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Part 2 in a long-awaited day of sexual relief for Daisy and Max
Daisy ran to the kitchen and poured herself a glass of water. In the excitement of her after-run session with Max she had forgotten her more immediate needs. Her bout of light headedness faded as she gulped down the water, a bit saddened to feel Max’s aftertaste dissolve on her tongue. Her good boy had followed her to the kitchen, and she made sure to fill up his water bowl as well which he quickly lapped up. The space between her legs tingled with excitement, recalling Max’s tongue doing something very similar to her. So caught up in experimenting with her dog, she hadn’t orgasmed yet, only coming close to it when she had gotten distracted. That was about to change.

Not bothering to beckon Max now, she strolled confidently back to her room after finishing her drink, Max on seeing her leave followed doggedly behind her. A poorly trained dog might have jumped up against her legs and demanded more attention, but Daisy had been sure that Max’s behaviour was perfect. Afterall, he was almost the same size as her, perhaps a bit smaller, but with plenty more muscle. If he wanted to force her to do something, he could very well do it if he didn’t hold back. The thought of it made Daisy smile as she pondered that it may not be too bad for him to take charge. But the thought quickly went, she was the one in control today, she needed to de-stress after working all week. Besides, even after trimming Max’s nails the night before he would still leave a mark with his full weight behind him.

Daisy reached her bedroom again, stretching out lazily across her bed and atop the fluffy towels she had covered it with. Max quickly joined her, giving her hand a lick and standing over her expectantly. She grinned and pulled the dog in towards her, embracing his short and fluffy fur and enjoying how it tickled against her naked skin. Together they rolled about the bed, Max happily twisting in her arms and licking her face whenever he got the chance. Daisy laughed loudly, relishing the good-natured play with her animal. A deep throbbing sensation moved between her legs and up into her chest, reminding Daisy what she had been planning to do these past few years. Daisy released Max, who quickly came to a standing position again, happily looking around for what Daisy was about to do next. Daisy rolled onto her back and wriggled herself to the middle of her bed, propping herself up on her elbows. She pushed her hips upwards and opened her legs so that her special place was facing Max. Max already knew what to do here, he moved between her legs and pressed his long snout to her skin, giving it a quick sniff before covering it with his clever tongue. Now facing her mound directly, Daisy found the sensation completely different to before when he was standing over her. Along with his exploring tongue Max pressed his face into her wetness, his own wet nose pushing against her and almost into her. She gasped in pleasure after Max pushed particularly deep, tongue edging out of his mouth to taste further inside her. Daisy rocked her head to one size, looking to see how much Max was enjoying himself. A smile spread across her face as her eyes locked onto his erect dog dick, standing proudly erect.

Feeling that she was more than wet enough, Daisy pushed herself further up onto her elbows making it so that Max didn’t need to lean down as much to lick her. With some difficulty, she propped herself up on one hand and used the other to drag Max’s front paws over her legs. Thankfully since he was trained so well, he happily obliged changing the target of his licking from her lower lips to her upper ones. Swapping arms, she next dragged the other paw over her other leg, so his furry chest now rubbed against her own and his face was directly in front of hers. Though it was difficult to see, she guessed now that his cock was quite close to her aching hole, so she rolled her hips slightly, exploring the space around them as she weathered the storm of dog kisses to her chin, nose, and lips. Finally, and with great delight, Daisy felt the warm prick of doggy dick, its rubbery tip bouncing off just to left of her vulva. It was so close now. Max could feel it too. His licking had stopped, now simply panted as he stood over her. Daisy slid forward on the bed, moving her hips to the left to accommodate from her touch test. His hot pecker stabbed closer now, rubbing against the edges of her labia. Max knew what was going to happen soon, hunching forward he attempted to push into her, but the odd angle just caused him to slip over and towards her belly. Max whined in dismay. Daisy shared in his frustration as well, pursing her lips in concentration.

‘Almost there…’

She coerced Max backwards again, moving her hips upwards and to the right this time before shifting forward. The small, pointed tip of Max’s dick slotted snuggly into her awaiting wetness.

‘Oh…’ Daisy breathed with delight.

The signal quickly reached Max who hunched forward again, his hot cock sliding into Daisy’s desperate pussy.

‘Oooohhhh…’ Daisy moaned loudly now.

‘Finally!’ She gasped, a tear coming to her eye.

Max was panting heavily now, just as excited as Daisy. After enjoying having his full length inside her for a moment, his natural instinct took over, quickly pulling out until his tip almost left her. The sudden jerk reminded Daisy to help direct him, cooing softly to her dog lover.

‘Gently, please.’

Max shivered at her voice, remembering his training he pushed back into her slowly, not wasting more time before pulling out again and getting into a rhythm of long powerful strokes. Daisy was seeing stars now; she’d waited so long for this moment and it was everything she had wanted. She whispered continued words of praise into Max’s ears, kissing the underside of his jaw as she focused on keeping herself in position and on the pleasure blossoming in her belly.

‘Ahhhh…’ She moaned softly, a shiver rolling through her entire body.

It feels so good.

She climaxed quickly on Max’s dog dick, clamping down on his member while he pushed harder aiming to keep his pace. Daisy relaxed again, feeling herself begin to warm up as she grew more aroused. Max continued, determined. His pace accelerating as Daisy allowed him greater access to her depths. Max’s knot thickened at her entrance, too large now to enter her, but allowing Max to bounce back quickly as he pressed it against her. The gentle stretch as it pushed at her entrance was plenty to enjoy now. Another orgasm rocked through Daisy, her eyes rolling back and a louder moan escaping her throat.

‘Yes!!! Ahhhh…’

To hell with the neighbours. Daisy thought. If they know that I’m having the time of my life right now, then let them. They’d never suspect it’s with my dog! Max suddenly stopped his steady movements, pushing desperately against Daisy, cock becoming hard as a rock. His member spasmed inside her, she moaned as she felt it spray against the opening of her cervix, a sensation she had never known with the dildos she had used over the years.

‘Good boy! Good boy!’ Daisy praised him with delight as the dog stood like a statue, focused entirely on the task of breeding her.

After a time, Daisy felt the tickle inside her fade, his knot softened against her as Max edged backwards and pulled out of her.

As his cock pulled free, Daisy heard a shlock sound as his cum bubbled out, no longer plugged up in her love hole. Instinctively she reached down with a hand and touched her lips, feeling the cum ooze out of her. She pushed a finger in, then a second, as if hoping to contain Max’s love juice within her. Max after taking moment to steady himself moved back to her hole and tried to lick past her hand to the liquid he had just put inside her.

‘Hey!’ Daisy called to him in mock outrage. ‘You gave that to me; you can’t take it back now!’

Max sensing the sarcasm in her words continued licking, intrigued at the mixing of their two flavours.

‘Fuck me! That was amazing.’ Daisy said to herself with a laugh. ‘What did you think boy?’

Max moved away from her legs and delivered a few wet dog kisses to her cheek. Daisy pulled him into a hug and snuggled against his warm fur as he nuzzled his head to the side of her neck.

‘I’ve got to give you a special treat tonight. For all your hard work…’ Daisy whispered into his ear, eyes quickly drooping as she fell into sleep. Now that her sexual needs had been met, her body had decided that sleep was now her greater concern. Max feeling her slowing heartbeat, settled comfortably against his master, enjoying a rare nap with Daisy who was usually so busy during the week. Yet his body still craving more of his master’s touch.

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