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Crude remarks lead to an invitation
"I'm telling you mate, that blonde bitch is crying out for a good shagging, under those conservative clothes lies one hot piece of arse. Just look at her husband, he's old enough to be her father; he certainly isn't capable of giving her one. She obviously only married him for his money. No he's useless, we could all screw her and she would still be begging for more."

I quickly realised that they where discussing my lovely little wife Lisa. My own dear little darling. My first reaction was that I was furious, but.... it was also mixed with excitement. I couldn't understand it. These men were talking about the woman I love, in the most disgusting and crude terms but I was being turned on by it. I said nothing, just collected the keys, got the car and left.

For weeks after I found myself thinking more and more about them and found that I was getting an erection every time. We literally hadn't had sex for months and I found the whole idea very arousing. It all came to a head one evening when we where both reading in bed and I knew I had to tell Lisa what they had said. She waited patiently as I told her and I was surprised when she wouldn't let me substitute their four letter words.

After I had finished telling her every crude detail of what they had said about her, she put her hand under the covers and felt my erection and slowly and provocatively started to wank me. When she knew that she had my full attention she said "Well why don't I give the boys a treat and if you are very good and very obedient, I will let you watch. So you can make arrangements to get them up here on Saturday. I don't care how you do it, just get them here." From that day on my wife's attitude towards me changed, she became much more dominant, treating me like a child etc.

On Saturday morning I called at the garage and told the foreman that my wife was still having problems with her car and 'she wanted seeing to' this afternoon and if he could bring some mechanics with him to help sort her problem out, I would pay them extra for their time. He said he would bring 3 of them after they finished work at 12 o clock.

When I got back home my wife was more demanding than ever, she said that I would only be allowed to watch if I wore some of her knickers and tights. Nobody will know if you wear them under your trousers. With that last comment, I reluctantly agreed.

At 12-15 there was a knock at the door, I showed them where the car was and gave them the keys. After about 15 minutes they returned and said that they could find nothing at all wrong with the car. Come in and have a beer and I'll pay you for your trouble. I gave each of them a can of beer and paid them £10 each. They where stood around drinking their beer as Lisa came down the stairs, I had never seen her look like or dress like that before.

Starting from the top, down. Her hair had been tied back, she'd put on dark red lipstick and a heavy eye make-up, she'd got on an almost totally see through blouse and a red quarter cup bra underneath, her nipples where clearly visible. A black stretchy skirt that was that short you could see her stocking tops, she had on 4 inch high heeled shoes.

"Sorry to have kept you boys" she said "I wondered if there was anything that I could give you by way of payment for calling you out on a Saturday afternoon." The lads look at one another and then at me, they didn't know what to do. Lisa started to unbutton her blouse as she said "Come on boys, don't be shy." they didn't need any further encouragement and they slowly gathered around Lisa.

One of the lads said, pointing at me. "What about him?"

"Oh he's just a voyeur" said my wife. "but if you'd be happier, tie him up."

With that 3 of them held me while another went and got a rope from the van.

"I know!" said Lisa. "Why don't you strip him and then tie him up." As much as I tried to resist I was overwhelmed. They laughed their heads off when they saw that I was wearing a pair of Lisa's knickers and tights. They never said anything to me until they where sure that I was securely tied up.

Once they where sure that I was secured, they locked the door and Billy, the one who had been making the comments about Lisa at the garage, patted me on the chin and said "You are about to see your wife get well and truly fucked, just enjoy it, there's nothing you can do about it." With that he went over to the fridge and got out a 6 pack and said. "Let's party!" He turned on the radio and tuned in what he described as 'Raunchy' music and said "Come on Lisa, let's see that arse and tit's bouncing up and down."

"Yes!" said another. "I want to see more of that sexy body." and went over to Lisa and removed her blouse and skirt completely.

That sight really got them going and one of them said "Hey! Lisa's not drinking, what do you drink Lisa?"

"Oh! I'll have a gin, if you get me one. It's in the cabinet in the other room." He returned with the gin bottle and with the help of the others, got Lisa to sit down and he said "Now you see Lisa, we had a couple of drinks before we arrived and we've had a couple more here, so me and the lads reckon it's only right if you catch us up." With that one of them held Lisa's head back whilst another one poured the drink down her throat. "That's a good girl Lisa, drink it all down, we want you nice and pissed." Lisa willingly obliged.

"Right! Time for some serious action." said one of them as he got Lisa to stand on top off the table. "OK Lisa, strip and make it good." Lisa started by dancing provocatively on top of the table. Her arse and tit's bounce in time to the music. She slowly undid the clasp of her bra and let it drop to the table.

"Fuck me!" One of them said. "Look at the size of them tit's! Right Lisa, let's have the knickers off and let's see if your cunt is as nice as your tit's." Without further ado Lisa took off her knickers. "Look! Her cunt's all red and swollen and wet, the randy bitch is begging for it. Well we had better help the poor lady out. Come on lads!"

The lads soon stripped off and all displayed hard cocks bigger than mine. They had her on all fours, one on each side milking her tit's, one with his cock in her mouth and the other up her cunt. When one had come they moved around a position so that each in turn, milked, got sucked and screwed Lisa.

When they had finished I looked at Lisa, her hair was ruffled and it was full of spunk. Her tit's had love bites and there was spunk on her face. Spunk was trickling from here arse and cunt.

That was the first time that my wife had been with anyone other than myself. The first time that I had witnessed her with other men and the start of a totally different life for Lisa and myself.
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