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A slow build up over a few chapters with a satisfying explosive climax in later chapters. I promise! Warning. Sexual interactions with step-daughters can be fun in stories and fantasies. In real life it is entirely different. It is often causing trauma and pain. Seek help from a professional if needed.
Some time has passed. Katia’s away for work as usual. I have been fantasizing about Nadine ever since I watched her masturbate. I am undeniably obsessed with her. Some nights I can’t sleep properly. I keep thinking about her, her stunning beauty. How she’s making such an effort to seduce me. My desire for her is growing. I can’t hold back much longer. I’m really hopeless around her. My longing for her is so strong, that I can’t resist but to up my game as well. I’m not the innocent stepfather who is being seduced by her. I know the reality. I’m letting this happen. Because I like it. I love it! The pleasure is so intense, so heavenly! And she knows that I’m letting it happen.

I’m feeling the adrenaline rushing through my body as I’m putting on my long johns. I got them for a skiing holiday. There’s a reason why I’m putting those on tonight and not my trackpants. The long johns are like leggings, a bit looser, but one feature sets them apart from my trackpants. There’s a slit at the front. Its purpose is to pull your dick through the slit so that you can pee without pulling the pants down. It is handy when you’re in your full skiing gear. I’m slightly shivering. The adrenaline is pumping. What am I doing? My doubts are pushed away by excitement, by desire, by lust for Nadine. It’s bad. But I don’t want to resist it.

I’m sitting on the sofa just wearing a shirt and my long johns, covered by the large blanket. It’s a chilly night. Streaming another episode of the new series on TV. When I’m hearing steps from above I’m almost bursting with excitement. I’m adjusting my dick so that it is under the slit. The slit is barely open exposing a narrow strip of the skin along my shaft. My tip is well covered by the fabric. Nadine’s walking down the stairs. “Hey” she says. “Hey Nadine.” “Mind if I join you?” “Sure.” She’s wearing her nightdress as usual. I’m lifting up the blanket to invite her in. She’s taking a short look at my leggings. Did she see the slit? The strip of skin of my shaft must stand out. Skin color against the white leggings. She’s sitting next to me now. Under the blanket with me.

Nothing happens for some time. She’s shivering slightly. “Do you mind if we cuddle, just a little? So cold tonight!” she asks. There she goes! “Sure.” I’m lifting the blanket. Before I know what’s happening she has planted herself on my lap, sideways, one arm around me, head resting on my chest. My heart starts racing. But this is exactly what I wanted. This is it. I’m trying to breathe as normally as possible but it is difficult. I can feel her soft breasts pressing against me. Her butt cheeks on my thighs and – finally! The softness of her pussy against the shaft of my dick. Nothing in between. She’s not wearing any underwear. It’s her skin against my skin. I am so happy I’m wearing these leggings with the slit. I’m feeling guilty. But it’s worth it. I’m swelling up to full hardness. My shaft is throbbing against her pussy.

A few moments pass. I’m feeling her wetness on my skin. She’s moving slightly on my lap. I’m feeling so much pleasure from every of her tiniest movements. She’s taking a pack of lozenges out of a small pocket in her nightdress. It’s those small lozenges which you chew on and they melt in a few seconds. She’s taking one in her mouth and is turning her head around towards mine. I’m shocked. I can’t help but contracting the muscles of my dick, pushing against the slit of my pants. The slit is opening a bit. More skin of my shaft is now touching her wet pussy. I’m so hard! I can’t take it any longer! What is she up to now? I’m half panicking. “What’s your favourite flavour? This is mint.” she says as she’s moving her lips closer to mine. Her lips are gently parted. Full lips. White teeth. She’s so beautiful. I’m panicking. I’m closing my eyes, anticipating a kiss. But instead she’s just exhaling slowly onto my face. I’m feeling her warm breath on my face. I’m inhaling, slowly, savouring her breath. Breathing her breath. A hint of mint. I’m trying to compose myself. I’m opening my eyes. She’s moved her head back a little. Every little movement of her body! I’m feeling it on my dick. Her butt cheeks, her pussy are massaging my dick. Squeezing my dick. I’m so horny! So hard! “This one’s not bad.” I’m stammering.

She’s popping another lozenge. What about this one? Again she’s moving her lips closer to my lips. I’m trying to relax, enjoy the moment. I’m closing my eyes. I’m feeling the warmth of her face radiating onto my face. She must be so close. I’m hearing her exhale, feeling her hot air on my mouth. It’s strawberry flavour. Oh how much I want her! I want to breath her air. I want to – interrupted thoughts. Her lips are brushing against mine. For the shortest moment. I’m shocked and can’t help myself and I’m contracting the muscles of my dick involuntarily. Pushing my shaft out a little further. Through the slit. As she’s moving her head back, I’m also feeling her moving her body. Her pussy pushing down on my dick. I’m close to exploding. “Strawberry is it?” I’m whispering. “Yeah” she’s whispering back. Lust is in our voices. “Not bad either.” I’m suddenly breathing heavily. I haven’t noticed that I have held my breath after the shock of her lips brushing mine. The whole situation is ridiculous. Where’s the subtlety in this? It’s all gone!

She’s again reaching for the pack of lozenges and putting another one in her mouth. “What about this one?” To my surprise she is suddenly adjusting her position. She’s been sitting on my lap sideways. Now she’s lifting her pantyless butt off my lap and putting one knee next to one side of my lap, the other knee on the other side of my lap, facing me frontally. She’s straddling me. I’m so shocked by this. As she’s lifting off her butt I’m involuntarily contracting my dick one more time and it’s fully popping out of the slit. Hard as a rock. Throbbing flat against my belly. My dick must be covered in precum. I can’t remember the last time I was this excited. I’m so close to cumming. She’s sitting down on me now. I’m in paradise. Her butt cheeks on my thighs. Her pussy is sitting straight on my shaft. Pressing my shaft against my belly. My tip is free, in front of her pussy. She’s moving her mouth close to mine. I’m closing my eyes again. I’m feeling her exhale. Taking it all in. Peach flavour! As she’s moving her head towards mine she’s shifting her pussy forward, pressing on my shaft, closer to my tip. It’s too much to take! I’m feeling her mouth, her lips brushing against mine and - she’s kissing me now! Pushing the peach lozenge into my mouth with her tongue, kissing me passionately. At the same time she’s adjusting her pussy, moving further forward to the tip of my dick. It’s pushing straight against her wet opening now. She’s putting on more pressure, more pressure. And the moment I’ve been fantasizing about for months is coming true! I’m sliding inside her! I’m feeling her pussy around my dick.

I’m losing all self control. I’m grabbing her by the hips, pushing in my dick as far as I can. The pleasure! “Mmmh” she’s moaning. She starts grinding back and forth on my dick, faster and faster. I’m grabbing her butt cheeks from behind helping her with the grind. Pushing her back and forth. Her clit is griding against my body. “Aaahhh!” She’s breathing heavier, moaning. It doesn’t take long and she’s cumming all over my dick twitching, screaming from pleasure. I’m in heaven. I’m putting my hands underneath her butt cheeks lifting her up and thrust my dick in and out of her pussy, faster and faster. No holding back! It doesn’t take long and I’m about to cum.

“Can I cum in your mouth?” I can’t belive I have just requested that. Before I finish that thought, she’s wrapped her mouth around the tip of my dick stroking my shaft with one hand. I can’t believe this is happening! I’m about to cum inside her beautiful young mouth. “Run your other finger up and down my shaft, between my balls, push against my asshole.” She’s complying without hesitation. The cheeks of her face look hollow as she has been opening her jaws wide to accommodate my cock. So beautiful! Just a few blissful moments later I’m releasing myself into her mouth. Pumping, contracting. I have finished. She’s pushing her lips together sliding my dick out of her mouth making sure to suck all my cum out. As my dick is out she’s straddling me again on the couch, her face close to my face. She’s swallowing my cum and pushing her full lips against mine. We’re kissing intimately, embracing each other. Her head is resting on my shoulder. Her petite young body pressing against mine. I finally made my dream come true. Fucked her. Fucked the hottest girl I’ve ever met in my entire life. It was bliss. Paradise. I’m savouring the moment.

“Peach” I am saying. “Hmm?” she’s replying as if she had forgotten that she asked me before about my favourite flavour of her lozenges. “Peach is my favourite flavour” I’m saying with a grin. “Oh” She replies, smiling back. “My favourite flavour was you, Frank” she replies grinning cockily. “Aww. You’re too sweet darling!” I’m kissing her briefly on her lips and give her a squeeze as we keep cuddling on the couch, underneath the blanket.

Copyright Normann Blaze 2022

Please let me know if you like the story and if you'd like me to write more chapters. It will motivate me :) thank you


2022-05-21 00:24:00
Omg I've orgasmed on my fingers,My pussy is soaking wow.


2022-05-04 14:15:43
I had to rub one out once you put it in. So hot


2022-04-27 17:02:03
So fucking hot. Hope you add more.

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