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The need to be fucked
And Then By Chance

Before starting this story let me introduce myself. My name is Ralph and I am a light skinned Black man 24 years of age. I am 6-4 in height and weigh 205. I live in New York City.

It was on a Sunday afternoon that I ventured into New Jersey. I had a friend that lived in New Princeton NJ. I spent most of the day there. Then around 5:00 PM as I was leaving , it started raining. So now I am in Griggstown on Canal Road and the car ahead of me skids of the road into the canal. I quickly parked my car on a clear patch of the road popped my car trunk and grabbed a tire iron and immediately jump into the canal. The car was about to sink in the water. I could not open the door I broke the glass with the tire iron and then was able to unlock the door. I then took out the older woman and brought her back to the banks of the canal. Then quickly went back to the car. I opened the door and extracted the other woman out of the car. They were both unconscious. I then took off my shirt to wipe the blood off the younger woman’s face. I then ran back to my car to call 9-1-1. I also got a thermal blankets and placed over the the two woman. I used an umbrella to keep the rain from hitting their faces and upper body. Ten minutes later the ambulance came along with two state trooper police cars. I heard one police officer say that the stupid air bags did not deploy.

As I stayed at the scene of the accident , the younger woman regained consciousness. The older woman was still being treated as she remained unconscious. Then 5 minutes later as I was just about to leave the younger woman started walking towards me. The young lady that was crying as she approached me says “thank you”. I said it was nothing and I am glad that you are OK. I hope the other woman is OK. The other lady is my mother. The young lady starts to walk away and runs back to me hugged me and said thanks again.

I then say can I ask you what happened. The young lady says a deer ran out onto the road and she tried to avoid it. She also said that she lost control of the car , hit a pole and then plunged into the canal. And it was the deepest part of the canal. Her head hit the steering wheel. Her mother’s head hit something as well. I then told her that I saw the car plunge into the canal. I jumped out , got my tire iron from the trunk and ran over to the canal and jumped in. I also told the young lady that both you and your mother were unconscious as I extracted them from the sinking car.

Now let me describe the young lady to you, she is a tall slim Indian woman and has a milk chocolate skinned complexion. As far as I can tell , she is less than 30 years of age.

She tells me her name is Lakshmi. Her mother has now regained consciousness. Lakshmi says please don’t leave yet. Then runs over to her mother. Seems like her mother will be ok. Then Lakshmi comes back over to me. She says how can I ever thank you. As I tell her it’s not necessary , her car has just submerged into the waters of the canal. Lakshmi insists and asked me for a way to contact me. I give her my phone number. Then I got into my car and drove away.

I got home and immediately poured myself a shot of vodka.

Then another. Then I sat in my recliner in the living room, turned on the TV and relaxed.

So now a week has passed. I am watching the news, then I get a phone call. It is a woman asking to speak to Ralph. I said this is Ralph. She says hi Ralph this is Lakshmi. The lady that you saved last week. I said Hi Lakshmi how are you and your mother doing. Lakshmi says thanks to you we are fine. I said I am really glad to hear that. Lakshmi then says that her and her mother would like to invite me to dinner as a means to show your our appreciation for saving us. I say you don’t have to do that, anyone would have done what I did. Lakshmi says but it was you who saved us. Lakshmi then insists that I come for dinner. I then relent and says OK. Text me the address , date and time. Then Lakshmi says great , see you then and hangs up.

So Saturday comes and I am on my way to Lakshmi’s place. I park my car in the guest parking area. I then rang the building door bell. Lakshmi asked who is it, I responded it’s Ralph. Then I got buzzed into the building. Then I got off of the elevator and walked towards Lakshmi’s apartment. Then I rang the doorbell. Lakshmi answers the door, she opens the door , then with a smile she says hello Ralph and then says come in.

Lakshmi takes my jacket and then says can I take those (which were two bottles of wine). I said yes. So Lakshmi takes the wine into the kitchen

Lakshmi says have a seat , make yourself comfortable. About two minutes later Lakshmi’s mother comes into the living room. She says is the young man who saved our lives, Lakshmi says yes it is. Then the mother walks towards me I stand up to greet her. Lakshmi’s mother hugs me and kisses me on the side of my face. I blush and then say anyone would have done what I did. The mother says but it was you who saved our lives. I then say that is exactly what your daughter said. Then I sat back down. Lakshmi then comes out and says can I get you something to drink. I said some juice or wine , then Lakshmi says so wine it is.

Then Lakshmi goes back into the kitchen. I look at her as she is walking away. WOW she has nice legs and long jet black hair that extends down to her waist. Even with that nice dress on , I could see a great outline of her body. So then Lakshmi hands me a glass of White Zinfandel that I brought. Then the mother start asking me a ton of questions. How old I was , where I lived, where I worked, educational questions. Then Lakshmi came out of the kitchen and said mother please. Ralph came for dinner and not to be interrogated. Then Lakshmi bailed me out and asked me to help her in the kitchen. When I got into the kitchen, Lakshmi said I am sorry about my mom interrogating you. I said thanks for bailing me out. Then we laughed. This was the first time I looked into Lakshmi sparkling eyes. Then I focused on her luscious lips as she spoke. Damn she is gorgeous. Lakshmi said here take this and put this dish on the table. Then I return to the kitchen. Lakshmi asked me did I have much traffic driving here. I said no , it was a quick ride. Then Lakshmi gave me another another dish. I said WOW this is a lot of food and it smells and looks delicious. Lakshmi, shooed me out of the kitchen and says now sit down and relax as you are our guest.

So I return to the couch and continue drinking my wine. Lakshmi tells her mother please no more questions for Ralph.

Now Lakshmi brings out the last dish of food and a bottle of wine. Her hair is now rolled up. I ask can I pour you ladies a glass of wine. Lakshmi says that would be good. So all three of us are situated at the table and then Lakshmi gets up and fixes me a plate. I said thank you. We started eating, boy was the food great. I asked what is this , what was that and what is this. Lakshmi said Ralph have you ever eaten Indian food before. I said no, but all of this is really good. The mother smiled and said I taught her. We laughed. Lakshmi said I am glad you like my cooking. I said I hope I can take some of this home. Lakshmi smiles and said of course. I poured another round of wine. We talked a little more. Then Lakshmi’s mother said that’s it for me as I am tired. Lakshmi’s mother said it was nice meeting you Ralph and went back to her bedroom to retire for the night. Lakshmi started to clean the dining room table. I offered to help. Lakshmi said thanks but go sit back down on the couch and relax. Take this other bottle of Zinfandel with you. So Lakshmi has finished clearing the table and the dishes etc have been placed in the dish washer.

Lakshmi then plays some jazz music. I said WOW you like jazz. Lakshmi says yes her father played the saxophone. I said REALLY , WOW !! Then Lakshmi then joined me on the couch. Lakshmi said “I am glad you enjoyed the dinner. I just had to thank you. So honesty did you really liked the food”. I did and I would like to take some home with me. Lakshmi says just remind me. Then I asked Lakshmi could she do me a favor. Lakshmi says what. I said could you let down your pretty hair again. Lakshmi ask why, I said because your jet black hair is so beautiful. Lakshmi said that is the least I could do. So Lakshmi let her hair back down.

I said WOW Lakshmi blushes.

Ralph you really think my hair is beautiful. I said yes just like you. Lakshmi says WOW thank you Ralph. I said I wish I was older. Lakshmi said , so now I am an old lady. Ralph says no , that just came out wrong and said sorry again. Lakshmi laughed and said I am just kidding with you. I then said but you are beautiful.

Then Lakshmi says you have had too much wine. I said no way. I can’t get drunk on wine. Has to be the hard stuff. Lakshmi said like what. I replied rum, vodka or gin. Lakshmi says yep that’s the hard stuff. Then I asked Lakshmi could I pour you another glass of wine. Lakshmi says are you trying to get me drunk. I said no way.

Lakshmi says Ralph I am glad you have had a nice evening. I said sorry I did not realize that it was getting this late. I also wish that it wasn’t this late. Lakshmi then say why ??? I said because I would have loved to asked you to go dancing with me. Lakshmi says I love dancing and says it’s not so late and it’s Saturday. Then I say would you like to go dancing with me. Lakshmi says yes and she knows a club that is not too far.

Lakshmi said give me 25 minutes. I said take your time. So she tells her mother that she is going dancing and will be back in a few hours. WOW Lakshmi looks great. Black Jeans and a white blouse. Her hair is in a long ponytail. She had on a red leather jacket.

Lakshmi says leave your car here we will catch a taxi, this way you can have a couple of drinks. So we get to the club and it’s just one sea of people dancing etc. we check in our jackets. We then get a drink. I order a white wine for Lakshmi and a gin and grapefruit for myself. Then Lakshmi says let’s see what you got. We head to the dance floor. We are dancing and having fun. Then another fast club songs plays. We again have more fun. Lakshmi is laughing and smiling.

Then a guy comes over to her and says hello baby. Lakshmi says hello Charles. Then he says can I talk to you for a minute. Lakshmi says she is here with her friend and said no.

But you can quickly say what you have to say. He says I miss you and want to apologize. Lakshmi says no need and take care of yourself , then Charles walks off.

I did not ask Lakshmi who that was but I could guess. Anyway Lakshmi really looks sexy with that long black ponytail hanging down over her left shoulder. Another fast club song plays. We dance for that one song.

Then we go back to the bar. I order another glass of white wine for Lakshmi and another gin and grapefruit juice for myself.

We then find a place to sit down. Lakshmi says aren’t you going to ask me who that was. I said it’s non of my business. Lakshmi said ok , but I will tell you anyway. it was my old boyfriend. He is 30 years old , 4 years older than me and he cheated on me. He cheated on me because as he says I wasn’t putting out. We dated for 5 months and then I caught him red handed kissing another woman with his hands on her ass. All of this happened 4 months ago. My first boyfriend just left me because as he also said I wasn’t putting out but at least he did not cheat on me.

So I said your 26 years old. Yes I am. I said nice. Lakshmi smiles and said why did you say nice. I said nice because you are not that much older than me. Lakshmi says let’s dance. So we head back to the dance floor. So Lakshmi starts down to the dance floor. I then say to Lakshmi let me go first. Lakshmi says GOOD. I asked Lakshmi why she said GOOD. Lakshmi says she has to stop walking in front of me. I said why ??? Lakshmi then says because your eyes are burning up my ass. Damn she was direct. I said OK I am busted but I did not mean to steer and surly not to be so obvious. You can’t blame me for looking though.

We finally get to the dance floor and we started dancing to nice club music the dance floor is crowded , people spinning, turning, doing their thing. Everyone is having fun including us. So another fast record plays , we dance. Then another one plays. Lakshmi is really having fun. Then the lights dim as the DJ says we are going to slow it down a bit. A slow song plays Lakshmi starts to walk off the dance floor but I just managed to get her hand and then let it go as she turned back to me. I then motioned to her with my hand to come here. Lakshmi then slowly walks back towards me. So I then wrap my arms around Lakshmi as she does the same to me. We are now dancing slow. I asked Lakshmi are you having a nice time. Lakshmi says “yes , I love to go dancing, I am glad you accepted my invitation”. Then I tightened up our embrace just a little , drawing Lakshmi closer. I then start rubbing her back as we danced. Lakshmi then rest her head on my shoulder. I said Lakshmi, I am sorry for steering at your ass but you really do have a lovely ass and can you really blame me for looking. Lakshmi laughs and says you have had too much to drink. I said not even close. My hands then slide down to her lower back as I massaged that area while dancing. I could feel my dick getting hard as there was now a bulge in my pants.

I thought I heard Lakshmi take a deep breath. So I let my hands go down to her waist then just to the beginning top of her ass. Lakshmi then said Ralph ! and moved my hands back up. We kept dancing. Then the song ended , Lakshmi started to make a motion to leave but I held onto her hand as the next slow song started playing. Lakshmi looked me in the eyes , hesitated for a moment then came to me. We embrace, I held her much tighter this dance. I immediately started massaging her back and she once again rested her head on my shoulder. I could feel my raging dick trying to escape to freedom. I though that Lakshmi could feel it too.

Then I heard Lakshmi moan. Then I knew for sure she felt the hardness of the bulge that was in my pants. Lakshmi then started motioning her lower body in unison with mine. I held her a little tighter. I then told her that she really feels good here in my arms. I said I can feel the warmth of your body while it’s pressed to mine. I can feel you as you take each breath. Lakshmi takes a deep breath. I can feel her heaving breast upon my chest. Lakshmi holds me a little tighter. I then slid my hands down to the top of Lakshmi’s ass. She did not remove my hands from her ass this time, nor did she complain. I started massaging the top of her ass as we danced. Lakshmi pressed her head into my shoulder. Then the music stops and a fast song is now playing. I told Lakshmi it’s it’s getting late. Lakshmi says it’s still early it’s Saturday remember. So I said ok but it’s time for another drink. So we get another round of drinks and head back to the table. We sat down and I immediately said boy I love dancing with you. It’s so much fun and the slow songs you feel so good in my arms.

Lakshmi says yes she liked those slow songs even though I don’t dance to slow songs a lot.

But it was good dancing slow with you. Then I said to Lakshmi you must have had too much to drink. We both started laughing. I then said to Lakshmi I am having a great time , since you like jazz I would like to take you to a jazz dinner club in the village in NYC. Lakshmi said she would like that. Then we talked about where and what she did at work. Then I asked did she have any hobbies. Then Lakshmi said enough talk , let’s dance some more. Lakshmi said she would walk ahead of me and said so you could look at my nice ass as you put it. We then laughed as we headed down to the dance floor. We danced to three fast songs. Then the DJ slowed it down a bit as the lights dimmed. Lakshmi looks at me and comes towards me. We embraced for this dance. My hands are on her waist and the middle of her back. I started massaging both her back and her waist as Lakshmi has now rested her head on my shoulder. The bulge in my pants is really hurting, and really wants to be free of the constraints of my pants. My left hand then slides onto the top of Lakshmi’s ass. I know that Lakshmi can feel the hardness of what’s in my pants, as once again our lower bodies are moving in unison. I slid my hands a little lower on her nice ass. Lakshmi did not remove my hands off her nice ass as my hand was now on the round part of her ass. I then started massaging Lakshmi’s nice ass as we danced. I could feel her breast as they were heaving on my chest as she took deep breaths. We were no longer really dancing but grinding on each other. Like I said it was crowded on the dance floor and the lights were really dimmed.

Now the songs has ended and the DJ says “now it’s time to cool off , it was getting too hot up in here” and then a fast club song starts to play. I then lead Lakshmi off of the dance floor.

Lakshmi then said it was time to leave. We called a taxi and then went back back to her apartment. As I walked Lakshmi to her apartment, Lakshmi said she really had a nice time. I tried to get a good night kiss from Lakshmi as she opened her apartment door , but she turned away. As I took two steps down the hall , Lakshmi calls me and motions with her hands to come here. So I head back towards Lakshmi. Lakshmi reaches out her hands and then embraces me. Then she kisses me. I returned the kiss and drew her into my body. Lakshmi then sticks her tongue into my mouth. We kissed for about 30 seconds. The Lakshmi said good night and drive safe.

So I started driving home but felt tired so I checked into a Holiday Inn express motel. I also realized that I forgot to ask for

my food to take home.

Then in the morning before I checked out , I called Lakshmi to say hello. I asked her did you sleep good. Lakshmi said Hi Ralph did you get back home OK. I said I was tired so I just checked into a Holiday Inn. Lakshmi then asked are you OK. I said yes , I just wanted to say hello before I checked out of the hotel. Going to get something to eat first. Wow Ralph if you were not so far away , I would have cooked breakfast for you. I said I am only 10 miles away. Your offer still good. Lakshmi says Yes. Lakshmi buzzed me into the building and then opened her apartment door when I rang her apartment door bell. Lakshmi breaks out into a smile when she sees me. Lakshmi says come in and have a seat.

Lakshmi says it’s not even our second date and I am cooking for you. I said so last night was our first date. Lakshmi says yes and she enjoyed it very much.

I said WOW so I am dating you.

Lakshmi said I thought you enjoyed being with me, sorry to be so presumptive. I said Lakshmi stop talking and come over here. She approaches me , I get up from the couch. I then hug Lakshmi and say there is nothing more than I would like than to be dating you. Then I kissed her. Lakshmi returns the kiss even more passionately.

Then I hear a noise, it’s Lakshmi’s mother clearing her throat. Lakshmi’s mother says good morning you two. Then says something smells good. Lakshmi tells her mother that Ralph started home last night but felt tired so he checked into a Holiday Inn hotel. He was so close to the apartment this morning, so I invited him back to have breakfast.

Lakshmi has on grey baggy sweatpants and a tee shirt with no bra on. So breakfast is ready. Lakshmi brings a plate of food and some orange juice to her mother’s bedroom. Then she brings out two plates of food for us. We are sitting down at the dining room table. So Lakshmi asked me what I liked about last night. I said the slow dance. Lakshmi said me too. I then also said and watching you as you walked in front of me. WOW Ralph you really like my ass. I said is it still burning. Then we both laughed.

Lakshmi puts two of her fingers into her mouth and is looking at me in a sinister way. Then I feel a foot between my legs. Lakshmi then starts rubbing my dick with her feet. I told Lakshmi that she is bad. Lakshmi smiles and say I know. I then grab her foot and start massaging it. Lakshmi loves that. Then says now do the other one and laughs.

Lakshmi says , so are you going to stay here with me today. I don’t have to go to work but I have to change my clothes, so yes I have to go home. Lakshmi says can I come. I say I would love to have you with me today. Lakshmi says give me about 90 minutes as I have to clean up in the kitchen and then take a shower.

I start to help in the kitchen and we have finished. Lakshmi then says thanks and kisses me. We embraced and kissed some more. I could feel her warm breast on my chest. Lakshmi pushes me up against the wall.

I then grabbed her and wrapped my arms around her. Then she moved her lower body into mine.

My dick was getting hard and she could feel my raging dick push between her legs right over her pussy that was covered with her sweatpants. I started rubbing her back but my hands quickly moved down to her nice ass. Lakshmi moaned. Then I started rubbing that nice ass of hers. Then I moved my right hand up the side of her body onto her left tit and started massaging it. I got a nice moan out of Lakshmi. I then started massaging her tee shirt covered nipple. Boy that got a big gasp and a moan out of Lakshmi. Then I heard her say “Oh Ralph” I then reached under her tee shirt and continued massaging her nipple. Lakshmi then started gyrating her sweatpants covered pussy onto my pants covered dick. I asked Lakshmi does she like the way that feels.

Lakshmi then kissed me. Damn her nice ass feels so good in my hands. Then Lakshmi says shower time. I slap her on the ass as she leaves the kitchen.

Then I sat down in the living room looking at Indian magazines. A little over an hour and Lakshmi comes into the living room. WOW you look so delicious. Lakshmi says delicious ??? I said yes delicious !!! Lakshmi tells her mother that she will be back later.

We are about to go into Manhattan, but I stopped and picked up two bottles of White Zinfandel and one bottle of Asti Spumante. Then we head into Manhattan. I park my car in my apartment complex garage. Then we take the elevator up to my apartment. I live on the 12th floor and have a view facing the Hudson River and New Jersey.

I tell Lakshmi let me take your jacket and make yourself at home. I then play some jazz. Lakshmi loves the Marcus Miller ***********ion. Then I asked Lakshmi what type of food do you want to eat later. Lakshmi puts her fingers into her mouth and gives me a devilish look. I shake my head and said “You are bad”. Then Lakshmi says you choose.

I then ask Lakshmi can I get you something to drink. Lakshmi says some of that Zinfandel.

I then get an already opened bottle that I had and I poured two glasses of Zinfandel for us.

Now I tell Lakshmi I am going to take a quick shower and finally get out of these clothes. I asked Lakshmi if she wanted to join me if she wanted to. I said you can wear some of my sweatpants and a top. Lakshmi surprisingly said ok.

I said I can get you something to keep you hair dry. I then got Lakshmi some clothes to put on after her shower.

I turn on the water and get it nice and warm then I got into the shower. About a minute later Lakshmi joins me. I said WOW , you are truly beautiful. I am fixated on her grapefruit sized breast with nice dime sized nipples. Long legs , strong thighs. And then I got to see that nice ass of hers. Lakshmi gets wet in the shower then gives me the soap and said can you do my back for me. I lathered up the soap and started washing Lakshmi’s back. Then I lathered her nice ass up with the soap. Then I started massaging her nice ass.

Lakshmi says so you finally got what you wanted and laughed.

I said baby you really have a nice ass. I bend down into the shower and I kiss her lovely ass. Lakshmi says “you really do like my ass, WOW”. I then get up and have Lakshmi’s back to my chest. My dick is now hard. My dick is between Lakshmi legs and slightly touching Lakshmi’s unseen pussy. I then start soaping up Lakshmi’s tits. Lakshmi moans as I am massaging her nice melons. Then I start massaging her nipples. Her nipples get hard real fast. She is now pushing her ass into my dick. Lakshmi is now moaning loudly as I am having fun massaging her nipples and kissing her neck. I asked Lakshmi if she likes that. She says yes, your hands feel so good rubbing my breast. You have such strong but soft hands. Then Lakshmi says let me do your back. Lakshmi starts washing my back. She also is kissing me on my neck.

Then she pressed her nice tits on my back. Then she reaches around me and starts soaping up my dick. In no time she has my dick to its full 7 inch inches.

I say baby that feels so good. Lakshmi says “WOW I knew you were big , but I had no idea that you had this big gun”. I had to stop her because I was almost ready to cum. I said let me finish washing up. Lakshmi said your no fun. Then I stepped out of the shower and dried off.

Lakshmi also got out of the shower 5 minutes later.

Lakshmi has on some of my sweatpants and a tee shirt.

I said baby come over her and sit down on this pillow that’s on the floor so I can dry your hair.

So now I have finished drying Lakshmi’s hair the best I could.

I told Lakshmi you have long beautiful hair.

I then say can I get you another glass of wine. Lakshmi says yes.

So we are now sitting on the couch. Lakshmi says can you massage my feet again. I really loved your strong soft hands rubbing my feet. So I got up and got some baby oil. I brought back a towel too. I started massaging Lakshmi feet and she was saying that feels so damn good. Then I move up to massage Lakshmi’s back. I push up her tee shirt and start massaging her back. I then lick her back. Lakshmi says OH baby that feels good. I then start massaging her sides. Then my hands run over the sides of her tits. Lakshmi moans. I then say take off the tee shirt. Without hesitation, Lakshmi removes the tee shirt. I then massaged her shoulders then her whole back. I started licking her back from the waist all the up to her neck. Lakshmi starts moaning again and says that’s good baby. Then I tell her to turn over.

I then immediately start kissing her tits, then licking her nipples, then sucking her nipples. Then I hear OH RALPH. Now I get her nipples nice and hard. Then I pour some baby oil on her tits and then start massaging her tits. Occasionally tweaking her nipples. Lakshmi says baby that feels so so good and you have now totally relaxed me. I then start sucking her nipples again.

Then with my right hand I slip my hands down into her sweatpants. Wow she has a lot of hair down there. I find her nice pussy slit and Lakshmi jumps. I then run my hand up and down her slit until it is wet. Then I start massaging her clit.

Lakshmi is squirming her ass into the couch. I am still sucking her nipples. Then Lakshmi opens up her legs wider. She calls out my name and the she cums. Lakshmi says she needed that. Then Lakshmi says I have only been in your apartment about 45 minutes and you have made me cum. Lakshmi then sits up on the couch. She kisses me. I bring her to me and we are now playing tongue tag. Then she reaches down into my sweatpants and starts massaging my dick. Then she pulls my sweatpants down. Then she gets on her knees and kisses my dick head and says Hi BIG BOY. I laugh. Then she starts licking my mushroom dick head. Then she starts sucking my dick head. I said “baby that feels great. Your mouth is so warm” then she starts sucking and licking my whole dick. Lakshmi is having fun sucking my dick. I wonder why these guys dumped her. In any case this dick sucking that she is giving me is off the charts. Again I stop her because if I let her continue, then I will be cumming all over the place.

I then tell Lakshmi let’s go into the bed room. I pulled back the covers and the top sheet. Lakshmi lays down into the bed. Then I take off my shirt. I then kiss Lakshmi and start sucking her nipples again. I start rubbing her clit and her pussy slit. Damn her pussy is soaking wet. Then I move down between her legs. I said damn this is one pretty sight. I then started licking the side of her outer pussy lips. Then the inside, then I stick my tongue into the folds of her wet pussy. Now I start flicking my tongue on her clit. Then I started licking her clit, then I started sucking her clit. Lakshmi is gasping for air and her nice ass is squirming in the bed. Then I tried to insert my fingers into her pussy hole to massage her G Spot. Lakshmi then stops me and moves my hand away. I am puzzled so I don’t do that anymore. I continued sucking her clit. Lakshmi cums for me the second time today. I kept my tongue on her clit after she came only applying a little pressure then none, then a little pressure, then none. This is a routine that I like to use it drives women crazy. After doing this for 3 to 4 minutes Lakshmi starts wiggling her ass and then I hear a moan. Now I start the licking and sucking assault on her clit again. Lakshmi is cumming again I jump up to try to shove my dick into her wet pussy. Lakshmi shoves me off of her. I was shocked, Lakshmi said not this , not this baby.

Then it hit me she is a Virgin. I said sorry baby I did not know.

Then I kissed her. Then she returned the kiss. I started massaging her nipples again and then she caressed my head as I sucked her nipples. I then laid down next time her. Then Lakshmi started rubbing my dick then she moved down my legs. Then she caresses my dick in her mouth. She is sucking my dick better than any of my other old girlfriends. She is sucking my dick with a purpose. She wants me to cum in her mouth but the question is will she swallow. Damn this shit is good. Then with the swell of my balls I blast my cum deep into her mouth hitting the back of her throat. Then she swallows everything , wipes her mouth and then licks her fingers.

I said that was good baby. She licks her fingers again and says I know. Then she lays back down with me. I tell her to lay on top of me. Now her warm body is on top of me. Her tits are hanging on each side of my chest. I have her nice juicy ass cupped in my hands. I am massaging her nice ass. Her wet pussy is resting on my dick. Then she kisses me. This is the first time in my life that I am tasting my own cum.

I then pull the covers over us. Then I go back to massaging Lakshmi’s nice ass. I then said Lakshmi baby I did not know you are a virgin. So that’s what you meant when you told me that you wasn’t putting out. that’s why they cheated on you or left you.

Let me tell you this I will never force you to do anything you don’t want to do. I will never again try to insert my fingers or my dick into your love hole.

In this beginning of our friendship, I love making you cum. I love licking and sucking your nice tasting sweet pussy. I love your nice juicy ass and I love sucking you nice tits.

I love the way you suck my dick.

When you are ready for this dick just take it. Now I want to lick that nice pussy of yours some more. Lakshmi says you won’t leave me or cheat on me because I won’t let you fuck me. That’s right. Now come here so that I can lick that nice juicy hairy pussy of yours. Lakshmi says “WOW you are different, I want you to cum in my mouth. You are different”. Then Lakshmi hugs me. Lakshmi says “I will only let you play with my pussy if you let me have fun with BIG BOY at the same time”.

So now we are laying here in my bed in the 69 position with you on top of me. I am holding that beautiful nice ass of Lakshmi as I am feasting on her lovely virgin pussy. Her nice round melon tits are dangling on my stomach as Lakshmi has my 7 inch dick wrapped up with those luscious lips of hers, deep in the warmth of her mouth. I am massaging her nice ass and she is massaging my mushroom head dick. Then she makes my dick disappear into her mouth. Lakshmi pussy is really wet. The more intense she sucks my dick the wetter her love box gets. I can actually see her love juices as it seeps down her nice pussy slit.

I then stop looking at her pulsating dripping pussy and get back to the business of pleasuring her pussy. I start licking and sucking Lakshmi erect pink clit. It is now becoming harder for Lakshmi to continue sucking my dick as she is constantly moaning and stopping to savor the joy that I am giving her most beloved treasure. The treasure that is found between her legs. Now I am only sucking Lakshmi’s clit. Lakshmi completely stops sucking my dick. She has her face laying on my thigh with my dick right in front of her. She is really enjoying my hot tongue in her steaming wet pussy. Lakshmi is crying out my name.

Lakshmi is moaning.

Lakshmi is getting her slit serviced. Lakshmi calls out my name again. OH Ralph !!!

Lakshmi’s pussy is signing to my tongue that has her clit trapped in my mouth.

OU, OU, OU; that’s it baby; OU OU baby; Damn baby; OH, OU, OU, OH; OH , OH , OOOOO !!!

And then Lakshmi actually cums

ooooOOOOOOO !!!$&@.

Lakshmi cums all over my face.

Her cum and juices are dripping down the side of my face. I can still feel her throbbing pussy on my tongue. Lakshmi says Damn baby that was good. I knew I liked you for some reason and she started laughing. I almost choked from her juices in my mouth as I briefly laughed.

But I don’t release her clit from the grips of my mouth. I kept pressure on her clit without moving my tongue, then I would release the pressure of my tongue on her clit. I did this for 3 or 4 minutes. I then was still massaging her nice ass. Then I heard Lakshmi moan. Then her ass wiggles. I then slowly started massaging her clit. Then Lakshmi ass wiggles a bit more. Then I hear louder moans. So now I started sucking her clit with more vigor. Then finally I am licking, lapping and sucking Lakshmi clit. Then I once again trapped her clit between my top lip and my tongue. I am massaging the bottom of her sensitive clit. Lakshmi is going crazy. Then she cums for me again. Lakshmi is making all of the same sounds as when she came the previous time. But this time in addition to the sounds her body was thrashing all over. I had to put a lot of force on her nice ass to keep her clit right on my tongue. I could see her puffy ass hole pulsating. Then I heard her say DAMN BABY !!!!

I give her time to regain her senses.

I then tell Lakshmi to turn around and come and lay on me. So Lakshmi is now kissing me , playing tag with my tongue within my pussy coated mouth. Lakshmi then raises her head and looks at me. She doesn’t say anything but just looks at me and smiles.

She then starts shaking her head while still smiling. Then she says that her and her pussy never felt so good. I kiss her as I am massaging her nice ass. I then say you can expect more of this as I love licking and sucking your sweet pretty Indian pussy. Lakshmi says that was so good that she had to stop sucking BIG BOY. Now let me finish what I started. So Lakshmi moves down between my legs and starts sucking my dick again. In 8 minutes I came deep in that lovely mouth of hers. Lakshmi swallows everything, wipes her mouth with her fingers and then licks her fingers. Then she starts sucking my now sensitive dick again to extract the remaining cum that is in my dick. Damn she is good at giving head. So now Lakshmi is resting her head on my thighs with my dick facing her.

A few minutes have now passed since my 7 inch dick has exploded in Lakshmi’s hot wet mouth.

Now Lakshmi comes and lays on top of me again. I said damn baby that was good. Lakshmi “says I love sucking your nice mushroom head dick”. I wanted to know, didn’t your boyfriends love to lick your nice pussy ??? Lakshmi says “yes they did, but you do special things that drives my pussy crazy that they did not do. You are also greedy, you made me cum , then you quickly tortured my pussy , then that torture turned to unbearable pleasure and then you made me cum again for you !!!! Your greedy”. As Lakshmi is Laying on top of me. I am rubbing, squeezing her nice ass. I am spreading her ass open then bringing both ass cheeks back together again. Damn she has a beautiful ass. Her long ponytail is draped over her back. Her milk chocolate skin is so so smooth. Then I kiss her and again our tongues are having fun in the playgrounds of our mouths. After our playground fun I tell Lakshmi thanks for coming home with me. Now let’s get ready to get out of here. So we take another shower. When we were finished taking our shower, Lakshmi drops to her knees and starts sucking my dick with criminal intent. She wants to make me cum and she wants to make me cum fast.

Damn in 6 minutes she made me cum. As usual I exploded in her hot wet mouth. Damn I never came that fast in my entire life. I told Lakshmi not like that again , I want to enjoy you as you are sucking my dick. I want to watch your luscious lips working as they are wrapped around my dick. Lakshmi says “sorry baby. I understand”. Then we got out of the shower. Lakshmi then changes back into her clothes that she came with.

I then get dressed as well, I said I have just the place for us to go. Your choice a Brazilian steak house or Dave and Busters or Bombay India. Wow that’s a nice ***********ion. Then just like a woman, Lakshmi changes her mind. How about we go for a nice walk , grab some fast food and come back here. I said Lakshmi and your talking about me being greedy. Lakshmi says I don’t know why I am like this. I have never, ever been this way before with anyone. I am sorry. Then I said don’t be sorry , if you want something go for it, but don’t be sorry. So after a hour stroll along Central Park we then head back to my place. On the way home we ordered some Chinese food. Upon arriving at my place we settle in. I put on some Grover Washington jazz as we started eating. Then we finished eating and cleaned up the mess. We are now sitting on the couch relaxing. Lakshmi says Ralph can I spend the night here with you. Wow baby that would be nice having you wake up in the morning by my side. Then Lakshmi smiles with joy and kisses me. Lakshmi then said let me call my mother and tell her I won’t be home because I am staying at Ralph’s place tonight.

Lakshmi’s mother by the way whose name is Saloni says “WOW !!! But you do realize he is a Black man, I think he is nice but be safe, I want to talk to him”. Lakshmi says mother please in protest but puts Ralph on the phone. Saloni says “hello Ralph, my daughter seems to like you, I think you are a gentleman. With that being said I want to say to you keep my daughter safe and don’t put her in any danger”. Then she says “don’t break my daughter’s heart you are younger than she is and you are a man, now can I talk to Lakshmi”. Lakshmi your mother wants to talk to you. Lakshmi said what did you say to him mother. Saloni said I told him just don’t hurt you and keep you safe. Lakshmi said OK mother I will see you tomorrow. Then says to Ralph sorry about that. I said no problem can you blame her.

So now that we got past that. I then asked Lakshmi what kind of jazz does she like and does she have any favorite jazz musician. Lakshmi says Peter White or Marion Meadows. I said wow you like those guys. Hold on let me find some of their albums. I could not find them in my large collection. I know I have several of their albums. So I just played some of their CDs which were in my carousel CD player.

I then told Lakshmi I have a nice idea while the music was playing. Lakshmi said yeah baby I bet you do and laughed.

I then turn the apartment heat up to 80 degrees to warm the whole apartment including the bathroom. I then went into the closet and got a cherry scented candle, lit it and placed it in the bathroom.

Lakshmi is watching me. I then bring two glasses and a bottle of White Zinfandel into the bathroom. Then I placed some towels on the bathroom floor also I place a towel on the toilet seat then a rigid place mat on the towel. Then I put the glasses and the wine bottle on the rigid mat. Then continuing this romantic setup I start running hot bath water into the tub with some lavender bubble bath. Lakshmi says nice baby. Now I turn off the bathroom lights.

We then take off our clothes and Lakshmi steps into the tub. I then disrobed and joined her. I am sitting behind her and one leg is up on the side of the tub as it could we both could not totally fit into the tub.

I ask Lakshmi how is the water, she says nice and warm. I kept the water running just a little to keep the water warm. Then I started washing Lakshmi’s back then I started massaging her shoulders. Lakshmi says baby that feels good. Then I kissed her on her neck. I then give Lakshmi her glass of wine , she takes two big sips then I take the wine glass and place it on the rigid mat. I finished my glass of wine and I put my glass on the mat as well.

Now I soap up her breast and I am now massaging her tits. Lakshmi moans. Then I started massaging her nipples. Lakshmi said that feels really good baby.

You are full of surprises. I kiss her on her neck and Lakshmi embraces both my hands that are massaging her nipples and she keeps her hand on my hands as I continue to massage her nipples. Lakshmi ask me am I trying to fuck her with all of this. I said don’t even think that way. Whenever , if ever you are ready , you will give yourself to me. I won’t take it. I won’t take your virginity. You will give it to me. So just enjoy what I do for you and to you. Lakshmi squeezes my arms. Then she reaches behind me and starts playing with my dick. Lakshmi says “baby your dick is so big. If and when I do give myself to you , I am afraid that this will be too big for my tight Indian virgin pussy”. I say if I am so lucky to be the one you give your most treasured possession to , I will never hurt you. You will love me as I now have your permission to take and claim your most prized possession. Lakshmi then says “I want you to know that I want you inside me so so bad baby”. I say when your ready you will know for sure. Lakshmi says this bath was a lovely idea. Now can you dry me off and lay with me in your bed. So I get out of the tub first then help Lakshmi out. I dry her legs , ass and back from behind. I then kiss both sides of her marvelous ass. Then I tell her to turn around. I dry her legs. Then I kiss her nice hairy pussy. Then I dried that area. Then I dried her stomach and sides. Then I start sucking her tits then I am sucking her nipples. Then I dried her breast and neck. Lakshmi then goes into my bedroom without any clothes on and gets into my bed. I then dry off. Get the two wine glasses and the Zinfandel and I too start towards the bedroom.

Once in the bedroom I put the wine glasses and the bottle of Zinfandel on the night table. Then I join Lakshmi in bed.

Lakshmi tells me to lay on her.

She tells me that she does not want me to fuck her but wants to feel my dick rubbing on her pussy. I said are you sure. I also say I will not insert my dick into her love hole. Lakshmi says I just want to feel your body on top of me and to feel you nice big dick at the gates of my love hole. So I kissed Lakshmi then I started sucking her nipples. Sucking her tantalizing nipples will surely make her pussy wet. Lakshmi starts to moan as i sucked her nipples. I was also massaging her clit. Then I kissed her. I said don’t be afraid , I will not insert my dick into your love hole. So I am laying on Lakshmi. I am holding up my weight with one elbow and my knees. I then reach for my dick and start rubbing it up and down Lakshmi pussy slit. Lakshmi jumps when she first feels my dick. This is the first time in her life that her pussy has kissed a dick. Lakshmi is moaning loudly. Baby that feels so good. I can feel the heat from your nice dick. Lakshmi says can you move your dick all over my pussy. I said NO! Lakshmi says why not baby, that feels so good. I tell Lakshmi if I put my dick on the entrance of her pussy hole I won’t be able to control myself. Lakshmi says I can trust you to control yourself. Please , Please , Please. So I take my dick head and massage her pussy hole entrance. Lakshmi is going crazy. Then Lakshmi says “OH FUCK” that feel so so damn good. I never had a feeling like that before. “

Then I stop before things get out of hand. Lakshmi says why did you stop. I told her that I was losing control. Not the control of cumming but the control of losing control to not shove my big dick into your soaking wet virgin pussy. Lakshmi says thanks for that baby. Your dick was the first to massage my pussy.

“Now I want you to listen to what I am now going to say. “You have shown me what I can be , you have shown me kindness, you have literally saved my life. I know that falling in love with you will be easy. You like the things I like. So with that I don’t want to lose you. I never would have had a Black man playing with my Indian pussy. I have nothing against Blacks. But you were brought into my life for some purpose. You make me and my pussy feel things I have never felt. You are creative and not boring. And most of all you have a nice big dick with a nice mushroom dick head and I love sucking your dick. I also like how you treat my pussy and the fact that you love my ass. And it is my ass that I want to talk to you about.

I don’t want to lose you, and yet I want you inside me. I want your big dick inside my Indian virgin pussy but I am not ready for that. So listen to what I am now saying. I want you inside me.

I know you love my nice ass. So I want to give you my virgin ass. My ass is burning to have your nice big dick in my ass. I don’t want to lose you. I have been thinking about this since I had you up against the wall in my apartment in NJ”.

I said baby , I am not going anywhere, I told you that.

Lakshmi says I know you told me that but that is what my last boyfriend said. I said this to Lakshmi “I AM NOT YOUR LAST BOYFRIEND !!!”. Lakshmi says still I want to feel you inside me.

I want to feel that big dick of yours in my ass tonight. I then said OK baby. I won’t hurt you.

I will go very slow. I then tell Lakshmi don’t move I have to get a few things. I then come back with Vaseline and baby oil and a wash cloth and towel.

I started with spreading Lakshmi legs so I could play with her nice pink clit. I was sucking her nice clit. Lakshmi was on fire , I guess the thought of me about to fuck her in her ass excited her. Now Lakshmi is arching her back into the air, gripping the sheets and moaning. Then Lakshmi calls out my name and cums for me.

I let her calm down while I was sucking her nipples.

I then turn her over. I then pour baby oil on her back and ass. I started massaging her back she loves that , saying that is so relaxing. I then lick down the middle of her back from her neck right down to the crack of her ass. Lakshmi moans loudly.

Then I lick her ass hole. Lakshmi jumps. Then I lick it again , Lakshmi moans then spreads her legs wider. I start massaging her ass hole with my tongue. Lakshmi moans and says “OH RALPH “ that feels really nice. I then kiss both sides of her ass.

I then spread her ass cheeks.

I start massaging her ass, but my thumbs are massaging her ass hole. Lakshmi is now moaning louder. Then I pour baby oil on her ass and ass hole. I massage that oil over her ass and her ass hole. Now it’s time to get down to business.

I take my middle finger and I am directly massaging her ass hole as my left hand is rubbing her ass. More moans from Lakshmi. Then I get the Vaseline. I put some on my fingers and some on her nice puffy ass hole. I start massaging her ass hole with my middle finger. I am trying to relax her ass hole. Now my finger starts to enter Lakshmi’s ass hole. I could feel her ass hole open up just a little. Then with more massaging her ass hole opens up a little bit more and now I have almost two knuckles of my finger in her ass hole. I then slowly take my finger out , then put more Vaseline on both my finger and her ass hole. Then I put my finger back in. I then let her ass hole relax. A minute later when her ass hole has relaxed I start moving my finger in and out. Lakshmi likes this as she hunches her ass up to get more of my finger. I hear her moaning. I said you like that baby. Lakshmi says yes baby.

Now for the next stage. I get up and I kiss the middle of her back. I then put more Vaseline on her ass hole and I greased my dick real good. Now I take the head of my dick and start massaging Lakshmi’s ass hole. Lakshmi says baby your dick feels really nice in my asshole. Please baby don’t hurt me.

I then kept massaging her ass hole then when it was relaxed , the head of my dick went in just a little. I kept wiggling my dick in her ass hole. She liked that feeling as more of her asshole opened up and more of my dick entered. I let her relax for a while as her ass got use to this intruder. Then I fed her just a little more dick. Now I had my whole dick head in her ass hole plus an inch. Again I let her relax. I then asked Lakshmi are you ok. Lakshmi said yes. I said am I hurting you ??? she said no it just feels strange. Now I started moving in and out as I had about two inches in her ass hole. Lakshmi liked that feeling as she was now moaning constantly. Now I had 5 inches of my dick in her ass hole. Lakshmi had her ass hunched up looking for even some more dick. Now I was pumping that nice ass of hers. She was crying out my name. And saying “baby that feels real good. I like the way you are fucking my ass. Give me more”. So now I gave her the final two inches. Now she has all 7 inches of my dick in her tight Virgin ass hole. She is loving it and so am I. I am fucking her ass real good. I have her crying with joy. What a pretty sight to see that nice ass of hers taking dick. Taking my dick. I am riding that nice ass. I ask Lakshmi are you OK. Lakshmi says yes baby please keep fucking me, so I do. Now 15 minutes later I can feel it. It’s time to give her a nice hot present. And so I came right in her nice ass hole. Lakshmi is loving this. I now take my dick out and use the wash cloth on my dick. Then I wipe Lakshmi’s ass hole. I then kiss her ass cheeks on both sides. I then give Lakshmi the towel and told her you will need the towel when she goes to the bathroom. Lakshmi then goes to the bathroom to clean up and wash.

Lakshmi Is now finished so I then go to the bathroom to wash up.

Then I join Lakshmi in the bed.

Lakshmi kisses me. She says “that felt really good and you did not hurt me. My girlfriends say that is painful. But with you I was just nervous when you first started, but you made me relax. Then I felt that nice hot dick in my ass hole. Baby that felt so good. When I give my pussy to you, will that feel as good as your dick felt in my ass hole”. I told her it will feel way better and I will make you cum. Lakshmi says “Can you make me cum while your fucking me in the ass”. I said yes I can. So you liked that and you want more. Lakshmi said “you got that right and what about you did you like being all the way up in my ass fucking me”. I did very much like riding that nice ass of yours. You knew from day one that my eyes were burning up your ass. “I am glad you like my ass” then I start licking and sucking Lakshmi clit and she is loving it. I massaged her clit both the top and the bottom. She really loves it when I suck on her clit but lick the bottom of her clit. 5 minutes later and Lakshmi cums for me. Then I take my dick and start rubbing her pussy slit up and down. Now Lakshmi is really going crazy. Lakshmi is feeling my dick in her pussy for the second time tonight. She tells me to put it in her pussy hole. I do and I am massaging her pussy hole. Then she pushes to get my dick up in her hole. I immediately pull my dick away. Lakshmi seems disappointed. Then I stop massaging her pussy. I laid down beside her. I said Lakshmi, you see the dangers of having me put my dick onto your nice pussy hole. Yes baby. I could not control myself while your dick was on my pussy hole. All I knew is that I wanted it up in my hungry pussy. Now I see what you meant about control. Anyway that felt real good. I can’t wait until the day you are fucking me. I said so now you know that it is me who will be fucking you. Lakshmi says I hope it is you. And why did you put your dick into my pussy slit.

Because I want you to get use to having MY DICK in your pussy. Also to really make you feel good. I then tell Lakshmi to lay on top of me. Boy her body feels good resting on me. I can feel the heat from her breast. I can feel the heat from between her legs.

Most of all I have that nice big ass cupped in my two hands as I am massaging it.

I tell Lakshmi, I love your nice ass. Lakshmi said I know that is why I let you fuck me in my ass.

Lakshmi says no funny stuff while we’re sleeping. I said funny stuff ??? Like licking your pussy to wake you up in the morning or sucking your nipples to wake you up. What kind of funny stuff ???? Good night baby. Lakshmi says wait I want to say good night to BIG BOY. Then I laughed and Lakshmi moves down and kisses my dick good night. Then lays back on top of me. Then I cover us up. I tell Lakshmi to dream good. Lakshmi says I hope I dream about you giving my tight Indian virgin pussy some of that nice dick of yours and really make love to me and fuck me good.

So now it’s Monday morning a holiday. I tell Lakshmi let’s get a nice brunch. I know I would like some steak and eggs and maybe orange juice or champagne. Come on baby get that nice ass of yours out of the bed. Lakshmi says “NO!!! aren’t you forgetting something??? “ I said I’m sorry baby then I go back and say good morning and kiss Lakshmi then I get up. Lakshmi says RALPH aren’t you forgetting something. Lakshmi then open up her legs and rubs her hairy pussy. I then say baby I am really sorry. I then go between Lakshmi legs to get beautiful jet black hair covered pussy. I say good morning to her pussy and then start licking her nice pussy slit. Then I start licking her nice pink clit and then I start sucking her now erect clit. Lakshmi says don’t let it happen again. Then we laughed. But Lakshmi’s laugh did not last too long as she was waking up my neighbors with her really loud moans. Then she came. Lakshmi said that was better than good. Damn I love your nice hot tongue working on my hungry pussy. Lakshmi says baby no shower, let’s just go to get something to eat. I then ask Lakshmi if she wanted to go to the movies. Lakshmi says she has not been to a movie in a very long time. Baby keep surprising me , I love it. I then get the newspaper and see what movies are playing and the locations and times. So after having a nice breakfast. We find an early showing of a movie. We enjoyed the movie, especially the part where Lakshmi puts my jacket over my lap and started jerking me off in the movie house. We were sitting at the far end of a row. The movie house was half full for this early showing. Luckily we had tissue paper with us. I told Lakshmi that she was bad. Lakshmi smiles and then kissed me. Then she said I know and smiles again. I say you too are full of surprises.

I asked Lakshmi does she have off tomorrow. Lakshmi says all this week she is off because of the accident she took off the following week, which is this week. I said I only had Tuesday off. Lakshmi then says baby can I stay again tonight. I said you don’t even have to ask me that. But your mother is gonna kill me. Can you take me home so I can get a change of clothes. I said how about I give you 150.00 and you could buy something to wear. Lakshmi kisses me but says her mother will still kill you for keeping her out for days. Ok let’s go now. But I want to buy your mother something. Let’s stop at and Indian candy shop. I am sure you know where some are at along the way back to your place. Lakshmi says you are very smart. Conquer the mother then claim the prize. I told Lakshmi you got jokes. Then we laughed. So we get to Lakshmi’s apartment and I am now sitting on the couch as her mother Saloni then comes out of her bedroom. She says hi Ralph , how are you today. Thanks for keeping my daughter safe. Then Ralph says I have something for you. I then give her the candy. Saloni’s eyes light up and says thank you Ralph as she kisses me on my cheek. Saloni says wow Ralph you really smell good. Then Lakshmi says , ok mother back off he is mine. Oh so now you have a new boyfriend. Yes mother Ralph is my new boyfriend and much nicer than the rest. Saloni replies OOOH !!

You are a young smart man Ralph, conquer the mother and then conquer the daughter. I laughed and I said “Lakshmi said almost the same thing”. Then all three of us laughed. So where are you two off to today. Oh we had fun today , had breakfast and then we had more fun we went to the movies. I just came back for a change of clothes. Saloni says you look so happy and then says Ralph do not break my daughter’s heart. Then Saloni says thanks for the candy Ralph and goes back into her bedroom. Lakshmi drags me into the kitchen and pushes me against the wall and starts kissing me and starts Massaging my dick with her hands. Then she says I will be ready in 40 minutes. A quick shower and a change of clothes. Just relax on the couch. I will play some nice jazz for you.

Lakshmi came back into the living room and we are set to go. Lakshmi tells her mother that she will be back tomorrow. Now we are driving back to my place. I asked Lakshmi was she hungry, she looks at me with a sinister smile. Lakshmi you are bad , I should have know better than to ask you that. I meant for real food. Lakshmi say baby I was never like this in my life , but with you it’s different. I feel very comfortable and free with you so I can act and say things like this. I am just hooked with playing with your nice dick and that hot tongue of yours. How about some pizza and a bottle of wine. It’s a little cool or I would have asked you to come to the park with me and we could have wine and pizza in the park. So I ask Lakshmi where do you want to go , never mind I know what your going to say. We laughed. Then Lakshmi says we can watch a movie on pay per view and have pizza and wine while we are laying in your bed naked. Now that’s my girl , good plan. Lakshmi says I’m your girl ?? I said yes baby your my girl, your my baby and I hope to make you my total lover.

Lakshmi kisses me and says give me time baby. So here we are at my place laying naked in my bed watching a crappy love movie. I don’t tell her that it’s crappy. Damn the whole bottle of white wine is almost finished. There are 4 slices of pizza left.

Lakshmi is laying on my back as we watched the movie. Every now and then Lakshmi kisses me on my neck. And she feeds me some pizza once in a while.

So I take a bite. Then she takes a bite. I can feel her nice warm tits on my back. I can feel the warmth of her body on my back. I can feel her bushy hair that covers her most prized possession on my ass and lower back. Then finally this movie has thankfully ended. I then tell Lakshmi I want to give her a nice hot baby oil massage.

Lakshmi says and what do I have to pay for this massage. I said I will think of something.

Let me know when your ready.

Lakshmi says I need to cut some of my hair down there. Don’t cut it now, I like moving my tongue through that silky soft bush of yours. I then tell Lakshmi when she does cut it I want some so I can keep it in my wallet. Lakshmi says your crazy, But OK she will save me some. I say don’t cut too much as I like parting your nice pussy hair to find my treasure, your nice hot pussy.

So now I get the baby oil that I heated in a pot. Then I poured it into a small bowl. I also get two real hot wet hand towels that I had in the microwave. I then told Lakshmi to roll over onto her stomach. I slapped that nice ass of Lakshmi, Lakshmi jumps. Lakshmi asked me what was that for. That’s to make sure you don’t give this fine ass of yours to no one else. Then I kissed her ass , both sides. Lakshmi says baby I told you this ass is yours.

And I hope soon that all of this pussy will be yours soon.

I then poured more warm baby oil on Lakshmi back and shoulders I then started massaging her shoulders. Then her back. Then I take that hot hand towel and place it on her shoulders. Then I started massaging her shoulders with the hand towel still on her shoulders. Lakshmi says DAMN BABY you sure your not trying to fuck me. This feels so good. Then I put the other hand towel on her back and start massaging her back with the towel still on her back.

Lakshmi says I wonder what I have to pay for this massage.

Then I kiss her neck. Then I sit on her back. Keeping the weight of my body on my knees. Then I start massaging Lakshmi’s arms. I then move to sit in front of Lakshmi with my legs on each side of her. My dick is now right in front of her face. Lakshmi wastes no time and kisses my dick. She says Hi BIG BOY and starts sucking my dick. I am now massaging her shoulders and upper back. Lakshmi says I am really enjoying this massage. Now Lakshmi is talking to my dick. She says “I miss you baby. You felt so good in my mouth. And I love it when you start growing in my mouth. I really love sucking your nice mushroom head. You know baby when you get big , I really love sucking your head because it makes my pussy get so so wet”. I then said I hate to break up this conversation you two are having but I would like to finish this massage. Now excuse me I have to massage that fine ass of yours. I then move down to kneel between Lakshmi’s legs. I pour some more warm baby oil on Lakshmi ass. Then I am massaging the nice firm soft round ass of hers. I spread her cheeks open then close them. I massage the insides of her ass. I then run my fingers over her ass hole. She now loves me playing with her puffy ass hole. Just massaging her ass like this makes my dick real hard.

Lakshmi says you having fun playing with my ass. Baby didn’t you just say this was my ass. Sorry baby your right this is your ass even though it’s my ass. We both laugh. Now I am finished massaging Lakshmi’s ass. Now I start with her thighs. I pour more warm baby oil on her thighs. Then I work the muscles in her thighs. Then I massage her calves. Then finally I massage Lakshmi’s feet. I firmly massage her feet. Lakshmi loves that. Lakshmi jokingly says she does not have enough to pay me and laughs.

I then slap her ass again. Lakshmi says now what was that for. I say just a reminder, no I am only kidding. That was to tell you to turn over. Before she does turn over ,I kissed her delicious ass again, both sides.

Now I immediately start licking and sucking her tits. Then I give Lakshmi’s nipples my special attention. Lakshmi starts moaning. I then start massaging her nice pussy and then her clit. Lakshmi body is snaking in my bed. Her body is curving in my bed. Her back is arching in my bed. Then Lakshmi cums for me. Lakshmi says was that part of the massage. I said no , but I just could not resist sucking those nice tits and nipples of yours. Lakshmi says so now you love my tits. Baby they were just calling me. I could not deny them. So now I start massaging the top of her calves and then the top of her thighs. Then I kiss her nice bush. Then my tongue parts that silky soft hairy bush that covers her wet pussy slit. Lakshmi says BABY please don’t I am still very sensitive. I start with running my tongue up and down her wet pussy slit. Did she really think I was going to stop. Then I gently flicked just the tip of my tongue on her clit.

Lakshmi was saying BABY PLEASE DON’T. I then just trapped her clit in my mouth. I let my tongue move real slow all over her clit. Again Lakshmi says baby please don’t. Lakshmi’s ass then grinds on the bed one time. I then start gently sucking Lakshmi clit. I hear Lakshmi moan. Lakshmi say baby please. Then her ass starts grinding in the bed , she arches her back , she then places one hand on the top of my head. Lakshmi says OH Baby. Then Lakshmi places her other hand on the top of my head and forced my face down into her hot pussy. She calls out my name as she is cumming, cumming all over my face. Then I crawled on Lakshmi’s body right up to where I could kiss her. Lakshmi laps up all of the juices that are around and in my mouth. My dick is laying in Lakshmi soaking wet pussy. I then put my body weight on one elbow and some of the weight on my knees. I then take my dick and run it up and down Lakshmi hot quivering pussy slit. Lakshmi screams out my name. Then a series of OH BABY !!! Then I place my dick head on her hungry pussy hole. Lakshmi is going nuts. I tell her not to push.

Then I let just a little of my dick head enter the gates of her pussy hole. I tell Lakshmi I am not going to take her virginity.

Lakshmi says baby that feels so so good. Can you give me more. I said NO !!! Then I withdrew my dick. Lakshmi was really breathing hard. Then I laid down next to Lakshmi face to face then I kissed her.

Now laying face to face I started kiss Lakshmi and tweaking her nipples. Then Lakshmi says your dick feels good in my pussy hole. You put just your dick head on my pussy. Baby that felt so good. I was losing my mind. I actually started to tell you that I wanted more. That I wanted you to fuck me. That I wanted your nice dick deep down into my pussy. I wanted to give you my virginity. Baby at that moment I really wanted you to fuck me. I am glad you said NO !!! This actually told me three things. It showed me 1: how just a little bit of how good your dick feels in my pussy. 2: that I cannot control myself when your dick kisses my hungry pussy. 3: it showed me that I can completely trust you.

Lakshmi says in this short period of time she knows that she will fall in love with me. I asked her how does she know that. Because you have treated me better than any other man. You respect me and treat me like a queen. I said baby your are my queen. I can’t say I love you now but I certainly don’t want to lose you. So far everyday that you have been with me I am a happy man. I hope that I have made you happy each day in that same time. Lakshmi says “you have done what you were supposed to do with my body and you have done what you have had to do with my heart.

So yes I am very happy. So are you done with this massage. So you don’t love me , do you like me just a little. “. I said no !! , but I love your nice ass. Lakshmi punches me on my arm.

Lakshmi said you love teasing me. I said what are you talking about. Lakshmi said you put that nice dick head of your on my hungry pussy slit. You got me all worked up and hot, then you put your dick head, in my pussy hole. You knew I would want you to give me more of that big dick of yours , then you knew I would want you to fuck me. Then you took your dick out from the entrance of my pussy hole. I almost came from just that feeling of your dick being in that part of my pussy. That part of my pussy have never tasted dick before.

Lakshmi kisses me and says baby I know now that I will soon want you to fuck me. I then kiss Lakshmi.

So things are going good for 6 months. Saloni Lakshmi’s mother has gotten accustomed to seeing me in their apartment. I even took her and Lakshmi to dinner.

About that dinner, Saloni posed the most embarrassing question. Saloni said So Ralph what are your intentions with my daughter , Lakshmi said mother please, you are embarrassing both me and Ralph. Ralph says no that is OK. Ralph holds my hand and says. Aunti I love your daughter. Lakshmi hears that for the first time then squeezes my hand then kisses it. I promise that I will protect Lakshmi, I will never lead her into danger and will try my very best not to break her heart. She has made me a very responsible loving person. And with your permission I would like to have her as my wife. Lakshmi jumps up from the table and hugs me and kisses me shoving her tongue deep into my mouth right in front of her mother. Her mother is shocked as much as Lakshmi was. Her mother started crying. When Lakshmi stopped kissing me she too had tears in her eyes. So guys never invite your girlfriend’s mother to dinner with you. Only kidding !!

That Friday night after all three of us had dinner at a nice Indian restaurant in New Jersey. We then dropped off her moms at her friends house. The mother said she would be back on Saturday afternoon. She said “Ralph it’s late and you should stay at our apartment tonight”. I said I could drive back to New York with no problem, Saloni then said “I insist, if something should happen to you Lakshmi would be broken hearted. And you yourself said you would not want to break her heart. So it is done, you will stay at our apartment for the night”. I then said thank you. So we finally get to Lakshmi apartment. Lakshmi is smiling from ear to ear. I don’t even take two steps into her apartment and she attacked me. She pushes me against the wall , deeply kisses me and says so you want to marry me. I said yes I do and I have been thinking about it for the last two weeks. I realized that I love you with all my heart. I want you by my side. I want you to be the mother of my children. And most of all I want to keep that nice ass of yours. Lakshmi punches me. She says that she is thankful to have an ass that you like and smiles as she walks away she also says and Ralph who says I want to marry you and runs into the bedroom. I said I will be sleeping on the couch right here. Lakshmi comes back out and says the hell you will.

Lakshmi says stop wasting time. Let’s take a shower. I said I don’t have a change of clothes. Lakshmi says you won’t need any. I asked Lakshmi does she have any wine. She tells me to look in the fridge. I get a half filled bottle of White Zinfandel and two glasses. I leave them in the living room. So Lakshmi gets me a towel and wash cloth. I take a shower then Lakshmi guides me to her bed. Lakshmi says this is my bed , now it’s ours. She pulled back the top covers and tells me to get in. Then she goes out to the living room and plays some old female jazz vocalist albums. Nina Simone, Dakota Staton.

She then brings the Zinfandel and the two wine glasses into the room and places them on the night table. Then she goes into the bathroom to take her shower. Lakshmi then comes back into the bedroom with two fresh towels and our wash cloths. Then she turns off all of the lights except the hallway light. That one light provides a little source of lite without lighting up the bedroom.

Now Lakshmi has joined me in her bed. She immediately lays on top of me, then she starts kissing me. I then shove my tongue into her mouth. Our tongues start to dance. I then reach down to hold her delicious ass. Lakshmi ask me if she did not have an ass like she has would I have taken an interest in her. I said absolutely not. Again she punches me. I said what’s up with the punches. I would never hit you so why are you beating me up. Lakshmi says just wait within the next 3 hours I will definitely be beating you up. I said you promise baby. Lakshmi kisses me again , then she says that BIG BOY just woke up. I told her it’s your fault. Then Lakshmi says I have to see how he is doing. So Lakshmi eases down to my dick and says hello baby, I miss you. Then she kisses my dick and says do you miss me baby. Then Lakshmi starts making love to my dick that is now buried in her warm mouth. She is sucking my dick real good now. My dick has grown in her mouth to its full 7 inches. I stop Lakshmi, she gets a little angry when I don’t let her make me cum in her mouth. There was no way that I was going to let her make me cum this soon. We were just getting started. So I took control and rolled her off of me. Now it was time for me to take control. I kissed her then laid her down flat in the bed. Then I started rubbing, then licking, then sucking her tits then I started sucking Lakshmi nipples. Now I had my baby heating up as she started moaning. Then I started rubbing her nice pussy slit. When that got nice and wet, I started massaging her clit. More moans from Lakshmi. Lakshmi’s whole body was dancing in her bed. Both her hands were clutching the sheets. Lakshmi’s back was arched up , then back down , then arched up again. Her ass was grinding into the sheets. Then I got my baby to cum in her own bed. Her body was still trembling. Lakshmi said that feels good to cum in my own bed like that. To have someone make me cum in my own bed for the very first time. You are the man that has been in my bed. And baby I’m glad you are the one. I wasn’t finished with Lakshmi yet. I kept on playing with he pussy slit. Then when her sensitive clit was almost recovered, i attacked it again. I then started gently licking her clit, then that turned to sucking it. All I could hear was Lakshmi moaning out my name. “Oh Ralph, Ralph, Oh baby” over and over then Lakshmi came for me again. Lakshmi said baby you are making me wet the bed.

We laughed. I said I am not done yet. That’s what you get for punching me all of those times. We laughed again. Then I moved up to kiss Lakshmi. She likes when I licked her pussy real good and makes her cum. She likes to lap up all of the juices from my face and my mouth. I could fell her heaving breast mashed into my chest. I could feel her heart pounding. I could feel the heat from her gorgeous shaped body. Then I put my body weight on one elbow and also using my knees to keep my full weight off of her. Then with my right hand I reached for my dick. I then ran my dick up and down Lakshmi hot wet pussy slit. Lakshmi was now use to this routine. She loved the feel of my dick sliding up and down her pussy slit. Then I would massage her clit with my dick head. I kept doing that for a while and then she came for me the third time. Lakshmi said baby what are you doing to me. I have cum for you 3 times in less than an hour.

Then I moved my dick down to her pussy hole. Lakshmi loves this as she know I won’t insert my dick to take her virginity. In the past I have only let my dick head enter the gates of her most prized possession. Now I start to massage the opening of her pussy hole. Then Lakshmi says baby I like that , it always feels good. Then she kisses me and says tonight baby I want you to fuck me. I said no baby you are just feeling the passion my dick is giving you. Lakshmi say fuck me baby , I am to be your wife. So I want to feel your big dick in my hungry virgin Indian pussy. I need you to fuck me. I love you and I am now giving you permission to take what is yours. I need to feel the woman you have made me. Please fuck me now baby. I then take my dick out and rubbed some of her cum and juices on my dick. Then I put my dick head back onto her pushy hole. I then gently start pushing. I get my dick head in her pussy hole. Now I start kissing Lakshmi again. I now tell Lakshmi that I would never intentionally hurt her, now I am telling her that she will feel some pain as I break her hymen. I then have her squirming as she is feeling my dick go further into her love hole as never before. Lakshmi is calling out my name. Then the pain starts as I continue feeding her more dick. Now she is screaming baby that hurts. You told me you would not hurt me. Baby please it’s hurting. Then a little harder thrust and Lakshmi yells out and says “FUCK”. I have just busted her cherry , her hyman has been broken. Now I start going in and out of her once virgin Indian pussy very very slow. Lakshmi still feels the pain as it starts to subside. I kiss my baby and told her , there’s no more pain baby. Then my baby starts to wiggle her ass in the bed. Then she says “OH SHIT” this feels so good. Now she is grinding her ass in the bed as I start to pick up the pace. Damn baby this feels good. I love the way your dick feels in my pussy. I can feel your nice big dick way down in my pussy. Will it always feel this good ?? Will I have more pain each time you fuck me. I respond baby it will always feel good because when I make love to you I will fuck you as well. This mixing love with fucking you will always live. It will not hurt any more as you have given me permission to take your virginity, to take what is mine. To claim what is mine. Lakshmi says “Yes baby this is now totally your pussy. Now please continue fucking me. Yes baby this feels so good baby”. I continued fucking Lakshmi for 20 minutes her pussy need to be opened up but I will do that another time. Lakshmi is taking the dick like the woman she has now become. Lakshmi starts moaning very loud. I can feel her pussy tightening on my dick. Lakshmi then holds me tight. She is now crying out my name , Breathing heavy. I can feel her breast heaving upward towards my chest her harden erect nipples grazing my chest. Then Lakshmi cums for me. I have claimed what is now mine. I then say to Lakshmi this pussy is now mine Lakshmi says yes baby this is your pussy. Now feed me your cum. I said no baby your not taken anything, you don’t even have any birth control pills. Lakshmi said I know. I want you to give me a baby. I said don’t you want to wait until we get married Lakshmi says no , I want you to give me a baby now. I said are you sure , Lakshmi says I have never been more surer of anything in my life. Please baby give me your baby. With that I shoved my tongue deep down into her mouth. Then I started giving her what she wanted. I gave her my whole 7 inches. Lakshmi was going crazy. I was humping and grinding on her pussy so her clit could get stimulated too. Lakshmi put me in a bear hug. Then she instinctively wrapped her legs around me. She needed the dick and I gave it to her. Lakshmi started crying out my name and breathing hard. Her ass was pushing up to meet my dick as it plunged into her soaking wet pussy hole. Then I could feel the swell of my balls. Then I exploded into the depths of Lakshmi pussy hole. Then Lakshmi says “Baby I can feel the heat of you hot cum. Baby thank you. Thank you for being patient with me. Thanks for loving me and keeping me safe. Thank you for the dick that convinced me that you were the one. Thank you for saving me and saving my life. Now you have hopefully given me another life. I love you baby”

Now I used the wash cloth on me then her blood soaked pussy. I gently wipe the blood from her inner thighs. Then her bushy pussy hair. Then I wipe the blood off my stomach , thighs and my balls and dick. I tell Lakshmi don’t move. I will be right back. I rinse the wash cloth out and the clean my self with it. Then I threw the wash cloth into the tub and then I ran hot water on the other wash cloth. Then I returned to Lakshmi. I then use the warm wash cloth on Lakshmi pussy and her inner thighs. I then tell her raise up so I could put the big towel under her nice ass. Then I take the other towel and place that on top of the sheet as well. Then I laid face to face with Lakshmi. I then kiss her passionately. Lakshmi says “thank you again you have taken my virginity and hopefully have given me a baby.

You made love to me and took my virginity in my bed.

You fucked me as I opened my legs for you in my bed.

You made me cum in my bed.

You too came in my bed.

You gave me your seed in my bed.

You claimed what was yours , “my pussy , now yours” in my bed.

Now tell me why I still want you to fuck me some more in my bed”.

I then get two more wash cloths and another towel. I then return to Lakshmi.

I tell Lakshmi we have to be careful not to mess up the bed. Lakshmi says “forget about the bed.

I need you inside me again.

Your woman needs you inside her again”.

I then kiss Lakshmi, then start sucking her tits , then her nipples. I also start massaging her clit. This will make her love hole moist. Then I put Vaseline on my dick just in case. I started rubbing my dick to wake it up. Then I positioned myself between Lakshmi’s legs. Then I tell Lakshmi this won’t hurt like the last time. I now ease my dick into her pussy slit. Then I move my dick up and down Lakshmi’s moist pussy slit. Lakshmi says “that’s it baby that’s what I need”. Now my dick is in her “RED HOT” pussy hole. Then I gently start pushing. Lakshmi starts moaning and says baby give it to me. Feed your baby some more of your nice big dick. Make love to me and fuck me good”. I then start feeding her, giving Lakshmi what she wants, what she needs. My dick is growing in her nice hot pussy. I pick up the pace. Now Lakshmi has 5 inches in her pussy hole, then 6 inches, then the full 7 inches. Lakshmi is saying “baby this feels so good. I can feel you all the down in my newly fucked pussy. I can feel the heat of your big dick deep down in my pussy. This is so so good. I am glad that I saved this pussy for a nice big dick, your big dick. That’s it fuck me baby , fuck me just like that. Oh baby fuck me”. Then Lakshmi cums. “Baby I love this feeling , the feeling of when your deep down in my tight Indian pussy and your big dick makes me cum”. Then I tell Lakshmi to get on all fours. Then I start fucking Lakshmi doggie style. Lakshmi says “this is even better than me laying on my back. I can even feel you deeper than before. I can also feel your nice dick rubbing on my G Spot. I can feel you baby. Oh I love this. Fuck me baby, take care of me, take care of your pussy. Fuck me baby , fuck me, OOOO, that’s it fuck me baby , fuck me !!! “. Now Lakshmi puts her face down into the sheets. I am now fucking her good. I am fucking her to open up that tight fresh pussy of hers. Lakshmi now with both hands has grabbed the sheet as if she was holding on to them as if her life depended on it. Her eyes are closed and her mouth is open. She is taking this dick like a grown woman. She is getting fucked. Her pussy is getting fucked. And I am the lucky man who is fucking her. Lakshmi cries out my name. Then screams out “oooOOO BABY , OOOOOOO....”. Then her pussy explodes all over my dick.

Lakshmi cums for me.

Lakshmi cums for her man.

Lakshmi cums for her lover.

Lakshmi cums for her fucker.

Then just like that a minute later , I too am calling out, calling out Lakshmi’s name, telling her I love being in this pussy , I love fucking you and I love you baby”. I then flood her “Red Hot” pussy with my hot cum. Lakshmi says “damn baby I can feel your hot juice in me. I can feel you flooding my hot pussy hole.

I slowly withdrew my red and white covered dick out of Lakshmi.

Lakshmi collapses onto the towels. I then kiss Lakshmi on her back , then her neck. Lakshmi moans and says thanks baby. I then take a fresh wash cloth and wipe some of the redness off of Lakshmi’s ass and her inner thighs. Then I wiped some of the redness from my dick and surrounding areas.

Now I put down a fresh towel onto the sheet and I am laying right next to Lakshmi, face to face. Lakshmi kisses me and says “this was better than the first time, but I will never forget the first time. That first time when you made me cum several times by kissing and loving my virgin pussy. Then you eased your dick into my virgin pussy. Then there was initial pleasure and then pain, then pleasure, then lust and then you fucked me good and I came for you”.

So baby how do I feel when your inside me. I then say. It’s like being next to a fire place on a cold night. The warmth is a welcome feeling. Then there is the moisture surrounding my dick, your moisture. Then the muscles of your pussy trying to keep me implanted in your pussy as I am on my out stroke.

Then the warmth of your body.

Then you acknowledging the fucking you are getting by the things you are saying and doing while you’re taking daddy’s dick.

I loved it the first time how you surrendered your pussy to me once I had my dick head on the entrance of your virgin pussy hole. You surrendered , your pussy surrendered and I claimed what was mine !!!!

Lakshmi says how many times can you make love to me in a day. I said baby your are greedy, but you will learn all of what you ask in time. As I will learn what you like as I make love to you. The short answer to that question is I have great stamina and great control. So I can give you all the dick and loving that your pussy can handle. Lakshmi kisses me and says I will definitely love that baby.

Now let’s relax for a while and then change the sheets take a shower and then get back into “Our Bed”. So we are now relaxed in our bed feeling nice and fresh. I tell Lakshmi to lay on top of me. I can feel the warmth of her breast upon my chest. I am holding and massaging her nice ass. I then cover us up with the top sheet.

Lakshmi kisses me and then looks at me and shakes her head. Lakshmi says will you always make love to me and fuck me like you have. I kiss Lakshmi and say you won’t have to worry about that. I always will want to please you and my newly claimed juicy pussy.

Now tell me Lakshmi why do you want to have a baby right now. Don’t get me wrong I would love to have you as the mother of my children. But why do you want a baby now. Lakshmi says “ it’s a feeling that I just got while you were fucking me. I still I have this feeling while laying next to you. Baby it’s hard for me to describe. I think it’s the love I have for you. The feeling of you while your in me. The feeling of having your arms wrapped around me. The thought of feeling safe while wrapped in your arms. Baby it’s hard to describe. We can wait if you want, but I think this feeling will not go away “. I tell Lakshmi to stop talking and kiss me. Tell me why you love me. Lakshmi says because you have a big dick and laughs. I pinched her ass for that remark. Lakshmi jumps and yells out “BABY!!!! “.

I then started massaging that area that I just pinched.

I tell Lakshmi go to sleep. She kisses me good night baby and rests hear head on my shoulder and chest.

I did not get much sleep as I held Lakshmi throughout the night and the early morning hours. I was just thinking what were the odds of me crossing paths with such a gorgeous looking Indian woman “And Then By Chance” having her become my lover.

So now it’s morning I reach for Lakshmi but she is not there. She is sitting next to me. She has made breakfast for us. She gets up and tells me to sit up. She now sits on my thighs facing me. She then says it time to feed my baby. I take one bite of food as she is hand feeding me. I then tell her I am hungry but not for food but for her. I then draw Lakshmi to me. I tell her to never get out of the bed before kissing me. Lakshmi said but baby I did kiss your sleeping ass. Now what kind of food do you want. I tell her to raise up a little bit so I can feed you this dick that you are sitting on. Lakshmi said baby I like what’s on the menu. I think I might want a double order. Lakshmi then kisses me. Damn her breast feels so good pressed into my chest. I told Lakshmi that in this position she had to take the dick she wants. So after 5 minutes Lakshmi figures out how to get the most dick in that position. Then she says I don’t like this position that much. Can you fuck me in that doggie style position again. I really loved that position. So I tell Lakshmi to get a wash cloth. When she came back she got on the bed and got on all fours. I then positioned myself and took my dick and ran it up and down her pussy slit until it became wet. Then I inserted my dick into Lakshmi pussy hole. I then started moving in and out of her love hole , nice and slow , in and out , in and out , in and out. Lakshmi started moaning. Then I started going faster and harder. I knew it was time to open up that tight Indian pussy of hers. She would love me for doing that. Now Lakshmi has mashed her head into the sheets. Her eyes are closed and her mouth is open. I am fucking her good now. Deep into the depths of her womb. Deep and fast. Now for the first time I am pounding her tight newly fucked pussy. I intend to make my dick fit perfectly in Lakshmi love hole. I intend to make my dick fit like a glove on a hand. I want to open up that pussy to make it easy for her cum without me hurting her. I want to get her use to being fucked like a grown woman. Lakshmi is screaming out my name. Begging me to fuck her good. Then after another 5 minutes of fucking Lakshmi doggie style I hit the bottom of her pussy. I am hitting her cervix. Lakshmi is almost howling. She is now taking this dick like a grown woman. She is taking deep breaths. Then my baby cums for me. I can actually see her juices running out of her sweet pussy. My dick is covered with her white cum and juices. She came for me but her pussy is still looking for some more dick. I continue fucking her as it is now easier for my dick to slide in and out of her pussy hole. Now Lakshmi really hunches her ass into the air. This tells me she wants even more dick. I ease her to the end of the bed. I am standing now both feet on the floor. Lakshmi is on all fours. Then I inserted my dick. I am fucking Lakshmi with a pounding force. She cums for me again , but I don’t stop fucking her. I then put one foot onto the bed and continue fucking her in this doggie style that she likes. After 7 minutes my legs are getting tired. I will have to change positions but not before I make her cum for her daddy again. 2 minutes later Lakshmi cums for daddy again. I asked Lakshmi “baby do you like the way daddy is fucking you” Lakshmi says “yes daddy I love the way you are fucking me and fucking my pussy”. Then I tell Lakshmi to put her feet on the floor. I am still giving her dick doggie style. I am pounding her pussy so hard the bed start moving across the floor. Lakshmi say “Baby not so hard”. So then I put one knee on the bed and continued fucking her doggie style. Then Lakshmi cums for me again. I then tell Lakshmi that now that I have fucked you and opened up that nice sweet pussy of yours , I now want to make love to you.

I tell Lakshmi to lay on her back in the middle of the bed. I then get on top of her. I spread her legs with one of my legs. I then start sucking her nipples. Then I kiss her neck. Then I kiss my baby. Then Lakshmi shoves her tongue into my mouth. Lakshmi then hugged me as we are exchanging mouth fluids as our tongues play tag. Now I move my pussy juice coated cum covered dick right to Lakshmi pussy hole. Lakshmi flinches but her hungry wet pussy hole invites me in. I started fucking Lakshmi really good and for the last 2 to 3 minutes I have been trying to hit the bottom of her love hole. Then finally I hit her cervix. Lakshmi then wrapped her legs around me and says baby that’s it keep that big dick of yours right there. So I just started massaging her cervix with the tip of my dick. I just started humping and grinding on her pussy. This allows me to give some stimulation to her clit.

Lakshmi says daddy you are going to make me..... and before she could complete what she was going to say “cum again” Lakshmi came for me. I kept on making love to her as I kept on fucking her. Lakshmi then did something new , Lakshmi locked her feet together to keep her legs around my ass. Her hug became much tighter. Yes my baby was taking all of my 7 inch dick like a hungry grown experienced woman. Then Lakshmi said yes baby , fuck me daddy , I love the way you are taking this pussy, I loved the way you have opened me up. Yes daddy fuck me. Then Lakshmi cums for me again.

I continued fucking her. Then that love making turned to pure fucking again. Now I was humping, grinding and pounding her pussy anything I could think of. Lakshmi came 3 more times in less than 20 minutes. Lakshmi was gasping for air. I kept fucking her unmercifully and she came for me again as she cried out my name.

I fucked her for 3 more minutes and then I came , while calling out my baby’s name. “OU, OU Lakshmi baby I’m cumming” and so I did. Lakshmi stopped kissing me and look at me as her mouth was now open. She said baby I can feel your hot cum hitting my cervix , spurt after spurt , spurt after spurt.

WOW that feels so nice and warm in my pussy. Then Lakshmi unlocked her legs. I kept my dick lodged in her love hole.

I then told Lakshmi that we have to get out of this bed now or your mother will find us like this. Ralph baby she knows that you would have taken my virginity, she is my mother but she too is a woman. That is why she said drop her off at her girlfriend’s apartment. She knew that I wanted to give myself to you. But you are right , we should respect her and get our asses out of this bed. Now let’s clean up the room, take a shower and get some real food to eat. We kissed and got out of our love nest.

In the shower Lakshmi starts sucking my dick and she made me cum real good. I could feel a chill run up my spine as I was cumming. I turned off the shower and got out. I help Lakshmi out of the shower. Then I stood her up against the wall I was pressed against her. I kissed her , I tell you I love those luscious lips of hers. Then I kissed her on her neck. Then I started sucking her nipples as I was doing this I started massaging her clit. Lakshmi moaned. Then I slipped two fingers into her love hole. I started massaging her G Spot. I continued my assault on her now erect nipples. Lakshmi was now grinding her ass into the bathroom wall. Then she started saying “OH DADDY, oh baby , OU, this feels so damn good, OH DADDY, baby, oh baby, OOOO OOOOO OOOOOOO !!!! “

Then Lakshmi came for me again. Then Lakshmi said that was good. You have to do that to me when I am in the bed.

Finally we got dressed. Lakshmi had on some grey baggy sweatpants and a tee shirt. Lakshmi said I will make us something fast to eat. I looked at Lakshmi and backed her up onto the kitchen wall. I said I want to eat you. Lakshmi said down boy , down. My mother might surprise us. I looked at Lakshmi and kissed her. She kissed me back. She opened her mouth. Then I started rubbing her pussy , rubbing her clit. Lakshmi said RALPH NO, No !!!

I started rubbing her clit even more , I could now feel the wetness from her pussy on her sweatpants. Lakshmi opens her legs wider. I quickly pull down her sweatpants and immediately start licking her clit.

I am now holding her delicious ass in my hands as I am now on my knees. Damn her ass is so so nice. Then I started sucking her clit. Then Lakshmi puts both her hands on top of my head. Lakshmi says daddy you are so bad. The I could hear Lakshmi breathing heavy. She then calls out my name “DADDY, OU DADDY, OOOOO”. Then Lakshmi cums for me. Lakshmi then takes a deep breath. Then she tells me that I am bad. Then she punches me in my arm. Then tells me to get out of the kitchen. She pulls up her sweatpants. As I am leaving the kitchen I could see Lakshmi smiling. As I exited the kitchen , I said I see you smiling as I laughed. Lakshmi Yells get out daddy. Baby That’s what you get for not wearing any panties and no bra.

Now Lakshmi has finished cooking and brings me a plate of food while I am sitting at the dining room table. Lakshmi then sits on my lap, then she kisses me. I said , Lakshmi I though you were mad at me and laughed. Lakshmi said you are bad. I told you no and you ended up making me want to open my legs for you.

Then you made me cry out your name as I welcomed your hot tongue in the treasure between my legs.

Then you made me cum for you daddy. You are bad. Then Lakshmi kisses me.

I said baby can you blame me. I can’t get enough of your sweet pussy and that delicious ass of yours. I love making your nipples hard. I love your luscious lips. I love the way your pussy feels while my dick is kissing your pussy. And I love the way your making love to my dick as you are sucking it. Can you blame me.

Then we hear the doorbell ring. Lakshmi answers the door. It is her mother. Lakshmi says mother have you loss your keys. Saloni says no , I just did not want to interrupt. Lakshmi says thank you mother. Then Saloni says hi Ralph how are you today. I said fine thank you.

Then Saloni goes into her room. Lakshmi then takes a plate of food to her mother’s bedroom.

Ralph now you see why I told you no. It would have been very embarrassing to have my mother walk into the kitchen, finding me with my sweatpants down to my ankles, my naked ass smashed against the wall and you on your knees with your face buried between my legs right in my hairy wet pussy. What would you have said. And then Lakshmi laughed. Lakshmi says when you next have me in bed , I want to hear your explanation of what you would have said to her. And we both laughed.

Lakshmi tells her mother that she is going to stay at Ralph’s place tonight and kisses her mother.

So now we’re off to Manhattan.

We hang out in the West Village.

I tell Lakshmi I want to buy her something nice. I tell her to *********** from shoes or a dress or a nice coat. Lakshmi says really. Then I say “do I love you ?”. Then Lakshmi kisses me and says thank you daddy. So she ended up getting 2 nice dresses. One dress I picked out.

Then I took her to a lingerie shop. Lakshmi kisses me and said you wait out here. Lakshmi had me waiting for 30 long minutes.

Lakshmi comes out of the lingerie shop with 3 bags. I said what did you do, buy the whole store and I laughed. You go ahead and laugh when I put some of this on tonight we will see who will be laughing. Then I asked Lakshmi if she wanted to go dancing. Lakshmi dropped her bags and jump up into my arms. Damn baby, you really love dancing. Lakshmi says Yes I do , especially with you”. Do you want to go to your favorite club or somewhere else. There are 3 nice clubs here in Manhattan. I said I know one it’s call La Martinique. Then Lakshmi said I don’t have anything to wear. I said yes you do. That smoking hot dress I brought for you. You are quite a Sly Fox. You knew that dress was for the dancing club scene. I have black flats on that will go good with the dress.

We get to the club and it is huge. It is crowded. What a nice dance floor. And the bar was crazy. Like a horse shoe. With tables in the middle. And bar stools around the sides of the bar. We checked our jackets. We go to the bar. I ordered a white wine for Lakshmi and I had a gin and grapefruit juice. After the drinks we went to the dance floor. We danced for 3 songs then took a break. We ordered another round of drinks and found a place to sit. Lakshmi saying this place is huge. I asked are you having fun. Yes baby , so many people. The sound system’s music goes right through you. Then after we finished our drinks , I asked Lakshmi was she ready, Lakshmi said are you ready and laughed. We danced for 4 straight fast songs , boy we were tired. We got another round of drinks. We finally found seats. We sat for 10 minutes. Then Lakshmi got up took my hand and led me to the dance floor. We dance a fast song and then the DJ said here comes three in a row. It’s time to slow this thing down. The lights dimmed and then there was small flashing color lights surveying the floor.

We could hardly find a spot on the dance floor. We embraced each other. I have my right hand on Lakshmi back. Her new dress is backless and has two rope like shoulder straps. I immediately start massaging Lakshmi’s back. My left hand is on her waist for now. I draw Lakshmi closer to me. Lakshmi says “BIG BOY” is awake. I said I know that’s why I brought you closer. Lakshmi is now moving her lower body in step with my lower body. I then kiss Lakshmi and she moans. Not because of the kiss but because I started massaging her whole ass. No one could actually see anything as it was so crowded and the lights were low. Lakshmi said damn baby I can really feel your nice dick on my hot pussy. You bent your knees to lower your dick to my pussy. Nice move.

Then Lakshmi slips her left hand down to my dick and started rubbing it right on the dance floor. Lakshmi said I love how big he is right now. Lakshmi ass feels so good in my hands. Damn this is a nice sexy dress.

I tell Lakshmi she looks so sexy in this dress. Yeah but don’t like all of those guys looking at me like I was a piece of meat. WOW sorry baby. Lakshmi says one more dance. We have another slow dance. I felt bad , so I say let’s go now baby. So we drive back to my place. We get in my apartment. Lakshmi says I am sorry baby. I say don’t be sorry. Lakshmi is looking out the window into New Jersey. I come behind her and wrapped her up in my arms. Lakshmi kisses my arm. I tell Lakshmi I want to kiss her naked ass. Lakshmi drops her dress to the floor, takes off her bra and takes off her panties. She then leans against the windowsill. I then take off all my clothes. I get on my knees and I start kissing and licking Lakshmi delicious ass. Then I run my tongue all up and down her back. The I move behind her and now my dick is between her legs rubbing her pussy as I kiss her neck. I then take my dick and run it along her pussy slit. Then I put my dick on the entrance of her pussy hole. Lakshmi moans, and says that’s what I need baby. I now have 5 inches of my dick in Lakshmi nice pussy. Then all 7 inches. Lakshmi is moaning. Yes daddy that’s what I needed. Fuck me good baby , please fuck me good. I said baby what’s going on. I stopped fucking her. She was crying. Baby come with me I took her into the bedroom and told her to sit on my lap. When we were at the club I went to the bathroom and I saw Charles. He called me an Indian whore. Who likes ( N word). I did not say anything to you at the time.

I said Lakshmi do you feel like a whore. Lakshmi cries and said no. Lakshmi I am Black our children will be Black and Indian mixed. You have to deal with the race issue now !!! , to be strong for our children. Now for being a whore. He said that because you were not putting out for him.

Heck think about it you were a virgin before you met me. So what the heck is he talking about. Now come here and let me make you feel like the woman that you are. I then spread Lakshmi legs. And started giving her pussy some extra special licking and sucking. I have now been licking and sucking Lakshmi clit for 15 minutes. She has cum for me three times. Then I fuck her in the missionary position for 10 minutes. Lakshmi cums for me 2 more times. Then I put her on her knees and fuck her for 15 more minutes. Lakshmi has her head buried into the sheets. Her eyes are closed her mouth is open. Screaming all kinds of stuff as I am fucking her like I never fucked her before. Lakshmi says baby you never fucked me this good. Damn baby I love this. Fuck me , Fuck me , Fuck me !!!

Damn your dick feels way bigger than usual. OU BABY FUCK ME. Lakshmi cums 4 times in those 15 minutes.

5 minutes later then Lakshmi cums for me again , she is having another orgasm back to back. Lakshmi is shaking. All her juices and cum is now dripping out her hot hungry pussy. Lakshmi says baby that was good. What happened ??

I came twice in a row. I told her that she just had a multiple orgasm. I told her that I made her so hot and fucked her like I never did before. I told her since I opened up her pussy that I could now fuck her like that. I only do that once in a while. Because if I did it more you would expect it like that all of the time. Now do you want to be my whore. Lakshmi slapped me. She says don’t say that to me. I said sorry baby but I did not mean it that way. Lakshmi said I don’t care how you meant it. Then Lakshmi got under the top sheet and turned her back to me. I tried to lay down besides her and I put my arm around her and she took my arm and removed it from her body.

I got a blanket from the closet.

I then went out to the couch and laid down. It was about 3:00 AM and Lakshmi went to reach for me but I was not there. Then she came out to the living room.

Then she calls out my name. She called out me name again.

But I was asleep.Then I heard her call me. I then lifted my head and Lakshmi was standing there. Lakshmi said baby please come to bed. I am sorry baby , please come to bed. So I get up and go to the bedroom and lay down on my back looking up towards the ceiling. Then Lakshmi scoots over to me and says look at me.... I do. Lakshmi then says she is sorry. I said no problem. But Lakshmi says yes it is, I hit you. I again said no problem. Lakshmi says please talk to me. I should have never hit you , I love you , I need you to love me. Please baby I will never do that again. Talk to me please baby. I then told her what I meant about her being my whore. I told her in love you would do anything for me in bed. Anything without question.

This would be done because we love each other. That has nothing to do with giving yourself to multiple men the true meaning of the word. Lakshmi says baby I did not know what you meant. I thought you were saying something different.

Baby let me make it up to you. I said no go to sleep. Lakshmi said baby your still angry. Please let me make it up to you. I still said no ! Then we went to sleep. Lakshmi had her back to me. Around 5:00 AM I scooted over to Lakshmi I then place my dick between her legs. I then had my chest to her back. I then put my arm over her body and I was massaging her nipples. I was kissing her on her neck. Lakshmi body could feel what I was doing even in her sleep. Then she started waking up. She took my hand off her breast and kissed it then put my hand back on her breast and kept her hand on my hand as I massaged her nipples. She then said baby I love you so much. Please put that nice dick in where it belongs. So I slipped my dick into Lakshmi pussy hole. I started fucking her and she started crying. I said baby we will always have little spats. The thing is not to let us stay angry for more than a day.

Now do you want me to stop giving you this make up dick. Oh that’s what this is. Yes baby me making up to you for calling you a whore. Lakshmi says but baby I want to be your whore. I said Baby you are full of surprises. Lakshmi says I need you to fuck me some more. I need you to put me and my pussy to sleep.

Better still baby I want to suck your big dick. I want to taste your cum. So Lakshmi moves down to say hello to BIG BOY. She says hi baby then swallows my whole dick in her mouth. I never saw that before. She made love to my dick with her hungry mouth. She fucked my dick in her mouth. She made me cum on 10 minutes. She swallowed every last drop of my cum. Then she wiped her mouth than she put all three of her cum covered fingers in her mouth. Then she went back down to suck the remaining cum from my dick. She had learn to suck my dick better than any of my past girlfriends. And trust me I had some dick sucking pro girlfriends. Lakshmi then said that was good. Then she laid on top of me. She kissed my neck then laid her head on my shoulder and my chest. I covered us up. And like usual I hand my hands on her ass as she fell asleep. Morning came and I was shocked I heard Lakshmi snoring. She must have been very very tired. I was playing with her long ponytail. I love her beautiful long silky jet black hair. She looks so damn sexy when that ponytail hangs over her shoulder.

So it was that Lakshmi and I were married. We had a boy and a girl. Unfortunately Lakshmi’s mother did not live long enough to see her grandchildren. She passed away 1 year after we were married. She died peacefully in her sleep.

Years have passed, we have two teenagers. We moved out of the NYC area and have a house in NJ but we still work in NYC.

Then one day I had a car accident. That accident messed up my back and my nervous system. I could no longer run or jog. Heck I could not even walk 6 blocks before my leg would start trembling. But I went to work and came home. I could no longer get an erection.

Lakshmi and I grew apart but we still loved each other.

Then one day I came home early and I hear a noise in our bedroom. I looked into our bedroom as the door was slightly open. It’s Lakshmi with her legs locked around a guys ass as he is fucking her.

Then I hear the guy say baby who’s pussy is this. Lakshmi says “it’s your pussy daddy.

Now fuck me baby”. Then the guy says has your husband ever fucked you like this. Lakshmi says no. Then the guy says so you love this big dick. Lakshmi says yes baby , I love it. Then the guy stopped fucking Lakshmi. Lakshmi says baby what’s wrong. The guy says get your ass down on the floor and on your knees and suck my dick. Lakshmi says sure baby , you know I like to suck your big black dick. You know I like to swallow all of your cum.

I love it when you make me do things. I love it when you make me lick your ass hole. Why do you like my dick. Because it’s the biggest strongest fattest dick I have ever sucked. And your cum taste so good baby. Come on baby please fuck me some more, please daddy. Does my cum taste better than your husbands. Yes baby, way better and it’s so much more to swallow. Now come on baby fuck me in my nice pussy that you have opened up. Then I want you to fuck me in my ass hole again.

The guy takes his dick out of Lakshmi mouth. Lakshmi says did I say something wrong baby.

No you didn’t. But do you want to suck my dick some more. Yes baby , you know I do. Say please, Lakshmi says please baby let me suck your big black pretty dick some more. No !!!! , you have to beg me to suck my big dick. Lakshmi says baby I am begging you to let me suck your big dick. Please let me suck it some more. So Lakshmi starts sucking this guy’s dick. Now he says is your pussy wet enough yet from sucking my dick. Lakshmi says yes baby , it’s been wet ever since you fucked me in my ass this morning. The guy says get your ass up in the bed. Lakshmi says yes baby. Now the guy tells Lakshmi to lay on her stomach. Then I see the guy’s dick for the first time. His dick is about 9 inches and is fat. Then he wipes some of Lakshmi pussy juice on her ass hole. Then he shoved his whole dick into Lakshmi’s ass hole. Surprisingly Lakshmi does not scream. His dick goes easily into her ass hole. Then he says that’s it take this big black dick. Lakshmi says baby that feels so so good. Then this guy is pounding her ass to no end. He is fucking her ass hole. Lakshmi is screaming out John’s name. She is screaming out words like “OU, OU, OU BABY , that’s it baby, shove that black dick of yours all the way up in my ass hole , give me that dick baby, fuck me, fuck me , baby this feels so fucking good. Even better than this morning. How I wish I could wake up in my bed each morning while your fucking me in my ass and then you let me suck your dick. Sometimes I make sure you fuck me on this side of the bed so that I can smell your cum on the sheet. That’s if the sheets are not so wet with our juices. “

John is fucking her so hard that part of Lakshmi’s body is disappearing into the mattress.

His whole 9 inch dick is in Lakshmi’s ass hole. Lakshmi says OH John your dick feels so good in my ass hole. I love it , that’s it fuck my ass hole. Then he tells Lakshmi to get her ass on the floor and on her knees. Then he tells her to suck his dick. Lakshmi then moves closer to start sucking John’s dick. Then he pulls his dick away from her. He tells her to say please. Lakshmi says please baby let me suck your dick. John then moves his dick to her face. Lakshmi starts sucking his dick for a whole 10 minutes. Then John says that’s enough baby you cleaned it up better than this morning after I fucked you in your ass. Lakshmi says can I suck it just a little longer. John says only for 2 minutes more. Lakshmi says thanks baby.

Now John tells her to get her ass up in the bed and get on all fours. Then John starts fucking Lakshmi doggie style. Amazingly she is taking his whole dick. Lakshmi is screaming , her hands are full of the sheets that she has grabbed. Her face is turned to the side. Her eyes are closed and her mouth is wide open. I could even she wrinkles on her forehead. When ever Lakshmi opens her eyes all you can see is the whites of her eyes. Her eyes have rolled to the back of her head. Lakshmi says John I have never been fucked this good in my entire life. You have open up this pussy in the last 3 months and I love you for it. You have opened up my ass hole so wide that you could just shove your whole 9 inch beautiful dick into my ass hole without hurting me. You have made my pussy open up enough to take your big pretty dick. John is fucking her and it seems like every 4 minutes Lakshmi is cumming.

I lost count a while ago. John has now been fucking Lakshmi doggie style for 20 minutes. Then John takes his dick out of Lakshmi dripping oozing wet cum filled pussy. Lakshmi say please give me some more dick. John says are you begging me to fuck you some more. Yes baby I am begging you to fuck me with that super big black dick of yours. Please baby fuck me.

I’m begging you. Please ,please , baby please.

So John continues to fuck Lakshmi. She cums 2 times in 8 minutes. Then Lakshmi says yes baby fuck your pussy. John says that right this is my pussy. Lakshmi says yes baby this is your pussy and only your pussy.

John says what about your husband. Lakshmi says your dick is king. Even though I am married to Ralph, this is your pussy. Daddy this is your pussy. Now fuck me some more. Then Lakshmi cums 3 more times in 14 minutes. I can see her cum and juices dripping down onto the bed. Lakshmi is exhausted but still wants more of John’s big black pussy filling dick.

Then John tells her to get her ass on the floor and on her knees. John puts his dick in Lakshmi face. She starts to suck his dick. But John stops Lakshmi before she can suck his dick. John says did I tell you that you could suck my dick ???

Did I ??? !!!!!! Lakshmi says no baby. I told you before, if you want to suck my dick you have to beg me to suck it first !!!! Lakshmi says sorry baby.

Now for that lets see how much you are going to beg to suck my dick. Lakshmi says baby you know I love to suck your big black dick. Please baby I have been waiting for two whole days to suck your dick. I have been waiting two whole days so that I can drink my milk out of your big bottle. And just today after my husband went to work, my pussy was burning up, knowing that you were on your way to fuck me , to take care of your pussy..... I was thinking , I sure hope you get here real fast. I need to suck your dick. My dripping pussy made my sweatpants so wet just anticipating sucking your dick. It was just two days ago since you fucked me. Two days ago since you took care of your pussy. Two days ago that you fucked me in my ass. It was two days ago that you fed your baby her bottle. And it was two days ago you let me drink your milk. Please baby let me suck your dick. I am begging you. You can cum all over my face and I will wipe every last drop from my face and lick my fingers and swallow every last drop. So please , please baby let me suck your big black fat juicy king size fat dick.

So John says the next time you beg me to suck my dick. You should ask me first then beg me. Lakshmi says sorry baby. Now could I please suck your dick. John says ok.

And with John’s permission Lakshmi eagerly sucks his dick until he cums in her mouth and on her face. She says thank you daddy that’s what I wanted for two days. Yes that’s what I wanted , yes to drink your milk. Lakshmi swallows the cum that was shot into her mouth. Then she wipes the cum off her face with her fingers then puts it them in her mouth. John says was that good. Lakshmi says yes it was baby. John says I am glad you like to taste and like to swallow my cum better than you like your husbands. Lakshmi says yes baby you know I like your cum better. I like your dick better. I like the way you fuck me in my ass better. I love it how you fill up my pussy better. I love to suck your dick better. I love to lick your ass hole. I like how you command me to do things. Yes baby this pussy belongs to you even though I am married. This is your pussy. John then tells Lakshmi get your ass up here now and fuck my ass hole with that nice tongue of yours. Lakshmi says yes daddy.

She starts licking John’s ass hole then she starts sticking her tongue into his ass hole. John says just like that , my pretty black Indian whore. Lakshmi says you like that baby. John says stick your tongue deeper into my ass hole. Lakshmi says yes daddy.

John says now that’s good baby. Lakshmi says so you like the way your whore is fucking your ass hole. John says yes baby I do. Now shut the hell up and keep fucking my ass hole with that tongue of yours, before I get up and don’t fuck you any more today. Before I get up and not let you swallow any more of my cum.

Yes daddy , please don’t leave yet.

We still have 3 more hours before my husband gets home. 3 more hours for me to keep my legs open for you daddy. 3 more hours for you to fuck me in my ass some more and then let me beg you to clean your big dick. Please don’t leave yet. John says I have been fucking you since 7:30 this morning and now it’s 11:30. I have fucked you in that nice ass of yours. I opened up that ass hole of yours and have really enjoyed it for the last 3 months. You are greedy. Then John says I told you to shut up !!!”. Lakshmi says sorry daddy.


John now says

“When I first saw that nice ass of yours at the gym , I knew I was going to fuck you. That’s why I waited in a bathroom stall in the ladies room. So when you came into the bathroom I would come out of the stall naked with a towel over my shoulders. You should have seen the look on your face when you saw my big black erect dick. I purposely got my dick hard. Then when I thought you got a good look at my dick. I said Oh I am sorry. I thought this was the mens room. I then put the towel around my waist and exited the ladies bathroom and once again said I was sorry.


The next day on Tuesday when I saw you I said I was sorry for yesterday. You walked right by me. Then later on in the day I was pushing weights with my legs and as you passed by I started rubbing my dick. I saw you looking between my open legs. When I caught your glance , you turned away. You were now on the stationary bikes opposite me. I then saw you looking at me again. So I adjusted my gym shorts so you could actually see some of my erect dick. Now you were straining to get a glimpse of my dick. Then I started rubbing my dick. I caught you looking, I kept on rubbing my dick. You did not turn away. You kept on looking at my big dick, even though you could only see about 3 inches.

So the most visible part of my dick was my fat dick head. So I then pulled back all of my gym shorts on the left side so you could once again see my whole 9 inch dick. You had your mouth open as you gazed on my big dick. I then got up and looked at you and smiled as I got on the stationary bike right next to yours. I said hello. You ignored me. I said I hope that you liked what you saw”. Then you said and what did I see.

I said My lovely 9 inch black dick !!! Then you said oh is that what I saw... Yeah that’s what you saw as you had your mouth wide open looking at my dick. You even stopped peddling on your bike. Then you started sweating and blushing. I then got up from the bike and got into the shower, dried off and went to have a drink at a local bar.


The next day I wore spandex men’s short. I made sure you could see the big bulge in my shorts. You could not stop looking. Then I got up and once again got on the stationary bike next to yours. I said hello and you still ignored me. Then I got off of my bike smiled at you as I walked by and said tomorrow’s show will be better.


On Thursday I wore baggy gym shorts without an inner support.

You were on the stationary bike. I sat down right in front of you lifting weights while I laid on the bench. I made sure you could see my whole dick as I bench pressed the weights. You could probably see my balls too. I then once again got on the stationary bike next to you. I said hello. Then you finally said hello. I said my name is John. I asked you your name and you said Lakshmi. I said that’s a pretty Indian name. You said thanks. So I said Lakshmi did you like what you saw. Lakshmi did not answer and she got off her bike. I then said have a nice evening Lakshmi with the pretty face. I too took a shower and as I was leaving Lakshmi came pass the desk. I told her to have a nice evening. Lakshmi said you too.


Now on Friday I wore a different color baggy shorts with no inner support. Lakshmi was on the stationary bike. I sat on the weight bench right in front of her and just sat on the bench. I made sure no one else was in the area. I then started rubbing my dick right in front of her. Lakshmi stopped peddling and was focused on my hand jerking off my dick. Lakshmi had to adjust herself on the bike seat as she started to fidget her ass on the seat. She kept looking and I kept stroking my dick. Then I got up and walked over to her and stood right in front of her. I said it would be my pleasure to give you some. Lakshmi got off her bike and quickly walked into the ladies locker room. I took my shower and waited for her outside the gym. As she came out of the gym I said hello. Lakshmi said oh it’s you. I asked Lakshmi are you mad at me. Lakshmi said NO. !!! I asked can I walk with you a while. You did not answer. So I continued walking with you.

Then I asked her if you like what you saw. I would love to give you some. Lakshmi said I did not like the way your were trying to seduce me. I said I am sorry if I offended you. But directly getting to the point and showing you my intentions, I knew I would get your attention. And so I did. But I just could not help myself looking at your gorgeous body and that sweet looking ass of yours. Lakshmi says you are very direct. I said yes I am. And to be more direct. I would love to slowly spread your lovely legs and lick that nice puffy pussy of yours and suck on your clit and make you cum in my mouth over and over again. Lakshmi says how do you know I have a puffy pussy. I know because I can see it when you wear those nice bicycle shorts. I said sorry to make you blush Lakshmi. So give me a chance, I absolutely guarantee you will love this big dick. Lakshmi says “Oh you guaranteeing things now and laughs” , Not just anything, just you enjoying my big fat dick. Lakshmi says Oh I see.

Then we passed a store front entrance, the store is closed and the entrance to the store is about 15-20 feet long. I grab Lakshmi and push her against the hallway wall. My big dick bulge is pressing against her shorts, right against her pussy.

Lakshmi says John get off of me. How dare you. I am a married woman. Now Stop !!!! I tried to plant my lips on her mouth and kiss her. Lakshmi turns her head away and says John please stop. I start grinding my dick on her pussy area. I then start kissing her on her neck. Then with my left hand I started massaging her tits. Then I started massaging her nipples.

I then tried to kiss her again , still no luck. I kept massaging her nipples and now they start to get hard. I hear a slight moan from Lakshmi. I then started rubbing her pussy trying to stimulate her clit. Lakshmi then says John please stop I am a married woman. I kept on kissing her neck and massaging her pussy. I then hear another moan. And again Lakshmi says please stop. I am now tweaking her harden nipples. And yet another moan. Then I tried to kiss Lakshmi again. Lakshmi does not turn her head. I plant my lips upon hers. Still tweaking her nipples with one hand and rubbing her pussy with the other. I hear Lakshmi say John But she does not say stop. Now her shorts are wet , her pussy has made her shorts wet. Now just like that , Lakshmi opens her mouth letting my tongue enter. I then reach up with the hand that massaging Lakshmi’s pussy and put my hand in and under the waistband of her shorts and panties. I then slide my hand down to her wet pussy. WOW she has a lot of hair. I immediately part her pussy slit and start rubbing up and down. Then I started massaging her clit. Lakshmi says John please stop I am a married woman. I started rubbing her clit a little harder now. I tell her to spread her legs a little more, Lakshmi said John please no more. I rubbed her clit a little faster, then Lakshmi spreads her legs wider. Lakshmi says John please. Then she starts playing tag with my tongue. I can now feel her heaving breast upon my chest. Then with one hand I was massaging her clit. And with the other hand I was now massaging her G Spot with two fingers. Lakshmi moans and says John. Then I asked her if she liked what I was doing. Her response was John please stop I am a married woman. I then shove my tongue deep into Lakshmi mouth. Lakshmi starts playing with my tongue. Then she move her head. Her head is now moving from side to side. Lakshmi is saying “John please , John , come on John please stop, please”. I am now sucking her nipples over her tee shirt and over her soft material bra. Lakshmi then hugs me with both arms. Lakshmi says “John please stop , I am married, please baby stop. John don’t do this to me , OH JOHN , please, Please baby , Please baby, PLEASE BABY, OH BABY I’m cumming ,OH , OH , JOHN , BABY, oooOOOOOO !!! “ and Then Lakshmi cums. Lakshmi is breathing heavy. I then kiss her. She is hugging me tight as our tongues dangle in my mouth.

I said baby did you like that. Lakshmi does not say anything. Breathing heavily , Lakshmi says I am a married woman. Why did you do that to me. I said baby you knew you were curious about my big dick. When I had you against the wall you did not scream out for others to hear. When you felt my big dick pushing against your pussy you did not push me off of you. Then when I started rubbing your pussy, I could feel you breathing more heavily. Then when I put my fingers in your pussy, you spread your legs open without me asking you to do so. Then when I was massaging your clit and your G Spot I knew You was going to let me fuck you. Oh so now you know that you are going to fuck me. Like I told you I am a married woman.

Then I said I just made this married woman cum for me.

This married woman welcomed my fingers deep in her pussy.

This married woman welcome me sucking her nipples and

making her nipples hard.

Look your juices and cum are now running down your legs. Lakshmi said you bastard and gathered herself and walked out the store entrance.


I normally get to the gym early on Saturdays. Not too many club members are there. About an hour later at 10:00 AM Lakshmi walks in. She gets on the stationary bike. I said hello, she ignored me. I then get up and walk over to the bike. I said hello Lakshmi. She looks at me and says HELLO JOHN !!!. I then said I hope that you are not mad at me for making your nice juicy pussy happy. John you made me cum in the middle of the street out in public. I am a married woman.

I told Lakshmi, so when are you going to let me

lick that nice pussy of yours and suck your nice big clit to make you cum in my mouth over and over again. Then I will fuck that nice pussy of yours with my big dick. Fuck you like you have never been fucked before. You are so sure that I am going to let you fuck me. Yes I know that for sure. WOW John , you are so confident. So I will wait for you outside when your finished working out. I have my car and we could go somewhere nice. So that I can eat all of your juicy pussy this Saturday afternoon.

Lakshmi says don’t count on it and laughs. Now Lakshmi exited the gym. I call out to Lakshmi, she turns around and says what do you want. I walk over to her and say I want you. I want to make you and your nice pussy happy. Can you look me in the face and tell me I did not make you and your pussy feel real good. TELL ME !! Didn’t you call me baby as you were crying out my name when you were cumming. Just one time, if you don’t like it I swear I will never bother you again. Lakshmi says I told you I am a married woman. When you were cumming for me , were you thinking about your husband even when you were saying I am a married woman.

Look John just one time and you promise to leave me alone for good. Just one time. So lets get my car parked around the corner. So we get in the car then I take her to a Ramada Inn and checked in at noon time.

When we got into the room I push Lakshmi up against the wall and kissed her. She let me kiss her but did not open up her mouth. I then start rubbing her breast. Lakshmi had on a tee shirt and her soft material bra. I then started tweaking her nipples. Lakshmi moaned. Then I reached under her tee shirt and tweaked her nipples some more. Then I unsnapped the clasp of her bra that was in front. Then her nice tits were freed. I immediately started tweaking her nipples. Then while still kissing Lakshmi , she opened up her mouth to let my tongue in. Then with my other hand I started rubbing her pussy. Lakshmi then hugged me. I then lifted her tee shirt and started sucking her nipples. Lakshmi called out my name “OH JOHN”. Lakshmi was holding the top of my head while I feasted on her tits and nipples. So now I was sucking her nipples when I decided to start playing with her pussy. So I moved my hands down into her bicycle shorts and panties. I started moving my fingers up and down her wet slit. Then when my fingers were wet I started massaging Lakshmi’s clit. Lakshmi held my head tighter as she moaned and called out my name “OOOO JOHN” then I stopped sucking her nipples and kissed Lakshmi real quick then I moved my other hand to her pussy. Three fingers were now working on her G Spot. Lakshmi was going crazy. I started sucking her nipples again.

Lakshmi says

“OH John, OU, OU John baby , that is so good. OU baby , just like that , OH baby, baby , OOO , OOOOO BABY”. Then Lakshmi cums for me. I said you like that baby. Lakshmi says yes I did. John says now take off all of your clothes and get your fine ass up in the bed so I can lick and suck that nice pussy of yours. Lakshmi takes of all of clothes and pulls back the top covers then she gets up into the bed. John then takes off all his clothes and joins her. Then John lays on Lakshmi and kisses her. He purposely let his dick stay right on Lakshmi wet pussy.

John then kisses her neck. Then whisperers in Lakshmi’s ear. “Baby I am going to lick and suck all of your pussy every last inch. I am going to make you cum so many times that you will lose count. Then I am going to fuck you and make you forget that you are a married woman.

I am going to fuck you so good you will forget that you have a husband”. Then John kisses her neck again then licks her tits then sucks her nipples for about 5 minutes. Lakshmi wants more John knows it but he is not going to give her anything more.

John keeps on sucking her nipples. Lakshmi pussy is so wet that the sheet is now getting wet. Lakshmi is moaning like crazy. Then John starts rubbing Lakshmi clit. Now John is massaging Lakshmi clit real good. Lakshmi screams out John’s name as her ass is now gyrating on the sheets. She arches her back up into the air and then Lakshmi cums for me again. Then I move down to her pussy. I don’t let her throbbing pussy rest. I then start gently licking her sensitive clit. Very very very slow. Then I hear a moan from Lakshmi. I then start putting more pressure on her clit as I am licking it. Lakshmi starts squirming in the bed. Then I pick up the pace. Lakshmi starts calling out my name again.

“OH JOHN, baby that feels so so good. Baby I love what you doing to my pussy. Baby that is” and before she can finish saying “so good” Lakshmi cums for me yet again. Then I took my dick and rub it up and down her pussy slit. Lakshmi says “OU BABY” damn that feels good.

I just kept on rubbing her pussy and was now rubbing her clit again. Lakshmi was arching and heaving her back up in the air then back down then up again. She was squeezing her nipples. I asked Lakshmi do you like that baby. Lakshmi says yes. Do you want me to stop. Lakshmi says no baby. Then I asked her do you want some of this dick. Lakshmi says yes. So I put just the head of my dick in her pussy hole. I asked her do you like that. Lakshmi says I would like that better if you put it in. I kept on massaging her clit and the entrance of her pussy hole with just the head of my dick. Then Lakshmi cums for me again.

Lakshmi pussy is pulsating. I give her clit time to recover. I kept on massaging her pussy hole with the head of my dick. Lakshmi says come on fuck me.

I said Lakshmi are you asking me to fuck you. Lakshmi says yes, that’s what you brought me here for. I kept on massaging her pussy hole , now just pushing about a half inch in and out, in and out. Lakshmi is squirming in the bed.

She wants more dick , but I have to break her down. I have to make her beg to get more dick , beg to get fucked. Now I start massaging her clit again. Damn her pussy is soaking wet with her juices and her thick white cum. Now Lakshmi is trying to thrust her pussy up to get more dick. When she does that I move my dick back. Then I asked her do you want this dick. Because if you don’t I will stop now and won’t bother you any more. Lakshmi says come on and fuck me. I said no. Lakshmi ask why. I told her that if she wanted more dick she had to say please. Lakshmi says your crazy if you think I am going to please ask you to fuck me. Then as I start moving the inch of dick in and out of her pussy hole. Lakshmi moans even more. I am still rubbing her clit. Then she cums again. Damn she is stubborn, but I have to break her. I kept on giving her just the head of my fat dick. Then Lakshmi says ok please give me some more dick. I then give her 4 inches of my big dick. Lakshmi then screams out stop John that is hurting me. I keep my dick right there. Then I started massaging her clit again. Lakshmi starts squirming her ass into the sheets. Her pussy relaxes and by doing that 2 more inches of my dick slides into her wet pussy. She grabs my arm. Then she moans. Then she says “OH BABY , that feels good , you are so big. And that really feels good. “ Then John says now I will ask you again do you want me to fuck you. Lakshmi says yes. I tell her to say please. Lakshmi says come on baby fuck me. I say do you want more dick , Lakshmi says I don’t know if I can take more. I then start playing with her clit again. In 4 minutes she cums all over my dick. Lakshmi is getting frustrated because I am not fucking her. So I ask her do you like my dick again Lakshmi says I would like it if you fuck me. I said say please. Lakshmi says please baby fuck me. I said you have to beg for me to fuck you. As I am saying that Lakshmi cums yet again as I have not stopped massaging her clit.

Lakshmi says you bastard please fuck me. John says beg me. Lakshmi says baby fuck me , please baby , I’m begging you, I’m begging you to fuck me.

Then I shoved the remainder of my 9 inches of my dick into her pussy hole. Lakshmi screams OOOO SHIT. And hugs me. Then I started fucking her. Lakshmi was crying with pain , I kept on fucking her. Then the crying stopped and all I heard was a little whimper, then her ass wiggled in the bed , then I heard a moan. Then Lakshmi tightens her hug on me. Then she was moaning loudly. Then I knew I was just about to break her will.

Lakshmi was saying all kinds of things like “OH shit baby this dick is good, my whole pussy is filled up. And your dick feels so hot in my pussy, that’s it, fuck me baby , give me that big black dick of yours. fuck me”. Then Lakshmi wrapped her legs around my ass and locked it with her feet. Lakshmi was crying out my name. I could feel the juice running out of her wet pussy onto my balls. My balls were slapping against her ass hole. I was pounding her pussy. Then Lakshmi came for me again.

I asked Lakshmi does she like the way I am fucking her. She says baby I love the way you are fucking me. Now get your fine ass on the floor and on your knees and suck my dick. Yes baby. Lakshmi is sucking my dick like her life depended on it. I asked Lakshmi do you like sucking my dick. Lakshmi says yes baby. I then take my dick out of her mouth and ask her do you want to suck my dick some more. Lakshmi says yes baby. I said then say please. Lakshmi says please baby let me suck you dick. Then I say ok. Lakshmi is sucking my dick like a professional. I said damn your really having fun sucking my dick. Ok now it’s time to fuck you some more. Lakshmi says can I please suck your dick a little longer. I said ok. Ok baby that’s enough for now. Get your fine ass back in the bed. Open up those nice long legs of yours so that daddy can fuck you some more. Lakshmi says yes daddy. I then shove my dick into her pussy. It is not hurting her this time but she jumps when I did shove it right in. Then after 5 minutes Lakshmi cums. I am hitting the bottom of her pussy now. That means I have opened up her pussy a little more now. Then Lakshmi wrapped her legs around my ass and locked them. It seems that when I hit the bottom of her pussy she wraps and locks her legs around my ass. Lakshmi is now screaming out all kinds of things. She knows she is getting fucked good. I know she is getting fucked good. Her pussy knows it is getting fucked good.

Then Lakshmi yells out daddy fuck me , fuck me daddy. Then Lakshmi cums for me again. I lost count on how many times she came. I asked her you like this dick. Lakshmi said yes daddy , I love this big black dick.

Now get your ass on the floor on your knees and suck daddy’s dick. Lakshmi says yes daddy.

Lakshmi says can I please suck your dick. I said beg for this big dick. Lakshmi says daddy can I please suck your dick. Please baby let me suck your dick. Then I move my dick to Lakshmi’s mouth. Then Lakshmi starts sucking my dick real good. Better than before. Then in 10 minutes my dick exploded in her mouth. Lakshmi swallowed every last drop of my hot cum. Then she licked her fingers and put them into her mouth and said baby that taste so good.

Then I told her to get her ass back up in the bed. I then laid down and told Lakshmi that I still have some cum that is still in my dick canal. You need to suck it out. When you are finished. Suck my balls they need some attention. Lakshmi is sucking my balls , first she puts one in her mouth, then she tries to get the other one in. After taking care of my balls , she starts sucking my dick again. I said Lakshmi didn’t I tell you to ask first , then beg me to suck my dick. Lakshmi says sorry daddy and asks to suck my dick and then she begs me. Then she starts sucking my dick.

I think I almost have her will broken. So Lakshmi, do you want me to fuck you again.

Lakshmi says yes daddy. Now come over her and kiss your daddy. I am going to make you and your sweet Indian pussy feel so nice. Now I want you to lick my ass hole. Lakshmi says yes daddy. Lakshmi is fucking my ass hole really good. Half her tongue is in my ass hole. Lakshmi ask me do you like that daddy. I said I love it. So when do you want me to fuck you again. Lakshmi says Monday would be good. I said let me see what I am doing. If I’m not doing anything I can give you some more of this big dick. But I want to fuck you in your bed. The bed that you and your husband sleep on. So if I come to your place what is a good time. Lakshmi says after 7:30 but call me. I said I will if you give me your phone number. Now I tell Lakshmi how do you want me to fuck you. Lakshmi says I want it doggie style. That feels so good when your whole dick is way down in my pussy hitting the bottom. So I fucked Lakshmi doggie style for 35 minutes and she must have cum 5 or 6 times. The damn sheet had one big wet spot from her cum and juices. Lakshmi was exhausted, her pussy was exhausted. Now that I have broken Lakshmi and her body and mind belongs to me. It was time to work on the soul.

I started licking Lakshmi’s ass hole. Then I started fucking her with my tongue. Lakshmi was going crazy as she never had a tongue that far up her ass, if she ever had a tongue at all in her ass hole. In any case Lakshmi was squirming and thrashing her body all over the sheets. I said you like that , you like what daddy is doing to your nice ass. I told you I was going to fuck you. I bet you didn’t think I was going to fuck you this way too. Lakshmi says I love how you fuck my pussy and my ass hole. I said baby, daddy did not fuck your ass hole yet. But now that you brought that up. I said do you want me to fuck you in the ass. Lakshmi sits up and says please baby not with that big dick of yours going in my tight Indian ass hole. I told her to lay her ass down. Lakshmi lays down on her back. I then told Lakshmi turn your ass over !!! And spread your damn legs. Lakshmi says yes daddy, please don’t hurt me.

I spread her legs open more. I then took some of the pussy juice and rubbed it on my dick then took some and put it on her ass hole. Lakshmi says daddy please not in my ass hole. I then take the head of my dick and place it on Lakshmi ass hole.

Then I started moving my dick around her ass hole with my hand. After doing that for 4 minutes Lakshmi starts to moan. I told Lakshmi, see I told you that would feel good. I know but your dick is too big. Now that her ass hole was relaxed about an inch of my dick was in her ass hole. 3 minutes later I had a total of 4 inches in her ass hole. Lakshmi was moaning louder and she hunched up her ass to get more dick. Then she started grabbing the sheets. I then gave her about two more inches and started pumping her ass. Lakshmi was screaming my name. Then I was fucking her ass hole real good. She was taking the dick real good. I knew that I had to put in more work to open up the fine ass hole of her. I knew that she had a real nice round ass that was one of the reasons I wanted to fuck her. Then I came deep in her ass hole. Then I told Lakshmi to get her ass on the floor on her knees and suck my dick. Lakshmi obeyed. The she asked me daddy can I suck your dick. Please daddy please let me suck that nice dick of yours. I said ok Then Lakshmi feasted on my dick. Now it was 5:00 PM I have been fucking Lakshmi for over 9 hours. I said it’s time to get out of here. I dropped her off about 6 blocks away from her place.

Lakshmi says will I see you on Monday. I said I would call. So on Monday I called to see if her husband had left. Lakshmi said he left about 10 minutes. I said I will be there in 5 minutes. Lakshmi opened the door and I entered. Lakshmi asked me if I wanted anything to drink. I said stop wasting time and take off all of your clothes and get over her and get down on your knees and suck my dick. Lakshmi says yes daddy. After 10 minutes of sucking my dick , I asked Lakshmi was her pussy wet yet. I told her to put her fingers into her pussy then put her fingers in my mouth. So she did. I said yes your pussy is ready. To sum up Monday, I fucked Lakshmi in every hole and fucked her on the kitchen floor on the dining room table , on the couch , on the living room floor on the bathroom toilet seat. In the bath tub. I fucked her from 8:00 AM until 2:00 PM. I now have totally open her pussy. Now I have to still work on her nice puffy ass hole.

It was time to go. Lakshmi asked me when I was going to fuck her again. I told her let’s make a schedule. How about Monday , Wednesday and Friday. Lakshmi said what about Saturday. What about it you getting three days of dick. Stop being greedy. On my way out I told her that she would let me fuck her and again after the first time. Now aren’t you glad I seduced you. Yes baby, this is the best dick I ever had. I said better than you husband. Lakshmi said your dick is much bigger. I said I will see you on Wednesday, I will call you when I get close to your place. Lakshmi says bye daddy.

It took me a whole 2 weeks to open up Lakshmi tight ass hole. Now my dick fits in her ass hole like a hand in a glove.

Now after 5 weeks I have her body, mind and soul. Her pussy no longer belonged to her husband. It belonged to me.

So after all of that Lakshmi is still fucking John’s ass hole for over 20 minutes.

Her tongue is going in deeper and deeper into John’s ass hole. Lakshmi is really getting the chance to fuck her man in his ass hole, and her pussy is dripping even more and more cum and juice onto our bed.

Ralph says to himself. Wow I have heard and seen enough.

A lesson learned.

“The pussy is only yours , if you are the one taking care of it”.

I then hold my head down. I walk to the living room , I take off my wedding ring and put that on the dining room table along with the house keys and car keys. Then I take the Lakshmi’s pussy hair that she once cut from her pussy a long time ago that I kept in my wallet all these years. I take that hair and put that between the hole in the wedding ring. I walk out of the house and walked down the street, to this day I am still walking.

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