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The second and possibly last installment of the series, the couple learn the joy of pissing and being pissed on.
Beth and Jim Part II

It was almost noon before the couple stirred in bed. The sunlight streaming through the window found them contented, if somewhat tired. After kissing each other good morning, Jim brought his head down to her chest and idly played with her nipples.

“I have to tell you Beth, what we did in the bathroom yesterday really excited me. Hearing you peeing, I started imagining what it must look like. I hadn’t really thought about it before, but a woman peeing is so different from a guy. With us it’s so open, with women it seems like a special, secret thing.”

Beth turned on her side, draping her arm across his chest. “You’re right, we go into closed stalls, our legs are often together, we don’t even see what we’re doing, while you stand at urinals with your penis in your hand. I really don’t know why I wanted you to stay with me yesterday, other than I felt so comfortable with you. But when you started pissing, I found myself staring at you. The sound seemed so loud I couldn’t think about anything else, and I really wanted to see between your legs. I knew peeing gets some people excited, but I didn’t think I was one of them. If you don’t mind, I’d like to do it again, but this time I want to be able to watch you go”

“I feel the same way as you do, it was a surprise of a turn on.” Jim said kissing her. “We definitely have to do it again. But right now, I think we could use a shower, and then a bite to eat? We still have most of the weekend to be together.”

The bathroom was not large, it didn’t have a separate shower, but just a long tub with a curtain. Jim closed the door and stood behind Beth looking at their reflection in the mirror. He nuzzled her neck and let his hands roam over her body, one sliding up to caress her breasts, the other sliding down and twirling her pubic hair around a finger.

“You know Jim,” Beth suggested, “with both of us in the shower we could try peeing for each other again.”

They climbed into the tub and moved around awkwardly, trying to find a good position. Jim stood at end away from the taps. “I’ll sit here and you can stand over me and pee. That way I’ll get a good look, OK?” When Jim was seated Beth straddled his legs and bent her knees. Pulling the lips of her cunt wide she relaxed her bladder and started pissing. Jim could see her piss hole beneath her clit and watched fascinated as pee started flowing out and falling on his chest and stomach. Her stream looked a lot heavier than his when he peed, and had a dark yellow color. He stuck his hand into the flow and felt it pushing against his fingers, the stream breaking up causing drops to splatter onto his face and hair. His eyes smarted a bit and the smell of urine filled his nose. He stuck out his tongue and let the drops of pee fall on it, wanting to experience its taste. When her stream weakened as her bladder emptied, the last of her piss fell onto his fully erect dick, soaking his pubic hair and running down his crack.

“Wow, was that intense!” Jim said. “I could see everything, the pee was leaving your cunt in a bigger stream than mine comes out. The taste was really strong, I’m not sure if I could recommend it. But you know how your first piss in the morning smells a lot, but after you’ve been up for a while it’s not so bad? I think later in the day I could like it.

Beth helped Jim get to his feet and rubbed her hands across his wet chest. “That’s true, you do smell pretty ripe now, but I’m ok with it. Now it’s your turn to piss on me.” Beth took his cock in her hands and reached underneath to cup his balls. His dick sticking almost straight up between them, Jim was having a hard time getting his flow going. He closed his eyes and tilted his head back, willing himself to relax. Finally, the piss came, so slowly at first it just ran down his prick wet Beth’s hand, as his flow increased it travelled up her stomach and started hitting the underside of her tits and splashing onto both of them. Only then did Jim look down and was pleased to see the smile on Beth’s face as she rubbed the warm yellow pee over her body. Bringing her hand up to her face she first smelled her fingers then licked the tips one by one. Releasing his dick, she pulled their bodies together, his cock pressed between them, her cunt getting soaked as his piss ran down and mixed with the juices her pussy was dripping with. As his stream died away, she lifted her head and kissed him deeply and lovingly.

Beth broke away from their embrace gasping. “Oh my god, that was incredible!” She seemed to have trouble finding the right words. “I loved the feel of it, but I have to agree about the taste. We will definitely do this again.” Looking down at his still hard dick she told him “And I need to do something about that!” She knelt before him and rubbed a big handful of shampoo all over his cock and balls. One of her hands worked the skin back and forth over his hard shaft with a twisting motion, while the other tickled and gently fondled his sack. Jim tried to hold off, but the feeling was too intense. He quickly erupted, his seed splashing her tits, mixing with the piss he had just sprayed her with.

Jim had to catch his breath before he lifted her to her feet and kissed her. “Now it’s my turn to take care of you.” He turned her around and bent her at the waist, her legs opened. He pushed his hand between her legs, finding her slit three fingers were able to enter her easily. As he stimulated her pussy she braced against the wall and lowered her head to watch as he stimulated her cunt. Jim reached around her waist with his free hand to work on her clit while his other hand, wet with her juices backed out of her cunt, and after coating her asshole with the slippery liquid he slipped his thumb into her up to the knuckle. With two fingers circling on her clit, he brought his thumb and the fingers in her cunt together and gently shook his arm, vibrating the entire area between her legs. Gasping she threw her head back and came on his fingers with an intensity that forced the last piss out of her bladder. Jim only slowed down as she came but as her first orgasm died away he sped up again, quickly making her cum a second time, the intensity of her orgasm buckled her legs and Jim held her up as she recovered her senses.

Then they did take a shower, washing each other of all they had covered themselves with, and after drying off and dressing they headed to the kitchen for some much-appreciated food. Sipping on their coffees they talked about how they’d like to spend the afternoon. It was the second day of a three-day holiday and there were exhibits and shows in most of the town parks. After checking the web they decided to cruise a couple of art shows, and then catch an outdoor one act comedy put on by the local theater club.

The art was OK, nothing either of liked enough to buy, but the walking around together made it worthwhile. The play, on the other hand, was great. They rented a pair of low lawn chairs and took a spot close to the stage. Part of the play called for audience participation. Every time an actor asked a fellow cast member “Well are you happy now?”, the crowd yelled back “You bet your sweet ass I am!” Jim and Beth laughed themselves silly doing it.

The sun was setting when the play finished, and they cruised around a bit people watching. Jim asked “Beth you must be hungry, I know I am. How does a quiet restaurant, some wine, and some dancing sound?”

“Well, as good as that sounds, you know what I’d really like? Takeout Chinese, some beer, and a romantic movie at your place.” Jim was more than happy to go with that plan, so they phoned in the food order and drove to a convenience store for the beer.

Back at the house the first thing Beth wanted to do was get comfortable, her feet were tired and her clothes damp. Jim got her a set of his lightweight pajamas, with the legs and sleeves rolled up they worked fine and even managed to look sexy. Jim put on a fresh shirt and shorts to watch the movie in. They set out the food, put the beer in an ice bucket by the couch and snuggled up against each other. They decided to watch “French Kiss”, it was a romcom Jim actually enjoyed, and Beth hadn’t seen it yet.

The food was delicious, and they had been downing the beers pretty quickly. Halfway through the movie Beth started squirming. “Would you pause the movie?. I need to pee” she asked. Jim hit the button and looked at Beth. “I do too. And if you’re ready, I’d like to taste your piss again.”

Beth smiled back at Jim and took his hand. “I hoped you’d say that, but we better hurry, I don’t know how long I can hold it.”

Jim jumped up pulling Beth with him and they went into the kitchen, it was closer than the bathroom and the floor would be just as easy to clean.

In the kitchen Beth quickly untied her pants and stepped out of them but left the top on. With her hands on her hips she asked, “How do you want to do this?”

“Can you pee for just a second right into my mouth so I can taste it?” Jim replied while stripping down.

“I think so” Beth said spreading her legs. Jim knelt in front of her and gently separated the lips that were hiding her pee hole, leaning in he pressed his open mouth against her.

Beth tried to give just a short burst of piss, but it was harder to stop than she anticipated. Jim’s cheeks bulged out and piss ran down his chin before she was able to control it. Jim managed to swallow the rest of it but it made him cough a few times.

“I like the taste now, other than being sort of salty, it’s hard to describe. You can tell that it’s pee but is actually pleasant. Let’s go again, not too fast so I can get it all.”

When Beth felt Jim’s face firmly against her sex again, she relaxed and let her piss out in a slow stream. As his mouth filled Jim savored the taste and the feel of her pee flowing over his tongue, swallowing every few seconds. She seemed to have a large bladder, before she ran dry he had to pull away and let the rest splash over his face and hair.

Jim was beaming. “That was amazing! It’s so intimate, it was like receiving the most personal gift you could give me.”

Beth kissed him as he got to his feet, letting her tongue swirl around in his mouth. “I can taste it on you, it doesn’t seem bad at all. I’m ready for you to do me.” Beth got down and taking hold of his shaft she licked the head for a second before putting the tip of his cock in her mouth and closing her lips around it. When she looked up at him, Jim gave out a short squirt of pee that startled her as it hit the back of her throat, but her lips stayed tight around him while she took a few seconds to get used to the sensations in her mouth. When she looked up and nodded at him, Jim let go slow and easy. Beth reveled in the taste and the feel and the intimacy of the act. Swallowing, the warmth of his piss in her belly was stoking the fire in her groin. With eyes closed she rubbed her pussy as Jim continued to empty himself into her. It seemed like a long time before she let his dick slip out of her mouth, the last of his pee soaking the fabric over her tits. Jim was worried that it had been too much and asked if she felt OK.

Beth jumped up into his arms. “I actually feel like I could drink some more, but right now I am as horny as hell and I need to feel your dick inside me.

Jim bent her over the sink and parted her legs. After lining up his cock, he grabbed her hips and with one motion sank into her as deeply as he could, and Beth came with the first thrusts. Pounding her hard Jim leaned in, kissing the side of her neck, his hands on her tits smashing them together, pinching the nipples then pulling on them.

Beth’s breath was coming in great gasps as she started pushing into him, using her arms to thrust her ass backward, trying to get him even deeper inside as a second orgasm built strength inside her like a storm. Jim grabbed her waist and stood straight up, lifting her ass off the counter and increasing the power of his thrusts, pulling her hips hard into his with every stroke. Beth reached between her legs to feel his cock run over her fingers as he hammered in and out. Every nerve seemed to be connected to her cunt, waiting for the sexual dam to break and bring relief. When she sensed he was ready to cum she pressed hard on her clit, he buried himself and stayed that way as their orgasms started, her entire body was convulsing as he emptied his balls into her pussy.

End of part II.

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