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Gracie and Jenny pound each other stupid in the bath.
Gracie took Jenny by the hand and led her into her huge bathtub. Sunlight glinted into the room making amazing shadows with all the lit candles. The two girls met in the middle of the tub, covered with bubbles and softly kissed. Jenny's wet lips brushed against Gracie's plump lips. Her tongue circled her already dripping lips and as the kisses grew harder the two girls sank down to their knees and their soft wet bodies pressed hard against each other. Jenny's wet tongue slid between Gracie's juicy lips and their tongues tangled...licked...sucked -- lapped, soft moans echoed through the room. The floating flowers and candles rocked as the two sexy girls kisses got even harder.

Gracie pulled back for a second to reach back to one of the floating flowers. On it were another huge joint and a lighter. Gracie lit the joint and came forward to blow a sweet hit between Jenny's lips. Jenny took a huge hit and blew it between Gracie's own dripping lips and both girls moaned as they felt the effects of the weed flow down their sexy bodies. Jenny sucked on Gracies hot lips and kissed her way down her sexy body. Another hit...another smoke filled sissy tongue kiss. Moans...sighs. Both girls dunked their heads down below the bubbles and came up to share another hot wet dripping bubble filled french kiss. A huge hit and Jenny's shoulder strap slid down and exposed her soft shoulder..dripping, covered in bubbles but Gracie didn't care. Her lips licked and kissed her way down Jenny's soft shoulder and lapped at Jenny's heaving chest. 

Jenny's hands slid over Gracie's sexy shoulders and down her back. Her nails slowly slid across the soaked fabric down her back making Gracie moan loudly. Her fingers continued down and finally slid a sharp, filed painted nail inside Gracie's wet hole. "Uhhhh..", Gracie moaned as Jenny slid another finger, then another and finally four fingers sliding in and out of Gracie's slippery sissy pussy. Gracie's own wet fingers found Jenny's wet cunt and the girls finger fucked each other under the creamy bubbles. Their kisses grew harder -- desperate both girls needing to feel their soft gooey soapy juicy lips pressed so hard against each other. Both girls began leaking freely into the hot water. Gracie pulled back and licked her lips. She reached back again and pressed a button on the side of the tub. Immediately, jets from below began to pulse and the water bubbled even more. From beneath the water Gracie pulled up an enormous double dildo twice the size of the one the girls had used before...almost two feet in length!

Jenny turned and got on her hands and knees facing opposite of Gracie. Gracie likewise turned and got down on her hands and knees like the good little sissy slut she was. Their tight sissy asses were already wet slippery and ready. The huge dildo slid easily into both girls slippery sudsy holes. Both girls began to push back on that monster of a toy. After a few minutes Jenny felt Gracie's gorgeous ass press up against hers. Knowing both girls had a FOOT of that toy deep up their tight sissy cunts made Jenny's eyes roll back in her head. Pushing back even harder she felt the hot pink dildo sliding so easily in and out of their slippery holes. "FUCK MEEE Gracieeee" Jenny screamed. "Uhhhh fuck" was all the time Gracie had to moan before she unloaded a huge hot load of her girl spunk into the bubbling water below. Harder and even faster the two sexy sluts pounded each others slippery sloppy twats. Their tight little asses pounded against each other once again which made Jenny spew her creamy girl spunk into the water. 

Even harder the two sluts pushed back on that huge hot pink dildo. Screams filled the room and at the same time both girls collapsed under the roiling bubbles. Once again the girls shared a hot wet sloppy sudsy kiss, their tongues pushing hard. Jenny felts Gracies tongue circle her sweet lips making her moan like a wet whore (which, in fact she was).

"Ohhh Jenny!", Gracie squealed. "I know you're totally into this and as for myself, I'm not really sure, you go". With that Gracie stood up before Jenny and slid her thong aside. Before Jenny knew what was happening, a warm stream of Gracie's girly pee splashed onto her chest. Gracie slid her clit back and forth spraying every inch of Jenny's exposed creamy skin. Jenny leaned forward to catch a few drops on her dripping tongue. Jenny dunked her pee soaked body down under the bubbles and couldn't help but stroke her cocoa cock as the bubbles slid over her creamy body.

Jenny came up and pulled Gracie down to kiss her hard. "Ohhh fuck Gracie that was hotter than you know!" Jenny moaned lustfully and quickly spun Gracie around up against the tub wall with her sweet tight ass spread before her. There was no warning. Jenny slid her chocolate clit deep up Gracie's wet pussy. *BAM!! Gracies head hit the wall and water sloshed around their creamy bodies. "Ohh fuck..", Gracie whimpered as Jenny impaled her sissy cunt with her rock hard cocoa girl cock. *WHAP!! Again Gracie's head slammed against the wall with the strength of Jenny's thrusts. She spun...saw stars and again felt a need to just be pounded like the sissy whore she was for Jenny. "FUCK ME JENNEEEE!!!", and her eyes crossed.

Gracie, limp and dizzy felt her body being spun around again. Her eyes fluttered open to see Jenny stroking her chocolate cock in front of her. Gracie's mouth slid open as Jenny began to spurt ropes of cum into her waiting mouth. "Uhhhh...", Jenny moaned as eight, nine, TEN ropes shot into Gracie's wet mouth. Jenny slid down to kiss Gracie, moaning as cum oozed from one set of juicy lips to the other. Gracie's body was pressed hard up against Jenny's as the kiss snowballed into a creamy gooey sissy cum filled kiss with two tongues swapping a bigger and bigger load of Jenny's creamy spunk.

Most of the candles had gone out, flowers bubbles and water covered the bathroom floor. This time it was Jenny's turn to be spun around. Gracie pushed her face down and ass up and before Jenny's head came back up from the bubbles, gasping. Gracie had slid her girl cock all the way up inside Jenny's tight sissy cunt. Jenny screamed and came up sputtering as Gracie pushed her head down beneath the water and slid even deeper up inside her for good measure. Jenny came up sputtering and spitting and screamed once more as Gracie assaulted her tight pussy with no abandon. "HARDER!!!!", Jenny screamed and Gracie obliged. Gracie's rock hard clit pounded Jenny sending suds and bubbles over the side of the tub making Jenny wail. "GRACIEEEEE!!! Ohhh, Uhhhhhh FUCK!!" Gracie fucked Jenny even harder. "Uhhhh I am a dirty whore for you Gracie...FUCK ME LIKE ONE!!!" Gracie summoned a strength from deep down she didn't know she had. She fucked Jenny harder than she ever fucked anyone pushing Jenny's head down over and over again. 

Jenny's head came up from under the bubbles just as Gracie began shooting spurt after spurt of her sweet she spunk deep up inside Jenny's throbbing sissy pussy. Jenny whimpered,”Give me your babies Gracie...."

Gracie pulled Jenny back on to her lap as she saw she was about to almost pass out under the bubbles. She held Jenny tightly against her body as Jenny's own body shuddered from the absolute pounding Gracie had just given her. She bent down to softly kiss Jenny's sweet lips and slid her tongue in to gently touch Jenny's.

Jenny pulled back and brushed her hair back. "Sooo, I've one question for you...". The two girls stared at each other with love and lust in their eyes. "If I'm 'kitten' does that make you ‘kitty'...???".
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