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This is one of a series where I recall erotic encounters. It may appeal to some and appall others. I welcome positive commentary.
I pulled into the credit union parking lot and turned off the ignition. I was selling one of my project vehicles and needed a notary signature on some of the paperwork.

I got out of my Jeep and headed inside. The marine layer was still thick this morning, clinging onto that June Gloom mantra.

I stepped inside and was greeted by a young gentleman. I let him know I needed the services of a notary.

"No problem sir, our notary is with another customer at the moment. You can just have a seat here. Can I get you a bottle of water?" He asked.

I accepted and took a seat in one of the awkwardly uncomfortable chairs. He soon returned with the water as I blankly stared at the nearby television that was on a loop of information about auto loans, mortgage rates, and estate planning.

"Good morning, sir!" a voice said, interrupting my mindless gaze. I looked up to see a young brunette woman smiling down at me. "So I understand you need notary services today?"

I nodded affirmatively as I stood up.

"I'm Amanda and I'd be delighted to take care of you." she continued.

Her green eyes twinkled as they met mine. I couldn't quite judge her age. She was slim, and wearing a professional looking black skirt and jacket with a white blouse under it. The buttons of the blouse strained over an apparently decent set of breasts.

She noticed my gaze and I sensed her suddenly get nervous as she directed me into her office. "If you don't mind I will gladly take you --, I mean your D... oh gosh... your ID." she stammered.

I handed my driver's license to her with a smile. She stood up to make a photocopy of it. This gave me time to appreciate her slender legs perched upon her high-heeled shoes.

She turned back around and caught me looking.

I looked away, a bit embarrassed by being caught staring.

She didn't say anything as she jotted my information in her notary ledger and then stamped my paperwork.

Soon the process was complete and she handed my back my ID. As I took hold of it, our eyes locked.

She took a deep breath and glanced toward her office door, seemingly making sure it was closed. "Listen, you aren't the only guy who has checked me out. It happens daily. But, before you I haven't interested in the slightest. But, I see you are married. I mean... oh God, I'm sorry..." she stammered.

Did she just say she was interested? Should I tell her about my wife and I's arrangement? Would she suspect I was just making something up to get in her panties?

It had been a little while since I had added a new girl to the mix, and had actually been convinced that I didn't need to grow my list of playmates any further. But, there was something about this girl. Something told my behind that professional appearance, lurked something deep and hidden just urging to be set free.

So I went for it. I explained that my wife Katie and I had a live-in girlfriend and that we also had other playmates. I explained how Katie played with a *********** few of them but for the most part I played alone. Her jaw dropped as I told her all of this.

"Oh this is so tempting. But, I am a single mom so I am not sure how well this will work out...". Her voice trailed off as she paused for a moment before suggesting "Maybe, you can just come over to dinner or something and we can see where this goes?"

Her emerald eyes stared deep into mine as she bit her lip nervously. I felt my own heart racing and my blood rushing.

"Do you think next Tuesday would work?" I cautiously prodded as Tuesday was the day of the week where Katie let me play with my playmates.

"I will try to get a sitter" she agreed with a note of excited anticipation as I prepared to leave.

She handed me back my paperwork in a manila folder. I strategically held that over the bulge in my pants as I exited her office and the credit union.

When Tuesday arrived, I worked around the house. I could have went and played with one of my other playmates but refrained as I wanted to save my energy for Amanda.

In the late afternoon, I headed to the address that she had texted to me. It was a chic loft-style apartment on the top floor of a building in La Jolla.

When Amanda opened the door, she looked different from our first meeting. Gone was the formal business attire, and instead she wore a simple white t-shirt and very short peach colored shorts. She smiled nervously as she invited me in. The apartment was industrial in design and open. It was decorated with modern furnishings with clean lines. A sleeping area with a large king bed was separated from the living area by several tall house plants. A singular door led to what I guessed was the bathroom.

I noticed a girl -- presumably Amanda's daughter playing with a Nintendo Switch on the couch.

Amanda followed my eyes and quietly said "Yeah, I couldn't find a sitter, so you get to meet my daughter already. Hopefully that doesn't freak you out." She turned to her daughter, "This is Hailey. Hailey, this is..." she paused, seemingly not knowing what label to refer me to.

Hailey dropped the Switch on the couch and hopped up. She was a spitting scale image of her mother. She immediately wrapped her arms around me in a hug. "Mom can't stop talking about you, about how you are going..."

"Hailey, hush!" Amanda admonished her daughter.

Soon, the three of us sat down enjoy the dinner that Amanda had cooked. It turned out that she had excellent culinary skills.

After dinner, we cuddled up on the couch to watch a movie on Netflix. Amanda sat in the middle. She nervously glanced up at me and squeezed my hand. She repeated this several times throughout the movie. Something seemed to be nagging at her mind.

After the movie ended, Amanda told Hailey to go get ready for bed. As soon as Hailey disappeared into the bathroom, Amanda turned to me and planted a moist kiss on my lips. She gently flicked her tongue across my lips. She paused. "I want you to stay tonight but you have to promise that this isn't a one time thing."

I recalled that there was only one king bed, and spoke up "But what about Hailey?"

"Just promise me!" she reiterated.

"I promise. But ..."

She climbed onto my lap as she cut me off by kissing me again. My hands gently cupped her ass, finding it nice and toned, just moments before she pushed my hands away. "Not yet!" she whispered reluctantly. I was confused but figured I would let her lead the way.

Soon Hailey emerged from the bathroom, wrapped in a towel. She plopped down on the couch next to me as she brushed her hair while Amanda took her turn in the bathroom.

"So you are staying here?" Hailey asked curiously.

"Yes, your mom asked me to. Is that okay with you?"

Hailey nodded excitedly, before changing the subject back to the movie we had just watched.

In just a few minutes Amanda also emerged from the bathroom in a short robe that showed off her slim legs.

I brushed my teeth and took a shower before slipping into some clean boxers and an undershirt.

I stepped out of the bathroom to find that Amanda and Hailey had turned out all the lights except the sofa end table lamp. It shed filtered light upon the bed and I saw the two of them cuddled deep under the covers. Giggling and whispering filled the air.

"Come here, we left you a spot in the middle!" Hailey called.

They clung to the covers but pulled it back enough for me to awkwardly climb in.

Amanda immediately pulled her face to mine and kissed me. Our tongues danced as she seemingly wasn't phased by her daughter watching intently.

Almost instantly she was pulling my undershirt over my head. "Mmmm, God you are so manly!" she said excitedly as her hands slid through my chest hair. She gently ran her hand back and forth. Then I noticed it working downwards slowly until she abruptly plunged her hand under my waistband. I heard Hailey gasp as she watched her mother pull my quickly stiffening cock from my boxers.

"Oh damn!" Amanda whispered. "... too thick."

I then noticed that the blankets had slipped off Amanda and realized that she was nude. I realized suddenly what had been hiding behind Amanda's sparkling green eyes.

But before I had a chance to process it further. Amanda sat up, giving me my first view of her naked breasts. They were likely a full C cup and very firm. Her rosey pink nipples were extremely erect. She brushed her hair back as she smiled at her daughter. "Watch carefully baby!"

Amanda licked gently from my balls up to the tip. She swirled her tongue around it as Hailey watched. Amanda then gently stroked the length before taking the now swollen length deep in her mouth. She sucked slowly and gently as she looked up at me lovingly.

My brain was having trouble processing all of this. Amanda was giving me amazing oral right in front of her own daughter!

She took my cock from her mouth and stroked it vigorously. "Yeah, you like that?" she asked rhetorically before taking my shaft back in her mouth and sucking me erotically.

Hailey suddenly let her covers drop as she eagerly crawled to her mother's side. I was happy to find that she too was nude. I knew her mother must have planned this, but how had Amanda known of my proclivities?

Amanda withdrew my cock from her mouth as her saliva dripped on her chin. She pointed it towards her daughter and watched as Hailey took it gingerly in her hand. I let out a loud moan as I felt Hailey's tongue nervously slide along my shaft. She did her best to emulate what she had just watched her mother do.

Amanda smiled. "You aren't stopping her?"

She watched as her young daughter ran her tongue slowly over the head of my cock. I had all I could do not to cum right then.

"This isn't the first time, is it?" Amanda asked excitedly as Hailey cautiously sucked on the tip.

She didn't wait for me to answer. She didn't need to, she knew it by the look in my eyes. She turned to her daughter. "That's it... suck on your daddy's big thick dick."

I brushed Hailey's hair back and watched her sucking my throbbing manhood.

It stretched her young mouth as she sucked. The sight was erotic and obscene. After a few moments she pulled my cock out. She gasped with relief as she began to stroke it.

"That's it baby, stroke it! Stroke your daddy's cock!" Amanda instructed as she shifted and squirmed.

She then leaned over and kissed her daughter's cheek. "Baby sit up, show daddy your body!"

Hailey complied, not only giving me a view of her small breasts, but also of her bare pussy.

Amanda looked at me mischievously before then crawling over in between her daughter's legs.

Hailey let out a gasp of surprise as she felt the unfamiliar sensation of her mother's tongue on her. "Mom! Oh that feels good..." her voice trailed off as she stroked my cock dutifully.

"Oh, fuck Hailey. You are a quick learner. You are you about to make daddy cum!" I groaned.

Hailey looked confused, "What does that mean?"

Amanda pulled her mouth away from her daughter's young slit. "Keep stroking it baby, oh God... fuck this is so naughty. Stroke your daddy! " she instructed.

Hailey squeezed tighter and stroked harder. I felt my cum surge from down deep and watched it shoot from the tip and hit her right in the stomach.

Amanda opened her mouth and grabbed my shaft from her daughter's hand. She let the next squirt splatter her face before taking my cock into her mouth to suck out more.

"Mom, what was that?" Hailey asked naively.

"Mmmm his hot cum! My baby girl made her daddy cum!". Amanda responded. She then noticed that the thick glob of cum I had blasted on Hailey's stomach was dripping down, over her pelvis, and into the folds of her pussy.

"Oh baby careful, his cum is on your pussy!" she said.

Hailey looked down at the mess. She then reached down and rubbed her fingers through the slickness. She pushed it deep between the folds.

Amanda worriedly looked at me. "Oh my God, I'm sorry. She didn't know but oh my goodness... Hailey, daddy's cum shouldn't go in there. You are going to get pregnant!"

"It's okay. I am snipped. She can't get pregnant accidentally." I told her.

"Oh thank goodness! I would love for us to all make babies, but am not sure how I would explain Hailey's pregnancy to people!" Amanda said with relief.

I bravely reached out and touched Hailey's tight slit. I pushed my fingers against her dampness. I felt the slipperiness of my cum on her.

I knew I shouldn't do this, but Hailey and her mother had initiated this depravity. Plus, this was hardly the first time I had crossed this line.

"You did a very good job! But, I think we should take things further." I told her. Hailey giggled shyly as she watched my fingers gently touch her.

"Ohhh, ok you really are my dream man... " Amanda said quietly.

"Why is that?" I queried.

"Because you are obviously a well, you know..., and I love that. I guess I am now one too. I think it should be legal. I think incest should be legal too! Why do other people choose who we get to love?" Amanda said with conviction.

"I agree mom, I know people would say I am too young. But I did a good job sucking him, he even said so!" Hailey piped up.

"Do you want to learn how to fuck him?" Amanda asked her daughter.

"I want you to teach me everything!"

Amanda climbed on top of me. I caught my first glimpse of her pussy and it appeared to have a small rectangular patch of brunette hair above it. My now flaccid dick, still wet from their sucking was pressed against her toned stomach. She leaned forward to kiss me and I felt her stiff nipples pressed hard into my chest. "Do you want this? Are you sure?" she asked pensively I nodded yes and her mouth closed on mine. Our tongues danced and I felt the blood rushing back to my shaft.

Amanda paused. "This can't be one time. I am about to give you the most important thing I have."

I kissed her gently. "I wasn't planning on growing my family any more, but I want you both to be all mine."

She kissed me more agressively now. Hailey watched intently.

Amanda finally broke away, gasping for air. She sat up and reached down to grasp my cock. She raised her hips and positioned me at the opening to her pussy. Hailey watched with amazement as her mother slowly slid down on it. "Fuck! You really are too thick... " she said wincing.

"Does it hurt, mom?" Hailey asked nervously.

"A bit. Your daddy is very thick. I don't know if it will even fit in you!" Amanda said disappointedly.

She soon had fully engulfed my cock with my pussy. I must admit it felt amazing. She slowly slid upwards, coating the length of my member with her juices.

"Ohhh fuck..." she moaned.

She began to slide up and down a bit more assuredly. She leaned forward and kissed me again. She looked into my eyes. "I can't believe we are doing this. I am so happy."

"Me too..." I replied before kissing her again.

Amanda looked at me longingly. "Don't freak out, and don't feel like you have to say it in return... but, I am in love with you."

I smiled. "I told you, I want you both to me all mine. I love you!"

"Mmmmm, you promise? I like that you are married and your wife let's you fuck me. But will she know about Hailey?" she asked as she continued to slowly but steadily gyrate on my cock.

"Yes, she knows everything. That's why she lets me play. She likes hearing about out what happens and she loves the crazier it gets. It also is an outlet for some of the crazier things we don't do at home."

I grasped her firm, toned ass in my hands and squeezed gently. She continued to ride at a nice and steady pace.

"Mmmm, so you aren't going this crazy at home?" Amanda asked.

"Definitely not! We both agree that the crazy sex is just reserved for my playmates." I told her truthfully.

"Well I am glad to be your playmate!" Amanda said excitedly before pausing. "Do you really love me?"


"I need to be honest with you. I never even tried to find a sitter. I couldn't stop thinking about you after you came in for the signatures. I felt that there was something between us. I needed to take a chance and when you agreed to stay the night -- even with Hailey here -- I knew I was right!" Amanda confessed.

She turned to her daughter, "Hailey, I am sorry I was talking and not giving you any tips, but it is your turn now."

Amanda slid slowly off my cock, leaving it slick with her wetness. She motioned for her daughter to straddle me and Hailey obediently complied.

"Go ahead raise up, and I will guide it in." Amanda instructed.

Hailey raised up and her mother positioned my cock against that young virgin slit. Hailey knowingly pushed against me and instantly winced as the tip began to enter her. Her outer labia spread revealing her petal pink pussy.

"Relax baby, it is so thick ... being tense is only going to make it worse." Amanda said calmly.

I carefully grasped Hailey's petite hips and pulled her towards me. My cock's head slipped past her opening but she cried out in discomfort.

Amanda kissed me. "It is okay, you own her. You are her daddy. Take her! Take her with that thick cock!"

With tears in her eyes Hailey nodded submissively. "Please daddy! Please make me yours."

With that urging I pulled on her hips. She cried out as my throbbing cock stretched her abnormally and slowly disappeared inside her.

"All the way, daddy!" she said as she choked back her tears. "I want you to put it as deep as you did in mom!"

I noted that Amanda was apparently very turned on by the scene. She was vigorously rubbing her own wet clit with excitement.

I pulled harder, burying myself to the balls in Hailey's newly deflowered pussy.

"Oh God, oh fuck this so hot! You really did it! Now I want to watch you fuck her. Fuck her hard! Claim her as your own!" Amanda said breathlessly as she continued to pleasure her own tightness.

I looked at the young pussy I had just invaded. It was stretched around me. I lifted Hailey slowly to reveal my cock before yanking her hips towards me. I began to repeat this over and over. Hailey whimpered but her mother moaned as she watched her fantasy come true.

"Mmmm Hailey, what do you think of your daddy's thick cock?" Amanda asked.

"It is too big for little me..." Hailey answered "... but daddy, I love you!"

I pulled her to me and I kissed her. She awkwardly returned the kiss. I then rolled her onto her back. She looked up at me surprised by the sudden move. I began to thrust into her young slit, my precum coating her pussy walls.

"Oh yes, baby... fuck our daughter. You make me so wet." Amanda moaned out erotically.

I fucked harder as Hailey clung to me. Her young vise-like vagina was spasming. "Ohhh mom, I feel all weird ... " she gasped.

The spasms rippled across the surface of my cock. I couldn't take it anymore. I came hard and deep inside her. I felt several blasts erupt into her cunt.

"I feel it! I feel it mom! He squirted that stuff inside me! It feels so good!" she squealed excitedly.

Amanda enviously watched her daughter's back arch with pleasure.

I slowed my thrusts and then pulled away from Hailey's small frame. My cock slipped from her swollen pussy. As it exited, my cum gushed forth between her lips.

Amanda immediately grabbed hold of my cock. "Come on sexy, while it is still hard... shove it up in me."

I felt that I was fully spent, but I was not about to deny the desires of this incredibly sexy woman. I mean, she had just gifted me her daughter for my pleasure.

I climbed onto her and slid back into her incredible pussy. She wrapped her toned legs around my waist and pulled me deep. She was already extremely wet and I knew she was about to cum.

"You really are my dream. I can't believe we actually, really, really did that. I mean it's one thing to let her watch, but you actually fucked her. You fucked my -- our -- daughter!" she whispered excitedly.

She was panting heavily and moaning and mewing with pleasure as my shaft worked in and out of her slippery tunnel.

Hailey slid closer to us. She leaned in and kissed her mother. But it was an erotic kiss. I saw her tongue slip inside, but Amanda did not resist. I felt Amanda's body quiver with excitement. Hailey rubbed her body against the side of her mother. Her budding boobs and small nipples rubbed against her mother's firm ones.

Amanda's moans grew louder and more frequent and her tightness became more slick.

I continued to thrust as Hailey broke free from the kiss. She placed her small hand in the center of my chest and pushed me back to watch my thickness plowing into her mother's womb. She then lowered her head and began to gently run her tongue over her mother's right areola.

Amanda squealed excitedly. Her daughter wasn't done though. Hailey brought the erect nipple into her mouth and sucked hard. Amanda's body shook, she screamed out in pleasure, and her pelvic muscles convulsed. I felt the heat of her orgasm wash over my cock.

"Yessss! Oh fuck... fuck yeah, yessss!" Amanda moaned loudly as she quaked with a lasting climax. Every convulsion squeezed tightly on the base of my cock as I thrust.

She looked up at me as I grunted loudly. "No way, are you going to cum again? Yes, do it... cum baby!"

I answered with a loud groan as I came yet again. It was a much smaller amount of cum due to my two previous ejaculations, but it still felt amazing.

Amanda squeezed her legs tightly around me. She grabbed both sides of my head and pulled me to her. Our tongues danced as we enjoyed the feeling of post-coital bliss.

When we finally broke our kiss, Hailey immediately moved in to kiss me. We took our turn kissing each other as the blood flow to my penis slowed.

I gently pulled out and lay down next to Amanda.

"Hailey, you know you can never tell anyone about what we do." she warned.

"I know mom! I'm not dumb. I know you would get in trouble, and I will never ever ever tell on my daddy." Hailey replied.

"But people will tell you it is wrong for men to touch girls your age ..."

"I don't care. It isn't wrong. I want to do it!" Hailey retorted, cutting off her mother mid-sentence.

Amanda pulled her daughter close and kissed her gently. "I love you!"

Hailey smiled, "I know. But you will have to prove it to me every night! I liked when you licked between my legs."

"Oh sweetie, I loved tasting you..."

Amanda smiled at me. "... and you too sir. You taste amazing."

"Well good, because you two are definitely on my regular fuck schedule now." I replied confidently.

"That reminds me, how many girls are you fucking regularly?"

Her jaw dropped when I answered. "...and some are... well, are any as young... like her?"

"Well, most are barely legal, or have IDs that say they are, and others are in their twenties or thirties. But yes, a couple young like Hailey." I told her truthfully.

"That is crazy your wife let's you do that. I mean I am obviously glad that she does -- but she must trust your vasectomy."

"Actually, we did sperm aspiration before so I have intentionally gotten several girls pregnant." I replied.

"Oh fuck, are you serious?"

"Yeah, we did the procedure initially to get her pregnant as I had a vasectomy after my first wife and I had my older daughter. About a year after my wife passed away unexpectedly, I had ended up meeting my current wife. We got married and it wasn't long before she wanted to have a baby. We had aspiration done and the sperm sequenced to give her a baby girl. It worked on the first try. My wife then came up with the idea of me sharing my sperm with other girls. So yes, I also have gotten others pregnant too."

"Wow!" Amanda gasped as Hailey sat quietly listening. "We're any of the girls you got pregnant... young?"

I paused, thinking of whether I wanted to tell her. I had just witnessed her licking her own daughter's pussy and we had all just had sex. So I knew she had few inhibitions... but what would she think?

"... well, yes. A while back I met this college girl, went to her place to hook up and she begged me to fuck her younger sister. She was I think the second underage girl I had ever fucked. They were a lot of fun. Then I fucked their aunt and while we were going at it, the girl and her sister came in and forcefully joined the fun. It was all craziness from them on. They ended up taking in this girl who had been abandoned by her drug addict mother. It wasn't long before I fucked her. I got the sisters and that girl pregnant. They wanted to get pregnant purely to breed a new generation of fuck toys. In several years, I will fuck all three of their offspring."

Amanda started to say something but Hailey interjected... "Wait! You got those girls pregnant. That means their kids... they are your daughters. You really are going to do that??? So it isn't just a fantasy?"

"That makes me wet. That is so fucking hot!" Amanda sighed.

"I wish you were really my daddy!" Hailey complained. "I would still let you do everything with me!"

"Fuck, now you BOTH are making me horny again!" Amanda groaned.

I pulled her close. I could feel the heat from her body. She ground her crotch against my hip and left a trail of wetness in her wake.

I rolled her on her back. "Hailey come here, you can help me." I instructed.

Hailey eagerly crawled closer. I lowered my head and gently kissed over one of Amanda's firm breasts. Hailey knowingly joined me and began sucking on the nipple of the other one.

Amanda clawed at the light gray sateen sheets and moaned loudly as we enjoyed pleasuring her.

My tongue worked slow circles around her areola. I then pulled her stiff nipple into my mouth and firmly sucked on it.

Hailey slowly kissed over Amanda's underboob and soon continued kissing downwards and I had a feeling where she was headed. I moved aside but didn't let the nipple slip from my mouth.

Hailey made her way between her mother's legs. I paused to watch her flick her tongue against Amanda's clit.

Amanda shrieked with elation and clung to me as I watched Hailey's tongue slide between her mother's pink labia.

Hailey obviously had no experience at doing this, but she seemed to instinctively know what she should do. She alternated between teasing her mother's swollen clit and then plunging her tongue deep into that incredible pussy.

"Oh yes, Hailey baby. Fuck... fuck... FUCK" Amanda cursed loudly as her daughter kept constant with her cunnilingus. She let go of me and grabbed her daughter's head in both hands. She writhed her hips and ground her crotch against Hailey's hungry mouth.

I gazed at the amazing sight before me. Amanda's incredibly fit body was glistening with sweat. Her young daughter's form was perched at the end of the bed, with her little butt in the air.

My gaze was interrupted by a loud moan that surely was heard throughout the neighborhood. Amanda was quickly careening over the edge to a powerful orgasm. Her body shook, her eyes closed, her hands clenched in Hailey's hair. She moaned and yelled "Yes, oh fuck yes, yes baby"

This illicit display had my cock raging again, but I did not interfere. I wanted them to enjoy the mother and daughter moment.

As Amanda climaxed, Hailey pulled away and climbed up on top of her. She kissed her mother fully on the mouth.

Amanda's hands caressed her daughter's soft skin causing Hailey to giggle. "Mom, I don't know as we will ever get a full night of sleep again. This is so much fun!"

Amanda blushed. "I think you are right. I know we should get sleep because you have school in the morning, and I have work. But ..." she said, looking in my direction.

Hailey looked over and her eyes immediately latched onto my fully engorged penis.

We definitely weren't getting any sleep tonight.

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