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A slow build up over several chapters with a satisfying explosive climax in later chapters. I promise! ? Warning. Sexual interactions with step-daughters can be fun in stories and fantasies. In real life it is entirely different. It is often causing trauma and pain. Seek help from a professional if needed.
Katia keeps flying interstate for business. Frequently. Just a week later on Thursday I’m again alone at home with Nadine. Having her sit on my lap just wearing her bikini, near nude was amazing. I can’t stop thinking about it. I’m so aroused by the thought of spending time with Nadine that I decided not to wear my undies today. Just my loose trackpants, the thinnest I could find. It makes me feel a bit guilty to enable all this but my sexual excitement is soon pushing away my doubts. I’m sitting on my couch as usual, streaming the new series on TV. I can’t wait for Nadine to come down the stairs. Where is she? I can’t believe I’m so horny! Finally there she is. I’m hearing her steps coming down the stairs. But it sounds different. I’m looking over to her and she isn’t barefoot as usual. She’s wearing sandals. I haven’t seen those before. Open toes with an ankle-strap at the back. She’s wearing her nightdress as usual. “Hey Frank.” “Hey Nadine.” “Can I join you again on the couch for a bit?” “Sure darling.” She’s standing in front of the couch, next to me. Close to me. She’s turning around, backside toward me and bending down to undo her sandals. Right there, less than an arm’s length away! Her nightdress slips up. No panties! Her butt cheeks are parting as she’s bending down revealing her pussy. So close to me, I can barely stop myself from touching her with my fingers. I’d love to lick her! Her asshole, hairless and beautiful as always. I’d love to play with it! She’s taking her time undoing both sandals. My dick is getting hard, starting to throb. It’s good that the sofa blanket is covering my lap. I love her so much! How much effort and thought she’s putting into creating all this sexual tension between us. A goddess of seduction. I’m feeling so grateful for this experience! If she only wasn’t my stepdaughter. Or does that make it even more exciting? Because it’s forbidden? I’m brushing away the thought.

She’s putting the sandals to the side, sitting next to me, under the blanket. “How are you feeling? About the breakup and all?” I ask her. “A little better. I’m still upset though. It was nice talking with you about it last time. I’m glad you listened to me and gave me some comfort by just being there for me and hugging me. It means a lot to me.” “Anytime darling, I’d like you to feel better.” She’s turning her face towards me. “Mind if I get another cuddle from you? It just feels so good. It makes me forget about the breakup and I’m feeling so loved.” “Of course darling!” Hearing these words coming out of her mouth, her beautiful young voice! A moment later she is sitting on my lap. Leaning back into me. Her head resting on my shoulder. My arm around her, feeling her soft breasts pushing against it. She’s sitting with her bare pussy right on my dick, throbbing flat against my belly. Only separated by my thin trackpants. There’s almost nothing in between my dick and her pussy. We’re sitting like this for a few moments. It doesn’t take long until she’s asleep. Or pretending to. I’m feeling my trackpants getting wet from her. I’m so aroused, I must be pumping out precum. The idea of my precum mixing with her pussy fluid through the thin trackpants arouses me even further. We’re fluid bonding. A strange image. But I find it beautiful. I’m feeling closer to her. A brief apprehension flashes through my mind. Precum. Some sperms in it. Can she get pregnant? I remember how Katia mentioned that Nadine had a birth control implant. One of those which last for several years. My concern dissipates immediately and makes way for a feeling of sexual bliss. I’m smelling her hair, her fresh shampoo, her floral perfume. I’m imagining how her scent enters my lungs, driving my hormones crazy, making me expel my pheromones, entering her body, in turn driving her into sexual overdrive. Are we pheromone bonding? She’s exhaling a bit louder than before. At the same time I’m feeling her pussy rocking back and forth on my dick. So much pleasure with every motion! I’m looking down but can’t see any movement under the blanket. Is it just in my head?

What is this? There! I’m looking down her beautiful cleavage. One nipple is visible. A wave of adrenaline is washing through my body and I’m involuntarily pumping the muscles on my hard dick. She must be feeling this on her pussy. I’m so sexually charged. I’m fantasizing about just slipping the shoulder straps of her nightdress off her shoulders. I want to see her breasts. Her young, large breasts! Grab them with both hands, feel them, squeeze them. Listen to her moan. I want to pull my pants off, just slip my hardness inside her. All the way in! Grab her by the waist and thrust, thrust, thrust! No holding back! In and out, deeper, deeper, harder, faster! Explode inside her, fuck yeah!!! As I’m fantasizing I’m realizing I’ve unconsciously tightened my arm around her breasts. They’re pushing against it. So perky! So full! My other arm has unwillingly tightened as well against her belly, pushing her ass and pussy towards me. I feel her butt cheeks wrap around my dick, my dick parting her wet pussy a little, just separated by the thin layer of my loose trackpants. It feels as if I was inside her. I’m noticing that the wrist of my upper hand is brushing against her exposed nipple. I’m feeling how hard it is. My dick starts contracting again from pleasure. It is so hard not to move my lower hand underneath her nightdress to feel her panty-less pussy, to rub her clit. It is so hard to resist! I’m pushing my dick, slowly, barely noticeably a little further against her soft pussy. I’m feeling her firm belly against my lower hand. I’m resisting to caress it. I’m ever so subtly brushing my wrist against her exposed nipple. Again and again. It feels like she’s rocking her pussy and ass back and forth against my dick. We keep going, keep going. I’m so close to cumming. So close to losing control.

The tv series ends. I must end this too. I’m pulling myself together and slide her off my lap, gently to the side. I’m looking at the big wet stain on my track pants, my dick pushing against it making a tent. I’m covering it up immediately with the blanket. A few moments pass. “Honey?” No reply. I’m shaking her shoulder gently. She’s opening her eyes a little. “Darling. The show’s over. You have fallen asleep.” “Sorry Frank, I was so comfortable. It was so lovely cuddling with you. Thank you.” She is leaning over, giving me a hug. I’m feeling her, enjoying the moment. “Good night” she says. “Good night” I reply. She’s getting up, standing in front of the sofa next to me. This time even closer than before. She’s bending down, grabbing her sandals. Her nightdress slips up, revealing her pussy and asshole as she’s bending down. Drenched in wetness all over, glistening. The thought that some of it is my precum excites me. I’m leaning forward, careful not to make any noise. My face is so close, almost touching her. I’m taking in her pussy’s scent. It’s beautiful. I want to be inside her. She takes her time fastening the ankle strap of her sandals while I’m smelling her. Moments of bliss. I’m in paradise. She is walking away, up the stairs back to her room. What a tease. What a seductress. The sexual tension! The ecstasy! My stepdaughter is driving me crazy!

Copyright Normann Blaze 2022

Please let me know if you like the story and if you'd like me to write more chapters. It will motivate me :) thank you


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Wow I'm stroking myself reading this


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Great store.


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These are really great keep em cumming

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