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A slow build up over several chapters with a satisfying explosive climax in later chapters. I promise! ? Warning. Sexual interactions with step-daughters can be fun in stories and fantasies. In real life it is entirely different. It is often causing trauma and pain. Seek help from a professional if needed.
My relationship with Katia is deteriorating. It’s sad. She’s spending a lot of time at work and is away for business regularly. When she comes home she’s either working on her laptop, complaining about work or exhausted from working. It has affected our sex life too. It has been weeks since we did it. She’s often not in the mood. She’s kind enough not to refuse sex but I can feel that she’s not interested. It’s as if she’s doing me a favour, getting the chore over with. Not feeling her desire for me turns me off. I have talked with Katia several times about this but it seems like we’re not able to come to a solution. Work is her priority.

I have become sexually frustrated. And having a ridiculously hot stepdaughter living with me being frequently alone with her makes this worse. I know I shouldn’t participate in her games but I can’t resist. It is another Thursday night. Katia’s away. Nadine is alone at home with me. Again I’ve decided to wear my thinnest trackpants. No undies. I’m sitting on the sofa streaming a series on TV. Waiting. Anticipating Nadine’s appearance. What is she up to this time? I’m already getting semi-hard just thinking about her. Minutes pass. Nothing. Half-way through the episode. Nothing. The show ends. I’m disappointed. I’m thinking about all the sexually charged encounters I had with Nadine. Suddenly I’m feeling grateful. She’s so out of my league. Way too young and hot. I should just be thankful for what I had with her so far. She’s aware of my issues with Katia. I know she is. Katia has told me that she’s had a conversation with Nadine. She wants to manage Nadine’s expectations. Condition her that our relationship may be over soon. That soon they may have to move out. A sense of relief is coming over me. Somehow it’s good that this is ending. The whole thing with Nadine had been wrong from the beginning. Our relationship is way too sexually charged. It’s not appropriate. Maybe now that Nadine’s aware that this living situation may end soon she’s lost interest in her games.

It's bedtime. I’m sighing and making my way upstairs to my room. I have to walk past Nadine’s room and I’m noticing something unusual. Light is shining out of it. The door’s open! Normally it’s closed. I’m walking closer to the open door, peeking inside the room, from an angle, just seeing a small part of the room. Nadine’s bed is right next to the entry. I’m startled by what I’m seeing. I’m stopping mid-step. I can see Nadine’s lower body. Her upper body is covered by a blanket. The blanket is piling up, hiding her face. You guessed it! She’s naked. She’s lying there on her bed just right next to the door right in front of me. So close! Right on the edge of the bed. No panties. Fetal position on her side. Her beautiful feet. French style pedicure! I’m wandering with my eyes up her legs to her thighs. To her beautifully exposed pussy. I can see her outer lips, her inner lips. Her petite perky butt cheeks and asshole. Hairless. In plain sight. The room is well lit. What a view! As soon as my steps stop as if that was a cue for the show to start two of her fingertips appear between her thighs. Now they’re on her clit. Sliding down the center of her pussy. Gently pushing against her inner lips. Moving to the outer lips. I can’t believe what I’m seeing! She’s spreading her pussy now! A pink butterfly. So hot! Yes baby, open up! Open up for me! My heart is pounding. My dick is getting hard. She starts running her fingers up and down her clit dipping them into her pussy. She’s getting wetter by the minute. I can hear the sound of her wet pussy lips being massaged by her fingers. Circles on her clit! Now both fingers are inside! Moving in and out a little faster and faster. Her outer lips are bulging! I’m losing my mind. My dick is hard as a rock tenting my trackpants. I’m slowly daring to peek into the room a bit further. Can’t see her face! Hidden behind her blanket. Good! I’m sliding my hand inside my trackpants and start stroking my dick. I can’t help myself. As if this show wasn’t already blissful enough her second hand makes an appearance. From the back. Sliding her fingers down her butt crack, pushing against her asshole. Incredible! Circling her asshole sliding up and down her hole. Dipping into her wet pussy. Smearing her wetness all over her butthole. Now the tip of a finger is disappearing inside her anus. I’m ever so softly moaning, stroking my dick faster.

She’s adjusting her position slowly to doggy style. Still masturbating her pussy. She’s pulling out from under the blanket a sex toy. Those pink ones with the long thin handle and a pear-shaped bulging end. A lovense toy. She’s pushing the pear shaped end into her pussy, slowly, until it disappears and just the thin long flexible handle is sticking out. I can hear the vibrations from the toy. She’s pulling on it, making her pussy bulge as the pear shaped end is half-out. She pushes it back in and keeps going. In and out, in an out. The other hand playing with her asshole fingering it. I’m so horny! I want to be inside her push my dick in. Fuck her. I’m getting bolder stepping closer to her, so close. As I’m walking my trackpants are slipping down to my ankles. I’m half naked, she’s half naked. Her ass almost touching me. I’m stroking my dick, faster and faster. How I’d love to fuck her pussy, her ass. Just ram my hardness inside her. Hold her by the hips, take her doggy style. No mercy! This petite beautiful body! My other hand is running down my shaft, between my shaved balls. Keeps going on my shaft until I reach my asshole. I’m resting my finger near it. Half on my shaft, half on my asshole and push against it. Making light circles. Double the pleasure! I’m so close to cumming. Precum all over my tip. I’m too caught up in my lust, too late to notice that she’s adjusting to lie on her back. She’s almost touched me! Phew! Her face and upper body perfectly hidden behind her blanket. Hey toy’s in her as ass now. As she’s lying on her back I can see her beautiful flat belly. She’s stroking her clit, up and down, sideways, circling. Faster and faster. She starts arching her back a little. She’s pulling on her toy. Her asshole is spreading, getting bigger. Eventually the toy’s out. Her asshole gaping. I can hear a suppressed moan by her. She’s inserting two fingers into her pussy, her other hand keeps stroking her clit. Faster, faster, faster! Her back is arching further up. She’s spreading her pussy, starts twitching, contracting. I’m hearing another suppressed moan from her. She’s cumming. I’m so close to her. As she’s climaxing, to my surprise, a tiny squirt splashes out of her pussy! A few drops land on my hand, my thigh, my dick. That’s it! It’s pushing me over the line! I’m cumming like crazy in my hand, just managing to contain my cum without cumming all over her. I’m breathing heavily. She must hear it. She must know I’ve watched. She’s slowly closing her legs, pressing her thighs together. Show’s over.

I’m backing off, walking funny with my pants at my ankles. Straight to the bathroom. Cleaning myself up. She must hear it all. How obvious I was! Stopped my steps right in front of her room. And as soon as the show’s over I walked away. Does it matter? I think we’re past that stage. We both know that we’re playing games and that this will be over soon. Nadine has contrary to my fear stepped up her game. I’m going to do the same. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Copyright Normann Blaze 2022

Please let me know if you like the story and if you'd like me to write more chapters. It will motivate me :) thank you


2022-05-21 00:15:55
Had me playing with my pussy,hard fingering reading the build up wow very hot, naughty Nadine too


2022-05-04 11:25:32
Wow! This is great!


2022-04-28 10:49:39
Please write more! Awesome job in keeping the reader in suspense and desiring more .... The diligent efforts made in proofing the work really shows in these chapters. Great job!

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