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A couple have fun in leather.
The Ride.

It was a perfect morning for a bike ride. A little hazy cloud to take out the full brightness of the sun. Early enough in the year, for it not to be too hot, in full leathers.

As he pulled on his own leathers the sensation of the leather on his skin and the thought of what she would look like in hers was enough to make his manhood grow slightly. The sensation was enhanced when is trousers were done up increasing the pressure on his lazily growing dick and restricting its movements.

He got the Urban Tiger Honda Fireblade out of the garage and rode over to her place. He didn't need to knock as she had been watching for him and came out as he pulled up.

She had told him she had ordered some new leathers. His prick started to grow again when he saw her. She was wearing a one-piece black leather suit that had clearly been made to measure. She turned her back to him as she locked the door. Her slim figure was perfectly accentuated by the close fit of the suit. Although not tall her legs looked incredibly long wrapped in the black skin. Each of her perfect bottom cheeks held by the leather in the most perfect shape ever.

As she turned towards him, he saw that the leather followed her flat stomach up to her small breasts, only now they didn't look so small. The suit had been cut so that whilst it was close fitting every where else it followed the contours of her breasts with out flattening them at all. The black leather seemed to add to the size of her bust.

As she walked towards him, a big smile on her face, he saw how the leather even followed the line of her crotch. She had even acquired a new pair of heeled boots.

She felt decidedly sexy with every centimetre of her body held by the leather of her new suit. Even she had thought how hot she looked in it when she had tried it on the night before. The sensation of the suit, then, had been such as she had wished he'd been there to satisfy her when she took it off. The suit was so well cut she was able to dispense with the need for a bra. The feel of the leather on her bear breasts was quite indescribable, other than as soon as she pulled the suit on her nipples became hard with the sensation. The slight roughness of the inside of the suite excited her. Like him she loved leather and to be able to be encased in it was a dream. She could tell from the look on his face that it had been a good investment, this was confirmed when she glanced down and saw that his dick was more pronounced in his leathers than normal.

She looked so incredibly sexy he was already feeling the discomfort of his prick trying to extend down his leg whilst obstructed by the leather of his own suit. She walked over and stood close enough to him for him to but an arm round and run his hand down her back to her small butt. " What do you think then " she asked, " I think I'm going to have difficulty concentrating and am going to be very uncomfortable " She grinned and patted the obvious outline of his prick which twitched and managed to work its self a little further down his leg.

She pulled on her helmet and got on the powerful bike behind him. They headed out of town and were soon on the open roads. The slight vibration from the bike buzzed her already moist labia adding to the thrill of the second skin she was wearing. It wasn't long before she was feeling decidedly damp between the legs. The slight ridge of the crotch seam rubbed her groove gently through the smooth material of her satin knickers. She hoped he wasn't intending on a very long bike ride as she knew what she needed today and the bike ride would definitely be secondary to the ride she was going to get after.

All the way down the road he was thinking of what she looked like sat on the bike behind him, leaning forward stretching the leather even tighter over her beautiful little arse. Each car he passed he knew the driver would accelerate to stay with him as long as they could just to keep the sight of her butt in view for as long as they could. His prick stayed as a lazy lob the whole time, leaking love juice just at the anticipation of the incredibly sexy lady dressed in his favourite material leaning against him.

Soon they entered another small town. They stopped at some traffic lights and he sat up on the bike, his hands came back and he started to gently tickle the cheeks of her arse with small circles. She lent into him exposing more of what he wanted to feel. The sensation of his fingers on her butt gave her stirrings deep within. She was no longer damp between the legs she was wet. The itch in her pussy was becoming almost unbearable. She needed him to find some where to stop and see to her needs.

As they stopped at some lights he sat up and reaching back ran his fingers around the pert bottom on the back of his bike. This caused his knob to strain a little more against the

grip of the leather suit. Just the shape of her butt in his gloved hands and the feel of her leather-encased body against him was enough, to cause more his own love juice to leak from his balls aching balls. He could feel the rise and fall of his excited bollocks trapped within his suit.

As the lights changed so he leant forward once more and they carried on through the town. Once they had got back on the open road she lent forward and put her hands round onto his crotch.

As he fed the power back in and accelerated down the road, he felt her hands come round to his lap. Her left hand found his still semi flaccid prick and started to gently massage it

through his leathers.

As she placed her hands in his crotch her wet pussy twitched as she felt his semi hard cock trapped by his leathers. She laid her gloved hand on it feeling its firmness. She slowly rubbed her hand up and down its length gently squeezing as she did so. She felt his hardness grow at her touch, The leathers were too tight to allow it free movement so she gradually moved the leather allowing it to extend down his leg. As it grew so her hand movements became longer. It quickly became rock hard to her touch and seemed so long encased in the black skin of his trousers. Her pussy was no longer itching, it ached to have his solid manhood filling her masterfully. The thought of the solid rod, she was massaging, filling her tight love tube caused butterflies in the pit of her stomach. She didn’t realise how close to orgasm she could get without any real physical stimulant. Her other hand she moved to his balls gently massaging the V of his legs. She could even feel how swollen these were trapped just into the leg of his tight leathers.

Almost painfully his manhood started to swell straining to extend down his leg but obstructed by the close fit of his leathers. As she continued to rub his growing member so

she manipulated it to ease its growth. It didn't take long for it to reach its 20cm extended length. He could feel the dampness growing on his leg as she gently rubbed the full

length of his now solid prick. Easing his fluid down his length to provide smooth lubrication to his bulbous swollen head. His balls aching, trapped by the leathers, as they two tried too swell. His riding became erratic as he realised that if she carried on, he would rapidly be jettisoning the contents of his sacks into the leg of his leathers.

Even through her gloves she could feel his swollen rigid tool pulsing to her touch. She was pleased she was wearing leathers, as otherwise she was sure her trouser crotch would have given away her wetness. She felt him take her hand and move it to one side. She guessed he must be close to coming and whilst it would be fun to make him come on the bike, she wanted to make sure he stopped to see to her as soon as possible. As he gently moved her hand to rest on his thigh, her other hand gave his balls a gentle squeeze then moved to hold him around the waist in a hug. She leant into him and thought of how his broad knob end would soon be stretching the entrance to her quim. Entering her so powerfully, sliding in smoothly as both their love juices mingled, creating the perfect lubricant between his rigid pole of flesh and her silky soft love tube.

His solid member slowly began to subside from its pulsing rigid state to a, still swollen, but slightly less stiff condition. He could feel the pre-cum in his prick as if he wanted to pee. It filled his tube so much that he felt stretched through the entire length of his shaft.

He started scanning the area ahead for a suitable place to pull in off the road. After what seemed like an age, he saw a narrow lane disappearing of into a large forest. Perfect he


As she felt the bike slow, she saw the lane into the forest, her tummy started to flutter at the thought of at last having the built-up tensions in her fanny released by his beautifully hard knob.

He swung the powerful bike into the lane to find it went straight into a car park full of people out for a walk in the woods. His semi-hard cock rapidly reduced. He knew that once he stopped, he wouldn't be able to wait while they walked miles into the woods to get clear of all the people. He was so hot for her he had to be able to have her as soon as they stopped.

She was dismayed as he did a tour of the car park then turned out onto the main road. She felt her pussy lips close up, she felt a sudden void of disappointment where the butterflies had been. She didn't have time to complain. He suddenly opened the bike up and she was forced to grab hold of him tightly. The bike ride had just taken on a different candour. The smoothness had gone

now he was accelerating hard and braking hard into the bends before dropping the bike over onto its side. The bike was simply flying. He leaned the bike over so far, she was sure they would fall at each bend, the rasp of the footpegs scraping the tarmac. The thrill of the ride and the constant back and forth pressure on the saddle just added to her already sodden crotch. She really thought that if this carried on, she would be experiencing her first ever orgasm brought on without the aid of a person or toy. The butterflies returned with a vengeance. She couldn’t stop her lower lips opening as if to suck in food. But as they had a staple diet of tongue or rigid dick, they were going to have to go hungry for the moment.

Frustrated he turned out of the car park and for the first time that day wound the throttle back against its stop. The front wheel became light as he went up through the gears. He hoped he hadn't scared her as he felt her grab him in an effort to stop herself falling off the back of the bike. He braked hard as the bend came upon them, he felt the V of her crotch pushing into him. His prick which had semi subsided started to swell again. He could almost see her crotch opened wide as her legs spread either side of him as if to readily receive his manhood. It didn't take long to get the bike back to her place, although he had managed to scrape some metal off the foot pegs on the way.

He pulled onto the driveway and as he came to a halt, he felt her dismount and walk towards the door. He hoped he hadn't upset her by the way he had ridden. He got of the bike and followed the orbs of her leather-encased arse, pulling off his helmet as he went. Clearly his prick could see her incredible legs and arse too as it started to grow and twitch of its own accord. Even with some of the pressure off of his full and swollen bollocks they still ached to dump they’re load deep with in her silky snatch.

She was standing on the foot pegs to dismount even before he had stopped on the drive. She went to the door somehow managing to get the door unlocked and her helmet off all-in-one go. She was aware of him behind her as she stepped into the hallway. She heard the door close as his hand came round, found the zipper of her suit and without delay started to undo it. At the same time, she felt him reach down and place his helmet on the floor. He took hers and placed it with his. He was pushed up against her and she could clearly feel his trapped engorged prick pushing into her left buttock. It felt as hard as the helmets he had placed on the floor. Then she felt his still gloved hand slide into her suit and seek her aching left tit.

As they stepped through the door, he pushed it too behind him. He reached his left-hand round and sought the zipper of her suit he didn't have time to take of his gloves, he knows his solid rod was going to explode in his leathers if he didn't have her soon. He pulled her against himself feeling her small arse pushing against his manhood. He managed to put down the crash helmets whilst undoing her zip. He slid his gloved hand in and found her right breast, his prick jerked against her as even through his glove he could feel the pertness of her nipple. She moaned gently, pushing back against him she tilted back her head. He lowered his face to her and gently bit the front right of her throat. He slid his right hand down the front of her body on the outside of her suit and cupped her pussy gently

pushing and massaging with his fingers. She moaned louder and started to gyrate gently on his hand.

She felt the coarseness of his gloved hand on her already engorged nipple. She felt the lips of her fanny twitch and the stirring in her stomach grow. She pushed back against his swollen member and tilted her head back offering her throat to him. As she felt him gently take her throat in his mouth so she felt his other hand run down the front of her suited body to her pussy which was pulsing with a need to be filled by his solid cock. She felt his fingers pushing through the suit against her swollen lips. She knew she would not last the effects of his gloved hand on her breast as well as the massage her soaked love lips were getting. She had to take the lead. She felt his cock jump violently as she said " For Christ’s sake fucking fill me ".

He didn't need a second demand. He took hold of the top of her suit, eased it down off her shoulders and pulled it down to her knees. As he did so his head passed the orbs of her butt, he got a clear scent of her love musk that had been leaking out throughout the ride. Her knickers had come down with her suit. Fortunately, his was a two-piece. He pulled down the trousers and gently pushed her down onto all fours in the hall. Still wearing his gloves and with his jacket still done up he knelt behind her his dick sticking rigidly out in front of him as he pushed it towards her wet pussy.

She felt her thong go with the suit as far as her knees. A second later he was guiding her onto her hands and knees on the hall floor just inside the door. Had she not been so wanton she would have probably worried incase her mother or someone came to the door. As it was it just seemed to be taking an age for him to get sorted out. Then with out warning the air was driven from her longs as he piled the whole 20cm of unbending solid prick straight in to her tunnel of love. As she was getting her breath back, she pushed against him but then she felt him pulling back, he pulled so far back that her labia just kept a hold on the tip of his hot purple end, then she felt him start the lunge forward again. She couldn't wait, before she felt the root of his cock against the lips of her pussy she was over the top. Her orgasm racked her own body. Her pussy clasped itself around his excited manhood and pulsed, milking it quite involuntarily. She had no control as she struggled to get her breath in her throes of passion.

He pushed into her with sufficient force to rock her forwards on her hands and knees, he heard her moan as the air was forced from her. He held it there momentarily as she pushed back onto him, then he withdrew so just the tip of his cock was nestled at the entrance to her silky tube. He pushed forward again, as he did, he felt her grip his aching prick deep within her. He had never felt a fanny pulse as hers did now. Her back was arched and she was panting and moaning in an effort to breathe. He was beyond taking in what was happening right then, he pushed in fully, the pulsing of her pussy was too much and he felt the flow of hot semen surge up from his balls along his shaft, stretching him almost painfully as he exploded deep within her. It felt like his life force had just left him via that small hole on the end of his penis, stretched so wide to allow the explosive jettisoning of his load.

She felt as if she was held in place by his solid staff impaling her. She felt the heat of his seed as he filled her with his love holding her body onto him so dominantly. They collapsed together onto the hall floor. She could feel the roughness of his jacket and gloves as he held her to him, his upper body still clad in leather. Both of them were breathing heavily recovering from they're lovemaking, a lovemaking that had been so quick and yet so intense. After a time, she felt his manhood start to subside within her. Eventually he slipped from within her. His right hand still held one of her small breasts, she felt one of the thick-gloved fingers of his left-hand brush gently across the hood of her clit. Her whole body shuddered. Then his finger ran down the groove leading to her pussy. The leather, feeling so wonderfully rough against the smooth silky skin of her fanny.

He lay holding her close to him, his chest heaving at first with his need to get oxygen to recover from his rapid but frantic exertions. As his breathing calmed so he became aware of his prick shrinking within her until finally it slipped from her warm folds. He held her perfectly formed left tit in his gloved hand and then ran his other hand down her front to the V between her legs. He carefully eased his gloved hand between her legs seeking out the smooth groove leading to the entrance of her honey pot. She rolled against him slightly allowing him easier access to her hidden beauty. He gently worked his gloved finger over her lips then when it was sliding with out any resistance, he held it to the entrance of her tunnel. Effortlessly the thick-gloved finger slipped into her. Her body eagerly opening up to allow it passage.

She rolled back against him as his finger ventured closer to her hot and swollen pussy. She knew she was already so wet that he wouldn't need any extra lubrication. As ever he was careful and frustratingly played around on the outside of her fanny until he was certain she was ready for him. Whether it was due to the swelling from the urgent fuck they had just had, or whether it was the padding of the glove, she did not know nor care. As his gloved finger slid gently into her it felt so thick and rough, she couldn't help the moan that escaped her lips.

To be continued………………………………………….
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