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New Stepmom has a few problems but finds a great solution

“Brrrrring Brrrrring”

“shit” I swore, I didn’t need the doorbell ringing, I was already running late and was still feeding Becky and she was chewing my nipple a little too hard.

I grabbed my bag and opened the door to see a teenage boy standing there with his hand held out clutching a bar of chocolate, mouth wide open in surprise as he spotted Becky suckling greedily away.

I guessed that it was yet another fund raising drive so quickly grabbed a 20 out of my purse and swapped the chocolate for the 20 saying “happy to support your fundraising but I’m in a bit of a hurry so keep the change as a donation” as I walked off briskly to the street and round the corner before he could get more than an “umm” out.

Becky checked out fine at her appointment and I spent most of the day running errands, coffee with the girls, lunch with my hubby Nathans parents, baby swimming lessons etc etc and was exhausted by the time I got home.

I did notice the kid from this morning sitting on the wall across the street start to stand up as I opened the door but he sat again as I was closing the door and I didn’t give it much thought.

I got Becky settled, dinner in the oven and grabbed a quick shower before slipping one of Nathans business shirts on over my naked self and could finally relax for a few brief minutes.

Nathan arrived home right on time and sat down at the table but before I could even dish out his dinner that bloody doorbell rang again, I opened it to find the same kid standing there with the 20 in his hand.

Before I could even open my mouth he blurted out “is Nathan McDonald in please? And the chocolates were for you” then held out the 20 to me, It was my turn to stand there with my mouth open.

“Oh” I exclaimed “and who might you be?”

“Nathan Woods ma'am, I think Nathan McDonald is my father” and then dug in his pocket for an envelope to hand to Nathan who had just walked up beside me.

“This kid says your his father” I stated, it was Nathans turn to look shocked but I noticed not in a guilty way but more a surprised way.

Nathan ripped open the letter and quickly scanned it looking at young Nathan a couple of times in surprise as he read it, there was also a doctors note attached.

“I thing you had better come in and perhaps Olivia can find another plate for dinner” said Nathan handing me the letter.

“Whats in the letter?” asked young Nathan as he followed Nathan to the table.

“perhaps you better start off by telling me your story first?” quipped Nathan

“Mum said you left us in the lurch before I was born, then dad married mum but died in a car accident when I was 10 and Mum got cancer and died two weeks ago but I’ve been staying with my Aunt since mum got sick but my Aunt wants to go back to Africa and can’t take me with her so she sent me here to stay with you and you can call me Nate” blurted Young Nathan.

I handed the letter to “Nate” and served Nathan his dinner and placed mine before Nate before rustling up some leftovers for me.

Nate virtually inhaled his dinner and was finished and was now reading the letter before I even had a chance to sit down.

As he read, Nate kept glancing up at Nathan in surprise.

When he finished reading Nate put the letter to one side.

Nathan quietly ate his dinner then looked at Nate, then looked at me.

“I met your mum when I was in high school and she was my first girlfriend … we dated for a few years and everyone thought we would be getting married and having some kids, I finished school and got a job but your mum still had a year of school to go.

We were going to going to get engaged on her birthday and get married when she graduated.

I finished work early one day and scooted over to your mums but when I opened her bedroom door I saw her naked with her back towards me, there were two guys I recognised from your mums class naked on their backs on the bed, your mum was just getting off one guys cock and I could see the cum dripping out of her, she was laughing and then scooted across to the other guys erection and sat on it and started riding him.

She noticed the guys looking towards the door and looked around to see me just standing there in shock

I remember her look of confusion, her still humping him in stops and starts, her opening her mouth to say something but finding nothing to say, her looking beside me then looking back at me but unable to decide what to do.

I turned to go and only then noticed another guy sitting in a chair behind the door, naked, his semi soft cock covered in their fresh juices.

I quietly asked him how long they had been fucking her and he said about 2 months a couple of times a week

I turned back and looked at her, she looked stunned and was still humping him slowly as if her body didn’t know how to stop.

I closed the door behind me and left without another word.

I went to see my boss and told him what happened and he transferred me to another branch in another state and said I could stay at his sisters place until I finished my apprenticeship.

I then went home and packed a few clothes then told mum and dad that we had split up and I was leaving for another job and didn’t want anyone to know where I was but would ring them once a week to let them know how I was.

I have worked here for the last 14 years, had a few very short relationships as I just could not trust anyone because of your mum until I met Olivia 3 years ago and we married a year later.

I’m sorry if your mum was saying anything different about me but I never knew you existed until now.

That DNA letter says I am your father, I’m not sure where she got the DNA from but I’m sorry but I cannot believe anything she says.

Her letter says that she tried to find me but I had disappeared so she told one of her other classmates that he was the father so he would marry her, your “dad” had sex with her before she got with the others guys so he thought he was your father.

She got the DNA tests done after he died … I still don’t trust her.”

There was a few moments of silence all round as we all digested what Nathan had said.

Nathan had been very troubled when I met him and it took a long time of friendship before he trusted me enough to ask me out so I decided to jump right in and ward off any doubts.

“Sorry to hear about the awful details and the awful effects of what she did to you Nathan, perhaps all four of us should get DNA tests done again so you can be absolutely positive about things”

“my mum said he is my father and she wouldn’t lie to me” stated Nate as he gave me the evil eye.

“I think we owe it to Nathan to be 100 percent sure, even of Becky” I said

“I don’t need to test Becky” said Nathan “I trust you”

“After what you went through and what I saw of you before we got together I insist that there can never be the slightest tiny bit of doubt in your mind so to give me peace of mind that you know you can trust me I think it best we all get tested.” I said “I will organise it tomorrow”

Nathan then asked if Nate wanted to stay the night or go back to his Aunts but Nate said she had left already and his bag was out the front in the bushes so that decided that, she had just dumped him.

Becky woke so Nathan went and changed her while I did the dishes, Nate really must have hated what I said about the testing as he gave me lots of snide remarks and digs about pretty much everything I did until Nathan came back with Becky … this was not going to be easy.

Nathan went to do some checking and phone calls and Nate started on me again up until I needed to feed Becky, I undid a few buttons and bared a boob which stopped him in his tracks. File that one away for future reference.

As soon as Becky latched on my other boob started to leak so I bared it as well and held my hand under it to catch the milk then asked sweetly if Nate could grab a washcloth from the bathroom for me as I could see a tent forming in his pants and wanted to make things uncomfortable for him if he was going to make it uncomfortable for me.

When Nate returned with the cloth and a comment about the state of my bathroom his tent had gone down so I asked him “have you ever tried breast milk? You can have a taste if you like, Nathan often suckles a little bit to take the pressure off and help stop them leaking and lets me know what it tastes like as it changes with my diet”

I moved my hand away from my nipple and pushed up making the milk flow out and Nate’s tent reappear. As be bent over to hide it I said “quick, its making a mess” and guided his head to my nipple.

He didn’t have much of a choice but start sucking, he moaned and I saw with some satisfaction that a stain was spreading over the front of his pants. Lol. Winner!

The pressure was off so I said that’s enough and asked what it tasted like but he just stammered “I don’t know” and headed off to clean himself up before I saw it.

With him gone I swapped Becky to the other boob and grinned… I think I might have now gained the upper hand !

We made a temporary bed up for Nate on the Couch until we could sort things out.

The next few days were a bit of a nightmare with Nate constantly complaining about everything when Nathan was not around but went along with the DNA testing without complaint in front of Nathan but was sullen about it otherwise.

He really seemed to hate the fact that I had married his Father and not his Mother!

When at home my usual favourite attire was one of Nathans business shirts and nothing underneath so I went back to just wearing that around the house again, not sure if he actually got to see anything but he was often hiding the front of his pants

I went to do some washing and noticed most of his underwear was stained and had a sly grin to myself, then I noticed a pair of my panties was up near the top of the pile even though I had not been anywhere and hence not worn any for a few days.

I inspected them and found the gusset full of dried cum so had to soak them for a while before doing the washing.

The next time I went shopping I wore no underwear so that there would be no used panties for him to use but then found he had used a pair of my clean ones and carefully refolded them and put them back.

I put those in the laundry basket as I preferred him to use my used ones and not my clean ones. Yuk.

Nate kept coming up with new ways to annoy me, constantly vying for Nathans attention and trying to spoil any of our cuddles etc.

The couch was a little short for Nate but I delayed ordering a new bed out of spite even after the results came back that both Nate and Becky were Nathans biological children, If anything it made Nate worse as he gave us that ‘told you so’ smirk.

Nathen was quite surprised that Nate was his as she had slept with at least 4 other guys multiple times before he found out but now that he accepted it he was a lot warmer to Nate.

I kept up the flashing and the breast milk thing finding they definitely helped take his mind off annoying me.

I had several pair of white panties the same so I marked one pair and I kept putting the same pair back in the laundry hamper even though I had not worn them, at least it kept his mess confined to the same pair.

Nate and I had been holding off making love but I was feeling especially horny all day so we retired early to get up to some shenanigans.

I was riding Nathan hard and when he came he did it with a loud groan, I was pretty close and sat down hard while his cock was still stiff, I was thrumming my clit to get off when there was a loud knocking at the bedroom door … we were making a fair bit of noise so Nate had to know what we were doing and I think he was doing it on purpose.

Nathan called out to ask him what was the matter and he answered some gibberish about being alone and frightened and asked to come in. since I had to get up anyway I slipped one of Nathans business shirts on over my nude body and opened the door after Nathan put his boxers on.

Nate was standing there in his pyjama bottoms looking all sad and about to cry.

After some weeping and woe is me talk he asked if he could stay with Nathan and then when Nathan said yes ‘kindly’ said “If you want there is enough room for you too if I move over” with the faintest of smirks fully expecting me to sleep on the couch.

Stuff that!

Nate was laying on his back with his arms on top of the covers beside Nathan talking about his troubles so I ‘accidentally’ flashed him a couple of time until he created a tent and turned to his side away from Nathan to hide it then I said “scoot over so I can fit in” and turned the light off then slid in front of him and pushed back so he was spooning me.

My shirt had slid up a bit as I got in but I didn’t expect to feel his bare hardon touching my bare butt, I know he had his hands on top of the covers so guessed that when he stiffened it must have slipped through the slot in the front of his pyjamas.

He had one arm bent up with his hand under his head and the other arm was on top of the covers so I rolled back a bit and grabbed his hand and held it between my boobs, his hardon had slipped into my Bum crack but I just made out I didn’t notice it and said “you can cuddle me if it makes you feel better”

He was trapped, couldn’t do anything about his hardon without alerting me to its presence so I enjoyed my little bit of spite with a knowing grin … if I was going to be frustrated then so was he!!

My breathing settled into a slow deep rhythm as if I was asleep but I was aware of the throbbing of his shaft against me.

I didn’t want to take the chance of him slipping it in while I was asleep so I wormed my hand between my legs and slid a couple of fingers into me a little bit to block any unwanted entry, It was my prime time for getting pregnant and didn’t want it to be anyone but Nathans so wasn’t taking any chances.

The problem was I was still horny and my palm was putting pressure on my clit, there was two fingers in my hole, there was a stiff dick in my bum crack rubbing my bum hole and a hand between my boobs that wasn’t mine.

Nate’s dick was leaking precum and the aroma was really getting to me, my nipples were as hard as a rock and I accidentally wriggled a bit too much and my nipple was rubbing on the edge of his hand, I felt the faintest of thrusts, then again, then I felt the surge and heard the low stifled moan as Nate ejaculated into my bum crack with 4 or 5 large spurts.

Oops, now I was the only one still frustrated!!

The movement we both made had moved the tip of his cock to my bum hole and I like to be rubbed there so that wasn’t helping at all, he had not lost any of his hardness either, why couldn’t he be like Nathan and go soft as soon as he came. I was so close to cumming that I couldn’t help pulling my fingers out and rubbing my fingertips across my clit. A few minutes later he was still as hard as ever and I was so tempted to push back on his hardness as it felt so damn good ... then a small orgasm overtook me and I doubled over a bit and his cock slipped down to the entrance to my vagina.

Common sense forced its way into my consciousness after a few seconds as I realised the tip of his cock was at my entrance, I was wet, and one small thrust was all it would take for him to fuck me.

I sat up and turned to him shouting “what do you think your doing?” but that movement allowed a couple of inches of his cock to slide inside me and I heard him gasp then felt him spurt a couple of times before I managed to get it out and move away. OOPS!

In the meantime Nathan had woken and turned the light on to see me looking down at Nate shocked and Nate’s cock spurting out its last couple of spurts.

“what have you done?” … “not only have you raped me but I could get pregnant!” I exclaimed

“Get it out, get it out” I shouted frantically looking down at the cum dripping from my vagina and scooping it out with a finger.

Nate was looking back at Nathan, then at me, then back not knowing what to do when suddenly he dived between my legs and started sucking his cum out then slid two fingers inside me and curled his fingers and dragged them out over and over again.

What he didn’t know was he raking my G spot and was sucking my whole vagina sloppily including my clit and I had just gone through an interrupted but small orgasm and once my orgasms start it takes very little effort to cum again and again in a rolling wave of ecstasy.

I couldn’t help but moan loudly and shove his mouth against my clit, I looked at Nathan in despair knowing I was probably going to cum and not be able to stop it when I noticed a rapid movement of his hand and heard a faint “soooo hot” as he watched Nate scoop and suck repeatedly.

That was it for me and I squeeled, wrapped my legs around Nate’s head and had the biggest longest orgasm of my life while my husband jerked off all over the sheets!

The world swam back into focus after a good 30 seconds or so and I noticed Nate Squirming and struggling to breath so I unlocked my legs and let them splay wide open for all to see, I just didn’t care any more … it was too late and I didn’t have the energy to do anything about it.

Nathan crawled over to me and kissed me with more passion than I have ever felt before but I couldn’t return it, it was just stunned by the ferocity of that orgasm!

Nate started off looking worried then started staring down at my exposed pussy as it was really the first time he had ever seen one in such detail and I noticed his hand starting to stroke his hard cock absently.

Nate was looking very confused and worried so I said to him “Nate, I know you didn’t mean to rape me and it was probably my fault that I moved when it touched my vagina and that movement pushed it inside me but it shouldn’t have been there in the first place and I’m worried that I could get pregnant”

“I’m sorry too, when I saw your bits through the opening of your shirt I got hard and it poked through the opening but I couldn’t do anything without you noticing and then when you spooned me your shirt rode up and I could feel your bare bum then you moved a little bit and I came but it felt so good and was all slippery so it wouldn’t go down … I didn’t even know it was close to your hole until you pushed back on it and when you turned around to yell at me it slipped inside and I came again … I didn’t mean to honest”

I felt a little sorry for Nate and said softly “was that the first time for you, were you a virgin?”

Nate just nodded so I pulled him to me for a hug forgetting about his hardon.

Nate’s cock was sitting between my lips with its head resting against my clit and if Nathan hadn’t been there I probably would have lifted my legs back to angle my pussy up and slipped it in but he was there so I just squirmed a little letting it slide between my lips.

“he’s already done it so may as well do it properly” said Nathan with a voice thick with lust.

I was too satisfied to care one way or the other and just lay there with a stupid half grin on my face.

When I didn’t say no he nodded to Nate and said “go ahead”

Nate sat up in shock, looked back and forth between us both smiling at him before stripping his pyjamas off, kneeling between my legs and watching the head of his cock slowly slip in between my well lubricated lips and fully up inside me.

Nathan undid the buttons and exposed my breasts before telling Nate to “suck on that one” while Nathan sucked on the other one.

I hadn’t noticed earlier but the wet patches indicated they had been leaking for a while.

Nate had started slow and deep but now progressed to fast and deep and my orgasm started to rise to the occasion, I grabbed Nathan and pulled him up to kiss me with as much passion as he did earlier while his son started slamming his pelvis hard against mine.

I had one hand holding my husband head in a deep passionate kiss while the other hand pulled his sons butt forcing his cock deep into me while my legs locked around his thighs until I thundered into another massive orgasm.

I faintly noticed Nate pushing and holding his cock as deep as he could while unloading another string of huge spurts deep up inside me.

I hadn’t noticed until now that Nathan was stroking his cock again, it was very unusual for him as he usually only managed one erection and this was his third one.

As Nate slid off me Nathan jumped between my legs and slid full length in first shot then pounded me like a rag doll until my orgasm started heading my way again and my passions whipped me into a frenzy.

We were both going hard at it and had a mutual orgasm at exactly the same time for once.

“please, no more” I croaked

I was hot and struggled to get the shirt off then cuddled up to Nathans exhausted body, Nate spooned in behind me and pulled the sheet up over us all … Fuck me, Nate was hard again!

I don’t know if he fucked me again as I was sound asleep in mere seconds.

I woke with a pussy full of hard cock languidly sliding slowly in and out, Nathan was snoring and I was just letting it happen as it just felt so damn nice while I sorted my thoughts.

I opened my eyes and it was still dark, I felt Nate push a long way in and a couple of spurts later he was done but remained in me, I slipped into sleep again and the next time I felt that cock sliding in and out of me it was daylight.

I cant believe how many times that kid can cum … its just non stop!

As Nate started to speed up I said “no, just keep going slowly like that” as I was really quite content.

Nathan must be nearly ready to wake as he had his morning woody so as a bit of a surprise I slid my head down and took him in my mouth. Allowing Nate to get deeper inside me.

The dried cum on Nathans cock didn’t even put me off as I slowly swirled me tongue around the head while Nate ground his cock in me.

Nathan groaned and I felt him get harder as he woke up and saw what was happening.

He held my head and started fucking my mouth but I put my hand around his cock so it wouldn’t go too deep and forced him to slow down to match pace with Nate.

They were now stroking in and out at the same time and I was loving it being used as a fuck toy by my two men.

I was rapidly going beyond the feeling good stage and creeping up on an orgasm so I took Nathans cock out long enough to plead “fucking fuck me hard!”

Nate needed no encouragement and pounded into me hard for a few seconds before stopping to empty his load inside my well used pussy then continuing on as if nothing happened.

Nathan was pushing hard into my mouth just short of gagging me when I erupted in a mind blowing orgasm and must have let go of Nathans cock.

I didn’t notice he had pushed it into my throat and sent several spurts of cum down my throat.

That was a first for both Nathan and I.

As my awareness returned I was able to slip Nathans softening cock from my throat right before Nate exploded inside me again. Does that boy ever stop!

I kissed Nathan, “my first deep throat” I said with a grin.

I extricated myself from my boys and headed for the shower before they could get any more ideas.

As I washed the cum from my body with a huge smile I knew I was going to get a baby out of this … but which one!

Coyote HowardReport 

2022-08-05 12:56:48
Sorry, but the premise I just found so lacking. A guy gets cheated on, then explains to his(possible) biological son the graphic details of finding his mom banging 3 other guys?

THEN, because he's so traumatized earlier, he allows his teenaged son in bed with he and his wife, this same wife who for some reason is ine minute so devoted she'll get tests done and then later is breast feeding a teenager?

You could've taken a bit more time like, Nathan is away on business, Nate has a horrible nightmare, sees her like a mother figure and asks for comfort, she rolls over in her sleep, etc.

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