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Father is balls-deep in wild circumstance with roommate...and daughter; Her mother open her up to a world of raunch, directly.
Part I

Peter was stunned into paralysis when he saw Roxy's dick brush against his daughter's but cheek. She was passing by Flor, his daughter, in the cramped kitchen, wearing a tight and short dress that failed in completely covering up her massive ten inch dick, and as she passed, the head brushed against Flor's ass. Flor, wearing boy shorts in which her buttocks were hanging out, merely turned her head slightly as if to make sure Roxy passed by okay. Roxy seemed nonplussed and kept it moving. Peter, in total shock, had not noticed the blood rushing to his dick, as it strained against his slacks.

Flor had moved in with him two months prior, following her mother's imprisonment for drugs. Flor had physically developed early, and was already intensely voluptuous with D-cup breasts and a thick ass. What as worse was her experience living with her mother, a stripper who moonlighted as a whore at home, made her numb to extremely sexual activity and this affected her behavior unbeknownst to her. She would dress recklessly at home, and think nothing of walking naked from the bathroom to her bedroom.

Roxy had moved in with Peter and Flor a month after Flor arrived, taking in the spare bedroom, which was converted from a dining room. Needing financial help to assist Peter since he had taken in Flor, Roxy was also given assurances that she could have friends over and work on her business. Peter soon learned that the friends and business were one and the same: Roxy was a whore and saw her clients in the apartment, though only in her bedroom. Standing at five feet and seven inches, Roxy was a black transexual who packed a massive dick, something Peter was only seen in porn videos. Peter had discovered her identity when she visited for her one walk though of the apartment to decide, and didn't mind, as she was dressed quite conservatively in jeans, a sweater and jacket. Once she moved in, she never seemed to wear more than three articles of clothing at any given time, one average wearing only two. And she never tried to contain her dick.

Leading up to the dick-brushing moment, there had been a few concerning episodes that left Peter feeling odd, though the general tenor in the apartment was one of apathy and unconcern. Roxy began seeing her clients during the day, when Flor was at school and Peter at work, but soon she was seeing them in the late afternoon, evenings, and through the night, when everyone was home. She could be heard moaning or talking dirty. Flor and Peter each walked in on Roxy in the bathroom fucking, riding a dick while the man sat on the toilet. Roxy never flinched, but sat down on the dick balls deep and apologized. Peter, when he walked in, immediately apologized in return and hurriedly stepped out. Flor, for her part, said, "no big deal" to Roxy and proceeded to grab what she came into the bathroom for.

More than the exhibitionisms Roxy was practicing was something more sinister Peter was noticing. Though she was a tranny who fucked guys, Peter thought Roxy was often flirting with Flor, with Flor never seeming to mind or be uncomfortable. He didn't know what to make of it. Often, Roxy would compliment Flor on how cute she looked in her attire while in the apartment, emphasizing how good her ass and tits looked. Flor would be appreciative of these, often the only times she would show some emotional qualities outside of her stolid demeanor. Peter thought he once saw Roxy pull down a half-tee Flor was wearing over her breasts, as though she was trying to get the tee to cover them entirely; the tee left much of Flor's bottom boobs exposed, suggesting her areolas.

After Roxy brushed Flor's ass with her dick, Peter noticed a massive wet spot on Flor's crotch area.

Part II

Flor bounced off of her bed when she heard her mother call for her in the next room. For the past several minutes, Flor had her moans and various sounds that she never had heard before, though they weren't alien. She had an instinctive feeling as to the consequences of the sounds, and she imagined it had to do with the tingling sensation she was feeling in her pussy. That feeling she got whenever she brushed against it in the shower or while playing with friends, suddenly materialized while her mother was in the next room with friends. Her mother had always had friends over, usually men, but recently Flor had noticed something far more intense about these men's visits with her mother.

As Flor entered her mother's room, she found her naked on the bed. Her mother, Luz, being naked was not a shock to Flor, as her mother often walked around the apartment naked or with only a top and completely bottomless. But something was a bit off as For entered the bedroom. Luz was lying on the bed, sweating, with large droplets of something white around her crotch area. It seemed to be seeping out of her, and in her asshole was a rubbery artifact that totally through Flor off.

"Grab me the wipes on my stand, babes", Luz asked of Flor, almost in a daze-like manner.

Flor walked from the door to just across the foot of the bed, where the stand was. As she grabbed a box of baby wipes, she saw her mother in the mirror. The toy seemed to be sliding itself out of Luz's asshole, and simultaneously her mother seemed to be peeing and more of the white droplets were leaking out of her. Flor could feel her pussy throbbing and thought she needed to pee badly. As she placed the box by her mother's thighs, the toy was completely out and her mother's pussy seemed to be beating like a heartbeat, though nothing was coming out of it. Luz had her eyes closed and her head arched back with her legs spread, nearly completely unaware of her daughter.

A hand was placed on Flor's shoulders and she turned to see who it is. A familiar face stared down at her and she forgot the name her mother had said when she introduced him to Flor a week earlier. The man was naked, slim and muscular, with a large cock that seemed to beginning just under Flor's chin bur droop all the way down to her naval. The tip seemed to be leaking the same white droplets her mother had all over her crotch area. The man asked if Flor needed anything, and when she nodded her head no, he asked her to leave. Luz was sitting up and watching the both of them, and took special note of Flor's crotch area. It had a large wet mark that seemed to be expanding. Luz put her left hand on her crotch and slid three fingers in her pussy and demanded Flor return to the side of her bed.

Flor, seeing her mother with three fingers in her pussy, and instantly recognizing this motion from the previous two times she had seen her mother do so - once in here in her bedroom, and another on the couch - obeyed her and stepped forward.

"Go to the bathroom and check your underwear you're wearing. If it smells like pee, then take it off and clean yourself, then get new ones. If they don't smell like pee, then keep them. Ok?"

Flor nodded in agreement, gave her mother's fingering one last look and turned and left. In the bathroom, while sitting on the toilet, Flor tried to pee, while sniffing her own panties. Though there was a hint of urine, she also noted something a hint of sweetness, but no other overt scent. Flor then thought of her mother, and how she looked sweaty and naked on the bed, much different energy than usual The strange man's kindness and his massive dick, which Flor had never seen before but, with intuition, recognized right away. Flor thought of her mother's toy - what was that?! - deep in her mother's asshole then sliding out and plopping onto the bed. Flor re-saw the white droplets both on her mother pussy and leaking out, and on the man's tip. Flor thought she could catch a scent from the man's. All of these memories rushed at Flor, sending electric currents she never felt before rippling through her body.

When Flor opened her eyes, she had two fingers in her pussy. She could hear the moist, slithery sounds it made as she copied the motion her mother did with her fingers and pussy. She started to pee as she fingered herself, and did not stop. She thought the feeling of peeing and fingering herself was going to make her pee more, but instead it was an explosion deep in her lower belly. She hadn't noticed she was mildly shaking on the toilet seat,

The next day Luz walked by Flor's bedroom and noticed that Flor had not left it all morning. The door mildly ajar, Luz pushed it opened and saw Flor on the bed, on her back, with her legs spread, playing with her pussy. Luz was going to tell her to stop, but was shocked when she saw that Flor had three fingers comfortably working their way, in unison, in and out of her pussy. When Luz noticed the enormous amount of wetness on Flor's hand, and the small wetspot forming under her ass, she thought maybe Flor had already been sexually active.

Luz stood in the door way until Flor finished, or so she thought. Luz had two fingers in her asshole as she watched Flor taste her own juices, rub her thighs and prepare to be ready to deeply finger herself again.

"Has she been doing this all morning? All night, even?!", Luz thought to herself, incredulous at either thought, but her eyes were not lying.

Luz pulled away and headed to the kitchen, then called for Flor. She told Flor to clean the kitchen and living room, including her room, and then take a shower. She also asked for the panties that Flor was wearing from the previous night. Flor said she was currently wearing them, and Luz demanded she take them off that instant and hand it to her. When she received them, she sniffed them, looking directly into Flor's eyes.

"Make sure you take a shower after you do your chores, ok?", Luz said, handing back the panties to Flor.

After Flor had showered, her mom laid out clothes for her to wear. Luz told her she had friends coming over, and that the picked clothes would be more appropriate. They were white panties with a rose on the crotch and a white tank top. Flor assented and got dressed. When she went out to the living room, Luz was with a friend, a different man from the night before, but some Flor had seen before in the apartment. He was tall and white, but wider than the man from last night, more muscles. He had no shirt on, and only wore very short shorts, out of which the top four inches of his dick stuck out below. Luz was wearing a fishnet dress, that did not hide her perky A-sized tits with pierced nipples, nor her pussy.

The man had an odd expression on his face, almost as if he were frightened. When Flor walked in, she noticed his eyes widen and jaw drop. He seemed to look to Luz for some explanation, but Luz simply introduced him as John, and told Flor to sit on the couch as she may need her assistance. Luz backed up onto John, and her ass was grinding on his dick, and Flor noticed his expression change from shocked confusion to one of pain. He closed his eyes and his mouth was agape as Luz rested her ass on him, telling Flor to make sure she doesn't pee on her panties.

When she turned toward John and kissed him, Flor noted something in her asshole. It wasn't as long as the toy from the night before, as this one seemed all the way to the brin of Luz's asshole. As Luz was whispering something in John's ear, John reached around Luz's hips, while looking at Flor, and touched the buttplug that was deep in Luz. Flor began her pussy tingling, throbbing really, and wondered if she was soaking her panties. Luz took John by the hand, and led him to her bedroom, which was adjacent to the living room. From Luz bed, with the door opened, they could see Flor.

In bed, Luz demanded John pay an extra $150 to watch Flor masterbate, if it came to that. John agreed, as he removed the buttplug and put it in Luz's mouth. John pulled his shorts off, snuggled in behind Luz, and aimed his dick for her asshole, and entered slowly but determined. He did not stop until he was balls deep. After three pumps, he looked down the bed and through the door, and sure enough Flor had one hand down her panties, working away on her pussy. He could see massive moisture buildup on the couch under ass. He picked up his thrusts a bit but made sure the ramming of his cock into Luz's ass was harder. Luz can tell he was watching Flor as she got assfucked.
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