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A young girls life is forever changed
She’d lived within sight of the family home for all the sixteen summers of her life. There were a few travelling traders and some officials that occasionally came to through their valley, but most of her life it was just her, her father and three older brothers tolling away with this subsistence farming. It was all she knew and, for the most part she had been happy with her lot in life. Yes, there were harsh winters and hot summers, sometimes feast, often famine, but they world mostly left them alone and it did the same in return. That was until the day that the horde came.

She’d been on the sunny hill side, tending their livestock when she saw the group of mounted soldiers appear at one of the ridge lines. Her father had always told her to run and hide when strangers appeared, but the sparse vegetation offered nowhere to shelter. She made a dash for a rocky outcrop to try and hide in one of its crevasses. She hoped she wasn’t seen, that the strangers had other interests and would ignore her and leave them be. This hope was quickly extinguished as she heard the roar of hooves come closer and closer until they were nearly atop her hiding place. She heard them stop and dismount yelling to each other with words she couldn't understand. The creaking of leather and ting of metal hitting rocks were the sounds of their armor and swords as they searched for her.

She made herself as small as she could in the rocky hole, but they found her anyway and dragged her out by her foot. She defiantly fought back, thrashing her limbs and screaming, throwing fists at them but the men were too strong, and the group easily subdued her. Close up their faces looked different from the men of her family. They resembled one of the travelers from distant lands that had passed through a few summers ago.

The men scrutinised her then started to pull at her clothing. Their foreign words were lost on her but she recognised lust in their eyes. She was pinned to the ground then one of the men kneeled between her legs whilst the other two held her arms apart. The man starter to remove the armor around his groin. She struggled and yelled again breaking one hand free until the other man drew a dagger and placed it at her neck. She froze with the words of father running through her mind ‘survive at all costs, there nothing you can do dead’.

The men holding her arms jeered and started to tear at her clothing, exposing her breasts. Her heartbeat pounded in her ears as she felt her under garments being wrenched from around her groin and strange hands fumbled between her thighs.

Another man appeared behind the solider that was between her legs. He yelled in their foreign tongue and the men immediately released her and stood up startled with a formal salute. She looked at the new man, ha;f dressed but still frozen in fear. He was scolding the other soldiers who now had their head bowed in deference. She assumed this man was their superior and the embellishments on his armor seemed to support this idea.

Once he had finished berating his men, her turned to her. He surveyed her, inspecting her body through the tears in the rags that had been her clothes and pushing aside her hair to inspect her face. She hoped that this man might be her saviour from these brutes, but he barked orders at the men and they bound her hands and gagged her. She was lifted onto one of their horses, riding in front of the soldiers like a child. The soldiers spurred their horses with the group riding up the hill and out the valley that had been her entire life.

They rode for hours, passing through burned out villages. There were soldiers looting homes and bodies on the ground. She could see flames and trails of smoke from distant farms on fire with farm animals running free. She’d never seem much of the world but was certain that this wasn’t its normal state.

It was close to darkness when they arrived at the enemy encampment. There were a village of tents, all various sizes, with many campfires and soldiers running errands. It was more people than she’d ever seen, all in the same dress uniform and ethnicity as her captors. The soldiers leered at her as she was led between their ranks. Some were injured and being tended to, others sat by the fire, exhausted and a distant look in their eyes. She was pulled by her restraints to one of the bigger and more ornate tents near the centre of the camp. Inside were several young girls bound to the tent poles. She was also secured with her hands above her head with her back to the pole and then left among the group of confused and distraught girls. She could do nothing but weep until an exhausted sleep took over her.

She awoke to a slap in the face. Startled, she looked around for the source of the assault and saw a tall older woman peering down at her. The woman brusquely inspecting her. She examined her body, scalp and teeth, as if she were livestock for sale at market. She spoke quickly in the foreign tongue to another women, who was taking notes. She removed the gag and spoke to her in a different language that she also didn’t understand. Then she spoke to her in her own language. “How old have you?” Her tone was harsh and not all the words made sense as she clearly wasn’t fluent, but it was enough for her to understand. “Sixteen” was all she replied. The woman spoke to the notary, conveying this foreign tongue and it was scribbled down. “You have husband. You have children?” questioned the woman. She decided not to answer this time, and this was rewarded by and even harsher slap. ”No, not married or children” she replied. “You know man?” came the old woman’s next question. “Which man?” was her reply as the question didn’t make sense. The woman looked at her puzzled by her response, then rephrased the question “Has a man known you?”. She thought for a minute and then it came to her, she means had she had sex.

She knew about animals and breeding; you couldn’t miss it on a farm. All the rutting and mating between the livestock. Her mother had passed when she was young and there weren’t other women to explain any nuances of sex and it was a taboo subject with her father. A match maker has visited the farm last summer and had commented on her beauty but also her defiant streek. She was independent and didn’t care for a husband to control her life. Her father was told had she’d be lucky to find any suitable suitor that would accept such a head strong girl. As the only woman around she suspected her father didn’t really want her to go and if she had to marry, she was more worried about the thought of leaving her home to have become part of her husband’s family. To get a good match she was told she should remain ‘pure like the snow’ so as not to be ‘known to another man’. It hadn’t made sense then or mattered much as there were not any eligible men around for consideration.

The woman raised her hand to strike her again. “No, I haven’t known a man” she replied. “When did you last bleed?” came the next question. This was a very personal question that she didn’t want to answer, it was her body and no other. The slap stung the whole side of her face. She wanted to stay silent, but the woman twisted her wrist within her restraint, inflicting agony on her and she relented. “Eleven days”. The woman’s eyes seemed to lite up at this statement and she conveyed this detail to the notary. She then passed onto the other girls in the tent, seeming to repeat the same questions and inspections also dishing out punishment for those that didn’t reply.

In the late afternoon, a solider came and led her to the largest tent at the centre of the camp. This tent was subdivided into smaller rooms, and she was left in one with a single cot that had a guard posted outside. Her hands were unbound but her legs were tied so she could only shuffle and she was given water and bowl of a meat stew. It had strange spices and a weird taste, but she was so famished she quickly ate it all.

A while later a small fat woman came and beckoned her to follow her. She shuffled after her and was led to another room with a large tub in the middle. The tub had warm water in it and petals on the surface. The fat women then started to pull, removing her restraints and tattered clothes. She started to resist but then realised the woman wanted her to bathe as she motioned for her to enter the tub of water. She disrobed and stepped into the tub. A cold splash in a mountain stream was her usual way of bathing and the immersion in the warm water was a delight after the cold night tied up in the tent. It soothed her muscles and removing the grime from her skin. The fat woman started to attend her, applying soap and washing her hair. There were floral fragrances with hints of unknown spices. Her nails were cleaned and filed, her hair was trimmed and combed.

All too soon it was over, and she was beckoned to get out of the water. She reluctantly did so and was then padded dry by the fat woman. She was given a long white robe to wear that parted at the front but no undergarments. She marvelled at the fabric, which was smooth and soft, nothing like the coarse textiles she normally wore and she admired its pristine white colour. There were embroidered flowers and designs in colourful arrangements. She’d never seen such a garment let alone worn one. She was instructed to sit and makeup was applied to her face. She was then given a cup to drink from with some sort of herbs in it. The liquid was strong with a bitter taste but warm and she drank most of it.

The tall old lady came into the room and spoke with the fat lady, conveying some instruction she didn’t understand, and the fat lady left. The old lady then turned her gaze to her, inspected the bathed and decorated girl. She spoke, in the incomprehensible language that these people used, almost as a comment to herself. Then she spoke to the girl in her native language. “You will do well for the Khan, it is a great honour”. A solider came in and bound one wrist and led her away to another room. As she walked, the world seemed to swim around her as her focus blurred. It was like when she has secretly taken several gulps drinks fathers rice wine but magnified a thousand time over.

This new room was different and was lavishly decorated. It contained desks and chairs, with maps, fruit and drinks aplenty. One area was sectioned off with a partially translucent veil across it. This area had a bed with a large throw and fur blanket. The solider led her to this sleeping area and then securely tied both her wrists with short lengths of material to iron rings on each side of the bed head. He then left her alone in this room.

The world became a dance of colours and warm feelings as she lay there. She lounged on the bed, trying to make sense of this all, not knowing what to expect. The fabric patterns in the roof of the tent gyrated and flowed before her eyes. Colours flashed then faded. Her body felt like it floated above the bed and astounded at a feeling of weightlessness. A single thought repeatedly wandered into her befuddled mind. 'What was a Khan?'

It was starting to get dark when a servant came into the room. She watched him through the veil as he lit a fire and candles, then placed a meal on the desk. She tried to call to him, but her voice was quiet and slurred and he ignored her presence, quickly leaving. The meal smelled delicious and she was still hungry but it was far out of her reach.

A group of men came into the tent, each in the same dress, but with one clearly more ornate armour that the others. The men took turns talking to this man, who seemed to be their leader. He pointed to some of the maps, describing something about them or something he wanted done. The servant came in and distributed drinks then stood in the corner of the room waiting. The leader then gave a small speech in their incomprehensible tongue then all the men drank from their cups in unison then made a formal gesture of bowing. When showing this sign of respect, she heard the nearest utter the word ‘Khan’ and then they all left, save the leader and his servant. She realised this must be his tent and he must be the Khan.

She had not uttered a sound, and no-one had yet acknowledged her presence on the bed. Through her swimming vision she watched the Khan as he started to remove armour and under jacket assisted by the servant. He sat at the table and started his meal. He reviewed some documents his servant brought to him. He uttered some commands and the servant motioned towards then bed, clearer away the dishes and documents then left.

They were alone now and outside light had faded away, leaving only the candle light and the dancing patterns that the flames created on the tent wall and roof. The Khan came to the veil and parted it. She got to see him more clearly now. He was somewhat older than the other soldiers she had seen so far and clearly of the same ethnicity. He seemed unsurprised at her presence on his bed and started to remove his clothing, shirt first. He looked at her with an intense stare, and she had nowhere to hide from it.

The Khan’s body was scarred but was taut and trim. He removed his trousers and she saw his naked form. She saw his penis, large and semi erect, pointing towards her. It was the first time she’d seen a man expose himself in this way. He spoke to her, but she couldn’t understand. She now realised she hadn’t escaped the fate that the solider had in mind for her on her first capture, it had just been delayed and now knew what the woman had meant by ‘honouring the Khan’.

She felt alarm, panicked like an animal in a snare, no-where to escape to. She wanted to flee but her legs were leaden and thoughts were foggy. He approached her from the foot of the bed as she recoiled against the headboard. He got closer with casual movements knowing she could not escape. She tried to lash out with her foot, to strike him but the attempt was feeble and was easily fended off. He caught her by the ankle and her robe had slid open with her struggles. She realised her mistake as she felt naked and exposed to him as he grabbed her other leg. He was strong and in this state she was powerless to resist. He found restraints from the side of the bed, and tied then to her ankles so she was immobile, with legs splayed. She might have been impressed by the physique of this man, but she still felt some indignancy at the restrainst.

He slowly parted the robe revealing her naked form, uncovered save for her arms. The Khan grinned. He brought his mouth to her breast and suckled on her erect nipple. She wanted to scream and fight, but the feeling was so pleasurable, and she heard herself release a moan. He did then same with the other breast with the same result. She could smell sweat and horse from his body. She felt his naked muscled body press against hers, feeling the warmth of his body contrast with the cooler air of the tent.

The Khan was slow, savouring his exploration of the girl’s body. His hand stroked up between her thighs until it rested on her dark pubic hair. She felt vulnerable, no-one had ever touched her there. His fingers moved through her hair until they found her silky slit. She tried to struggle again but was unable to slacken her restraints or verbalise a coherent protest. He stoked her delicate folds casing her to gasped and her body writhed at the sensitive touch as his fingers explored this virgin territory. Sometimes his touch was tender, sometimes firm, sometimes rough, teasing to provoke a response from her. Each contact triggered a new sensation, fascinating and distracting as the feelings of fear and panic subsided to a fog of emotions, so she felt only good.

He moved up her body to her neck, kissing and licking as he went. He moved up by the bed’s headboard, upright on his knees. From the corner of her vision she could see is erection imposing on her face. She was transfixed by his cock now intruding on her perception. How it looked, how it moved. He put his cock on her face, letting it falling across her check, nose and eyes. She couldn’t tell its actual size, but in her mind it seemed immense and felt heavy. It radiated heat and the smell was intense, with a distinct but unknown odour. She didn’t know what to do so tried to shake her head to get it off her but as she did, her mouth opened, slack jawed and her lips brushed the tip which smeared a thick fluid across them. She wanted to wipe off the mess but was smeared into her mouth and she tasted salt and bitterness.

The Khan moved back down the bed and sat between her splayed legs. He dropped his head to her groin, and she felt him start to lick the inside of her thigh. The sensation on her exposed skin was shocking as she squirmed and whined. This seemed to encourage the Khan even more. Again he delved into pubic hair, finding her labia but this time he started to lick. She inhaled sharply and whimpered at his oral assault; her body reacted of its own accord. She’d never experienced or even conceived of such a pleasure that was now emanating from her groin. He licked and licked with the carnal sound of the girl’s wails and moans only spurring him on.

The joyous sensation built within her body until it became too much, and she cried out and struggled against her bonds as her mind overflowed with bliss. It was like a floating on a golden river of joy with waves of pleasure lapping over her, an all-consuming delight encompassing her being.

As the world slowly came back into focus, she could see the Khan sitting on his haunches upright between her legs. He towered over her small slender frame and she could both see and feel his hard erection at the apex of her legs, resting amongst her pubic hair and pointed upward to her face. She was both fascinated and horrified at this sight. Her mind swam, dissociated from the moment and she recalled a time on the farm when a stallion mounted one of their mares in heat. Back then she had felt funny sensation between her legs at the spectacle and she remembered her wondering how the mare had felt when the stallion’s large cock had penetrated her.

The Khan leaned backwards, holding himself better to position himself between her legs, then pushed forwards to find his mark. She felt the pressing of his penis insisting against her entrance. She knew she must be wet so there would be little resistance to his intrusion. The first inch of his manhood slid admitted easily but then she felt her body resist his invasion. She didn’t know what to expect next but seemingly he did. He smiled as if he knew what this meant and looked down into her eyes with a look of glee. She knew she was powerless to resist him as he claimed her as part of his victory spoils.

The Khan pushed his hips forwards again. She felt the pressure built and then something capitulated within her. She gasped as her body reacted to his penetration, stretching and expanding to accommodate him. If there was pain, it didn’t register with her conscious mind cocooned with an aura of bliss. The Khan roared from his throat and buried his considerable length all the way into her. She gasped, marvelling at this feeling of stretching and fullness with a deep touch in places of her that she’d never been aware of before. The Khan held deep within her for a few seconds, pressing their bodies together, then he withdrew. She momentarily thought that might have been the ordeal was done, but again he pushed into her and again the fullness returned, slightly deeper this time as her body surrendered to him. His motion became rhythmic, pushing into her then retreating, in and out. The thrusting sensation became a singular centre, a nucleus of delight that grew and grew to fill her awareness.

She never thought should sensation were possible, never imagined that any man could provoke her body to feel this way. This Khan that commanded armies of men now commanded such exquisite control of her body, better than she knew it herself. Her will was now bent to his as she gasped and moaned incomprehensibly with the elation built within her to greater and greater heights. Her hands meekly clawed at the bed, aching for her release, but she also didn’t want this euphoric feeling to ever end.

She wanted to weep unsure if from joy or anguish, but her body would not co-operate, only yielding to his hardness and the intimate stimulation that was all encompassing, building again with his every stoke. Her restraints didn’t give and the muscular man atop her was singular in his intent. His steady pace started to quicken as she instinctively knew the moment would soon arrive where she could take no more. Her orgasm arrived as every nerve in her body sung with rapture and she felt her body contract around his member. Seconds later he tightened his grasp and grunted loudly as he held fast and deep into her body. She knew no words to describe this overpowering joy saturating her being. She thought she felt a warm throbbing, but she didn’t know or cared if it emanated from her or him.

He fell atop her, sweating and panting profusely, but still firmly ensconced within her. It felt like an eternity until he slowly withdrew himself from her as she felt both relief and absence with the ending of their coupling. He released the bindings from her legs and she pulled them together, feeling a sopping wetness between them. She realised that their coupling was finally now over. The white robe she still wore was damp and fluids leaked uncontrollably from her, pooling onto the pristine fabric. The Khan said no more her, he just lay on his back as he recovered his breath then quickly falling asleep. Her blissful high faded to the background of her addled mind as she too quickly slipped towards unconsciousness.

She awoke the following morning and everything was harsh and cold. The Khan was gone and the tent’s fire had burnt out. Her body was cold and numb where the white robe had left her exposed. The fat servant woman was untying her wrist from the bed. She was felt shame despite her grogginess, her head throbbed, and she found she was in no state to do anything but follow her back to the small room with the cot in it. Her limbs were raw from the restraints and fluids dripped down the inside of her thigh. She spent the day recovering, mostly sleeping, sipping only a little water and consuming the small amount of food as she could stomach. She woke again in the afternoon with the old lady standing above her speaking the words “The Khan was well pleased with you. He will be with you again tonight and favour you until you are with child. You will give him many sons”.

She now knew her life’s fate. She had been claimed as property of the Khan and was to be his broodmare, to be bred as he pleased and to bear his progeny. She looked down at the now stained white robe, the thighs covered with red smudges of blood and other blots. She understood matchmaker words of how she was no longer ‘pure as snow’. With tears she mourned at the loss of her family and lamented old life, but at back of her mind she couldn’t deny a craving to re-experience the ecstasy of the previous night’s coupling with the Khan.
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