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A new player enters the game.
Fallout four futa 3

Two weeks after previous chapter

Hope bounced atop Paige's hips in the reverse cowgirl position, one hand hanging on to the sill of the windows of the top floor of the projection tower, which currently served as their bedroom, feeling intimately the mass of Paige's cock pistoning through the bottom one-third of Hope's torso. The day was bright and clear, and Hope loved the feel of the sunshine on her face as she was ravaged by her lover.

Earlier she had spotted a figure far up the road towards Concord, and she was now supposed to be keeping watch, but because of their mutual distraction, Hope couldn't concentrate on keeping watch, especially when she had Paige so close to cumming. She smiled with intent as she felt Paige's body language tighten up, signifying an imminent orgasm. She turned to grip the sill with both hands so she could have better leverage to slam Paige's dick even further inside her when she heard a voice.

"Hello up there!"

Her eyes, half closed in concentration before, snapped open and searched the lot for the source of the voice, finding a male figure with a weapon and backpack on his back strolling toward their building. Luckily she had kept her shirt on.

Underneath and behind her, Paige groaned softly as she ejaculated into Hope's body, Hope attempting, and failing, to keep a strained expression from gracing her face as she was injected with rich, potent semen over and over.

"H-hi there, stranger," Hope spoke as neutrally as she could manage, using one hand to brace herself against the sill and feeling with the other hand for her pipe pistol, just in case.

"Shit, there's someone out there??" Paige hissed as her orgasm faded. Hope lifted her filled hips as Paige scrambled out from inside and beneath her, simultaneously attempting to pull her pants up, crawl over the floor and down the stairs, and grab and prime her pistol.

"Got an extra bed or a soft corner where I can lay my head for a few days?" The stranger asked, pushing his ball cap up his head so he could wipe his forehead. He wore a rifle on his back and a blade at his belt, but nothing in his posture seemed threatening.

"My wife will be down shortly to speak with you."

As soon as Hope got the words out, Paige, with her dick tucked securely away within her leather pants, banged the ground floor door open and stalked toward the man, her 10mm pistol out and pointed straight at his chest.

"Who are you, and what are you doing here?" she growled, butting the barrel of her pistol against his jacketed chest.

"Whoa, whoa! Please don't shoot!" the man said, stumbling backward with his hands wide.

"Answer my questions," Paige didn't follow the guy, just stood her ground as Hope watched from the top floor, dreamily watching her love threaten a stranger. She rhythmically rotated her ass back and forth as she watched, feeling the cum squish around inside her before it dripped languidly out of her snatch.

"I- My name is Charles! I'm just a wanderer, I was just looking for a place to sleep!"

Paige looked the guy up and down. He was dressed in a winter jacket and jeans, a ballcap, and had an earnest expression on his wary face as he flicked his gaze between her eyes and the barrel of her weapon. He didn't look threatening; his rifle was a bolt, not big on cycle rate or capacity, so he wasn't there to make overt war.

Her eyes lingered on his sheathed blade. Covert action, however…

"The projection screen has a room or two on the ground floor. Sleep there if you want. We'll be watching."

Charles nodded, "Thank you ma'am," and backed further away from her. He glanced up at the top windows, but Hope was nowhere to be seen, so he turned and fast walked toward the other building. Paige lowered her 10mm as he left, then proceeded back indoors.

"What do you think?" Paige asked as she returned to their bedroom, finding Hope completely dressed and watching Charles round the corner of the projection building.

"He seems nice," she said with a smile, meeting Paige's eyes.

"You kidding?" Paige asked, "Did you see that knife at his belt, the bloodstains on his pants beneath the sheath? He used it recently. Successfully."

Hope's expression faltered for a moment, "But he called you ma'am. I've never heard anyone call a woman that. Isn't it supposed to be polite to do that?"

"Yes," Paige said, but stopped there. She didn't know how to explain to her that someone could be polite and murderous at the same time.

"We'll keep an eye on him."

Which they did, for many days. He didn't move on, but took up a temporary residence in the room where Paige and Hope had first fucked, making food and water runs, never even acknowledging them except with a cordial wave when their attentions crossed.

"I'm gonna go talk to him, see what his plans are," Paige said a week later, shoving a magazine into her pistol and working the slide.

"I'll go with you," Hope said, grabbing up her own pistol. Paige almost argued, but relented, and the pair went together to check out their neighbor.

Paige almost barged right in, but decided at the last moment to rap on the steel door. Charles opened it an inch before swinging it wide open; he only had his pants on and was yawning, they had caught him napping.

"Hey there neighbors," he said, rubbing one eye, "what's up."

"Well, we were about to ask how long you were going to be here," Paige said, studiously keeping her eyes from roaming his muscled torso and arms, "but since you called us neighbors, I can assume you have no plans to leave?"

Hope had no compunction about inspecting the man's physique, lower lip between her teeth as she visually caressed his pecs and abs.

"Am I bothering you by being here?" Charles asked, leaning against the doorframe.

"You're an unknown."

"But I haven't attacked you or anything!"

"Not yet."

He scoffed with exasperation, "It's been a week! If I were a threat, I would've done something by now."

"Maybe. Maybe not."

He rolled his eyes, then changed the direction of the conversation by directing his words to Hope.

"If you ladies are ever interested in having a little fun, I'm right here and willing," his smile was suave and disarming. Hope's eyes widened and she giggled a little bit before responding, one finger curling a lock of her hair.

"You ever come over looking for a dick-sucking, I'll let her kill you with your own knife," she said in the sexiest voice she could muster, tilting her head toward Paige, who's expression had darkened considerably.

"Okay, fine," Charles sighed, crossing his arms and returning his attention to Paige, "is there anything I can do for you?"

Staring him in the face for a moment, Paige finally said, "No. Uh, have a good day," before turning and escorting Hope back across the lot.

"I'm still wary about him."

Hope glanced back, "I like him. I'm glad he's our neighbor."

"How can you say that? He's a threat, and we know nothing about him."

Hope looked over at Paige, "Then why were you polite to him?"

Paige didn't answer because she didn't know.

One week later

In the middle of the night, Paige was awoken from a dead sleep, all of a sudden her vision was inundated by a split second flash of a blinding black visage of the figure she took to be the Mother: it was gone as soon as it arrived, but it left her wide-awake, and restless.

She squeezed Hope and kissed her neck before she un-spooned herself and reached over to grab her weapons belt.

The crunch of a booted foot on crumbling pavement made her freeze. A pair of simultaneous such crunches made her move fast, grabbing her pistol and gently shaking her lover awake.

"People outside," she whispered before moving to the sill and peeking over.

There was a full moon, illuminating the lot in pale tones, where three figures moved slowly toward the projection tower from the south. As Hope scrambled into her pants, her lily-white ass disappearing beneath the fabric, Paige descended the stairs to the second story door, and peeked out the opening; the figures were still advancing, and they definitely held weapons.

Paige sighted down her pistol, glad that she had found nuclear material to create her night sights, and pulled the trigger three times. She heard a scream from her target, and dove back away from the door, anticipating return fire, which came, but not in the form she thought.

Radioactive bulbs slammed into the doorway where she had crouched, and some queasiness upset her stomach. Gagging, she rolled down the stairs, hearing Hope's pistol open up four times from above. Making the lower floor, Paige carefully avoided the door and stood behind the counter, placing her green sights over the nearest cowering silhouette of a human in robes, and snapped off a couple more shots, her muzzle flash brightly illuminating her surroundings for a split second.

Groans from her target reached her ears, but something slammed into her from behind, and her body suddenly surged, especially her stomach. Collapsing on her side, shivering and spasming, she vomited profusely on the chipped tile floor, her body inundated with harmful radiation.

"Paige? Paige??" Hope called from upstairs, and Paige heard her feet on the steps; she couldn't call out because of her heaving stomach.

"In the name of Atom, I command you to cease. Now."

The voice was calm, in control. Paige couldn't wrest her body from the throes of sudden radiation inundation, and her eyes would barely open, but she saw Hope's pipe pistol clatter down the stairs as she stepped down to the lower floor with her hands raised.

"Don't hurt her, please," Hope's voice came with a tremor.

A second robed figure joined the one who spoke with authority, and held a weird pistol pointed at Hope.

"Which one is the progenitor?" the second figure asked with a strained voice.

The commander knelt by Paige as she shivered in pain, his hand going to her shoulder. As soon as he brushed her armor, he jerked back as though shocked.

"This one… this one will unite the futures. Bind both their hands, we will return with them."

Paige squeezed her eyes open long enough to catch the commander's eye. He was completely bald with a joyless face, and turned to his subordinate with the orders.

And then his head exploded.

Charles Terrier racked the bolt on his rifle, sighting down his scope again as his first shell casing clattered against the steel railing of the projection screen. He was atop the structure, where he got a perfect view into the third floor of the projector tower, and a partial view into the illuminated first floor, which is where he sent his bullet. The bald one caught it in the head, while the second screamed in reaction and looked around for the source, his gun waving madly.

A second shot, and the second child of atom hit the wall and slid to the floor, a clean bullet hole through his chest.

Charles slung his weapon and scrambled down the stairs to make sure the ladies were safe.

Hope had administered a dose of Radaway to Paige by the time Charles jogged up, and held up her pistol as he approached.

"Oh it's you," she said with relief, "I should have known."

"Are you two okay?" Charles asked, glancing at Paige's tremors with concern. As he watched, the tremors subsided, the Radaway doing its work, leaving Paige exhausted, cradled in Hope's lap.

"We'll be okay, she just needs rest. Can you help me carry her upstairs to our bed?"

Charles obliged and helped Hope settle Paige in their mattress, and they went back downstairs.

"Thank you. They wanted to take Paige. I don't know why." Hope said, gripping her arm with the other hand in a nervous gesture.

"You're safe now."

Hope looked up at Charles' words with suspicion, "Are we?"

He looked down at her in confusion.

"You aren't going to demand some 'fun' in exchange for helping us?"

Charles looked astonished at her insinuation, picked up his rifle from where he had set it, and pushed the door open, striding straight-backed toward his shelter.

Hope thought twice about her words, "Wait!" and grabbed an item from a corner before running after him.

He looked back, his voice sharp, "I didn't help you for any reason besides you needing help."

Hope stopped next to him, her eyes thankful.

"Here," she said, holding out a lunch box. He took it and shook it, hearing a slight metallic rattle inside from a great many small objects. He cocked an eyebrow at her.

"Gotta be a hundred caps in here.

"One hundred and fifty-five," Hope returned, "it's as many as we could fit in there."

She put her hand on the lunch box in his hand, pushing it against his chest. He looked down and then back at her, then nodded in appreciation.


"Thank YOU."

"I'll keep an eye out around here until she's back on her feet." Charles said, getting his weapon before proceeding back to his room. Hope watched him go, one hand playing with her hair and a wistful expression spreading over her face. Then she returned to Paige's side, settling in to care for her.

Four days later and Paige was back on her feet, irate that she had been taken out by the children of atom.

"A bunch of rad-eaters. I wonder what they wanted," she said aloud, strapping on the rest of her gear.

"They called you the progenitor," Hope with a worried look, "and threatened to take us back with them."

"No matter what they want, they aren't going to get us," Paige said, drawing the slide of her 10mm pistol and letting it snap a round into place.

"Yeah, especially now that we know that guy Charles is okay."

Paige looked at Hope as she holstered and tied down her weapon, then nodded, "He did turn out to be okay, didn't he. I should go thank him."

Hope smiled mischievously at her lover, "How do you want to thank him? Can I help?"

Paige let a grin slowly spread across her face before replying, "We can figure something out, I'm sure. Tonight, we'll head over there."

Stepping forward and putting her hands on the taller woman's shoulders, Hope gently kissed Paige, who wrapped her up in her arms as she returned the kiss.

That evening, Paige and Hope strolled over to Charles' room, hand-in-hand, having settled on the man's reward for saving them. He was engrossed in a magazine with a car on it when they walked up to his open door, and looked up at the crunch of their footsteps.

"Hey, good to see you up," he said to Paige, setting the magazine on the couch beside him.

"Yeah I'm feeling much better, thanks," Paige replied, stepping through the doorway and leaning against the wall. Hope came in too with a wave for Charles which he returned with a smile.

"Help you with anything?" Charles looked uneasy at their presence.

"I wanted to thank you personally for your help taking out those atom die-hards," Paige said sincerely, "without you, we would both be dead or worse."

"Probably so," he replied, "glad to see my luck has changed."

"Your luck?" Hope asked quizzically.

He leaned forward with resignation on his face, "I thought my luck had gone sour when I had traveled for days to find an empty and secure location, where there were two strikingly beautiful women… but they're lesbians in a relationship."

He sighed dramatically, then smiled to signify he was joking around. Hope looked at Paige, who decided to change his mind.

"Well, you see, we aren't precisely lesbians."

Charles frowned, running a hand through his close-cropped brown hair, "What do you mean?"

Hope came around to stand near him, at the refrigerator door still hanging open, "You're right, we are in a relationship."

"Yeah," Paige said, coming over to stand in front of him, "we are lesbians, but we still want to suck your cock."

He looked as though he didn't hear them properly at first, then shock spread over his face, closely followed by joy and arousal.

"Don't fuck with me, ladies," he said, glancing between the two, "it's been too long for me to take that kind of a joke."

"Here, I'll prove it," Paige said and got to her knees in front of him, working the clasp of his jeans until they unzipped, revealing his white underwear. Paige pulled his jeans back and felt his crotch, locking eyes with him as she grasped his bulge through his underwear, and grinning as she felt it grow in her hands. His eyes were wide with surprise.

"Damn, you weren't kidding, huh."

Paige shook her head as she helped pull his pants off, exposing his package. It was of course nowhere as big as Paige's secret dick, but it was still an impressive specimen; quite long enough to get the job done, and plenty thick for her enjoyment.

"Mmm, nice," Paige said huskily, reaching out to gently stroke his tool.

"Probably been a while since you saw one of those, huh?" Charles inquired smugly, lacing his fingers behind his head. Hope snickered from her place by the fridge, covering her mouth in mirth while Paige smiled smoothly, meeting his eyes.

"You'd be surprised at just how recently I saw one of these," Paige said, "but, it's been far too long since I did this."

She opened her mouth and sucked the last couple inches of him into her mouth, and slowly pulled her head back off him, his muscle slipping between her lips. Charles sighed, leaning back to enjoy the attention. Paige knew that it had been years since she had a dick in her mouth, and relished the taste of him, realizing just how much she had missed it.

Popping it out of her mouth, Paige snagged Hope's sleeve and pulled her down next to her, "Here, you've had more practice than I have."

Hope laughed again, looking between Charles and Paige before delicately kissing his dick and feeling the veins in his shaft, while Paige paid attention to his balls, carefully fondling them with one hand.

"gukh, gukh, gukh," was the noise that Hope's throat made while attempting to swallow him whole. Paige's mouth opened as she watched her lover professionally service Charles' cock, fitting all but a inch of his length into her mouth and down her throat.

"Yeah that's it, gag on that cock," he said as Hope flexed and backed off to cough and take a few deep breaths, her lips and chin covered in her spit. Paige slipped in and took him from Hope and sucked on him, jerking his shaft as she licked and sucked on the end. She had to surreptitiously grab a handful of her pants and pull to the side; her cock had decided to awaken and grow, but she didn't want to reveal that secret yet. Hope noticed, however, and smiled at Paige meaningfully, keeping one of her hands on Charles' balls, while the other swept up Paige's leg and grasped the slowly growing bulge between her legs.

"Mnughhh," Paige said as his dick left her mouth, exclaiming at Hope's touch. She took the opportunity to take him out of her hands and slurp it back into her mouth, bouncing her head on it like there was no tomorrow. With a hand still on Paige's still-growing dick, Hope managed to provoke Charles to climax with her deepthroating.

"Oh here it comes, here it comes!" Charles said, bucking his hips in time with Hope's head-bobbing. She disgorged most of his dick, leaving the tip on her tongue, and jerked him until his pearly essence shot out of him as he groaned with effort. The first shot landed on her tongue while the second spurted onto her cheek as she shifted his aim. The third pulse spattered over Paige's nose and lip to her surprise, but she scrambled to close her lips over the end of him and contained the remaining gushes of semen. He shivered and jerked as Paige sucked on him, drawing the last of his fluid from him, and then released his dick to land back on his lower belly with a splat as she made a show of swallowing his load.

"Ahh," Hope said, smacking her lips with satisfaction. Paige licked her own lips and patted Charles' leg.

"Well, hope you enjoyed that."

"Yes I did!" Hope replied with a giggle as she got to her feet, receiving a playful backhand from Paige.

"I did too, fuck yeah," Charles breathed, his eyes slow-blinking as he tried to focus.

"Thanks for the tasty snack," Paige said to him, as they met gazes.

He smiled mischievously, "remember, I'll never run out," and winked at them both.

Paige worked her jaw and playfully looked over at Hope, "I think it's time to get back."

"Yep, time to go!" Hope said while Paige stood up in a way that Charles wouldn't be able to see her front. Paige smiled down at Charles for a moment before waving goodbye as she left the room. Hope bent over and pecked Charles' shrinking member, and pranced from the room with a giggle.

"Will I see you two again?" Charles managed to find his tongue before Hope left completely.

"Of course! We live right over there, silly," Hope said before closing the door behind her. She skipped up to where Paige was slowly walking back to their building, and took her hand in hers.

"That was fun!" Hope said, beaming up at Paige, who smiled down at her lover.

"Yes it was, I haven't tasted cum in a very long time. But I'm going to have to think up a different outfit if I'm going to be getting turned on away from home."

"What do you mean, you look-" Hope began, but stopped when She saw Paige's humongous cock poking above her waistband four whole inches, covering her belly button, almost touching the hem of her bare-midriff shirt. Hope gasped, then giggled more, pulling at Paige's hand.

"Let's go take care of that," Hope cooed.

Before either of them knew it, they were upstairs on their mattress, and Hope was taking Paige's pants off. Paige was all but panting for breath, she was so turned on, pulling at her clothes to get them off. Finally they were both naked, Paige's cock pressing against Hope's belly.

"You still have his cum on your face," Hope breathed, reaching up to wipe it off, her own face glistening with his seed. Paige caught her arm.

"Leave it there, it's so hot to me right now."

Hope looked exhilarated, and allowed Paige to turn her around, pressing her head into the mattress and spreading her knees, her labia splitting open. Paige's cock was rigid, a stream of pre-cum running down its length as Paige gripped it and plunged it into Hope's sopping pussy. She came up against the first barrier inside as Hope vocalized her enjoyment, and applied more pressure to get Hope's insides to open up for her, allowing the entire length of Paige's meat to lodge itself in Hope's stomach.

Paige came immediately, worked up as she had been by giving the blowjob to Charles, hissing and moaning as her musculature squeezed a healthy dose of cum deep into Hope's hot, tight body.

"Whoa, that fast?" Hope exclaimed, rising to her hands and looking behind her.

Paige growled and adjusted position so that she was on one knee and one foot, and grabbed Hope's hips again. Hope, her vagina split open by Paige's cock, had a split second to wonder why Paige's erection wasn't collapsing, before Paige renewed her thrusts.

"Ohh-hh-hh-ah!" Hope bit out as she was mercilessly fucked from behind, feeling the mattress inch forward with every thrust as she held on for dear life. She realized that Paige had just cum inside her and then kept going, using the semen she produced for more lubrication, and was now fucking her harder than ever before.

Hope reached down to draw whorls around her clitoris as she was fucked, and soon the younger woman screeched as her orgasm roiled inside her, bathing every stressed joint and sinew with release. She shuddered at the joints, trying to hold herself in position for continued penetration, but Paige wrapped a secure arm around her as she pulled out (a long process), and turned Hope onto her back.

She re-penetrated Hope's overflowing pussy, and now Paige was looking down at the sweaty, cum-streaked face of her lover, which reacted beautifully to every plunge of the cock, a strained smile gracing her face as she fondled Paige's swinging titties.

They had to adjust the position of the mattress a couple times, as the strength of Paige's thrusts pushed it against the wall so that Hope was bumping her head. Finally though, Paige's endurance was all but broken; she just needed a catalyst to push her over the edge.

She leaned over Hope and licked her face, Charles' cum coming off with her tongue, and kissed her lover, feeling the salty taste of male cum amongst their tongues and lips and saliva. But it wasn't until Hope broke connection and leaned up to lick Paige's face free of Charles' cum that Paige felt her body writhe inside once more.

Hope grabbed her and kissed her with a mouth full of semen, her heels finding Paige's lower back to help pound her dick inside as Paige tensed with purpose.

With a grinding thrust and a guttural moan, Paige animalistically attempted to force her cock even deeper than she was able, their respective flesh restricting any further penetration. Hope hung on to Paige, feeling as though the air was being pushed from her chest from the other side of the diaphragm, slurping on Paige's lips and tongue as Paige's statuesque form pumped more and more semen into Hope's vagina.

With a grunt of final release, Paige collapsed next to Hope, her dick still twitching. Hope hugged the body atop her, panting as their efforts finally culminated, focusing on the range of sensory input she had just experienced and was still experiencing.

They fell asleep that way, the evening sun warming their flesh.
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