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A slow build up over a few chapters with a satisfying explosive climax in later chapters. I promise! Warning. Sexual interactions with step-daughters can be fun in stories and fantasies. In real life it is entirely different. It is often causing trauma and pain. Seek help from a professional if needed.
“This is Nadine”. I saw pictures of her before. I knew she’s hot, but seeing her in real life is different. She’s so hot, it is ridiculous. Dark straight hair, dark brown eyes, slightly tanned skin. I’m trying not to stare. “Nice to meet you Nadine” I’m saying. Our looks are meeting. I’m feeling electricity running through my spine. “Nice to meet you too” she replies. She’s got a strange shy vibe about her, but somehow there’s more to her. Something not so shy. “I’m gonna go upstairs to check out my room! See you later!”. “Of course darling!” Katia says. Nadine is flying up the stairs. I’m casting a glance in her direction. Active wear. Tight leggings. Her body! Crop top. Her hair in motion.

I’m consciously trying to keep the look at her brief. “Everything ok?” Katia asks. “Yeah! Big day! She’s finally moving in. I’m sure she’ll love it here”, I reply. I give Katia a hug and kiss. My face must have given it away. I’m freaked out by how hot Nadine is.

A week later. Thursday night after dinner. Katia’s in bed. She’s got an early start tomorrow. I’m on the sofa, streaming anime on the TV. Creaking on the stairs. “Hey.” “Hey Nadine, still up?” “Yeah can’t sleep yet. What are you watching?” “Just a random anime, not too bad.” “Mind if I join you?” “Sure go ahead!”

The way she looks at me. I don’t like it. It’s not just me. I think she’s feeling it too. I don’t like this! She’s my stepdaughter.

I’m freaking out. There she is, next to me on the sofa. Wearing her one piece nightdress. I’m moving a bit over to the right. Give her more space. A look at her. She looks back. Slight smile on her face. I smile back. I’m so tense. It’s ridiculous. I’m gonna have to get used to this. Gotta think of her as my daughter, be a father. I’m trying to relax, sinking back into the sofa. After a few minutes I’m feeling better. Nadine is adjusting her position. Half lying down on the sofa. Her legs towards me. Thank god her nightdress is long enough. Ends just over her knees. Pedicure. French style. My favourite. Not good. I can’t help but getting aroused.

The anime ends. It’s bed time. Nadine’s asleep on the sofa. “Hey Nadine”. No response. “Hey”. Nothing. I gently touch her shoulder and shake her a little. “Mmm?” She opens her eyes. Arms behind her head, stretching. Perfectly shaved armpits. “Oh my, I must have fallen asleep”. Her drowsy look, those large dark eyes. Her full lips. This is torture!

“It’s bedtime anyway” she says, gets up from the sofa with a soft moan and hugs me. “Good night.” I am feeling her breasts on my chest. So soft. My arms around her lower back. “Good night”.

She walks up the stairs rubbing her eyes and disappears into her room. I’m feeling terrible. She’s way to attractive for my liking. And why does she look at me that way? Or is this just in my head? I’m slipping into bed with Katia. Just relax, I’m telling myself. I’ll get used to Nadine. It will pass. It’s just a period of adjustment. I’m dozing off.

A few weeks later. Thursday night again. Katia’s in bed early as usual. I’m watching anime again and Nadine makes her appearance. “You mind?” she’s moving her head, pointing towards the empty spot on the sofa. “Of course!” Again she’s sitting for a bit, then adjusting into a half lying down position with her legs towards me. Pretty soon she’s silent. I’m looking at her. Asleep again. Her eyes are closed. A few minutes later a soft short moan, and she’s moving her arms and legs. Exposing more of her legs. The night dress has moved up her thighs. I can see the tiniest bit of her panties. Front-side. White. She keeps moving. Her feet are touching my thighs. I am getting tense, but manage to relax after a few moments. Why can’t I shake the feeling she’s doing this on purpose?

It doesn’t take too long then she’s moving again. Eyes closed. The tiniest vocalisation. This time she’s turning towards the sofa. Exposing parts of her butt. I can now see her panties are high cut. Latest fashion. Of course! A good part of her butt-cheeks is exposed. I’m getting first row seats to a spectacular which gets my heart pumping. My breathing is elevated. This is too much! Should I stop it? I can’t. I don’t want to. I’m looking at her pussy. Covered by her panties. Covered well. I can’t even see a camel toe. But my, this is a sight nonetheless! After not too long she moves again, this time sliding down the sofa, lying down flat. Planting her feet on my lap. Eyes still closed. One of her heels is touching my dick.

This is heaven. I’m enjoying the sensation of her foot on my dick. She’s so pretty. And young. But legal. I can't believe my own thoughts. I knew she’s turned 18 a few months ago. But why am I thinking about that now? In this moment? To make it feel more right? To make it feel less wrong? I somehow feel guilty for allowing this to happen. My dick swells a little and why does it feel that she’s moving her heel a little? Is she moving it back and forth? Or is this just in my head?

I’m freaking out. This is getting too real. I’m lifting her legs off my lap. She opens her eyes. Drowsy look. “Oh sorry, I must have fallen asleep!”. She adjusts her nightdress, gets up, gives me a hug. Again I’m feeling her soft breasts against me. I’m holding her petite youthful body in my arms. I’m half erect. “Good night” and again she disappears upstairs into her room.

I’m half in disbelief what just happened. Fuck it! I like it. It’s wrong. And as sad as that may sound. It’s a turn on. She seems to suck out all the logic of me. I’m running on hormones and if she’s into playing games I’m gonna play them. Or should I? As I’m returning to my normal size, more doubts are creeping up. Nothing really happened. I can stop this anytime before it gets too far. Just relax. And so another Thursday night ends.

Copyright Normann Blaze 2022

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Very nice


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Love this story. Please keep it going.


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This is hot! Please do more

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