was such a hot story, I am not into watersports, but it was so good I hope it continues.

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