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It is always a little scary stepping out of my comfort zone into the unknown, but can be quite exhilarating and exciting, fantasy at times can cross ever so slightly into reality.
A continuation from part1..

locked face first between Sue's now wet thighs, my body screaming for release of a sexual tension i had never felt before , i feel myself start to climax,

I need to touch myself. Never have i started to cum hands free before, my body was trembling i felt the wave of pleasure building.

Bitch dont you dare cum unless I tell You to cum..

"Unbelievable" the words rang in my ears.. on the verge of an orgasm I feel the slap across my face bringing me back from the brink of pleasure.

With that she climbed from her chair, and strolled to the far corner.

Trying to turn my head was impossible, but I heard her voice loud and clear.

Now as I said we will set you up with your new uniform

I have the perfect collar for you. I'm sure you will love it, mmmmm but not as much as i will... giggle giggle.

The sudden pressure and sharp metallic click as the thin collar was clipped around my neck stunned me, but not as much as the sudden shock that hit me. followed by another burst of unexpected short sharp shocks, as i gasped for air trembling in terror. it hit me what i just had put around my neck.

Speechless and in shock.. WTF... this is a shock collar.. fukkk get it off me Nnnow i screamed.

Slow learner I see Bitch.. Have another taste, lets see how long it takes to train you.

The sudden shock again sent me into a state of helplessness.

Gasping I realized she had no intention of removing it. The shiver that ran through me as my bladder let loose and the sensation as i felt an orgasm start to build again, I could feel my nipples start to harden against the wet fabric of my top.

Another shiver ran through me as I felt her soft lips brush against mine, her tongue gliding up the side of my face, her soft gentle breath in my ear and I could stand no more.. It was the first time i had ever cum without being touched,

I screamed in pleasure as one wave after the other flowed though me. as I gasped in pleasure I looked into her smiling eyes and knew I was hers to do as she wished.

The next electric shock that hit me brought on such a wonderful feeling as my whole body convulsed in a massive orgasm.

Exhausted. wet and totally satisfied.

As my hands were released i stood on shaky legs and obediently waited for her to tell me to move, Her simple command of come little one, had me follow like a trained puppy, I followed her into the clinical room and stood where instructed, a hose with a shower hand piece not unlike a dog wash attachment appeared in her hand.

Take off those wet things Sara and stand still.. NOW SLUT!

Clothes removed I felt the warm water spraying over me, then gentle hands washing and rubbing me , mesmerized by what was happening to me, I just stood as told ,letting the soft hands wash and probe , I felt her hands slip between my legs. Without thinking i opened my legs slightly and allowed her to lather me, the feeling bringing new sensations. slowly my mind started to return to the now, I stood still as I was dried, then let myself be led to the examination table. Her eyes and a nod of the head had me guess that I was to climb on to the strange looking table. as i lay back I settled my legs into what looked like stirrup's, I watched as if in a daze as my legs were secured ,then my arms were drawn out and up they were secured as well, the feeling of being in a semi trance drifted in and out of my mind, the vague memory of only having had a drink when i first arrived here with Sue some two hours ago maybe. Everything began to seem like a blur the soft seductive french voice was talking to me or someone I think.

I tried to talk but i seemed to have trouble focusing on words, Just this incredible feeling of lust and desire.

Why am i feeling so drowsy Sue I managed to mutter.and what are you doing to me, and why? "Ohh fuck I'm so horny "

Sara hun, its just the Acepromazine remember, we discussed a medical for you hun, I'm just going to check you over.

But your a Vet Sue, don't I need a doctor certificate, and what's that stuff you said for, the the acep something stuff, I thought you said it was to stop the dogs catching something or me catching something.

Ohh Hun It's just to make you relax while we do what we need to do , you did say you wanted to assist with this right Hun?

Didnt you say you wanted puppies giggle giggle.

And you did agree to do as you are told. So relax Hun... be over soon. oh and maybe you will catch something, I have a special treat if you are good.

Remember how good Zeus looked,, He was quite interested in you, and you did get him aroused, would you like to show your Mistress a few of those moves you told me you enjoyed so much. Here little one just lay back and relax.

Oh by the way hun, when did you have your last period, Ohhh dear you are enjoying this arn't you

I heard the far away voice so so warm and sexy, I felt her fingers opening me then slowly sliding up and down just inside my now very wet pussy, I shuddered and groaned.

I think about two weeks ago... ohhh that feels so good i gasped as she gently manipulated my clit.

WOW... Really, Two weeks honey?

ohhh fuck we need to do this now, OMFG you will be at the perfect conceiving time about now..

Oh yes it has to be Now...

Opps nearly forgot this one Sara.. might sting just a little, but its necessary, Especially as you will be working around the breeders,

I felt her hand run up the side of my neck then she told me to roll to the side and stretch my neck and shoulders, the gentle touch of her fingers and the soft pinching of my relaxed skin at the back of my neck, feeling so good until the sharp prick of the syringe.

Ouch fuck that hurts, I flinched and almost screamed.

Fuck what was that, a nail gun ?

Where she had given me the injection , i could feel a small lump under the skin as Sue gently massaged the surrounding area, with my hands restrained i couldn't touch it but I could feel what seemed like a small grain of rice between her fingers.

The voice soothed me and the words about Zeus. and conceiving had me confused until I remembered my first encounter with Sue's favourite dog Zeus and how he stood over me.

and Wow how big was he,, I burst out giggling and Sue smiled back the small lump now forgotten.

OH yeah Huge when he gets going Hun, and so fertile too, ohh dear if the things you have told me about, are really what you like. Wow . lets find out Hun.

The feeling that she was back between my legs startled me back to reality, the words about conceiving and fertile just a hazy blur of words.

Open up sweetie let me check in here for you, that's the girl.. open , relax Sara.. You have a lovely vag hun ohh and it does look nice and ready too ahhh just look at you ,so delicious and so ready for this. Perfect timing Hun.

My eyes closed and i opened my legs wider, a little humiliated but starting to feel drowsy and turned on, my hips started to gyrate unconsciously trying to get into a rocking motion thinking Sue was using a dildo on me

Here sweetie a little sting and need to pop this in for sec,, Relax.

I felt the instrument enter me and probe so far in I tensed up and opened my eyes, as her soft sexy voice drifted to me, ,

Oh Hun just a sec,, that's it finished in there now, all good sweetie just another little prick and all done , grab a blood sample for the record, one more shot, this will help with any rejections, there we are all done.

Now for being such a good girl, here let me help you down, that's it, this way sweetie I have a special treat for you...

I followed her in a daze, but feeling so good and the horny feeling seemed to be intensifying, when we entered the room I registered the small frames and stands and the strange taller ones, I could hear the sounds of dogs, and recognized Zeus, as he started to sniff at me and take small licks at my exposed butt cheeks, the sensation from whatever Sue had inserted into my cervix was still lingering and i could feel myself becoming hornier, i looked at Zeus then at Sue who was busy with the taller stands.

She beckoned me over and i realised it was a similar design to the breeding frames i had seen online.

In my sedated state i was just doing things in slow motion, when Sue pointed at me and then to the frame I hesitated, until the small shock jolted through the collar I had forgotten about,

Her stern look and finger on the controller, made me rush forward still in a daze but quite aroused by the prospect of what i was about to do in front of someone else.

I had only ever done this with a dog in the privacy of my home with my ex lover come mistress.

Being semi sedated I was starting to feel quite flushed and excited by what was happening, the continual licks and nudges from Zeus had me well lubricated, also my increasing horniness. I was starting to tremble with the adrenaline rush that was building, slowly I knelt, still trying to push Zeus away as i positioned myself into this strange but comfortable looking frame.

as my legs settled in Sue quickly fastened the straps, then as my arms and elbows settled into the padded rests she strapped them down as well, slightly alarmed i felt her wrap a strap around my waist.

Now completely immobilised in a prone position on my knees, shoulders and head down lower, a pedestal rest against my stomach, I looked around as Zeus started to lap and sniff my rear, his wet tongue driving me to wriggle and giggle with pleasure then with almost no warning , he was on my back and straight between my spread legs, His rapidly hardening cock had no problem finding and slipping into my wet pussy.

It was very obvious he knew exactly what he was doing and had done this many times before.

I gasped as he entered me, my sexual feelings seemed unusually higher than normal.

I screamed in pleasure and fear as the frenzied assault on my wet pussy continued, it was insane, every now and then i would whimper and cry ,then another orgasm would tear through me. I felt him becoming bigger, then i felt him knot into me.

The flood gates were open, as I felt the pressure of his cum filling me all the way into my cervix, just for a brief moment the words from Sue about being a mum and puppies tore through my mind. I shuddered through another orgasm then he went still.

Locked together, my senses starting to return, the surroundings becoming clear, then the wait for him to release, each time he would move i would whimper in pleasure and grip tighter with my pelvic muscles milking every last drop of of his precious sperm into me.

The sensations were higher than usual and I still had a strange feeling deep inside me, part of my mind was screaming at me, my whole body felt different, right at the moment Zeus pulled from me with a loud plop and the excess cum dribbled out from me, I felt something deep inside me, a tremor ran through me..

NO Don't be silly, not possible I thought as this strong feeling of a weird warmth spread through very soul.. Then my eyes closed and I drifted into a semi trance still feeling strangely aroused..

Still in the frame , so comfortable and at peace, still that lingering glow deep inside, another shudder then I felt a wet sensation gliding from between my legs into my wet exposed pussy and over my anal hole, another shudder and the sounds of growling and panting reached my now alert ears.

The licking sensation increased, the pleasure tore through me and before I had another thought the enormous orgasm raced through me from head to toe.

Still the sensations didn't stop, I heard screams of pleasure.

Not registering they were from myself, the wet feeling entered deep into me probing and slurping wild and furious, the realisation that it was a long wild tongue delving deeper and deeper inside my pleasure cavity franticly trying to clean away Zeus's sperm,

It suddenly stopped and the biggest meanest dog i had ever seen strutted in front of my face growling and snarling he swiped his cum laden tongue over my face, the look he gave me made me tremble in fear.

My sudden release of urine caused by my fear alerted him, and another deep growl and show of teeth, he casually strutted to my rear, The soft flicks of his warm wet tongue in and out of my drenched pussy had me start whimpering once again, Like a true bitch in heat.

Sara honey.. I'm just going to pop this in Hun, He isn't fussy which hole he fucks,

Here relax hun.. ohhh how wet are you, mmmm i'm a little jealous, but best he gets the goodies in the right hole .. That's the girl push back Hun , there you go all the way in.

OMG The sudden pressure in my anal entrance, then the feeling as something huge slipped deep into my ass,

Ohhh I couldn't help but wince at the intrusion in my sensitive anal cavity, not that i didn't enjoy anal but it was a weird shape and seemed to fit quite snug I twitched my anal muscles and felt the plug settle deeper, so full i thought as my mind drifted in and out, my muscles involuntarily working like a hungry mouth, the discomfort settling into an almost pleasant sensation.

My brain was on fire my body writhing in pleasure, I was scared but excited all my emotions were welling up, the tears flowed down my cheeks and the pure pleasure started to make me scream.

Involuntarily my hips thrust backwards. my hungry pussy and arse hole trying to engulf this wonderful thrusting tongue, my muscles were starting to spasm, I felt like my pussy and ass had transformed into a hungry mouth, a mind of its own clenching a pulsating, the plug in my ass moved in and out as I moved my hips, The urge to feel this wonderful creature deep inside me so powerful the tears streaming down my face gasping for air, my nipples swollen and sore begging to be caressed, desperately trying to let them brush the floor to relieve the sensation.

Suddenly a massive growl and a powerful tremble as he reared up in one powerful thrust entered straight into my starving pussy his massive paws gripping me so tight and dragging me back onto his massive cock.

The thrusts so forceful my breathing was ragged, I struggled to take each breath thrust after thrust, violent and dominating, i felt in disbelief his already huge cock start to increase in size, then the panic started to climb as i felt him start to ram his now expanding knot into my already stretched pussy.

I screamed in pain and pleasure Im not sure which.

The sudden growl and lunge forward shocked and terrified me, the massive jaws closed over my exposed neck, firm pressure the slight sensation of pointed teeth just pricking my sensitive skin,

at the same time i felt him force his monster knot deeper into me, the feeling of his hard thrusting cock hitting my now tender cervix .

The dominating manner in which this angry animal had taken charge of my body sent a shiver of primitive animal lust through me.

The fear of his sharp teeth on my neck, the sudden surge of adrenaline racing through my body and the wanton lust that overcame me. Unsure if i need to scream or cry.

It was then the emotions overcame me just as his sperm rushed from him into me, I felt the pulse as his hard cock convulsed deep inside , I felt the warm wet sticky fluid as it rushed deep inside me, I groaned with pleasure and that same weird sensation again ran through my brain.

My body became a milking machine sucking at him drawing as much into me as possible, satisfaction, humiliation, dread horror all emotions rushing through me , then something unexplainable, a feeling so good and a warm glow seemed to slowly come from within my very being,

My mind relaxed and the tears flowed, I felt something so wonderful deep in my soul. My thoughts faded as I heard Sue softly breath into my ear.

By the way my little dog slut. This is Ares (air'eez) God of war, So dominating and so much attitude, But a good fuck ,,Yes? I think he wants you for his bitch, heheh.

Do you always fuck dogs without asking their name you little slut..

The emotions were running through me, as usual I felt dirty and horrible for carrying out such a forbidden thing and enjoying it,

Shocked that I was so easily enticed into the situation, but so happy to have finally met the woman of my dreams in person , even if she already had me on my knees for her pets.

Silently vowing to prove my worth to this goddess of a woman, so happy and content, the sensation of such a wonderful sexual experience and the sudden sleepiness that started to take over. Sleep warmly wrapped around me.

In my dreamy state , I felt soft gentle caresses and dreamt I was making love over and over , the sounds of growls and snarls the tugging and caresses continued. I dreamt that I was having orgasm after orgasm, the dreams of being mated over and over , just dreams but so real.

The sweet sensual voice dripping with a French accent was always close, I felt and heard instructions and commands.

Just lean forward honey, Good slut, that's it Hun, Did you like that Hun

Which one is your favourite now slut.. Zeus is jealous,. Ares is angry now ohhhh he is going to give it to you ,, You two timing slut giggle giggle.

Just lean forward Hun, one more lot of eggs, just to be sure. if we are lucky you will have two for the price of one .

Opening my eyes and waking from my wet dreams I tried to stretch and yawn, but the uncomfortable feeling of something being slowly inserted inside my pussy shocked me, as i tried to move I realised I was still in position on the frame, still secured and Sue was quietly saying my name.

Sue.. Sue What are you doing to me, why am I still here, omg did I fall asleep here.

Here Hun just one more then we are finished ,, Here Zeus cum boy, Up.. good boy one more for luck.

So sore, I wasn't dreaming, No Sue Pleeesse I am full.

My belly felt as if it was ready to burst, my legs were numb and all i could smell was a mix of my sex and a sickly sweet smell of cum, My thighs were wet and sticky my insides were raw,

The slight sting in my buttocks made me flinch.

Ouch Fuck what was that I cried, then I drifted off into another world of dreams but this time i was being held and kissed by my new mistress..

Will Sara awake to find it all a dream ..

To be continued.


2022-05-24 05:54:14
I just crave for the development of your story. How many surprises will still live Sara? Amazing! Congratulations! BRAVO!

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