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Kate becomes a pony girl on contract
Jack and Kate had been married for twenty years Jack was fifty- one and Kate was forty years old. She is five foot seven tall with a thirty- eight, thirty -four forty figure and great legs. They had no children because Kate had the menopause when she was twenty -one, but they enjoyed a good sex life. Jack was a company director and Kate was self -employed. Kate was a bit of an exhibitionist and enjoyed flashing other men in bars and gatherings and never wears underwear. Jack encouraged her and got his kicks from watching other men ogling her. Jack was a keen card player and held card schools most weekends at their house with a group of his mates. Kate would serve the drinks and snacks dressed in a baby doll nighty leaving nothing to the imagination. One Saturday they were talking, and Jack said have you ever thought of having sex with another man, and she said yes, I have been chatted up loads of times, but I would not cheat on you. He said if I was alright with it would you do it and she said yes, I would love to try something new.

He told her he was thinking about it for some time, and it would brighten their life up. He said he thought if they started with the winner with most on the card night spending the night with her as a prize, she was taken aback but said she would do it, he said she could do it here or go to their place if she wanted because most of them were in their fifty’s and single, she said it would be up to the winner, but she would prefer to stay here. The next Saturday when the lads arrived Jack said we have a surprise for you as of now the winner on the night gets to spend the night with Kate, they all looked at each other speechless because they all fancied her. He told them each week the winner can spend the night with her here or at your place. Four of them was single with their own apartments and two married. Jack told her as of now there is no need to wear anything on the night and I am sure the lads will appreciate it. She took off her baby doll and started serving the drinks nude and the lads could not resist the odd feel when she was near. In between serving she would go and watch TV until the cards were finished usually about midnight. It being her first night as the prise she was pent up wondering who would win her. When she heard them cheer, she knew it was now and Jack came and said Tony has won you and led her over to the lads. Tony was a tall grey- haired man in his late fifties and he said I don’t believe it and put his arms around her. Jack asked him did he want to spend the night or take her with him, he said he would love to take her to his apartment. Jack told her to just put a coat and shoes on and any toiletries she might need, she got everything, and Tony called a taxi she kissed and hugged Jack and they left. When they arrived, he took her coat then took her in his arms and kissed her. He told her she was the first woman he has had in five years after his wife died, and she told him he was the first in all the time she was married. They sat on the couch with him hugging and fingering her for about an hour then they went to bed. He shagged her hard until he shot his load then cuddled up to her again, he had her rub his cock and balls until he was hard again, he asked have you ever done anal and she no, he said my wife loved it would you try she said OK but don’t hurt me he said if I do I will stop.

He got up and came back with some cooking oil and put it on my arse hole pushing his fingers in to loosen me then I felt his penis pushing in it hurt at first but then got easier until I felt him shoot again, then he put me on my side with him still in me and we fell asleep like that. I woke at eight with him fingering my arse then he shagged me again before getting up. I got up and went to the toilet them had a shower and went downstairs and he had breakfast ready, he told her how he enjoyed the night and hoped he would win her again when they finished breakfast she went and sat on the couch. He came and sat beside her and started by kissing her and feeling her tits and asked can I have one more before I take you home, she said OK, so he took her into the kitchen and bent her over the breakfast bar and shagged her hard until he shot his load. He thanked her again then got her coat and drove her home.

Jack was waiting and hugged her, he asked if she was alright and had she enjoyed her night she told him Tony was very nice. He asked her how many times she had sex and she said four and one was in her arse, he said you never did that before she said he was gentle, and she enjoyed it. He asked her can we carry on using you as a prize then and she said I can’t wait. She put her makeup on and a skirt and top and they went for a pub meal where she flashed at every opportunity. When they got home Jack told her from now on you will remain naked in the house at all times so you will greet the lads naked on Saturday. On Saturday when the lads arrived, they were really pleased, and they all hugged and kissed her. When they were ready, she started serving them drinks and none of them missed an opportunity for a quick feel. She then went and sat watching TV until the game finished and Jack called her into the room and told her Bill won you tonight. Bill was a smart looking man in his early sixties, and he came over and put his arms around her. Jack asked are you taking her with you or staying and he said I will take her so Jack went to get her coat and shoes, but Bill said it is dark so I would like to take her as she is I have my car with me. She went and gave Jack a hug and kiss and they left. On the way she could see people looking at her when they got caught up in traffic or at lights and she could see Bill was getting a kick out of it, every chance he got his hand was between her legs. In the house he told her he was divorce ten years, but never met anyone he would want on a permanent basis he liked to socialise and meet women. He went in the kitchen and made coffee and came back and sat on the couch. He told her he took Viagra and popped one in his mouth and when they finished drinking, he started kissing her and feel her tits, he told her she had the best body he had seen in a long time. When he was ready, he had her get on the floor and took his dick out for to suck and after a while they went to bed where he shagged her twice before going to sleep. At five in the morning, he shagged her again. It was nine when they both awoke, he said what a night then got on top her and shagged her again. They both got up and went to the bathroom where he stood and watched her have a piss then he had one then they both got in in the shower then went and had breakfast. After breakfast he got a blanket to cover her and took her home, he walked her into the house and thanked Jack and said I will look forward to winning her again.

It is now twelve months since Jack started using her as a prize on Saturday nights and she looked forward to each weekend. Some weeks the same winner would have her but overall, each of the six had won her during the year. One night they were in the pub with two other couples talking about their lifestyles and one of the women asked Jack did he not mind sharing her with other men, and he said no she is always there for me it turns me on. They all got talking about their fantasy’s and one of the women said they watched porn sites quite a lot, one of their favourites is a pony girl sites. Kate asked what that is, and they explained it was clubs where women were used as pony’s and made to pull carts naked with one or two men driving them who also shagged them during the trip or back at the stable. They are kept in stables when not in use and looked after by grooms who would have sex with them anytime they wanted. Jack said we must have a look at that. Later when the women had gone to the powder room one of the lads said your Kate would make a great pony girl with her stature.

One night Jack said let’s have a look at the pony girl sites they told us about. Kate was fascinated when she saw naked women being treated as ponies in stables and pulling carts with men and women riding on them. She said I would love a go at that, and Jack said Phil said you would be perfect as a pony with your hight and figure, she said let’s search for a club. A couple of weeks later Jack saw a site in Dubrovnik in Croatia asking for a for a mature woman willing to spend two years as a pony girl for an agreed sum. When Kate came home, he showed it to her, and she said we would be apart for too long He said the time would soon go and it might be good money shall I contact them and get details if you fancy it, she said if that’s what you want. He said I will send some photos and see if they are interested. He took photos of her standing, bent over and kneeling on all fours naked and sent them off.

The next week he got a text from a Mr Babic thanking him for the photos and saying she looks perfect if it is convenient, he would be in the UK for two days on Monday and Tuesday and he would like to discuss it with him. Jack sent a text back and said no problem and if he wished he could stay with them and sent their postal address. On the Monday they both remained at home and Mr Babic arrived and they were surprised to see he was black and very pleasant. Kate was dressed in a flimsy dress only, that left nothing to the imagination and Mr Babic could not take his eyes off her. He explained to them he had problems keeping girls the young ones just treated it as a cheap holiday, so he decided to employ more mature women on a contract basis. Kate was the first to contact, him so he had drawn up a contract if she was still interested. He told them the position was she would be treated as a pony she would be naked and marked on a buttock and on her pubis her nipples would be pierced, and rings fitted so the reins could be attached. Each day she would be harnessed to a cart and hired out to customers five days each week. She would be available to the customers and the grooms as they wished. He was hoping to get four mature women on contract and each one would share a pen in the stable during the day with a Shetland pony which people liked to photograph. They were making a special frame so the pony girl could have sex with her pony without any harm once each day as a special show for punters.

Kate said I am not sure I could do that, and he said you would not come to any harm the grooms would check you every minute and the frame is designed to prevent full penetration, so it would be no more than a well- endowed man. If you sign the contract for two years a sum of forty thousand for each year would be paid into your account. Jack and Kate were speechless at the amount and Jack said do you think you could handle it and she said I think so it’s a lot of money. He told them all activities at his stables are on his web site and Jack would be able to watch her if he subscribed. They signed the contract and Mr Babic took them out for a meal with Kate wearing just a top and a skirt, when they got home, they celebrated with wine, and he told them he would send her air tickets in weeks and arrange for her to be picked up at the airport. He told her to just fetch the minimum clothing and no possessions. Jack told him if he wished he could have Kate for the night and he looked amazed and said how could I refuse. Jack told Kate to take her skirt and top off when she did, she went and sat beside Mr Babic on the couch until bedtime where he shagged her hard, it was her first black cock. They awoke at eight and he shagged her again before getting up and thanked her for a wonderful night. After breakfast he said he hoped he would meet Jack again.

The next Saturday when the lads arrived Jack said we have bad news for you lads, it is probably Kates last Saturday with us for some time so there will be no prize tonight, but Kate will be happy to let each one of you use her any way you want before you go home. After the first game one of them stood up and went over to Kate so she took him to the spare room, and he shagged her when he finished, she told him to send the next one up. Before eleven all six had shagged her so she had a shower and went to bed. The next week her flight tickets arrived, and she cried as she said good- bye to Jack who told her if it gets too much I will come and fetch you home then he drove her to the airport. She was met at Dubrovnik airport and driven to a large estate where she was greeted by Mr Babic. She was given a meal and taken on a tour of the estate and stables and introduced to the staff. Back at the house Mr Babic told her to get undressed and put all her belongings into a bag and said we will keep everything safe until the end of your contract. You will spend the next few days with me in the house while we get you ready. Then you will be put in the stables Monday to Friday and weekends you will be fetched to the house where you will entertain my friends. She spent the night in bed with him where he shagged her three times then in the morning, she was given some breakfast. Later that day a man came, and Mr Babic explained to her that he was here to do her tattoos and piercings. She was taken into a room and put on a table and her nipples were pierced and one inch, (two and a half centimetres) rings were fitted. She then had a large B tattooed on her right arse cheek and BABIC tattooed on her mons.

She was kept at the house for ten days and used by Mr Babic and his friends, then he decided she was ready, so he called a groom who came and took her to the stables where she was fitted with a wide belt with rings at the sides and a bridle with rings. Her hands were covered with leather mittens and hoof like boots fitted. She was then taken outside and attached to a cart by the rings on her belt and the reins were fed through the bridle and clipped to her nipple rings. When she was ready the groom fetched Mr Babic who said she looks well the best looking, pony we have had, and the groom agreed. Mr Babic got on the cart and took the reins and a long whip and said walk on. They set off with him flicking her arse and drove her around the grounds. When they got back the groom unhitched her and wiped her down then bent her over and shagged her. She was then put in a stall with a Shetland pony, and men and women would come and take photographs. Each day she would be hired at least four times to cart punters around the estate, and some would get worked up watching her arse and they would stop and make her kneel and shag her. Each day at four she was taken to a paddock where an audience would be waiting. She would be put on the frame face down with a belt across her back and her ankles fixed to the legs of the frame to keep her pussy open. One of the grooms would then pump mares piss into her to arouse the pony. They would then fetch the pony from her stall and after sniffing her for a while then he was ready to mount. One of the grooms helped him find his target and he rammed into her at first, she wanted to scream but it got easier, and she could feel him hitting her cervix, after what seem like forever, she felt him shoot his load and could feel her belly tighten. When he finished and pulled out, she could feel it running down her legs then she would be put back in the stall with the pony until ten PM then he would be removed until morning.

This was her routine Monday to Friday then on Friday evening she would be washed. She was washed once a week only to maintain the animal odours. Then she would be taken to the house where up to four men and a Dalmatian would be waiting. Back home Jack and his mates could watch her on the web and wished she was back with them and wondered what she would be like. They were amazed to see her perform with her pony and wondered if it could have any lasting effects on her body. At the house she would be used at least two to three times by the men then when they were finished with her she would be made to kneel on the floor and the dog would come and mount her and start humping her and when he found her hole he rammed into her and after a while she could feel him growing in her then he shot his load and lay on top of her until he could pull out She would be kept at the house Saturday and Sunday and then on Monday morning she would be checked over by a doctor before being returned to the stables where one of the grooms would put her harness on rand put her in her stall ready for the first punter of the day.

On the last week of her contract Mr Babic asked if she would like to renew the contract and she said no she wanted to return to Jack. He told her people would be contacting Jack with high offers to buy her permanently. He then gave her, her belongings and travel documents and took her to the airport. Back home Jack was waiting for her and could not belief how good she looked. At home she could not wait to get her clothes off with not having worn any for two years. Jack asked was she keeping the rings in, and she said she would like to. Three days after her return they went to Benidorm for a month and whilst there he told her he had three offers from the Middle East to buy her, one offered one hundred thousand- pounds, but he told them she was not for sale. After their holiday on the first weekend home Jacks friends arrived for their card session and were gobsmacked when they saw her with her markings, they all hugged and kissed her and told her how much, she was missed. Jack asked her did she still want to be the winner’s prize each week and she said yes, and we might get a dog
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