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Invited to a themed office party
In July that year came this invitation to a “Rocky Horror Show” party, a whole gang of us (mainly from Lisa’s place of work with other halves) had been to see the stage show a few weeks earlier and Lisa’s boss had organized a party to which we had to dress like the characters in the show, it was great fun. Lisa had decided to wear this black and red Basque that I previously bought her, together with black seamed stockings and very high heeled 5” red patent leather shoes, tiny black lacy knickers and a black studded leather choker, that was it, her own choice, but all things I had bought her in the last few months. l must admit that she looked delicious.

Lisa wore a coat to travel to the house, when we got there l tried to persuade her to leaving it in the car, but she was faltering a little, even though she’d drunk a large sherry al¬ready. We arrived about 10pm and Lisa visibly relaxed when she saw that other girls were equally or in fact in a couple of cases even daring than herself.

There were some really sexy outfits in PVC and leather, Our hostess, a very attrac¬tive woman in her mid-30’s, met us, wearing high heeled thigh boots, a red leather mini skirt no bigger than a belt and a small leather waist coat than wasn’t done up and wasn’t hiding much of her billowy breasts either. Everyone had garish make up on. Upstairs in a bedroom filled with coats and jackets, Lisa slipped out of her coat and l noticed that one nipple had just about peeked out of the top of the Basque, l didn’t say a word and hoped she wouldn’t notice, She didn’t and l felt my erection growing with excitement.

There were several very sexily and scantily dressed ladies present, but the room was quite dark so everyone was relaxed, there must have been about 40 people there, at least. Lisa and l were never ones to cling to each other at parties, and she actually knew far more people there than me and so we drifted off, but because of her exciting attire l kept one eye on her.

I noticed her dancing several times and then there was a fast dance and her boobs popped out of the Basque, she quickly pushed them home again. She was getting a lot of attention from several guys, but l wasn’t worried, rather proud. Just after midnight the host had us all group together for a photo call, The lights had to came on for this, this really showed how scantily dressed some of the women were, one sexy lady and her husband had matching outfits, which on top was just a sheer body stocking. Another young girl, Amanda (about 19) who I’d fancied since meeting her a few months earlier, was wearing this shiny black and red PVC mini dress outfit with zips all over the place and the two zips diagonally traversing her tits were undone leav-ing, both her pert breasts popping out. Lisa’s Basque seemed to have slipped and both nipples were now fully on view as the first group pictures were taken.

Our Host, Steve then wanted to take photographs of individual couples, so whilst some of the other went first, l got to speak with Lisa for the first time since we arrived, she was really enjoying herself and she was somewhat tipsy, She told me about her breasts popping out of the Basque, try this then l said, she had her back to the room, and what l did was slip her boobs out of the cups, then push the top part underneath, leaving her breasts totally bared and pushed up by the Basque material. Lisa didn’t make any effort stop me, she just said ‘l can’t go about like this,’ l reasoned with her why not, Debbie (body stocking) and Amanda (PVC) both had fully exposed boobs as did one other woman whose nipples were on view. There were a few whistles as she turned around and she blushed furiously, She clung to me as the picture was taken, and l whispered ‘how about taking your knickers off now as well’, l was hoping. Lisa said ‘Oh, No l couldn’t’, but l noticed that her nipples were rock hard and her protest was not at all forceful, give it another half hour l thought.

When the lights were turned down again and slower music came on Lisa stayed with me, until this young guy (who l had seen dancing with her previously, and later l found to be 18) asked her to dance and l nodded my agreement. l moved off to fetch a drink and to leave the room, when l came back a couple of minutes later, l saw He had a full grope of one bared breast, which included pinching the nipple, she was making no objection to this, her arms her around his head, each resting their chins on the others shoulder, not much different from the other dozen or so dancers, smooching around. As l returned my eye met Lisa’s, She momentarily looked abashed, till l gave her a big smile and wink, she smiled back, and l blew her a kiss with my lips, She responded with a quizzical look and to my surprise lifting her head up she started to kiss her partner; their lips were locked together for ages, l must had looked stupid standing probably mouth gaping as, l realized my wife had interpreted my blown kiss to her as an instruction to kiss this fellow. He needed no fur¬ther encouragement and l saw his hand sneak onto her bum cheeks under her knickers, again this brought no protest from Lisa. For the first time that night, despite of all the lovely flesh around, my cock hardened. She was delving her tongue right into his mouth and His was responding in a similar way.

My thoughts were interrupted by Amanda (PVC) throwing her arms around me, kissing me and pulling me onto the dance floor. She was a very sexy girl and l found me losing interest in my wife’s antics. Amanda for her part had felt my near full erection generated by Lisa’s actions and was making it quite plain that she wanted me upstairs. ‘L didn’t think you and Lisa were open to offers’ she said to me as we both looked across at Lisa, l explained that we were trying it out. Amanda clicked right away ‘you’re turned on by the idea of other men fucking her, aren’t you’ l admitted that it was true. ‘Well come with me, because they aren’t going to get anywhere with you watching like this ‘. To my mind my wife and her young boyfriend, Bruce, seemed not in the least concerned about me, in fact it looked to me that with his hand now buried deep inside her knickers, he probably had his fingers, if not inside her cunt, certainly around her cunt lips (Lisa later confirmed that on the dance floor he slid into her at least 3 fingers); but not having fucked another female, other than Lisa in over a year, l was led away by Amanda.

We went upstairs in search of a room, Amanda seemed to have been there before, and pulling me over said ‘look at this ‘ We peered into a bedroom lit by 2 red lights, lying face up across the double bed was a naked man, sporting a good healthy erection, his arms were tied up with rope to the top bed post and two near naked girls (they had bared breasts and pussy, but lots of leather) were either side of the bed, they were lightly whipping him all over. We watched for about 2 minutes l was intrigued, as we left them one of the women squatted over his face lowering her pussy lips onto his open mouth.

We found a small bedroom, and Amanda slipped off her outfit, as l suspected she wasn’t wearing any underwear, we fell on the bed and l entered her easily, it was over too quick, my fault, l was sexually taut about Lisa and came off too quick. Amanda completely understood and before l could do anything, her mouth closed over my cock. After a few moments l moved to position myself to eat her pussy, but she stopped me, saying ‘don’t do that’, l asked her why, did she like it? ‘yes she did’ and any other time, she love to be licked out by me, but prior to me she had already been fucked twice that evening and didn’t think it would be nice for me to find out by my tongue. L agreed, so l fingered her instead. When l came into Amanda’s mouth, minutes later, it was with an image of Lisa doing the same to Bruce the young boy she’d been dancing with.

Leaving our nest, Amanda and l moved back along the corridor past the room we’d looked into before, l wanted to get back down stairs to see how Lisa was getting on, but something made me look inside again, l was glad l did. L had to pinch myself to make sure that l wasn’t dreaming. The guy and his two ladies were still there, however they’d been joined by Lisa, Bruce and our host (Lisa’s boss). Later Lisa told me how it all came about.

Lisa had been feeling very sexy and randy, because of her exposure, in fact she admitted that she enjoyed my bearing of her breasts and had l pushed a little bit, she would have slipped off her knickers. When Bruce started dancing with her and playing with her boobs, she was even more turned on, she saw that l didn’t seem to mind what he was doing, and she was enjoying it, so she let him continue. She had been surprised, but also pleased, by my in¬struction to kiss Bruce as they danced, he had tried to kiss her once already. However when she kissed him and it became a mammoth tongue down throats job for both of them, as she put it, she knew then that she was going to fuck him that night, so when his hand slipped into her knickers and his fingers into her cunt she just let it happen. His endeavours to finger her pussy snapped the elastic of those knickers, moments after l left the room, Lisa said she almost climaxed as she felt her knickers float down her legs and she knew that anybody looking over could plainly see Bruce’s fingers working inside her cunt, that made her feel even more aroused, as for certain several people would be looking.

Having seen me disappear with Amanda, Lisa felt okay to take things further with Bruce, so she was by then virtually desperate for him to fuck her, and it was Lisa who said let’s go upstairs. Like us they found the room with the guy and 2 girls in, only one of the girls knew Lisa and she called them in. Lisa and this girl, Mary actually worked together and she’d also seen the other girl, Josie around the office. The man, Ken she didn’t really know, but recognized as a senior manager of another department whose wife was downstairs or so she believed. Turned out that the wife was sitting in a darken corner, watching and that not only was she well aware of Ken’s on-going affair with Josie, she encouraged it.

Before she knew it, she was kneeling on the bed in a sixty nine position with the man on the bed, her mouth closing over his steel hard erection and feeling his tongue starting to work on her own cunt lips. The girl instructed Bruce to stand at the edge of the bed and he entered Lisa’s cunt from there. Lisa loved it, double stimulation, the guy licking her concentrated on her clit and Bruce was giving her lovely long deep strokes. As the three of them drove themselves on in sexual lust the two girls continued their whipping, only this time it was falling on the two bodies on the bed, and mainly Lisa being on the top took most of it. Lisa said she barely noticed it on her back. Lisa had her first climax as the guy onto bed spunked into her mouth, heighten in its intensity by two factors,

1. She was sucking off and greedily swallowing the spunk of a total stranger and

2. She hadn’t sucked another man for over 2 years and she’d only ever swallowed me.

Ken on the bed had been kept on the point of climax by those two girls for ages (Ken and l are good friend now) and when he saw this gorgeous blonde come in, he couldn’t believe his luck as she just climbed onto him and her mouth closed over his cock. For ages afterwards he still believed it was all set up before¬hand, anyway, it was only a minute or so before he pumped spunk into Lisa’s mouth, which she took and swallowed down. Lisa was still sucking him as his erection died, when she felt Bruce spurt, not surprising as the guy as practically a virgin and faced with all before him he just pumped. Lisa didn’t see when her Boss, Steve entered the room, but as she lit slip the limp cock of Ken from her mouth, a new erection was presented to her lips, such was her state that she accepted it before she even looked up, when she saw it was Steve she almost died in shock, at work he was always so polite and properly behaved.

When Bruce pulled his limp cock from her wet pussy, Ken continued to not only lick her clit, but also to plunge his tongue into her inner cunt, knowing that this man was tasting the young boys spunk inside her pussy, flamed up Lisa’s arousal even more, At the same time our two girls, now that Bruce was out of the way, directed their whips at Lisa’s upturned bum with more vigour. This was the first time she really noticed the sting of the whips.

Suddenly everything stopped, Steve was tell¬ing the girls to do something, a slightly bewildered Lisa found she replacing the position Ken had been in, she was tied spread eagled face up, with legs and arms pulled wide apart and her head resting off the edge of the bed. As she accepted her position Steve entered her mouth again, only this time his balls were slapping against her nose and he was actually fucking her mouth rather than she sucking him, all at once it clicked what Steve was trying to do, she’d heard and read about “Deep Throat” and we’d tried it once unsuccessfully, but now it worked, relaxing herself almost at once Steve’s cock was being push right home in her mouth, with the tip actually in her throat.

Lisa was unable now to see what was going on elsewhere, but one of the girls now started to thrash whip Lisa’s breasts, and Ken was doing the same to her pussy region, which of course was openly exposed to his stinging whip because of her bondage. Bruce and the other girl were fondling each other.

This was the sight that met Amanda and l when l pushed the door open. L only recognized Lisa by her Basque, her face being totally hidden between Steve’s thighs. My wife had no idea I had come into the room, she was so immersed and wrapped up in her sexual abandon that for the next three quarters of an hour she failed to see me and just as well, because she thinks that had she seen me watching, what was to follow would never have happened. She was in an orgy and on her third man.

Just then Ken moved around to the other side of Lisa and Josie the girl who been with Bruce on Ken’s command knelt between Lisa’s thighs and started licking her cunt. Meanwhile Ken had taken some more of the orange nylon rope and tightly bound Lisa’s breasts around their base. At this time Lisa was taking a very fulsome 38D cup and so her breast were ideal for rope bondage, I watched amazed as this tight bondage took effect on her lovely breasts, her veins started to swell out against her milky white flesh and I couldn’t help but noticed her nipples were bigger and more swollen than I’d ever seen on her. As soon as he’d finished his bondage master piece, Ken in unison with the other girl started whipping Lisa’s exposed breasts.

Lisa said that the sensations going through her body were really wild, the tongue that was working on her cunt was really expert, she believed it to be Ken, the best she’d ever been eaten, the cock in her throat was truly erotic and the whippings were becoming a little harder on her boobs and she liked the feeling. So when Steve pulled his cock from her mouth for a few minutes and pulling his bum cheeks well apart and lowered his anal hole over Lisa’s mouth, she didn’t hesitate, her tongue licked all around his shit hole before plunging itself deep as she could get inside his dark hole, the musky odour driving her sexually higher.

To fully relate blow by blow the following half hour, would take pages, enough to say that Steve alternated his use of Lisa’s month and tongue, between his cock and arsehole, till he spent his spunk into her throat, Ken and Bruce fucked Lisa to near oblivion and then replaced Steve at front.

The finale was Steve having freed Lisa’s legs and with them over his shoulder, wearing a strap on cock of huge dimensions was plunging that into her cunt, whilst his own penis plunged her rectum. Add to that Lisa turning to Ken and asking him, no pleading with him to whip her breasts again, and as her orgasm got nearer, she begged him to hit her harder. This time he was leaving red welts across her breasts and nipples that would last the week out.

l can honestly say that I’ve never heard her so vocal in sexual frenzy, in the last two minutes, I’m certain everyone in the house heard her even above the disco noise. Amanda and l just watched the whole scene in total amazement, l just couldn’t believe that Lisa had let go, so much. The two of us had become aroused again at this action and I had entered Amanda again whilst still standing behind her, both able to watch and I was able to fondle her bared breasts, we whispered to each other.

Amanda confessing to me she’d love “to whip Lisa’s magnif¬icent boobs, like that and have her eat me out, especially with your spunk in me and the other two, I wonder if she’d guess whose is in me?” Amanda and I both climaxed once more.

When Lisa climaxed that last time, her voice was screaming out, pleading and begging both Ken and Steve to keep going, her whole body was bucking like mad, a film of glistening sweat covering her, Steve was having trouble keeping going and staying in place. Then it was all over, almost suddenly, there was a silence for a few moments and then Ken and Steve freed Lisa’s arms, l went over to her as she sat up and put my arms around her, everybody else left the room.

Lisa was in what is best described as a state of shock and total confusion. Although l estimates she was in that room for well over an hour, she still believes that the whole thing took only 15 or 20 minutes.

Lisa looked at me rather sheepish and asked if l seen everything, l said most of it. Seeking reassurance, she asked me what l felt, ‘I’ve just been fucked by three men and l sucked each one off, properly (she emphasised), l was a real slut, one was my Boss, one a guy I’d only met an hour before and the other l don’t know at all.’ l guided her hand to my cock, it was rigid, “that tells it all doesn’t it?”, Lisa gave me one of her smiles that melts hearts, “you could show me” l slipped off my trousers, yet again.

I lay down on the bed, telling Lisa to move over my face so l could lick her out. “I’m full of their spunk” she said as she moved in, “l know”, my tongue plunged into her swollen cunt, l tasted the spunk of the others immediately, unlike Amanda, because it was Lisa l was doing it to, it excited me. She turned and sucked me, pausing only briefly to remind me that her arse had been buggered and to inform me that she could taste Amanda on my cock. Incidentally that was her first experience of being fucked in the arse, it was also my first experience of tasting another man’s spunk up her cunt, it turned me on immensely and it drove Lisa crazy, urging me to taste it and drink it, she became very verbal and sexually aroused again. In the years to follow both of us were to experience those acts many more times.

Half an hour later we emerged downstairs, Lisa now not in the least concerned about being knickerless or with bared breasts, nor did she seem concerned that everyone must have known what had taken place over the last 2 hours. There were only about 20 or so people left as it had gone 2 ‘o’ clock by then and most of them had been or still were involved in some sexual activity.

We decided to go, l left Lisa to fetch our coats and when l came back down Lisa was working her way around each male giving him a very full kiss goodbye.

When we got home we went straight to bed where we stayed till the following evening, we both seemed totally insatiable. We both turned each other on by recalling what we’d done and seen, Lisa couldn’t believe that she been licked out by one of those girls, they both worked at her place, (as did Amanda). I told her that I would love to see her being fucked by other men again,

She told me in no uncertain terms that she was going to fuck other men, a lot, so that I could lick their spunk out of her pussy again and again.

As she came back down to earth Lisa did wonder about what the atmosphere would be like at work etc., but it was okay, almost as if nothing had occurred.
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