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After fucking me one night in the kitchen, my mother's boyfriend fucks me in the bathroom while I'm brushing my teeth. Then he starts fucking me almost every morning, and every time my mother works a double shift. When I need money, he has me give him a blowjob.

My mother’s boyfriend found me in the kitchen at midnight, looking for a snack. He intentionally spilled beer on my nightshirt, making it see-through, then fondled my tits and nipples as I tried unsuccessfully to fight him off. After he explained that I had no choice, since he paid the bills and had my mother completely dick-whipped, he forced me to my knees and made me suck his cock. After that he pulled my clothes off, propped me up on the counter and fucked my pussy raw with his enormous cock while playing with my big boobs and nipples. In an interesting twist, I had an orgasm before he finally blasted a load of cum deep inside my pussy, then grabbed his beer and sauntered out of the kitchen.


The following morning I was brushing my teeth at the sink in my bathroom when Daryl walked in. He had pulled his briefs down below his nut sack, and was stroking his morning wood with one of his hands as he pushed in behind me at the sink. Our eyes met in the mirror, then my gaze drifted down to the huge cock in his hand, and I raised my eyebrows in disbelief.

With my mouth full of toothpaste, I grumbled, “Seriously, Daryl? First thing in the morning?”

“It’s not first thing, Tracy….your mother already gave me a blowjob this morning. But she’s in the shower and I’m hard again, so now it’s your turn.”

As he said this, he grabbed a bottle of baby oil from the counter by the toothpaste and poured it on his dick as he continued to slide his left hand up and down the shaft. With his right hand he pushed my nightshirt up over my head and tossed it on the floor, then pulled my panties down to my knees and pushed my legs apart. Adding a little more oil to his left hand, he rubbed it all over my pussy lips before slipping a finger inside me to add lubrication. Then he stepped between my legs and shoved the head of his cock into my lubed up vagina. With all the baby oil on his cock and on my pussy lips, he slipped in pretty easily. He started rocking his hips behind me, pushing the head of his prick deeper and deeper into my cunt until he had it in as far as it would go. Once he was fully inside me, he began pounding his dick in and out of my pussy in earnest, causing my thighs to bump into the counter with every thrust.

I tried to finish brushing my teeth while he fucked me, ignoring his maniacal grin in the mirror as he watched my boobs swinging back and forth, banging into each other every time he slammed his cock into my pussy. Watching my tits bounce in the mirror seemed to excite Daryl even more, and he released my hips and began squeezing, then slapping both boobs, to watch them bounce and smash into each other as he continued to hammer my cunt from behind.

As I spit out the last of the toothpaste in my mouth, Daryl let out a groan and pulled my ass hard against his hips as he blasted a load of cum deep inside my pussy. He pumped a few more times, then slowly pulled his softening shaft out of me, causing his cum to leak out of my cunt and all over the floor, and onto my panties still stretched between my spread legs.

“Goddamit, Daryl….now I need to shower again and get a new pair of panties,” I grumbled at him in the mirror.

He grinned that stupid grin of his, left his spent cock dangling between his legs, then slapped my ass as he walked out of my bathroom, saying, “Sorry ‘bout that, Tracy. I’ll try to catch you before your shower next time.”

After this, we sort of fell into a kind of routine…..several times a week, Daryl would get his first orgasm from my mother, either a blowjob or a quick morning fuck before she got ready for work. Then he’d slip into my room, or catch me in the bathroom, for another quick fuck before I went to school and he left for his job.

Whenever my mother worked a double shift, I usually had Daryl’s cock in my mouth or in my pussy by dinner time, and sometimes again, before she got home around midnight.

While this wasn’t ideal, it did sometimes come in handy. It turned out that Daryl was pretty generous, if he got what he wanted, as I learned one day when I needed money to go out with my friends. It was a day when my mother was working a double shift, and my friends and I were going to meet at the mall and hang out. We planned to eat dinner at the food court, but I didn’t have any money. So I went into the living room where Daryl was lounging on the sofa…naked, except for those stupid low cut briefs….watching TV with one leg thrown over the back of the couch.

“Daryl, can I have some money? My friends and I are going to eat at the mall.”

“Sure, Tracey. My wallet is in my pants on the chair in the other room. Go grab my pants and bring them in here.”

I got his slacks from the other room and brought them to him in the living, noticing as I handed them to him that he hadn’t moved at all, except to pull his dick and ball sack out of his briefs. He still had one leg thrown over the back of the sofa, with his long, flaccid shaft draped across the other leg. As he took his pants from me, he said, “Thanks, Tracy”, then nodded at his cock resting on his thigh and said, “Go ahead and get started….you know the drill.”

I sighed, then knelt on the carpet by his hips, and reached out with both hands to begin stroking his soft prick. I held the base of his cock in one hand, while I rubbed the tip of his cock and the first three inches, or so, with the other. It wasn’t long before his prick began to stiffen in my hand. Daryl moaned and rocked his hips into my pumping fist, then pushed on the back of my head to encourage me to take it into my mouth. I licked the tip of his prick with my tongue, then closed my lips around his shaft, and started bobbing my head up and down on his cock. Daryl closed his eyes and murmured his pleasure as I fondled his balls and continued sliding my mouth up and down on his dick. A couple of minutes later he pushed on the back of my head and thrust his hips into my face, shoving his cock as far as he could into my mouth, then shooting a huge load of cum down my throat.

I swallowed his initial load, then continued stroking and sucking his dick while he kept pumping his hips and shooting more jizzm down my throat as he emptied his nut sack into my mouth. When he was finally done cumming, I pulled his softening shaft out of my mouth and slipped it back into his briefs, wiped my mouth on my sleeve, then turned to get the money Daryl had promised.

I was a little surprised when he pulled out five twenties, handed them over, and said, “That was fantastic, Tracy. Well worth it. Have a good time with your friends at the mall.”

I said, “Wow. Thanks, Daryl,” as I grabbed the money and got up off my knees.

He said, “No problem, Tracy. Tonight’s a school night, so I expect you home around nine, right?”

Clutching the money in my hand, I started walking out of the living room and hollered, “Yep, I won’t be out too late.”

As I reached out to open the front door, I heard Daryl holler back, “Good. Because your mother’s working a double shift tonight.”
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