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Jenny and Gracie get muddy and Gracie brings a hot toy into their adventures.
Gracie squealed as she landed face first in the mud, she looked up at Jenny with gobs of mud dripping from her head down over her face yet Jenny thought she still looked as sexy as ever. Jenny giggled and before she knew it Gracie spun a long sexy leg around and caught Jenny's leg from behind dropping her in the gooey mud as well. Mud covered both girls from head to toe yet neither of them cared as their lips met in a sloppy mud covered kiss. More mud covered their sexy bodies as they rolled around sharing hot sweet wet tongue kisses as the mud splattered everywhere.

Gracie spun Jenny around in the mud and this time Gracie simply ripped off Jenny's mud covered panties and slid her juicy mouth all the way down Jenny's already rock hard she cock and moaned loudly. Jenny took the hint and tore Gracies skimpy panties off completely and sunk her lips balls deep down Gracie's girl cock. Up and down the two sexy girls went on each others cocks mixing spit, drool and mud over each other. Soft moans, slurping sounds and splooshing of mud echoed through the night air. Gracie felt Jenny's wet tongue lapping at her soft balls at the same time stroking her incredibly hard she cock. At the same time Gracie licked the length of Jenny's rock hard girl cock leaving soft licks and kisses over her full balls anticipating another sweet load from them. More moans as both girls took each others cocks as deep as possible, licking sucking and slurping greedily.

Jenny only had time to moan, "Ohhh Gracie.." before Gracie felt Jenny's warm spurts of sweet cum spurt over her lips, mouth and tongue. As the first drops of Jenny's creamy spunk hit her tongue, Gracie could not help but unload a gooey load of jizz, filling Jenny's mouth with her own sweet load. Both girls sat up and shared yet another sweet gooey kiss with hot cum, spit and even a little mud mixed in the hot kiss. Both girls moaned loudly as the creamy mess slid between two sets of slimy gooey lips and each girl could tell neither of them wanted to stop this sloppy messy kiss.

Gracie finally pulled away with a long line of cum filled saliva spread from both their sloppy mouths. Gracie looked down at Jenny's mud, spit and cum covered sexy body and giggled. "You stay right there slut!", and jogged over to the hot tub. Jenny sat up and could see Gracie rummaging through a drawer at the edge of the tub. She pulled out something yet immediately hid it behind her back so Jenny could not see. Finally Gracie stood over Jenny and pulled out what she had been hiding. Jenny moaned as she saw the giant toy Gracie had brought back, an enormous double ended jelly dildo! Jenny felt herself leaking as Gracie took one end of that monster and began sucking it. Jenny did not need to be told twice as she went down on her hands and knees with her legs spread wide. Gracie let out another giggle slid the spit and mud covered toy into Jenny's already well lubed pussy. "Uhhh...", was all Jenny could moan as she felt the jelly dildo slide so easily into her quivering cunt. Gracie knelt in the same position facing the opposite of Jenny and slid the other end into her own gooey pussy.

Gracie moaned as the other end of that gigantic jelly dildo slid deep inside her. "Ohh Jenny!!" Both girls pushed back on the enormous toy and both girls moaned lustily as they felt their creamy asses slap against each other knowing each had that monster as deep as it could go into each others slimy holes. Back and forth the girls ground that giant fake cock into each others pussies. Jenny screamed "HARDER!!" and Gracie screamed back "FUCK ME JENNY!!" With each thrust their screams grew louder...faster...more intense as they fucked each other. Harder, faster and deeper the toy slid into their gooey pussies and the screams intensified. "JENNY!!" Gracie screamed. "Ohhhh GRACIE!!", Jenny responded as they fucked each other senseless with the giant toy sliding in and out of their holes. "Ohhh fuck!!" Gracie screamed "I'm COMING!!!" Gracies screams turned Jenny on even more than she thought possible. Jenny slammed back on the toy and once again felt their asses slapping as she matched Gracie's scream with one of her own, "I'M COMING!!" and erupted all over the creamy muddy mess the two girls left on the lawn.

Spent, the two girls collapsed on the sloppy ground, letting the double dildo slide out of their gooey pussies. They laid back face up on the mud occasionally squirming their bodies around in the mud mixed with the huge load of spunk. They finally rolled around and around in the sloppy mess letting mud and cum cover their still shivering bodies. The two giggled and rolled over to each other for one last lingering sloppy kiss. Gracie stood up and Jenny could see her legs still twitching from the pleasure. Jenny found the strength to stand and Gracie sprayed water from the hose over their covered bodies. Jenny pulled Gracie close and as the warm water dripped over their bodies they shared a soft sweet kiss under the water.

Gracie ran back into the house and came back with the not even half smoked joint from earlier. They both sat on the back steps to the kitchen sharing kisses between hits as they let the warm Southern California air dry them off. Once dry, Gracie took Jenny by the hand and led her back into the house, leading her upstairs to the Master bedroom. Gracie  pulled open the drawers and pulled out some sexy nighties. The two dressed and Gracie blew another hit between Jenny's juicy lips then whispered in her ear, "I'm ready for bed but not for sleep how about you..??"
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