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Chapter 1 Amy learns daddy's love comes at a price.
Amy shook her head as her father neared her, "No. Daddy, I promise I didn't do anything bad. You said it was ok to stay after school." She flinched as he grasped her arm and pulled her toward the middle of the room from where she was trying to melt in to the far wall. "Ah! Daddy, you said it was ok. I was just trying out for cheerleading. You said you wanted me to be more active."

"You let some strange man drive you home!" he shouted, "Amelia do you have any idea what could have happened to you?"

Amy's body shook. Her father was well known for his temper both at home and at work. Her eyes moved to her mother who stood silent in the doorway. A fading bruise on her face. Her stare was blank as she regarded her husband and daughter. Amy turned her face toward her father, "Mr. Stevens is the Cheerleading coach. I know him, he is the Algebra teacher too." Tears fell down her cheeks as her father's grip tightened on her arm.

"So you and your slut friends desided it was ok to ride in a teacher's convertible instead of calling your mother or me like you where told!"

Amy started to cry harder, "I didn't want to bother you when me and Rachael live so close and he was taking her home anyway. Daddy, I'm sorry. Please…" She started to jerk and try to twist her arm away as her father reached to his waist and unbuckled his belt. "No!" she shrieked, "Daddy, please. I'm sorry I was trying to not bother you. You are always so tired. I thought you'd be happy with the rest."

As the belt cleared his belt loops with heart stopping slaps of leather on material Amy's body gave up it's fight knowing what was to come. Her father pushed her face down on her bed, "Don't you fucking move Amelia!"

Being 18 and having lived with his easily angered, hot tempered man her whole life Amy bit in to the blankets and prepared as best s he could for the feel of his belt on her tight thick spandex clad ass. Even biting down on the blanket she still howled in pain as the leather sliced through the air and landed across her fleshy cheeks. Three more and Amelia was crying and begging her father to stop. By the time the man got to ten Amy was a ball of hysterics and had peed herself.

"Roger!" he screamed.

Amelia's older twin old brother came in and sighed, "Yes sir?"

"Get this slut cleaned up, she to fucking useless to do it herself."

Their father pushed past everyone in the room and headed down the hall. Their mother looked from her son to her daughter, "No dinner for you tonight Amelia. You father thinks you are getting fat." She turned and walked down the hallway.

Amy pulled herself in to a tight ball as she continued to cry.

Roger moved toward his sister, "Once I'm in college you can run away ok, just don't piss dad off anymore until them."

"I didn't mean to."

Her brother lifted her up and took her to their shared bathroom where he helped her strip down. Amy showered the urine from her legs while her brother got her fresh clothes. She dried off and put on the pajamas he had grabbed for her then found him in her room putting new sheets on her bed. His eyes met hers, "10 months Amy, we just have to last 10 more months."

She nodded then moved to her bed and finished helping him make her bed. "I made the squad."

"That’s good." He smiled and moved around the bed toward her, "I’m proud of you."

Amy leaned in to her big brother, "I thought dad would be happy, I only tried out because he wanted me too."

"I know." He sighed, "Just from now on no matter what, do as he says ok."

The next morning Amy sat gingerly at the breakfast table beside hr brother.

"Amelia, you never said, did you make the squad?" her father asked behind his morning routine of checking the news on his phone before he headed to work.

"Yes sir I did. Practice starts next week and… is everyday after school. Because Rebecca and I live so close and are on the way home for him Mr. Stevens offered to drop us off each day. But I know you'd rather me call so… who do you prefer I call? You or mom?"

"Call your mother if you can't reach her call me." He said, "Gonna be hot for a while still." He stood and moved to the sink, "Roger."

"Yes sir?"

"Your first game is Friday, home game right?"

"Yes sir. We are playing the Hornets."

His father nodded and smiled, "Your mother's old school." He chuckled. And headed out of the hosue.

Amy sighed, "Do I really have to join the cheerleading squad?"

Across the room her mother slammed down at pot in the sink. The loud clatter made both Amy and Roger jump. "Shut up you little bitch!" Her mother stormed toward her and grasped Amy by the hair pulling her squealing from the seat, "Just do as your father tells you and shut up! Your opinion in your life doesn’t matter! You got me?" she shouted in Amy's face, "You think you had it so bad being whipped by him last night you have no idea what the hell he does to me because I gave birth to you!" she jerked hard and let go sending Amy to the floor crying. "Get the fuck out of my hosue until I'm forced to pick the two of you up after school."

After school Amy stood on the side lines of the football field. Her older brother jogged up to her as practice ended.


"Hey. I already called mom and got it oked to stay until your practice was over that way she only had to make one trip." She checked her watch, "She should be here soon."

"I'll hurry up." His hand touched Amy's arm, "you ok?"

"As good as it gets."

As soon as they all stepped in to the house their father grasped their mother by the back of the neck, "Where where you!" he demanded.

"I was picking up the kids from their practices."

"I told you to get Amy and get her home!"

Their mother cried out and dropped to her knees as he put pressure on the back of her neck. "I was trying to save the gas and just picked them up together."

"So you left me with no dinner to pick up those brats!" he leaned down and screamed in her face.

Amy's body shook as she stepped back in to her brother. "Roger…"

"Shh." He hushed her. "Dad it's my fault." He called out as their mother was forced ot her hands and knees in front of them. "I asked mom if it was ok to just pick us all up at the same time." He looked at Amy who was holding their baby brother. "Amy, take Tim to his room so dad doesn’t have to hear him."


"Now!" he barked at her.

Amy nodded and ran from the living room to her younger brother's room. Tim was only a few years old and their father already took out his anger on the small boy whenever he began to cry. Most of the time because their mother was always kept busy it fell on Amy to take care of him. She held him to her chest. "Shhh, Shhh. It's ok, Sissy is here."

Roger moved toward his father and mother, "Dad, it's my fault. You where bitching about how gas prices have risen so hard lately that I thought it was best for mom to only make one trip to get us. "

His father's hand let go of his wife and he stood toe to toe with his son. Roger was the same height as his father but a but skinnier and more muscular as he worked out for sports where his father sat at a desk all day working. His father back handed him, "Don't think you can go around making decisions around here boy!" he shouted. "You think you are man enough to take over this house?"

Roger shook his head, "No, dad. I was just trying to help out. You are always saying no one around here helps out. I was just trying."

His father grunted, "Woman get your ass in the kitchen and get dinner ready!" he shouted, "Me and the boy are about to have a man to man chat out back." He cracked his knuckles.

Roger had learned along time ago to let his father kick his ass. If the old man lost the rest of the house would suffer. He had to admit it was tempting to over power his father and throw the old man out but his mother was so brain washed from 20 plus years of being under their fathers control she'd side with him.

Amy got Tim fed while her mother finished dinner. She jumped as the back door opened. Her father looked pretty pleased with himself. Roger came in behind him his lip bloody. "Roger?"

"Im fine." He mumbled. He headed toward his room to clean up.

Amy stood, "I'll get Timmy in the bath while you finish dinner momma." She picked up her little brother and headed to the bathroom. She filled the tub with a few inches of water while she stripped her brother and got him in the tub. She was scrubbing his face when Roger came in. "You ok?"

"Yeah." He dabbed at his lip in the mirror. "Amy, things may be tough on us for a while. There is some real competition for scholarships this year."

"I thought you had it in the bag."

"I did to but the redistrict pulled some good players in to the school." He leaned on the skin and sighed, "I dunno what we are gonna do if I don't get that scholarship."

"We'll figure something out." She pulled the drain on the tub and grabbed a towel, "If anything at least get yourself out of here ok." She dried Tim then picked him up, "I can survive a few more years if I have to."

Luckily for the two no other disturbances happened for the rest of the week. Amy cheered her heart out of her brother's team as he played. After the game still in her uniform she headed to the stands where her parents were waiting. Immediately her mother looked down at her, "Go home with your father."

"Yes ma'am." Though a bit surprised her mother had not forced Tim on her she headed after her father to the car. She got in to the back seat.

"Sit in the front with me, Ameila."

Confused she moved to the front seat.

"You looked so pretty cheering out there tonight." He told her.

Amy looked at her father confused, she wasn't used to him complimenting her in away way. "Thank you, daddy."

His hand moved from the gear shift to her thigh. His rough hand moved along her silk flesh, "I never realized I had the prettiest daughter out of all those girls out there."

Amy blushed, "I don't know about that but Thank you daddy." She smiled, "You've never complemented me before."

He left his hand on her thigh as he drove them home. "Your mother and brother will be a bit so it is just us." He said as he parked the car and got out.

Typicaly Amy didn't like to be alone with her father. The man terrified her. But he was being oddly kind so she got out of the car and followed him inside.

"Get me a beer would you."

Amy ran to the kitchen and grabbed one of her father's favorite beers. She popped the top and gave it to him. "Im gonna go change out of my uniform, I'm all sweaty after that game."

His eyes met hers as she sat in his favorite chair, "Sit with me."

"Ok, but let me go change."

"Sit." He commanded.

Knowing her father well Amy say down on the couch near him.

"No, sit with me." He said, "Like when you was little."

She blinked a few times trying to understand then stood and moved toward her father. "Daddy I'm too big now. Your chair won't hold us like it used to."

He patted his leg and set his beer down.

Still confused Amy sat herself on his knee. His hand moved around her back and pulled her closer to him. She ended up with her legs over his, her side in his chest as one hand moved along her back and the other moved along her thighs.


"Shh." He hushed her. She felt his hand move from her back then a moment later he wrapped his arms around her pulling her tighter in to him. "You are growing so big, Princess."

Amy smiled, her father hadn't called her princess since she had been little. She closed her eyes and rested her head against his shoulder. After a few minutes her father shifted. "Here baby." He reached over and picked up his beer, "have a sip."

Amy smiled, as a child she would run and get her father a beer. He would save the last few sips for her as a reward. Amy happily accepted the nearly empty bottle and took a sip.

"Go ahead you can have the rest."

Amy smiled, and giggled, "It's been so long since you let me have a sip daddy." She finished off the beer ignoring the strange taste. It ment a lot to her that her father was being so nice. She handed the bottle back and snuggled in to him once again.

"You know your momma was your age when she got knocked up with Roger."

Amy nodded as she let her body relax in to her father. Her mother had been barely 18 when she had gotten pregnant with Roger. Their father 5 years older. They didn't speak much about it but after they had found out about the pregnancy they had gotten married.

As the minutes ticked by Amy felt strange, her head swam a bit. "Daddy?"


"I'm sleepy."

He stood with her in his arms and moved toward her bed room, Gently he laid her in her bed. "Amy, I'm gonna do to you what I did to your momma."

"Whats that daddy?" Amy struggled to open her eyes. When she did she realized her father was naked. "Daddy?"

She tried to sit up but her arms refused to support her weight.

He moved over top of her his fingers moving to her bloomers, "On our first date I drugged your momma and raped her." He smiled down at his daughter, "I'm gonna pop that little cherry of yours with this." He pulled her bloomers off her legs and over her shoes then with them still in his hand he gripped the largest fat drooling cock she'd ever seen. He used her panties and bloomers to pump his hard cock a few times. The head began to bead up with a thick pearl of precum.

Amy shook her head, "Daddy, no…"

He leaned forward and slipped the enormous head of his cock along her tiny slit, coating her pussy lips with his precum that was beginning to drip from his piss slit. "Daddy has always wanted to do this to you baby." He pressed forward.

Amy made a weak grunting sound as he started to press in to her dry hole. Her hands tried to push at him but she wasn't able to muster any strength.

Her father worked the head of his cock in and out of her tight little hole for a few long minutes until her natural lubrication began to leak from her tunnel in self preservation. He continued until he was able to get a few inches in and was stopped by her hymen.

Amy's head jerked off her pillows, "Daddy, no… please…"

He smiled and pulled his hips away. Then slammed down hard, ripping her virginity to shreds and making the small large breasted teenager scream out in pain.

"Oh fuck, you are tighter than your momma was." He let his body rest over her and began to hump himself in to her. Sending a massive 10 inch cock in to her small body. Amy's head threw back and forth in disbelief as her father pumped his cock in to her. Not only was he long but it felt like a soda can was inside of her. A pretty accurate though on her behalf as her father was about that thick.

She had hoped he would finish quickly but after nearly an hour he was still pumping in to her sore hole. "Daddy, please stop."

"You want daddy to stop?" he smiled, "Then daddy is gonna cum up this pussy, little girl." He started to hammer in to her harder and faster. Only the sound of slapping flesh and her grunts as air was forced out of her echoed in the room.

"No, daddy, I'll get pregnant. Please don't do that."

"That’s the point little girl." He grabbed her face and forced her to look up at him, "you are daddy's little cum dumpster now, I planned knocking your momma up and now I've waited until now to do it to you too." He kissed her lips forcing his tongue in her mouth.

Amy gagged on his tongue. She wiggled her face until she was able to pull away from his kiss. "Please, daddy don't."

He began to thrust faster, "Daddy is gonna cum baby. You're gonna make me a daddy again."

"No… no please." She cried out as he shifted. he lifted her legs over his shoulders and began to pound in to her hard.

He grunted as his balls tightened, "Here it comes baby."

"Noo!" she screamed out as she felt her father's cock began to twitch inside of her. "Please no…"

Her father continued to thrust in to her throughout his orgasm.

Amy's mind gave up and let her slip in to the dark world of unconsciousness.

Her father smiled and pulled his limp cock out of her. Blood mixed with cum leaked from her now gaping hole. He lifted her legs and put a pillow under her hips angling her so that his cum wouldn't leak out. He then stood and left the room closing her bed room door behind him. He was in the shower when his wife and sons got home.

"We are home, where is Amelia?" His wife asked.

"She was tired so she went to be early. I told her it was fine." He got out of the shower, "bend over."

Immediately she put her hands on the sink and bent over at the waist. While she was unaware she had been drugged and raped to conceive Roger and Amelia, she did know that Tim's birth had been cause of her husband raping her. He had hidden her birth control and then raped her while she had not been on anything. Now she was forbidden from taking any form of birthcontrol and regularly forced to take his beer can thick cock any time he wanted her to.

He lined himself up behind her and drove in. Her slim hips hit the counter top hard as he pounded in to her pussy. "You're not as tight as you used to be."

She shook her head, "I'm sorry."

He had edged himself in the shower to be ready to pump his wife full of cum and then force her to wear the cum as she fed their sons. "I'm thinking of letting Roger have Amelia. Maybe I'll let him break her in this weekend."

"HE wont do that, he loves her."

He chuckled, "I'll beat it in to him if I have to." He slapped the back of his wife's head hard, "Teach him good like I taught you."

Amy woke up confused, she was sleeping in a strange position, normally when she slept she slept on her side wearing a tank top and shorts but she was under her blankets in a tshirt and nothing else. Her legs half under the covers as if she'd been hot. Groggly she got up and stumbled down the hall to the bathroom. She used the bathroom feeling not quite right down there so she showered and headed to her room to get dressed.

"Morning sleepy."

She smiled up at her brother, "Morning."

"You missed breakfast and dad leaving."

"Crap. Is he mad?"

"No, he said you didn't look like you felt good so to just let you sleep."

"I know I slept but I don't feel like I did." Her hand moved to her head, "I actually don't remember much after the car ride home last night."

Roger frowned and put his hand to her head, "I don't think you have a fever. Maybe you had a 24 hour bug or something."


She grabbed a late breakfast and since it was Saturday she sat on the couch watching tv with her older brother. "Are you going to Jason's tonight?"

"Yeah, He's gonna pick me up at 4." He looked over at his sister, "Amy, I know dad is being nice lately but don't let your guard down."

"I wont." She told him, "I already did all my chores today and once he gets home I'm gonna stay in my room and let Tim play so he doesn't bug dad."


Roger left a little before their father got home. Amy looked at her mother surprised, "You're going to Grandma's for the night?"

Her mother nodded, "Your grandparents want to see your brother and get him fitted for your Aunt's wedding next month so I will be staying the night."

"Oh, ok. So it's just me and dad?"

"Mind your father." Her mothers eyes looked down at her, "do not anger him."

Amy nodded, "I'll be good." She waved to her mother as she pulled out the drive then turned to her father, "Daddy, since I'm cooking is there something you want me to make?"

"Whatever." He answered already in to his program.

Amy moved to the kitchen and began to make spaghetti. She was looking closely at the recipe's edits when her father came in.

"What are you doing?"

Amy jumped, "Oh, daddy, sorry. Mom's handwriting is so small on this card, can you tell me what this says to add?"

He looked at the card, "substitute Basil for oregano."

"Ohh!" she smiled up at him, "Ok thank you!" she smiled and moved to the glass jars on the spice rack, "Where are you? I just saw you a second ago… here you are."

Unknown to Amy behind her, her father was watching as her thick ass moved the material of her spandex shorts. Already his dick was leaking precum in his jockies. He adjusted himself, grabbed a fresh beer and left the room.

Once dinner was done Amy set the plates on the table. "Daddy!" she called out as she moved to the living room. "Dinner is ready." She smiled proud of herself, "I think I got it right this time."

Her father stood and moved to the kitchen table and sat down, "Parmesan?"

"Right here." She grinned and handed the container to him, "anything else?"

"I left my phone in the living room. Get it for me."

Obediently Amy moved to the living room and grabbed her father's phone. When she came back he was already eating. 'Daddy, did you put parmesan on my spaghetti for me?"

"I did."

She smiled, "Thank you." She sat down across from him and began to eat her dinner.

Her father scrolled through his phone for a while. "Are you feeling better?" he asked her. "Last night you didn't look so good."

"I'm ok. I don't know what happened last night. But… well sorry if I upset you."

"I had to put you to bed." He said.

Amy's eyes opened wide, "Oh, daddy I'm so sorry."

He shrugged. After he was finished he moved his plate to the sink, "Once you are done cleaning up come sit with me."

Amy cleaned the kitchen once she was done eating then moved to the living room. Her father was on the couch. It was strange for him to sit on the couch unless he was sitting with her mother but Amy sat down beside him, "what are we watching?"

"Evolution of humans."

"Ohh." She sat forward, "We watched something like that in school this week." She had been really interested in the lesson at school so she smiled as she watched. But 20 minutes later her body gave up and she was slumped against the side of the couch half asleep.

She felt someone lift her up and carry her down the hall. "Daddy?"

"Shh." He hushed her, "Daddy is just going to fuck you again."


An hour later Amy woke up, her legs where tied to the head board of her bed. Her hands as well. She looked between her legs to the foot of the bed. Her hips where up on pillows, and a strange substance was leaking down her pussy and ass. She looked around the room. Her father opened her door with a cup of coffee and a smile. "You woke up?"

Amy looked up at him as he moved toward her, "Daddy? What's going on?"

He set his coffee cup down beside her, "Daddy is just doing to you what he did to your momma." He said softly. He kissed her forehead then removed his bathrobe. "Now that you are awake I will get to see your pretty face."

Her eyes opened wide as her father's cock twitched and began to thicken and lengthen before her. "Daddy…"

"Don’t make daddy have to gag you, Amelia." He crawled on to her bed and move to her upturned ass. He let his hard cock rest on her slit. His balls touching her ass cheeks.

Immediately she began to shake her head as he moved his hips slowly getting his monster of a cock wet with his own leaking cum he had already deposited in her once. He grasped her thighs and pulled back enough to press the tip of his bulbous head to her open slit. "Daddy.." she whimpered.

Slightly angered he thrust his fingers in to her cunt making her scream out. He wiggled them getting them coated with their juices then leaned over her grasping her pale face and forcing his fingers in to her mouth.

Amy tried to fight his fingers but the more she thrust her tongue out to get his fingers out of her mouth the more coated her tongue became with his cum. She gagged.

"Speak again and I'll put my cock in that mouth."

Terrified Amy snapped her mouth shut.

He pressed his cock in to her vaginal slit and sighed as he sunk down balls deep in his own daughter.

Amy was horrified. The fact that her body allowed him to penetrate her was sickening.

"Even after being fucked twice you are still tight baby." Her father cooed.

Twice? He had fucked her twice? Her eyes grew large as she realized he had cum inside of her. Her eyes moved to her calendar. A little red check mark sat on the previous week's dates. She shook her head, that meant she was at her most fertile this weekend.

Her father didn't pay her any mind as he began to hump in to her slowly at frist savoring the feeling of his daughters tight tunnel gripping his cock. For a man in his late 30's he still had a strong stamina. He slowly fucked his daughter as she cried. After nearly an hour he felt the rising need to cum begin to bubble in his testicles. He leaned forward and began to pump harder in to her. "Daddy got something for you while he was at work today." He said to her. 'Do you want to know what it is?"

She shook her head, afraid to know.

He chuckled, his large furry balls slapping her ass as he fucked her, "Very well. I'll just leave it as a surprise." He started to pound in to her harder making her cry and grunt more. She tried to squeeze her pussy muscles to force him out of her but he groaned in pleasure. He laid over her and grasped her shoulders pumping her hard, and fast. His cock was slamming against her cervix so hard she was sure he was going to break her. His butt cheeks clenched as cum began to spew out of his cock as the piss slit nestled in to the little hole of her womb. "Baby, your cervix is kissing my cock."

She shook her head, "Daddddyyyy." She cried as she felt his cum pump in to her.

After a few moments of his laying over her breathing heavy he pulled back, "Now, your present." He smiled and moved to her bedside table. A small clear envelope was opened and he pulled out a silicone cup. "You are not to remove this unless daddy says got me?"

Amy blinked tears away as she looked up at her father,

"Got me!" he screamed and slammed his fist in to her hip.

Amy screamed in pain, "Yes sir!" she cried out.

"Good." He folded the cup and pressed his fingers in to her.

Amy felt the menstrual cup get pushed on to her teen body. His slimy figners grasped her face, "Now, you are not going to tell anyone about this got me!" he spat in her face, "you are my cum dump and I will do what you what I want. Right?"

Amy started to cry all over again. But she nodded.

His fist reared back and he hit her in the side, "Answer me!"

Amy gasped in pain, "Yes… yes sir."

"Yes what Amelia?"

"I wont say anything. Daddy please just untie me I wont say anything."

He smiled, "I'll be back in an hour."

This was how Amy spent her weekend. Tied in the same position to her own bed while once an hour her father came in removed the Menstrual cup that was keeping his sperm inside of her. He would fuck her for an hour then cum, put the cup back inside of her and leave for another hour. By 10 am on Sunday Amy was exhausted, thirsty and hungry.

Her father came in fully dressed. He checked her pubic area to be sure the cup was secured in place then began to untie his exhausted daughter. "I find out you removed that cup without my permission and I'll beat you unrecognizable, got me?"

Amy nodded, "Yes sir." She curled in to a ball as he untied the last rope.

"Get cleaned up and dressed your brother will be home soon." He moved to the door, "Don't forget Amelia, one word to anyone and I'll beat you and kill whoever you tell."

Amy nodded, "Yes sir." She moved to the bathroom, peed and cleaned her body. Then got dressed.

"Amy ok? She never came out of her room." Roger asked as he sat down at the dinner table.

"She was sick all weekend." His father said. "Your damn momma better get her ass home soon." He checked his watch.

"So she's leaving Tim with Grandma?"

His father nodded, "Yeah, your grandparents don't want to have to come get him mid week for the pictures and shit so your momma said it was fine and just left him there."

Roger nodded, "Alright. Well I mean I get it. It's a long drive and mom isn't the best driving at night."

They ate dinner then sat on the couch to watch tv. At 10 Roger stood and stretched, "I got some homework I gotta do before class tomorrow. Night dad."

His father barely acknowledged him.

Roger tapped on Amy's door, "Sis, you ok? Need anything?"


He went to push open her door but it was locked. Amy never locked it. She was to afraid that their father would get angry. He didn't care if the bathroom was locked but no other room's door was to be locked ever in his house. "If you need anything let me know ok. Hope you feel better."

Roger went to bed. Around 12 he heard his fathers phone ring in the bedroom above his. He heard his fathers gruff voice then something slam. Roger got out of bed and headed toward the bathroom to take a leak. When he came out the lights where on in the hallway. His father was standing in Amy's doorway. She had her hands to her mouth crying.

"Whats up?"

"Your mother was in an accident." His father said. "They think she fell asleep at the wheel and drove off that long bridge on her way home."

Roger froze in his tracks. She wasn't the best mom, mostly cause she let their father beat on everyone in the hosue but she was still their mom. "is she…"

Amy sobbed. Her hands moveing to her eyes.

Their father shook his head, "She didn't make it. No one found her till just a bit ago. Apparently the acceident happened around 6."

Their father swore, "I told that damned woman to call me when she left so I knew where she was!" He punched the wall, "You kids think I whip you for no damned reason but this is why!"

Amy jumped back, "Daddy…"

Roger moved forward, "Dad, come on. Lets sit down and well… figure out what to do." He looked at his sister. Her face was red. Her eyes swollen. It looked like she'd been crying all weekend not just a few minutes.

Both Amy and Roger took the next week off school while they helped their dad prepare for their mother's funeral. Amy stood silent beside her brother and father as they lowered the casket into the ground. She had run out of tears. Mostly because once Roger was in bed her father would make her come to his room and lay under him while he fucked her. Some times calling her a stupid bitch whore and other times moaning her name and calling her princess. She hated every moment of it but she didn't dare say anything to her brother because she was so terrified of her father. After the funeral She looked in surprise at her grandparents. "You're keeping Timmy?"

Her father nodded, "Your grandparents and I have talked about it and this it's best they keep Timmy for a while. I can't take care of him I got to work and you two got school."

Amy looked at her brother.

"It's for the best Amy." he put his arm around her shoulders, "And it's only for a while until Timmy is in school himself anyways right?"


Amy nodded, "Ok. She hugged her little brother tight. "I love you, Timmy."

"Sissy!" he smiled and hugged her.

Amy let her father and brother direct her to the car. The trip home was silent, "Amy."

She jumped, "Yes sir?"

"You're gonna have to take over the womanly duties of the house. All of them."

She gulped, "All of them?"

He nodded, "SO no more cheerleading, you and I will get you a driver license next month so you can get the groceries on the way home from school."

"Yes sir."

A week later she was with her father as he taught her to drive. "This car has tracking on it so you go anywhere I have not told you to go and I will know."

"Yes sir."

"Pull over here."

Amy did as she was told and pulled over at the truck stop her father said. He got out of the car and came around to her side and pulled her out. She didn't even fight him. She just let him slam her against the hood of the car. He made her wear rubber panties now to keep any cum that leaked out of her sealed up. He pulled the rubber panties down roughly pulled out the menstrual cup and slammed his hard cock in to her. She grunted as he pounded his cock in to her innards. She still had no tears left to cry any more.

As he finished he pulled himself out of her wiping his cock on her ass. "Lets go." She stood up and moved to pull her rubber panties up. When she turned he grabbed her face and lifted her chin up. Then pour the stale cum from that morning in her mouth. "Swallow it."

Amy grimaced but swallowed the cum in her mouth.

"With your momma dead you are gonna have to learn to suck cock soon."

Amy nodded, "Yes sir." At this point she wasn't sure she'd survive 10 months until her brother and herself graduated. If she'd even beable to leave at that point. Her face tipped down as she moved toward the driver seat and got in. The thought of being pregnant from her father shook her but she was unable to do anything about it. He kept her on a tight rope and had even desided that she would be homeschooled from now on so that she was always home where he could watch her. Friday would be her last day in school.

Once at home she started dinner. At 6:30 her brother came home. "hey."

"Hey." She mumbled.

"Amy, you ok?"

"Fine." She concentrated on what she was making.

Roger frowned, "look, I know it's weird without mom and stuff but I mean things seem to be better around here. Hell, dad hasn't tried to beat on us since she died."

"yeah." She moved to the fridge, "Dinner will be ready in a few. Dad said to wash up before you eat."


Roger took a shower then headed down the hallway. Amy was standing at the sink washing a pot as their father moved from the fridge near her to the table.

"Bout time, boy." He barked, "Amelia worked hard on this meal and you letting it get cold."

"Sorry dad." He moved to the table and sat down, "Amy, are you not gonna eat?"

"I'm not hungry."

Her father chuckled, "Another woman on a crash diet I bet ya." He shook his head and started to eat.

Roger watched as his sister cleaned the kitchen just like their mom always did while they ate.

"Boy you keep staring at your sister like that, you going to make me think you want to fuck her."

Amy stiffened.

Roger dropped his fork, "shit… no." he leaned over and picked up his fork, "No way dad, that’s crazy."

As he pulled himself from under the table he looked at his father who was smiling up at Amy who was now standing beside their father.

"You think you are man enough to have a go at her?"


"Amelia bend over the table."

"Daddy…" her eyes watered, "Please…"

Their father stood and grasped the back of her neck and slammed her face to the table, "I told you to bend over!"

Amy cried out but didn't fight his hand. Her hands moved to her sides and remained still.

Their father let go of her and moved behind her raising her skirt, "Tell Roger why you are wearing rubber panties, Amelia."

Amy turned her face away from her brother, "To… To keep daddy's cum from spilling out of me."

He chuckled and pressed his fingers deep in to the cleft of her cunt. "That's a naughty sound little girl."

Amy's body shook, "Daddy, all your cum has been leaking out of me today."

"How many loads of cum do you have in there?" his fingers moved the side of her panties and began to press in to her snatch.

Roger watched in shock as a long trail of cum began to run down his sister's legs.

"Four daddy."

Their father smiled, "Do you want more of daddy's cum little girl?"

Amelia shuddered, her body shook as she lied, "Yes daddy."

"What about Roger? Do you want to leave him out?"

She couldn’t bring her self to say what her father wanted her to say. Tears finaly broke and she started to cry.

"Get over here!" He pulled her hair up forced her to her knees infront of Roger, "It's about time you learn to suck a cock so get to it!" her pressed her face between Roger's thighs.


Shut up!" he back handed Roger hard, "Be a fucking man!"

Amelia shook as her hands moved to her brother's pants. Slowly she un buttoned his jeans and fought them down his legs. His cock was almost as big as their fathers. The sight of her brothers hard cock made her cry even more. Their father moved to his knees behind her and pulled her panties down to her knees. His hand on the back of her head pushed down as he slammed his cock in to her pussy.

The force made Amy cry out in pain and shock allowing her father to force her head down on her brothers dick.

Roger gasped.

Every time their father moved out and back in to her it caused Amy to be driven deeper on Roger's cock.

Their father laughed, "Been training her throat with all kinds of stuff." He smiled, "Found a way t oget rid of that gag reflex too."

Roger tried to fight how good it felt to have Amy's mouth around his cock. Her throat opened for his large head every time their father slammed in to Amy's pussy. He was so lost in the feeling of her throat on his cock that he didn't realize his hands moved to her head.

Her father let go of her head and held her hips tight as he thrust hard and deep in to her. "Amelia, you swallow your brother's cum. You leak a drop and I'll beat you with in an inch of your life."

Amy was unable to nod as her father kept pounding in to her from the back and her brother's hips kept jerking upward in to her mouth. Tears flowed from her eyes as her brother; The man that promised to save her from her father used her mouth like a pussy.

"Fuckkk." Roger's toes curled as cum began to fountain from his teenage balls. His hips jerked fucking all 10 inches down her throat until his balls pressed to her chin.

Amy's eyes grew wide as her brother pumped more cum than she was able to swallow in to her. It bubbled out of her nose and trailed down the sides of her lips as he kept cumming for what seemed like an eternity.

Roger was still lost in his orgasm milking his balls in his sister's tiny throat when their father pulled out of Amy leaving a huge wad deep with in her. He sagged in to the dinning chair as it leaked out from her pussy spamming from her lack of air. Finally Roger let go of his sister's head.

Amy fell to the side and welcome the blackness that surrounded her. If she was lucky her father would go to far and beat her for not swallowing all of her brother's cum. She actually prayed he would and that she wouldn't wake up.
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