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Hi ! New writer here, and this is my first story. Hope you will enjoy !
Hi. My name is Thomas and I'm going to tell you about the intense relationship I shared with my childhood friend Clara.

First of all, let me introduce myself. I am a young French man of 24 years old. I am blond, short hair and I have a small beard that I am quite proud of. I also have blue eyes. I am about 6 feet tall. I take good care of myself and I'm athletic, I'm pretty strong with some well-drawn abs. All in all, without wanting to be pretentious, I've always been successful with girls, although I haven't had many girlfriends because I stayed with each of them for a long time, and I was obviously faithful each time.

The beginning of the year 2020 was not easy for me. During the global lockdown, I broke up with my girlfriend, after three years of relationship. A lot of things hadn't been going right for a while, and living together ended up destroying us. I spent several months isolated, closed in on myself, and emptied my surroundings.

By the time summer came around, I was finally happy again. I had managed to turn over a new leaf, and I was ready to meet new people. But love and sex weren't goals for me: I just wanted to take life as it came, without worrying about it. And what better way to enjoy life without worrying than a week's holiday with my best friends?

I'm lucky enough to have some few friends that I've known since I was very young, and that I've managed to keep over the years. We are a close-knit group, and we stand the test of time. So, I proposed to them to go for a week, in August, to spend a week in a small village in Provence. The program included hiking, swimming in the local lakes, and lots of partying. Of course, those who were available accepted immediately!

Among those who answered the call, there is first of all Matt and Laura. They are the same age as me and have been madly in love since high school. They are inseparable. I love them and I have always gotten along with them perfectly, so I was super happy when they said yes.

Then there's Clara. Let me tell you about her. She's a little bit younger than me, she's 22 years old. Her parents are of Italian descent, and she inherited her mother's beautiful Italian attributes: brunette, long hair, green eyes with very lightly tanned skin. She is short (about 5’6” tall), slim, with perfectly rounded buttocks and small, perfectly round breasts. In fact, she's exactly the kind of girl that makes me fall in love.

During our teenage years, we saw each other about once or twice a year, but over extended periods of time (several weeks in a row during the big summer vacations) when all of our respective parents got together. So we spent all our days together, with Matt, Laura and the rest of our friends. Clara and I have always had a unique relationship. We both had a major crush on each other for years. However, having never been single at the same time, our relationship never went beyond friendship. But that's okay, because we became very good friends, and we were always very close without ever feeling any awkward ambiguity between us.

So, I was super happy to see that she would be there too. She told us that she would come with her new boyfriend, who she has been with for 6 months. Our other friends were not present, so it was a group of 5 people. I was a little embarrassed to tell them that I would come alone, since my girlfriend and I were separated. Clara sent me a message to ask me if I was ok, and I answered her that I was, that I had moved on. I also told her that I was looking forward to seeing her again and that I was curious to meet her boyfriend! Talking with her tonight by texts reminded me how much I liked her, and how much I was looking forward seeing her again.

Weeks passed and the big day arrived. We all met at the train station for the departure. I met Matt and Laura first, and gave them a warm hug. Then Clara arrived. She was beautiful. Dressed in a tight mini-short and a tank top that married the shape of her breasts, she was terribly, terribly sexy. But I pulled myself together, and went to hug her and say hello to her boyfriend, Jake.

Hours of travel passed, as we talked about our lives. Jake quickly became comfortable with us, and started telling jokes. The atmosphere was friendly, even though I thought Jake was a little too comfortable and confident with us. Sometimes my eyes wandered to Clara's cleavage, but fortunately for me, she didn't seem to notice. I realized that my new single situation was arousing my ardor, like the teenager I once was. I pushed these thoughts away and decided to simply enjoy the moment.

Finally, we arrived at the reservation: a small cozy house, a large terrace with a view of the forest, a large interior space and several bedrooms. I was even able to get a large room for myself, with a double bed although I won't be needing it at the moment... Once settled, we decided to go for a short hike in the forest.

During the walk, Jake was engaged in a heated discussion about soccer with Matt. Laura, being adventurous by nature, was farther ahead leading the group. Clara and I were walking in the back, talking about everything. Finally, she broached the subject first: "Do you want to talk about your separation?"

"No," I replied. "No need, I'm fine, don't worry. We didn't really love each other anymore, and the separation was the best solution. I've moved on, now I'm not bothered and I'm enjoying being single" I said with a smile.

She smiled back at me. "Good for you then."

"What about you? How are things with Jake? He seems nice."

She hesitated and answered, "He's fine. He's nice. I hope you’ll get along with him, he can be a jerk sometimes."

Although I wondered why Clara was dating such a guy, I preferred not to let on anything suspicious. I turned to her with a mocking smile, and I said, "It should be fine, we manage to bear you." It was true that Clara sometimes had a temper, and it was one more thing that made me fall for her back in the day.

"Stop it!" she said, laughing. She patted me on the shoulder, followed by a knowing smile. "I missed you," she said.

"I missed you too."

We smiled at each other and the hike ended quietly, then we headed back at the house.

That evening we had a party all together. Matt and Laura were big partiers, so they had brought several bottles of alcohol, and started serving drinks to celebrate. I don't drink much alcohol, so I took a drink and made it last all night.

The party was in full swing. Jake, obviously comfortable with us, was drunk and dancing with the other two who were also well intoxicated. In his excitement, Jake was spilling drinks on the floor and knocking things over in his path. He was talking loudly and making a spectacle of himself. Clara seemed ashamed and irritated by her boyfriend's behavior, and gave him cold looks. I decided not to say anything, not knowing how Clara would react.

After the party, Matt and Laura, who were sleeping in the upstairs bedroom, went upstairs to bed and fell asleep very quickly. As I walked back to my room, which was next to Clara and Jake's on the first floor, I heard them arguing. Clara was blaming Jake for his disrespectful behavior toward the furniture and his advanced state of inebriation. Jake accused Clara of being "uptight" and "not knowing how to have fun." She came out of the room crying as I walked by and she bumped into me.

"Are you okay?" I asked her. With wet eyes, she excused herself and went to lock herself in the bathroom to be alone. I decided to leave her alone, and when I saw Jake through the open door I said "not cool, man", who ignored my comment. I continued on my way and went to bed, deciding to comfort Clara the next day.

The next day we slept in, all tired from the night before. During lunch, Clara and Jake didn't say a word to each other. Matt suggested we go to a local soccer game that was going on in the afternoon. Laura, and especially Jake, were up for it. I, for one, declined.

"You know I don't really like soccer. I think I'll stay here and rest for tonight." Clara glanced at Jake, then back at Matt.

"I think I'll stay here and rest too."

In the afternoon, I decided to talk to Clara. So, I went to knock on her door. She was sitting on her bed, leaning against the wall, looking visibly upset and sad. I sat down beside her.

"Do you want to talk about it?"

"No," she replied. "He's an idiot."

I remained silent for a few seconds and finally answered.

"Yes, he is. He doesn't realize how lucky he is to be with you. Only an idiot would go watch soccer after making you cry."

She didn't answer, but she blushed slightly.

"Later I'll talk to him and he'll apologize to you. I'll make him understand that he must treat you as the exceptional girl you are, and take care of you."

She smiled shyly, "Thank you Thomas. I am lucky to have you."

"I know," I replied with a teasing smile. "I know how to cheer you up."

I put my hand on her hip and started to tickle her.

"Stop it! You know I'm sensitive to tickling! Ah! Ahahahahah!"

Tears of laughter came to her eyes. I stopped to let her breathe, and realized that I too was out of breath from tickling her. We caught our breaths. I looked at her and smiled, realizing once again how beautiful I thought she was. And, completely losing my mind, in an unexplained gesture, I kissed her.

Our lips met and pressed together several times in a row. I finally stopped, realizing what I had done. Why did I…? I shouldn’t have done that. She’s going to get mad at me, accuse me for trying to ruin her relationship with Jake… end up hating me!

She looked at me, with a confused look… then put her hand behind my head and pulled my mouth to hers again. It appears that she wanted it to happen as much as I did.

Our lips parted and our tongues met. They intertwined in a series of passionate, languid kisses. As we kissed, our hands caressed each other's bodies in different places. She broke the kiss and, in a whisper, while I was kissing her in the neck, breathed a sweet command to me.

"Make love to me Thomas..."

This is the moment when I should have stopped everything, told her it was a mistake, a passing impulse, that she would regret it, that we would both regret it. But instead, I told her something else.


At this point, I didn’t care about anyone or anything else. The most beautiful and charming girl I’ve ever known was asking me to make love to her. And I intended to indeed make love to her in the most passionate way. Jake could go fuck himself.

As we kissed, I took off her top and she took off mine. I unhooked her bra and uncovered her breasts. They were even more beautiful than anything I could have imagined. Small and bouncy; I grabbed one and brought it to my mouth. They were soft and firm. I had never tasted anything so sweet before. I began to suck and nibble on her breast, causing the first moans of pleasure, the first of many to come.

She ran her hands over my abs, then continued to move her hand down until she reached my boxers. She caressed my sex already stiffened, whose shape appeared through the fabric. She continued like this, and finally passed her hand under the garment to seize it. She began movements upwards, then downwards, at first slow, then accelerated. The sensation that she was giving to me was amazing. I had never felt as much pleasure with any other girl, and we were only beginning.

In my turn, I passed my hand in her panties and I began to caress her. Depilated, the sensation of softness on her skin was divine. Finally, seized of a sudden audacity, I put a finger, then two, and returned to him the pleasure which it procured to me by starting to finger her. With my thumb, I began to search delicately for her pearl of pleasure. When I finally found it, I started to caress it at the same time as I pushed my fingers in fast and powerful back and forth. The moans of pleasure I aroused in her turned me on really bad.

"Oh my… Thomas… It is so good…"

We stood face to face, giving each other pleasure. Our foreheads touched, our eyes pleading, and we each exhaled our pleasure in sighs and moans of ecstasy. We continued like this for several minutes, but I had to gently grab her hand to make her stop, because I was going to come before my time.

She lay down on her back, and pulled me to her. I came on top of her. We took off the last of our clothes, while kissing in passion again. With our naked bodies against each other, I realized I had no protection. She saw my distress and whispered to me that she was on the pill, before saying something else louder.

"I want you inside me."

I kissed her.

"I want you too."

I approached my sex, stiffened by the ineluctable desire to which I could not escape, and I began to penetrate her.

I began thus my comings and goings between her kidneys, at first slowly, then I accelerated. With my acceleration, her moans of pleasure intensified. She had her hands on my back, and clung desperately to them, digging her nails into my flesh, piercing it, as she gave in to the pleasure. My loins were getting stronger and stronger, causing us to cry out in pleasure to each other with each stroke.

I was losing my mind. No girl had ever given me such ecstasy, and making love had never felt so good! I felt that I would hardly hold longer. I wanted to warn her at all costs, but my words were lost in my muffled sighs of ecstasy.

"Clara... Oh... I'll soon..."

As an answer, she grabbed my buttock and pulled me towards her to prevent my exit.

"Come inside me..."

Without waiting for a 2nd warning, I gave everything I had in my last few strikes. I came, as we unified in a final cry of pleasure.

"Oooooh!!! Ah..."

Immediately after the ecstasy, my body collapsed on her. Exhausted, we remained thus, without moving, during several minutes to take our breaths. I finally withdrew and tilted to her side. She looked at me with a tender smile. I returned her smile and placed a last kiss on her lips. She was beautiful.

Then I realized what we had just done. Clara had just cheated on her boyfriend with me. And I was responsible for it. The weight of guilt came over me. As I looked at her, I saw in her eyes that she too was confused and troubled by the realization of the deception we had committed.


The sound of the front door opening was heard, followed by the voices of our friends.

In a panic, I threw on my clothes naked. Clara helped me pick them up and I fled to my room. As I ran to my room, I entered in it and closed the door just in time as the others came down the hall.

"Hey Thomas are you sleeping?"

"Ahem… Yes, I was… Just a second... I'll get dressed and join you."

I got dressed and then walked out of the room.

Clara was already dressed. Jake came to her and told her he had thought about what he said, and apologized for his behavior. She excused him, and they kissed, but Clara quickly broke off the kiss. She gave me an embarrassed look, and I felt guilty. I joined the others and we started to prepare the dinner, while Clara avoided my gaze...

To be continued...
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