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A memorable pool day for Malu and Pedro.

The House

7. Pool Day.

The following Saturday my father-in-law had taken the day off, so we spent the whole afternoon at the pool barbecuing, all with the family and some friends of my mother-in-law and Carola, my father-in-law, my brother-in-law and I were the only boys, so we felt lucky surrounded by so many women.

That day some of my mother-in-law's friends quickly noticed the bulge between my legs, with the wetness of the pool my shorts were sticking to me, clearly showing the fatty gland, which has been swollen for so much work lately, and these ladies were whispering to each other, I was playing with Malu and Mario in the pool and talking with my father-in-law, I don't know if it was because of the security that the father-in-law was present, then Malu would stick to me more than usual and hug me with total innocence, once I could notice how she intentionally rubbed her butt on my package and smiled innocently, luckily I had a conservative bathing suit because if not.... ..

At one point she was between the two of us while we were talking, she was hitting my sex rhythmically with her butt and in front of the father-in-law, then without him noticing, I grabbed her butt hard, she suddenly made as if to withdraw, but I had the other hand on her shoulder and I squeezed her with some force, I managed to get my hand under the fabric and gently caress the channel that separates them, I had to concentrate on the conversation with the father-in-law and on the drinks so that my erection would not become present and it worked. Other times it was hanging around my neck and she was the one with her hips slapping my butt. I was determined that I had to do something about it as soon as possible and I let her go after a few minutes.

Other times I was alone with Marito and Malu, then we spent it playing like a child, I took advantage and rubbed my body with Malu's accidentally, at no time my hands touched her unless it was really accidental, what was not accidental was the rubbing she gave me, Sometimes she would give me looks that if it wasn't for everyone around us (almost nothing, half the world) right there in the pool I would make her mine, I don't know if it was because of nerves or anxiety, but I was drinking more than I should stop before committing something crazy.

My wife was with Carola and some of her friends in a constant whisper, updating each other on "cases" of the region. Becoming conscious of the drink, I got out of the pool, if I continued she was not going to respond to me. I lay down on an extension chair and put on my dark glasses, lying there with my wet shorts my package was even more noticeable, I pretended to be asleep, but the truth is that I was glimpsing how many women there were that day in the pool, not only Malu but Carola and her friends, my mother-in-law, her friends and even my wife. I myself was surprised by such a rank and I knew that I had the libido to a million, like never before.

I could notice that Malu did not take her eyes off me, wherever I was she always glanced at me as if making sure I was still in the same place, my mother-in-law's friends looked at me a lot, Carola did not even see me, she and her friends were gossiping. At a certain moment my wife sat down with me and started complaining about my shorts, she doesn't like me wearing those New Balance shorts, she is aware of what I have, and she doesn't like me wearing them and says it looks vulgar, acting crazy I ignored her complaint and pretended to be asleep, she realized that I was talking to myself, she touched me asking my name, but I didn't answer, she clicked her teeth and stood up and went back to Carola and her friends.

An idea occurred to me, it was dangerous and far-fetched, but it could easily happen by accident, I had been drinking and was supposedly asleep, so I let my imagination fly with almost everyone there and my sex awakened. I saw how little by little a noticeable tent was rising in my shorts, it was at half mast as I could no longer because of the position my penis and the boxer I had on under my shorts, almost all those who had been watching me noticed the package, I even noticed my father-in-law laughing at ease and joking about it, so that Maru came immediately and woke me up sending me to sleep, she was upset and embarrassed, Carola's face was a poem of rage. I played crazy, half asleep and half drunk I went to my room leaving behind everyone in their continuous chatter.

In my room I looked out the window without letting myself be seen, just looking through the slit in the curtains towards the pool, I knew that Malu would come in at any moment, I felt it very strongly. She was constantly looking towards the door, where I had gone out to see if she was coming back. After about 15 minutes she came out, dried herself with a towel and went into the house, I kept looking at the pool to see if anyone else would come in, but they did not.

A few minutes later, I felt a noise in the staircase of the room, she had gone through her room and had taken off her bathing suit and had put on a very loose flannel and a light and soft cotton short, I told her to come in while looking at the pool, she came and stood next to me also looking over there, it was about 5 pm and almost everyone was in the pool except two friends of my mother-in-law.

I grabbed her hand and pulled her closer to me, then I let go of her and put my arm around her back and pushed her gently forward, she stood in front of me with her back to me and slowly moved to me without saying anything, I put my hands on her shoulders and began to caress her arms, she put her hands on my legs and also caressed them and moved backwards, until I felt the top of her butt in my tent, I pushed her back with my hands a little more and her head rested on my shoulder lying to one side.

My hands went down her arms and came down on her waist, there I squeezed gently on the sides feeling the bones of her hips, she gently rubbed against me, I lowered my head and very slowly kissed her on the neck she had uncovered, there I noticed that her breathing increased impressively and a vein on her neck clearly denoted the rapid pulsations.

One of my hands went boldly up over the fabric and rested directly on one of her breasts, when I squeezed the nipple her body shuddered and she gave a sigh so deep that ended in a moan, I raised my other hand and also began to caress the free breast, my kisses went up to her ear, there without prior I put my tongue, moving it slowly and making all her skin goose bumps and a shuddering movement in her body that did not go unnoticed by mine.

In a moment my mouth was on hers responding, she didn't move, just squeezing my legs supporting my body with her hands, I started to pull up the flannel until I could freely slip my hands underneath and caress her breasts, they had very hard nipples, those perfectly rounded small breasts were firm to my touch.

I bent down a little to eagerly rub my bulge over her ass and she also pressed back, she raised one of her hands and placed it on the back of my neck making more pressure in her mouth against mine.

At times I would break away and glance around the pool and take a quick inventory of personnel, no one was missing then I would go back to my thing, I would kiss her again with desperation, with passion and ardor, it was something that consumed me and burned inside, again the forbidden ignited me and then I became pyromaniac, I burned and enveloped in my flames an innocent creature that has desires to burn quickly.

My movements on her ass were like penetration and I ran my hard bulge along her channel, the soft fabrics that separated us made everything feel so good and without thinking I lowered my hands and slowly halfway down her legs I pulled down her shorts and then lowered mine.

When she felt the warmth of my sex between her legs and butt, with a new shudder she sighed heavily, nervous and/or frightened, she began to breathe rapidly, but did not move back and one of my hands went straight to the light hairy bush that adorned her triangle, it was a sparse vegetation of fine grasses, where an overflowing humidity adorned the main entrance.

She was breathing faster and I could notice in my other hand how the tense muscles of her abdomen and a slight shudder began to take over her body, as soon as I touched her burning button and gave her a caress, she came between choked moans and strong spasms, pressing her against my body because her legs were bent, I continued caressing her clitoris quickly to prolong her orgasm where she moaned pitifully in my mouth, her hands grabbed mine and I wanted to remove them from her sex but I did not let her.

My hand down there ran all over her channel dragging her wetness into the triangle and leaving it all soaking wet, I stroked her clit hard making her legs tremble and more spasms shook her body. Only when I felt her faint in her moans, I stopped and tightened my embrace so as not to let her fall.

For a moment I took my mouth off hers and looked at the pool, people were still there, and it was back to me. She was hanging on my neck and we had not changed position and it was affecting me to be bent forward to kiss her and rub my trunk between her butt, I motioned with the hand I had down to open her legs a little, she opened them without buts and I put my sex between them and began to pass it along hers, there in the attic I was not going to penetrate her that was clear, but I would go as far as possible.

After a while of spasms, sighs, moans and groans she almost collapsed in my arms in her new climax, she looked like a rag doll, her eyes were far away with a longing for more, but she could not articulate any words.

I separated a little from her and taking her by the shoulders I made her turn to face me, she instinctively took my sex in her hands, and the lessons she was taking on the sly were of some use, because she began to move her hands gently, with both hands and there was still a good piece left over, I approached her again looking at the eyes of slaughtered lamb that she had and kissed her again, she responded very well to my kisses, my hands took hold of her butt.

God! What hard round butt, before all this started I had never grabbed butt like that, to tell the truth before I remember only seeing them at the beach or pool with conservative bathing suits and so I even fantasized about them, Only the day she went to bathe was that I saw them completely naked, and after some touching the day of the wedding, the subsequent rubbing and the short strokes that sometimes gave them, until today in the pool and now they were between my fingers and my palms to the fullest, without haste enjoying every inch and every moment.

I really enjoyed caressing freely and wildly those free balloons of fabric, I looked back to the pool and everyone was still there, more people had arrived, some friends of Carola and a couple friends of Maru, it was already getting dark, it was about 6 o'clock, we did not even notice the time that had passed.

I painfully detached myself from her and took one of the armchairs from the furniture and placed it in front of me, I sat her facing me, and in front of her face my sex pointing at her in a threatening way, she looked me in the eyes and a slight and mischievous smile was drawn on her face.

I took her hands with mine and put it back on my shaft, she looked at it as I started stroking it again and didn't look at me anymore, she just kept getting closer seeing her hands full of my pre cum fluids, at some point she brought one of her hands to her face and I thought she would smell it, to my surprise she stuck out her tongue licked it all off leaving her hand dry, she switched hands and did the same operation, when she finished she slowly approached and looking me in the eyes she prepared to put the head in her mouth, my sex got harder than it already was and she gently started to move her tongue around the head as if it was an ice cream and placed it in her mouth which filled it almost completely. She did this with extreme gentleness and then began to suck on it.

Her lips are slightly fleshy and her mouth was small, so not much would fit, but her sucking got more and more intense as she watched my expressions. She had my sex gripped in both hands, I took one of her hands off and placed it on one of my butt for her to push herself and with the other I had her make her masturbate me.

From that point of view the image of an angelic face object of my darkest desires and looking at me while sucking and masturbating my sex, makes my erection start to hurt and reach the point of no return.

She was still masturbating me and now she was sucking me with eagerness and desperation, I didn't mind the pain she caused me sometimes with her teeth due to her inexperience, I was about to finish and I asked her if she wanted to take it, she looked at me somewhat doubtful, but nodded with enthusiasm and some fear, while she continued her work of sucking on the tip. I looked into the pool every so often checking to make sure everything was still in order.

I felt the rush of my boys and she opened her eyes wide when she felt the first spurt practically hit her throat, then she closed her eyes and her face was drawn in displeasure, but she pressed my body against her taking the tip of my sex to her throat and made a great effort to swallow them all at once without tasting it by holding her nose.

That orgasm was the glory for me, it was very intense and there were streams and streams, with each stream my legs bent and I almost ended up bent leaning on the arm rests of the furniture, I felt my face hot, she was still caressing me hard, the truth was that my head was hurting with the blowjobs she was still giving me, until it became unbearable and with subtlety I separated from her. Then I approached her, made her stand up and we kissed for a while, then I separated and looked out the window again and there was still the party down there, and I started the conversation:

-Did you like it?

-Yes," he nodded enthusiastically.

-Just yes?

-Well, I loved it, I thought we'd never get any further than the other times... hey, it's really hot.

-What's too hot? What do you feel?

-No... your liquid, that is, your sperm.

-Ahh, well yes, it gets even hotter because it's you.

-What do you mean, because it's me? Doesn't it get hot with Maru?

-No, if it gets hot, it's always hot, but I assure you that today it was hotter.


-Well, because it's you, and... Well, I couldn't wait to be with you like this either," I told him while I was sneaking glances at the window and counting the people in the pool. -You've made me really horny since the day I saw you walking into the bathroom naked.

-When was that?

-The day I came in with an erection and you were in the shower.

-Did you know I was there? -She said, opening her eyes like a pair of eggs and putting her hand to her mouth when she knew she was discovered.

-Yes, I had seen you just when you entered the shower, I was going to go up to my room, but something made me stop, I came back and everything you saw in the bathroom happened.

She looked at me red with grief without believing what she heard, but then she changed her face and told me.

-Ahh, no wonder, from that day on you were more... and you left the bedroom door open for me.... -She wanted to cover her mouth, but a smile of mine made her realize, "You knew I was spying on them before Sunday?

-Of course, that was the intention and I see you learned a lot.

She smiled nervously and with some pity. And I added:

-You know that no one can know about this, but absolutely no one, this has to stay between the two of us.

-Of course, silly, how do you expect me to tell anyone after this, I wouldn't be crazy to go there," both the answer and the way she said it filled me with great satisfaction.

-Do you want to continue beyond what we did just now?

-Yes, I want to, I see how Maru enjoys it and it makes me jealous.

She told me with a sparkle in her eyes that I approached and placing my hands on each side of her cheeks I kissed her again, after a long kiss, I told her:

-Well then go to bed and go to sleep, late at dawn when everyone is sleeping off the drunkenness I go to your room and we do whatever you want, I will try to do the same and so rested we enjoy better.

-Okay, but I'm afraid....

-Of what?

-I know that the first time hurts, some of my classmates have already told me that, and besides, your penis is very big.

-I understand you, but that's a pain that lasts for a few moments and it's only the first time, it has to happen sometime, right? Besides, you'll see that you won't regret it later, I'm going to treat you very well.


And this time she was the one who kissed me with enthusiasm, she pulled up her shorts that were half way up her legs and ran out with a smile on her mouth, I was really astonished, I didn't think things were going to work out so well and so fast, if I had planned it well, it wouldn't work out so well.

I put on my shorts and went down to the pool for a while to see how everything was, there were more people now, three friends of Carola and a friend had arrived, plus a couple of friends of mine and Maru and a couple of friends of the in-laws, the truth is I didn't even realize at what point the matter turned into almost a party, my father-in-law already had signs of a slight drunkenness when it was 9 o'clock, my wife was also very lively and with many drinks on her, I liked that.

My brother-in-law was still playing in the pool now with some of Carola's friends and she was also very lively and drunk, because she even told me to get in the pool, but I played crazy and did not pay attention to her, around 9:30 I felt out of place with Malu in my mind, so I went up to my room to sleep for a while.

But I really couldn't sleep, so at about half past 10 I heard a noise in the hallway, I looked up the stairs and it was Carola who had gone upstairs and entered her room, I went back to my bed and after about 15 minutes she came out of her room and went downstairs, I looked out the window and saw her leaving with her friends, leaving my in-laws and their friends and Maru with the couple who were friends of ours and Marito still hanging around the pool.

At about 2:00 a.m. they all left, I went down to the kitchen to see what the people in the house had done because I didn't hear them go upstairs, when I got downstairs, it was my turn with my mother-in-law to help my father-in-law upstairs, he was so drunk he could barely stand up and they were also almost in the same state, which made me work hard to get him upstairs, We put my father in law in his bed and I went downstairs to get Maru, the mother in law thanked me for sure they were not going to be able to take him up, I went out and stumbled with my wife, first to the bathroom in her room and then to the attic, once up in bed I took off her bathing suit and laid her on the bed practically naked and I went to bed with her.

After 5 minutes she was already snoring, 15 minutes later I left her well covered and well accompanied by the pillows, I went downstairs carefully and went out to the hallway, I went to the first floor of the house and checked that everything was okay, I went upstairs and entered Mario's room and he was sleeping peacefully, I put my ear to the door of the in-laws and what I heard were two snoring sounds, I went to Carola's room which was empty and I went to Malu's room, the door was closed but not locked, I opened it and carefully closed it again once inside.
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