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After getting home from screwing my ex, my neighbor was waiting to see me......She's ready for another fuck session.
Recap: I had just got back from screwing my ex. The neighbor has just flashed me her big tits as I'm walking into my house.

Part 2

I hurried inside thinking how lucky could I get in 1 day but than to screw all 3 my ex, the neighbor, and my gf.

I text my gf I was home and gonna have a snack.

I then text my thick big tit neighbor telling her I'd be ready soon.

She text back good I can't wait.

I got the shower running and got a change of boxers, sweatpants, and t-shirt. I threw my other clothes right in the washer.

I showered thinking how crazy this all was but was excited to see if I could screw them all.

After I dried off and got dressed, I checked my phone seeing my gf had text back saying ok baby thank you.

I got a couple toys around, smoked a joint then text my neighbor I was ready for her.

I didn't know what to expect next.

I heard the gate close and opened the door before she could knock.

There she was her hair blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail wearing some shorts, a sports bra tank top, and white/purple shoes.

She grabbed the door and shook her tits at me knowing she couldn't be seen.

As she laughed she said hey you been waiting to see if you were home glad I caught you.

Oh yeah I said sorta confused shutting the door.

Yeah I need fucked and used good she said squeezing her tits together rubbing her hands over her body down to her pussy.

So what do ya think wanna beat this pussy she said slapping her pussy through her shorts.

Oh fuck yea I said excited as my cock starts to grow thinking of ways to fuck her.

I can't resist any longer I dive in burying my face in her big tits, biting and licking them.

She moans out yes be a animal with me.

I slid a hand down the back of her shorts grabbing a handful of ass.

I realize she's wearing a thong my cock grows more thinking of putting the thong in her mouth as I fucked her.

My other hand was busy trying to pop one of her big tits out of the tank top.

Just as her tit is out and I just bite down on her nipple my phone rings.

She moans you wanna get that?

No I say with her nipple in my mouth.

I think you should she moans.

Fine I say breaking away from her.

I see it's my gf calling.

She pops her tit back in answer it I don't care she said.

She looks around the living room as I answer the phone.

Hi baby hows it going? I said trying to sound normal.

Pretty good just had a short break to call I think this will be another long day she said.

I'm trying not to focus on my neighbor finding the bag of toys and stuff I got around.

It's ok ill just have something ready when you get home I told her.

Ok thank you baby she said.

My neighbor walks back over to me drops to her knees and slides my sweatpants down freeing my cock.

We locked eyes then she winked as she started to suck my cock into her mouth.

She just started off pushing me cock down her throat.

I let out a moan as she made a gulp noise.

My gf asked if I was ok?

Yeah just a bit sore I said moaning a little more.

Aww ok baby just go shower and see if that helps you feel better my gf said.

My neighbors now deepthroating my cock with ease.

Yeah I think that will help too babe, talk to you later I moaned.

As I hung up I grabbed my neighbors head by her ponytail and shoved my cock down as far as it would go.

I moaned oohhh God I'm gonna fuck you up for that.

She made several gulp and slurp nosies before I pulled her off my cock.

Drool just poured out her mouth onto her tits as she caught her breath.

Oh yes that's what I want that almost hateful sex she moaned still breathing heavy.

I grabbed the bag and told her get your slutty ass to the garage now.

She gave a slutty whine and said we can't fuck in here?

No you squirt and she doesn't now get out there I said slapping her big ass.

Well what if I don't squirt? She said trying to compromise.

Then I won't enjoy myself and there's no point to fucking you.

Good point sir I need you to enjoy yourself she said bending over for another slap.

I slapped her ass and out the door we went straight to the garage.

I went over in front of the car setting the bag down and grabbing a few ropes.

I threw them over a roof beam over the cars hood.

She saw the ropes and started stripping her clothes off throwing her shirt and shorts on the work bench.

Then she walked over to me wearing just her black thong and shoes.

As she pressed her tits and body up against me she moaned what are you gonna do with these sir?

This slut I say as I reached my hand up grabbing her pussy pushing her on to the hood.

She laid back laughing some as I made her spread her legs wide open.

She squeezed her tits together as I held her ankles.

I slid the ropes around her ankles holding her legs wide open then she stopped laughing.

I grabbed my whip, she tried to say something but I grabbed her throat pushing her back down.

As she looked up at me I told her this is what you wanted slut as I whipped her stomach and tits.

I held her throat as the look of pleasure washed over her face.

I whipped her over and over till her face was turning colors and marks popping up.

I finally let go as she pushed herself up on the hood moaning oh fuck yes as she rubbed her pussy through her thong.

I whipped her tits and body more as she screamed out finally she screamed I'm cumming.

Her pussy started gushing juices through her thong.

Fuck yes now that's what I wanted to see I growled at her.

Hearing her juices drain off the hood was music to my ears.

She was still breathing heavy holding herself up on the hood, she looked at me and said smiling what's next I need more.

Good then lay back down slut I told her pushing her back down with my whip handle.

She stared at me till she was flat on her back on the hood.

Legs wide open, soaking wet thong, marked up tits and body already I was enjoying this way more than my ex.

I grabbed the bag of toys put it next to me on the ground.

Next I grabbed her thong, feeling her soaked pussy I tightened my grip.

She tried to lift her ass off the hood and moan do it rip them off.

With one quick yank I ripped her thong off her and told her now the real fun can begin.

She moaned fuck yes then I shoved her thong in her mouth.

She looked shocked but took it.

I grabbed a thick dildo and slowly started pushing it in to her soaked pussy.

As it started to slowly fill her pussy up she grabbed her tits and let out a muffled moan.

I kept sliding it in making sure she felt every inch of it.

She was pulling her hair and nipples moaning more and more.

It filled her pussy nicely as I pressed it firmly in.

She let out muffled moans while now shaking her big tits at me squeezing them till they turned red.

I bent down and started licking her clit while I started slowly fucking her with the dildo.

Her pussy was so wet and tasty, she moaned every time her pussy was forced open to take the thick dildo.

When I thought she was close to cumming again I spit on her pussy shoved the dildo inside as deep as it would go.

I stood up and she was still squeezing her tits now kinda purple so I couldn't resist I grabbed my whip and whipped her swollen tits.

Holding the dildo deep inside her I whipped and told her don't cum yet slut I want to build you up for a big orgasm.

She moaned with every whip shaking her tits more at me.

I stepped up pressing my waist to hold the dildo, I grabbed her hair locked eyes with her and said not yet you understand?

She moaned and nodded yes.

Good slut I said as I let go but whipped her tits again.

Her pussy was leaking juices when I stepped back to grab a wand.

I made sure it had a full charge, I turned it on medium.

She looked up, moaned, then ran her hands all over her marked up body before slapping her wet clit begging for the wand.

I grinned and said I know your gonna enjoy this slut.

I pressed it on her clit turning the handle up as I told her both hands now hold it.

She quickly grabbed the wand with both hands pressing her tits up and out moaning working her clit hard.

I stepped back to admire the image of her beaten body tied spread eagle, thong in her mouth, dildo filled pussy, and her wanding her clit.

She looked up at me moaning and shaking.

I took my shirt off, slid my sweats off keeping my shoes on knowing the puddle would get bigger.

I aimed my cock at her dildo filled pussy.

As the head squeezed into her pussy she arched her back.

I thrust up into her full soaking pussy grabbing her thigh and the wand.

Her hands now free she started slapping and pinching her nipples while I started slamming my cock into her pussy.

With every thrust her pussy was quivering trying not to cum.

I sped up fucking her hard and fast now.

Such a sexy wet slap sound fucking her slut pussy.

She got up on her elbows still pinching and slapping her nipples.

Her eyes were bulging full of desperation to cum.

I put the wand on the workbench behind me still thrusting into her pussy.

I grabbed her other thigh and rammed into her as hard as I could staring her deep in her eyes telling her this is all a test.

She threw her head back still up on her elbows almost in defeat.

That was when I leaned down to spit on, lick and suck her punished sore nipples.

I pressed her back down flat now squeezing her tits myself using them to pull her harder into every thrust.

She pulled her hair as I continued fucking her. Watching her take it all was so sexy.

I saw her hands reaching for her mouth to get the thong out im sure.

I put my hand over her mouth, reached down gripping the dildo base.

I asked you to wait you did like a good slut should, nows time for your reward I told her licking her neck and ear.

I pulled out along with the dildo and thong as I told her to cum for me.

Her pussy made such a sexy pop when I pulled out.

She took in a deep breath looking like she was about to scream.

I pushed the head of the dildo in her mouth and told her to moan on that and cum.

She grabbed it with both hands moaning and squirting all over the place.

Oh fuuuuck she moaned into the dildo.

She sprayed my torso and cock down multiple times.

Yes slut let it out I said to her stroking my cock covering it in her juices.

Then as she shook and moaned louder and louder on the head of the dildo.

Finally she stopped and laid on the hood spent and used breathing heavy.

Her juices dripped down the hood.

I untied her ankles and let her legs down.

They were like jello as she tried to catch her breath.

Did I pass the test? she asked sitting up then stroking my cock looking up at me as she sucked my cock down her throat pushing it all down in 1 gulp as she slid her wet ass down my hood squatting.

Yeah now I believe you slut I moaned wrapping her ponytail around my hand.

She kept sucking my cock fast as I fucked her face with her ponytail.

Gulp, gulp, gulp, gulp were the only noises she made.

Then she pulled back spit on my cock, stroked it then said I'm glad I could pass your test.

I pulled her right back down the full length of my cock and moaned I'm glad you can take it all and control yourself.

Gulp, gulp, gulp, mmmhhhmmm then she slurped my cock as I pulled her head back.

She spit on it and stroked it some more and said I told you I could with a sexy smile.

Now where do you wanna cum she said before diving her mouth back onto my cock.

Oh fuck yes I moaned as I heard her gulp, gulp, gulp on my cock.

I looked down saw her face full of cock as shes rubbing and smacking her clit squatting in a puddle of her own juices.

Oh so fuckin sexy slut I moaned as I hiked my leg up on the bumper and grabbed her head.

I thrusts my cock in and out of her throat fucking her face like I did her pussy.

She tilted her head back so I could thrust deeper while she kept playing with her clit.

Gu, gu, gu, was the only sound she made as I fucked her face.

Fuck yes that's it slut I moaned as my cock flexed inside her throat erupting as I pulled out of her mouth.

I shot a glob of cum down her throat, then a glob on her face, I finished off by spraying each tit with cum.

She stuck out her tongue and flicked it at me so I wiped my cock off on her tongue.

She rubbed in my cum on her tits as she stood up.

Ohh what a nice burn she said as my cum settled into the welts on her tits.

Before she could clean up I snapped a few pics of the welts on her body.

As we got dressed I had missed texts so I decided to check them.

1 from my gf telling me she was bored at work.

Then 1 from my ex telling me how great she felt after our meeting.

I only told my neighbor bout my gfs text.

She laughed and said well we weren't bored thats for sure.

I threw done shop rags to soak up the puddle.

After all was back to normal she thanked me for the fun and left.

I went in showered and waited for my gf to get home so I could get all three in one day.
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