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A slow build up over a few chapters with a satisfying explosive climax in later chapters. I promise! Warning. Sexual interactions with step-daughters can be fun in stories and fantasies. In real life it is entirely different. It is often causing trauma and pain. Seek help from a professional if needed.
The breakup with Katia has become a reality. We’ve decided on the date when Katia and Nadine are moving out. This whole messy situation will be over soon. I’m half happy half sad. The reasonable voice inside me is happy. It’s wrong what Nadine and me are doing. It’s not how a stepfather-stepdaughter relationship should be. It’s good that this will be over soon. But at the same time I can’t help myself. I want Nadine. She’s so incredibly hot. Completely out of my league, so young. Somehow I feel sorry for Nadine. Why is she doing this? It’s unusual behaviour for a teenager like her. She should be with guys her age. What’s going on inside her? I haven’t dared to ask her. But when I see the way she looks at me, the lust in her eyes, how she loves seducing me, how she’s so sexually aroused by our interactions then a switch flips inside me. I can’t resist her. My hormones are going out of control. My self-composure is melting like butter. On top of that Katia and me haven’t had sex in a long time. That is not helping. Not at all.

It's another Thursday night where Nadine and me are at home alone. Nothing sexual has happened since then. We have been acting normally around Katia – as if nothing had happened. I have been reliving our sexual encounter on the couch from a few days ago in my mind. Over and over. It was pure bliss. One of the best moments in my life. I’m sitting on the couch watching TV as usual. I’m wearing my long johns with the slit in the crotch. I’m in anticipation. Will Nadine come to join me on my couch tonight? As if she could read my mind I’m hearing her steps coming down the stairs. She’s wearing her nightdress as usual. “Hi darling” I’m saying. “Hi Frank. Can I join you?” “Of course.” I’m lifting the blanket inviting her to join me on the couch. She’s sitting next to me. I’m looking into her eyes. So dark and attractive! “I’m sad that this will be over soon. I’m really sorry it didn’t work out between Katia and me. I didn’t intend for this to happen” I’m sighing. “Yeah this sucks. I’m going to miss you.” “I’m going to miss you too darling.” We’re hugging. Her head against my chest. I’m petting her hair. Feeling her small head. “I know it’s wrong, but I’m really grateful for everything you did. How much thought and effort you put into seducing me. You have made me really happy Nadine. I just want you to know that. I haven’t felt this great in a long time.” “Really?” Nadine asks. “Absolutely darling.” I’m kissing her head. “What did you like the most?” Nadine asks. “Just everything. How you were pretending to sleep on the sofa. How you “accidentally” pulled up the nightdress so that I could see your legs, your panties, your butt. It was so hot!” “Was it?” Nadine’s looking at me, the sadness is leaving her eyes. “Yes, I was so aroused, you can’t imagine.”

Suddenly Nadine is shifting her position, lying down on the couch, on her side in fetal position. Just the way the she did in the early days. She’s pulling up her nightdress, recreating the scene. She’s wearing white panties today! I’m looking at her high cut panties, her exposed butt cheeks, her pussy covered by white fabric. “When you saw me like that, what would you have liked to do Frank?” I can’t believe she’s doing this. Her game is on again! “I would have loved to take your panties off. To see your pussy and your ass.” “Oh yeah?” She’s pausing, looking at me. “So why don’t you do it?” My heart starts racing. I’m feeling adrenaline all over my body. She’s adjusting to lie on her back, planting her legs on my lap. One bare foot on my dick. I’m moaning slightly. I’m grabbing her panties and I’m pulling them down slowly. She’s arching her back a little making it easier for me to pull her panties down. At the same time she’s increasing the pressure of her foot on my dick. So much pleasure! I’m exposing her gorgeous shaved pussy. Taking her panties off completely. “You’re so beautiful. I’m so turned on” I’m whispering softly. “Oh yeah?” she’s replying. Lust in her voice. “What would you have liked to do next?” “I’d love to have touched your inner thighs, your pussy, your clit. Play with it. See you getting wet and hear you breathing harder.” Nadine’s exhaling with desire. “So why don’t you do it?” I’m taking both my hands, run them up her legs, towards her inner thighs. Around her pussy. Nadine’s breathing harder. She’s enjoying it! I’m circling my fingers around her pussy, back to her inner thighs. I want to stop teasing her and start pleasing her. I’m ever so gently touching her clit. “Mmmh” she’s moaning. I’m increasing pressure on her clit slightly, run my finger gently up and down her clit. Down to her slit. Gently parting her outer lips. There it is! I’m feeling her wetness. I’m inserting my finger gently into her pussy, then go back up to her clit, smearing her wetness all over it, playing with her clit. I keep repeating it, keep going. Nadine is moaning.

“It’s so hot to play with your pussy and hear you moan!” I hear myself saying “And then I would have liked to take out my dick so that you can give me a footjob.” Nadine is closing her eyes for a moment and exhaling sharply, as if turned on by my words. “Yeah? So why don’t you do it now?” I’m moving her foot off my cock, take out my hard dick through the slit of my leggings. I’m putting the arches of both of her bare feet left and right of my shaft and press them together. So much pleasure! Her feet are so beautiful! The French style nails! I’m moving her feet with my hands. Up and down my dick. “Aaahhh” I’m loving it! Precum is dripping out of my tip. I’m overcome with desire. “Play with yourself Nadine! I want to watch you while you are giving me a footjob.” Nadine’s complying immediately, inserting two fingers into her pussy and rubbing her clit with her other hand. What a view! “Slip your nightdress off your shoulders. I want to see your gorgeous breasts!” Again Nadine’s complying immediately and I’m getting a perfect view of her perky young breasts. She keeps playing with her clit, moaning, one hand squeezing her nipple.

Nadine’s locking her eyes with mine breathing heavily. Her full lips are slightly parted. “What other fantasies did you have about me, Frank?” she whispers. I can’t think straight. Too many! I know this will all be over soon so I just say the next best thing which comes into my mind “I would have loved to lick your beautiful hairless butthole. To push my dick into it.” Nadine exhales again with lust and immediately shifts her position into doggy style presenting her heart shaped butt, her petite hourglass figure, her pussy and her asshole. I have seen her butt so many times from this angle and now it’s the first time I can actually touch! I’m drunk with lust, taking in this stunning view. Her light tan is so hot! Her skin is so smooth! My fingers play with her pussy feeling her wetness. I’m gently parting her butt cheeks. Her asshole gapes ever so slightly. Pink inside. What a sight! She’s so young and perfect! I’m collecting saliva at the tip of my tongue and push my tongue straight against her asshole. “Mmmh” Nadine is moaning. She’s playing with her clit and pussy. I’m running my tongue around her butthole making her dripping wet. Push my tongue inside a little. I’m pushing her butt cheeks together and apart with my hands, rhythmically. Slightly opening and closing her butthole and her pussy. Some of my saliva is running inside her anus and her pussy. She’s getting ready for me to enter her.

My dick is dripping with precum, throbbing. I’m feeling desire washing through my body. All of a sudden I’m seeing myself taking my hard cock and pushing my tip against her pussy, doggy style. It enters just a little. I just can’t resist fucking her pussy first. “Aahh!!” Nadine’s flinching briefly as if surprised and I’m pushing my hardness further into her pussy. Very, very slowly. Enjoying every little bit as I part her pussy. Her petite butt makes my dick look so big. I’m all the way in. Enjoying the feeling of filling her up. “Oh baby! You’re so beautiful! I’m loving this!” I’m slowly pulling my dick back out. Push it back in again. “This feels so good Frank! Aaahhh!” I’m starting to thrust, thrust, thrust. Harder. Faster. Nadine’s turning her head back to me. Her straight dark hair is swaying. I can see her beautiful face, frowning with lust, mouth wide open, moaning.

I’m already so close to cumming! I need to change position. “Lie on your side baby.” Nadine is lying down on the sofa, little spoon. I’m the big spoon. I’m embracing her, grabbing her sizeable breasts. Feeling her petite body against mine. Her butt cheeks against my dick. I’m putting saliva on my hard dick, place it against her wet asshole and start pushing. Gently, but firmly. I’m feeling her relaxing her anus. Opening up slightly. Allowing me to enter a little, just the tip. A bit further in. I’m sliding in, little by little until I feel the inside of her ass wrapped around my dick. So tight! My dick is throbbing. I can’t believe I’m doing this. It’s a dream come true! I’m starting to move, gently, slowly. Push in, pull out. I’m feeling so much! So tight! I love fucking her ass! It’s so intimate. “Aaahh!! Yes Frank!” she’s moaning. “What are you fantasies Nadine, what would you like me to do next?” “Put two fingers into my pussy. Push against the back of my pussy, from the inside. Can you feel your dick inside my ass pressing against the inside of my pussy?” I’m complying in a heartbeat. “Yes baby, I can feel it. This is so hot!” “I want you to fill my aching pussy. Fill all my holes! Put the tips of all your fingers of your hand together and slowly push them inside my pussy. I want you to stretch me gently from the inside. I’ll feel so much pleasure!” I’m doing as I’m told and push the tips of all my fingers into her pussy. “Yes Frank! Push in a little further! Mmmh! Yes, now jiggle your hand a little! Yes!!! So goooood! Yeeeessssss!!!” Nadine is going wild, screaming with pleasure. I keep thrusting her ass, feeling my hand inside her pussy, stretching her gently. I’m feeling so close to her.

“What else - have you - fantasized about - doing with me?” Nadine asks, her voice interrupted by heavy breaths as I’m pounding her. “Reach back and play with my asshole, push against it, gently insert your finger baby” I’m requesting. A moment later I’m feeling her playing with my asshole. I’m feeling so much! She’s got a finger inside me now, is jiggling it. “Aaah! This is incredible!” I’m screaming. Nadine’s turned on by my scream. “Fill all my holes Frank!” Nadine is turning her head towards mine. I’m kissing her passionately. I’m rubbing her clit with my free hand. It is the most intimate embrace I’ve ever experienced. So close, so intertwined. We couldn’t be closer to each other. Literally. We’re inside each other. We’re kissing, I’m fucking her ass, her finger is in my ass, my hand is inside her pussy and with my free hand I’m rubbing her clit. This is it! Sexual Nirvana! We keep going for several blissful minutes. She’s moaning heavily while still kissing me. I can feel her ass, her pussy contract, getting tighter and tighter and finally - contracting rhythmically! She’s cumming! “Oh Fraaaaaaank!! Yeeesssss! Aaaahhhh! Mmmmm!!!” I can’t hold my orgasm off much longer. My dick is contracting and I’m feeling my anus contracting against her finger. I’m thrusting harder, harder, deeper and deeper until my dick is exploding! “Yes Nadine! Oh baby!!! Ahhhhh!!!” I’m blowing my load inside her ass, pumping hard, twitching. This is so beautiful! Ecstasy! I’m almost crying from joy. I couldn’t be happier. We’ve both finished orgasming. We’re slowly sliding our fingers out of our bodies. I’m pulling my dick out of her ass. We’re spooning intimately for a few heavenly minutes.

I can’t believe I’m still horny. Nadine is making me insatiable. “One more fantasy Nadine?” “Yes Frank!” “Sit on top of me. Push out my cum from your ass onto my dick, onto my belly and rub it in with your whole body sliding up and down on me. Let’s make a mess!” I’m lying down on my back, take off all my clothes. Nadine’s taking off her nightdress too. She’s fully nude. She’s crouching on top of my dick, facing me. She’s leaning back spreading her legs. I can see her pussy, her asshole. She’s trying to push my cum out. I can see her asshole contracting, relaxing. First nothing happens but after a few of her contractions my cum is flowing out of her ass onto my dick. On my belly. “It’s so hot to see you like this Nadine! You can’t imagine! Thank you for making my fantasy come true baby!” “I don’t know why but I’m so turned on by this Frank!” Nadine’s propping herself up on one hand, freeing her other hand. To rub her clit. She’s rubbing it hard while my cum is still dripping out of her asshole. “You’re driving me crazy Nadine!” I can’t help but reach down to my now semi-erect dick and start stroking it. The sight of Nadine masturbating on top of me is incredible!

As my dick is getting hard again Nadine is lowering her butt onto it. Her asshole is gaping a little from my previous penetration, still slightly dripping with my cum. My dick slides into her ass easily this time. She keeps playing with her clit, griding on my dick. It doesn’t take long and Nadine is yelling “Oh my god, I’m cumming again! I’m feeling so much when your dick is inside my ass!” A few squirts of clear fluid spurt out of her pussy, all over my belly and few drops on my face, my lips. I’m licking it. I’m tasting her as she’s orgasming on my dick. “Mmmh. How beautiful Nadine! Let’s make a mess!” After she finishes Nadine is shifting position. My dick is sliding out of her ass. She’s sitting with her pussy on my shaft now moving back and forth smearing my cum and her fluids all over my belly. She’s lying down on top of me now. Her breasts on my chest. Moving up and down, smearing our juices all over our bodies. We’re kissing passionately. “I’m so turned on by this fantasy coming true! Push your pussy against my dick baby! I’m about to cum again!” Nadine starts rubbing her pussy against my shaft, giving me a pussy job. But it doesn’t take long, then she’s inserting my dick inside her pussy and starts riding me while she’s sliding her cum drenched body up and down against mine. Her perky breasts! I can feel them all over me. Her petite young body! Up and down! In and out! In and out! No holding back! I’m pushing my dick inside her as deep as I can and to my surprise I’m cumming again, pumping my cum inside her pussy. “Aaaahhh!” I keep thrusting, twitching and pumping! What an incredible feeling! So intense! Even better than the first one! So much pleasure!!! I finish and I’m relaxing my body. She relaxes her stunning young body too. A tender kiss and we’re cuddling affectionately.

We remain in this intimate embrace for a while. I can’t believe what just happened. Who am I to deserve this? Who am I to deserve her? It is a dream come true. I’m in sexual heaven. “I love you so much Nadine!” “I love you too Frank!”

Copyright Normann Blaze 2022

Please let me know if you like the story and if you'd like me to write more chapters. It will motivate me :) thank you


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Seems like the quality of readers is going down. Top stories right now are absolute trash, and this masterpiece series is under 80%. The backwards voting going on is definitely going to make finding these gems more difficult. Thanks for the Great writing!

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