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“Please...” I begged, my voice hoarse, “I cant.”

“I said strip.” He said it louder this time, his voice commanding and striking fear through my body

Tears fell down my cheek and I didn’t bother hiding them this time. I let out a broken sob as I undid my uniform…and when I looked up at him there wasn’t a shred of remorse in his eyes. The only thing behind those eyes was greed and pride.
Raped In the Military

Being a new recruit definitely did not have its merit. Everyone treated me like a second class citizen and while I didn’t want to admit it, it probably didn’t help that I was 5’2 and Asian. I must've looked like I was easy to push around.

To be completely honest, outside of the military I was treated like a pushover. But that’s exactly why I joined- to harden up. Yet I was back at square one. I should've known better, but what's done is done and some part of me hoped that despite my rough start id still get something good out of all this.


Being woken up at 6:00 am by two men that looked like they could rip me in half wasn’t exactly ideal. They spat something in my face about the recruiter needing to see me and dread washed over my body before I could even wake up fully.

“Get dressed and be in his office by seven.” They ordered then marched away.

Great, I only had like twenty minutes to get ready. I jumped up, ignoring the stares of the other girls in my unit. They whispered amongst each other and I regret hearing something about being kicked out for incompetence. Why would I get kicked out for something like that? I had been doing fine until today.

I could only hope that it was something minor.

The anxiety started to set in when I slicked my hair back. It always did as it was the last part of my routine. I tried to cheer myself up by complimenting my appearance because looking good in my uniform was inevitable.

While I was short I was still a little curvy. My breasts weren’t the biggest but my hips were wide and my ass plum even though I didn’t work out before joining the military. My hair was long; down to my ass and my legs were longer than my torso so I didn’t look that short.

I got to his office and knocked. I swallowed because my throat was dry as hell from sweating so much. I heard a faint ‘come in’ so I gathered my baing and opened the door.

As I walked in the recruiter was standing by his desk, his eyes frantically scanning over a document in his hand.

“Good afternoon,” I said, trying to hide the shake in my voice

He didn’t return pleasantries, instead, he went straight to the problem

“Your file,” he began, his eyebrows furrowed, “Something is missing isn’t there Ari?”

I must've looked extremely confused because I saw him smirk

“What do you mean sir?” a bead of sweat ran down my back and my nails dug uncomfortably into my palm. I hoped I wasn’t in any serious trouble. I couldn’t remember doing anything that could be placed permanently on my file.

“Drugs,” he said

“Excuse me?” I was beyond confused

“I got an anonymous tip that you were caught under the influence of hard drugs.”

“Sir,” my voice cracked, “That’s most definitely a lie.”

“Who’s to say it is,”

“Who’s to say it isn’t.”

“Don’t get cocky with me girl.”

I lowered my head, “I’m sorry sir.”

The man looked me up and down but there was something behind his eyes and there was a nasty smirk plastered on his face. It made my skin crawl and suddenly my whole body was screaming for me to get out of there.

“Come here,” he said

My body froze and my eyes went wide. I didn’t know every protocol but I knew that he must've been stepping over a line.

“Come here!” he said, his voice more demanding

I hesitated for another second but I eventually walked over to him. I stood about two feet away from him, but that didn’t seem to satisfy him because without warning he grabbed my arm

and jerked me closer to him

To say I was frightened was an understatement. My hands were clammy and I knew my skin must've been as pale as a ghost. My throat was dry, I needed air and my joint felt heavier than ever. I could’ve all but collapsed. But I needed to stand my grown, no matter how weak in the knees I felt.

He was breathing down on me, I could feel his breath ruffling my hair. I've never wanted more to recoil in disgust. I didn’t dare look up at him because God knows what this man could do to me.

“Get on your knees,” He demanded

My heart stopped, leaving a loud ring in my ears

I looked up at him utterly distraught, “I’m sorry sir?”

“Did you hear me bitch I said get down on your knees!”

He grabbed a fistful of my hair, yanking me down. I cried out as a knee hit the ground, trying to pry his hands away from my head. My scalp was on fire. I didn’t know having my hair pulled could hurt this much. Tears slipped down my cheek as I struggled away from his grip but he didn’t let up, not even for a second

“Please!” I sobbed, already feeling defeated, “Stop.”

He shoved me to the ground, my head hitting the floor violently

I must've been out cold for a few seconds because when I came to the recruiter was dragging my pants down my legs. My heart skipped a beat at the possibility of what was about to happen but there was no way I’d willingly let this man fuck me.

I kicked my legs at him as I attempted to crawl away, moving blindly as my tear-stained eyes were obscuring my vision.

I felt the recruiter grab my legs and drag me forward, my head again hitting the floor. I was too dazed to scream or move. The only thing I was aware of was the loud ringing in my head and the faint feeling of my pants being removed fully.

“Move and your career is over.” He said while he unbuttoned the front of my uniform

I tried to pry his hands away but what he said was slowly sinking in. I didn’t know what kind of dirt he had against me but I couldn’t leave the military, not when I had no chance out in the real world. Even if I left right now. Who knows what this man could do to my reputation.

I could let him fuck me and keep my reputation clean or I could keep fighting, possibly get hurt and have this man completely ruin my reputation. I couldn’t disappoint my mother. She

would never look me in the eyes again. That final thought made me relax and let the man have his way with me

“Good girl.” He whispered

He grabbed me by my hair again, forcing me onto my knees as he stood up. He kept a hand in my hair while he used the other to unbutton his jeans. Desperation was heavy in his eyes and I could see how prideful he was to have me at his mercy.

He untied my bun, letting my hair fall down my back before wrapping the strands around his wrist. It burned still, but I knew complaining at this point was futile. I needed to get this over

with so I wouldn’t end up in a worse position than I was already in.

I looked up at him with destain while he shoved his pants down to free his cock. It was already hard of course, the sick fuck was getting off to having so much power over me. But I wouldn’t let him see the tears slipping down my cheeks.

“Suck it.” He said, his voice hoarse with want, “hurry up pretty girl.”

I wanted to spit in his face but instead, I spat on his cock because there was no getting out of this now and I needed to make it as comfortable as possible. I gave him one more look of hatred but he returned it by squeezing my hair impossibly tighter.

I whined, giving up what little power I had left then grabbed his cock with my hands. It wasn’t fully hard so I pumped it slowly, feeling the hot flesh grow beneath my fingers

“Fuck…good girl. Just like that.” He grunted

I continued to jerk him off as he wanted. Thankfully it was going along smoothly; I was afraid he would hurt me more. His cock was actually large, and I fear how it would feel inside of me. I could only hope that a blow job was all he wanted.

I felt another tug on my hair then my head was pulled back roughly

“Stop fucking around and suck it.” He said, pushing the tip of his cock against my lips

His musk was strong and I shuddered at the feeling of his precum smearing against my lips. I hated every second of this, but I did what he asked; opening up my mouth to swallow the head of his cock.

It was warm against my tongue; hot and throbbing with want. I licked the head, feeling cum drip onto my lips and down my throat. I hated the taste, I hated the texture of it- I hated him for

making me do this.

I’d never sucked cock before so I feared I wasn’t doing it right. I didn’t want him to tug at my hair anymore, I was for sure losing some strands from the force.

I swallowed his cock more, forcing it down my throat while I tried not to graze him with my teeth. I knew enough not to do that. I was shaking and I think he could tell because he started to chuckle while he forced his cock deeper into my mouth

My jaw was already starting to ache yet I knew it was far from over. Gagging around his cock hurt more than I let on but I sucked it up; hollowing my cheeks while I went back on fourth

down the length.

Saliva pooled on my tongue, making the slide easier and so much messier. A wet mixture of cum and saliva dripped down my chin, pooling uncomfortably on my chest and making a mess of the ground beneath us.

I hummed around his cock, begrudgingly trying to make it better for him and he moaned, rocking his hips back and forward as he too got more into it. I wanted to tell him to let go of my hair but he only seemed to grasp tighter as he thrust his cock down my throat

I craned back, coughing violently from the force but he didn’t care. Seconds later he grabbed my face again, forcing his cock impossibly deeper into my throat. he fucked my mouth hard,

grunting loudly as he did so.

The sounds coming from my throat were wet and loud as he continued to abuse me. I could only brace against his thigh and go along with his movement as he forced his cock into me over and over again. Tears formed in my eyes again because my heart was breaking but I blinked them away, willing the sadness to go away as I reminded myself it would be over soon.

My throat burned so damn much but I knew he was close. his moan became louder and his hips became more sporadic. I sucked faster in time with his thrust, wanting this to be over and done with. I bobbed my head faster and twisted my hands around the shaft that didn’t fit in my mouth.

I took the risk, relaxing my throat to fit the rest of his cock in. throwing his head back he moaned as I swallowed him whole until my nose nestled into the hair above his cock.

He came finally and I pulled my head back, refusing to taste his cum but he kept me in place, fisting my hair while he spilt into my throat.

He pushed me away finally and I coughed violently, grabbing my neck to rub away the soreness. I looked up at him and terror flooded my veins because he was still hard, standing proudly with his erect cock

“Get up.” He said

But before I could even move he grabbed me by the arm forcing me to stand up

“Strip girl.” He said

“Please...” I begged, my voice hoarse, “I cant.”

“I said strip.” He said it louder this time, his voice commanding and striking fear through my body

Tears fell down my cheek and I didn’t bother hiding them this time. I let out a broken sob as I undid my uniform and when I looked up at him there wasn’t a shred of remorse in his eyes. The only thing behind those eyes was greed and pride.

I hated to admit it but my body was reacting to the mistreatment. My pussy was wet, I could feel the dampness in my underwear. My pussy was hot and beating wildly as well, ready to

take his cock no matter how much I didn’t want it.

My top fell to the ground, leaving me in my bra and pants. But the man didn’t look impressed. I couldn’t will myself to go further so I covered myself up in shame and reluctance.

He clicked his tongue and turned on his heel, stalking over to his desk and pulling a drawer open- I could’ve collapsed from the fear

I knew I could take the opportunity to run- he was far away enough but I knew I couldn’t. He’d make my life a living hell and I’d already sucked his cock so I’d still be branded a whore by my entire family. There was no getting out of this now.

He pulled a pair of scissors out of the drawer and my blood turned cold as ice when he stomped towards me with it tight in his grasp.

I cried as he cut open my bra. He cut me in more places than one and I felt the warm blood drip down my skin and pool into the waistband of my pants. He dragged my body about while he cut up my bra, turning me around violently while he shredded the delicate fabric.

The man tossed it aside, leaving it a mangled mess on the floor. He didn’t hesitate to start unbuttoning my pants and forcing them down my legs. He took my underwear with them as well,

leaving me naked, cold and embarrassed.

He stepped back like he was admiring his handy work and I couldn’t understand what could be so appealing about the sight of a scared girl about to be fucked against her will

The man did a twirling motion with his fingers, motioning for me to turn around. And what could I do? I was hyper-aware of the scissors still in his hand and my body still ached from where he did cut me.

I shuffled on my feet, turning around slowly so he could get a view of my body. When I turned back to him he was smiling wide, like he was happy about what he saw. I hated that I liked the attention even a little. But I couldn’t help how I felt.

He motioned with his fingers to come closer but I noticed that his eyes were still strained on my pussy. it didn’t surprise me that at the moment he only saw me as an object as he was certainly treating me that way.

When I was a few inches away from him he smirked all sly before grabbing me by the nap, snapping my head back and making me wince. His movements were swift and no regard for my discomfort as he dragged me over to his desk, slamming my body against the hard wood of his desk

His pens and papers scattered as I struggled but he didn’t let up no matter how much I cried. His grip on my hair was deadly while I heard him shuffling to unbutton his pants. I wanted to push him off of me, every part of my body was screaming for me to…but I knew I couldn't.

Using his knees, he parted my legs harshly. It didn’t take long for him to start pushing against my pussy with his cock and I shivered from the feeling. My pussy still ached for it even if my mind wanted to run away. I instinctively opened up for him, relaxing my walls so he could enter me easily.

He chuckled above me, “Good girl.” He said before swiftly pushing his cock all the way in.

I scrabbled up, pushing at his hips with my hands because it still burned to have him enter so suddenly. He violently pushed me back down, knocking the air from my lungs

“Stay still.” He hissed

He pulled his cock out before slamming back in, leaving us both moaning in pleasure. I hated that it felt good but I tried to suck it up and let him do his thing. He didn’t go slow; holding my hips tightly as he fucked me hard. Each time his cock pushed in I screamed because it was the hardest fuck I've ever been given. It felt too fucking good and I found myself pushing back

against his cock each time he pulled out.

Unsurprisingly he eventually grabbed my hair, but this time it felt different. It just added to the pleasure of being fucked violently and my legs almost gave out from under me from the buzzing pleasure. Him pulling my hair forced my back to arch, causing his cock to go impossibly deeper, rubbing deliciously against my walls. My ass jiggled from the force of his hips slapping against them, adding to the intensity of the situation.

My moans turned to desperate whines; soft little moans each time he thrust into me because I felt my mind going blank.

“Fuck….you like this don’t you?” he asked, his voice dripping with amazement

I shook my head yes because it was true. His cock felt amazing inside of me. My walls clamped around his shaft, desperate for the stretch of each thrust into my cunt.

The man pulled me up by my hair, his cock still inside of me while he dragged me over to the wall. Forced me to face his before slamming my back against the wall, my head hitting a picture frame sharply.

He heaved me up, wrapping my legs around his hips and then pushing against my pussy with the head of his cock. I sank down on his cock, enjoying the stretch inside me again. Just like that, he fucked me against the wall hard. Each thrust so violent my head snapped against the wall. I was dazed from the force but I could still feel him fucking me good. I wrapped my arms around his shoulder to keep myself up as he fucked me. It was too hot- his cock inside of me and his breath against my neck while he pounded into me. He was merciless but I was far from caring.

The wet slide of his tongue on my throat sent shivers down my back, as if I wasn’t shivering enough from the force of being pounded.

He didn’t hold me up for long. Eventually he flung me to the floor and this time the force knocked me out. When I came to he was drilling into my pussy, my legs above his shoulders while he fucked me mercilessly. His calloused hands grabbed my throat in the heat of the sex. He squeezed me tightly and a new sensation washed over my body. Suddenly I could feel so much more; every inch and vein in his cock rubbing up against me. I screamed from the ecstasy and that seemed to edge him on.

A blow came to my cheek and I gasped, my pussy tightening up from the shock

“You like that?.... Yeah. So fucking tight..” he moaned

He pressed his hand down against my cheek, pushing my head to the side and baring down too much of his weight against my face. It hurt but he didn’t care. He continued to pound into

me until I could tell he was close.

His thrust became erratic and his moans grew louder and louder. I wanted to beg him not to come inside of me; the last thing I needed was to end up carrying his baby. But I knew he would hear none of it, he was too caught up in the moment to care.

He became unbearably violent towards the end, bending my legs to the side until they ached while he gave his last thrusts. His body shook while he emptied his cum inside of me and I shook from the feeling of being filled. It seemed to be endless; he kept coming until it seeped out of me then he finally slipped out.

He got up off of me with a satisfied sigh, leaving me cold, alone and abused on the floor. New tears welled up in my eyes from the shame but he didn’t seem to care as he buttoned up his

pants and fixed his hair.

I got up off the floor quietly and gathered my clothes. I stood in the corner while I got dressed and I didn’t dare meet his eyes. I was far too embarrassed; embarrassed that I let this happen to me, embarrassed that at some point I started to like it and embarrassed that I even came here n the first place.

He fell in his chair with a huff hen said, “I’ll let the superiors know that the allegations against you are false. You may go.” He said, waving me away.

I nodded, “Thank you, sir.”

I left his office in a hurry and while I walked back to my room a new wave of embarrassment washed over me. But it was different this time.

I thought back to what he had done to me and my pussy ached.

I was embarrassed because I knew I’d be back for me….
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