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Warning. Sexual interactions with step-daughters can be fun in stories and fantasies. In real life it is entirely different. It is often causing trauma and pain. Seek help from a professional if needed.
Almost a week has passed without any noticeable event. My stepdaughter Nadine’s aircon is down. That’s why she’s been temporarily sharing my bed with her mom Katia and me. I’m still thinking about the night when Katia was so unusually turned on. It’s not like her. We’ve been having intimacy issues for some time now. But suddenly Katia’s libido seems to have returned. She initiated sex with me. Subtly at first, but then it seemed like she got carried away. Albeit under the sheets, her movements became noticeable – and her daughter Nadine was just lying next to us. There are so many conflicting thoughts spinning around in my head! I don’t know what to make of Katia’s behaviour. I can’t read her. Somehow I even suspect that she and her daughter are closer than I think. But can that really be? Or is it just in my head? And does Katia know about Nadine and me? I’m an emotional mess.

It's bedtime and I’m making my way to my airconed bedroom. Nadine and Katia are already sitting on my bed, cuddling and watching something on a phone screen. I’m lying down on my side of the bed, Nadine in the middle and Katia on the other side. Lights off. I’m lying on my back. Suddenly I’m overcome with worry. Is anything going to happen today? Will Nadine make an advance? What will Katia do? I’m trying to calm down. Trying to breathe normally. Some time passes. Nothing happens. Both of them are sleeping silently next to me. I’m kind of relieved. The last few weeks have been too much excitement for me. I should be glad I’m getting a break. I’m falling asleep.

I’m having pleasant dreams. Sexually charged. Nadine is in it. Katia too. I’m turned on. I’m feeling so much bliss. My nerves along on my dick seem to constantly fire, shooting pleasure through my body. I’m feeling a tingling sensation from my tip, through my shaft, all the way to my butt hole. So intense! I’m feeling so much! Hang on! What is this? Is there light? I can’t see! Suddenly I’m awake. Opening my eyes. It’s morning. I’m looking straight into Nadine’s dark eyes. Her face is so close to me. How beautiful she looks in the faint morning light! I’m feeling something on my dick, on my asshole. What is this? I’m looking down the bedsheets. I can see slight movements in my crotch area. It’s Nadine! She’s playing with my dick and my asshole. How long has she been doing this? Is that why I had such pleasant dreams? I’m looking over to her mom’s side. Katia is sleeping on her back. Eyes closed. I’m still terrified that she might notice. And I’m already so close to cumming! Nadine moves her face closer to me and gives me a kiss. How soft her lips are! How warm! Her tongue! Entering my lips. My tongue sliding against hers. We’re playing with each other’s lips. So sensual!

I’m feeling Nadine move closer to me. She’s brushing my dick against her pussy. Oh my god! She’s already wet! She’s putting her arm on the small of my back and pushes her pussy against my hardness. I’m sliding in so easily! She keeps kissing me. I’m realizing I’m way too close to cumming! She starts griding against me. I’m in heaven! How long can I hold on? I’m feeling some movement on the mattress. It’s Katia. Oh no! Is she waking up? Will she catch us in the act? Her eyes are still closed! Good. I’m seeing the sheets move on Katia’s side. Is she spreading her legs under the sheets? Do I see the blanket move in her crotch area? Is she masturbating? There! Is Katia moving her legs again? Is her hand pushing against the blanket rhythmically? Her mouth is opening. Eyes still closed. Is she moaning softly?

This is all too much for me. Just the kinkiness of the thought that Katia may be playing with herself while I’m having sex with her daughter next to her, pushes me over the line. I am cumming prematurely inside Nadine. Nadine keeps thrusting as if disappointed by the sudden end of our pleasure and eventually rolls on her back. I’m dozing off. I’m waking up again. Nadine is turned away from me, facing Katia. Their faces are so close to each other. What on earth are they doing? Are they kissing? Is there movement under the blanket? Did Nadine turn to her mother to get sexual satisfaction? Because I came too early and she’s sexually frustrated? Are they fingering each other? It can’t be! I’m feeling like I’m losing my mind. The uncertainty is killing me. I’m propping myself up on the bed. I have to do something. “Morning!” I’m saying. The movements on the other side of the bed stop. Nadine is rolling on her back, stretching her arms. “Mmmh. Morning.” Is she frowning slightly? Does she look upset because I interrupted her and Katia? “Morning” Katia says. She doesn’t look too happy either.

“I’m gonna take a shower” Nadine suddenly announces. She’s out of the bed off to the ensuite bathroom. She doesn’t close the bathroom door properly. I can see her slipping out of her nightdress. Entering the shower naked. The shower is modern, no wall on one side. My view of her gorgeous young body is uninterrupted. I’m realizing that I’m staring at Nadine. Will Katia notice that I’m staring at her daughter? I can’t help myself but to look at Katia. As I turn my head I’m noticing that Katia is staring at Nadine as well. She was trying to hide it by looking away as soon as she saw the movement of my head. But I’m sure I noticed her stare from the corner of my eyes. Or did I?

“Mom, can you give me a hand with my back? You don’t have a back scrubber in this shower.” Nadine yells from the shower. I can’t believe Nadine is requesting this! What will Katia do? I’m staring at Katia. “Sure darling” Katia is off into the shower too. No hesitation. She doesn’t bother closing the door properly either. She’s taking off her top and shorts and joins her daughter naked in the shower, rubbing her back. After a few brief moments Nadine turns, facing her mom. Suddenly Katia is widening her stance, spreading her legs a little. Nadine is doing the same. I can’t see their hands clearly anymore. Am I seeing a hand showing between Katia’s legs? Is it her own? Is she just washing herself? Or is it Nadine’s? The shower is slowly steaming up. I’m losing my mind. I want to know. Is there really something going on between them? I don’t care if I interrupt them. Even if they get mad at me, I don’t care. I just want to get some kind of reaction from them, which may give me more clarity.

I’m knocking on the half open bathroom door. “Girls, do you mind if I brush my teeth while you are showering?” I’m holding my breath. What will their response be? “Sure come in” Katia replies. I’m breathing out. I’m shivering slightly with anticipation. I’m switching the ceiling exhaust fan on to remove more steam and pretend to fiddle with the towels on the door. I want to get the best view possible. I’m turning around. Nadine is now facing me frontally. I’m getting a perfect view of her stunning young petite body. Her tan! Her hourglass figure! Her sizeable perky breasts. She’s standing there with her legs slightly spread. Her mom is behind her, still scrubbing her back. Katia’s face is hidden behind Nadine’s body. Sometimes Katia is casually moving her hands forward. They’re appearing on Nadine’s waist, on her shoulders, underneath her breasts. Brushing her breasts a little. Now above her breasts. Now on her breasts, on her nipples, just for the briefest moment. Briefly between her legs. On her thighs. Did I just see them again between her legs? I’m mesmerized by this scene. It’s so hot! I can’t believe I’m witnessing this. My dick is already hard and pushing against my briefs.

Nadine is taking the removable showerhead which has a hose connected to it. She’s washing the body shampoo off her breasts, her belly and her legs. Now she’s directing the shower stream closer to her pussy. Circling movements. She’s looking straight into my eyes. Her mouth is half open. She’s moving the head closer to her clit. She’s closing her eyes. She’s breathing more heavily. Oh my goodness! Is she really masturbating while her mom is washing her back? I can’t take my eyes off this scene! She’s moving the showerhead between her legs, straight onto her pussy lips. And back up onto her clit. She’s increasing the distance a little, then bringing it closer. Rhythmically. Now she’s bringing it so close to her clit! Is she rubbing her clit with the head? Will her mom notice? Her eyes look distant now. I know that look. She’s close to cumming! She’s closing her eyes, throwing her head back, mouth wide open. Her legs are slightly shivering as she’s pressing her pussy against the shower head. She’s closing her legs. Her mom is still washing her all over her body. I’m seeing Katia’s hands again briefly on Nadine’s breasts. The bliss in Nadine’s face! I’m so fortunate to witness this. Her orgasm keeps going and going until she takes a deep breath and points the showerhead down to the floor. Oh my goodness! Did Katia notice?

As Nadine is about to turn around to her mom I’m taking a few steps forward towards the sink. It’s right next to the shower. I’m separated from the girls by a glass shower wall. I’m starting to brush my teeth. Wow, what a scene I just witnessed! Incredible! This is so Nadine. Always thrill-seeking. Cumming while her mother was washing her! I can’t believe it. It’s so wrong and so hot at the same time. She never stops putting on a show for me. Even after all this time. “Mom, do you want a back scrub as well?” “Yes please!” I’m peeking over to the shower just next to me but the wall has misted up from the other side. Damn! The shower has a low brick wall on the inside, about knee high with a ledge. You can sit on it and there are some shower products on it. Suddenly I’m seeing a foot being planted on it. It’s hard to see through the fogged-up glass. Who’s leg is it? Once in a while, ever so briefly, a splash of water hits the glass wall and I’m getting a peek at the girls in the shower. It’s Katia’s leg on the ledge! Why does she put her leg there? She’s facing the wall and Nadine is behind her, scrubbing her back. I can’t see the removable shower head. Katia must be holding it. The glass is fogging up again. Do I hear some faint moaning through the splashing sound of the water? Or is this just in my head? I’m getting frustrated. Again I can’t see what’s going on and I’m starting to lose my mind.

As I’m about to turn around to make my way to the wall-less entry of the shower, to get an uninterrupted view, a forearm appears, pushed flat against the glass. Now the arm is making a big half circle, like a windscreen wiper, clearing the foggy glass for a few moments. My heart is almost stopping. I’m freezing. My mouth is half open, toothbrush inside. Some toothpaste is slowly dripping out of it. I’m getting an uninterrupted view of what’s going on in the shower! And it’s the most inappropriate and at the same time hottest thing I’ve seen in my life. The reason why Katia has put one leg on the ledge, is to make her pussy easily accessible. Her legs are spread. She’s pointing the stream of the shower head straight onto her clit! Nadine stands behind her, hugging her, squeezing her breasts with one arm. Nadine’s head rests on her mom’s back. Nadine’s other hand is on her mother’s pussy, rubbing her pussy lips! So fast! So intense! Now she’s entering her with two fingers, in and out, in and out. Oh my god! Now back to rubbing her mother’s pussy lips. Katia’s eyes are closed, her head is thrown back and her mouth is wide open. She’s clinching her butt cheeks and thrusts her hips forward and backward against the water stream of the showerhead. Nadine keeps playing with her breasts and fingers her mother’s opening now with two fingers. So fast! In and out! In and out! Suddenly a shiver runs through Katia’s whole body! She orgasms on her daughter’s fingers! Katia’s facial expression is so blissful! She looks as if she’d just arrived in heaven! Her chest raises and falls abruptly, spasming. Nadine turns her head towards me, a mixed expression of lust and cheekiness on her face. She has cleared the view for me at just the right moment! My step-family is driving me crazy!

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