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My Mom and the Goblin King CH. 02

Welcome to the second chapter of My Mom and the Goblin King CH. 02.

I hope you all enjoyed the first installment and thank you for all the feedback both publicly and privately. I appreciate any feedback and support.

Again as a general warning this series will contain some of the following content wise:


Monster sex

Cum inflation


These could expand so if that’s not your cup of tea, fair warning.

All characters represented in this work are 18 years of age or older.

On to chapter 2!


6. The Bladesmith

I must have woken up five or 6 times that night. Stordo and my mom must have fucked until the sun came up. All I heard all night was my mom's moans and his groans. I didn’t think my mom would be so vocal but some of what I heard her scream was astonishing.

“Cum all over those big tits big boy! Plaster me with your hot cum.” She said at one point.

“Make that fucking pussy yours. Make me your slut like my husband never could!” I heard before what seemed like their last fuck.

The sounds of the street coming alive and a knock at my door woke me up. I sit up and walk to the door. My orc bodyguard Grimm is standing there with a pile of clothes in his huge hand.

“Work.” He grunts as she pushes the clothes towards me. After everything yesterday I kind of forgot that Stordo had found me a job. I take the clothes from Grimm and go back into the hut to change.

The clothes aren’t too bad! Not really peasant rags but also not noble’s clothes. I thought they might be itchy but they are actually quite soft. After fastening my belt I go back to the door so I can be escorted by Grimm.

Me and Grimm walk the streets, not really talking much. With him not speaking much English it’s kind of tough. A few times I try to spark conversation but he just keeps walking, not even acknowledging. I was able to get some one word answers but wasn’t really sure if he understood the question.

The walk to the blacksmith isn’t that far. Maybe ten minutes or so. Along the way the different groups of creatures were kind of fascinating. I had seen them in my dungeons and dragons monster manual but the real thing is mind blowing. I walk around oddly half excited at what I might see next.

It might be from having a bodyguard but these people don’t seem very dangerous. I know a lot of them are rejects and thieves but they don’t come off really bad. Nobody even really pays attention to me. Especially wearing the same clothes as everyone, I blend in well.

Me and Grimm get to the blacksmith and I’m nervous. Grimm looks down at me before knocking on the door. A gravelly voice calls from the other side.

“Come in!” It shouts.

Me and Grimm walk in and I’m blown away by what I see. You generally have an idea of how a blacksmith would look but this was beyond that. Display cases filled with various weapons. All of them are gilded with beautiful and intricate designs. These aren’t tools of war but more like art pieces.

My marveling at the display in front of me is broken by the sound of a stool being dragged across the floor. Suddenly a little...thing pops up from behind the counter.

It takes me a second to figure out what is in front of me. But the look of its head is kind of a give away. It’s a kobold and a short one at that. We make eye contact before he speaks again.

“Ahhh this must be my new boy. Thank you Grimm you may leave” he says. Grimm nods and leaves. There is a rather long silence before he speaks again.

“You must be Alex, my new helper. My name is Slak but I prefer you call me Sir while we work.” His voice is calm but a little raspy.

“Yes Sir. I must say your work is incredible. These pieces all seem like works of art.” I say. He smiles a little hearing the compliment.

“Thank you Alex. I generally don’t work with the general public. I do a lot of little repairs for extra money but most of my pieces are custom for specific clients. That’s why I don’t have big displays out front. If people can afford my work, they know where to find me.” He says proudly.

“If I may ask, why set up here?”

“Although my work is to a masters level and nobles come to me from all over to buy my pieces there is no room in a lot of big cities for a Kobold like me. No matter how delicate the gilded work or the sharpness of a blade. I’m still the thing they kill in a mine” Slak looks serious. He starts to drift off a bit before speaking again.

“Enough of that! Let me show you the workshop and what you’ll be doing. Follow me!”

Entering the workshop I’m mesmerized by what I see. Like I said, Slak is short for kobold. He only comes up to mid thigh on me. While he is short, he is clearly well built from working with heavy metals. His arms are muscular which gives kind of a funny appearance.

Slak has built his whole workshop to fit his needs. Everything has a stool or built in bench so he can reach it easier. The bellows on his forge looks to be custom made to make it easier for him to use. All around the room are little levers and counter waits so he can do this all by himself. Around the room there are half finished pieces. Some are already looking spectacular.

“This is my workshop and where all the magic happens. I’m usually here all day and into the night sometimes. So it can be more like home.” He says.

“This place is incredible! Did you build all of this?”

“Most of it was custom made by me. As a need arose it was just easier to make it myself than describe it to someone else.” Slak says as he starts to walk around the room.

“Your job for now will be simple. You’ll be feeding the forge as needed. Getting me the ores I need from my dealer and running things around town if I need you to. I don’t have a huge amount of work for you right now. Between jobs I’d like for you to study.” Slak sits in his chair and points to a little desk with several books stacked on top.

“Yes sir, I’ll do my best.” I bow slightly.

“That’s all I ask. You’ll be paid daily for the first few weeks. I understand you don’t have much money right now and have no problem paying you a day rate. I’m the future, I'll pay you weekly” he says.

“Yes sir. I appreciate that.”

“I guess I’ll show you how all this works for now. Then I need to get back to this piece I’m working on. You can study as I work” Slak says as he gets up.

Slak is a pretty gentle teacher. His tone can be gruff at times but he has no problem teaching me what I need to know. We go over the forge and how it works. I rest my hand too close and get a nasty little burn. We go over the sword making process a bit.

As much as this situation still has me feeling a bit nervous and uneasy. Learning from a little blacksmith in his shop full of beautiful swords and shields takes me out of that uneasy feeling for a bit. I start to actually get excited and really enjoy it.

Slak finishes going over the basics before telling me he needs to get back to work. As instructed I go to the little desk and sit in the hilariously small chair to study. I’m afraid at any moment the chair will break but it’s not creaking too bad as I move.

The first book I pick up is about blacksmithing. The book is clearly old and rather thick. When I open it I find out why. It’s written in several different languages. I guess something I never thought about is that a lot of the people around her don’t speak English, or human as they call it here.

The book is fascinating and really detailed. I skim it at first to just get a feel for it. Also to see the various different languages. The first chapter goes over the metals and their properties. It’s pretty detailed and some of it is kind of beyond me.

As I study, Slak is hard at work on a sword. I didn’t get a good look at it. There must be a lot of detailed work. He has several magnifying glasses on his desk and a ton of little tools. I assume that desk is for engraving. He has a number of workstations around.

Slak worked at that station for what seemed like hours as I studied. The first chapter was hard to understand but as I read further it became more clear.

“Learning anything?” Slak says. Breaking a long silence.

“Yes sir. I’ll be honest, some of this is over my head. But I think I’m starting to get the hang of it. I didn’t think there would be so many metals.”

“Eventually I’ll have you work with them. Once you start to work with metal, understanding the differences is a lot easier.” Slak says as he continues to work.

“I appreciate you taking me on. A job like this is really fascinating.”

“I owed Stordo a favor and he said you seemed pretty bright. So it wasn’t that hard of a choice to take you on” Slak gets up and walks towards my desk.

“I’m going to let you go a little early today. Not much to do and you studied well.” Slak hands me a little pouch.

“There is ten silver in there. That’s a decent pay around here. Considerably more than cleaning tables at some dingy inn”

“Thank you sir. I really appreciate it.” As I finish my sentence there is a knock at the door.

“That must be Grimm here to pick you up. Enjoy the rest of the evening” Slak says. He nods towards me and goes back to his work.

I get up and thank him again for allowing me to work here. Walking to the front door I’m greeted by my towering bodyguard.

“I’m ready to go!” I say as Grimm looks down at me.

“Dinner.” He grunts.

He didn’t seem to say it like a question, more like an order. I figure it would be fruitless to have him explain further so I just follow him. It’s evening now and the sun is starting to drop. The town looks kind of nice with the sun setting. I feel a little excited about my new job and the coins in my pocket.

7. An extremely odd “family” dinner.

Me and Grimm start our walk through town. I thought it would be nice to talk about my day but Grimm seems to ignore it. Well, he does seem to acknowledge some bits. He nods on occasions but I think that’s more to entertain me.

The streets start to calm down as the sun falls. Street vendors start to close. Shops get ready for the end of the day. There are far less people walking around. I know there is a nightlife here just from the sounds outside my door. But this must be the time before that picks up.

I can see my hut and am excited to relax. Today wasn’t too hard but not getting too much sleep has exhausted me. My heart drops though when Grimm stops us in front of my mom's door. He knocks and Stordo’s familiar voice welcomes us in.

Walking in I brace for the worst but I’m surprised how normal the scene before me is. Stordo sits at the head of the table as my mom works in the kitchen. She is wearing a tight dress that looks custom made. Every curve of her body is on display but the dress itself isn’t very revealing.

“Have a seat Alex, dinner is almost ready” mom says with an almost giddy tone.

I sit down at the other end of the table. Grimm sits to my right.

“How was work today Alex? Hopefully Slak wasn’t too much of a hard ass.” Stordo asks.

“It wasn’t too bad! He didn’t have much work for me so I just studied metals. He doesn’t talk much but he’s not bad to be around”

“You should learn all you can from him. He’s one of the finest sword makers in the kingdom. Hell, the best on the continent” Stordo says. Mom approaches and puts a plate in front of him. He pinches her ass causing her to giggle.

Mom brings me Grimm a plate and sits down to my left. I notice she doesn’t have one herself.

“Not eating mom?” I ask, concerned.

“Hehe, I was given plenty to eat this morning. Anyways I eat a bit as I cook” she says as she takes Stordo’s hand.

We all start to eat and there is an awkward silence in the room. Even with the silence this feels kind of like a really odd family dinner. I think with my mom's home cooking filling the air it just feels very homely.

Stordo speaks up again “Your mom is starting her own job tomorrow night” he says with a grin.

I know what he means and the thought sends a shiver down my spine. But I ask anyway, I think hoping for some glimmer of hope.

“What will she be doing?” I ask.

“She has a little show at one of the local inns. I hear there is going to be a rather big turn out.” Stordo grins and turns to look at my blushing mother.

“You should be proud Alex. All of those people are coming out to see your mom. They are paying Damn good money. Fifteen silver just to get in.” Stordo goes back to eating.

My heart can’t sink anymore. It’s only been a day but I’ve kind of grown numb to this. I know deep down what’s going to happen tomorrow night but still it hurts me a little.

We continue to eat and the room falls silent again. Mom and Stordo look over at each other on occasions. But for the most part the rest of dinner is silent. I finished my plate not long after.

“Dinner was really good mom, thank you” I say.

“Thank you dear! It was just something quick I whipped up. Do you want to stay for dessert?” She asks.

“No, I think I’m going to hit the hay. I’ve got work tomorrow and I’m a little tired.”

My mom gets up and takes my plate. As she does she kisses my forehead. Grimm hands her his plate and we both stand up.

“I’ll walk you out!” Stordo says, standing suddenly.

Stordo walks me and Grimm to the door. As he walks past mom he pinches her ass causing her to giggle.

We walk out the door and Stordo closes it behind us. He motions to Grimm who wanders off a bit.

“Alex, I wanted to talk to you.” Stordo says in a firm tone.

“Well you have my attention.”

“You have every right to be mad at me. I won’t pretend like I’m some sort of good guy here or try to make amends. I'm a bad man and I do bad things. There are going to be a lot of situations that you aren’t going to like. I’m not going to lie either. I’m going to make a lot of money off of your mom. In return I promise your safety and you will be allowed home.” Stordo says as he looks me straight in the eyes.

“I don’t know how to react to that. Am I supposed to thank you? For taking me and my mom away and using her as a fuck doll?”

“You aren’t supposed to do or say anything. I thought I would just make my position clear. Don’t pretend like you didn’t enjoy the show yesterday.” Stordo shoots back.

I didn’t really know what to say. I was kind of stunned by how quickly he pushed back with that. We both sat there silently for a few moments before Stordo spoke again.

“Have a goodnight Alex, I’ll see you at the show tomorrow” he smiles and pats me on the arm. He motions to Grimm who comes back over and walks me to my door.

As my door closes the weight of the day hits me. Stripping off my clothes and washing my face I fall into bed like a ton of bricks. I didn’t even really work that hard today but the whirlwind of things going on is exhausting.

I start to drift off to sleep when I hear it again. The moans and groans of my mother and her new lover. The bed hitting the wall rhythmically.

“Fuck that pussy baby! Make me into a little slut. A little whore to be used” my mom screams. Followed by a groan from Stordo.

“Fuck this pussy is too fucking good!” Stordo replies. I hear a loud slap that I assume is his hand on her ass.

I’m so tired it doesn’t even really phase me. The moans continue as I drift off to sleep.

8. Another tne silver

The knock on my door wakes me from a decent dream. I was dreaming about a day when I went out to an amusement park with a few friends. There was this gorgeous girl there and we ended up really hitting it off. The energy of the dream was so nice. Like I was floating on a cloud.

Me and the girl ended up splitting off and doing our own thing. Going on rides together and getting food. Right as the dream was at its height and we were about to kiss, the knocking woke me. Not a bad thing to start the day with though.

I already know it’s Grimm and know he’s picking me up for work. So I wash my face and try to wash my body a bit before putting on my clothes. I should really ask Grimm about a bathhouse.

Opening the door I see my towering bodyguard waiting silently.

“Good morning Grimm!” I say. He just nods and starts to walk towards work.

“Are there any bath houses around here?” I ask. He stops and turns to face me. He nods.

“Can you take me to one after work?” I ask. He nods again. Honestly it’s hard not to laugh. Having a bodyguard who’s a big hulking beast that just kind of nods is very funny.

As we walk I notice just how many scars Grimm has. His arms have what looks like layers of cuts and some nasty patches that look like old burns. Grimm clearly went through a lot before coming here.

His hands and knuckles really show it. A combination of scars and caloses cover his hands. Several fingers look like they have broken before. I inspect him for so long I almost don’t even notice we are at work. Grimm knocks on the door and Slak yells for me to come in.

I thank Grimm for walking with me and close the door. It’s noticeably hotter than it was yesterday. I walk through to the workshop and find Slak working the forge.

The speed that he works is incredible. I get completely lost in the show in front of me. Slak has what almost look like sunglasses on while he heats a sword and then pounds away at it on the anvil.

“Coals, boy” he says calmly while pointing at a bin.

I walk over and find a metal bin full of coal. With a pair of leather gloves next to it. I put them on and grab two handfuls to bring over.

“Is this enough?” I ask.

“Yeah that should be fine. Spread them out over there. Try to make an even layer.” Slak says. His tone is calm but firm.

I do as I’m told and step back to watch him work again. The pounding on the anvil is extremely loud in the room but I’m so mesmerized I barely notice. I stand back a little more to give him more room.

Slak works like that for a while. What started as a very raw piece of metal slowly takes shape into a sword-like shape. He asks very little of me as he works. Just asking for a tool here and there. Eventually he stops and removes his glasses.

“That’s enough of that for today.” He says.

“You aren’t going to finish it?” I ask. Slak walks over to a bucket and starts to wash his hands.

“I take my time with each piece. I could easily work on it today and have a sword done but looking at it with fresh eyes tomorrow let’s me refine it more.” He says as he dries his hands. He walks over to his desk where another piece sits.

“How long will it take?” I ask.

“Longer and longer the older I get I’m afraid. That one is nothing too fancy. I’ll have it done by next week.” Slak goes back to engraving.

I sit at my desk and start to read my books again. We both sit in silence for a while. Both of us lost in our work. The book I’m reading is getting deeper and deeper. The complexity is kind of beyond me but I try to retain it. I know a lot of this comes with practice.

“Will you ever teach me to make a sword?” I break the silence.

“Eventually. These things come with time. You pay attention to those books and you’ll learn a lot. Once I think you’re ready. We can work with metal” he replies. He has an odd warmness to his voice. We both go back to our work.

We work for a few hours then a knock on the door pulls me away from my book.

“That must be Grimm” Slak says. Not looking up from his work.

He reaches into a small drawer and pulls out some coins. Putting them on the corner of his desk.

“You pay for today. You did good” he never looks away from his work even as I approach him. Taking the silver coins I look at the piece he’s working on. It’s a sword with incredibly detailedengraving. It looks like a battle scene from what I can tell.

“It’s beautiful sir.” I say.

“Thank you, it’s for a prince in another kingdom. A gift from his father for winning a campaign.” Slak carefully engraves another line.

“An incredible gift, I know he will be proud of it.” I say. Slak only nods and I walk away.

“I’ll see you tomorrow sir!” I say as I close the door behind me.

Grimm is waiting diligently. I greet him and not surprisingly he only nods.

“Bathhouse?” I ask. He nods again. I chuckle a little at his commitment to being a nearly silent bodyguard.

We start to walk to the bathhouse as the sun starts to drop. A nice breeze flows through the streets. Several shopkeepers have closed their stalls. The walk to the bathhouse doesn’t take long.

It’s a fairly low key place with just a sign reading “bathhouse” in several different languages. Grimm motions for me to enter.

Walking in, an elvish looking man is behind the counter. He doesn’t even look up as me and Grimm walk in.

“One silver each. No fighting. No drinking. No fucking” he says. His tone is that of someone who is way past hating his job.

Me and Grimm approach the counter and Grimm reaches into a pouch, putting two silver on the counter. The elf motions his head to a doorway covered by a blue cloth.

After stripping we walk into the bathroom. I’m excited to find it steaming hot. The room is filled with a heavy humid air that feels amazing on my dirty skin. The room is empty which is kind of a surprise. I figured a lot of guys would want a bath after work.

Me and Grimm drop our towels and get in the bath. Grimm’s muscular body is still astonishing. His scars are even more noticeable on his chest. One long slash from his right shoulder to his stomach looks like it was deep.

“Seen lots of battle Grimm?” I ask.

He notices I’m looking at his chest and looks down at himself. He nods.

“I broke my hand falling out of a tree. It was pretty nasty. I think it took three months or so to heal” I realized how dumb that sounded as soon as I stopped talking. Grimm only nods and we continue to enjoy the bath.

As we get out I feel completely refreshed. I almost forgot about my mom's show tonight. But as we are about to leave, Stordo comes in the door of the bathhouse.

“Alex! Grimm! Good to see you both getting cleaned up for tonight.” Stordo says with a big grin.

“I wasn’t planning on going tonight actually” I shoot back.

“Oh come on Alex! I already paid for you both to come and ale is on the house.” Stordo tosses a few silver at the counter.

“I’ll see you there!” He pats my arm as he walks into the changing room.

I just look at Grimm and he starts to walk me home. The walk back seems to fly by. It’s probably my lack of excitement that makes it go by so quickly.

We get to my hut and I glance at my mom's door before opening my own. As I walk in on a chair in front of my bed is a freshly folded set of clothes.

“For tonight! Hope you enjoy the show.” Signed Stordo. I just shake my head and decide to lay down for a while.

9. The Show

I didn’t nap for that long. Not even long enough to have a dream. It was nice to feel refreshed after work though. I felt dirty for so long that it’s like I’m breathing new air.

I put on the clothes that were left for me. They are a lot nicer than the ones I wear to work. After changing I wash my face and try to do something with my hair. Before we got sent here I had an appointment to get it cut the next day.

Grimm knocks at the door and we begin our journey to the inn. This walk was a little longer and is my first time seeing the nightlife here. It still feels oddly safe but with how dark it is, I’m glad to have a bodyguard. The streets are lit by lamps and some light from stores that are still open. Some people carry a lantern.

We get to the inn and it’s size is actually kind of amazing. I mean it’s not a huge monolith of a building but it’s pretty big. I guess I never thought about how big an inn would have to be to accommodate a bar and loads of different creatures.

There is a lot of hustle and bustle around the inn. A man at the door is taking the cover charge that Stordo mentioned. He sees me and Grimm and waves us over.

“You two are good to go in and your drinks are paid for! Enjoy the show” he says. Me and Grimm work our way into the inn.

It’s not as crowded as I thought. I’m sure the fifteen silver cover charge keeps it that way. Right when we walk in the large bar is off to the left. With various sizes of bar stools and steps for smaller creatures to step up to the bar and order.

Near the bar is a seating area where many different creatures sit. I see some gnomes, goblins, humans, and even a troll. He’s big and green and honestly looks like a horror movie prop.

Looking right there is a big open area with seats in a circle. In the center of the circle is a large sturdy chair. The inn has three floors of rooms and they all can see down into the open area.

Me and Grimm walk up to the bar, a dwarf mans the bar. The floor is raised so he can see over the bar.

“What will it be?” He asks.

“Two ales.” Grimm grunts.

“Ahhh you’re that special human boy right? Alex was it?” The dwarf asks. His voice is kind of jolly and not a gruff as I assumed.

“Yeah I’m Alex! How did you know that?”

“Stordo stopped by earlier to finalize everything and mentioned you. You should stop by sometime when we aren’t busy. I’d love to talk about your adventures from another world.” He winks at me and goes to get our ale.

He comes back shortly with two pints of ale. As he sets them down I slide two silver onto the bar. I’m not sure if that’s a big tip or small, but it seems right.

“Oh no sir. Everything is paid for.” He says.

“That’s for you, just for your service.” I say. He smiles and takes the two silver.

“Thank you sir. The show should be starting soon. You two have seats near the front.”

I look at Grimm and he nods. We get up and make our way over to the circle of chairs. We find two in the front with our names on them. People start to fill in the seats around us slowly.

I’m startled by the ringing of a bell.

“The show is about to begin! Take your seats! No fighting or you’ll be thrown out.” A voice yells. Creatures start to take their seats and the railings on the three floors above us start to fill. A musician starts to play a tune.

The seats fill and the anticipation builds. I don’t know what I’m going to see and Stordo has made sure I have a front row seat for it. Speaking of Stordo, the man himself walks into the center stage.

“Welcome! Welcome! On this glorious night you are all about to witness a beauty from another world. The sexiest site you’ll ever see. A body of a goddess on display for you all.” Stordo yells. The crowd's excitement can be felt in the air.

“A few rules before we start. You are allowed to tip but not touch. I’ll have your hands if you try to touch her or steal money off the floor. The second rule is NO FIGHTING. That’s all. Now, who’s ready for the show?” Stordo is clearly a showman at heart.

The crowd cheers and claps. I look at Grimm who is unphased.

“Give a warm welcome to Alessia goddess from another world!” Stordo yells as he motions to a door. A doorman opens it and the crowd erupts as my mom walks out.

She slowly walks into center stage. The musician plays a tune that she sways her hips to. As she walks into the center of the room I get a good view of what she is wearing.

My mom is dressed in a tight red dress. It was clearly custom made to not only fit her like a glove but also look more like clothes from our world. Every curve on her body is on display. The dress straps are thin and the cleavage the front shows is vast. She does a little twirl to show the crowd.

They love it and in return cheer her on. The room is ready and she knows it. The musician starts to play a slow and sexy tune. He is joined by two others. My mom starts to sway her hips and dance in front of the large chair.

Tips are already coming in and silver coins start to hit the floor. Some even look like gold coins but I can’t tell. My mom moves her hips to the music and runs her hands over her body.

She knows she has all the power here and the look on her face is one of pure pride. A huge smile comes over her face as she takes the straps of her dress in her hands.

The crowd of creatures watching fall nearly silent. The anticipation in the room builds and builds. My mom plays with the straps as she sways her hips. She looks at Stordo and he nods. She lifts the straps and pulls them to the side. With one swift motion she pulls the dress down. Revealing her amazing tanned DD tits to the room.

The room goes nuts as she pulls the dress down to her waist. More tips roll in and creatures of all races cheer. My mom walks around the circle making sure every one of them can see her perfect tits.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t hard. My mind was conflicted. A gorgeous woman is stripping in front of me but she happens to also be my mom. I shift in my seat a little as my mom goes back to dancing. Her dress bunched up at her waist.

My mom shakes her nice ass for the crowd and walks around the circle a few times. She doesn’t even seem to notice me as she entertains the crowd. Her and Stordo seem to make eye contact and he nods to her again.

She smiles and does one last twirl, she stops with her back towards me. She bends over and takes the rest of the dress in her hands. The crowd knows what’s next and they are ready. Cheers and clapping increase.

She shakes her ass and I watch it sway. She isn’t going to tease this group forever and they get what they wanted to see. My mom pulls down her dress to reveal a tiny thong. She drops the dress to the floor and steps out of it.

My mom turns with a big smile. Standing in front of me and a gaggle of creatures in just a tiny thong. I’m fully hard now and I can tell some people around me are too. The excitement in the room is thick and it’s hard to not get caught up in it.

My mom walks around the circle slowly as the tips pile up. She sways her hips and shows off her incredible ass. I get a close up view of the woman who birthed me. Her tanned Italian skin is flawless. I almost want to reach out and touch her.

My mom walks to the center of the room and dances slowly. Stordo stands up and walks in front of her.

“Are you boys enjoying the show?!” Stordo yells. The crowd erupts in cheers and applause.

“Are you ready for the main event?” Stordo says with a huge grin. He knows how they will respond. They go nuts. I’m almost caught up in it myself until I realize this isn’t the whole show.

“Well let’s get it going then! Will our troll friend please come to center stage.” Stordo steps aside and I’m horrified by what steps through the crowd.

The troll from earlier steps through the crowd. He has to be nine foot tall and his huge body easily shuffles people aside. His green skin looks gross and his lanky body is really disturbing. It takes me a second to see the real horror show.

He is completely naked and sporting an absolutely monster of a hardon. He cock has to be a foot and a half long and as thick as a can of soda. It’s shaft is covered in bumps and the head is bulbous and huge. It sways as he walks to the chair. He is welcomed by my mother to take a seat.

As soon as he sits my mom wastes no time entertaining her new lover. She wraps both hands around his cock and starts to work them up and down. Kissing the head as she does.

With the crowd cheering and throwing more tips. Stordo looks satisfied as my mom works her new lover's shaft. She kisses the length and licks the head of his cock. He relaxes back in the chair and groans.

I’m terrified but kind of intrigued. Is she going to try and fuck that thing? How will that even fit in her pussy?

My mom runs her tongue up and down the length of the troll's shaft. Her salvia starts to drip down to his huge balls. Her hands work up and down and judging by his groans she is doing a good job.

Suddenly she stops and his now wet cock stands at full attention. My mom pulls her thong to the side and starts to play with her pussy. She is like an animal in heat as she leans forward and starts to try and work his cock into her mouth.

The head is so large that I’m not sure she will even get it fully into her mouth. I’m close enough that even with all the cheers I can hear her gag. Tears run down her face as she slowly attempts to work the head of the troll's cock into her mouth.

Her fingers furiously play with her pussy as the music picks up the pace. I can hear her moan as she finally works the head of his cock into her mouth. It’s stretched to its limits. With encouragement from her audience she starts to slowly suck him off. Trying to work as much into her mouth as possible.

Some creatures take their cocks out and start to jerk off. The floor around the circle is covered in coins. My mom moans as she sucks off a troll in front of her son. Her pussy is so wet that it runs down her leg. The troll groans and relaxes more. His cock bulging my mother’s throat.

My mom works her other hand up and down his shaft. Drool runs down it and even gets onto my mom's tits. It’s one of the sloppiest blow jobs I’ve ever seen. But I soon learned his cock would need to be that wet for the next phase.

Mom stops suddenly, stepping a little bit away from the troll. Her hair is a mess and her tits are covered in saliva. She is on autopilot now and I can’t believe what I’m about to see.

She drops her soaked thong to the floor. Without hesitation she climbs onto the troll. She positions herself above the troll's huge cock, she is nearly facing right at me. The troll reaches up with his big hands and takes her waist in his hands.

“Take your new lover! Make me your little whore.” My mind says with a smile. The troll doesn’t need even a second to think.

He starts to push my mom onto his huge cock head. The head pushes on the entrance to her pussy which is putting up a fight. My mom's eyes nearly roll back as she moans louder than I’ve ever heard.

“Fuck me! Push me down on it. I need it!” My mom says. The crowd is losing it. My mom is about to be split in half right in front of me.

The troll seems to be pushing down harder and my mom's pussy can’t fight anymore. It gives up the fight and gives way, his cockhead plunges into her now streached opening.

“HOLY FUCK!” She screams. The troll doesn’t stop. He keeps pushing her down on his huge cock without even a second to let her get used to his size. My mom moans uncontrollably.

It looks like he is going to split her in half as he pushes her down the length of his cock. My mom is in a different world. She moans and mumbles as she is used like a fuck toy by this troll. The crowd can’t get enough and Stordo looks happy as could be.

I didn’t think it was even possible but the troll fits his whole cock inside my mother. Her pussy looks stretched to its limits and you can actually see his length inside of her. I’m somewhere between astonished and horrified.

The troll holds my mom at the base of his cock for a few moments. She does not stop moaning the whole time. Reaching up she starts to play with her big tits and the troll takes that as a sign to continue.

The troll works my mom up and down his shaft like some kind of sex toy. He groans as her pussy grips his cock up and down his full length. Mom plays with her tits and struggles to get words out.

“Fuck that...fuck that pussy! Make it yours…make me a slut!” She says between moans. The troll starts to fuck her a bit harder.

Most of the creatures at this point are jerking off. Grimm doesn’t even seem to be paying much attention to the show.

The troll starts to really fuck my mom. Sliding her up and down his shaft after and faster. The wet sound of her pussy getting punished almost overtakes the cheering crowd. Her moans and groans are becoming louder and louder.

At some point the pleasure takes over and she’s no longer able to play with her tits. The fucking is so good that she can’t even keep her arms up to play with her nipples.

I watch as my mom is used like a cheap sex toy by this huge troll. Her tits bounce wildly as he pushes in deep. Mom lets out a scream that nearly shakes the room. The troll stops her at the base of his cock.

From the look on her face what’s happened is clear. My mom has had an incredible orgasm. She moans and shakes on the huge cock. The troll lets her catch her breath. Several creatures cum with her. Just cumming where they please.

My mom finally catches her breath. She smiles wide and turns around to look at the troll.

“Fuck me baby I’ve never came that hard. I said make me into a slut. I’m not done yet” my mom says. Men start to cheer and the troll doesn’t hesitate. He starts to fuck my mom good and hard.

I watch as her tits bounce more and more. Her moans and groans echo in the room. The troll punishes my mom's pussy and I can’t stop watching.

I lose track of how many times she cums. The look of pure ecstasy on her face is permanent and she is starting to lose her voice from the swearing and moaning. My beautiful Italian mother made into a slut in front of a room full of men.

“Breed that fucking pussy baby! Fucking fill me with your load!” She screams. The troll picks up the pace. The whole room falls silent, we all know what’s coming.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! That’s it! Breed that slutty pussy!” My mom yells. The troll lets out a low loud groan.

What happens next is truly one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen. The troll slams my mom down on his huge cock and with another groan let’s his seed loose in her beautiful pussy. The amount of cum being pumped into her is incredible. Her stomach looks like it’s inflating. Cum streams out of her pussy.

My mom cums harder than I’ve seen yet. Her whole body shakes as she screams in pure pleasure. Her eyes roll back and she goes limp. She has been fucked so good she passes out.

The troll finishes pumping my mom full of cum. Not being the best lover in the world he simply pulls her off of his cock and sets her on the floor. As he does a torrent of cum streams out of her completely fucked pussy. He walks off as money showers all over the stage.

I cum in my pants. The site before me was just too much to take. Cum shoots out in long spurts, making a mess in my pants. Not as big of a mess as my mom on the floor. Covered in sweat and cum.

Two men come over and lift my mom up and bring her back to the room she came from. The room is still electric even though many have left after their orgasm. Stordo walks to the middle of the room.

“I hope you enjoyed the show, boys!” He says. The crowd claps.

“Our goddess will need to rest for a few days but she will be back with another show! Make sure to save your silver. It’s going to be a good one” Stordo bows and people clap again. They start to leave as he walks back to his seat.

I sit there stunned for a while. I'm broken out of my daze by a familiar voice.

“Enjoy the show Alex?” Stordo says. Standing in front of me.

“I can’t believe…” I don’t even really know what to say.

“That your mom is that much of a slut? That she could even take that? Well I guess you saw the answer to both. I didn’t even force her into this. She got to pick who would use her tonight. She was up to the challenge of a troll.” Stordo says.

I don’t even know how to reply. My mind is filled with such a weird mix of excitement and disappointment. Stordo pats me on the shoulder.

“You and Grimm head home. Your mom needs her rest and I have things to take care of here.” Stordo’s tone is oddly comforting.

Grimm helps me up and Stordo starts to organize the clean up effort. We walk out of the inn and the cool night air hits me. It brings me out of my headspace for a bit. Still, the walk home feels so odd. I don’t really know how to process what I saw.

Grimm opens the door for me and nods at me. I tell him goodnight and wander over to my water bucket. Splashing water on my face I see glimpses of the show again. My cock starts to get hard.

I strip off my clothes and fall into bed. Still with visions of my mom bouncing on a troll's huge cock. I start to jerk off. I feel ashamed but it’s hard to deny it was hot seeing such a sexy woman used. Even if it was my mom.

I cum hard and cover my stomach. It takes me a while to catch my breath. After a bit of cleaning up I fall back into bed. The day starts to pull me down into sleep. My eyes close and in an instant I’m off in a dream.

End of Chapter 2

I hope you all enjoyed this chapter! This series has been fun to write so far. Length wise it’s shorter but I think for the content that’s alright. Feel free to send me feedback, especially about format and length.

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