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Silvia takes in the abandoned Sheltie from next door. How will two bitches be shared by Kane?
Over the following week, Kane mounted me as often as usual, once or twice a day. Each time, I made sure to take his jutting member in my douched, excessively-lubed ass. I video recorded each session and sent them to Connie.

She emailed, "These are fine."

I wrote, "He has started to bite my shoulder while he mounts me, when I stick him in my bum." I rubbed my shoulder upon typing that. Kane was biting almost hard enough to break skin.

"I see." She replied. "I'll guess that he wants more variety. Therefore, you must flip a coin each time he mounts you. Even you can guess what to do based on the result. Except -- tomorrow and the next day you will let him mount you however he chooses. Afterwards, flip a coin for the next three weeks."

"PS, you useless bottom feeder. Alphas have COCKS, not penises. You only have cunts, three of them." To reinforce her power over me, she attached her bill for my anal training, five thousand dollars.

I sent payment and signed off of the computer. Kane rested in the doorway, having licked his cock clean of my douched but still unsanitary ass-cunt. My anus was taking longer and longer to close up, and it was almost as sore as my shoulder. I had tried using more lube, but it turned out that a third of a bottle was the right amount. More was only wasted. I debated buying a double headed coin before diving into work.

Given his choice, later that night, Kane fucked my true cunt. I had almost forgotten how hard he could make me cum! I screamed with joy from his boiling sperm which strived to fill my womb. My climaxes from anal sex waned after a couple days into my training. My bowels grew accustomed to Kane's hot colonic. I took to masturbating while we stood connected, waiting for his knot to slip free. That proved to be a reliable orgasm. My sense of our deeper connection got me off almost as powerfully as vaginal sex.

"Ohhhh, thank you, M-master." I sank into the blanket at the foot of Kane's bed. My cunt dripped with cum. His knot had popped out of my vulva when he stepped over my hips, expecting to stand behind me. I barely had strength to crawl under him and suck his cock clean. I winced at the taste, but his cum no longer disgusted me.

He surprised me then by turning around. He head bent between my legs, and he casually lapped at the juices issuing from his bitch's cunt. Was he making sure that he had fucked pussy? Perhaps he was thanking me. It was one of the unimportant things in our communications that I had trouble figuring out. I didn't waste time contemplating it. I howled and hugged him from below when his firm, lapping tongue drew a double orgasm from my clit and hairy lips.


In the middle of that night, he dragged me into his bed, and placed a warm, furry paw over my naked torso. He spooned me, his relaxed sheath tickling my butt. I slept wonderfully!

In the morning he made me suck him off, and my tummy got a full dose of his unappetizing semen. I would have lain in bed, waiting for my stomach to settle, but he needed to be let out to pee, and I had to make our breakfast.

Kane was now quite skilled at crapping into the toilet, but he didn't like performing the contortions necessary to pee with accuracy. I think he also preferred to mark his territory.

He came in from the backyard with what could only be described as a frown. That day he went out to pee ten times. He didn't once tell me to play with him. I checked his temperature. It was normal, 101F. He didn't show any signs of illness, only confusion, or maybe it was disappointment. I felt guilty, even though he gave no hint of accusation. Against Connie's wishes, I took him for a walk. It was a risk I had to take, in order to understand his low mood.

Upon exiting the front door, he dragged me towards Scranton Jones' house. In the front yard stood a For Sale sign. On top of it was another sign. SOLD. He sniffed at the front door. The windows were bare of curtains.

I peeked in, crabbing left and right, trying to get every angle of view. Kane remained sniffing at the door. He started to whine. Soon he would keen, unable to get at whatever it was inside.

Finally, I spotted something far into the front bathroom. Its door was open, and half in view lay Flufflepuss. Scranton must have moved out days before. I never imagined him the type to abandon a pet, considering his religious righteousness. I wanted to break the window. Instead, I called Connie.

"BREAK THE FUCKING WINDOW." She promised to drive over at warp speed.

The details of Flufflepuss' ordeal are grim, but she survived. She nearly died of dehydration. The toilet bowl was empty. The water valve to the house had been turned off. Scranton hadn't left any food. The contents of her stomach had turned to diminishing poops along the inside of the back door. The last had shreds of nylon carpeting in them.

I accepted her into my home after spending a couple thousand to save her life. Kane seemed to approve, even though she was no longer in heat. When she stabilized I had more time to think about her future. Every six months, the tiny bitch sheltie would certainly go into heat, for a week or two.

I slyly figured that she could handle some of the load on my back. By taking Kane's vigorous fucking, she would enable occasional breaks for me.

She didn't know what to make of my home. She sniffed everywhere, peed at the base of my office chair, and was content with pooping outside by signaling at the back door. Other than having to clean my chair, Kane prevented her from entering the office. He actually picked her up with his jaws around her neck and shook her while growling softly. She would sneak in when he and I weren't around, but she didn't pee there again.

She promptly began sleeping on the bed with or without Kane. It proved to be a bleak tell about my future. On nights when the alpha took me at the foot of his bed, Flufflepuss would peek over the edge of the mattress. I swear she was glaring at me. Occasionally, she would start barking like mad at our mating, until Kane woofed at her.

While she adjusted to her new home, I completed my anal training. I discovered that I could make myself cum quickly by masturbating right after Kane had filled my rear with his super hot cum. Being connected so intimately, ass to ass, aroused me nearly as much as the sensation of him pounding my sloppy pussy. I couldn't concentrate on my pleasure when he ravaged my butthole. In the half-hour aftermath, I could pretend that we were connected on a loving level rather than alpha and bitch. I loved him most at those times.

Kane had yet to put his cock in the small, fluffy distortion of his species. I began to hope that he never would.

When I wasn't working or relieving Kane's needs, I applied the regular dog training techniques I'd learned from Connie, on Flufflepuss. Scranton must have spoiled her or didn't care enough about her incessant barking. She fought literally with tooth and nail against my persistent efforts to stop her from barking at everything that moved outside of the house.

She greedily ate the rewards I gave when she stopped barking, but swallowing the treat would only send her into a new frenzy, often nipping at my ankle and scratching my legs. Kane would only let me wear skirts around the house, no leggings, no hose, no panties. She didn't draw blood with her sharp, little teeth, but she easily could have. She wanted treats without a care for what I wanted.

I complained to Connie, and she said it would cost me. I said, "I'll pay." We were chatting over audio only. I couldn't see her sneer. The next day she took Flufflepuss away.

For the first four days after Flufflepuss' disappearance, Kane wandered the house sniffing. When I walked him, he tracked her outside to the curb where the sheltie's scent ended. Then he would tug me in every direction, hoping to pick up the trail.

On the third day of the sheltie's 'disappearance,' A clearly frustrated Kane dragged me back home, having not peed once along his quest to find her. Inside the door, Kane bit into my knee length skirt and ripped it off of me! He had never been so aggressive. Instantly, I dropped into submissive readiness. My naked asshole glistened with not-so-recent lube, and my hairy cunt glistened from the juices of anticipation.

In reckless abandon to relieve his frustration, Kane's cock swept behind my ass, missing the hole. He was trying to drill for dirt. I had recently noticed that he missed more often when he wanted to cornhole me, running his dick along the shallow groove at the top of my butt cheeks. This dismayed me.

I hadn't put fresh lube in my ass for over an hour. Silicone lasts longer in the bum than water based stuff but not long enough. I kept bottles of it around the house, in the places he would mount me, to add a quick squirt, or seven, just before taking him anally. There wasn't one within reach at the front door.

Therefore, I gritted my teeth and guided his shining member into my barely greased sphincter. The tapered head slotted neatly into my slippery crinkle. Kane's next thrust shoved his heavy staff painfully into my anus. I tried to tell myself it would have been worse without lube- "Aaaaa!! It hurts, Master!"

I'm not sure why I called him that. He didn't know the difference between 'Master' and 'Motherfucker,' but I remembered saying it before. Perhaps I hoped that submitting to him verbally as well as anally, he might fuck with more mercy. It didn't phase him. His prick beat at my insides as fiercely as always. Kane was a one speed jackhammer. I think his plowing prick would have torn my insides if not for the waning lube there. Despite my strength on all fours, his hundred pounds rocked me. "KANE! You're killing me!"

His cock was so punishing, I felt guilty. I was being made to understand that he blamed me for removing his canine companion. I begged him to stop, but even tears couldn't slow his powerful thrusts. "She'll be back! I promise!" Out of my mind from suffering his meaty plunges, I tried to reason with him, but I had already reached the limit of our communication.

His head rested on the back of mine, and his tongue lolled out the left side of his jaws as he panted and pummeled my anus. His forelegs tore at my sweater. He had a knack of pressing his claws into the sides of my tits. I had often wished him to scratch my naked nipples while he fucked me proper. Here I was simply being disciplined for betraying his bond with the sheltie. "I'm SORRY!" I sobbed.

Kane fucked my ass longer than usual. Either he was too angry to cum, or was holding back to maximize my punishment. It was only when I felt I must be bleeding from increasingly dry thrusts, did his member stiffen and his knot expand. Steaming cum gushed up my shitter. I hung my head and cried, promising myself to litter the house with bottles of silicone lube.

My masterful husky loomed over me, still holding on to my chest. He growled, as if to say, "I'm not finished with you, you traitorous bitch!" His weight seemed to double, and I almost collapsed beneath him. When my thighs and arms trembled, he dismounted and spun around. I didn't even try to finger my wet cunt while we stood ass to ass. I wouldn't have cum. I just cried.

After four days of hunting fruitlessly, Kane grew less frantic to find Flufflepuss. However, he mounted me in the ass more frequently, twice as often as in my regular cunt. He wasn't going to forgive me any time soon. In fact, he would wake me up at dawn and piledrive my butthole when it was least lubed and most likely to imprint his blame into my stupid bitch noggin.

Three weeks later, at four hundred dollars a day, my bank account was reduced by more than eight thousand dollars. Connie re-introduced to our home, a seemingly kinder, gentler Flufflepuss. Kane went crazy inviting her to play.

"Let them out back, Dog Slut. I'll explain your new companion's training."

As soon as the door slid wide enough, Kane and Flufflepuss dashed into the backyard. I closed the door and turned around, leaving my hands on the handle behind me. Connie's stern voice worried me.

She walked up and put her hands on her hips. "Kneel."

I sank to my knees. She stepped wide, spreading her legs. She was wearing loose, faded jeans.

"You've already lost the battle with Flufflepuss, Silvee." Connie announced. "You're such a submissive nobody, even that rat of a dog knew you couldn't challenge her status in Kane's den.

"I'll take her to a shelter." I spoke out of fear for the future.

"No." My trainer commanded. "You saved her, and the alpha has accepted her. As the female alpha, I won't let you hurt him. Got that, you gutter bitch?" She grunted.

I cringed and looked away.

SMACK! She slapped my turned cheek. "Don't disrespect me!"

My smarting head snapped back in line.

"You wanted her to stop spazzing out, barking at every damn thing, and I've accomplished what you paid me to do."

There was a "but" coming.

"However, you were sadly mistaken to think that you might control her behavior. Get this through your idiot skull." Connie glared. "You are the lowest of the low. So I had to work some magic, to get Flufflepuss to respond in a way that satisfies the training you requested."

"How- what?" I was confused.

"Open the door just wide enough for the little bitch." She ordered.

When I had obeyed, Connie called out. "Kane! Sit. Sit Kane."

The big, gorgeous, happy lunk dropped his butt on the grass and waited.

"Flufflepuss. Come. Come Flufflepuss."

The sheltie trotted inside, looking smug as usual.

Connie gave me a stern look. "Close the door and stick out your tongue."

I didn't question the odd request. When the sliding door shut, Flufflepuss launched into a rapidfire string of loud, high pitched yaps! The noise distracted me from the directions I'd received.

"I said stick out your damn tongue, Slut!" She pointed at the furious blur of fur scraping at the glass door. "Aim it at the beta bitch."

I acted exactly as she told me - and waited. My eyes darted between Connie and Flufflepuss.

Finally, the little dog noticed what I was doing. She gave a disgusted look at Connie, which surprised me. Then Flufflepuss dropped down and rolled on her back.

Our dominating trainer shifted to explain mode. "A female dog may or may not experience pleasure from mating. They primarily act on instinct. However, they do have an equivalent to the female clitoris. It's not as large, and it's tucked well up inside her vagina. You're lucky that Flufflepuss is small, and incredibly lucky that she responds to stimuli."

My tongue and lips were drying in the air while she 'splained female dog orgasms.

"Their pleasure ranges from absent to mild, Silvia. Flufflepuss seems to enjoy it however. Now get on your hands and knees and stick your tongue into her little, hairy cunt!"

"What?" My incredulous outburst earned my other cheek a hearty SMACK!

"You must stick it in deep and be sure to reach her sensitive tissues." Connie pointed at the sheltie's splayed haunches. "This is how I've trained her to stop barking and act more mildly. Because she sees you only as an expendable member of the pack, you must earn her obedience. It was the only way." Connie raised her hand at me. "Now get down there and tongue fuck the beta until she whimpers!"

I had reached another crossroads where I was forced to submit to a demonic contract. To keep our home devoted to the alpha male, I now would have to serve as Flufflepuss's oral slave.


"Do you want to play, Master?" My lower lip trembled. I held out his ball and tilted my head at the back door. Flufflepuss was probably sleeping on the front room couch. Kane lay in the doorway to my office. He gave me a bored gaze but stood up and stretched. The alpha husky took lazy steps up to me, ignoring the back door. "Shouldn't you be working?" I interpreted his questioning eyes.

The day before, I had closed a difficult but extremely valuable deal to hire a top tier CTO away from one of the largest tech companies in the world. Basically, I refused to take no for an answer. I was fierce in negotiations, but I made sure the client and target communicated faithfully. I totally owned that job. I drank a little too much wine last night. An increasing sadness crashed my winning mood. Kane hadn't fucked me in a week.

I understood while Flufflepuss was in heat, he would mate with her exclusively. She was already showing signs from Kane's potent sperm. I had nothing in my womb except loneliness. Days after her fire had been put out, Kane came to me and made me suck him. I was grateful for his apparent affection, swallowing his super hot cum happily but without orgasming myself. The following day he took me in the ass. While we were knotted, I began masturbating. Flufflepuss ran up barking like a banshee! How dare I threaten her relationship with the alpha while his offspring grew in her womb!

I submissively stuck out my tongue, and she reconsidered. She gave a final, stuttering growl, as if laughing, and rolled onto her back.

While Kane pounded my slick anus, rocking my body. I did my best to steady my tongue and press it deep into the beta's furry cunt.

"You are such a slut!" Connie had laughed when I first dropped to give Flufflepuss oral pleasure in exchange for a modicum of peace and quiet. That insult glowed in the beta's eyes, as the alpha humped his meaty cock in and out of my ass. She accepted me pleasuring her nasty tasting, pregnant twat. She even whined as I drew something of an orgasm from it. Kane slowed, and I worried for a second. Looking into his eyes, I saw he was merely curious.

Kane surprised me by pulling out of my fuck hardened butt. He dismounted and nudged my face away from my mistress. He began licking her saliva dampened slit. Kane didn't know he needed to stick his tongue deeper. He merely imitated what he thought I had been doing.

Flufflepuss responded with mewlings like a cat. They were in love.

The alpha lost all interest in my three cunts, after that day.

I buried myself in work. I was so successful, I would be able to retire wealthy, before I turned forty, in a country home with room for dozens of the pack's pups. Now I felt I had deserved a break, and I had fetched the master's ball. Perhaps he would play with me, I hoped.

Kane bit the ball in my hand and took it to my office. He placed it on the chair. I took my seat as indicated and began sobbing. The alpha lay down in the doorway, confident of his rule.

I hadn't contacted Connie since my ultimate submission to Flufflepuss. I emailed, begging her to save me from abandonment.

"I'll be in touch."

She didn't email again for several miserable weeks. Flufflepuss's litter was almost due. I grew so desperate, I attempted to meet men through a private matchmaking service. None of the wealthy, powerful men whom the matchmaker deemed worthy of me, gave my heart the slightest flutter. I quit the service and began masturbating to porn showing dogs enslaving women. I came a few times, remembering how Kane had mastered me. That well ran dry quickly as my brain bored of the trite tales and faked dominance.

Living without standing, alongside a handsome husky and a snippy sheltie, tore at my heart with loneliness. I wanted their love, but I deserved none. All I could do was beg.

I crawled to Kane while he was resting in the front room. Flufflepuss was outside doing her business, which took a while considering the size of her belly. "Please, Master, let me relieve you." He hadn't had sex in days. I dared to take his fur sheath into my hands and gently stroke it. "I'll take your cum wherever you prefer, my dear alpha."

He turned cold eyes to me, but I persisted. "You need to cum, don't you? Wouldn't you like a nice cunt to take it all? I promise to hold precious every drop." I stroked faster, gripping a little harder. "I'll take your cum. H-here, let me suck you." I bent my lips to the tip of his sheath and licked the hole.

"Woof." The master disapproved with a low bark. I don't think he disliked what I was doing. He simply didn't want me anymore.

Heartache sent me into a panic. "No, please let me! I'ill make it good for you!" I sucked in as much of his sheath as I could. I forced the tip of my tongue into it, hoping to show him the pleasure I wished to give. "Give me your cum, Master! I need to know that you care even that much." Words muted by my fervent desire for appreciation. I sucked and licked his sheath madly!

"WAAWGGHHH!" Kane woofed and bit my hair. He launched himself upwards, ripping out strands by the roots. His spit soaked sheath escaped my clenching lips, and I howled! "AAAAA!!"

He strode to the back door and scratched. He wanted to show his true love that he had defeated the vixen who conspired to weaken them.

I crawled after him. "PLEASE! I JUST WANT TO HELP YOU WITH YOUR CUM!!" I begged. "She doesn't need it. I'll never separate you again. I promise. I'll get by on anything. Just don't abandon me."

His lip curled into a silent snarl. "Open the fucking door, Bitch."

After releasing him outside, I crawled to my office and climbed into my chair. A trail of tears told of my desolate journey. There was an email.

"Come to 5557 Constitution Ave. at 3:30pm on Monday." Connie had written.

When I couldn't sob any more, I marked the calendar. The next day I went out and bought a new outfit. Kane had stopped caring about what I wore.

On Monday afternoon, I drove out of the city to a rural area nearby that had once been farmland until drought had turned it into a dust bowl. I parked before a steel freight container which had been tastefully converted into a tiny home.

Connie's electric, 4WD truck, pulled up beside my Porsche SUV. Two dogs jumped out with her. One was a black doberman, the other looked something like a St. Bernard but larger. It heaved down from the cab, its body shaking like jello. "Good slut." Connie looked me over. "I'm glad you're not late. Now get out of that stupid outfit."

I stood bewildered, as she calmly walked to a wooden door built into the container's side. Looking back she snarled, "I'll have Benji rip it off of you, if you don't move chop chop!" The doberman's sharp ears perked up.

"Y-yes, I agreed but moved slowly. I thought you were going to help me!" I whined, struggling with the copper buttons on my off-white, alpaca coat.

"No, Silvee. You're going to help me. You wrote that the alpha and beta had abandoned you. You wrote that men no longer interest you. I take that as a compliment, by the way." Connie knocked at the door. "From now on, I'm the only person in the world who could possibly care about you. I cared about you more when you paying me. Now you have to earn appreciation from me."

The door opened and a naked woman crawled out. She must have been fifty. Her hair was mostly white with dark brown streaks. Her tits hung like under-inflated water balloons. A bright blue, nylon collar was the only thing she wore. Between her teeth she carried a huge, red buttplug with a footlong, fur tail sprouting from the flange. Ignoring the dirt under her hands and knees, she hurried out and nuzzled Connie's right hip.

"It's good to see you too, Magic."

My fingers stopped unbuttoning my blouse. I had shucked my brand new jacket into the gray dirt.

Connie petted Magic's long, straggly hair. "Did you miss me?"

The woman nodded and sniffed.

"Matador, come." She called. The St. Bernard mix loped forward. Connie glared at me, no doubt for taking too long to strip. Matador reached the two women and looked up, panting. She held a palm to him, and he sat. Magic stood quivering, her eyes wide at the massive canine before her.

Connie then barked at the doberman. "Strip her, Benji!" She pointed at me.

Instinctively, I clutched at my half open blouse. You could just see the blue bra behind it.

Benji tilted his head and sat in the dirt. "Is this right, alpha female?" He panted vibrantly.

Connie sighed. Then she grinned and threw a small bag at me. Catching it, I recognized the logo. They were an exceptional brand of dog treats. Connie commanded, "Teach him."

While Connie helped Matador to mount the naked bitch, I walked up to Benji, compelled by his innocent eyes. I held out a handful of my business skirt's hem to his mouth and said. "Benji, bite this."

It required two treat reinforced commands, to get him to bite and hold on to the unblemished material.

"Stay." I moved away while he gripped my skirt in his jaws. "Strip me, Benji." I said and pulled the expensive material. There was a slight tearing, and I gave him another treat. "Good boy!" I bent and petted his thin ears.

Twenty feet from us, Magic howled. Connie had plugged the hole that Matador wasn't allowed to use. The giant dog must have been the heaviest beast to ever fuck her. Magic's slim frame strained to withstand the beast heaving on top of her. Her eyes were closed to savor the bliss of being ass fucked by something that big. My lungs tried to match the beating of my heart.

"Benji, tug of war." I hoped he knew that game. The doberman, eager for another treat, growled playfully and tugged. "Strip me, Benji." I reinforced the command. He pulled, and my skirt half shredded. The wide panel of my blue panties appeared through alpaca shards. My heart fluttered.

I would continue to serve my alpha male for all the rest of Kane's and Flufflepuss' days. The prospect of my relationship with their pups intrigued me, but I was the lowest of the low at home. I could not expect nor even wish for appreciation there. Before me, right now, Benji's eyes glowed with accomplishment.

I dug into the bag of treats, drooling at the sight of Matador's training. I could hardly wait to fall lower.

The End
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