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She woke up and looked around. She was lying in the VIP cabin, still in pain and still naked. She climbed under the covers and held on to the pillow like it was a teddy. Her mind was going over where she was and what was happening to her. Last thing she remembered was going to a job interview. Next thing she remembers was being slapped awake on a boat.

There was a large towel on the side table with a note on telling her to wash herself. There was so much pain happening on different parts of her body. Her one AA breast was swollen purple and enlarged in pain. Her wrists and ankles were burning and red from being bound. Her pussy was on another level, she couldn't determine what was hurting more. Was it her pussy walls inside, was it her cervix that was bruised from the pounding, was it her pussy lips that was stretched to accommodate that just under 6" girth? Her pussy lips were still apart from each other.

All over her body her pink skin had red spots as a result of the slapping and spanking. She had difficulty standing properly because the soles of her feet were burning from being hit repeatedly. There was a strange taste in her mouth that she could taste it everywhere, she could even taste it on her breath. She didn't know it at all but it didn't taste very good, in fact it tasted very horrible. She was passed out on the aft deck when he used his cum seeping from her pussy to stick his finger in her ass then coat the whole inside of her mouth with the combination.

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She made her way to the ensuite head to take a long and hot shower in the rain shower. She washed everything best she could from hair to toes. The hot water was stingning her skin where the bruises were but she still wanted the hot water running over her. Once she was cleaned up she brushed her teeth then towel dried her hair before brushing it it out. She then settled herself on the queen sized bed and put the TV on. She found a movie about a some kiddie dance group then fell asleep watching it.

When she woke up she saw him lying in bed next to her. She saw the movie wasn't done yet so she couldn't have been asleep for too long. He told her to relax a bit, he got up and brought her something to eat, there was clearly too much food for her to eat but he told her to eat and drink as much as she could. He stayed in the room and watched her until she couldn't eat anymore. He asked her again if she had enough and she confirmed. He then cleared the room and left her there with an instruction to ensure the room was spotless when he returned.

She cleaned the room then went to back to bed and fell asleep again. She woke up to being positioned on the bed by him. She was on her back with her feet flat and her knees up. This exposed her to him, he wanted to eat her out again to see what she tastes like now that she no longer a virgin. He took a good look and noticed her lips are still parted. He then started smelling her pussy to breath in the new aroma of her used pussy. This time is smelled more musky than before, not tangy anymore. He then stuck his tongue out to give her, she didn't taste as freshly tangy and very sweet flavour he enjoyed the last time he licked her. This time she was more salty and bitter with mild sour lurking in the background ending in a musky flavour that wasn't yet at the point of a more well used pussy but certainly wasn't the fresh taste that got him so hard before.

Her stomach was full and bloated. Some of the food made its way through her bowel system and was aboat ready to be expelled. Her bladder was also full and ready to be relieved. She tried to obtain permission to use the head but he didn't want her to move. He wanted to eat her out but realised an opportunity for something else. He was going to do something to her that would be near torture. He told her if she farted or if he suspectes a drop of pee he would hit her with a leather strap. Then he placed a leather strap on the bed next to her as reminder of his promise.

He got two of his fingers on his left hand good and wet with his spit then started finger fucking her pussy with vigor. He rubbed her clit with his thumb, while using his other hand to put pressure on her bladder. She was squirming in agony. She didn't know if she was more affected by him finger fucking her pussy while rubbing her clit or trying to avoid peeing while he put pressure on her bladder. He was finger fucking her and spitting on her pussy to proved more lubrication while he introduced a third finger inside of her. At the same time, with the other hand, he pressed on her bladder and toyed with her little, surprisingly brown, anus.

Her tummy was full, bloated and she needed to poop and pee but he refused her to relieve herself while he had his fingers moving in and out of her pussy. He then lubed up the middle finger on his right hand with spit and shoved into her ass. The feeling of being so full and being violated by three huge fingers in her pussy still painfully tender from her deflowering and the simultaneous anal assualt by one think and long finger...... Oh wait no, it now two fingers - was all just too much for her. She didn't want to be whipped with the belt but she couldn't keep her bodily waste in anymore. With each thrust of his fingers into her she hoped the next would be the last so that she could go.

He had no intention of stopping. Spitting on her pussy and her asshole ensuring a well lubricated finger fucking was happening. He had already purposed in his intentions that he was going to stop only after she gave him a reason to keep that promise of using that leather strap. He kept the finger attack strong. He was even sure he could feel the shit in her ass with his two fingers as he kept going at it. She was squirming and bucking her hips as if she was reaching orgasm but in truth she was trying not to allow herself to pee or even fart. She was biting on her teeth, clenching the sheets in her fists and moving her hips to avoid the inevitable but her body betrayed her.

She screamed out with a deafening screech as she couldn't hold on anymore, her whole body just went limp and pee flowed out of her like a waterfall after heavy rain. She didn't know her body could even hold that much pee. She couldn't even stop it once it started flowing. It went all over him, his hand, his arm, his chest and all the while he kept pumping his three fingers in and out of her pussy. Now with even more aggression. He shoved his middle finger all the way up her ass and kind of locked it in place while he ravaged her pussy with his other hand, through her peeing. When the peeing stopped, he stopped.

He then picked her up and carried her up to the main deck. He tossed her overboard, the last part of his body to touch her's was his finger up her ass. As she flew through the air she slipped off his finger allowing the gap needed for her shit to come flying out as she landed in the freezing water. She went down and didn't come up for a while. He just stood there and watched, waiting her to surface. After what seemed like forever but really was less than a minute, she breached and took a deep breath. He told her to swim to the beach club and climb up. She sat on the beach club shivering in the dark. He shouted down, when she's ready she can come in to shower.

She climbed up to the main deck and before she entered the salon he told her to grab the cleaning gear he took out and instructed her to clean all the piss up before she cleaned herself. That's exactly what she did. He sat in the salon drinking beers thinking of what he had just done to her. Giggling to himself, the thought crossed his mind that he'd need to make sure that ass of her's was cleaned out properly but chose to do it in the morning while the sun was shining.

Oh shit, it snapped into his head that he still had a promise to keep. He gave her a little longer to clean up while he drank a few more beers then went down to the VIP cabin. She was almost done cleaning up her piss as he sat on the bed and watched her, his hand on the leather strap, and waited for her to be done. She was still busy standing up as he grabbed the belt and blindly struck her with it. He hit her a few times, not concerned at all about where he hit her. Welts appeared on her flesh with each blow. She tried blocking the blows but he just kept hitting.

She was wailing in pain and fear. She thought he was about to hit her to death but after probably 30 blows to her body he stopped and told her she has 20 minutes to get herself as clean as she could before he'd come back down. Fearful of what he'd do to her she got herself cleaned up and placed herself on the bed waiting for whatever her fate would allow him to do to her next.

He came down with an ice cold bottle of sauvignon blanc and gave it to her. He made her drink straight from the bottle until the bottle was empty. It took her just under 5 minutes to reach the end. Once done he took the bottle from her and left the room locking her inside. She passed out drunk and that's where he left her until after he had breakfast the next morning.
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