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Teen daughter is looking in the fridge for a midnight snack one night when her mother's boyfriend comes into the kitchen. He spills beer on her night shirt, then fondles her tits and forces her to suck his cock, before fucking her on the kitchen counter.
During my junior year in high school my mother started dating a new guy, named Daryl, who ended up moving in after only 3 weeks. He wasn’t one of her worst boyfriends, but he was still kind of weird. He wore black, low cut briefs around the house all the time, and no shirt. I got the impression he thought he came across as a European on a beach in a speedo bathing suit. His guido, jersey-style accent added to the caricature he presented, so it was hard not to laugh whenever I saw him like this around the house.

The one thing he seemed to have going for him was a pretty big cock. I hadn’t seen it up close, but the outline of his shaft – even flaccid – was obvious through the fabric of his tight briefs as he sauntered around the house or lounged in the living room watching TV. He must’ve been pretty good with it, too, because I could hear my mother moaning and thrashing through multiple orgasms several times a week. They weren’t all that discreet, either. I’d see Daryl grabbing my mother’s tits in the kitchen, slipping a hand between her legs while we were driving somewhere, or lying behind her on the couch with his dick sliding in and out of her pussy as we watched a movie. It didn’t seem to matter to them that I was in the room, although they sometimes made a cursory effort to cover themselves with a blanket when fucking on the sofa. My mother had gone through a lot of boyfriends, but always had trouble keeping them. She seemed to have hit the jackpot with Daryl – he paid most of the bills, fucked her several times a week and, unlike the others, was willing to stick around for a while.

I was a junior in high school when Daryl came to live with us and we got along OK. For the most part I just tried to stay out of their way, but one night about 4 months after Daryl had begun living with us, I had gone to the kitchen around midnight for a snack. As I was scouring the fridge for something to eat, Daryl came into the kitchen, stepped up behind me and leaned his crotch up against my ass cheeks, as we both peered into the refrigerator.

“See anything good in there, Tracy?” he asked.

“Daryl!! Holy shit, you startled me!” I said. I was wearing a thin cotton night shirt that barely covered my ass, so leaning into the fridge had pulled it above my butt cheeks, and with Daryl leaning into me from behind, the shaft of his cock was pressing against my ass through his briefs.

“Hey, back up, Daryl….you’re going to knock me over,” I said as I pushed back with my hips to try to make him give me some room.

He didn’t move an inch, and said, “Just grabbing a beer,” as he reached past me with his right arm, purposely bumping my right boob through my night shirt as he grabbed a can of beer off the middle shelf.

Like my mother, I had developed early, and Daryl had certainly noticed. I had a narrow waist, curvy hips, and big, heavy, D-sized boobs that Daryl loved to stare at and occasionally bump into or grab around the house. In the kitchen that night, I was bra-less underneath my night shirt, and my tits were swaying beneath me as I leaned over in the fridge looking for a snack. After Daryl intentionally bumped into my boob, I spun around to face him.

“What the fuck, Daryl?” I said as I tried to use my hands against his bare chest to push him back a little.

He still hadn’t moved back at all, so his prick was still rubbing against my hip as he popped his beer can open, and took a sip.

With a stupid grin on his face, Daryl move the can to my mouth, asking, “You want a sip, Tracy?”

“What? No. I hate beer. What are you doing?”

As I said this, Daryl tipped the can of beer so that it spilled down my chest, soaking through my nightshirt so that it was plastered against my tits like a second skin. The thin cotton material of my nightshirt was now virtually see through, so that you could easily see my nipples and areolas. Daryl put his beer down on the kitchen counter, and grabbed me around the waist with one hand, while he began rubbing and squeezing my jiggling boobs with the other. The cold beer had made my nipples erect, and Daryl grabbed each of them, in turn, pinching and pulling on them through the beer-soaked material. As he held me tight against him with his hand around my waist and fondled my tits, he was also grinding his cock against the front of my hips.

“Daryl, what the fuck are you doing?” I exclaimed. “Stop this or I’ll tell my mother about this!”

He laughed and said, “She’s upstairs sleeping, but go ahead. She’d probably believe you, too. But she won’t do anything about it.”

Still trying to twist away from his tight grip around my waist, I said, ”What are you talking about?”

He laughed again and said, “Think about it, Tracy….your mother’s been looking for someone like me for years….I pay all the bills around here, keep the place up, and she gets fucked almost every day. She’s not giving any of that up.”

As he said this, he pushed my nightshirt up to my chin so that my boobs popped free and were now swinging back and forth in front of me. He grabbed and squeezed both tits, pulling on one nipple and then the other, as he finished making his point.

“And you need a place to stay, too. If you piss your mother or me off, your life is going to be miserable around here, cuz I’m not going anywhere.” He took his hand from around my waist and grabbed my hair, pulling my head back so that I was looking up into his eyes….”And you know I’m right, don’t you?”

Sadly, I did know he was right, and I closed my eyes and responded with a brief nod.

He laughed. Then….still holding me by my hair at the back of my head….he pushed me down to my knees in front of him. His cock had grown as he was grinding it against the front of my hips, and the silly European-style briefs he was wearing couldn’t begin to contain it. I could see the mushroom-shaped tip, and about 3 inches of his shaft sticking out past the top of his underwear. With his free hand he pulled my nightshirt off over my head and tossed it aside, then pushed the top of his briefs down so that his semi-hard cock popped out, slapping my face as it dangled in front of me. He kicked off his briefs, and spread his legs, so that his balls could swing more freely between his legs. Then he pulled my face toward his growing dick and said, “Go on, Tracy…you know what to do.”

Grudgingly, I opened my mouth and Daryl shoved his prick into it.

From seeing Daryl run around the house in just his briefs, and catching sight of him fucking my mother on the couch, I knew he had a pretty big dick, but it was even bigger up close than I expected. I’d sucked cock before….I’d had two high school boyfriends and one college boyfriend, and the college dick was pretty big…..but Daryl’s was bigger than that, and I was struggling to get it into my mouth without gagging. Daryl didn’t care, though, he was using his hand behind my head to hold me still while he pumped his hips, thrusting his stiff rod as deep into my throat as he could. He kept doing this until he was rock hard and fully erect. Then he took his stiff shaft out of my mouth and pulled me up from my knees. He lifted me onto the kitchen counter, pulled my panties off and tossed them onto the floor by my nightshirt, then spread my legs and pulled me to the edge of the counter. He pushed me back so that my elbows rested on the counter, then grabbed his stiff cock with one hand, lined it up with my exposed pussy and, with a massive push, shoved it deep into me. Once he was inside, he started pounding his dick in and out of my cunt in earnest, while he reached up and played with my swinging tits as they bounced back and forth from the force of his lunges.

Holy shit, he was big. To my surprise, my body started responding to his prick slamming in and out of my pussy and his hands squeezing my tits, causing my pussy to become extremely wet. With his cock pounding my cunt and rubbing against my clit with each thrust, I felt a massive orgasm building between my legs until it crashed over me like a wave hitting the beach, ripping through my entire body from nipple to clit.

Daryl picked up the pace and, grabbing my hips with both hands, shoved his cock into me as deep as it would go before shooting a huge load of cum all over the inside of my cunt. He kept rocking his hips as he came, pumping his semen into my pussy until his nut sack was finally empty.

I lay there on the counter with my eyes closed, catching my breath, as Daryl stood between my spread legs with his dick still shoved deep inside me. After a minute or two, his softening shaft slipped out of my vagina, causing a mixture of cum and pussy juices to spill onto the kitchen floor between his legs.

He helped me down from the counter and said, “That was amazing, Tracy. I knew you’d be a good fuck the first time I laid eyes on you. Next to your mother, you’ve got the best set of tits I’ve ever seen.”

Then he grabbed my panties and wet night shirt from the floor, tossed them at me and said, “Now clean this mess up…I’m going to bed.”

Holding my discarded clothes to my chest, I grumbled back at him, “What about my snack?”

“Sure, Tracy….get yourself something to eat,” he said, as he grabbed his beer off the counter and sauntered out of the kitchen.
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