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After the office MILF needed some help she had a interesting way to say thank you.
On a rainy day I was outside at work trying to smoke under a awning to stay dry.

When the side door opened and out walked the sexy MILF office chick.

Long black hair, glasses, purple blouse, black pants holding an umbrella.

She walked away and had a phone call and just when I was about to go back inside she yelled for me to join her under the umbrella.

She asked how my day was going and we complained about the rain and then she got to what she really wanted to ask me.

Do you know who I could borrow $100 from till Friday? She asked softly.

I was busy staring down her blouse cause of the height difference.

I was watching her big tits jiggle as she talked and moved around.

When she figured out what I was looking at she shook her tits at me and said come on focus.

We both laughed then I answered her finally.

Yeah I could float you that till Friday no worries I told her reaching for my wallet.

She jumped and hugged me pressing her tits in my face.

I was stunned and just stood there with my face buried in her tits as she hugged me.

When she let me go I gave her the money and was just happy with the hug.

And so Thursday before we left for the day she came and found me.

She said I'll be here couple hours early tomorrow, see if you can be here too.

Ok ill see what I can do I told her.

I started before her anyway so it was just a hour earlier for me.

I pulled in and saw her car already by the office doors.

I parked in my normal spot and walked in like normal.

I made my way through the dark offices till I found hers at the end.

It was dimly lit with lamps and her computer on her desk.

She had her hair pulled back, had black tights and a pink t-shirt on.

When I walked into her office she offered me some breakfast sandwiches.

Sure thanks I said taking them and putting them in my lunch box.

She got up to get her wallet, thanking me again for helping her without hesitating.

I was thinking about the hug she gave me saying it was not a problem.

When she got to her purse I noticed a change of clothes hanging up with some make-up on a chair.

I asked what was with the outfit.

She said I woke up late with enough time to shower and meet you here, so I just brought it.

Oh there was no need to rush I'd have waited I told her.

She grabbed the money and said oh I know I just wanted to thank you properly.

I took the money and looked confused at her.

What do you mean breakfast and paid back we're good I told her.

Please sit she said as she took my lunchbox and bag and put them on the floor by her desk.

I sat still a bit confused.

She sat on her desk with her leg up on the chair next to me.

Then she took her glasses off, let her hair down and said I want you to have your way with me right here.

I looked her up and down then she pulled her shirt up showing off her big tits.

What do you say? I know your thinking about your gf but I need a good fuck and what better way to get it than by saying thank you she said with a shrug and smile.

She took her shirt off and slid off the desk between my legs, undoing my pants.

I couldn't believe after all this time I was finally gonna fuck this sexy single mom.

She pulled my cock out as it was getting harder in her face she licked it.

Then looked up at me on her knees and said don't worry no one will know, this is just for you.

She licked her lips then went straight down on my cock.

She sucked my cock up and down as I leaned back and my cock grew harder in her mouth.

Oh fuck yeah I moaned as she pushed her head down forcing my cock into her throat.

She gagged a little then slowly rose her head.

It's been awhile since I had a cock that could reach my throat she said smirking at me stroking my cock.

Back down her head went, all the way down again.

This time she was forcing herself to keep going up and all the way down.

Holy shit I moaned as I watched her suck my cock.

She gagged a few more time before she slurped her way up my cock.

She grabbed the base of my cock tight and smacked herself in the face with it.

I can't wait to feel this big fucker deep in my pussy she said as my cock went smack, smack, smack across her face.

Oh fuck yes I wanna see how tight that pussy is I moaned.

She stood up, then said oh I know what you want.

She turned around, pulled her tights down to her knees, to my surprise no thong or panties.

She shook her big bubble ass in my face, have your way with me she moaned.

I couldn't believe after all this time I was gonna be able to do this.

I bit both her ass cheeks as she kept shaking her ass, then I slapped each bite mark.

Fuck yeah she moaned bending further over her desk poking her ass out more into my face.

I bit, licked, and slapped her ass a few more times enjoying the way it jiggled.

Then I drilled my tongue into her ass and pussy, while I kept slapping her ass making it jiggle on my face.

Oh fuck yes that's it take what you want she moaned reach one hand back to hold my head.

She started pressing harder against my face shaking her ass.

I was in heaven tasting her sweet juices and the way in turned her into a slut was amazing.

Oh God yes, I thought you'd be a nasty freaky fuck and your not disappointing me she moaned as my tongue swirled in and out of her holes.

I slapped her shaking ass with approval.

My cock was throbbing and my mind was running wild.

I spun her around suddenly, pushed her back by her hips.

On the desk I told her, when she hopped up her tits jiggled so sexy.

I pulled her tights down and off with one yank.

I spread her legs, draped one over my shoulder the other rested on the desk.

Her pussy was so wet shining in the dim light.

I started licking her clit and pressing two fingers into her tight pussy.

Oh fuck yes your gonna make me cum she moaned.

She pressed my head into her pussy grinding it into my face.

I fingered her pussy faster, hoping she'd cum.

Oh fuck that's it don't stop, don't stop she moaned.

I felt her pussy clamp down around my fingers as I kept licking.

She then spread her legs out wide, held my head with her hands and came grinding her pussy in my face.

Oh fuck oh fuck I'm cumming I'm cumming she moaned out.

I took my fingers out and swirled my tongue inside her pussy tasting her fresh juices as she came.

After she was done and I felt her grip loosen on my head, I stood up.

I slapped her soaking pussy and clit with my rock hard cock.

Her legs still spread wide as she naked on her desk with just glasses on.

She pulled her hair, slapped her tits, then stretched her pussy lips open.

Do it oh fuckin God do it stretch my pussy open with that big fucker she moaned as I slapped her pussy with my cock.

After a couple hard slaps I pressed the head of my cock into her tight pussy as she held it open.

Oh my God yes, it's been too long she moaned as I slowly slid my cock into her wet pussy.

I slid a chair over for one leg to rest on while I held the other on my shoulder.

As I slid the rest of my cock into her pussy she started rubbing her clit.

I thrust hard into her pussy making sure my balls hit her ass.

Her eyes and mouth shot open as I moaned fuck yes that's it, take it all.

She let out a moan and locked eyes with me and nodded.

I took this as a sign I could start pounding her tight pussy, so pulled her ass to the edge of the desk.

With her legs spread wide and one on my shoulder, I leaned forward grabbing on to her melon like tits.

I kept slowly pulled my cock out half way then ramming deep into her tight pussy.

It made her jump every time, as she moaned fuck yeah stretch that pussy open.

I rammed my cock into her pussy like that till I felt the wet clap of my balls on her ass.

Thats when I clapped her tits together a few times before I squeezed them together and leaned down to bite on her nipples.

As she threw her head back in pleasure I started pounding her pussy hard and fast.

Oh God fuck me fuck me fuuuuck meee she moaned wrapping her arms around me and smothering me in her tits.

I squeezed her tits pulling her into every thrust making sure she took it all.

Oh fuck yes let me ride that big cock she moaned out like a wild women with her arms smashing my face between her tits.

As I bit and sucked on her tits, I slammed my cock into her pussy pushing as deep as it would go.

She let out some hitch pitched moans and threw her arms back, I was still in heaven between her big tits.

Then I leaned back up, I let go of her tits, slid my cock out and slapped her clit with it.

Time to ride this dick I said slapping her soaking pussy.

She was breathing heavy but managed to say fuck yes.

I stepped back to the chair I had been in before and sat down.

She stood up in front of me, I motioned for her to sit on my cock.

She bent down, pulled my pants down further, then threw a leg over straddling me.

She held my cock guiding it into her tight pussy.

When got the head inside her tight pussy she moaned out oh fuck there it is.

She leaned forward in the chair grabbing the the back of the chair,smashing her tits into my face.

I grabbed her ass cheeks and held them spread as she started to sink down on my cock.

Oh fuck yeah make my pussy take it all she moaned, as I pushed her down on my cock.

When she sat all the way down she was moaning oh shit oh fuck oh shit oh fuck over and over.

I slapped both her ass cheeks with my face still buried in her tits.

She pulled away sat straight up, put her hands on my shoulders, and started to bounce up and down.

Oh God its so deep she moaned throwing her head back as she bounced on my cock.

Thats right get it all in there I moaned.

I stared at her tits as she bounced, my hands gripped her ass cheeks holding them spread.

I could feel her pussy stretch around my cock as she kept bouncing.

As she picked up pace she pulled my hands up to her tits to hold them.

Ow fuck damn she moaned as she made herself slam down on my cock.

She re-positioned held her ass cheeks while I still had her tits in my hands.

Then started slamming her pussy down on my cock over and over.

I smashed and squeezed her tits together to get both her nipples in my mouth at the same time.

She really knew how to ride a cock in a chair.

Hearing her ass smack my thighs every time she slammed down and she made a high pitched moan that was so sexy.

She reached down behind her ass started rubbing my balls.

Fuck yeah you got a big load waiting she moaned rubbing my balls.

Mmm hmm is all I could get out with her tits in my face.

I wanna taste it she moaned.

I felt her pussy clamp around my cock as her moans got more high pitched.

She wrapped her arms around me pulling me hard into her tits as she bounced.

I'm gonna cum, holy shit fuck yes she moaned.

I slapped her ass a couple of times, still being smothered by her tits.

Oh yes I'm cumming damn it feels so fucking good she moaned in my ear.

She slowed down and finally sank down on my cock, breathing heavy, she let go of me and sat up.

She smiled at me and said your turn, cupping her bite marked tits in my face.

She stood up slowly, moaning as she did.

She turned and bent over her desk, looked back at me and licked her lips.

I stood up, smacked her ass with my throbbing cock.

God damn right I said as I aimed my cock for her soaking pussy.

Then I saw the bite marks on her ass and I smacked both ass cheeks, watching my hand print slowly rise.

She reached back spread her ass and moaned fuck me hard please.

I grabbed her hip, pushed my cock forward into her pussy pushing her against the desk.

It held her firm in position, I started slow but hard.

Pulling out half way then slamming my cock back into her pussy.

Oh yes that's it, just push your way deep in my pussy she moaned.

She had a tight grip on her ass making a louder clap when I slammed into her.

Oh fuck yes I moaned pumping my cock into her hard and fast now.

Her pussy made such a sexy slurp sound when I pulled my cock out.

I reached up with both hands and grabbed her hair pulling her head off the desk.

Her tits were clapping now every time I thrust into her, she just kept holding her ass.

Ahhhh ohhhhh she moaned, as I pounded her hard like my neighbor slut.

My cock started to throb in her pussy, oh fuck your close I can feel it in your cock she moaned.

I kept fucking her hard, her tits clapped her ass clapped I was in heaven.

Thats it fuck yeah you ready for this cum I growled at her.

Oh God yes give it to me please she begged as I pounded her still pulling her hair.

Fine, get on your knees I moaned as I let go of her hair.

She quickly was on her knees back against the desk.

I stroked my cock in her face then told her to say ahhhh.

She opened her mouth and I couldn't help myself I shoved my cock down her throat.

She tapped on my stomach but I pushed hard down her throat.

Shhhhh bitch you wanted to taste it remember I said looking down to her.

She started to struggle some then I wrapped my hands in her hair.

I skull fucked her hard, she was drooling all over herself.

It was so fucking sexy, her eyes bulged as my cock fucked her mouth

I kept pushing and pulling her head as I thrust deep in her throat.

She gagged a few times so I pulled my cock out of her mouth.

I smeared my cock all over her face and slapped her with it.

Oh my God she moaned coughing and breathing heavy.

I stepped up pressing my cock to her lips.

Say ahhh bitch I barked at her.

She slowly opened her mouth.

I put the head of my cock on her tongue and said wider.

She did a little, then I pushed forward.

More I barked at her, she dropped her mouth open knowing what was coming next.

I grabbed her head, that's a good slut I said.

Half my cock was in her mouth, I looked her in her tear filled eyes.

You ready, I wanna blow this load I said smirking at her.

She moaned mmmhhhmmm looking up at me.

Good I said and gulp is the next sound she made.

I shoved till my balls were on her chin.

She put her hands this time up on my stomach in a submissive way.

I grabbed both wrists in one hand and kept pushing and pulling her head with the other.

Oh fuck yes I moaned as my cock started throbbing.

I looked down at her and moaned get ready.

I picked up the pace like I was fucking her pussy.

Thats it thats it I moaned then my cock erupted.

Shot after shot went down her throat as I pulled my cock back slowly.

As my cock was sliding on her tongue I shot cum covering her tongue.

Then I aimed down stroked my cock and blew a couple shots on her marked up tits.

She gagged but swallowed all I shot at her mouth.

Then licked her lips and got a small hand towel to clean her tits.

She smiled at me and said I was definitely told to ask the right person for help.

I was confused because I didn't yet know who told her I wanted to fuck her or bite her big ass.

I asked but she said it was a secret like us getting paid to fuck.

I left it at that knowing another person was gonna know we fucked.

It was about 2 weeks later when I found out who, and I was waiting on my chance to question them about it.
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