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I found out who tole the office MILF, and of course they wanted something too.
When I found out which coworker told the hot office chick I would fuck her or at least take a bite out of her ass if she asked me to.

I was more curious then mad but had to figure out how to bring the topic up casually.

She happened to take a break with me because she was outta smokes.

We sat and chatted a bit bout work and normal small talk.

The chick I fucked came out and waved at us as she went to off for lunch.

My coworker laughs and says she told me what happened between you too.

Well it was you that set it up right I shot back at her.

Well you did say that when she started remember she said back to me laughing.

Yeah but damn I said laughing with her.

Besides didn't you get to do everything you wanted to with her she asked raising a eyebrow.

Oh yeah it was all that and more I said laughing still.

You haven't told anyone right I asked checking to see if she had a tell she was lying.

No I can keep my mouth shut, it nobodies business, she just asked who could and would probably fuck her good on the downlow and I sent her your way she explained to me.

Oh I guess thanks I said laughing again.

No worries, but she did go on in detail about a few things you too did she said smirking.

Oh yeah like what I asked.

Oh just girl talk is all she said laughing.

Oooook I said nervously wondering what could be next.

We finished lunch with no more mentioned about it.

Later that day my co worker came back to my area.

She was complaining about needing a ride and everyone she knew wasn't able to help.

I asked where her car was.

In the shop she responded.

Damn when do you need a ride and where to I asked her.

This Sunday at noon and just to a get together, I can get a ride back setup she said.

Well maybe I can let me see if there's plans for Sunday I told her.

I checked with my gf and she said she was going to have a get together with her friends that day anyway.

When I told her I could she smiled real big and said thank you then kissed me on the cheek.

I didn't think nothing of it because she's not my type, and a way to keep her mouth shut for me.

She has perky C cup tits, small ass, and skinnier not thick which I like.

Rest of the week was normal with everyone and Sunday came around.

She sent me two pictures saying she couldn't figure out what to wear.

The pictures were of her in her bra and thong holding up a dress.

I sent back I don't know maybe try a robe.

She sent ok thank your alot of help.

She text saying she was ready.

I left and headed to her place, I didn't have any thought of how the ride was going to go.

I showered, but put on lazy clothes for the day, sweatpants and a t-shirt.

When I got to her place she came out wearing nothing like what she sent me.

She had on a black kind of sun dress and her blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail.

When she got in she set her phones GPS to where she needed to be dropped off.

After some small talk about her car getting fixed I asked about the dress saying I've never seen her in one.

Oh its nothing, hopefully this doesn't take too long, I don't like dresses she said.

She didn't really say where though and I couldn't tell from the address.

When the GPS told me we had arrived I looked at her confused.

This place I said, pointing at the sign that said cemetery.

Yeah I just wanna pay my respects she said back.

Oh ok you could've just said that I told her.

As she directs me to where to go there's already a line of cars and people standing around a grave.

I told her I'd see her Monday morning at work as she was getting out.

She said oh no hold on one minute please.

She hurried off before I could ask why, and I wasn't dressed to be tagging along to a funeral.

So I sat in the car and waited getting kinda pissed off.

I got on my phone and wasted time till I saw her hurrying back.

What the hell I said when she hopped in the seat.

Oh thank you for not leaving me she said buckling up.

She said it was a old friend who's gf didn't like her but she was allowed to be there and leave no hanging around.

As shes directing me out of the place she kinda going on a rant about this chick when she tells me to stop over by some mausoleum.

Why what now I said sort of snapping at her.

She checks her makeup in the visor mirror.

Then looks at me and says this is my only chance I want your cock.

What, hold on a minute I told her kind of shocked at her boldness.

She rubbed my cock through my pants grabbing it.

She told me it was big but I just want what she got thats all just a fuck what's the big deal she said trying to convince me.

I don't know you mean right here I asked confused.

Yeah there's a room in there that's a grieving room, it's private she said smiling.

I don't know I said again, but she continued to stroke and rub my cock.

He thinks you should she said grabbing my cock firmly.

What all did she tell you I asked hoping for not much to be her response.

She told me everything, even how her pussy was sore after you two fucked she said looking me in the eyes.

Fine, as long as you know what you're getting yourself into I said reluctantly.

Good let's go she said as she opened the door.

I got out and kind of looked around there wasn't anyone else in that part of the cemetery.

We go in and she giggling, then she points at the room in the back that says private on it.

It's unlocked, we go in she locks it behind us.

See I told you, a very private place that no one will know we fucked in she said strutting over to me.

There was a couple chairs, a couch, desk, and paintings all over the room.

She pressed up against me, she started kissing me.

We made out some but till she stuck her hand in my pants and stroked my cock it didn't get hard.

She started to bite my neck, I pulled her ponytail.

No marks on me got it I said looking her in her eyes.

Got it she said still stroking my cock.

I let go of her hair, then she yanked down my sweats and boxers.

My cock sprang up in her face smacking her.

Oh damn she said smiling at me.

She then pushed me to the couch and to sit down.

Then she spread my legs and just started sucking my cock.

Stroking it as she sucked, but she'd go all the way down lick my balls then stork as she came back up.

Oh fuck yes always knew you could suck cock just by looking at you I moaned.

She slurped up my cock then looked me in the eyes and said I was told how to avoid getting skull fucked by you.

Good at least she warned you I said laughing because nobody told her.

Back down on my cock she went, forcing it down every time.

I sat back, looked around and figured I might as well enjoy myself.

I kicked off my shoes, pants and boxers.

This made her happy as it was easier for her to suck my cock.

Then she would go all the way down and stay there and swirl her tongue around my cock.

Oh fuck you may not be thick but shit you can suck cock I moaned.

She slipped her thong off, and slurped up my cock again.

She stood up pulled her tits out the top of her dress.

There's more I can do thick bitches can't you just wait she said smirking at me.

Let's see it then I said back to her.

Fine get in the chair she said pointing.

I got up dick swinging and sat in the chair.

She took her dress off and struted around me till she was behind me and started rubbing my shoulders.

It was kind of relaxing, she had me lean my head back as her hands went around and down my shirt to my cock.

Her tits were hanging right above my face.

Do you like that she asked, now stroking my cock.

Oh yeah I said as I wrapped my arms around her pulling her tits down to my mouth.

I licked and sucked her perky tits, she even shook them in my face.

It was getting pretty good then she just went for my cock again.

With a quick movement she was now on me swinging her legs around my head.

She started sucking and stroking my cock again but now her wet pussy and perky ass were in my face.

I instantly grabbed both ass cheeks to see how they jiggled.

She moaned on my cock as I slapped and grabbed her ass.

I dove right into her sweet pussy, licking every where I could to get her to keep sucking and moaning on my cock.

She started bucking her hips in my face as she forced my cock down her throat.

Mmmhhhmmm I moaned licking her clit.

Thats right show me what you got I said I as slapped her ass again.

She slurped up my cock then said you sure you want more.

She put her hands on the arms of the chair and kept pushing her ass and pussy in my face.

Oh fuck yes I moaned as she shook her ass on my face with my tongue in her pussy.

Here let's try this she said then she moved quick again.

Now her legs were draped over the legs of the chair and she was facing me.

Her pussy was pressed against my cock.

She grind her pussy into my cock moaning have you ever fucked like this, huh I don't think a big bitch can do this.

Her hands ran all over her body, she cupped her tits then her hand went down to my spit covered cock.

Not yet I said back to her.

I watched as she pushed herself up and guided her pussy onto my cock.

It was so sexy watching her think she could just hop on my cock, that's why I enjoy thick chicks they know how to take a big dick.

Her eyes and mouth shot open wide, she moaned oh fuck all the way down.

She slid slowly as I sat grinning at her struggling.

As her pussy stretched and she got as far as she could I let her get a couple breathes in.

Then I put my hands on her hips and thrust.

Holy fuck she cried out as she felt the rest of my cock deep inside her pussy.

I used her hips to make her bounce on my cock.

Her ass made a sexy clap sound when she came down, I was surprised with how small a ass she had.

She held on to my shoulders and went with it taking every inch.

Fuck yeah fuck me she moaned throwing her head back.

She got so into the bouncing I squeezed her tits together and tried to lick both nipples, but couldn't.

So I just started using them to make her bounce harder as I went from one to the other licking biting and sucking her nipples.

Oh fuck yes tear my pussy up she moaned.

I pulled her down into a couple of very hard thrusts and held her down as I pushed my cock deep as it would go.

Damn that was good, see a thick bitch couldn't do that she said breathing heavy.

Yeah right I said smirking at her.

She got off of me slowly, I watched as my cock slowly came out of her pussy.

She stood up in front of me and made her ass clap, my cock throbbed watching her sticky holes.

I slapped her ass cheeks hard, leaving hand prints.

Ohhhh you like that don't you she said strutting over to the desk.

How about you come get more of this pussy she said rolling over on her back on the desk holding her thighs so her legs were as wide as they could go.

I walked over to her, I dropped my cock on her.

Oh fuck yeah bury it in my stomach she said wiggling her hips under my cock.

I slapped her pussy a few times getting the head soaked.

Yes beat it up she moaned, when my cock slapped her pussy.

I pushed the head of my cock into her pussy.

I watched as it stretched open to take my cock.

I slowly worked half inside her pussy taking it in and out.

Once her pussy lips and my cock were good and soaked.

I put my hands on her hips and slammed my cock into her pussy.

Oh God she cried out from the thrust.

I kept my cock there for her pussy to relax.

Her eyes rolled back in her head as I kept giving her hard full force slams to her pussy.

She tried to moan but could only get out ahhh and ohhh.

I took my time, I wanted to teach her some respect for the big bitches.

I moved my hands from her hips to her tits.

I squeezed them till they looked like they were going to pop.

I yanked her down hard into every thrust by her tits.

The slap sound her ass made from my balls, and the little moans she was doing I was surprised howuch I was enjoying myself.

I picked up the pace slamming her pussy with my cock.

In a flash she let go of her legs, wrapped them around me, wrapped her arms around my neck.

I pulled her up now standing fucking her.

Oh God I'm going to cum she cried out as I pushed her down on to the full length of my cock.

Yes fuck me fuck me she moaned now bouncing hard with me pushing and pulling.

She pulled herself up and as my cock came out I felt her squirt all over the floor and my cock.

Oh God yes she moaned now using one hand to rub her clit still cumming on me and the floor.

I let out a small laugh at how she came because it's like my neighbor.

She slowly let herself down locked eyes with me and said see how much better it is.

I got fed up with her smartass mouth and told her now let me fuck you like a thick bitch and we'll see how you feel bout that statement after.

She looked at me cocky and said fine let's do it.

Get on the couch doggie position now then I barked at her slapping her ass lifting her as I did.

It was now time to show her the ways thick chicks let me fuck them.

She was shaking her ass on the couch not sure of what was next.

I grabbed a pocket knife out of my sweats pocket, unplugged a lamp then cut the cord at the base.

Ohhh are you gonna spank me she said smirking and shaking her ass at me.

No this is called whipping I said as I whipped her ass with the cord.

Holy shit that stings she cried out forcing herself to poke her ass out again.

I pulled her ponytail arching her back and poking her ass out.

I slapped her pussy with my cock, she moaned I'm ready.

Like I care I growled at her shoving my cock all the way in with one thrust.

Oh God oh fuck oh yes she cried out.

I started pounding her pussy and whipping her ass with every thrust.

I treated her like she was my neighbor.

Finally after slamming her pussy and her into the couch, she was breathing heavy moaning oh God oh fuck over and over.

I felt my cock throb and knew I was close to cumming.

I wrapped the cord around her neck.

I pulled it tight still slamming her pussy.

Her face turned purple and her pussy clamped down so fucking hard I knew she was gonna cum too.

I let the cord go, she took in a huge breathe of air and screamed oh God.

I pulled my cock out fast, she squirt so hard I just watched and stroked my cock.

She fell over still with her ass up but her head was on the other cushion.

I walked over to her face getting color back to it.

I stroked my cock and barked at her open your fucking mouth.

She opened it wide immediately, I kneeled down and shot my load in her mouth and on her face and bruised tits.

Yeah thats how I get to fuck thick bitches, what do you think now I said smirking, wiping my cock off on her cheek.

She just looked up at me and swallowed my cum.

She then moved to sitting on the couch with her head thrown back breathing heavy with cum all over her.

I could see a mark around her neck and where my fingers were on her tits starting to bruise.

She looked spent and beat like she hasn't been fucked that way in a long time.

I got dressed, she got up walked over to me with my cum running down her body.

I needed that so bad thank you she said then bent over showing off her marked up ass to me.

No problem next time don't fuck around like this I said sternly as I spanked her ass cheeks.

Then she looked around for something to wipe the cum off and decided to use the inside of the curtain.

I started laughing, she said we'll I didn't think there'd be so much.

Then she got dressed and we drove off without seeing anyone else.

She thanked me a few more times, then asked so how many chicks are you fucking on a regular base besides your gf.

Some but I don't think I'll be banging the office chick again soon she seems to go a while I said.

She reached over and rubbed my cock through my sweats again.

I'd like to try and keep this regular, if you want to she said.

I'll let you know I told her as I stopped to let her out.

She waved bye and I started texting my gf about her girls day and how misleading the ride was.
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