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Part 1 of a short series revolving around Ashley's ordeal.
Ashley continued walking through the forest. She had been planning this hike for a pretty long while and was not about to turn back from her goal just cause her legs ached a little. It was more than a little, but, none the less, she would not give up until she made it to her destination. It was mid afternoon and although the sun was hidden above the dense trees, her skin was covered with glistening sweat. She could see the ridge was close now, maybe a couple more minutes and she would finally reach it. She carried on with renewed determination.

Ashley sat on a rock that seemed to have fallen off of the ridge at some point and admired the heavily populated forest while sipping her water. She wondered if she should feel worried that there was no one nearby. She could scream for hours and no one would come. She could strip naked and no one would know. She smiled thinking that something might be slightly wrong with her if the thought of no help somehow turned her on.

Ashley leaned forward and began to untie her boots. Her inhibitions fell away as her juices flowed. She slipped one boot then the other off of her small feet and laid them side by side. Then took off her socks and placed them inside the boots. Next, she stood up and unbuckled her belt and dropped her shorts. The chilly wind did nothing to deter her. Instead, the coolness stroking her warm thighs only furthured her hightened state. The patches of grass tickled her feet and made everything more surreal.

Ashley quickly took her tank top and panties off and threw them aside. She hesitated, unsure of whether she would lay down on the bare ground or if she should grab her blanket. She couldn't see any insects but knew they were there nonetheless. She decided that having her firm ass on the ground is the natural way to go and thought no furthur.

She set herself next to her clothes, legs open and leaned her back onto the rock. The cold on her back shocked her momentarily. Ashley's left hand fondled her tit as her other hand explored her pussy. She felt the breeze sliding on her skin, listened to the forest noise, and enjoyed her exhibitionism. A serene smile crept on her face as she began rubbing her finger along her wet slit.

Chapter 2:

The worm awoke from its slumber by the enticing smells drifting into its cave. It began its slow muscular contractions that helped propel it forward. The smell of female pheromones had activated it's mating instincts. The creature moved into the cave mouth and observed its future prospects.

The female was a little slim for its liking but she would suffice for its purpose. Her slender feet were raised slightly in the air, legs spread wide, her genitalia exposed to the open air. The worm felt jealousy at the thought of other animals and creatures observing the same prey. It had already decided this female belonged to it. Unfortunately, due to its natural speed, it would have to wait until the girl slept to capture her.

Chapter 3:

Ashley felt eyes observing her. Her pleasure heightened at the thought of being watched by animals. Her perverse thoughts brought her to the edge, her legs began to shake as the orgasm slipped out. She moaned as loud as she wanted not caring if anyone heard. Not that there was anyone around, but she visualized an audience surrounding her. She twisted her nipple and pushed two fingers in her extremely wet hole driving herself into even more ecstacy.

Ashley curled up, enjoying the aftermath of her exercise. She began nodding towards sleep, her body feeling the exhaustion from the day's activity. She thought of insects that might decide to come and checkout her naked holes and decided to setup her tent properly. It would be getting even colder at night, and although she was tired, there was no way to avoid it.

Ashley found a flat spot to the right of her masturbation rock, kicked a couple tiny pebbles away so as to not wake up with a sore back. She checked the wind direction and began the process of setting up her tent. The process took less time than she expected but then again she didnt do a perfect job with the stakes. The entire time she worked with a feeling of observing eyes on her naked back. She convinced herself it was her self-consciousness from being naked in the open. She grabbed her clothes,crawled into the mini tent, and went directly into content sleep.

Chapter 4:

The first time Ashley woke up was due to a slithering noise she heard. She assumed it was wind gliding across tree leaves and went back to sleep.

The next time, it was due to a warm feeling spreading from her feet. She smiled joyously, woke up long enough to remember where she was then slept again.

The third time, she woke up feeling the warmth had reached up to her thighs. She wondered if she had wet herself. She attempted to sit up but her legs would not help. She could not move them.

It was too dark for ashley to see exactly what was wrong with her legs, but she could tell that a large dark shape was laid ontop of them. Her semi-paralysis made it difficult to tell what texture the mass held but she thought it was slimy and warm. Amazingly warm. Like having her legs in a hot tub.

The mass continued to move up her body. With her left arm, she tried to push it away and heard a squeak that made her wince in disgust. Realizing that the thing on her leg was alive, she began to panic and reached out to her phone. Frantically, she tried to turn the flash on to see what animal it was.

Ashley finally got her flash light on and was repulsed by what she saw. A pinkish creature was crawling along her smooth body using slow convulsions to propel itself forward. It appeared to be some form of grotesque worm. She thought this thing could not be from Earth. She struggled fiercly, trying to pull herself backwards. She tore the small tent in her panic and tried to grasp the rock, but her fingertips were out if reach.

Meanwhile, the bug's head, or what she assumed was the head, had reached her pussy lips. The creature became more enthusiastic and gained speed. Unable to stop it, she just hoped she wouldnt feel any pain as she was eaten. The worm seemed to be exploring her mound, the warmth spread to her clitoris. Unable to control herself, she bucked forward towards the warmth.

Ashley had become aroused. As the creature's head reached her navel, she felt something slide across her inner thighs. It pushed againest her pussy and began to enter her. She screamed then. As loud as she could. Louder than she thought possible, but it did not matter. There was no one nearby.

Ashley did not scream from any pain, but from fear. Truth be told, so far, the creature seemed to emanate good feelings of warmth and safety. So much so that when the thing between her legs entered her vagina, she became overwhelmed. It was an explosive orgasmic feeling that stopped all furthur thoughts. Her mind went blank as she passed out.

Chapter 5:

She woke up not knowing how much time had passed. Ashley smiled at the wonderful feeling she experienced. Slow moments passed before she was fully aware of her situation. It was still dark outside, so most likely not more than an hour or two had passed. The warmth had spread across her entire body. She assumed the worm, or alien, or whatever it was, had swallowed her whole. But it hadn't exactly eaten her. It seemed to have engulfed her instead. As though it were a large layer of clothing that spanned her entire body.

Ashley was able to see the ground beneath her, so that meant her face had not been covered too. Did the creature know she needed to breathe? If so, does that mean it wanted to keep her alive?

She saw the ground slowly move beneath her and realized that they must be moving towards the worm's den. She panicked and attempted to move her limbs but was unable to move an inch of them. The worm had her in a doggy position and with every convulsion of its body, Ashley felt something move inside her.

The worm must have penetrated her with its member! The warm feelings that came with that realization calmed her. She felt her pussy become wet at the thought of being fucked by some unknown creature. She didn't even know if she might get some disease or if it were possible to get impregnated. More warmth came out of the surrounding worm, she wondered if it was trying to calm her down and stop any resistance. She was inclined to agree, why fight something that felt this good?

Ashley hoped the worm would move faster to allow the member to fuck her harder. She even attempted to move her body back into it, but was unable to do so. She was frustrated by her inability to cum. Meanwhile, the world grew darker still. She assumed they had entered a cave and thought no one would be able to find her here. Good.

The worm stopped moving and settled down. The weight of it was heavy but not uncomfortable. Similar to sleeping under a mattess. She guessed this is what babies feel inside their mothers. Her thoughts were interrupted by a sudden thurst into her vagina. "Ow!" She cried out. She was surprised by how long the worm's member could grow. She could feel it squirming inside her, searching for something, pushing againest her cervix.

Ashley's alarm grew as she realized what the worm was trying to do. However, there wasn't much she could do to stop it. The member seemed to squeeze through, into her womb, then began to expand slightly. Widening her cervix's opening and filling her vagina. The fullness made her feel complete. Then the pounding began.

The thursts were rhythmetic. "Holy shit!" Was all she could utter as the worm fucked her. It seemed oblivious to her speech but it could tell when she was scared. Ashley thought the worm could detect the pheromones produced by fear and would counter them by releasing chemicals that would have her feeling safe and warm. The worm did not alter its motion. It kept rubbing her insides with no signs of slowing down, driving her closer to cumming. The girth was bigger than anything she had ever experienced. She smiled as she was overcome by her first interspecie orgasm. She bit down on her lower lip in an attempt at self control, trying to stop herself from uninhibited moaning.

Her thoughts were divided. A part of her screamed

'I don't want to get fucked by an animal!!!'

While the other part was begging for more.

Her pussy squelched noisily, informing her of something that would have been obvious to any observer. She was loving it.

If Ashley could move, her body would have been shaking all over uncontrollably. But her restraints held her like a warm lover's embrace. She enjoyed the tender feelings radiating from her depths. She hoped the worm would stop to give her time to process these feelings and control herself. It did not.

Chapter 6

The worm was satisfied with its mate. The initial process had begun as it was exploring her body and ensuring that the mate would not be able to harm its babies. The process involved enlarging the womb in order to accommodate as many eggs as possible. Then increasing the amount of chemicals in the mate until it was completely placated. It was able to figure out that inserting its member in this mate produced many of these chemicals so it continued. It felt nothing for the mate itself. Her existence only beneficial for the worm's breeding purposes.

Chapter 7

Ashley could feel tears well up in her eyes. She had cum three destructive orgasms bordering on painful. She begged the insect to stop.

"Plleeeease, please, i can't keep going like this." Her cries were ignored as the worm carried on mercilessly.

She couldn't tell how many hours had passed since her ordeal had begun. Her pussy would have been raw by now if not for the worm's constant stream of fluids. Part of Ashley felt thankful for the warmth it provided her and the great orgasms. While the sane part of her asked "How do we get out of this?!".

Her body began aching for more. She tried to move herself to position the creature's member more accurately on to her g-spot but she was still completely restrained.

The worm, however, seemed to know what she desired as it began to increase the length of its strokes. Pulling its member almost all the way

Out. Then shoving it in brutally. The change of pace drove Ashley wild. Bestial moans escaped her lips as her mind blanked. She wasnt even capable of uttering a word. The worm continued pounding her womb, stretching her beyond the point of return.

Ashley screamed as she came again. This time she was able to feel it in all the way to her feet. Her body spasmed and shook regardless of the restraints. Her pussy squirted her fluids onto the ground beneath her. Had she noticed, she might have been surprised as it was her first time squirting. But she had passed out again.

Chapter 8

Ashley awoke slowly. Her mind not fully comprehending her situation. She tried to get up but then remember she was restrained by the worm's body. She then noticed that her mouth had been spread open, a long tube like member had found its way down her throat. She could feel it reaching into her depths and began to panic.

A wave of calm washed over her, allowing her to think clearly. She could breathe with little discomfort. She felt full. Ashley realised, with numb shock, that the creature was feeding her. Pumping her stomach with god knows what in order to keep her from starving.

Ashley wondered what did this creature eat? Was it feeding her digested plants? Or was it tiny insects? The rational part of her mind said it didn't matter. As long as she wasn't hungry, all was well.

Her position should have been uncomfortable. She was basically pit roasted. The worm's tube feeding into her stomach from one side, while her other end had the worm's huge member stuck deep in her womb. She could feel it moving in there. She smiled at the ticklish feelings it produced. It seemed to be settling in and getting comfortable.

Ashley smiled at the idea of her being completely mated to the creature. Was it even possible to pull it out of her at this point?
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