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Illysette was making a puddle under her heinie at the kitchen table. "Jeez, hurry will ya? I can't wait, you pokey old cuss!" She's a little hard to deny. It would be easier if she'd stop squeezing her titties like that. Ohhh... Here's the next installment.
Chapter 2

Jack pulled halfway out of the lane to make room for a lit-up Police car to go past and then nosed back onto the road behind it. It looked like APD Chief Buli ‘Bullet’ Collins was in a hurry, and he steadily pulled away.

Not so far away that when he turned, Jack didn’t recognize that it was onto the street he lived on. He picked up the pace to close the gap. When Jack made the turn he saw several more Police cars, including one of the ‘baby shit boxes,’ a County Sheriff’s cruiser with the hideous hi-vis green/mud brown paint scheme, scattering their blue and red warnings over the scene. His house was in the middle of that. This time it was Jack who smoked the tires off the truck.

As he devoured the block and a half distance between him and home, he saw that with the Chief onsite now, all of the APD cars were at his place. His heart skipped a bunch of beats. Chief Collins stood outside the door of his cruiser, speaking into the radio and turning his bullet-shaped, bald head as he inspected the deployment of his troops, parked just this side of Jack’s driveway entry.

Another of the APD’s vehicles, the brawny former military MRAP Bullet cadged out of U.S. Government largesse, was blazing like an alien spacecraft facing the wood line across the way. It doubled as a Search and Rescue asset for the Volunteer Fire Department which was the justification Chief Collins had used successfully to acquire it. The multiple rack lights illuminated the scene noontime bright. A curious spotlight on the driver’s side peeked at the few dead spots.

The remaining Townie prowl car was at the head of his drive, almost under the carport. Its roof lights spun in their bug spattered enclosures. A short distance from it, a cop was standing over a garden gnome or something with its hands behind its back, sitting cross-legged on the browning front lawn.

County’s cruiser squatted with one tire in the shallow irrigation culvert. There was no sign of the Deputy that it belonged to.

Jack slowed, even though it went against every instinct. He was able to park by his mailbox without getting delayed or fired on. He bailed from the truck and sprinted for the house, leaving the door open behind him. As he got around the tailgate Jack was able to see the gnome was a porky kid with his hands cuffed behind his back. The Policeman looked excited. Jack ran faster, a frigid sensation between his shoulder blades spurred him on. He crossed the browning grass of the front lawn quicker than Trouble could have and vaulted onto the porch.

His little brother Hollister was leaning against the door jamb. He had both hands making a ‘slow down’ gesture as Jack lunged for the doorway.

“Wait, wait, wait, wait. Jack, it’s all good. Hang on.”

Jack took a wild-eyed look around at all the garish carnival lights and cops then snarled, “What the fuck do you mean “it’s all good!?” Get the hell outta the way, Bro.”

He didn’t get a step closer to entry because his little brother, a bit taller and much wider, pivoted on one foot and filled the doorway.

“Jack, breathe. Lysette’s ok. As far as ‘ok’ goes, I guess. Seeing her Daddy shot to death ain’t gonna improve that any. The County Mounty in there with her is a chick and she’s rattlesnake pissed, Big Brother. That’s a little cute but she’s scary, too. Breathe, then go see your daughter. Someone ought to save her from that hellion.”

He squeezed his brother’s shoulder and crossed the porch, headed for his truck. “I’ll swing by later on to pick up my shotgun,” he called without turning around.

He began to ask, muttered “to hell with it” and went to find Illysette.

Charmaigne’s appearance on the scene required a little more athleticism. The Townies had moved two of their cars to positions a half block either side of her house, following the Chief's directives. The one that held them up had a half embarrassed, half amused expression as he told his former English Lit teacher, “Ms. Crutchfeld, you were always a stickler for the Rules. I’d bet plenty you still are. Ma’am, the Rules stipulate that no one drives further than right here.”

Charli didn’t wait to hear any more. With a distracted, robotic effort, she thanked Liz and opened the car door. She hunted her keys from the depths of her purse and got out. After walking a few steps toward home without anyone stopping her, she broke into the fastest run she could manage. Jack’s truck was sitting there with the driver’s door hanging wide open like he was in a big hurry to get out of it. She moaned and tried to cover the fifty yards toward the yard quicker. Then she was racing across that, too. Some part of her awareness was surprised how well the chunky heeled pumps worked as she hurried across the sunbaked lawn. Charli got to the porch gasping for air and held up until she was functional again.

Keys in hand, she tried the door first. It was unlocked and she almost pushed it into the face of a tiny woman bearing a gun, wearing a badge and dark green Smokey the Bear hat. The cop actually reached for her weapon and Charli almost peed. What the hell were antsy cops doing in her house? What ha...before she could bog down, Charmaigne changed gears.

“I’m Charmaigne, uh Charli Ames. I live here.”

The compact cop nodded and asked, “Do you have any identification, Mrs. Ames?” She had backed up a step but was noticeably not reaching for her sidearm anymore.

Charli was flabbergasted. Her eyes got that Roger Rabbit character look. Close on the heels of that she got pissed. She looked over the miniature Policewoman's head for help. The two of them were the only people in sight. Charmaigne rammed her hand into her purse, praying she’d find her wallet before she got her mitts on the Capsaicin pepper spray canister. Jack came down the hallway from Lys’s room headed for the kitchen. If she hadn’t done it a couple of times already, Charmaigne would’ve gladly had his babies.

“Honey? There seems to be a bit of confusion here.” Charmaigne had become good at understatement since getting religion.

“Ohh, Charli. Thank God. Come on.” He held a hand out to her and told the County cop, “She’s legit, Deputy. Thanks for all your help.” His worried eyes frightened Charli.

Deputy Dainty stepped aside, touched the brim of the campaign hat and said, “Mrs. Ames.”

“MOMiiieeee!,” Lysette’s wailed greeting as she leaped from the bed was muffled when she buried her face between Charli’s breasts and cranked her arms so tightly around her that Charli had to work at breathing. Lys was sobbing so hard she seemed to have shivering convulsions.

“Oh my God! Baby? Sweetie, what’s wrong? What happened?” She cooed calming nothings at her daughter, stroking her long black hair and shot a quizzical look at Jack.

He shook his head, “You guys go sit down. I’ll make us something to eat. Chicago dogs and some chips and dip, maybe. It’ll keep me out of your hair for a bit.”

Lysette turned to rest her cheek against Mom’s chest and asked, "French Onion, Daddy? Could you make that, please?”

He was the designated sauciere (?) in this lash-up. Jack wasn’t sure that was even a word, French or otherwise. Charli had insisted after trying his spaghetti and later, his scratch-made BBQ sauce that took him all morning to make before taking her breath away in a heartbeat.

With a feeling of relief that he did not let on he answered, “Yep, Little Bit. I’m on it.”

Jack was good with that. Those had been the first normal? conversational? words his distraught daughter had said since he came home. He was so damn glad Charli was here. The girls went to sit on the bed. Trouble stood on it wagging her tail, grinning, as they approached.

The phone was in his hand before he got to the kitchen. His brother picked up on the first ring. “Holly? Go get some beers, some sodas and some green onions, then get over here, ‘k?”

His brother chuckled, “Onions, beer and Dr. Pepper? You pregnant Jack?”

He had to laugh. Only Hollister could make a crack like that amidst all the sexual drama going on. The boy just had no filters.

“Blow me. Go shopping and then get your ass over here, Bro.” They were both chuckling as he killed the connection.

When Hollister got to the house the cute County Mounty was sitting, half turned with one leg out of the driver’s door, talking on the radio. All three of the APD cars were gone. He grinned. Hollister sauntered over, waiting with polite nonchalance until she clipped the handset onto the dash mount. “Thirsty, Deputy? You can have...”

She glared at him but without any force behind it. “If ‘coffee, tea or me’ comes out of your mouth, I’ll arrest you for something.”

Hollister, at about six foot one and north of a couple hundred pounds, looked at the five foot-four or -five compact gymnast’s body of the elfin Deputy and grinned. Push comes to shove, it might be worth resisting arrest a little just for the pleasure of putting his paws on her.

“Actually, coffee is on the menu. The other choices are beer or soda, though. Or green onions.”

She accepted the coffee he’d bought for just this reason, the chance to get acquainted. Holly fished around in the bag for sugar packets and some creamer cups.

“I meant to ask earlier, Deputy. You got a card or something? Some way we could reach you if, hell I don’t know. If we wanted to for some reason?”

Parker County Sheriff’s Deputy Karissa Shannon considered that for a few seconds. She knew she could give him a hard time, but he was awful appealing. Maybe there would be an interesting reason for him to get ahold of her. She pulled a card out of a small wallet, clicked her pen and wrote something on it, then handed it to him.

“Makes sense, Sir. I put my cell number on it just in case.” She did not elaborate but her cool blue eyes showed some amusement. She watched him tuck the card into his back pocket after looking at it.

He smiled and said, “Stay safe.” Deputy Shannon closed the door and watched his V-shaped torso and tight ass in the mirror until he went through the front door of the house. She cranked the prowl car, radioed Dispatch that she was available and backed out of the ditch.

Cutting cukes from their garden into narrow wedges at the counter, Jack looked over his shoulder as Hollister came into the kitchen. His brother waved a fat bunch of green onions with a bright red rubber band cinched above the whiskered bulbs. He cut out two of the beers and put everything else in the fridge. Holly put one on the counter near Jack and popped the top on his own. He figured he knew what was coming and rested one calf over the edge of the kitchen table as he chugged a swallow and waited.

Jack reached for the tall Bud and opened it, swallowing about a third of it before turning around and leaning against the sink. He tapped the bottom of the can against his thigh while regarding his relaxed little brother.

“Holly, why did you think you needed the shotgun?” He took another pull at his brew. He had the rough outline, some pervy kid peeping his in-the-buff daughter but could not grasp his brother’s potentially lethal response to that.

Hollister couldn’t figure out a good way to sugarcoat things. “Jack, Lysette screamed so loud that my fuckin’ hair stood up and I had goosebumps on top of the goosebumps. That cold shot o’piss to the heart, feel me? I was inside the house at the time, Bro.”

Illysette’s father's eyebrows arched almost to his hairline. His eyes were huge as he blinked a few times, trying in vain to contain the tears before he turned away. He choked on a sob and bowed his head. Jack cried quietly, shoulders heaving now and again. Hollister lived every inch of an eighth of a mile away. What terror had Lysette faced without her Daddy there to help his little girl, to save her?

Hollister waited patiently, sipping his Bud. This was not uncharted territory. Jack, and the rest of his family too, had cried on and off for most of a week after Bobby had been killed on his first patrol outside the wire of a contested firebase in Kandahar Province. When his brother had his shit together they talked about the ‘Garfish Incident’, as Holly thought of it, some more.

Making an abrupt decision, Jack started to put the dinner fixings away. “Hey, go tell the girls I changed my mind. It’s pizza, instead. I’m gonna go wash up. You want to drive?” He made a mental note to stop at the Gas’n’Go for some French Onion dip that wasn’t going to fool anyone.

Holly nodded. He was waiting in his truck when Jack came out. It was cool this evening for a change and his brother cranked the window down after hopping in. Hollister sipped his beer, got the truck rolling with Jack sticking his head into the breeze.

“Who was the garden gnome, Holly?” He still had most of his face in the slipstream and Hollister almost missed the question.

“What fuckin’ garden gnome?” He glanced over then returned his eyes to the road.

“When I got home, one of the Townies, Carter?, had some kid laced up, sitting on the grass in front. My first thought when I passed’em was ‘garden gnome.’”

His brother chuckled. “That was Garland Garfish Fischman, son of the Most Reverend and Holy Artie Fischman of the Holy Light of Heaven Baptist Church.” A grin creased his lips.

“Charli’s church? Her Pastor’s boy? Ohhh, that’s rich. Who says God doesn’t have a sense of humor?” Jack shook his head and a minute later they were chuckling together while going into the Hut to buy some pizza. He did remember the dip and got Holly to pull into the gas station on the way home. Maybe he could doll it up with the green onions or something.


It took quite a while, but Lysette was making progress. She still hung out in her room most of the time but the crying jags had given way more often to the sounds of her playing with Trouble. When she did come out, she was dressed in one of his too large t-shirts and the baggy sweatpants she had worn for Phys. Ed. some days. Lys even wore socks. It seemed to be a conscious effort to hide her body and Jack asked Charli about it.

“Jack, Lys is pretty confused. She feels guilt up the wazoo because she was doing her 'Girl From Ipanema' bit and figures she caused what happened. She’s overcompensating but give it some time, Honey.”

She carefully did not mention that she agreed with her daughter. It was her own thoughtless and brazen actions that put all this into motion. Charli was disappointed in her not so little girl but now was not the time to dwell on it. Lys needed her and that was that.

“Babe, that’s just friggin’ ridiculous. Are you sure? What the hell?” He could not get his head around how Lysette might feel responsible for the pervy things the porky kid did to her.

“Jack? Sweetie? That is female psychology in a nutshell.” Knowing for sure that ‘friggin’ ridiculous’ covered a lot of ground in that regard. Her own insecurities and jealousy fit into the de***********ion like a hand in a glove.

By the end of the week Lys was poking her nose back into life, playing Frisbee in the yard with the dog, tending their small garden, shooting the breeze with Lyric on the phone.

Lyric had a car now, roughly akin to hitting the PowerBall Lottery and just as rare in the circles they traveled. She and her Pops had found an old boxy-bodied Mustang, but it was a convertible! They fixed it up together and the 5.0 liter had some punch. Lyric had gotten Lys giggling when she told her about doing burnouts, bleach and all, like the drag racers did to heat their tires before a race. Lysette laughed harder when Lyric morosely added that her dad had reminded her that the car was her responsibility now and she’d be paying for parts. Nipped her Cha Cha Muldowney imitations right in the bud.

Not much later, they were out cruising the highways and byways, seeing and being seen. Lysette missed the feeling of the warm sunshine. With a fleeting pain, she realized that she missed being looked at, also. That was weird, considering her recent experience. But that and the feeling that her paranoid style of dress was cramping Lyric’s style were the perfect ingredients to get her rethinking her wardrobe.

First to go were Daddy’s too-big T-shirts. They were replaced with a slew of bikini, bandeau and tube tops. Lysette was surprised how well they went with the sweats she still clung to, especially if she rolled the waistband down a bunch, exposing and showing off her tummy. It was a cute look she had never considered before.

Alas, the sweats had to go too, pretty soon. There were some baby steps involved to carry that off. First it was jeans, then her painted on skinny jeans. Stretchy, clingy yoga pants that left little to the imagination and garnered catcalls and whistles that made her grin. It wasn’t too long before she was back into her collection of blue jean cutoffs and frayed hem miniskirts. That got her more attention still and Lys was getting to be a happy camper again.

Pleading, “Show US your titties too!” hollers resulted in a deep embarrassed blush that actually looked good on her. That went away to be replaced with crotch dampening excitement when she actually did flash the guys her plump tits, something she had never done before, intentionally anyhow. She could still see Lyric’s hoot owl round eyes the first time Lys did that.

That news got around certain parts of Auldburg pretty quick. It wasn’t long before Charli was clued into the rumors. She kept that to herself, not letting Jack in on it, not letting Lys know she’d heard anything. Charmaigne had no idea how long that could continue.


Scotty Vaughn was in his last year of three, he had been able to test out of his Freshman year, in the coolest job he could imagine. Well, almost. He was the sole, the one and only, photographer of Auldburg High School. Had been, since his Sophomore year. Small town, small school and he regularly took pictures of everyone. It wasn’t hard, the Senior graduating class numbered twenty-eight. One hundred thirty-one students in total. They got pretty intimate. The best part of being a Senior photographer though was he could also use video now. It was not an option before. Scott was so looking forward to it.

Over his AHS career he shot maybe four or five thousand stills of students doing every school thing imaginable. Everyone knew him and he had pictures of all of them. Some guys would have taken advantage of that intimacy but Vaughn was wired different. Shortly after buying his first Kodak Instamatic, the first camera he had ever used, quite a few years before high school, Scotty Vaughn decided he was going to win Best Picture honors in the Adult Entertainment industry, somehow, some way.

Of course, he had taken many photos of Illysette when she was in school. They were friendly with one another. Scotty recognized almost at once that she was a dyed in the wool exhibitionist. Illysette was a Junior when he first got the job. Scotty made her a staple of his education. He always had a camera and he always took pictures of her. She thought it was cute. Lysette nicknamed him ‘Puppy’. Lysette trusted him because he was serious about his job. She rewarded that by being Illysette, carefree, sexy as sin and a real sweetheart. He had a blown up Portrait shot of her affixed to the side of the bookcase facing his bed. He awoke every morning looking into her inky black, shining eyes, one pink-tipped finger twined into her onyx hair, that astonishing smile.

Now, he had the smile. Scotty was finally going to get to take pictures of Lysette naked. As often as possible. She had just kicked open the door to his fantasy and their future. Scotty Vaughn had a plan and hoped like hell that pretty Illysette had the stones to become a large part of it. First, he had to get great with the video gear though. Scotty had work to do.


Lysette stood at the window over the carport. Trouble, paws on the sill, stood next to her. She was digging her fingers into the scruff of her dog’s neck. Lys was dressed, for values of that, in a barely there thong bikini. She had avoided sunning out there on the roof for a month and a half, now. Her palms were sweaty and a bunch of riled up butterflies tickled her tummy.

“You’re coming with me, right?” She looked down at the dog. Trouble chuffed but that could have meant anything. She heaved a deep breath and stepped out after tossing the exercise mat through. Lysette's knees were shaking and she was trying to look everywhere at once as she unrolled it onto the shingles.

She sat and looked over at the dog. Trouble grumbled and whined but she gingerly followed her two-legger out the window. She laid down pressed against the wall and shivered. Lys showered the pup with ‘Good girl. Good dogosaurus,’ compliments. It seemed to help. A tentative puppy grin showed up but the quivering pooch stayed where she was.

“Ok, baby steps, girl dog. Got it.”

Lys took another nervous look around then laid back. It felt like coming home from a tough trip. She closed her eyes, felt her puss dampen a little. The warm late July sunshine was Heavenly on her nearly naked body. She sighed with contentment. The only fly in the ointment was that every time she heard a sound that wasn’t a buzzy bee flitting past or Trouble’s troubled whines, she became anxious enough to expect the worst. It sucked but this too shall pass she thought. Illysette toughed it out.

After a bit, she raised the stakes and scratched her puss lightly over the silky bottoms, then slipped two fingers past the material to tease her leaking pussy. Are you watching, you fuckers!? she challenged silently. Lysette pulled the material away and spread her sweat glistened thighs, rubbing at her clit in quickening circles. Wanna see the little slut play with herself!?

The damn thong was just in the way. Lysette lifted herself on her heels, peeled the teensy thing off her legs. Mm mmm, so much better. She dabbed slim fingers between her sopping lips as she tweaked her clit with enthusiasm. Lysette sucked and licked her juice off her fingers, tugged her electrified nips until they poked the tiny cups into artwork. Rolling onto her knees, her cute tail in the air, Lysette played with herself while grinding her flattened boobs against the mat. The familiar delicious flush/sizzle of a long awaited cum detonated in her tummy, raising hell with the butterflies. Lysette gasped, moaned with quiet intensity. She did not let up for a long time.

Some time after dinner, the phone rang. Mom had gone out as soon as the dishes were done. Lys and her dad had been on the couch, her head on his thigh while he combed her hair with his fingers as they watched something goofy on TV. He took the call. “It’s for you, Hon.”

“Hello? Lyric?”

“Nope. It’s your devastatingly handsome and masculine uncle. Some women’s insight is called for. Come by for awhile?”

She grinned. Uncle Hollister was all that and then some. “Okie dokes. When? Now? Can I bring Trouble?”

“Yes, to both. Want me to come get ya?”

“Nope, the exercise’ll do me some good. See you in a few, Uncle Holly.” She clicked the phone off and put it on the coffee table. “Your peculiar brother wants me to swing by. I’m taking the Baskerville Hound with me, Daddy.” She smooched him on his whiskered chin and headed for the stairs to go freshen up.

Trouble loooved going for walks. Her curious snoot was into everything along the way. Lys got more than her fair share of exercise hauling the dog away from all of the scents that piqued her canine fancy. She got still more, running and laughing behind the exuberant dog as it scrambled ahead of her, straining at the leash. Lysette indulged her happy hound secure in the knowledge that if they ran into anyone the dog would quit all that and be right by her side.

She was panting a little and a light sweat made her skin glisten when she got to Hollister’s. He answered the knock and Trouble woofed at him, tail wagging. He was prepared and had some chunky ends of thick cut bacon in a bowl in his hand. He put it down near the door for the dog. Lys unhooked her as she began chomping her treats.

Lysette followed her uncle into the front room and froze solid. She gave Uncle Holly a confused look.

“What’s this? Mom? Lyric?” She had to think when she saw the tiny elfin blonde.

“Why are you here too, Deputy..umm? I’m sorry, I’ve forgotten your name.”

“Hiya, Lysette and I’m just Karissa or Kari if you want. Deputy Shannon didn’t come this evening, Hon.”

Lyric got up and came over to take Lysette’s hand. “This isn’t - quite - as weird as it looks, Chicky. Come sit with us, ‘k?” She led Lys to one of the rustic looking armchairs.

Lyssette was distracted a little by the luxuriant cushion that gently tried to swallow her. Uncle Holly had the most comfy furniture that had ever tried to absorb a human. It helped settle Lys down. She looked at her mother.

“Lys...” But that was all Charli could get out. Her mouth hung open with that ‘I don’t know what to say’ expression and Karissa jumped in.

‘Lys, this is sort of an intervention. Your dad wasn’t invited because Holly and your mom thought that it would probably be better that way. You’ll probably agree in a few minutes.”

Hollister came over with a tray full of sweating glasses of iced tea, he served everyone then parked next to the little blonde on the couch. She threw a leg over one of his surprising Lysette and making her eyebrows arch.

“Honey, I’ve been drafted to sort of shepherd everyone through this. I’ve done it before. A little background, ok? I was a military cop for awhile and I’ve been with Parker Sheriffs for about the past nine months. In the Service,” Holly stage whispered, "Air Force," to Lysette, earning him an elbow in the ribs.

“As I was saying, in the Air Force, I was assigned to a Sex Crimes unit at one of my postings. I’ve got a fair bit of experience and some Psychology chops. Not a doctor, not even a degree, just some specific and pertinent training. Still with me? Questions about any of that?”

Unconsciously, Lysette copied Mom. Her mouth opened to answer but nothing came out. Thank goodness that’s when Trouble strolled into the room and sat next to the chair. Lysette began winding her fingers into the scruff of her dog’s neck.

“They can wait. Please, go on.”

“Alright, and there’s a disclaimer. I’m really not a cop right this second, Lysette. It’ll probably be kinda hard but keep that in mind. Lysette, you are not in trouble, Sweetie. No foolin’, ok? Just work with me.”

Lys kicked off her tennies and folded her feet most of the way under her butt and nodded at her, waiting.

“Cool. Here goes. Some rumors have been floating around about your umm, activities lately. Some of which your mother became aware of.”

Illysette squinched her eyes shut and blushed from the roots of her hair clear down to her toenails. She shot Mom a panicked look but the expression on her mother's face calmed her. Surprised the hell out of her, also. Mom wasn’t obviously pissed off and that was a good thing.

“Oh, Mommy. I’m..”

Charli interrupted her with a soft smile. “You’re not in trouble. Remember that part, Baby Girl? Shhhhh.” Lys nodded and looked back at Kari.

“Lysette, there’s a name for what you’re experiencing. It’s not important though. Just keep in mind that what has been happening to you - and that’s perfectly accurate, it’s not really under your control yet - is awfully common. Almost always, girls and women who’ve been sexually violated, and you were, respond in similar ways, to one degree or another as you have to the experience. It’s been described as riding a pendulum. You know, one of those grandfather clock dealies?” She used her finger to mimic the swing. “It’s an expected part of the healing process. Sometimes it gets messy. That’s why we’re here with you, Honey. To help you through that with a minimum of fuss or blowback.”

She looked at each face in turn. None of them showed the slightest hint of anything but concern for her. The compassion she saw unlocked the shame she had been living with. Lysette burst into tears and spoke from behind her hands as they covered her face.

“Oh thank God! Mommy, I’m so damn scared.” She bawled like a baby. Trouble put her chunky noggin in her lap. Kari waved Charli off when she automatically started to get up to comfort Lysette.

Kari’s first thought was, Well, that was easy. The next was, This girl is no dummy and she’s self-aware. That makes things lots easier. She gave Lys some room. Waited until the sobbing was manageable again.

“That, Young Lady, was impressive. In my experience, it takes a smidge more time for victims to get there. She gave the girl an encouraging nod and a thumbs up gesture with both hands. “Are you ready to go to work?”

Lysette nodded and asked quickly, “Am I sick? I mean, is there something wrong with me that’s making me act this way?”

“Nope. Hear me, Lys. You are a victim. You are responding to an assault the best way you can figure out. That much and no more. Not sick.” She grinned to take the sting out of her next observation, “The behavior is a little pathological but Lysette, it really is a pretty common response to the trauma you suffered.”

“So, what can I do about it? Mom, honest to God, I’m not a slut.” She cuddled Trouble’s jowls. “At least I don’t think I am. Yet.” She blushed some more when she looked over at her. “That’s what is so scary, y’all. I know the way I’ve been acting is not appropriate. I know it. I just can’t seem to stop it.”

Charli asked, “Lysette, what are you thinking? When you...oh God. Lys, I’ve heard about some of the flashing and your brazen flirting. I’m not mad at you. I just want, need to know what’s behind that. What are you getting out of it, Baby?”

Kari nodded, encouraging them both.

“Yikes,” she said in a tiny child’s voice. “Mom, this is sort of what me and Daddy were talking about that day. Umm, you know when we were in my room?” She glanced at her mother, focused on the dog instead. “I was explaining to him why I felt the need to get out of Auldburg. Every day that I’m here I feel so much dimmer. Like I’m disappearing. There’s this sci-fi story about a time in the future when the punishment for bad crime is to be sentenced to invisibility. No one acknowledges you, for any reason, on pain of death. The thought of becoming invisible scares the pee out of me.” She shivered slightly and Trouble’s ears perked.

She sipped her tea while petting the dog. When nobody jumped in, she continued. “It goes deeper.” With a wry grin, she said, “Mom, I guess you’ll be happy to hear that I’m still a virgin.”

“You’d be right about that, Child,” Charmaigne chuckled. The relief that washed over her felt like the hand of God.

Lyric, too was surprised. None of this had ever come up before. She just assumed that her horny friend was as sexually active as she, herself. It was the genesis of her “Nope. A porn starlet,” comment that one day. Now that she thought about it, it was strange. They’d been best friends forever and hardly ever discussed sex if they weren’t actually engaged in it with one another.

“The reason I am is not that I’m so spiritual or whatever, it’s because I’m terrified of sex.”

She waited for a response she did not get. Kari had instructed the others to let her talk without interruption, explaining that it would help Lysette focus.

“Not that I’m a Saint or anything. I’m pretty popular.” She blushed some more as she continued. “What happened though is the prettier I got, the more guys just wanted to get in my pants. Seriously wanted that. Like I was a trophy or a notch on their belt or something. It scared me straight.” She avoided Lyric’s eyes. “Not Illysette Ames, just some pretty bauble they wanted to acquire. If I did it, just once, that’s all I’d ever be to a lot of people. 'The hot bitch that screws. That slut with the big titties.' Forever after, when they told their friends about us, it wouldn’t be "I screwed Illysette Ames." It would be "I screwed the sexiest bitch in school once." I wouldn’t be real, just some object. Guys, Illysette would disappear and be replaced with that. It scared me to pieces. Does that make any sense to anyone? I feel so silly all of a sudden.”

Being guilty of that same behavior sometimes, Hollister quipped, “I ought to go feed the fish before the knives come out.”

“I have cuffs in my purse, Studly Deadly. A gun, too. Stay put.” When they first became close she had gotten an earful of Holly’s exploits from some of his conquests. The sexy beast had carved a wide, erotic swath through Auldburg and its immediate surroundings.

Lyric was looking discombobulated. “Since that’s the case, why are you courting that sort of behavior now, Sis? I don’t get that.”

Kari responded to the question. “If the shoe fits, wear it. Right, Lysette? It’s what everyone is gonna think anyway, so run with it?”

The pained look on Lysette’s face showed she hadn’t nailed it and she thought some more. A cartoon lightbulb came on over her head in Kari’s imagination. “Guys, the answer to this might be tough to hear. Fair warning. Illysette, you found out you enjoyed it, the sexy stuff. That really gets you the attention you crave. It feels nice, too. Am I right?”

“Yes,” she whispered, afraid to see her mother’s face. “And God help me, I want more of it and I can’t stop all by myself,” she finished as she clamped both hands between her thighs.

“Lysette? Why don’t you have a job?” Kari inquired out of left field, throwing her for a loop. “Why aren’t you working toward your goal? Getting a little bank, maybe wheels?”

“Huh? A job?” She had to think about it for a short while. “I guess because I see it as, well, moreroots getting put down here. I have to get out of the ‘Village of the Damned’ y’all. I just have to.”

Hollister was thinking about something. It was all over his face. “Ladies, if I may?” Kari and the others looked at him. “Lys, have you ever thought about being a model?”

“No more than any other pretty girl, I guess. Why?”

“Think about it for a second. Attention and lots of it, good money, acceptable exhibitionism, travel. The potential to ride it to the moon when you become successful. You’re one of the most beautiful women on the planet, Honey. Take it from me. I’ve met most of them.” Self preservation raised its protective head. “Present company included,” he added with a grin to keep Karissa’s sharp elbow out of his ribs.

The five of them kicked that around for awhile longer before calling it a night. Kari gave Lysette one of her cards, cell number included. “Call me, Sweetie. Any old time you think you need to. I’ll be there.”

Karissa walked the girls and the dog out with Hollister. She touched Charli’s elbow to get her attention and they let the girls and the pooch get further ahead. “Mrs. Ames, if she’s not already, Lysette needs to be using contraceptives,” she said in a quiet voice.

Charli froze. The surprise was evident but that soon got replaced with calm acceptance. The diminutive Deputy was right. Charli should have thought of that.

“Please call me Charli. Kari, you are absolutely right and her mother should have been the one to tumble to that. Jeez, I’m a dope. That was not anywhere in my thoughts, Kari. Thank you.”

Before getting into Lyric’s car, which was parked in hiding around the side of the house, Lysette gave Kari and Uncle Hollister heartfelt hugs.

“I’m gonna cry again. Thank you so much, Deputy Dainty.” She grinned at Mom who had coined the nickname. Charli blushed a pretty coral shade. “You too, Uncle Holly.”

She got in back with Trouble. When they got moving the dog sat up real straight in the seat, long pink tongue lolling out the side of her mouth and her eyes bright. She chuffed happily.

Dogs recognize some emotions pretty well, they are more fuzzy with the subtleties, though. Trouble was a bright and sensitive animal and while she had no word, no concept of ‘oppressive’, she was very able to instinctively react to ‘threat presence’. The dog had been keenly aware of a disturbance in her pack. She had been on canine pins and needles for a measure of time she thought of as ‘long’, She was never trained as a guard dog, although she was blessed with those instincts naturally, and ‘always’, another of her time measurements, felt an unidentified threat. ‘Now’, Trouble sensed a ‘good’. She did not know what changed only that something did. And it was ‘good’.

Before Lyric’s convertible Mustang braked to a stop, Trouble licked her from chin to ear. Lyric cringed and put the car in Park.

“Ewww, mutt. You put your tongue in my ear!”

Trouble wore her best dogosaurus grin, with the offending tongue dangling from her mouth. The relieved dog leaped from the car. Zoomies possessed the happily crazed animal. The girls watched with grins and smiles of their own. Lyric gave them a wave as she drove off.


Jack was hugely uncomfortable. Though that was far too mild to describe his real emotions. He was trying extra hard not to become furious.

“No, Hollister. Please don’t stop there.” He glared across the table at Charmaigne. “Please tell me more about how you two are going to pimp our daughter.”

He really wanted to shout that at Charli, throw it in her face. How the .. How does a mother get behind this? The hell of it was, Jack did not want to embarrass his wife. She owed Holly for savin’ her an ass chewing.

“Jack. For Chrissakes, breathe. We ain’t pimping her. Wake the hell up, Big Brother. It’s a one-eighty from that. Your candidate for ‘Most Beautiful Woman in the World’ is now sexually aware. A helluva lot more than she used to be. Her particular quirk is being an exhibitionist.”

He faced Jack down before his brother got the words out and looked around the table at Lys's parents.

“Hang on, this evolution is not over yet, Jack. Everyone at this table knows for damn sure it isn’t gonna stop at that. Can I get an Amen?”

No one stopped him but Jack's stormy expression made him glad his brother wasn’t armed at the moment.

“Jack, if Lysette has an outlet for her curiosity, here - right here where Daddy can keep an eye on her, protect her as she explores all this - a way to safely come to grips with what she's feeling, surrounded by family that loves her, that would be a damn good thing. Is all this sappy shit getting through to you?

“This is a no-shitter, y’all,” Hollister continued with gravitas. He looked at each of them across the table. She is going to explore her sexuality. Lysette is a physical marvel with a personality to match which is catnip to a bunch of breeds of cat. She needs to be protected from that.”

Charmaigne was being swayed by Jack’s vehemence before that. Maybe Jack’s instincts were right. At the least, they could spitball options. But Hollister’s ‘no-shitter’ just put paid to all that. Knowing Jack as well as she did, she hit on an argument that would sway him.

“Sugar, you’re putting the cart before the horse. The decisions are hers to make...”


“Then let me help you make them.”

Charli screamed and hopped inches out of the kitchen chair. Hollister’s left eye squinted almost closed, and he had an ‘ouch’ grimace for a mouth.

Jack looked at Lys. She was nearly at the bottom of the stairs. Light from her open bedroom door and from the bathroom she had just exited made her look ethereal, exotic as hell. One fist was rubbing sleep from the corner of her eye.

The PJs she wore were elegant and scandalous at the same time. With echoes of ”...people will pay for pictures of Lysette...” shivering through him, Jack took in the satiny baby doll nightie. It was pink in the light he knew, though now it appeared purplish. Spaghetti straps and a bodice much too revealing for a dad to approve of. Jack did that, anyway. It was short, just shy of obscene and got so anyhow when she lifted one shapely leg to scoot Trouble out of the way as she came toward the kitchen. Wispy panties glimpsed for longer than he should have looked...her nails painted an identical shade...

He shook his head and chuckled. “Come on down! You’re the next contestant on ‘Scare the Old Man!’” He sighed and held out his hand.

Charli didn’t bat an eyelash when Lysette sat on Jack’s lap. Been there, done that. She grinned, That’s my girl! when Lys pulled a lacy translucent coverup across her front that concealed her spectacular breasts.

“Daddy, you’re going to just hate the hell out of this. Should we call an ambulance ahead of time?”

She intentionally did not squirm on his lap, but something wiggled anyways. Lys giggled softly and did not make a big deal out of that.

“How the hell old do you think I am, Sweetheart!? Besides I’m just dying to get your thoughts on all this. You know what we’re talking about, right? You getting photographed and videoed, for fun and profit?”

His disgusted skepticism was on. The wiggler croaked, too.

“Then Daddy, do what Uncle Hollister says all the time, breathe, because here comes the gut punch." She took a deep breath that seemed to inflate her already impressive chest. "After kicking around all this model stuff, I've decided I want to be an Adult Entertainment actor? actress? I forget what’s PC all the time. Anyhow, not just a porn starlet, (she kicked herself in the ass for not waiting on this till Lyric was around) I’m going, wait. Guys, we are going to build an Adult Entertainment empire. Whatever comes after, too. And I know just how we can get the ball rolling and make money at it. Do you hate it yet, Daddy?”

“Oh, Sweet Christ, Lys. There’s more, huh?”

Charli's eyes were as round as punchbowls and the fingers of one hand pressed against her lips. Holly grinned but not when she or Jack could see it.

Illysette giggled with precocious amusement. She hugged Jack’s neck with her face buried against it.

“Yeah, Daddy,” she peeped, sitting up. “I have the perfect hook. I am a virgin, a real live unicorn when you consider how I look. Everyone on the planet will want me, want to watch me! Just ask Uncle Holly.”

Both guys at the table developed 'bulging eyes syndrome' at the same time.

Charli was holding her tummy with both arms, laughing years off of her appearance. “You two are hilarious! Omigod. But quit,” she burst into a mad cackle that took her breath away and she couldn’t finish the thought. “Omigod! Your faces!”

That worked pretty well to defuse things. When Lys had her eyes blotted dry, she reached for Mom’s hand and they grinned at one another, thick as thieves. She looked at Jack and continued advocating to become a virgin Porno Goddess, caps and all.

“I mean, how rare is that in,” she blushed pretty rose highlights on her cheeks, ‘in porno movies, Daddy? And I look like this? There’s what? Six people on the planet that wouldn’t...Daddy? Do we have to get you that ambulance? Dad?”

Lord love a duck, Jack got it right away. And he hated the whole idea, with righteous passion. He was raised Catholic but religion became much less important to him after "God took Bobby home." He was still pissed about that. Nobody was surprised when he lapsed. You can take the boy out of the religion, though, while not taking the religion out of the boy, He retained his fair share of Catholic guilt. Now, Illysette wanted him to have a role in maintaining? Losing!? her virginity. For fuckin' profit, on topofeverythingelse! What did that make her? Christ Almighty, he was considering it and what did that make him!?

Oh, mercy, though. It made sense! Albeit a twisted and maddening type of sense. Jack thought, with that hook, and Illysette’s effortless appeal, it was really a thing. There was not a single doubt in his mind Lys could get there if she buckled into it and there were good, motivated people at her back. This was bread and butter to the former Jarhead. He understood teamwork. The cherry on top is he would be able to protect Illysette for at least a good part of that. And, it was pretty likely that she wouldn’t make him a Grandad any time before Jack was in his early Forties or so.

Jack pulled Lys around until she was facing him but held her at arms length. He almost didn’t look at her tits, too.

“This is a big deal for you? You’re 'in it to win it' like I heard somewhere? And you’ll be fucking smart about it, Lys? Can you give your old man that? If you do, or not, I’ll still be around but it might keep me from having an aneurysm if you say yeah.”

Illysette cupped his cheeks and gave him a megawatt-rated smile. “Silly. You thought we were done, right?”

Jack moaned like a wounded bear and his breathing got a little faster. His pulse rate was right behind.

All of a sudden, she was laughing some more. Lysette hitched out between cackles, “Da..Dadd..Daddy! Ge..Get ready for the knockout blow of the century.”

She was actually quivering in his lap now and there was no denying the wiggler anymore. Nope.

“Dad, I don’t know how to have sex. The only real stuff has been with girls. Would it lobotomize you if maybe we started with that? Oh, and I could use some instruction on the other stuff, too."


Charli was weirdly excited. Ok, that was not the term she wanted. She mulled it over a little more as she got undressed. She could hear occasional mutters coming from the ‘Master Bath’ which was an in-joke, just a toilet, a small shower, no tub, and the sink with a mirror over it. She heard the tapping as Jack cleaned his razor on the rim of the sink. Jack and Holly had built the add-on and she had teased Jack that the house wart was metastasizing.

There it was. Charli was changing or, better yet, reverting. There were all sorts of conflicting emotions involved with that. She was not always as religious as she was now. Nor as bashful. She chuckled. Not nearly so.

Truth to tell, she was pretty disillusioned with Church. The man she chose to be her spiritual guide, her pathway to Salvation, could not even raise his own deviant son in the Light of the Lord. How could she ever feel confidence in him again? Charli sat on the bed and put her hands between her knees.

She pulled her hands back toward her and the heels of both bumped her pussy. Charli rubbed her hands there some, easing her knees apart. Her breathy exhalations picked up and she closed her eyes. She believed. She did. God would forgive her. Charli was just going to give Him a little more to forgive.

Jack came out of the bathroom, still drying his hair with a towel. The poor guy still appeared kind of dazed and pale. She had to give him credit though, Jack was a decisive man. And when he made the decision to support Illysette, regardless of his own strong antipathy for the idea, Charli fell in love all over again. She thought she could help him recover some of his color.

After hanging the damp towel on the rack he came to bed, leaned over to give her a kiss goodnight and Charli asked, “Jacky boy, how long has it been since your girl gave you head?”

“Jeez, lemme think,” Jack said with a shivery thrill, teasing his wife. He began counting on his fingers and she hit him with a pillow. Charli had swiped a scrunchy from the top of Lys’s dresser after she tucked her daughter back into bed. She used it to work her thick dark blonde hair into a ponytail. “Each finger is a month or so, I can’t count the days, Sugar.”

She slipped to her knees on the floor beside the bed and patted it. “You are an enchanting man. Not nearly so damn funny as you believe but enchanting, for sure.”

Wriggling her way between them, Charli got his legs parted and looked at Jack’s dangling penis for a heartbeat or two before leaning in to kiss it softly near his tummy. She put out her tongue and slid it up his belly before dipping the tip of it into his navel. Blowing softly against his dampened skin, the sensation caused goosebumps to sprout on his lower abdomen. Charli gave her best effort to give each one a tender kiss or a damp dab of her pointed pink tongue tip. She felt his dick waking up and it twitched between her generous breasts.

With a smile that made his eyes go wide, Charmaigne leaned back as she reached for his cock and kissed it on the head, dipping her tongue into the slit leaking a shiny drop of precum the no-color of tears. The salty slickness of it as she ran her tongue over her lips, making them glisten, was intoxicating. She wrapped her big breasts around Jack's hard-on and watched his eyes as she jacked him off with them. Red-nailed hands pushing her pillowy tits firmly against his cock, trapping it as she tucked her chin and dribbled a tiny stream of saliva between them, lubricating her deep cleavage for his enjoyment. Charli’s nipples responded to her thumbs as she kept Jack’s masculine cock snug as a bug in a rug between her stroking boobs. He sighed and fell back against the bed.

Uh uhh, Boyo she thought with wicked intent. Charli turned the tables on him and closed her cushiony lips over him, taking the entire plump head into her mouth. She purred with evil retribution as she sank her mouth onto his cock even slower than he fed it into her starving pussy the last time they fucked. With a start, Charmaigne realized that had been quite a while ago. She pushed more of his tasty cock into her warm damp mouth. Her agile tongue probed and tickled, teasing groans out of her husband. When the head of it touched the back of her throat, she did gag, but only retreated a bit before trying again. The fourth attempt was successful. She swallowed him into her throat until her cute nose was pressed against his flat hard belly. The faint line of dark hair there tickled. Pulled away just as slowly.

He was so relaxed. Charli had to make an effort not to giggle. She wet her forefinger and slid it with Ninja stealth between his thighs before poking it between his butt cheeks and touching his asshole firmly. He sat up so fast she almost choked some more as she tried to continue sucking him off and laugh at the same time.

Yum, the laughing stopped when he put his hands on either side of her head and started to feed her his dick. Jack’s narrow hips pushed his delicious cock into her mouth, sometimes deeper, speeding up. Charli relaxed and let him use her saliva and precum moistened mouth any way he chose. She purred and moaned around his meaty treat.

Helping her off her knees and reluctantly taking his pulsing hard-on from between Charli’s talented lips, he had her lay on the bed. He tugged her shoulders until her head hung over the edge of the mattress. Jacked leaned over his gorgeous wife and licked her tummy, each pebble hard nipple. Charli reached for him and opened her mouth. She jerked him off over her face and used the tip of her tongue to play with a silvery string of jizz that dripped from the spongy knob.

The sight of that ruined Jack. All he could think about from that point on was squirting his slippery cum all over her. He eased his prick between her open lips and drove forward until his ball sac tapped the crown of her head, pulled out and did it again. Jack sped up and Charli’s hands worked between her thighs, fingering herself toward a sweet creamy cum. Jack was going faster now, though not so deeply and the friction made her lips burn pleasantly. His cock was sliding against her frisky tongue as Charli sucked hard at it, collapsing her inner cheeks against him. He groaned, pumped with long slow strokes and then he was spilling his seed in her mouth.

Charli thought she might drown. She was having problems coordinating her swallows to his jetting eruptions because she was cumming like a damn freight train at the time. Sweet Jesus, how had she forgotten how much she adored this act? Poor Jack. The poor baby. She made a quick vow to not deprive either of them this pleasure for long in the future. She slurped and swallowed, her agile tongue teasing every drop into her thirsty mouth. She could feel the warm trail of his semen as it slid down her throat to pool in her tummy. She was so thrilled, so damn happy, that tears fell onto her cheeks as he whistled and said any number of guy things, 'Wow! Holy Shit! BABE!!' Jack tenderly wiped the tears from her face with a thumb as he straightened up.

“Darlin, I don’t know where that came from but for Pete’s sake, don’t forget where you parked. Charli, that was just cosmic. You are a sexy, sweetly abusive little minx. It’s a cliche with the timing and all, but damn, I love you, Girl. Come up here with me.”

Charli eagerly crawled into bed with him. They cuddled as they hadn’t in months, passionate kisses and frisky tongues, playfully dueling with sweet compliments and declarations of affection. Charli’s man was happier now and let her know it. Jack worked hard to make sure Charli felt the same way. The sleepy time ‘Sandman’ was left cooling his heels; the randy couple did not tire for quite a while.
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