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I was still in shock. Despite the passing of several month since my daughters were born, they were still the first thing on my mind, and each time I saw their faces I knew could never deserve something like this. It was absolute pure love, unconditional and inimitable. Along with love came concern, or maybe fear is more accurate. Constant fear loomed around me that anything could happen to hurt them. Luckily, I had so many amazing women with me to make sure my angelic daughters received the best parenting a child could ask for.

My sister Elizabeth gave birth to our darling Emily, and my mother gave birth to our beloved twins Jane and Jennifer, all three born mere minutes apart. Sally and Amanda, my aunt and cousin, were both beautifully pregnant and helping with the babies that had already arrived. The prior mothers were already quite experienced, though clearly Elizabeth and Amanda had inherited their motherly instincts.

The former lesbians Trisha and Karen had since moved in, glowingly pregnant themselves and excited for the gift of motherhood they did not think they would ever receive. They too were a great help for the babies who had already arrived, so despite my overall lack of fatherly instincts, the little ones never experienced a moment without attention and affection.

On that particular morning Sally and Amanda dealt the doting as everyone else was getting ready for work. I was excited as buzz around the office suggested big news for the company. Our team, consisting of Elizabeth and myself alongside the lesbo duo, typically took care of data entry under the leadership of our bitch-in-recovery boss Martha. Recently, however, I had been moved to handle certain side projects to help facilitate the expansions the company made to handle the surging growth of business.

Rumor had it that there would be a big announcement today, so my excitement was by no means unique. We piled into the minivan we had recently purchased and drove off. Elizabeth and mom were not pregnant at this point, as we had been taking precautions against having even more kids so soon. We still planned to have more of course, but we sought to ensure we had the time and space to accommodate all of them.

We pulled up and darted inside, gathering in the auditorium with the other employees. The owner of the company stepped up to the lectern and gave us a bright smile. Mrs. Gertrude Moody was an elderly woman with short gray hair and no shortage of wrinkles. She wore clothes that would only look in place in old silent movies, and she was well known as a shrewd business woman. Despite this, any time I spoke with her she had a warm grandma-like demeanor.

“Thank you for joining me today, and thank you for your hard work that has made this company what it is.” She went on for a bit about the particulars of our hard work and the growth of the company, and how the few dozen employees currently working here would eventually be joined by hundreds or even thousands more. “It really is all thanks to you, and I believe that actions mean more than words, so rather than just telling you how much your work means to me, I’d like to show you.

“The specific amounts for each person will be delivered privately later on, but I am happy to announce that every person in this room will receive a raise!” Cheers rang throughout the room, then she continued. “Many of you will also receive promotions in the coming weeks and months as we hire more employees who will need training and leadership.” More cheers rang out. “Finally, I’m sending each team on an all-expenses-paid beach vacation!” Once again applause and cheers filled the room. While I was elated hearing all the good news, I was also concerned about how our vacation would go with Martha present.

As the presentation ended and we all went back to our workroom Martha said she wanted to talk with us. I was afraid of what she might say even though she was overall better behaved since I confronted her, but she still slipped sometimes and said some seriously bitchy shit. I was afraid she might say that Karen and Trisha should not feel too excited as their lackluster performance certainly did not contribute to the growth of the company. It definitely felt like something she would say. I crossed my fingers as Martha started.

“I wanted to let you know, Mrs. Moody is one-hundred percent correct. Everyone has done a great job in these last few months. I’m really proud of all of you. I haven’t been the best boss, but even despite that each of you have gone above and beyond. Trisha, Karen, I’ve always said the worst stuff about you and never gave you the help you needed to grow. Thankfully Ray and Elizabeth gave you the help I should have been giving you, and now you’re model employees. I wanted you to know I’m sorry I let you down.”

I noticed Trisha was pale and jittering anxiously, then she suddenly dropped her bottle of water on the floor and started crying. I hurried to her side, “Are you okay?”

“No I’m fine!” Trisha sputtered, “Maybe it was all too much to hear at once. It really is good news! And Martha saying all that… I just got emotional.”

I rubbed her shoulders to help her calm down as Karen said, “Yeah, thank you Martha, we accept your apology.” Karen paused and sighed, as if she was thinking about her next words carefully. I thought she might tell Martha never mind, one little apology does not mean much and it’s too little too late. To my surprise, Karen’s next words had nothing to do with Martha. “I’m not sure we should go on a trip like this while we’re pregnant. Might not be good for the babies.”

“I think it should be fine,” I replied, “I’ve never heard anything like that before. And both of you deserve to go more than anyone.”

Elizabeth cut in, “She’s right Ray, it’s probably for the best that they skip out on the trip. We’ll miss you for sure, but we aren’t going to be upset if you can’t go.”

Trisha mouthed a thank you, and to be honest I had no idea what was going on in her head. I knew my sister well, though, and I could tell she had picked up on something that I missed, so I did not press the issue further as Karen addressed Martha.

“I really do appreciate what you said. I know you’ve been trying hard to treat us better. Since we have five tickets for the vacation and the two of us are going to miss out, would you like to invite your sisters to go instead? I know they’re still working hard at college and I’m sure they need a break.”

Martha looked shocked, I guess she did not know what to say, so she started crying and hugged Karen. I almost brought up the fact that one of Martha’s sisters was pregnant, so if that is the reason Karen and Trisha cannot go, then she probably will not be able to go either. As soon as my lips parted, Elizabeth gently stepped on my foot, so I just shut up and let the two embrace in peace.

A few hours later, I was called to meet with Mrs. Gertrude in her office. The girls all giggled and suggested that I must be in trouble. I started to get worried, but my fears were quickly abated. I returned to announce that I was being promoted. Over the next couple of hours everybody got pulled one by one, coming back to report they got the figures on how much their raise would be. The rest of the day was rather unproductive as everyone was much too distracted by all of the good news.

As we were leaving work for the day, Elizabeth found a moment to speak in private as we ambled out towards the car. “Serious congrats on the promotion bro. With all the good work you’ve done on those side projects while keeping up with your normal work, you definitely earned it.”

“Thanks sis, I think you deserve one too.” I replied.

“Actually, she did offer me a promotion. I didn’t want to take up a ton of new responsibility right now with all the babies. Not to mention we have more on the way.”

“That makes sense. I was wondering why they didn’t give you one. I think it’s smart to focus on what’s important to you.”

“Yep, plus I don’t need to work my way up anyway. That’s your job Mr. Breadwinner!”

“Fair enough, I’ll do my best!” I smiled and posed with flexed arms, eliciting a giggle from Elizabeth. “By the way, what was going on this morning? You know, with Karen, Trish, and Martha. I don’t get why they can’t go because of the pregnancies. I mean one of Martha’s sisters is pregnant too and nobody brought up that she can’t go.”

“Haha Ray, you really didn’t pick up on what was going on, did you?” Elizabeth teased.

“So you knew everything?”

“Not everything, at least not at the time, but I could tell she had a different reason, and she really didn’t want to go. I spoke with Karen in private during lunch and it turns out Trisha is super scared of the ocean. She doesn’t want to go anywhere near it.”

“Why the random excuse?”

“She’s embarrassed about it. She’s so cute!”

“Well what about all the hugging and crying?”

“Oh come on Ray, Martha gave them a genuine apology. Karen offered the tickets to her sisters as an olive branch. You know, so she wasn’t saying she forgave her just to keep it from getting awkward. She really forgives her and wants to build a bridge between them.”

“Damn you picked up on a lot so fast. I knew you were smart but not this smart!”

“Or maybe you’re just a caveman Ray.” Elizabeth giggled and playfully bumped against my arm.

“Maybe so,” I laughed. “At any rate, I wonder how the vacation’s going to be with Martha and her sisters. We’ve never even met them before, I wonder if they’re as crazy as Martha.”

“Everyone we meet is crazy.” Elizabeth said, and we shared a laugh. “But one of them is pregnant so I guess she can at least get a guy.”

“A while ago back when Martha tried to seduce me, she told me her sister got knocked up by some stranger in a park.”

“Yeah, it sounds like she’s probably crazy, we’ll just have to make due. I’m sure you and I can still have a lot of fun together.” she grabbed my hand, gently stroking her thumb against mine. “It’s a shame Mom can’t go with us though. It’s just our team.”

“What’s with that anyway? Why do they have to split the vacations up?”

“I asked around earlier, it looks like they can’t afford to shut the whole place down for any amount of time with all the expansions going on. They are sending each team individually to stagger the vacations so the office can still run.”

“That makes sense, I feel bad for Mom though.”

“Same, we’ll have to make it up to her somehow. By the way, what did you get promoted to?”

“About that. It’s sort of weird…”

We finished our conversation on the way to the van, then rode home and rushed inside to tell Sally and Amanda the all the exciting news over dinner.

Amanda fake pouted, “It’s a shame Sally and I can’t go. And also Karen and Trish because…” Amanda paused, “their pregnancies. So you better send us tons of pictures!” We all agreed that we would send as many as we could.

“Yeah, I want you to send us photos of the beach and the waves and everything!” Karen said. “I haven’t been to the beach since, well, in a long time.”

Amanda smiled and said, “You heard her, we want you to send us pictures of everything.” Amanda winked at me.

Next Sally chimed in, “You said each team is getting sent individually, right? I thought you didn’t work on the same team as them Judy. Do you have to go separately?” she asked Mom.

“Actually,” Mom started, “I spoke with Mrs. Moody about how my vacation would work. I’m not on a team per se, I do analytics and work mostly independently, just reporting to her. She said that she couldn’t possibly send me all by myself, and since she knows my children work together on a team, she would book me to go with them.”

“That’s great Mom!” Elizabeth and I said in unison.

Mom smiled at us, “We’ll have to celebrate after dinner.”

We continued with dinner, and I made sure each of the four pregnant ladies ate plenty to keep themselves healthy. After the meal we cleaned up and put the babies to bed, then we went to the living room and the girls gave me a knowing smile as I rubbed my hands together in anticipation, finally a sex scene! It feels like it’s been years!

We were all very used to this by now so there was little ceremony as we stripped down to get to business. Elizabeth and Amanda grabbed my arms and pulled me to the couch, sitting me down between them, my cousin to my left and my sister to my right. They ran their fingers across my chest as Elizabeth cooed, “Hey ladies, I forgot to mention it during dinner but a certain someone got a promotion today.”

“Oh yeah, with all the excitement I forgot all about it.” Trish said. She and Karen dropped to their knees on the floor in front of me, rubbing their soft hands against my thighs.

“I’m not surprised.” Mom said as she took a seat next to Elizabeth, leaning against her daughter’s back and looping her arms around her. Elizabeth looked blissful squeezed between me and our mother. “Mrs. Moody likes to gab my ear off about how good of a job you do on those special projects.” She slipped her fingers around Elizabeth’s nipple.

Sally mirrored Mom on the other side, sandwiching Amanda between us as she joined in, “Ooh, what are these special projects? Something dirty?”

“What? No, it’s just work duties. Stuff like creating training curriculum for new workers, doing some hiring reviews, and helping to plan some aspects of the expansion.”

“Speaking of expansion.” Amanda said as she caressed my slowly hardening member. “But anyway, that’s not what I was picturing when she said special projects. I thought you were fucking the owner lady so you could get that promotion.”

“No, I wouldn’t fuck some old lady.”

Trish gasps, “Don’t say that, she’s always so nice!”

“That came out wrong, I’m not trying to be mean. She’s super nice and I love working with her but I don’t think about her sexually and there’s no way she thinks of me sexually either. Plus, she’s married.”

Mom chuckles, “She’s always complaining about how he can’t get it up. She hasn’t been fucked in years.”

“Please! I don’t want to fuck Mrs. Moody!”

I felt Elizabeth nibble my ear, then she sweetly whispered, “Relax Ray, we’re just messing with you. We know you don’t have to whore yourself out to work your way up.”

Amanda reversed her hand on my dick as she stroked me, “Yeah, we’re just happy for your promotion. Although with a tool like this I bet if you tried to sleep your way to the top you would be the CEO of a massive company within a week.” The group laughed, and I felt better that they were not seriously trying to compel me to sleep with the elderly owner of our company.

I said, “Actually I’m not the only one who earned a promotion?”

“Oh really?” Sally asked.

“Elizabeth earned a promotion too, she just didn’t want to take it right now.”

“Why not baby?” Mom asked as she moved her free hand to Elizabeth’s other tit.

“Geez bro,” Elizabeth chided, “I didn’t want to tell everyone tonight.”

“Oh, I didn’t realize.”

Elizabeth moved her hand down to join our cousin’s on my manhood. “It’s okay, I could never be mad at you. I didn’t want the promotion because I want to focus on what actually matters to me.” She grazed her finger against my tip, dabbing some precum to provide some lubricant. “I want to focus on our babies, not a bunch of new responsibility at work.” She moved her supple lips back against my ear. “And after all, my big brother is such a man that he’s going to be able to provide for everyone. Isn’t that right Mr. Manager?”

Mom gasped, “Are you serious?”

Karen and Trisha exclaimed, “Manager?!” in unison.

Sally and Amanda look confused, unfamiliar with our company’s structure. Mom explains, “I thought he would be moved up one level to the position of his current boss, that Martha lady. Manager is three levels higher than that. Hell, it’s one level higher than me! Managers work directly under Mrs. Moody, and there’s only three at the whole company. Or at least there were only three.”

“Fuck Ray,” Amanda chirped, “You really are sleeping with her! What the fuck?”

“No, I swear! I did not have sexual relations with that woman!”

“Well, you left some kind of good impression with her.” Elizabeth cooed.

“Aren’t the other managers like in their fifties?” Trisha asked as she started fondling my balls.

“At least in their fifties,” Karen answered as she joined her partner. “I hope they’re not pissed that a guy in his early twenties is going to join them.”

Mom chuckled, “Well if they have a problem, they’ll have to take it up with Mrs. Moody. But there’s no way they’ll change her mind.”

Amanda went back to stroking me, “Hey Judy, are you jealous that she promoted Ray over you? I hope you weren’t aiming for that spot.”

“Maybe a little, but it’s way overshadowed by my pride for him, and of course for my little girl.” She slipped a hand down her daughter’s belly and down to her sex.

Slightly breathless, Elizabeth said, “To be honest Mom, I’m glad he got promoted rather than you. I don’t want you to have to focus on work. Being a manager would mean so much responsibility, so many hours. I know what matters to you, and I know you want to spend your time with the babies just like me.”

“I hadn’t thought of it like that.” Mom replied as she slipped a finger inside Elizabeth. “My babies make me sooooo happy.”

“Hear that bro? You better do a good job as manager. Soon I’m going to quit, and so is Mom, and Karen and Trish too.”

“That’s a lot of responsibility.” I replied.

“I trust you to handle it, we all do. And it’s certainly going to have it’s perks.” My sister pulled away from Mom and climbed on top of me facing towards me, lining herself up against my member. “Like for instance, I’ve been so frustrated having to wait to get pregnant again because we don’t want to get overrun too quickly by babies.” Amanda kept my aim true as Elizabeth sank down my shaft. “But if all the mommies get to stay home full time with the babies, we’ll never have to wait again. Are you ready to feel my pussy again?”

“Fuck yes.” I breathed.

“Sounds like she’s ready for another baby.” Mom said, dropping her freed-up hands to her moist sex. “I guess she’s tired of all the anal.”

“I was tired of it the day we started,” Elizabeth replies as she started to slide back up my shaft, “But let’s wait for the vacation. We can make it really special, maybe on the beach.” She lifted herself from me and dropped back down between Mom and myself.

Mom moaned as she put her arms back around Elizabeth. “Getting knocked up again during vacation sounds amazing, now I can’t wait.”

“Aww now I’m really sad I’m not going,” Amanda pouted, “But at least I don’t have to wait to feel this.” She replaced Elizabeth on top of me, but faced away, sliding down onto my shaft while looking down at Karen and Trisha. “Good thing I’m already knocked up like a good girl. You can shoot it in me all you want. Your little subordinates down there need to do a good job to make sure you shoot plenty of healthy sperm inside me.” The duo on the floor eagerly followed orders and lapped at my cum tanks as Amanda moaned “Fuuuck I’ve been needing this all day.”

Sally slid over and rubbed her daughter’s bulbous belly. “She really does need this Ray, I tried to help her out but I can’t satisfy her like you can.”

Amanda started moaning louder but managed to say, “That’s not true, you made me feel so good. I love you so much!”

Sally laughed, “I know you do honey. I love you too, but I don’t have a big hard dick like your cousin does.” She slid her hand down to toy with her daughter’s clit, much to Amanda’s delight.

Then my attention was drawn to my other side as I heard Mom say, “Oh baby you’re leaking.” I look over and see her deft fingers circling her daughter’s motherly nipples, leaking milk meant for her baby upstairs. Mom leaned over and started suckling at Elizabeth’s right tit, so I leaned my head over to suckle at her left, still driving into Amanda on top of me while the former lesbians sat on the floor and ministered to my quickly filling sack.

“Elizabeth,” Sally spoke over her moaning daughter, “now you know how your mom felt when you two suckled at her all those years ago.”

Elizabeth fought her moans to say, “Not at the same time, it’s too much!”

“You can handle it, you need to get used to it if you want to have all those babies you were talking about.”

“Fuck yesssss!”

“I can tell you’re doing so well honey. The little ones have a tasty treat to look forward to.”

Mom pulled herself from Elizabeth’s nipple, milk leaking from her chin as she met Sally’s eyes, “She’s doing so good, want to give it a taste sis?”

Sally shot a devious smile and said, “I think I will.” Rather than moving to the tit Mom presented to her, Sally plunged her mouth towards her own daughter’s nipple, gently biting and suckling to coax out her treat. As she sucked the left tit, she moved her hand from Amanda’s clit to her right tit. “Give me your milk baby, let me taste it.”

“Yes mommy!” Amanda came hard on my cock as her mother milked her bouncing tits.

Before too long the milk started flowing, eliciting an “mmmmm” from Sally who starting drinking milk from Amanda’s left tit while still tugging her right. Elizabeth saw that half of Amanda’s milk was going to waste, so she leaned forward and closed her mouth around it.

I found myself under my moaning cousin driving up into her snatch while her mother sat to my left drinking her daughter’s milk. My sister sat to my right, sharing our cousin’s milk with our aunt while I drank from one of her own tits. Our mother drank form the other and my loyal lesbians never missed a beat on my balls.

I knew I was going to cum soon, and Amanda seemed to realize too as she cried, “Oh fuck Ray I’m cumming so hard for you! You’re the man of the house and you’re going to keep us fed and happy while we pump out baby after baby for you! Cum in me every day so I never forgot what it feels like to get knocked up! Keep drinking that milk and remember how we’re going to feed all your little babies! Mommy I’m making so much milk right now! I’m going to feed so many little mouths with you!”

Cum started spurting from my heavy balls and into Amanda’s pregnant womb, making her cum even harder than before, “Fuck yes! Fuck yes! YesYesYES!!! Keep at his balls girls! Make sure your boss shoots all his spunk deep inside me! If any of his thick load starts to leak out you better gobble it up! It’s your job to be good little workers and clean up after your boss! Don’t let a single drop fall on the couch!”

Karen and Trisha did a commendable job allowing nary a drop to hit the couch, but it was unclear why Amanda cared. Cum had likely fallen on every surface in the house at one time or another.

We took a moment to breath, then Sally pulled Amanda back to my side and held her in her arms. The mother met her daughter’s lips and the pair cuddled and kissed. Taking a leaf out of their book, Mom and Elizabeth started making out as well.

I looked down at Karen and Trisha who were still dutifully lapping at my balls, although based on their expressions they were not sure whether or not they were still supposed to. I smiled at them and held out my arms. Big smiles broke upon their lips laced with stray pubes as they climbed on top of me, leaning their hands on my chest as Trisha straddled my left leg, Karen my right. They rubbed their slick slits up and down my thighs as they spoke.

“Did we do a good job on your balls?” Karen asked.

“Yeah,” Trisha added, “we want to make sure we do a good job. We know what it’s like to be on the boss’s bad side.”

I reached my arms around them and grabbed a hand full of ass check from each. “Thanks girls, you both always do a great job. You could never disappoint me. In fact, I think I should show you how thankful I am.”

The girls giggled and I repositioned them. I moved Trisha first, sitting her cute butt on my thigh with her legs facing inwards, then I moved Karen to mirror her. Their big bellies rubbed against one another as I narrowed the gap between my legs, bringing their dripping pussies together as well. I adjusted myself into position, then slid my meat upward between their grinding slits, eliciting groans from all three of us.

I continued to slide upwards until the tip of my cock was wedged between their bulging bellies and the base was pressed between their simmering slits. The girls leaned forward and shared a deep kiss, then started toying with each other’s tits.

I kept up the friction below as I said, “You girls really don’t need to worry about disappointing your boss, because if you quit like Elizabeth said then I won’t be your boss anymore.”

Karen broke her kiss with Trisha and moans, “Not true, if we stay home to be full time baby-makers then you’ll still be our boss. You’re the man of the house.”

“Yep,” Trisha confirmed, “no matter what we do he’s going to have us working for him.”

Karen giggled as the girls started teasing the other’s nips even harder, “He’s sliding his thick cock between both of our pussies and our pregnant bellies at the same time. I think it’s safe to say our boss has claimed us for himself.”

I slid my cock downwards, out from between their bellies and lined myself up at Karen’s door. “Yep, I got you girls hook, line, and sinker!” As I said sinker, I sank myself deep into the former lesbian beauty, drawing a moan from her carpet munching lips.

“Go girl!” Trisha cheered. “Take that dick like you mean it! You look so good when he pistons into you and makes your big pregnant belly bounce along with your big milky tits! Oh lord, your tits are leaking girl!”

“Y-y-your’s too.” Karen fought through an orgasm to alert her partner. Sure enough, their udders were dipping milk onto their pregnant bellies, still rubbing together. I pulled out of Karen and lined up with Trisha.

“So you’re going to switch off each time we cum?” Karen panted.

“Seems fair to me.” I said as I plunged into Trisha, who came instantly and rather loudly.

I felt her walls spasm around me as I looked back at Karen and tried to speak over Trisha’s cries, “Okay, maybe I’ll give her some more time. She deserves more than one second.”

She winked back at me, “Fair enough, she’s such a lightweight. I’m going to try to shut her up before she wakes the babies.” Karen pulled Trisha back into a kiss, muffling her lover’s cries.

I loved watching them kiss while their milky tits dripped onto their bellies, pumped wide with my babies. I realized how much they meant to me, and a feeling of guilt rose within me.

“I’m sorry you can’t go on the trip with us.” I said, “I’m going to find a way to make it up to you. I’ll find time to take you on a trip too.” I pulled out of Trisha and plunged back into Karen.

“Such a good boss.” Karen moaned. “Where are we going to go?”

For a spit second Trisha looked nervous, but she relaxed when I said, “Well I guess if this is going be a beach trip, we should do something completely different for the next trip. Trish, your boss has a task for you.”

“Yes sir!”

“I need you to think about where we should go on our next trip, I’m trusting you to decide.”

“Yes siiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrr!” She cried as I switched back to her. Of all the fluids this girl was leaking, the single tear down her face made me the proudest by far.

“What if she picks someplace boring?” Karen asks teasingly, vigorously milking her opposite.

I smiled at her, “If I’m with the two of you, I couldn’t imagine being bored.”

Karen smiled and mouthed, “Thank you”. I just winked at her.

By now their lactation was in full swing and a milky curtain lubricated the frottage between their tubby tummies. “Oh my.” Elizabeth said. I was mesmerized by the leaking lesbians and forgot that I was flanked by my other lovers. I did not know how long they were watching, but I was happy to give our audience a show as I switched back to Karen.

Amanda said, “We can’t always waste milk like this. Once there are more little mouths to feed, we’ll have to save it for them.”

“Oh, don’t worry about that.” Mom replied. “When you were little, your mother produced milk like a cow.”

“Judy!” Sally blurted, hiding her reddening face between her hands.

“Don’t act all embarrassed, you’re going to be a valuable asset on the feeding front.” Mom teased.

“Well, you didn’t have to say cow.” Sally murmured.

“I didn’t know how else to describe it, you were like a faucet.”

Sally still had her head buried in her hands while Amanda, face alight, turned around and said, “Wow Sally! Is that really true? I’m not surprised your body did it’s best to make sure I was well fed.”

I switched back to Trisha, climbing to my climax. Trisha was wailing, milk and cum spraying. I wanted to give my audience a good finale so I pulled out and slid my cock between their pussies again, then up between their budging bellies. Milk smeared across my cock as I heard Amanda say, “So much for not making a mess.” My fellow performers ground hard into my rod as they started spraying; my cue.

My shots emerged from between their grinding bellies and rained down upon the howling hussies, generously coating them from their bellies and tits, across their necks and faces, and even up to their hair.

I noticed the other girls had left the couch and were standing opposite me to watch the final moments, although I didn’t know if they were trying to get a better view or just avoid the ‘splash zone’. Either way, my performers fell backwards in opposite directions onto the couch, heads laid on each arm rest, and passed out with satisfied smiles. The rest of the girls gave a little applause.

“I’m going to make sure the babies didn’t wake up.” Sally said, striding from the room.

I assessed my body and realized I looked almost as messy as Karen and Trisha. “I’m going to tidy myself up.” I said as I stood up.

“We’ll handle those two.” Mom said, approaching the passed-out pair as I left to room.

I faintly heard Amanda say something about an idea as I went upstairs to the restroom. I stepped in the shower to hose myself off, then dried off and headed back towards the living room. I saw Aunt Sally leaning over the crib, watching over my sleeping babies.

I crept up behind her and whispered in her ear, “Thank you for taking such good care of them.”

“It’s nothing.” She replied bashfully.

“It’s not nothing.” I wrapped my arms around her. “It’s all day, every day. The whole time we’re at work, and a lot of time in the evenings and at night too.”

“Okay, it’s not nothing, but I love doing it. A few months ago, I could never have imagined I would be so happy. I forgot how much I love taking care of babies.”

“You’re so good at it too. Is it true what Mom said about these?” I slipped my hands up to her ample tits.

“Well, Judy might have exaggerated a little, but it’s true that I lactate way more than normal.”

“I want to see.” I started rubbing and tugging at her bosom, eliciting a slight moan from her. “Shhh, you need to stay quiet.”

“But I can’t stay quiet if you…” she stopped abruptly as she felt my tip nudge against her womanhood.

“If I what?”

“If you keep… making… me… feel… oooooh!” She moaned as I slid inside.

Shit! She really could not keep it down. I moved my hand over her mouth as I started pulling her out of the room. In response, she grabbed my arm and tried to pull it back to her needy nipple, though I managed to keep my hand over her mouth. She continued to grind back against me as we backed out of the room. It looked like we were trying to kidnap each other.

Finally, I managed to pull her out of the room. She pushed me back across the hall into the bathroom, seating me on the side of the large tub then climbing into my lap facing me.

She impaled herself on me and said, “Please start sucking, I’m so close!” I closed my lips around a nipple, and warm milk filled my mouth as the scent of lactose filled my nostrils. I suckled as she moaned, her pussy pulsing on my member. She brought her other udder to her own mouth, “Don’t judge, it’s really good.”

I affirmed with an, “Mmhmm”, unwilling to break away from her spilling teat. Burying myself in her chest was so comforting, it reminded me of when Elizabeth and I used to cuddle, safe and warm. That said, the current situation was far less wholesome considering my aunt was spasming around my dick, moans muffled by her own mons. She ground into me harder, milk dripping down her chin as her suppressed squeals grew louder. She jerked suddenly, involuntarily, from the pleasure, causing her tits to slip from our mouths.

“Damn!” I exclaimed as her breasts fell between us, still spilling milk like faucets. The creamy liquid poured down my chest and her belly, then pooled in the tub below.

“Okay,” she mewled, “maybe Judy wasn’t exaggerating.”

I pulled her into a milky kiss as I drilled into her below. Milk flowed around the base of my manhood, my nuts tingling as it washed over them. I broke the kiss.

“Fuck, you’re still going!”

“It’s for you baby, you made me like this. You made those little babies in there, and the one in here.” She rubbed her milk matted belly. “And you’re going to make more for me. And with me!”

“Fuck yes I will! You’re mine, and this is mine too.” I laid my hand over her belly too, over her hand.

“Yes! All yours!”

“Your daughter too, you’re precious Amanda. She’s mine.”

“Yessss!” Her pussy clinched hard.

“Say it.”

“My daughter belongs to you! Her womb belongs to you! I’m soooo jealous of her!”

“Jealous of your own daughter?”

“She will be able to have so many more babies with you!”

“But you will still get to help raise them. To feed them.” I rubbed our hands over the stream of milk.

“I get to raise my daughter’s babies, your babies! Just promise you’ll keep giving me this!”

“Always.” I promised as she had one last orgasm and fell against me, her poor udders finally spent. I had not cum yet, but she was clearly in need of a break. I helped her stand and used the shower to clean us off.

We finally made it back to the living room, and I figured out Amanda’s idea as I drank in the scene before me. Karen and Trisha were still passed out right where I left them. Each had her head laid on her respective arm rest with their legs intertwined in the middle of couch. Elizabeth loomed over Trisha on her hands and knees, licking at her unconscious partners body to clean her up. Mom faced the opposite direction, doing the same for Karen. The mother and daughter’s hinds met in the middle of the couch, joined together by a double-sided dildo. Amanda sat on the floor with her back against the couch and her head tilted far back, settled underneath the dildo where she licked their red little clits.

Amanda heard us enter and lifted her head up, “Finally back? Took you long enough. Wait, were you fucking without us?”

“You were fucking without us too.” I pointed out.

“No, we’re just cleaning.” Amanda quipped, returning to her ministrations.

“Riiiight.” I responded. Aunt Sally had gotten me worked up, so I wanted to get off one more time before bed. Amanda already had a turn, and so had Karen and Trisha. Sally could not handle any more, so I had planned to finish with Elizabeth or Mom. Unfortunately, they looked a little busy right now.

Elizabeth seemed to read my mind, turning her head to lock eyes with me, “What’s wrong Ray? Can’t you see our little tushies are sticking in the air for you?” I smiled at her and approached the group, Aunt Sally following behind me. Standing over Amanda, I reached out and rubbed one palm against my sister’s ass, and the other against my mom’s.

Amanda lifted her hands up to join mine. “Who gets to go first?” she asked, giving her tongue a quick break from pussies above her.

“I think I’ll start with Mom.” I said as I patted her tush. I heard a pout from Elizabeth so I continued, “And I’ll finish with you Lizzy.” Then I heard a pout from Mom. “Come on, you don’t want to deal with the leaking after we finish.” I kept one leg planted on the floor while I threw the other over the pile of ladies, bracing it against the back rest of the couch. Sally moved her arms around my body to help me keep my balance, and took advantage of the proximity to kiss my neck. I reciprocated, moving my arm around her to hold her tight against me.

“I don’t mind leaking for my boy.” Mom said as Amanda spread her cheeks for me. “I’d do anything for my big strong boy.” Aunt Sally used her hand to tease my tip against her sister’s puckered little asshole.

“I can’t wait until the vacation so I can fuck your pussies again.” I said as I sank deep inside her.

“Aaah,” Mom groaned, “Thank you sir.”

“Sir?” I asked, slowly pumping.

“Duh Mr. Manager,” Elizabeth chimed in, “you’re her boss, what else would she call you?”

“It just feels weird to hear my mom call me sir. You should call me Ray, or baby or honey or whatever.”

“But what if Mrs. Moody wants me to report to you?” Mom asks, fighting through her grunts. “I can’t speak to my boss so casually.” She pushed back hard against me, grinding into the dildo she shared with her daughter.

“Yeah,” Elizabeth said, grinding back with a whimper, “she can’t talk to her superior like that, it makes it look like your subordinates don’t respect you.”

“I’m supposed to make my own mom call me sir?”

Aunt Sally giggled, “Either that or your majesty.”

Mom was way too close to cumming for humor, but Elizabeth and Amanda shared a laugh.

“Here are those reports you asked for my liege!” Amanda joked.

“My lordship, would you like a refill of coffee?” Elizabeth joined in.

Laughing along with them, I asked Mom, “How does that sound?”

“I’ll call you sir, king, fuck I’ll even call you daddy!” Mom cried as she tightened on me like a vice and sprayed over Amanda’s face. “Fuck that was good baby, I can’t wait ‘til you fuck my pussy again.” Mom panted, catching her breath.

When Mom finally loosened up, I slid out and pulled my leg off the couch and back onto the floor. Turning about-face, I threw my other leg over and mounted Elizabeth. Amanda spread the cheeks while her mother lined me up again.

“I can’t wait either.” My sister moaned as I pushed inside. “Can you imagine if Mom walked into work with a big pregnant belly and called you daddy?”

“I don’t know if we would be fired first or arrested.” I replied, pausing for a moment to allow her simmering hole to adjust.

“I wouldn’t be so sure.” Amanda said. “Remember our day in the park, when we got caught a girl joined in.”

“True, but the other one freak out.” I reminded her.

“Fair enough, maybe don’t be that blatant at work.” Amanda conceded, shifting slightly to get a better view of my plunging manhood as she continued to work her magic on my sister’s clit.

“During our trip, on the other hand,” Elizabeth teased, “be as blatant as you want.”

“Yeah baby.” Mom cooed, mostly recovered from her orgasm. “Remember you promised you would fuck me where we would get caught.”

“Yes!” Amanda cheered, “It was so hot when we did it! If you’re lucky maybe you can get a girl to join in again. Another chance to pump your load in a complete stranger.”

Elizabeth moaned, “Would you like that Ray? Plunging your dick in some stranger’s sopping cunt? No protection and no consequences? Not even ask if she has a boyfriend or a husband as you claim her for yourself?”

“Fuck yesss.”

“Tell me you want it!” Elizabeth cried.

“I want it!”

“Want what?”

I started the fantasy, “I want a girl to catch us fucking. I want her to start drooling for it. I want her to drop on her knees and beg for it.”

Elizabeth cut in, moaning, “Fuck yes! Beg for it bitch!”

“I want her to start sucking me, licking up and down.”

“Fucking worship that slab!” Amanda squealed.

“And don’t forget his balls!” Aunt Sally joined, massaging mine. By now Elizabeth was well in the middle of cumming. Her ass squeezed me so tight it helped to stave off my own orgasm for a moment.

“I’ll finally give in,” I continued, “pinning her to the ground and shoving myself deep inside her.”

Mom moaned, “Fuuuck yes, plunder her pussy baby!”

“I’ll make sure the knows this is about my pleasure, and she’s just there to catch my cum.”

Sally nibbled my ear, “She’s still going have the most earth-shattering orgasm of her life.”

“And then I’m going to say she better be ready for motherhood… because I’m… I’m about to… fucking… take my cum bitch!”

My sister started squealing, “Fuck yes cum inside! Cum inside me and knock me up! Give me your baby! Make me your bitch! Claim my womb for yourself! Ruin me for any other man! Fucking break me! Gape my little hole! Mold it to the shape of your dick! Shoot your jizz up me to gangrape my helpless little eggs! Make me raise a stranger’s baby! Or twins or triplets or fucking ten at once! Give it to meeeeeeee!”

My balls finally pumped out all they had, although my aunt still used her fingers to try to coax just a little bit more. I started to think we took our fantasy a bit too far at the end. Especially Elizabeth, I mean who even thinks of stuff like that? I collapsed onto the couch, squeezed between the back rest and Trisha, who still laid blissfully unconscious under Elizabeth, who then collapsed on Trisha’s other side, leaking copious globs of goo from her rear.

“Congrats again on your promotion bro.” she breathed.

“Thanks, I promise I’ll take care of you.” I smiled at her, then rubbed my hand against Trisha’s plump belly, bloated with my child. “I’ll take care of all of you.”

Elizabeth’s hand met mine as she smiled back, “I know you will.”


The next day at work we learned that our team was scheduled to go on our trip in a couple of weeks. We would depart from the airport early Wednesday morning and return Sunday afternoon. I spent part of each day learning my new position, but luckily my special projects had already prepared me for most of the job.

When Martha learned that I was promoted above her, she looked uneasy. I found a moment alone with her and said, “Relax, I’m not going to get you in trouble.” I was certain she was nervous about what I might do regarding her attitude issues and little breaks. “You’ve been behaving quite a bit better in the last few months. Just make sure you treat Karen and Trish right, got it?”

“Yes sir.” She stammered. I already thought it was weird to hear the others call me sir to tease me, but hearing my former boss say it so matter-of-factly; it felt like I was in a different world.

“Are you looking forward to the trip?” I asked.

“Yeah, and my sisters are too. They listen to a ton of online music and it turns one of the bands they love is local to the area. I can’t wait to tell them when we’re going so they can look up concert times.”

“That’s great! I hope they have a concert while we’re there.” Honestly, I could not be less interested in going to some rock concert or whatever it was. The only genre I liked was Mongolian throat singing. That said, I genuinely did hope they managed to get tickets for themselves.

“Thanks Ray, one of my sisters is really scared of flying, so hopefully the prospect of a concert helps to take her mind off it.”

“I’m sure it will.” I answered as Martha’s phone rang, cutting our conversation short. Still, it was nice to have a chat with my former boss without it feeling awkward.

As the vacation drew near, Elizabeth and Mom started packing, seeming almost annoyed that I was planning on packing the morning we were set to leave. I never understood it, but they rifled through so many different clothes, jewelry, beauty products, and about a thousand other things, carefully ***********ing each item like it was the one thing they were allowed to take while stranded on an uncharted island. Despite their careful vetting, each girl had bags upon bags, far more than they could carry at once. Of course, they would not be carrying their own luggage anyway. There was more than one reason the girls compared me to a mule.

My alarm sounded early in the morning, much earlier than normal. The day had finally come, so I groggily groomed myself and started packing. I opened a drawer, dumped a pile of clothes in a duffle bag, then moved the duffle bag into the restroom. I swept my arm along the counter like I was clearing a table to perform emergency surgery, knocking my toiletries down into the open bag. One zip later and I was good to go.

Aunt Sally kindly made us breakfast while Amanda reminded us that she wanted as many pictures as possible. Karen and Trisha joined Amanda to hug us goodbye while Aunt Sally started the minivan to drive us to the airport.

It was still dark when we arrived. We hugged Aunt Sally and ambled inside to meet up with Martha and her sisters. As anticipated, the girls carried one bag each, leaving me with the other nine-hundred. We caught a glimpse of Martha standing near the ticket kiosk. The girls ran over to her while I trudged behind.

I met Martha eyes and smiled, then shifted my gaze to her sisters, ready to meet them. Strangely, they looked a bit more familiar than I expected. I rubbed my two brain cells together and finally remembered.

“Oh shit!” I said out loud, completely shocked.

“Oh shit!” One of the sisters groaned.

“Oh shit!” The other sister trilled excitedly, sporting a visibly pregnant belly.

How did I fail to put two and two together? Martha told me her sister fucked some random guy at the park. I fucked a random girl in the park. On the same day. Fuck!

“What’s wrong?” Martha asked.

“Do you guys already know each other?” Mom joined. I was in a bind, it was not like I could just say ‘oh yeah, not really, they didn’t get my name, and I only know them as Good Bitch and Bad Bitch’.

“Um.” I started, thinking about how to properly maneuver through the situation.

Elizabeth was not so reserved, moving to the pregnant girl, “You must be the girl Ray fucked in the park a few months ago. He told me all about the story. So good to meet you! Elizabeth, by the way, but please call me Lizzy! This is our mom Judy, and this handsome hunk is Ray. I know you’ve met him already, but I don’t think you learned his name.”

“Thanks! Nice to meet you too!” Good Bitch beamed. “I’m Gwen, and this ray of sunshine is my sister Brianna.”

Bad Bitch, I mean Brianna, looked more like a storm cloud waiting to discharge a bolt of lightning. She was staring daggers into me, and I genuinely felt bad that I was going to ruin her vacation. I had nothing against her and harbored no ill intent, but I knew my presence would make her uncomfortable.

“No way!” Martha sputtered. “You’re the one who fucked my sister?” My face turned bright red.

“It’s okay sis, he didn’t take advantage of me or anything.” Gwen said.

“I know, I know,” Martha started, “it’s just that I… I didn’t…” Martha began trailing off as Mom jumped in.

“What a coincidence! Look at the time, we have to get going.” Mom shut down the awkward conversation with the speed and precision of a bomb squad as we claimed our tickets and rushed towards security.

I was bringing up the rear, dragging the bags along as I found myself next to Martha. The other girls were already going through the security check while Martha and I waited. She turned to me, biting her lip, then began.

“So you fucked my sister, huh?”

“Like I said, I’m really sorry. Honestly, I had no idea who she was.”

“You just fuck random girls then?”

“Well um, not exactly…” I was really flustered. “It was kinda just in the moment.”

“Relax Ray, I’m really not mad. I just hope it doesn’t make things weird.”

“Oh, I’m sure things are going to be weird.”

“I mean between us. Remember you said maybe, just maybe, if I changed my attitude, you would consider… You know.”

“I remember alright.” I still had no intention of fucking Martha anytime soon. She was still an S-Tier Ultra Bitch in my book, but it was true that she had improved. She had even apologized to Karen and Trisha. Hell, they even forgave her.

“We’ll see.” I said as the security agent called for us.

We got to the gate just in time as Mom passed our tickets out randomly. It seemed that we were the last to board as most of the seats were already filled. The plane was quite small and each row only had two seats. There was only one flight attendant, tall and slim with platinum blonde hair. Her eyes locked with mine and she rushed over. She examined our tickets and quickly guided us to our seats. We came across two empty seats and she gestured for Elizabeth and Martha to sit, a couple of rows later she sat Mom down next to Gwen (I wondered what they would talk about), and we continued forward until we came to the very last row at the rear of the plane, then it hit me.

I was sitting next to Brianna.

“Would it be possible to switch seats with somebody?” I asked, knowing it would make Brianna more comfortable.

“Please!” Brianna pled, “Just with one of the members in our group. It’ll take two seconds.”

“We’re already running late.” She answered, grasping Brianna’s shoulder and pushing her towards the inner seat. Brianna complied meekly, trembling a little, then the attendant grabbed my arm and tugged me towards the seat too. As I sat down, the attendant scurried towards the front of the plane to give her presentation about the safety procedures.

Brianna curled into a little ball in her seat, tucking her head down. She looked like she might cry.

“I’m not going to do anything. Really, it’s okay.” I tried to reassure her, but to no avail. As the flight attendant listed a few different emergency situations, Brianna started shivering and taking short, raspy breaths.

“Right, Martha mentioned one of her sisters is afraid of flying.” I said.

Brianna just tucked her head down further with a pout.

“I’m not trying to make fun of you, a lot of people are scared to fly. It’s completely normal.”

She lifted her head and met my gaze. She still did not like me, but I could tell that in that moment she was more worried about the plane than anything. I hated to see her like that, so I wanted to help in any way I could.

I moved my arm in her direction, eliciting a recoil from her as she leaned as far away as she could, looking panicked. I reached past her, clutching the window shade and pulling it down.

“There, that should at least help a little. Just pretend you’re on a bus.”

She gave a slight nod and closed her eyes. I think she was trying to enter that mental space. That said, her breathing was still erratic. The flight attendant returned to the rear of the plane, sitting in the sole seat across the aisle from us, apparently reserved for her. She shot me a quick smile before buckling her seatbelt. I smiled back, then returned my attention to Brianna.

“You’re doing great, just breath with me.” I started taking long, slow, deep breaths. It took her a few seconds, but she eventually slowed her breathing down to keep rhythm with me. The plane started to move, taxiing towards the runway. Her tension started rising again, but she fought to maintain focus on her breathing.

After a few starts and stops, and a turn here and there, the plane started to accelerate forward, faster and faster. Her breathing accelerated along with it, until all the little vibrations from the texture of the runway vanished, signaling our slight against gravity.

“Eep!” Brianna squealed as she jumped as far as she could into my arms. My face went bright red as she buried her head into my chest. I rubbed my hand up and down her back and continued my deep breaths.

The flight attendant giggled at me, then she mouthed, “We get these all the time, thanks for taking care of her.”

Eventually Brianna’s breathing slowed again, her breath brushing across my chest. She timidly pulled away from me while her eyes scanned upwards until they locked with my own, then it was her turn to blush as she jolted her head to face away from me. I let out a small chuckle.

By now the plane was cruising high in the sky and sunlight was cresting the horizon. Most everyone had closed their windows and shut their eyes, eager to recapture some of the sleep forfeited by waking up for the flight. Quite a few had headphone on as well, and with my seat neighbor now staring at the wall, I started to feel alone on the plane. Especially when the stewardess left her seat and went towards the front. I decided I might as well squeeze in some sleep too, allowing my eyes to fall closed.

I had just started to drift off when I felt a hand tugging on my arm. I snapped out of my daze to find Elizabeth standing in the aisle next to me, a finger pressed over her lips to shush me. She pulled me into the aisle and into the small restroom at the rear of the plane, right behind the still absent stewardess’s seat.

The door closed and the lock clicked as my sister turned to face me. “Wanna know a crazy idea that I had?”

“I think I have a guess.” I responded.

“Ooh, what’s you’re guess?”

“I think it might have something to do with this.” I wrapped my arms around her and squeezed her supple tush.

“You’re definitely on the right track.”

“What about this?” I pulled a hand back around and rubbed my fingers against the fabric covering her crotch.

“Colder,” she jeered, to my slight dismay. “C’mon, you know we’re technically not on vacation yet.”

“Fair enough, but you can be cruel sometimes with your teasing.”

“I know, I just want to make it special with you.” She clutched my hand and moved it back to her ass.

“You said I was close when I grabbed your ass, what did I miss?”

“There’s one other piece to the puzzle.”

“I think I know what that might be, but my hands are full right now. Would you mind?”

“Of course! What kind of little sister would I be if I didn’t help my big brother out?” She clasped her hands around my manhood, still sheathed in my pants. “And it feels like my big brother needs a lot of help.”

“Sooo much help.”

She stroked up and down as her other hand slowly tugged my zipper. My own hands migrated a little, slipping inside the back of her pants for warmth, and squeezing her wide, round buttocks. She pulled my member free as I slid her bottoms down to the middle of her thighs, exposing one another. Her lips met mine as I pressed forward, nudging against her womanhood.

She moaned into my mouth as her pussy drooled over my shaft. I rubbed back and forth, tilting to make sure I was thoroughly lubed for her.

I broke our kiss, spinning her around and pressing her against the wall. I lined myself up and stuffed the tip into her tight pulsing sphincter.

“How close am I now?” I whispered in her ear.

“Spot fucking on.” She breathed as I impaled her. “Welcome to the mile high club.”

“We should join every club.” I said, her ass quivering on me.

“I don’t even know any other clubs, but if we find one let’s do it.”

“Maybe if we fuck on a submarine, we’ll be in the mile deep club.”

“Fuck,” she moaned, “it feels like your already in the mile deep club.”

“Haha, maybe a rocket then.”

“It would be fun to count down to ‘blastoff’. But I don’t know how we would get on a submarine, let alone a rocket.”

“Maybe a hot air balloon then. We could manage that.”

“I think that would… ahhh!” Her thought was interrupted by a burst of pleasure as I reached my hand to her front and let my fingers explore the hole she had denied me. “Fuck Ray, you’re going to make me scream.”

“Don’t scream now, you’ll get us busted. Plus you need to finish whatever you were saying.” I swirled my fingers inside her as I continued to pump from behind.

“Fuuuck meeee! I can’t remember what I was saying, but I’m about to bust alright.”

“Do it, cum for me.”

“Yes! Ahh… ahhh, I’m gonna cuuuuu.” I pressed my free hand over her mouth to cut her off right before she screamed. Her pussy pulsed around my fingers as her ass pulsed around my cock. I was close, but not quite there yet.

Elizabeth panted as she asked, “You didn’t cum right?”

“Not yet.”

“Thank goodness, I can’t go out leaking that much.”

“True, I hadn’t considered that. Should I finish into the toilet?”

“No!” She blurted. “Sorry about that, but no. Your seed doesn’t belong in a toilet.”

“What’s your plan then?”

My sister sat pulled her pants up and sat on the toilet, then leaned forward and opened her mouth wide.

“You’re going to suck me off? You know I just pulled it out of your ass, right?”

“Well, I was thinking about what Mom said, and she offered to do ass to mouth. I didn’t want to fall behind, you know?”

“Fall behind in what?”

“I want to be you’re go-to bitch. I don’t want you to feel like you should go to Mom rather than me if you need to get off.”

I started laughing, “I don’t even think about it like that. Honestly, most of the time it’s you two jumping me.”

“Fair enough, I guess that makes me feel better. But I’m still doing it! You need to shoot it somewhere.”

“If you say so.” I replied as she engulfed her mouth around me.

“Fuck yes, you’re so good at that. Suck me off. Make me cum inside your belly.”

She took me deeper and deeper, face going red as her throat opened wider to pull me further inside. Her eyes met mine and she winked as her nose buried into my pubes.

“Oh fuck, it’s cumming!” I announced as I dumped my load down her throat.

I finally spent my load and she came up for air, gulping great lungfuls of oxygen as her face slowly returned to its normal shade.

“How was it?” I asked.

“I was afraid it would taste really gross and dirty, but honestly it wasn’t bad. Just a little different.”

“I’m not surprised.”

“Oh really?”

“You’re my little sister, no part of you is dirty.”

“You think so? My mind is the dirtiest thing on the planet, remember that!”

“Haha, I’ll remember. Speaking of remembering, what were you going to say earlier?”

“Oh yeah! I was going to say that if we fuck in a hot air balloon, it would just be the mile high club again.”

“I guess that’s right, we’ll have to keep brainstorming.”

She giggled, “Yep, but not right now. I’m heading out, and you follow in a couple of minutes so it looks less suspicious.”


She tidied herself up a little, “Before I go, do I look normal?”

“Nope.” I replied, confusion swept across her face. “You look absolutely beautiful.”

She laughed, “Thanks Romeo, remember two minutes!”

“Two minutes!”

She slipped out the door and closed it behind her. I pulled out my phone and watched the time pass. On the dot, I slipped my phone in my pocket and opened the door to see Mom waiting on the other side. She pushed me back in and closed the door behind her.

“If you think I’m getting off this plane without joining the mile high club too, then you’ve got another thing coming.” She said as she pushed her chest into mine and pecked me on the lips. “I assume you still have enough for another round, you’re always insatiable.”

“Any man would be insatiable for you.” I whispered, then I grabbed her legs and pulled them to my side as I pushed her back against the wall.

“Maybe,” she moaned, “but this belongs to you only.” She parted her skirt to reveal her glistening pussy, unfettered by panties. “Take what’s yours baby!” She said as she unzipped my pants and release my hardening meat.

I clenched my jaw, “Sorry, but Lizzy wants to wait until later. She wants to do it during the vacation.”

“Aren’t we on vacation now?”

“That’s what I said too!” I said and we shared a laugh. “But she said not quite yet. Let’s make it special with her.”

Mom pouted, “I really wanted it, but okay then.”

“I promise we’ll do it really soon, so this time can I use your backdoor?” I asked as I angled into position.

“Why are you asking permission to take what’s yours?” She teased. I brought my lips to hers and she moaned into my mouth as I pushed my way inside her rear.

“Mmmm fuck!” She broke the kiss to shout. “Do it baby! Take what you own! Take me!”

“Not so loud.” I panted.

“They’re all asleep anyway, and most of them… ooooh… most have headphones on, and the noise of the plane is drowning out the… oh fuck yes… yesssss… it’s drowning out the sound anyway, and they have no right to stop my boy from making me cum!”

I kissed along her neck, “You’re a naughty mother, aren’t you?”

“So fucking naughty for you…” she purred.

“And shameless too.”

“There’s no shame in making my darling son feel good! It’s my motherly duty!”

“I guess you getting to feel good is just a side perk.”

“Absolutely not! It’s your duty as a son to make me feel good too!” She moaned, crushing my cock in her depths.

“Is that so? How am I doing?”

“Sooooo goooood… you’re making me feel like a bitch getting her heat sated.”

“I thought there was only one way to sate a bitch’s heat.”

“What do you mean? How?”

I whispered right in her ear, “You have to dump a fat load in her and knock her up.”

“Oh fuck!” She came hard, spasming on me. “Yes! You can do it, please do it! Just pull out of my ass and shove it in my little bitch cunt! It’s okay, just do it! Please!” She panted hard as I rutted into her, closing in on my own orgasm.

“Sorry Mom, now is not the time.” I grunted.

“Ooooh, my son is so mean!” She whimpered.

“My job isn’t to be nice, remember? It’s to make you feel good.”

She curled her lip, pouting at me.

“Go ahead, tell me you don’t feel good.” I dared.

“I can’t, I can’t do it… because your big fucking dick is tearing me apart! It’s making me feel amazing! So pure and dirty all at the same time!”

I loved it too, with every bump I felt her love. Deep past the primal rutting she yielded undying love, her motherly bond that transcended our animalistic urges. Pleasure shot up my spine as I connected with her, body and soul.

“It’s mine! All of it!”

“Take it baby! Take everything! It’s all for you!”

“Your whole body, and mind, and soul.”

“It’s yours! All of me, for all of time! I belong to you!”

“Fuck! I’m going to cum soon!”

“Do it! Fuuuck I’m about to cum again! I’m gonna cum with you!”

“I can’t… inside…”

“Do it inside me! Mark me as yours!”

“You’ll leak. We can’t.”

“What’s the point of marking me if nobody sees it? Do it inside! I need it so fucking bad! I told you before, I don’t mind leaking for my boy!”

“Then get ready for it!”

“I’m always ready for it! Anytime, anywhere for you baby! Spray it! Fill me up! Fill your mommy to the brim!” She screamed as I erupted. “Fuuuuck yesssss, shoot it deep inside me! Pump out all that nasty cum in me! I’m so addicted to you! To your dick and to your cum! To your firm hands and soft lips! To your eyes and your smile! I’m glad you claimed me! I’m so glad to be in your harem! I’m so fucking glad you’re my son!”

I grunted as my cock finally finished spurting my goo. I kept Mom in my grasp as I moved over the toilet and slowly drew myself from her rear with a ‘plop’. Pearly jizz poured from her rectum and into the bowl below.

“You know, Elizabeth said that my seed doesn’t belong in a toilet.” I said.

“Is that so, then go get her and make her eat it out of me.”

“Haha, I don’t think I’ll be doing that. Let’s just keep this between us.”

“Sounds good. I need a minute to recover and let this drizzle out. You can head back to your seat now so we don’t leave at the same time.”

“Will do, love you Mom.”

“Love you too baby.” She smiled as I sauntered out the door.

The cabin was fairly dark as most of the windows were shut so the passengers could get some shut-eye. While there was no chit chat, there was plenty of background noise from the plane, accompanied by some snores. I felt reassured that nobody heard us as I took the journey of a couple of steps back to my seat.

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed the stewardess had returned to her solo seat across the aisle from me. She shot me a sideways glance and a subtle grin. I felt pretty sure she knew exactly what was going on in the restroom. She did not confront me however, so I just took my seat and played it cool, at least until Brianna hissed in my ear.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” Her voice was as faint as it was furious. “Do you do this shit all the time? Twenty-four seven? Can you keep it in your pants for even an hour?”

“Not all the time, honest! You just catch me at bad times.” I met her gaze to find her face flushed. Her breathing was heavy, but not exactly like before, and her legs were squeezed together. If I were a betting man, I would have gone all in that she was horny. That said, I did not disillusion myself into thinking she was actually into me. Clearly the situation had her worked up, so I needed to needed to reinforce the notion that I was in control of my behavior. I did not want her to worry.

“Sorry,” I started, “they had planned this before we even got on the plane and I didn’t realize. I had to go through with it, but honestly I don’t jump at every single chance to…”

I was interrupted by the stewardess tapping my shoulder. I turned to see her holding a bottle of water out for me. “You were in the restroom when I passed out drinks and snacks. I thought you might want this. It’s important to keep your fluids up.” She winked.

My face went beet red. “Thanks…” I said as I took the bottle she offered.

“Don’t mention it.” She replied, “Just let me know if I can do anything else for you.” She moseyed back to her seat with a grin.

I turned back to Brianna, “This isn’t what it looks like.”

“You’re a pig.”

I wanted to argue, but I realized that if Family Feud had a ‘Biggest Pigs’ category, I would be a shoo-in for the number one answer. “Maybe so, but you don’t have to worry me trying anything with you, I promise. I would never make a move on you.” Yeah, there’s no way that could come out wrong.

“What is that supposed to mean?” She huffed.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean it like that. Really! I think you’re a beautiful girl, I mean you look just like your sister!”

“It’s my personality then? To you I’m just Bad Bitch, aren’t I?”

“No, please! I’m not saying that at all, and for the record I have never once called you that. I wouldn’t try anything with you because I know you don’t want to. I respect that. You have every right to be annoyed, but please don’t be afraid. I don’t your whole vacation to be spoiled just because you’re worried about me.”

She searched my eyes for a moment, then crossed her arms. “Hmph! Just try to keep the weird stuff to a minimum around me.”

“I promise.” I said as I heard the restroom door open behind me.

Mom leaned over to me as she passed by and whispered, “Thanks for that honey. I loved every second of it. Can you believe it took so long for it to drain out? Well, not all of it, but at least enough of it so I could get out without leaving a snail trail behind me. I’m sure more is going to leak later though.” Then she casually ambled away like she did not just say the most fucked up shit ever.

I turned to Brianna, desperately hoping she did not hear it.

She heard it all right. I do not know how to describe her expression other than that I am pretty sure she wanted to jump off the plane.

Across the aisle the stewardess caught my eye and mouthed, “Wow!”

I averted my eyes, opened my water bottle, and tried to blend into my seat. Any more shenanigans and Brianna would very likely rip my head off and kick it out the window.

The water went right through me as around an hour later I felt the need to use the restroom. I stood from my seat and eased my way to the door, intending my bathroom break to be as innocent as using the restroom can be. The stewardess stopped me in my tracks.

“Are you using the restroom again?” she asked.

“Umm, yeah… I have to… uh… go a lot.”

She jumped from her seat, “Frequent urination is not a good sign.”

“Thanks, I’ll talk to my doctor about it.”

“Actually, I’m studying nursing on the side right now. I should be able to help you out. If it’s serious, you need to know about it as soon as possible.” She pushed me into the restroom and closed the door.

“I appreciate it, but before you worry about it too much, I have to admit I didn’t actually relieve myself the last time I was in here.”

“You were in here for that long and couldn’t get it to start? That’s really serious!” she said as she grabbed my arms tight. “I need to check you right away!”

“No, I’m mean I didn’t even try to go.”

“Didn’t even try? I’m confused, then what were you doing in here? And why did those girls come in with you?”

“Listen, we both know what was going on in here. But this time I honestly just need to do my business.”

“That’s fine, but you can’t seriously pass up the chance to have an examination from a nurse. Regular checkups are important to make sure you’re in tip-top health.”

“Like I said, I don’t actually suffer from frequent urination or anything. I feel completely fine. Also, didn’t you say you’re just a nursing student? So not really a nurse yet anyway.” I realized that was the wrong thing to say as her eyes got watery and her lip trembled.

“I know I’m not a nurse.” She whimpered. “I’ve flunked my last three classes and I might have to quit soon. I just thought I might be able to help someone for once. It’s okay though, I know I won’t be able to help you out.”

I felt like a sack of shit. This poor girl just wanted to help me and I had to go and make her cry. I needed to fix this situation fast.

“Well, to be completely honest, sometimes I urinate more than I think is healthy. It’s just hard to admit I have a problem.”

“Really?” she looked at me with hope in her eyes.

“Yes! And I wouldn’t trust anyone more than you to make sure I’m in good condition.”

She wiped the tears from her eyes and shot a toothy grin, “You can count on me!”

She dropped to her knees and started unzipping my pants, excitement rushing through her. I almost reached to stop her since this did not feel very clinical, but I was afraid I would make her cry again. She fished my cock free and looked on in awe.

“This is the biggest I’ve ever seen! Like even in porn! I imagine this could cause a whole host of problems for you.” She said with no idea how right she was. Her hand brushed down its length, her fingers surveying each bump and vein with delicate finesse. As she stroked back up towards my base, she allowed her other hand to graze against my balls in a circling, almost coaxing motion.

I realized that her intent was to get me hard, so I asked, “Do I need to me erect for the examination? It’s okay, it’s just that I’ve never had a doctor do anything like this before.”

“Usually doctors won’t get this intimate, but I want to make sure I do a really thorough job for my favorite patient. So far, I’d say you look very healthy.”

“I see, well do what you have to do.”

“Absolutely, I’ll do anything that’s needed!” she said as she took my bulbous head into her mouth. Her warm, wet tongue grazed back and forth, then danced right under the tip.

“Fuck that’s good! Are examinations like this supposed to feel good?”

“I’m down here anyway, I might as well make it feel good. Better than hurting, right?” she asked as she pulled off, her hand now pumping against my rock-hard cock.

“So much better!”

“Now we need to get to the real examination.” she said as she turned around and bent over the toilet. “I need to see how your penis functions in action.”

“I guess that’s fine if you need to, but I don’t have a condom.”

“That’s fine, you didn’t use one with your mother or sister after all.”

“How did you…”

“You weren’t as quiet as you thought.” She teased. “Don’t worry though, I doubt anyone else could hear anything. My seat is directly on the other side of the wall so I could hear bits and pieces.”

“And you got all hot and heavy so you wanted a piece yourself?”

“No way, this is still part of your medical examination. I need to analyze your sexual health.” She reached her hand between her legs and spread her pussy for me. “Dive in and show me how you do it.”

“I don’t have a condom though. Do you have one?”

“A condom would interfere with the data I collect. I need to feel it raw.”

“Very well then.” I sighed as I mounted her and slowly pushed forward. She was quite tight, so I gave her time to acclimate to my size between each excursion forward.

“Mmmm, you sure know how to stretch a girl. While this is absolutely part of your examination, I won’t deny that I did get aroused while listening through the wall.”

“I suppose that’s natural.” I said as I finally bottomed out in her smothering sheath.

“It was so hard to pull myself away when it was time to deliver the drinks and snacks. I was getting so fucking into it.”

“Sorry you missed part of the show.”

“It’s okay, I get the whole show for myself now.” She started pumping back into me. “I need to see how long it takes you to cum, as well as the quantity and quality of your semen. That way I can make sure… ah fuck… that you are… in perfect health… fuck!” she came hard around my cock. “I hope you don’t mind if I cum a few times along the way.”

“Like you said, it might as well feel good. Cum as many times as you want.”

“Will do! Thus far, I’d say you’re very healthy. And you reach all the spots that are so easy to miss. But please keep going so we can make absolutely sure.” She spasmed on me again and again as I kept driving deep into her sopping hole. “That’s so good, I’ve never felt like this before!”

“I’m getting closer to cumming. Where do you want it?”

“Inside obviously! I need to ensure your reproductive systems are working properly.”

“But you could get pregnant!”

“That would be perfect!” she moaned. “I’ve been wanting a kid so badly. I just have this motherly instinct and I need to satisfy it. That’s why I want to be a nurse, even though, honestly, I’m not really good at it.”

Understatement of the century, as none of this had anything to do with an actual health checkup, but I still wanted to help this woman out as best I could. If she wanted a baby, it was the least I could do.

“I’ve had some experience with making babies, so I can whip one up for you.” I hammered harder and harder into her.

“Ooooh fuck! You have experience? With your mom and sister?”

“And others.”

“Like that girl sitting next to your mom out there? I noticed she had a nice round belly. Seeing it made me so excited!”

“Yeah, that’s mine alright. I’ll give you one just like it!”

“Do it, fuck me and make a baby! Show me how healthy you are! Show me how manly you are!” she cried as I fucked her relentlessly.

“You’re taking all of this in stride. You don’t think it’s weird that I knocked up my family?”

“For most guys it would be pretty weird, but if there was a cock like this laying around, I would put it to work regardless of who it belonged to.” She groaned as she sprayed against my balls as they slapped against her pubic mound. “I can’t judge them for wanting a piece. I’m just glad I get a chance too!”

My balls boiled as she came non-stop, anticipating my fertile load. “Then don’t miss your chance! Get knocked up!” I exhaled, shooting a thick load deep inside her.

“Thank you! I’m going to get knocked up by my patient! I know I’m not a real nurse but thank you for letting me feel this manly cock! Thank you for knocking up my needy little pussy! I want it so bad! I want a child so much! I want your child! Knock me up so I can raise your child! I know we won’t see each other again, but I promise I’ll be a mommy for you!”

She panted hard, apparently tuckered out, and slid forward off my spurting dick. It seemed she did not realize I was still cumming. Hot jizz sprayed across her back, streaking long pearly stripes along her uniform. A few ropes spewed against the back of her head, oozing down her neck when she realized I was still cumming. She turned around and stuck out her arms to try and block the bombardment, but to no avail. My seed sprayed the front of her uniform too, all the way up to her face before finally drizzling out onto the front of her skirt.

“How did you…” she trailed off, falling to the seat of the toilet.

“Sorry, I should have warned you to keep it in longer.”

“No, please, it’s okay. I’ve just never seen someone so healthy.” She scooped a generous glob into her fingers and brought it to her lips. “And so thick. I’m sure I’m knocked up, thanks again.”

//// (The following scene contains piss. Feel free to skip if you are not into it) ////

With the tension in my balls subsided, my attention returned to the pressure in my bladder.

“Shit, we need to get you cleaned up quick. I really have to piss.” I said.

“Why don’t we do both at once? Actually, three things at once, since I still need to make sure your urine is healthy.”

“What are you talking about?” I could not believe she was saying.

“You have to pee, I need to get cleaned off, and I need to observe your urination and examine the product. Basically, if you pee on me, we can accomplish all three at once.” She slouched down so her body covered the bowl of the toilet entirely.

“You want me to pee on you? Won’t that be dirty?”

“Sooo fucking dirty.” She cooed.

“I mean like actually dirty; it’s disgusting!”

“That’s okay, nurses need to deal with gross stuff all the time. Although, with a guy as healthy as you, I doubt it will really be all that gross.” She winked as she brought an even bigger glob of my cum to her lips, moaning as she tasted it.

I wanted to argue, but at this point my bladder was about to burst. I needed relief fast, so I pointed myself down at her and let my stream go. I aimed for her crotch, which was closest to the bowl below, eliciting another moan from her.

After a few seconds she said, “If you just aim it at my coochie then I can’t properly test your urine. Plus, you won’t clean off all this goop covering me.”

“You want me too…”

She ripped open her uniform to reveal her tits to me. “Aim up here baby! You need to cover me!”

I reluctantly lifted my shaft, allowing my stream to sprinkle up her abdomen, leaving dark stains to soak into her uniform and soak down to her skin below. The stream reached her exposed tits, smallish and pert. Unlike the cloth, when my pungent spray struck her bare skin, it splashed in different directions as it angled off her boobs.

She gasped as my urine washed over her skin and sank deep into her clothing. “That’s right, mark me. You knocked me up and now you get to mark me. Let them know I belong to you. It’s your child who’s going to grow inside me. Bathe my body in your pungent manly piss.”

I hated to admit it, but at this point it was turning me on. I wanted to give this woman what she wanted, so I aimed even higher to make sure I gave her whole body a wash. My fountain flooded her blissful face, rippling over her closed eyes and flowing down her warm cheeks. It streamed down her nose and over her mouth as her lips parted and her tongue greedily tasted the golden liquid.

Her mouth opened wider, inviting me to give her more. I obliged by spilling my bladder directly into her wanting mouth. She swallowed what she could, but soon the orifice overflowed down her chin, cascading down her neck to her shiny tits below.

She howled as her hand sank down to her twat, rubbing fiercely as I continued to shower her. The salty liquid poured down her front and past her oozing pussy, joining my leaking cum on the bottom of her skirt before seeping down and dripping into the toilet below. She was enjoying this way too much.

“Keep going! Fuck yes get it all over me! Cristen me with your piss! Get my hair too! And my hands! Yes! Right on my cunt! Piss on this cunt you just knocked up! Mark it! It’s yours now! You’re the alpha here! You taste so healthy! My baby is going to be so healthy with a father like you! Such a man, basting my cunt then drowning me in your piss!”

Eventually, my torrent turned to a trickle. I let the last few drops fall down onto her snatch, and finally my bladder was empty.

//// (End of piss scene) ////

I took a moment to admire the mess I made on her, then asked, “So what should we do now? You can’t leave like this.”

“Don’t worry,” she murmured blissfully, “I have a spare uniform in a cabinet in the back. Would you fetch it for me?”

“Unless you have a shower in the back, I don’t think a uniform is going to do much.”

“It’ll do enough. The flight is almost over anyway.”

“If you say so.” I slipped out of the restroom and noticed light streaming in from most of the windows. Most everyone was up by now but nobody seemed to be suspicious as I searched around the rear of the plane. I grabbed her uniform and some towels, then returned to the filthy flight attendant.

“Thanks,” she said, “I’ll be out in a bit.”

I took my seat next to a silent Brianna, and it occurred to me that if the stewardess could faintly hear us inside the restroom, Brianna might have too. I wondered how much she heard, but did not dare to ask her. Lucky me, she brought it up herself.

“You fucked the stewardess too?”

“Umm, you’ll see.”

The flight attendant emerged and Brianna leaned over me to get a better look. She wore a crisp looking uniform as she closed the door behind her and took her seat. I was surprise by how well she cleaned up based on how she looked when I saw her last, but she was still disheveled and shed a faint scent. She saw Brianna gazing at her, so she winked and patted her belly. Brianna’s face went red as she slumped back into her own seat.

“Did you knock her up?” she asked.

“Who’s to say? There’s no way we could know that right now.”

“But you… inside her? Even though you don’t know her?”

“Let’s be real, it’s not the first time you’ve seen me do something like this.”

“But it never gets less gross.” She huffed and faced away from me.

A few minutes later the pilot announced we would be landing soon. Brianna’s face went pale, it looked like she just remembered we were on a plane. Her breathing got erratic again as she curled into a ball. I started taking deep breaths, which she tried to mimic but tremors in her muscles made it difficult to control her inflows and outflows.

Soon the plane was in a stark decent, and I noticed her fists were clenched so tightly that I thought she might break her skin. I had to do something to help take her mind off the situation.

“Hey Brianna.” I said casually. “Just remember we’re on a bus right now, okay?” She did not respond in any way, as if her mind did not register my words. “Think about all the fun stuff you’ll get to do for the next few days.” Still no response from her. The plane was going to land soon and I swear Brianna was on the verge of a heart attack.

“You know, I would never force you to do anything,” I whispered right in her ear, “but if you want me to knock you up too, I would be happy to.”

That got her attention.

Her eyes went wide and a deep blush spread from her cheeks all the way to her ears. She stared blankly at me in apparent disbelief of what I said. I felt a small bump as the plane touched the ground and rolled along the runway, but Brianna did not react in any way.

As the plane slowed to a crawl, I said, “Sorry about that, just kidding! But I got your mind off the landing, didn’t I?” I laughed awkwardly. Brianna stared for another moment before turning away from me again. I knew she would be mad, but I was happy to alleviate her panic during the landing. I was not surprised in the slightest when she gave me the silent treatment for several minutes.

Once the plane pulled into the gate, we got up and grabbed our bags, waiting for the people in front of us to clear out so we could leave. As I waited, Brianna finally spoke from behind me.

“Thanks Ray.”

Now there was a surprise. “Thanks for what?” I asked as I turned to face her.

“Thanks for taking my mind off the flight. It made it a lot easier.” She did not meet my eyes.

“Oh, yeah. Of course! I hated seeing you suffering like that. Sorry I said that weird stuff at the end. It was the only way to distract you at that point.”

“It’s okay. I know you just said what you had to.” She murmured. I shot her a smile and for a brief moment she returned it, but then her face went bright red as she blustered, “But don’t think this means we’re cool now! I still think you’re a pig!” She turned her face to the side with a ‘hmph’.

I chuckled a little, “Fair enough, I wouldn’t expect you to change your opinion of me over something so small. I’m just happy I could make it a little easier for you.” She turned to face me for another moment, her eyes searching mine, but quickly turned away again and kept silent until we were off the plane and met up with the rest of the group.

Gwen and Martha rushed to Brianna’s side, apologizing about the seating situation. Brianna said, “It’s okay, it was really hectic as we were getting seated so we didn’t get a chance to switch around, but it wasn’t anyone’s fault.”

“I know you were really nervous about flying. If I were sitting next to you, I would have helped to take your mind off it.” Gwen said.

“Actually,” Brianna responded, “Ray helped me a lot.”

“Oh yeah?” Mom asked, “Did anything interesting happen?”

Elizabeth giggled, “Or maybe two interesting things?”

“Actually, it was three.” Brianna mumbled.

The other girls looked at one another in shock, and Gwen drawled, “You fucked Ray? I thought you didn’t like him.”

Brianna’s face went as red as a firetruck. She looked down at the floor and stammered, “N-NO! Not me! I would never… with him!”

The girls’ shock turned to into confusion, but by now Brianna’s hands were buried in her face. Since they were certainly not going to get any more information from her, they turned their attention to me.

“Well, I didn’t start it, but after our shenanigans in the bathroom the flight attendant came onto me.” I explained.

“You fucked the flight attendant?” Elizabeth confirmed. I nodded my head, then she pressed deeper, “Did you use a condom? Did you cum inside? Did you breed her?”

“Well, I don’t know for sure,” I started, “but she was asking for it.”

“Well done honey! I’m so proud of my boy.” Mom said. “I can’t wait to tell Amanda, it’s her biggest kink.”

“To be honest, it’s my biggest kink too.” Gwen added. “Ever since that day in the park with you Ray. Whenever I think about it, I get so hot.” She rubbed her hands along her pregnant belly. “She could be knocked up right now. Bred with your seed.” She came to my side and grabbed my arm, asking with a soft, raspy whisper. “Are you going to do that again during this trip? Are you going to knock up another stranger?” She pushed her pelvis into the back of my hand hanging from my side, gently grinding her crotch against it. “I hope you do, and I hope you let me watch.”

“We should get going before this goes any further in the middle of the airport.” Brianna cut in. Gwen slowly pulled off me and the group went to grab our bags and leave. We took a quick taxi ride to the hotel and checked in around noon. We had two rooms reserved for us, right beside each other on the top floor of the hotel. While the hotel rooms were not overly spacious, they each had a nice balcony overlooking the nearby beach. The rooms were joined by a connecting door, which we left open for the time being.

Each room had two queen size beds, and Martha asked, “So what’s the sleeping situation going to be? I assume my sisters and I will sleep in one room and the three of you can sleep in the other.”

“Sounds good to me.” Elizabeth said. I was helping her push our two beds together, giving us plenty of room to share with Mom.

“I’m fine with sharing a bed with Gwen.” Brianna said. “And you can have a bed to yourself Martha.”

Gwen thought for a moment, “Actually, would it be okay if I joined the other room?”

“Sounds good!” Elizabeth chimed.

“The more the merrier!” Mom joined.

“We would love to have you.” I added with a smile.

“Yay! You’re okay with this, right Brianna? Now you get a bed to yourself after all.”

“Uh yeah, that’s fine. But don’t get mad when I close the door! I don’t want to hear that stuff!”

We got everything unpacked and decided that since it was still midday, we would grab lunch and go to the beach. Everyone got changed into their beach clothes and got ready to leave. Mom and Martha both wore black bikini’s, while Elizabeth’s was blue and Gwen’s was red. I was surprised that Brianna also wore a bikini; for some reason she just seemed like she would wear a one-piece. Hers was white with frill on the bottom, and showed off a surprisingly rocking body. Mom, Martha, and Brianna wore sundresses while Gwen wore a tunic style dress and Elizabeth and I wore T-shirts. For my swimwear, I threw on my usual baggy brown swimsuit.

Elizabeth scoffed at my trunks, “You still have that thing? It’s so old and baggy.”

“I kinda need it to be baggy. If it’s too tight you can clearly see my bulge.”

“Yep, that’s the idea.” Elizabeth responded.

“I just think it looks weird, especially if I get an erection. I’d go to jail!”

Gwen walked up to me and pushed her bikini clad tits against my chest while her hand ran down my crotch. “Then you’ll just need to keep yourself under control.”

Elizabeth came up behind me and whispered in my ear, “Don’t worry, we’ll keep you satiated enough that you don’t have to worry about unwanted boners.”

“After all, how could this be unwanted.” Gwen added, giving me a gentle squeeze.

The girls pulled me out the door and we set out towards the beach with the rest of the group. On the way, Elizabeth and Gwen whispered and giggled between themselves, then announced they would run and pick up food, then meet up with the rest of us at the beach.

Martha, Mom, Brianna, and I completed the quick walk and arrived to feel white sand softly press between our toes as bright sunlight dances along rippling waves before they crashed into the shore. The sparkling water stretched endlessly into the horizon. An island, vanishingly small in the distance, poked out over the waves. Someone at work had mentioned that a resort on that island shot fireworks on the weekend, and the colors would burst beautifully over the ocean.

I noticed poles for a volleyball net on the beach a short distance away, and recalled that Elizabeth played the sport in high school. It could be fun to play a game and let her show off a little. The beach was far from crowded, with just a few people here and there, so it was easy to find a nice spot to set up our towels while we rented some umbrellas for shade.

Elizabeth and Gwen returned with a package full of sandwiches and some drinks, as well as a suspicious shopping bag. I paid it little mind a scarfed down the food alongside the rest of the group. When we were finished, Elizabeth pulled out the shopping bag as a devious smile stretched across her lips.

“We got you a gift Ray.” She chuckled as she passed the bag to me.

“Thanks.” I said, admittedly not very excited. I was pretty sure it was going to be a speedo, or worse, so I was surprised that it seemed to be a relatively normal pair of swim trunks, black near the waist and subtly faded to a deep blue down the legs. Their only remarkable feature was their size: just a little too small for me.

“There’s a changing tent right over there!” Elizabeth announced. “Let’s go try them on!”

“Let’s?” I asked as she started pulling me up.

“It’s a little small, you might need some help putting it on.” She said as she dragged me towards the changing tent.

“I’ll come too, just in case.” Gwen grabbed my other arm.

“Have fun!” Mom called after us as she joined Martha and Brianna to lay out on the towels.

After hauling me into the tent and closing the flap, the girls dropped to their knees in front of me and made quick work of removing my old swimsuit. My heart sank a little to see it tossed thoughtlessly into the corner, I had fond memories with that old suit. I had worn it when I set the record for belly flopping from the highest distance at our local pool. The pain was well worth it for that great accolade, but at the moment I was sure the girls did not care about that at all.

“Oh my,” Gwen purred, drooling over my exposed manhood. “I had forgotten how impressive this thing was.” To her disappointment I pulled the new swimsuit on. Contrary to their expectations, I did not need any help because I was a grown man and I could put a swimsuit on by myself. It took me a moment to tuck my member down the inside of the leg since it was a much tighter fit than my old one.

As I thought, the outline of my cock snaking down my shorts was easily visible, to the delight of the girls.

“This isn’t too bad, right Ray?” Gwen asked. “I mean, it’s definitely apparent, but I wouldn’t call it obscene.”

Elizabeth flashed me a devilish smile as I could detect an idea form in her mind. “Well, it might be fine now, but we need to make sure it’ll be fine if he gets hard.” Gwen smiled right back as the two reached forward and started stroking me through the swim trunks.

“C’mon, get nice and big for us!” Gwen begged.

“We need to see it big bro!”

In no time my rod was like steel, fiercely fighting against the seams of the shorts. Before, the bulge could, at a glance, easily be chocked up to a trick of the light or a strange settling of the shorts, but now there could be no mistake. I throbbed against the tense fabric, which gripped every bump, curve, and vein to leave no doubt what was concealed beneath.

“Now that’s obscene!” Gwen announced proudly.

“Sure is! Looks like we’ll need to take care of that before leaving.” Elizabeth grinned. She tried to pull my trunks down but had some trouble due to the extra tightness I provided. Gwen reached forward to pull alongside her, and the shorts eventually gave and slipped down my legs.

Once the shorts slid past my member, it shot upwards and slapped Gwen in the face. There was not much force behind, but the meaty smack that resonated when it collided with her jaw was very satisfying. The girls giggled as I asked, “Who’s first?”

“So confident,” Elizabeth purred, “but I don’t think we should stay in here for that long. I get this dick on the daily, so why don’t you put this bitch in her place even more?” She finished by moving my cock to rest on Gwen’s face, who took hot little breaths, inhaling my musk.

I grabbed the back of her head and grazed the bottom of my shaft up and down her face, frozen in awe. Then I pulled back a little and placed my tip at her parted lips. She readily engulfed me, allowing the texture of her tongue to titillate my tip while her wet lips engulfed my meaty girth.

“You really are a good bitch.” my sister teased. “After he left the park that day, I bet you never thought you’d have this dick again.” Gwen moaned a muffled agreement while Elizabeth started rubbing her pregnant belly. “But even so, you were going to have had his little baby. You still planned to raise such a good little child for him, who would have grown up big and strong like his daddy, or hot and slutty like her mommy. Do you know which?”

Gwen pulled herself from me, leaving a saliva trail dangling between her lips and my tip as she panted, “It’s a little girl.”

“She’ll be a fox when she grows up, just like her mom. Are you grateful he gave her to you?”

“So grateful…” Gwen breathed, still panting.

“Why don’t you show him how grateful you are?”

Gwen turned around and went down on all fours, then reached a hand down between her legs and pulled her bikini bottoms aside. “This is all yours, feel free to take me just like that day in the park. I’m your bitch now every bit as much as I was back then.”

“Go ahead bro, mount your bitch.” Elizabeth encouraged as I got on my knees and lined myself up. Elizabeth shed her bottoms and sat in front of Gwen. “You don’t mind doing stuff with other girls, do you?”

“Not at all, me and… ohhhhh!” Gwen gasped as I pierced her. “It feels so much better than I remembered. I’ve fantasied about this so many times. I’ve rubbed my pussy raw thinking about this cock!”

“Lucky that you get to feel it again. That poor flight attendant will have to go the rest of her life without it. Do you feel bad for her Ray?”

“Don’t feel bad!” Gwen cut in. “I missed it so fucking much, but… ah… I never regretted it. Every time I feel her kick it makes me so happy. Every time I think about that day I get so wet!” Gwen plunged her face into Elizabeth’s simmering snatch.

“Fuck yes!” my sister cried. “If you like munching carpet when you get horny then I’m going to need to keep you horny all the time.”

“I’m sure that won’t be hard, just mention this slab of dick hanging from the stud behind me and I’ll be dripping for you in seconds.”

“You mentioned you have experience with women, do tell.” Elizabeth continued their conversation as I plowed Gwen’s convulsing cunt.

“Yep, my sister and I help each other get off all the time.”

“Another pair of incestuous siblings! I’m so happy for you! How did she react when she found out about your affair with this rutting bull behind you?”

“Actually, she was there at the time, so it wasn’t secret by any means. She freaked out while we were going at it and didn’t talk to me for several days after. When I found out I was pregnant she freaked out again, but eventually she accepted the fact that I was having his baby. I think she’s even excited for the day she arrives. She loves babies.”

“Do you still lez out together since you got pregnant?”

“We took a break for a while, but recently we’ve been going at it again.”

“Do you fantasize about anything together? When you’re rubbing clits together or munching the other’s muff, do you ever like to talk dirty?”

“Fuuuck yes, I love to slide a couple fingers inside her and ask if she wishes it was a big strong boy with a long hard dick. She usually just moans, but sometimes she’ll admit what she craves.”

“Oh really?” Elizabeth asked as I continued belting into the girl between us. She took my hands as Gwen told us about Brianna’s fantasies.

“She’ll tell me she wishes a guy would come along and have his way with her. I always have to press her for more. I ask her if she wants him to shoot his jizz inside her, just like the guy from the park did with me. She usually stays quiet, but one time I got her really hot and bothered. I made her admit that she wants to get pinned down and rutted until she gets filled up so much she stretches like a balloon. She was cumming so hard that night. I asked her if she wished it was the same guy who fucked a baby into me. She stayed quiet after that, she looked really embarrassed.”

“So big brother? Are you going to make her dream come true?”

“I know Martha wants me to fuck her,” I replied, “but Brianna hates my guts for sure.”

“She just doesn’t want to admit how she feels deep down.” Gwen said. “I can tell she wants your dick so bad. I’ll hold her down if you want.”

“I don’t think I want to do that again.” I mumbled.

“What about Martha?” Elizabeth went on. “Do you want to see my brother split her wide open and baste her with cum? Do you want him to make a little cousin for your daughter?”

“Yes, fuck yesssss! I bet it would help mellow her out. It would make her so happy too.”

“Deep down I think every girl wants to get bred by a cock like this. Oh wait! I need to make a call real quick.” Elizabeth declared, pulling her phone from her bag. She tapped the screen a couple of times and held the phone to her ear. “Don’t worry about keeping quiet. Oh hey Amanda! You’re not busy, are you? You’ll never guess who Martha’s sisters are.” She changed the settings to a video call and aimed her phone down at Gwen’s face.

“It’s Good Bitch!” Amanda exclaimed over the phone. “What are the chances?”

“You’ll love this.” Elizabeth said as she angled the phone to the side to get a view of Gwen’s belly.

“You bred that bitch good!”

“Soooo gooood!” Gwen groaned.

“Where’s Bad Bitch?” Amanda asked.

“She’s out on the beach right now.” I said.

“Are you going to knock her too?”

Gwen answered for me, “Yesssss! He’s gonna pin her to the ground and pile-drive her pussy until she’s begging for his baby!”

I added, “If the situation presents itself and she wants it.”

“Yeah he’s going to breed that bitch.” Elizabeth affirmed.

“Good, and lucky for you that you get to feel his dick again Good Bitch.” Amanda moaned over the phone. I could tell she was touching herself at home. “Sorry Ray, you didn’t get to knock up a stranger and never meet her again after all. Thinking about that always got me so hot.”

“About that…” I started.

“We had some fun in plane’s bathroom during the flight today.” Elizabeth continued. “The flight attendant overheard and took a turn with him too.”

“Apparently she was begging for his baby!” Gwen said. “Ever since that day in the park I’ve had this kink. I’ve been thinking about it all day since Ray told us what happened. I want him to do it again! I want to watch this time! Like you did when he fucked me!” Gwen came, it was the first of many orgasms I was about to give her.

“So big brother, are you going to make another stranger cum on your cock during our trip? Are you going to shoot a fat load in her while she begs for a baby? Are you going to let us watch as you make her the mother of a stranger’s baby?” Gwen’s pussy squeezed tightly around me as she came.

Huffing over the phone, a very turned-on Amanda growled, “Fuck yes! Do it! God this is making me so hot, thinking about a domineering man who takes what he wants. Thinking about you pumping your virile seed deep into any good little bitch who needs it. Don’t stop at one, I want you to knock up ten strangers during your vacation!”

I thought Amanda was done being crazy, but apparently not.

“Yessssss!” Gwen howled in approval. “Ten pregnant tummies stretching with your kids! Ten mommies with little gifts from your big fat nuts! Knock them all up! And knock up my sisters too! Everyone!” Gwen convulsed tightly around my cock, trying to coax out my semen. She was going to have a wait a little longer.

“Don’t forget,” Elizabeth said, “you still have to knock up me and Mom during the trip big bro. Do you think you can handle all of this?”

“Wrong question Lizzy.” Amanda panted. “You should be asking if you, Judy, Good Bitch and her sisters, and ten other women can handle your stud brother. When you’re all laying there with his hot cum waterfalling out of your quivering cunts, unable to feel your legs, and in such bliss that you’re speaking gibberish, ask yourself if all of you together were able to satisfy his insatiable dick!”

“Good point, but we all know the answer to that.” Elizabeth moaned. “We’ve been in here for a long time, go ahead and finish up bro. Shoot it inside Good Bitch’s wet little pussy. Remind her who she belongs to.”

“Yes!” Gwen squealed, “Fill up your bitch! I belong to you! Have your way with me however you want! Sorry you can’t knock me up since I’m already pregnant with your baby!” She sprayed around my cock as the pressure in my sack climbed towards its apex.

Amanda said, “If you’re a really good bitch, always submissive and obedient, maybe he’ll be nice enough to knock you up again once you deliver that one.”

“How does that sound?” Elizabeth cooed, reaching her own orgasm. “You want my brother to knock you up again after you have his baby? You want to feel your tummy swell up again so everyone who sees you knows that you got knocked up like a good bitch? Maybe pump out another cute little girl to grow up into a smoking hot slut for her daddy?”

The girls had me cumming.

“Yes! Knock me up again!” Gwen was cumming non-stop as her pussy pulsed around me. “I’ll do whatever you want! I love you! I love your cock! I love your cum! Wash my pregnant womb with your thick spunk! Remind it how to take your cum deep inside! As soon as it’s vacant you can knock me up again, however many times you want! My pussy belongs to you, give it as many babies as it can take!”

I finished filling her and all four of us took a moment to catch our breath. Amanda said, “That was amazing, I’ll see you all later. Don’t forget your mission, Ray!” then she disconnected the line. Elizabeth pushed Gwen to her knees and leaned her against me. I massaged her belly as she closed her eyes and nuzzled into me. Elizabeth inspected her leaking pussy.

“You can’t go out leaking this much.” She said, then brought her mouth to the pregnant twat and ravenously devoured the spilling seed. My softening cock eventually popped out, releasing a torrent for my sister to tackle. In time, she cleaned Gwen and me, and we redressed and headed back outside.

“Nice swimsuit!” Mom teased as we returned. “Very… bold.”

“I just hope it doesn’t get me arrested.” I replied.

“I’m sure you’ll be fine.” Elizabeth said. “I wanna go in the water!”

“Be sure to put on sunscreen!” Mom insisted. She was still our mom after all.

I strode towards the water alongside my sister. Mom and Martha stayed behind to sunbathe, while Gwen seemed to be trying to get Brianna to join us.

Elizabeth and I held hands as we stepped into the incoming tide and water splashed against our feet. As we delved deeper in the water the waves crested higher and higher against our legs, and eventually up to our mid-sections until a particularly large one crashed against us, knocking us on our asses and washing us a ways back towards the shore. We emerged laughing, splashing and swimming against the tide. We spent several minutes playing in the sea water, enjoying wholesome fun together.

As we drifted out to deeper water, I dove down and swam towards my sister before pulling her under the surf. Bubbles seeped from her mouth as she giggled underwater, then we took a moment to examine our surroundings. I had expected a murky mess, but was pleasantly surprised to see a crystal-clear view of the scene around us. A tiny crab climbed a string of seaweed before me, then I noticed a dazzling fish some distance away before it dove into a cluster of crown-like coral. Reluctantly, I returned to the surface for air, Elizabeth joining me.

“This place is beautiful!” I exclaimed.

“I know, right?” Elizabeth agreed.

“We should go scuba diving.”

She giggled, “I think you have to be trained for that, but we could go snorkeling.”

“I suppose. But I just had an idea.” I pulled her close.

“Mmhmm?” she snuggled against me in the water.

“We can’t join the mile deep club in a submarine, but maybe we could do it while scuba diving.”

Elizabeth laughed in my face. “I don’t think we’d be a mile down in scuba gear. At our skill level we’d probably just go down like six feet.”

“Then we’ll join the six feet deep club.”

“That sounds way too creepy, it’s too close to the six feet under club.” She was still laughing. “And at any rate, I don’t want to fuck in the ocean.”

“Why’s that?”

“I don’t want to expose my cooch out here! A fish might swim inside!”

“I never even thought about that. I think I understand why Trish is afraid of the ocean.” I subtly used my hand to cover my butt.

“Speaking of afraid of the ocean.” Elizabeth gestured towards the shore. Gwen held Brianna’s hand, slowly guiding her into the water. Brianna took timid steps, occasionally leaping back as the tide rushed in at her.

Elizabeth and I treaded water for a few minutes as we observed her progress. When Brianna finally found herself waist deep in water, we swam back towards her to congratulate her.

“Nice job!” Elizabeth beamed.

“You’re doing great,” I added, trying to be supportive, “and you have nothing to be afraid of. We’ve already scouted out pretty far. No monsters around here!”

Gwen winked at us, “See! I told you it was safe, and you’re doing so good!”

Brianna cracked a bashful expression, “Thanks, but don’t get the wrong idea! I’m not scared of everything. Just flying and the ocean!”

Likely story.

“Nobody’s saying that you’re afraid of everything.” Gwen comforted her sister. “We’re just proud that you…”

Before Gwen could finish, Brianna screamed, “Something touched my leg!” She leaped as high as she could, her face panicked as her eyes darted around her surroundings. They locked onto me, and quick as lightning she climbed onto my shoulders as I barely managed to keep my footing.

“Are you okay!?” Gwen cried. She and Elizabeth rushed to Brianna, still perched over my shoulders. Now all three girls seemed panicked as Gwen and Elizabeth stuttered and asked jumbled questions, trying to make sure Brianna was okay as she trembled over me, softly whimpering.

I scanned the water to find a piece of seaweed suspended in the water right where she had stood. I grinned to myself, but did not point it out as I did not want to embarrass her any further. I cut off the over-reacting girls as I spoke. In my softest, deepest, gentlest voice, I asked, “Do you want me to carry you back to shore?”

All three paused, then Brianna finally sniveled, “Mmm.” I slowly stepped back to shore before pulling her off me and gently lowering her feet to the sand. I noticed her face was bright red as she stared down at beach below for a few seconds. “Thanks.” She murmured, as tears began running down her cheeks. “But I only jumped on you because you were the tallest!” Her tears were really streaming when she finished, “Don’t get any funny ideas!” She darted off towards an isolated spot down the way with Gwen trying to keep up behind her.

“We should give them some space. I think she just needs a little bit of time.” Elizabeth said.

I did not want to go anywhere near that shit, so her plan sounded good to me. “Soooo… wanna go boogie boarding?” I asked.

Elizabeth smiled back at me. “You bet!”

We spent the next couple of hours having fun with the boogie boards before we got tired and started making sand castles. I had a blast with my sister, although it was tough to watch the tide wash away my much labored over Krak des ChevaliRay.

Gwen finally hauled Brianna back to join the group, and Martha and Mom joined us on a walk down the beach. We collected sea shells as horizon slowly swallowed the sun, bathing the beach in beautiful orange rays. Again, our fun was mostly wholesome, aside from when Elizabeth held two seashells over her nipples and asked me if she should get some string and make a bikini top out of them. I convinced her that it would be too much work, and we started heading back towards the hotel.

The six of us got changed and decided to find a seafood restaurant for dinner. We settled on a place called Crimson Crawfish, which seemed to have died down from the dinner rush. There was no wait, so we were quickly guided to our table, a large circular one in the corner with a red and white table cloth draped over it. I sat on the far side, with Elizabeth on my left and Mom on my right. Gwen sat opposite me, with Martha on her left next to Mom, and Brianna on her right next to Elizabeth.

Our waitress came by and cheerfully announced her name and listed off the specials, but I could not focus on a single word she said as I felt two hands join together to squeeze my bulge under the table cloth. I managed to calmly order my drink, despite the under-the-table ministrations of my sister and mother. Soon I realized the cloth provided plenty of cover, and allowed myself to relax as I stretched my legs under the table, enjoying the handjob over my pants.

We made easy conversation as we waited for our waitress to return, just talking about work stuff and how Gwen and Brianna were doing in school. Mom and Elizabeth did not escalate their speed or pressure, rather they allowed me to enjoy a subdued massage as our waitress returned.

This time I stayed collected, examining the foxy redhead. She looked a little older than me and about as tall, with a rather thin frame and smallish but perky tits. She allowed her cleavage to breath, which I appreciated as she leaned forward to set my drink down.

We ordered our food, which was difficult for me as the ladies decided to tease my tip right when it was my turn. Mom got salmon, Elizabeth and I both got shrimp with melted butter (we agreed tartar sauce is disgusting), and the three sisters on the other side decided to share a lobster pizza.

We continued to chit-chat as we waited for our food to arrive. I felt a gentle nudge against my right foot as someone slowly, sensually, rubbed her heel on mine. I could not tell who it was, but it was coming from the right side of the table so either Mom, Martha, or Gwen. I did not mind so I let her keep at it, enjoying all the attention I was receiving under the table.

I was very surprised to feel another nudge, this time against my left foot, before the culprit shifted her leg up and stroked in against mine. Now I was playing double footsies, and I did not even know who was behind it. I figured it was likely Gwen doing both, until she made eye contact with me and softly smiled as I felt a foot from across the table slide up my thigh and against my bulge.

Elizabeth, Mom, and Gwen shared a slight jolt as they felt one another, but they shared subtle smiles across the table and the three continued their massage on my shaft. Strangely, the feet rubbing against mine were still going from opposite sides of the table.

At first, I thought it could have been Elizabeth and Mom, but it was a rather awkward angle for them as they were sitting beside me and the feet felt like they were coming from the other side of the table. At least one could have been Gwen’s other foot, and I would not be terribly surprised if Martha took advantage of the anonymity of the table cloth to get a chance for some clandestine flirting.

I decided that it was most likely Martha toying with my right leg, and Gwen using her other foot on my left leg. Then, for a brief moment, I pondered if it might be Brianna on my left, but my attention was quickly drawn to our waitress, who came bearing a tray with our food.

She placed the pizza between the sisters before sliding the salmon and shrimp in front of us. As she pulled her arm back, it glanced against my side of melted butter, spilling it into my lap. The girls quickly vacated my bulge as the butter stain spread.

“I’m so sorry!” the waitress cried. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, it’s a little warm but it isn’t scalding. I’ll be fine.”

“L-let me clean it for you!” She stuttered as she grabbed a napkin, clearly worried about hurting or offending me.

“No really! Please! It’s fine!” I stammered as she plunged the napkin into my lap in a desperate attempt to soak up the mess.

As soon as she made contact she froze, feeling my still-hard manhood through my stained trousers. I stayed still, praying she would leave the napkin sitting in my lap and leave me be, but instead she started dabbing the napkin into the stain, and my member.

“I’ll make sure to get this cleaned up for you.” She rasped.

“Thank you, really, I can handle it from here.” I pleaded.

“You should let her finish Ray, or you’ll have a big stain on your pants.” Elizabeth said.

“Make sure she gets it all.” Mom added as the waitress slowly worked her way down my shaft, kneading along the way. She was well past the stained area as her napkin teased my tip. She took short breaths as her face went reddened.

“Looks like you got all of it, thanks again.” I whispered.

“Yes, of course.” She met my eyes. “It was my mistake after all. I have to take care of it for you. I’ll go get you another one. Please let me know if you need anything else.”

“Sure thing.” I said as she rushed off.

“That was weird.” Brianna commented.

“No kidding.” I agreed.

“Hey Ray,” Gwen started, “do you think you dick tastes like melted butter right now?”

“And it keeps getting weirder.” I continued.

“She’s got a good point.” Elizabeth suggested.

“I have to try it.” Gwen said as she checked to make sure nobody was looking and slipped under the table. I felt her fish me out before her lips closed around me. I did my best to act natural as Martha and Brianna looked at me in disbelief.

“I never asked for any of this.” I groaned as their sister taste-tested my cock under the table. I guessed she liked it, because she started sucking faster and faster.

“Let me know if you need any help down there.” Mom said.

“I’m not letting my food get cold.” Elizabeth announced as she started eating. The rest of us soon joined her, allowing Gwen to do what she wanted.

The waitress returned with another side of melted butter, which she carefully placed on the table.

“Everything tasting great?” She asked.

“Delicious!” Elizabeth and Mom said in unison.

“It’s good.” Brianna murmured.

“The cheese is fabulous.” Martha commented.

“It’s great!” I flashed that waitress a smile.

“Is she okay?” the waitress pointed to the empty seat.

“Yeah, she just needed to use the restroom. Pregnant stuff.” Martha assured.

“Okay.” the waitress said, then she knelt beside me. “I’m sorry again. Let me know if there’s anything at all I can get for you.”

“It really is okay. It wasn’t a big deal at all. I don’t want you to feel bad.”

“It’s sweet that you don’t want me to feel bad.” She whispered, barely audible, “Maybe I can help you feel good.”

“Really?” came a muffled voice from behind the table cloth. The waitress was shocked as Gwen lifted the cloth to reveal the situation under the table. As my cock came into view, a hunger shone through the waitress’s eyes, followed by a moment of indecision. Then, to my surprise, she slipped under the table.

Gwen emerged to take her seat. Mom asked, “So what’s the verdict?”

“Just like melted butter!” Gwen proclaimed.

“I hope you enjoy your service during dinner Ray.” Elizabeth teased as I felt the waitress slip her fingers around my meat, carefully stroking up and down.

Conversation slowly wound up again as we continued digging into our meals. In time I was able to ignore the awkwardness of the situation and enjoyed my food and my service alike. I felt her hot breath run across my cock as she placed little kisses along its length. I managed to maintain my composure as she slipped her mouth around me and started taking me inside, but I did twitch a little here and there as she pleasured me.

“Looks like you’re enjoying your service.” Elizabeth cooed.

“Is she doing a good job for you honey?” Mom asked.

“She sure is.” I replied breathlessly. My server started speeding up her efforts, focusing her mouth on my tip which her nimble fingers stroked along my shaft.

“I don’t think she can swallow one of your loads.” Elizabeth said. “Let me know when you’re close so I can help her out. We can’t let her climb out from under the table covered in your cream.”

“Although I would love to see it.” Gwen added. Her sisters sat in silence, but thankfully Brianna did not seem upset or annoyed. I wished I knew what was going on in her head, but I had more pressing matters to worry about.

I nodded to Elizabeth, who shot me a smile as she slid under the table. After some faint whispers, one mouth was exchanged for another and I suddenly I was in my sister’s capable hands. She took my deep as I prepared to bust down her throat.

“Lizzy is going to show her how it’s done.” Mom said proudly, taking my hand. “Give it to her baby, give it to your little sister.”

I sat as still and silent as possible, trying not to attract the attention of other diners as I blasted ropes of hot jizz into my sister’s mouth right there at the table. Once the torrent finally subsided, Elizabeth relinquished her grasp around me. The waitress’s mouth returned to finish cleaning me off.

Elizabeth peeked up to make sure the coast was clear, then the pair emerged from their spot at my feet. “That was amazing!” the waitress praised. “Both of you! I’ve never seen anything like it!”

“There’s certainly nothing like that dick.” Elizabeth giggled.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t handle him finishing.” The waitress said.

Elizabeth donned a sinister expression as she replied, “He isn’t finished yet. Ray, make sure to give her a fat tip.” Our waitress’s face went as red as her hair.

“I don’t think we could get away with that here.” I said.

“Not right here dummy!” Elizabeth jeered. “Is there anywhere you could get privacy in here?” She asked the waitress.

“Um…” She stammered, clearly taken aback. I figured we took it too far, but suddenly her eyes lit up. “I know just the place!” She grabbed my arm and pulled me towards the kitchen.

“Do you have other customers right now?” I asked as she dragged me along.

“No, don’t worry about it.” She assured as she halted outside the kitchen door and peeked inside. After a few seconds, she pulled my arm and whispered, “Let’s go! Go go go!” I followed her as we dashed across the kitchen. I caught a glimpse through the open backdoor to see the cooks smoking outside. She led me to a large metal door, pulling it open as cold air washed over us.

“You wanna do it in the walk-in fridge?” I asked, astounded.

“They won’t stay outside all night, but I don’t think they’ll come in here. The line is stocked up and it’s pretty slow so they shouldn’t need to grab anything out of here for a while.”

“If you say so.” I said as we stepped inside. The frigid room stretched surprisingly far, ending with another metal door which I assumed was the freezer portion. Shelves laden with food stuffs lined each wall nearly to the opposite door, but a little gap at the far end gave provided space to store a few large containers of cocktail and tartar sauce. We pushed the containers aside and squeezed behind them.

“It’s a little cold in here, isn’t it?” I pointed out.

“We’ll keep each other warm.” She purred as she pressed herself against the wall and pulled the back of her pants down. “You can do anything you want to me.”

I unzipped myself, afraid my cock would be smaller than usual, but its excitement seemed to keep it fully fluffed up as I squeezed it between my lover’s thighs, scraping the top across her vulva.

“Oh fuck yessssss…” she moaned. “I wanted this so bad when I was under the table. I didn’t expect you’d actually take me like this. I thought those girls were going to drag you away.”

“I’m pretty sure they would have killed me if I passed up the chance with you.” I whispered in her ear as I sank inside her.

“Fuck!” she gasped. “Fuck yes! You’re so deep!”

“Only halfway in.”

“Oh god! Slide it up all the way! Impale me on your big fucking cock!”

“As you wish.” I hilted into her quivering snatch, twisting to amplify our friction.

“So good…” she panted. “So what’s your relationship with those girls anyway? You had two of them blowing you under the table and the others didn’t seem to mind. Hell, they encouraged you to take me into the back and fuck me.”

“It’s certainly a strange relationship. I don’t know how to describe it.”

“Have you fucked them?”

“All but two.” I answered as I slowly pumped my turgid rod in and out.

“I’m surprised. Based on how they looked at you, I assumed you were dicking them down hard.”

I chuckled a little, “I guess you could say that for the two that were sitting beside me, and also the pregnant one across from me.”

“Are you going to fuck the other two? I can tell they want it bad. Just like that girl beside you could tell that I wanted it bad.”

I thought for a moment, “Yeah. I’m going to do it. When the time is right.”

“For their sake I hope that’s really soon.”

“You don’t think it’s weird that I’m fucking so many girls?”

“I like it when a guy takes what he wants. It’s fucking hot. And knowing that a bunch of girls want a cock that I’m getting right now, that makes me feel good.”

“I see.” I whispered in her ear. “Let me make you feel even better.” I reached my hand around her and pressed my digits into her clit, giving it a firm kneading as I built her up to a climax. The waitress squealed as she came around my cock, so I ramped up the speed of my pounding.

“Shit that’s good! You are one talented lover. I get why those girls swoon over you. And that one girl is pregnant, did you do that?”

“You caught me red handed.”

“I knew it. You stuck your big dick up her little pussy and filled it with your hot, thick, sticky, smelly jizz. I bet she begged for it.”

“She sure did.” I confirmed as I pumped even faster into her moist folds.

“Naughty boy, are you going to knock up any of the other girls with this godly cock?”

“Yeah,” I panted, “the two that were sitting next to me have already had my babies. They want me to breed them again during our vacation.”

“Both of them? That one lady is old enough to be your mother!”

“She’s a MILF alright.”

“Fuck, you really do take what you want!” The pressure from her rippling pussy squeezed firmly around my dick while my pelvis clapped into her jiggling ass.

I ran my other hand up shirt and squeezed her teat. “Yep, I’m also going to pump babies into the other two when I fuck them.”

“You like breeding huh? You find it hot when you make girls pregnant with your white hot cum?”

“I love it.” I breathed, the pressure in my balls coming to a head.

“How many babies do you plan to have?”

“So many… However many I can. There are four other girls that didn’t join us for our vacation. All four of their tummies are bulging with my children.”

“Oh fuuuuck! You take everything you want! Such a fucking man! Do you want to breed me too? Do you want to creampie my cunt with a fat load of your steaming jizz? Do you want to bust a nut in my needy little bitch pussy while I write around your thick pulsing shaft?”

“Goddamn right!”

“Are you gonna take what you want? Are you gonna make my womb yours?”

“It’s mine!” I started blasting spurt after spurt as she seized around me.

“Do it! Breed me! Knock me up! Let me help you make as many babies as possible! I can’t believe I’m getting knocked up by such a stud! Such a huge cock! Such a huge load! I’m cumming so hard! Keep cumming! Make me cum even more! I’ve never felt this good! Oh fuck, I’m never gonna feel this good again! Fuck yes! I know we don’t know each other, but I fucking love you!”

I was finally spent. As the heat died down I remembered we were in a giant refrigerator. My cock started softening, rapidly shrinking as cum began seeping out.

“Oh shit!” she blurted. “I knew your load was going to be massive but I didn’t expect this much! I can’t make a mess back here!”

“Uh oh, when I pull out it’s going to pour out.”

“Dammit, I have to think of something!” Her eyes darted around before lighting up. “I know!” She exclaimed as she held herself tightly against me and walked us backwards a little, then she leaned us to the side until we were positioned over a tub of tartar sauce.

“There’s no way you’re about to…” I trailed off as she leaned down and slid the lid away and pulled herself from me. She faintly moaned as my seed spilled from her snatch and into the sauce below. It felt like ages before the stream slowed to a trickle, then she pulled her pants up and smiled back at me.

“That was amazing! By far the best sex I’ve ever had! I can barely even stand right now.”

“Thanks, do you want me to take this bucket out to the dumpster for you?”

“What? I can’t throw away this much tartar sauce! They’ll kill me!” She dropped the lid back in place and pushed the tub back in its spot.

“You can’t just leave it here, they’ll serve it to customers!”

“Eh, it’s fine. Nobody’s going to notice. Tartar sauce has a strong flavor and smell, and even looks similar enough to cum. Plus it’s super diluted in there.”

I wanted to argue, but I did not want to get her in trouble, and she was right that it probably would not actually hurt anyone. But it was still really gross!

“Let’s get out of here, I’m getting chilly.” she said, pulling me towards the door. She peeked outside, then put a finger to her lips to signal for me to be quiet. We crept out the door and across the kitchen as the cooks were focused on cleaning the grill. She printed off our check and we strode back to the table.

“Did you two have fun?” Mom asked as we arrived. I sat down and reviewed the bill, calculating a generous tip.

“So much fun.” the waitress replied. “I can still feel him leaking out of me a little.”

“So you let him creampie you?” Elizabeth pried as she pulled the waitress to the side. Mom, Martha, Gwen, and Brianna had started towards the door while I was finishing up with the check.

“Yeah, I wanted it so bad. He told me about his plans for all of you and suddenly I wanted it too.”

“He said he has something planned for us?” Elizabeth asked. The waitress clarified by miming a pregnant belly on herself. Elizabeth’s confusion gave way to a sordid smile. “Oh, that. And he said all of us?” Elizabeth glanced at Martha and Brianna near the front door. “Interesting…”

We plodded into the hotel room as exhaustion washed over me; waking up early for the flight and spending the day at the beach had finally caught up to me and took their toll. I let the girls get ready for bed first, then I slipped into the bathroom to brush my teeth. I was certain that the girls sharing the bed with me would want to have a little orgy before going to sleep, but I knew I would not be able to keep up with them. To my surprise, by the time I walked back into the bedroom Mom and Gwen were already asleep, Elizabeth looked half asleep beside them.

She yawned, then whispered, “They fell asleep because we had to wake up so early. Looks like it’s just the two of us tiger.” I slid under the covers beside her, letting out a yawn of my own before leaning in to give her a quick kiss. “Oh yeah, are you gonna…” She yawned again, “…give it to me? I… want… you… to…” She nodded off, much to my relief, so I clicked the lamp off and joined her.

I faded into consciousness to find the girls dressing around me, giving me quite the show. My morning wood stuck prominently from the covers.

“Morning bro.” Elizabeth said with a wink. “We’re about to head to the beach if you want to finally wake up.”

“Nice of you to join us, I thought you might sleep all day.” Mom jeered.

“Hurry up or we’re leaving without you.” Gwen teased.

I noticed the door connecting our room with Martha and Brianna’s room was open, and from my spot in the bed I had a perfect line of sight to their bathroom, diagonally positioned from me. Brianna, clad only in a bra and panties, was applying makeup in front of the mirror. When she heard the others address me, she turned to see that she was in my line of sight. Her face flushed with embarrassment, then her eyes dropped to the sheets towering in front of me and somehow her cheeks went even redder before she slammed the restroom door shut.

I chucked as I stood from the bed, then I addressed the impatient girls. “I’ll be ready in just a minute.” I brushed my teeth, donned my tight swimsuit and a T-shirt, and I caught up with the girls who had already started down the hall. Thankfully my morning wood mostly died down before we got outside. “What’s the plan for today?” I asked.

“I would be down for some volleyball.” Martha said. “Three vs. three?”

“I don’t know if should play.” Gwen cradled her belly.

“We could play two vs two.” Elizabeth suggested. “Ray can sit out too, and we can give him a show.” She discreetly gestured to my semi.

“Sounds fun!” Mom said. “I can play on Lizzy’s team. I’m probably going to be useless so it might even the teams out.”

We rented the volley ball and net, I helped set the net up, then I reclined on the sidelines with Gwen to enjoy the show. Martha was the first to serve, smacking the ball over the net. Because there were only two players on each side, there was quite a bit of open space to cover. Elizabeth charged away from me, giving me a nice view of her jiggling ass as she dove for the ball. She expertly bumped it into the air before it touched the sand, but rather than sending it straight up for Mom to recover, she angled it over the net. It sank right between Martha and Brianna, who clearly did not expect the ball to return so quickly.

Elizabeth, having just dove onto the ground, rose to her hands and knees. “Did you like that Ray?” she asked, shaking her ass at me.

“That was incredible!” I applauded, and I could tell Martha and Brianna paid careful attention to my praise. Their expressions shifted, now slightly more serious.

Mom served next, slapping the ball directly at Brianna. She looked timid and determined all at once as she bounced the ball back over the net. Right as it crested the top, Elizabeth leaped high into the air and spiked the ball forcefully downward. It slammed into the ground at Brianna’s feet, flying past her too quickly for her to react. She shot an embarrassed glance towards me to see if I was watching when she got dunked on, so I averted my gaze to spare her feelings a little. I darted my eyes to the other side of the field to see Mom patting Elizabeth’s head, fawning over her darling daughter.

“I think they’re trying to impress you.” Gwen whispered.

“I just hope it doesn’t start a fight.” I replied.

Martha and Brianna whispered between themselves for a moment, then Brianna served. Elizabeth hit the ball back over the net, and Martha rushed forward to bump it back again, shadowed across the net by Elizabeth. At the last moment, Martha changed the angle of her bump and shot the ball towards Brianna, who jumped high and slapped the ball at the open space across the net. I did not expect this move at all, but Elizabeth was not fooled. She spun on a dime, dashing to the uncovered area and diving to recover the ball.

“Mom!” she called as the ball shot into the air. Mom rushed forward and allowed the ball to bounce off her fingers, sending it into the air again and giving her partner time to get back on her feet. Elizabeth popped up, breasts bouncing, then slapped the ball directly into the gap Martha and Brianna had made to execute their trick.

“Lizzy, are you a pro?” I called. She gave me a delighted smile while Martha and Brianna whispered again, their eyes quickly flashing to me as they strategized. Elizabeth was next in line to serve, and it looked like they planned to take advantage of the fact that she would be near the back.

My sister served, sending the ball soaring over the net. Brianna used her fingers to bounce the ball into the air, similar to what Mom did before. The ball tumbled, hovering right over the net while Martha charged forward and slapped the ball with all her strength, sending it rocketing towards the unprotected front of their opponents’ side (Mom was not about to dive for anything).

Elizabeth correctly predicted their move, and had started sprinting forward from the moment she served. She arrived just in time to bump the ball back across the net, towards the rear of the other half. Both Martha and Brianna were close to the front at this point, so nobody was able to cover the ball as it touched the sand behind them.

Several more rounds passed and Elizabeth scored time after time. It was practically one vs. two, as Mom did next to nothing aside from praise her daughter’s performance. Martha and Brianna devised new strategies each time, growing more frustrated as their plans failed again and again.

“I hope they don’t start bickering.” Gwen whispered.

I studied the pair closely, and noticed they had a certain determination about them. “I don’t think they will.” I asserted. “They know they need each other to win.”

The girls took their positions as Elizabeth prepared to serve. She looked satisfied with the game, maybe even a little bored at this point. Mom loafed about, content to allow her teammate to dominate. I looked to the other side of the field to find the complete opposite. Martha and Brianna were hyper-focused, bodies tense as fire burned in their eyes. They were going to lose, but they would not be defeated.

Elizabeth sent the ball over the net towards Brianna, who bumped it back directly to Mom. My aloof mother was distracted by a kid walking by with an ice cream cone. Rather than tracking the ball, her eyes scanned the beach to find where he had purchased it. The volley ball bounced off her boobs and back into the air above her head. Since she was the last person to touch it, she was not allowed to hit it again. It was up to Elizabeth to stop the ball from landing in the sand.

My sister belted for the ball, leaving a cloud of sand behind her. I was astounded by her athleticism, and by my estimation she was moving fast enough to save the ball. She stretched out for yet another dive, but this time she did not extend herself as far. I thought something was wrong. Maybe she pushed herself too hard and got hurt. I looked at her face as she fell to the ground.

She was smiling at me, giving me a subtle wink as her body fell against the sand. The ball landed in front of her, a hair from her reach.

Cheers broke from the other side of the field as Martha and Brianna embraced, jumping up and down in each other’s arms and screaming, “We won! We won!”

I guess one point was victory.

Gwen rushed to her sisters, joining their hug and celebrating with them. I went to my sister’s side and helped her up.

“You’re way too nice.” I said.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” she quipped, flashing me a knowing smile.

Martha and Brianna strode up behind me, posing confidently, each with a hand on her hip.

“What’d you think of that Ray?” Martha asked.

“Pretty good, huh?” Brianna added. I was surprised to see her look so confident, and shocked to hear her ask me for a complement.

“Amazing!” I replied. “I’m glad I wasn’t playing. You would have made me look silly!”

The girls smirked at each other, then broke out laughing and hugged again. Apparently they really needed a win.

Mom announced to the group, “Great job guys! I’m going to get us some ice cream to celebrate.”

We enjoyed our ice cream, then grabbed a frisbee so we could play a less competitive game. Within a few minutes the girls were tuckered out and decided it was time to relax a little.

“Who wants to sunbathe?” Mom asked. The girls yipped in agreement as she pulled out some tanning oil. “Would you like to do the honors honey?” She passed the bottle to me as she laid back against her towel.

“Gladly.” I answered.

“Do me too.” Elizabeth said as she laid down on the towel next to Mom.

“Don’t forget about me!” Gwen exclaimed. Brianna started to rub tanning lotion for Martha, so I figured those two either did not want me to apply it for them, or assumed that I would not. I turned my attention back to Mom and started rubbing the oil on my hands.

“Make sure to get it all over.” Mom said with a wink.

“No problamo.” I got on my knees in front of her and started with my hands on either side of her navel, then skimmed them upwards until the tips of my fingers just kissed the underside of her mons. I slid them back down, widening their berth to catch more of her smooth skin with my palms. I continued past her navel, then her hips, and all the way down her thighs, only lifting my hands to skip the cloth of her bikini bottoms. I spent some time on her legs, admiring the sheen across her supple thighs as I leaned back to coat past her knees.

I grabbed the bottle for more tanning oil, then redoubled my efforts on her midriff, carefully coating each spot I had previously missed. When I reached her boobs again, I shifted to the side and started on her arms. I slid up to her shoulders, then her neck, and finally arrived at her chest as I applied more oil.

Mom gasped as I groped against her generous breasts, cupping my hands around them to ensure I caught every nook and cranny. I twirled my hands to the sides, then reversed them to get her cleavage. My hands slipped between the cups of her bikini, and rather than pulling them out, I slipped them to each side until I reached her nipples. I toyed with her nubs for a moment, eliciting a moan as my manhood started hardening again, pressing against her crotch. I kept going for another few moments, inciting Mom to grind her groin against my bulge as her breaths became quick and shallow.

“Baby, you’re gonna make me cum on the beach!” she rasped. “I’m gonna cum for you right here!”

“Let me see it. I wanna see your O face.” I said, quickening my ministrations. I pinched her nipples as she squirmed, pressing her mound against my tent harder and harder.

“Fuck baby that’s so good! Make me cum for you! Oh fuuuuuck!” She had a little orgasm and I withdrew my hands and turned to my sister.

Elizabeth was laying on her front with her tush wiggling to get my attention. I sat on her thighs with my crotch pressed against her butt. In my excitement, I hurriedly daubed the oil generously across her shoulders and back to reach her rear as quickly as possible. I cupped her cheeks in my hands and firmly applied the oil over the half globes. My bulge slowly crept between her cheeks, and I found myself pressing them together to squeeze myself between them.

“Ooo pretty brazen of you to do that out here Ray.” Elizabeth cooed.

“We’re still fully clothed. I’m just making sure I get it everywhere.”

“You’re about to get something everywhere.” She teased, and she was right. I pulled myself away before I spewed inside my shorts. I finished covering my sister in the oil and moved on.

I spent a good while oiling Gwen’s pregnant tummy, reveling in the results of my lovemaking. As I shifted up to her tits, I felt my bulge grind against her bottoms. I needed to calm down, so I repositioned myself. I knelt by her head, clutching her tits from above rather than below, and now my cock had nothing to grind against. Gwen seemed to notice I was avoiding further stimulation, and apparently decided that I made the wrong call. Her eyes locked on my crotch as it hovered above her face, then she leaned forward and kissed my iron-like rod through my swimsuit.

“Gwen, I’m trying to… avoid…” I was having trouble holding out. After the incidental strip show from when I woke up, watching the girls play volleyball, and now all this teasing and grinding, I was ready for some relief.

“What is it?” She asked, then licked along my length, still through my trunks. “You need to cum? Go ahead.”

“I don’t think this is the best place. If I cum, someone will probably notice. Hell, I’ll probably rip through my swimsuit with how tight it is.”

“That’s fine with me. Give them a show!” She started making out with my tip, making me twitch violently.

“Sorry, I’ve got to go get some relief.” I said as I pulled away from her, much to her chagrin.

“Um…” Brianna said, grabbing my attention. I looked over to see that she had fully covered Martha in tanning oil, but she had not let Martha return the favor. Her face was flushed and she did not meet my eyes as she murmured, “Sorry, it’s just… I thought since you were doing it for them... maybe you wouldn’t mind…” she trailed off. I could not believe what she was saying, and thankfully the sheer shock took my mind off my lust for a moment.

“Sure, I don’t mind helping at all.” I got some tanning oil ready and leaned over her, starting with her stomach.

“Don’t get the wrong idea, it’s just that Martha is tired from the volleyball match. If I did it myself then I probably wouldn’t do as good of a job.”

“Of course.” I placated her. “This is just to make sure you get it spread nice and evenly.” I had her stomach fully covered and started towards her legs. Her body was very tense during the entire process.

“Exactly, it needs to be evenly spread, so make sure you get it everywhere.” she said, avoiding eye contact at all costs. After I finished with her legs I moved up to her arms and shoulders, then, just like with the others, it was time for the pièce de rèsistance.

Brianna tremored under me as my hands slowly slid to her breasts, gently cupping to knead the oil over them. Her tits were the smallest of the group, but I still took my time, making sure to coat her completely aside from the areas under her bikini top: I decided it was best not to press my advances too far.

It seemed she had a different idea, as she slowly lifted her eyes to meet mine, then sheepishly squeaked, “Y-y-you missed a spot.” She brought her trembling hands to her chest, and just barely tugged the edge of the fabric over each of her breasts.

I paused for a moment, the forcefully dove forward, shoving my hands under her top and kneading her tits as my thumbs twirled around her nipples. She shut her eyes tight and whimpered as I felt her up far longer than it took to apply the rest of the oil. Finally, I pulled away again, leaving both of us panting.

“Thank you.” Brianna mewled as she readjusted her top, which I had left disheveled.

“Anytime.” I uttered a distracted reply. I was ready to blow by this point and needed to cool off a little.

I situated myself down on my own towel, trying to focus on something other than the pretty ladies. It was nice to relax on the beach, soaking in the sunshine, but even after several minutes one part of me absolutely refused to relax. My rigid member strained against my compact swimsuit, my bulge highlighted against the tight fabric, and I started getting uncomfortable because I could feel eyes peeping at me from passers-by. After what felt like hours without my erection going down even a little, I decided I needed to do something about it.

“I’m going to cool off in the water.” I announced, pushing myself to my feet.

“Have a good time out there.” Mom said lazily.

“Don’t go out too deep by yourself.” Elizabeth yawned.

“Don’t worry about me.” I said as I strode towards the shimmering water. I came to a halt once I was waist deep, letting the surf cool my burning desire. Watching all those bouncing tits and asses all morning, then giving out those sensual massages with a little groping (or a lot). I had to take my mind off of it; I had to think about something else.

I had heard that when you are trying to take your mind off sex you should think about each step you would take to perform a task. I imagined myself standing in front of a car, ready to repair it. I slowly opened the hood, examining the intricately connected parts to diagnose the issue. My hands grazed across the… um… what was this part called again? Shit! I should not have picked fixing a car! I had no idea how to fix a car!

Okay second try, this time I figured I should just allow my mind to wander. I thought about my future, my children, the many more children that I would have. I imagined the pregnant bellies of their mothers. They wanted even more as they clung to me, stripping my clothes off. This was definitely not working.

Finally, I let my mind wander to more wholesome topics. I thought about my new position at work, if I would ever return to school, about that book I thought I might write. Nah, I could never write anything worthwhile. I had to hope my salary from my new position would earn us enough money to support my children, and the mere thought caused anxiety to slowly well up from my stomach. On the bright side, my erection finally died down, although my lust still burned deep inside. Before long, I would need to get some actual relief.

The sun was drooping lower in the sky, so I returned to the girls and offered to go pick up some dinner to share on the beach. They agreed with what might be described lazy enthusiasm, satisfied that they were not being asked to move from their comfortable positions.

I bought some hotdogs from a stand and returned to the girls, who were at least willing to sit up to eat the meal I bought them. We enjoyed the meal in the dazzling sunset, and finished just as the sun disappeared over the horizon.

“It’s a good thing we did all that exercise this morning.” Martha said. “After laying around all afternoon and eating this much, we could accidently gain a bunch of weight.”

Mom frowned. “Oh no, I barely did anything. You don’t think I’m going to get fat, do you?”

“I’m pretty sure any weight you gain goes right to your tits and ass.” Elizabeth quipped.

“You do have pretty rockin’ tits Ms. Davis.” Gwen praised Mom.

“Oh really, Ray do you like mommy’s titties?” Mom asked, pressing her arms to her sides and pulling upwards to frame her melons.

“Duh.” I answered bluntly.

“Not as much as mine though.” Elizabeth bragged, mimicking Mom.

“You like her boobs better?” Mom asked, pouting a little.

“I love them all, but I don’t know how to rank them. I’ve never seen a pair I didn’t like. They all have their own charm.” I said.

“Is that right? What do you love about mine?” Elizabeth asked.

“They’re super perky and they fit your body just right. It’s amazing!” I said.

“What about mine?” Mom asked.

“They’re so big and motherly. A strange mixture of comforting and erotic.”

“Do mine too!” Gwen said.

“They fit perfectly in my hands, like a glove! I also love the way you wiggle when I touch them.” This conversation was getting me going again. My dick started to re-harden in my trunks.

Gwen giggled, “Thanks Ray! You felt Brianna’s earlier too, tell her what you like about them!” As she finished, Gwen scooted behind Brianna and wrapped her arms around her, squeezing her tits.

“S-s-stop!” Brianna stuttered as her face went bright red. “H-he probably doesn’t even like them anyway. They’re too small.”

“You know we had the same sized tits before I got pregnant.” Gwen said. “If you get pregnant then I’m sure yours will grow too.” Gwen moved her hands from her sister’s boobs and shifted them over to her arms, holding them tightly, then she locked eyes with me. “Nobody’s here right now. Do it! Do it right here on the beach!”

“No!” Brianna cried. “I don’t want this! Stop it Gwen!” While Brianna squirmed, I slowly scooted towards her. Aside from Gwen, the other girls stayed silent, save their bated breath.

“Don’t listen to her. She wants this so bad.” Gwen assured as she hooked her thumbs against Brianna’s bikini and slid it downwards, revealing her tits to me. All of the teasing and touching today had me worked up beyond belief. I stared at Brianna’s breasts, needing to satisfy my lust soon.

“Ray… please… not now… I don’t… I can’t…” Brianna trailed off as a single tear rolled down her cheek. I reached my hands out to her, grasping her shoulders as I stared into her pleading eyes.

“Sorry, I think we’re all a little worked up. But I’m not going to do anything unless you want it. I want you to feel safe around me.” I grabbed my towel and wrapped it around her, pushing Gwen off her arms while she gave me a pout. “Are you feeling better?” I asked Brianna, rubbing the tear off her cheek.

“Uh huh.” She sniffed, burying her face into my towel. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed Elizabeth grinning, but Gwen was beyond disappointed.

Martha moved to my side and said, “Hey Gwen, if you want to see your sister get bred so bad, I think I know a way we could make that happen.” She started grinding her pussy against my cock, both covered by our swimsuits.

“Do you think it’s time I gave you the dicking you deserve?” I whispered in Martha’s ear.

“Fuck yessssss.” She hissed.

I grabbed her and pushed her face into a towel on the ground. “You think it’s time I fucked a baby into you?” I asked as I ground my bulge against her covered snatch.

“God yessssss.”

“You’re dripping so much for me. I bet you’ve been thinking about this all day.”

“I’ve been thinking about this for months! I’m ready for your cock! I’ve ready for your baby!” She came solely from the grinding. “I’m ready to be your bitch!”

“Cool, ‘cause I’m not ready.”


“If you’ve been waiting for months then I’m sure you can keep holding out. My sister wants to get knocked up on the beach. If I’m fucking anyone, it’s going to be her.”

Elizabeth got on her hands and knees facing the dark ocean, presenting herself for me. “Go ahead and take it Ray. Take what’s yours!” Mom came to her side, moving her bottoms to the side to reveal her dripping slit. I freed myself from my trunks, sizing up the winking hole before me.

The three sisters looked on with envy and awe as Mom lined her son’s cock up with her daughter’s snatch. She poked my head inside, giving me the onus to plunge into my Elizabeth’s velvety depths.

Elizabeth moaned loudly as I fucked her on the otherwise deserted beach. Mom cheered us on, “Do it baby, claim your sister’s cunt for yourself. Make her cum on your giant cock you stud! Breed her with your babies and make her scream your name!” Mom brought her mouth to mine and we swapped spit as Elizabeth wailed. I miraculously managed to stave off cumming as my sister sprayed continuously.

“Fuck me!” she screamed. “Ravish me! Gape me! Destroy my poor little pussy! Ruin it for lesser men! You’re the only one who can make me cum!”

“It’s true baby,” Mom added, “there’s nothing like it. Your dick is fucking magic.” I wrapped my arm behind her and slid her bottoms aside, slipping a digit into her depths. “Mmmm, you are so talented baby. I love you so much. I’m in love with my own son! Fuck it’s so hot!”

“Fuck me big bro!” Elizabeth continued. “I’m ready to take your seed inside me again! I love it so much! Fill me up! Fill me with your hot jizz! Fill me with your babies! Fuck yes! I’m cumming so hard!”

Mom felt close to cumming too as she addressed Elizabeth, “Are you ready for it? He’s about to blow! Get ready for him to breed you again! Give me another grandchild!”

“I’m ready! I’m so ready! Do it Ray! Fuck a baby into your little sister!” Elizabeth screeched as I started spewing. “Fuuuuck! You’re filling me up so much! I love this feeling! To be marked by a stud like you! To have my eggs claimed by my own brother! I love you so much! I love how you love me! I love how you fuck me! I love how you make me cum my brains out! Fuck me forever!”

I finished filling my little sister, and everyone there was panting little raspy breaths. I noticed Martha and Gwen were openly touching themselves, but with Brianna under the towel I could not tell for sure. She definitely looked hot and bothered though.

My softening dick popped out of Elizabeth’s pussy, allowing my cum to spill down onto the towel. Mom made quick work of cleaning us up, making me promise to fill her up tomorrow in the exact same way.

We went back to the hotel and settled into bed. Despite the fact that we were sleeping naked, the girls dozed off pretty quickly. I thought we would be having wild hotel room sex every night, but it looked like the time at the beach was exhausting, even though we spent half the day sunbathing.

Right as I was about to fall asleep, I felt the urge to use the restroom. I gently slipped out of bed to avoid stirring anyone and made my way to the restroom. I noticed that the door connecting our room to Martha and Brianna’s was open as I passed by, and I thought I heard a little rustling coming from inside. I went to inspect further, and from what I could tell in the dark it looked like both had tumbled into bed just like us. Moving along, I finished my business in the restroom. I emerged as quietly as possible and tread back to bed. Just as passed the open door, I heard a voice from the other room.

“Hey.” Brianna whispered, quiet as a mouse. I turned my head, trying to peer through the dark. “You awake?” she continued. It was a weird question considering I was standing up. I was on the verge of responding when Martha whispered back.

“What’s up?” Martha asked, and I realized it should have been obvious she was whispering to the person she was sharing a room with.

“They sure are crazy.” Brianna said.

“That’s for sure.” Martha agreed. “But I guess I’m right there with them.”

“Why doesn’t he do it with you. You told him you wanted it, and nobody else seemed to mind.”

“He’s punishing me.” Martha sighed.

“Punishing? What on earth did you do?”

“I was super bitchy at work. You know how I can get sometimes.”

“That’s for sure. When you’re helping me with homework, sometimes I think you’re about to snap my head off.”

“Sorry, I know I get impatient like that. I’ve been trying to be better about it.”

“If it makes you feel better, I can tell you’ve mellowed out a little. But your mood didn’t bother me that much before. I knew you were just stressed out trying to make sure me and Gwen graduate.”

“Thanks.” Martha said meekly; I could tell she was crying a little. “But it’s not a good excuse, and certainly not for those girls at work. I said some horrible stuff to them. I can’t believe they forgave me.”

“Of course they would forgive you. You don’t give yourself enough credit for you good qualities.”

Martha scoffed, “Yeah right.”

“Don’t be like that. You used to take time off work so you could spend it with me and Gwen. You helped us study so much. Plus, you did a lot of work around the house. You practically raised us!”

I started to feel bad about eavesdropping, so I took a step back to make my way to bed, but I bumped into someone behind me. I turned around to apologize, but in the darkness I could just make out Gwen was holding her finger against her lips to tell me to be quiet. She came to my side and peeped through the doorway, listening to her sisters’ hushed conversation.

Brianna continued her praise of Martha, “Seriously, I couldn’t ask for a better big sister. You know Gwen and I both love you so much.”

“I love both of you too.” Martha said. “But to be honest I’m a bit jealous of Gwen at the moment.”

“Me too.” Brianna murmured. Gwen turned to me with a shocked expression, then a wide grin sprawled across her face and she reached down and started silently stroking me.

Martha said, “That’s a surprise. I thought maybe you were warming up to Ray, but after what happened on the beach I figured I had misread the situation.”

“I think everybody was getting a little too excited. Everything was moving so fast and I didn’t feel like I was ready. Especially not with everybody watching.”

“But you do want him?”

Brianna paused for a long time. I started to think maybe she had fallen asleep, but she finally squeaked, “Yes.” Then I was pretty sure I heard the rustling again. It sounded like it was coming from Brianna’s bed. I wondered if she was touching herself, but I did not have to wait long for my answer.

“You’re flicking your bean right now, aren’t you?” Martha teased.

“Don’t act like you weren’t doing it the second we got in bed.” Brianna fired back, her breath a little raspy.

“I couldn’t help it. Watching them go at it on the beach… god, my muff was on fire.”

“I could tell. I saw you touching yourself on the beach.”

“I bet you were too, under Ray’s towel.”

“Fair enough. It was too hot for me to handle, and with his towel wrapped around me. It smelled just like him. I felt so good out there. So safe…”

“While you wanted him fuck his little sister.” Martha cut in.

“Mmhmm.” Brianna moaned. Gwen finally had me at full mast, so she positioned herself in front of me and lined me up with her sopping twat. I pushed into her as we peeped through the doorway at her sisters.

“It’s super crazy that they fuck even though they’re siblings.”

“Yeah…” Brianna whispered in tempered agreement.

“You wouldn’t know anything about that, would you?” Martha pried. Brianna stayed silent. “It’s okay, I’ve known about you and Gwen’s little affairs for a really long time.”

“Really?” Brianna asked in disbelief.

“You didn’t exactly keep it down.” Martha giggled. “I thought you were having fun and blowing off stress so I didn’t want to step in.” Gwen’s pussy quivered around me as she took-in her older sister’s confession. Martha moaned as she continued, “I was so stressed out, a few times I almost barged in and asked to join.”

“We would have let you.” Brianna whispered. Gwen nodded her head yes, even though her sisters were unaware of her presence.

“I thought it would make things weird for us.” Martha murmured.

“It wasn’t weird for me and Gwen. It made us a lot closer.”

“Is that so?”

“Yeah,” Brianna purred, “we both love you so much. I wish you had joined us. Gwen’s really good and she can make me cum soooo hard. I’m not as good but I can still make her cum at least.”

“I bet you’re better than you think.” Martha breathed. “Actually, why don’t you show me.” In a flash, Martha shot out of her bed and dove into Brianna’s.

“Eep!” Brianna squeaked.

“Shhh, it’s okay.” Martha said as she threw aside Brianna’s covers, revealing her sister’s naked body and glistening slit. “Show me everything you know.” Martha straddled Brianna’s face, her body aimed towards the door. For now her eyes were closed, but at any moment we could be seen. Gwen tried to back away, but I grabbed her hips and kept slowly drilling into her. There was no way I was missing a show like this, and Gwen was along for the ride.

“O-Okay.” Brianna stuttered before slithering her tongue to her sister’s slit. Martha groaned as her moist pussy lips were molested by Brianna’s twirling tongue.

“God you’re good at that. Mind if I try it myself?” Martha asked as she fell forward to sixty-nine her sister. As she shifted, she saw the peeping pair in the doorway. She froze for a moment before shooting us a devious smile and continuing downwards. “Let’s make each other feel good.” She purred as she dug into her sister’s snatch. Gwen held her hand against her mouth to help cover her moans as she quaked around my cock.

“You’re making me feel so good.” Brianna rasped.

“I doubt I’m making you feel anywhere near as you as you’re making me feel. Who knew my little sister was such a good carpet-muncher.”

“I learned from the master.” Brianna said bashfully, causing Gwen’s pussy to squeeze around me.

“Are you a virgin? Not counting Gwen.” Martha asked.

“Just her and some toys.”

“So Ray is going to be your first real dick?” Martha asked as she tilted her head up to lock eyes with me.

Brianna paused, “I don’t know…”

“But you do want him.” Martha cut in.

“Yessssss.” Brianna pussy spasmed as Gwen spasmed around me.

“You want him to slide his giant cock in here, right?” Martha dug her fingers into her partner’s pussy.


“You want him to piston himself in and out of your cute little cunt, right?”

“Fuuuuuck yessss.” Brianna hissed.

“You want him to make you squeal as he rocks your little virgin world, right?”

“Ye… I wan… I… ah…”

“You want him to hilt himself inside you and blow that mega fucking load like he did with his sister. You want him to pump so much hot fucking jizz in your little cunt that it pours out and Gwen has to clean it up. You want him to creampie a little baby in you, don’t you?”

I started pumping my load into Gwen as Brianna screamed her pleasure into Martha’s muff. Brianna’s adorable little snatch sprayed violently onto Martha’s face and the sheets below.

We all took a moment to recover, the voyeurs panting as softly as possible. Martha surprised us by spreading Brianna’s pussy lips, inviting me to take her. I winked and silently mouthed, “Later.” Martha frowned into a silent pout, but I continued, mouthing, “Both of you.” She perked right back up, winking at me as Gwen and I retreated back to our bed, cuddling together next to our dozing bedmates and drifting off to sleep.

I faded into consciousness as dull light sank through my eyelids. I could tell it was morning but I decided not to open my eyes quite yet. I could feel delicate fingers trace around my shaft as someone’s hot breath poured over my bulbous tip.

Based on the technique, I could tell it was not Elizabeth or Mom. I figured it had to be Gwen, although it was much more subdued than Gwen’s blowjob under the table. Her ministrations were much more apprehensive than she had been when she sucked me at the restaurant, but I chalked it up to her trying not to wake me.

I pretended to sleep while I enjoyed the soft fingertips grazing along my shaft, which then slipped to my testicles for some gentle tickling. Her tongue circled my tip for a time, but soon she switched to giving me adorable little kisses up and down, saving a few for my balls too. She eventually took me into her mouth, but did not go down very far, presumably to avoid making too much noise. Drool leaked down my shaft, which she used as lubricant to stroke me with both hands as her tongue fixated on my tip. After a few minutes I felt the pressure rising inside me. I needed to warn Gwen about my imminent eruption, so I peeped my eyes open to catch her gaze.

To my surprise, Gwen was still sleeping to my side…


Sorry again about the wait.

It didn’t take me five years to write this (obviously), but sometimes real life happens. I lost someone who was very close to me and for a long time I couldn’t bring myself to write something like this. Soon I was entering my last year of school and needed to make sure my grades stayed good, and then I graduated and found a good job, which kept me busy and stressed to no end. Writing is time consuming so it was easy to cut it out, but I apologize for leaving the story half finished.

I hope you enjoyed it, I pulled out all the stops and am fully aware that it is silly and over the top.

Part 5 in five years lol


2022-04-26 17:15:32
I've loved this series. Keep up the good work...


2022-04-22 18:15:03
Can not wait for the next chapter


2022-04-22 02:44:06
Sometimes silly and over the top is just what is needed after reading nothing but serious stuff all the time. Don't take 5 years this time, I'm enjoying this story and might have to search you out and tie you to a desk and keyboard to get the next chapter.

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