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After returning home from military school/army training, I go visit an old school friend.
About 5-years ago, I returned home from a stint in the military. At the time I was barely nineteen, with a rock-hard body. I was given the option to join the military or do a stint in prison, so I enlisted. At nineteen I had minimal sex experience, other than the barracks paid hooker and teenage tomfoolery with friends. I never left the country but did the daily boot-camp style of training for it.

The day after returning, I decided to visit an old school friend. It was for the first time I had seen him since I was given my choice to enlist or do time. What I remembered of the day, was it was a hot spring, so I wore a tank-top, board shorts, and runners.

We sat watching sports on TV in his basement bedroom, with music in the background. That’s when I noticed, his taste in music had changed. Zane was into rock music and grunge, when I left but now, he was playing all this new-age pop music garbage. After a couple of beers, I drowned it out, as it wasn’t on that loud.

His mom poked her head in, to say she was off to work. Zane saw her off and locked his door.

After a few hours later, of chilling out and drinking beer, I needed to pee. When I returned, he was smoking a joint and there was porn on his TV. He passed me the joint and I sat back down. After closer observation, I that it was bisexual porn, everyone was sucking cocks or eating pussy. He passes me the joint again and smoke, but was curious, as to why we are watching this porn crap for.

After several minutes of passing the joint around, and watching two dudes sucking each other off, while the chick finger fucked one of their assholes, I felt uncomfortably horny. I grew a hard-on and tried in vain to hide it from Zane, but my cock was tenting my boardies. What shocked me was Zane was rubbing his crotch and looking at mine.

“I see you like the movie,” he said smugly. When we were in 9th grade, we used to do all sorts of stuff together in the woods, like getting naked and swimming and then some, but nothing as risky as what’s on the TV now. Then I got in trouble with the law and went away for two years. With two years of discipline, two years of pent-up frustration, and two years of doing what you’re told, life has changed us. We were both almost twenty now and not in 9th grade anymore.

“I’m not into this shit, I think I better go,” was my response. Then he ripped his top off and dropped his shorts, and out popped his hard-on. I sat there glaring at his cock wobbling, staring at me, and making us both burst out laughing.

He walked off still naked and changed the video.

“Come on, I haven’t seen you in two years, what could be the harm,”
he pleaded. I thought we were only going to have a wank off to porn. So, I took my T-shirt off and released my cock from my boardies.

I sat back on his couch fondling my balls, as the video started playing. He sat right next to me and lit a fresh joint and passed it to me.

Two men started kissing on the video, as I let out the smoke from my lungs. It was strong stuff, and my eyes rolled slightly to the back of my head. I had a massive headrush. By the time the joint was passed back to me, my head was buzzing, and I felt so horny and didn’t click that Zane had put on gay porn. I was also a little drowsy and I keep hearing him say “relax.”

Then out of nowhere, he grabbed my cock, but was powerless to stop him after my third smoke. I was too out-of-it to intervene. All I could do was move my head forward slightly and then fell back to the headrest of the couch, feeling drowsy. For the next few minutes, he jerked my cock, then he started to lick it.

“I give in, you win,” I mumbled as I floated in ecstasy. He sucked my cock for a good 10-minutes before something start to enter my ass. He had wriggled a hand underneath me and tried to enter my ass with a finger. I move to a side so he could, then began finger fucking my ass while his mouth worked on my cock. He had 2-3 fingers inside me, bringing tiny moans out of me. Once I blew my load, he swallowed it.

“I’m going to fuck you, so relax,” he whispered. I felt like saying “no” but didn’t. He rolled me over onto my stomach and bent me over it. I complied. My cock was like a running nose in spring. That’s when I felt the head of his cock trying to push into my ass. He was about 6-inches long but as thick as mine, it was then I smelt something from a small bottle shoved under my nose.

“Breath, just breath,” he kept pushing his cock deeper into my ass. I was fighting with myself, as I wanted to break free and thump him but part of me found the special attention too hard to fight my feelings. Two years of discipline gave in to one afternoon of recklessness. Within five minutes, he had broken through my resistance and was jamming in and out of my ass.

As I was on my chest with my legs spread apart, I felt aroused. It hit me like nothing before, that I felt like some dam chick getting bred. Thinking this made me even hornier. Each time his cock went deep, my cock would twitch.

“Dam it feels good, dam it feels so good,” I started moaning while he grunted and groaned into me.

“Oh God, oh my god,” I said moaning. Zane fucked me harder and harder, making me moan even more. Zane fucked me and made me feel like I was floating, his arms clinging onto my hips and thumping his cock deep inside me.

“You’re loving it aren’t you?” Zane asked, I was starting to moan more. Although a part of me felt ashamed, another part of me loved it.

“Oh god, yes I like it,”
I said moaning. Suddenly the dam burst, and I was cumming like a river. He kept fucking me hard, and with that my cock jolted out another couple of squirts out. I felt embarrassed and strange, that my cock let go without anyone rubbing it.

Zane kept pounding in and out of me, as I collapsed on the couch, mumbling, and moaning. Soon I felt another sensation deep inside my ass, Zane was now cumming too. He kept pounding until he slowed before his cock spewed a large load inside my ass. Load after load went in, my body had yielded to him long before he pumped his seed into me.

Zane lay on top of me with his cock still wedged in my ass when he leaned forwards and ruffled my hair before kissing and tonguing my neck. He kept grinding into my ass ever so slowly.

“You ok, Tez, you’ve gone quiet,” He asked, I simply nodded.

“Wow, your ass was born to be fucked Terry, it’s still draining my cock,” Zane said. He was right, no matter how hard I try to deny it, he thoroughly broke me. I felt ashamed, ecstasy, and disgusted, that a friend had just broken my manhood.

More was to come. I had yielded my ass to him, as I lay pondering my thoughts with a man’s cum inside my stomach. As his cock grew limp inside my asshole, his cum seeped out from it. When he did pull out his cock, cum ran out from it and down my balls.

We relaxed a while watching gay porn on the TV, as we smoked some more weed. Then Zane made me taste his cock in my mouth one more time until I had sucked my ass from it.

All night we smoked weed and he fucked me another two times and I had to clean his cock with my tongue, before sucking him off another three times. Gay porn was not taboo for me anymore.

Zane was happy I had visited. I went home showered and told my parents nothing. Part of me loved it, but part of me felt embarrassed.

I came here a soldier boy in training and left with my ass bred.



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