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My husband was still on a business trip, and I had plans to meet his boss for dinner, followed (hopefully) by getting his huge cock shoved up my pussy. The dinner went as expected, including getting fucked afterwards.
It had been a little less than a week since my son discovered that I was fucking my husband’s boss.

It had been an interesting week since that revelation: My son, Shane, had blackmailed me into servicing all of his morning woods; giving him daily blowjobs – usually several per day; and multiple fuck sessions whenever he wanted. He also required me to remain nude whenever he was home while his father was traveling for business. This way he could watch my big d-cup tits bounce all over the place whenever I moved around the house. This allowed him easy access to them whenever he was close enough to grab, squeeze and pinch them. It also gave him free access to the rest of my body so he could more easily fuck me whenever the mood struck him.

The other part of our blackmail deal was that I could continue fucking Ben, my husband’s boss, periodically while my husband was traveling on business trips, and Shane wouldn’t squeal on me. I was a bit surprised, but definitely pleased, by this part of the agreement because Ben’s cock was 11 massive inches, and I missed it whenever I couldn’t have it inside me for long periods.

Shane planned to be home with me for about four more days before returning to college for his final semester. After servicing Shane’s 9” cock and his every sex need for the past several days, the day arrived when I was going to see Ben for the first time since Shane caught me fucking him in our family room.

Shane was out with friends when Ben came by to pick me up for dinner. I had dressed in a thin, form fitting sundress with an elastic upper half, held up (somewhat precariously) with spaghetti shoulder straps. This dress showed off my big boobs beautifully, and – since it was impossible to wear a bra with this dress – allowed them to bounce and jiggle as I walked and moved about. Wearing outfits like this always got me plenty of attention from men (and women), which – in turn – got me horny and made my nipples hard so that they were even more obvious through the thin dress material. That night was no different.

I climbed into Ben’s car when he arrived and – as usual – his hands went immediately to my tits, and my hands immediately unzipped his fly to free his 11” monster cock. After some deep, tongue-filled kisses, Ben started the car and began driving – his right arm around my shoulders, his right hand playing with my tits and nipples inside my dress, and my left hand gently stroking and fondling his huge, semi-hard prick.

We drove to our favorite Italian restaurant where we could sit near the back, somewhat obscured from the rest of the room. This worked for us because the tables had long white tablecloths and it allowed us to continue our fondling and stroking whenever our waiter wasn’t at our table.

On that night, we enjoyed the pre-dinner teasing in the car, then composed ourselves, put everything away, and fixed our clothes before getting out of the car and walking into the restaurant. We sat next to each other in a booth and, once at our table, I reached under the table cloth, unzipped Ben’s pants, pulled his big cock out and began playing with it while we waited to be served. We ordered our food from the waiter while I continued stroking Ben’s dick under cover of the table cloth. After the waiter left, I began jerking Ben off in earnest, and after only a few minutes, I felt his dick get extremely hard and reach its full length. With a quiet groan, he shot a huge load of cum under the table and onto the floor. I continued pumping his shaft until he had completely emptied his ball sack and started softening in my hand.

After his breathing settled down, I unobtrusively bent down and licked his cock clean with my tongue and lips, then sat back up and continued playing with his semi-erect shaft under the table as it continued to soften in my hand. I playfully slapped and fondled his cock as it hung between his spread legs while we waited for our food to be served.

I continued gently stroking and fondling Ben’s now flaccid cock as we ate our meal, enjoying the feeling of its size and heft in my hand. I simply couldn’t get enough of it and didn’t want to stop touching it. At the same time Ben would occasionally slip his hand under my dress and find my soaking wet pussy and engorged clit. He toyed with my clit, getting me charged up and my pussy even wetter, but didn’t make me climax…..this was the tease before dessert.

When we were done with dinner, Ben paid the bill, we got back in the car and Ben drove to an empty parking lot near the botanical gardens in our town. As usual, I played with his semi-hard cock and he had his right hand inside my dress during the drive from the restaurant. Once there, we both climbed out of the car and met by the trunk of the car. I already had the top of my dress pulled down so my big tits were swinging and bouncing – completely unfettered and ready to be squeezed and pinched.

I sat on the bumper and Ben came over to me with his cock and balls already hanging out of his pants and swinging between his legs as he walked. He stepped between my legs with his semi-hard dick perfectly positioned at my face level. I spread my legs a little farther, put my hands on his ass cheeks and pulled him closer as I sucked the head of his cock into my mouth. He began pumping his hips into my face, with his huge prick reaching deep into my throat.

With my hand stroking his long shaft and my mouth sucking on his mushroom tip, his dick became rock hard and had grown to its full length. While I was doing this he had been squeezing and playing with my tits, pinching my nipples until they were fully erect. My pussy juices were flowing all night, so by now my cunt was completely drenched and ready to be well and fully fucked.

Ben pulled me up from the bumper and spun me around so that I was leaning over the back of the car with my hands resting on the trunk, my legs spread wide. He threw the bottom of my dress up over my ass, spread my pussy lips with his left hand while he positioned the head of his stiff prick at the opening of my cunt. With a huge thrust he buried his cock deep into my aching pussy. I was so wet I was able to take his entire shaft with his first push. He immediately began pounding my pussy with his huge cock while his dangling balls slapped against my clit.

I was in heaven! He reached around to grab my big boobs, which were flopping and swinging freely underneath me, the nipples fully erect and aching to be pinched. He squeezed, pinched and slapped my tits and nipples, sending tingly electric shocks throughout my body, ending in my pussy and clit. An orgasm ripped through my entire body as he continued hammering away from behind.

As the euphoria of my climax was washing over me, Ben put one of his feet up on the bumper, giving him slightly better leverage, grabbed my hips with both hands and pounded his cock in and out of my pussy even harder. He pulled his shaft out until only the head remained in me, then slammed his entire massive prick back into me over and over. I launched into another orgasm as he picked up the pace and was hammering my cunt like a jackhammer.

Finally, with a massive thrust, Ben exploded deep inside my pussy, using his hands on my hips to hold my ass tight against his torso. He pulled out to the head and slammed into me again, releasing another torrent of cum deep inside me. After three or four more similar thrusts he slowed down but continued stroking his cock in and out of my pussy while we both settled down and caught our breath. After a few minutes he stopped pumping his shaft into me, but left his still hard cock sitting deep inside my pussy. For a while we just stood there – me leaning forward against the trunk, with Ben leaning over my back and resting his hands on the trunk right next to mine.

After we caught our breath, Ben pulled his now softening cock out of my pussy with a “plop”, releasing our mixed juices and cum all over the ground between my legs. I turned around, sat on the bumper again and cleaned the shaft and head of his dick with my mouth and tongue. Then we got back into the car and he drove me home.

When I walked in the front door, I was a little surprised….but not really….to see Shane lounging on the stairs, in the same position he was in when he first saw Ben fucking me in the family room. His big, thick cock was rock hard and pointing straight up toward the ceiling as he slowly stroked it with his right hand. He was sitting on the third step of the staircase, leaning back with his elbows resting on the fifth step, jerking his shaft with an arrogant smirk on his face. “My turn, mom”, he said.

I knew the drill – I pulled the top of my sundress down so that my big boobs tumbled out, bouncing and swinging in front of me as I climbed to where Shane lounged on the stairs. He grabbed my dangling boobs and pulled on my nipples as I straddled his hips. I reached underneath me, grabbed his stiff rod and placed the head at my pussy opening. I was still wet with Ben’s cum and my own pussy juices, so he slid in without any resistance. Squatting on the stairs, I impaled myself on his huge erection and began bouncing up and down on his cock.

Shane moaned, continued squeezing my swinging tits, and said “so – how’d it go with dad’s boss, mom?”

“We had a nice dinner”, I said, continuing to bounce up and down on his shaft, and looking down between us to watch his huge dick going in and out of my cunt.

“Tell me, mom. I want to hear details”, he said, now sucking and pinching my fully erect nipples.

My eyebrows shot up a bit….”Really?”

“Yep. Tell me what you guys did.”

So, as I bounced up and down on Shane’s rock hard shaft, I told him about the handjob under the table at the restaurant and getting slammed from behind while bending over the trunk of the car. Shane moaned more and more as the story unfolded. He seemed to get even harder and bigger as I added the details of Ben’s cock and my big bouncing tits. Shane’s hips began pounding upwards on my down strokes, and suddenly his breath caught and, with a grunt, he pushed his cock as deep as he could into my pussy and exploded, emptying a massive load of cum into my cunt.

While Shane was enjoying the after-effects of his orgasm, I started grinding my clit against the base of his big cock, and in no time I let out a squeal and erupted into my own explosive climax. Afterwards I leaned forward and rested on him as we both caught our breath, my boobs squashed against his firm chest, his hands gently squeezing my ass cheeks.

Shane said, “That was amazing, mom. I can see why dad’s boss wants to keep fucking you when dad’s out of town.”

And so, this became part of our routine: When Frank was traveling, Shane and I would run around the house naked, grabbing, fondling and playing with tits, pussy, cock and balls. Every morning I’d service Shane’s erection. Most afternoons he’d get another blowjob and/or fuck on the kitchen counter or in the shower or wherever. Whenever we watched TV movies together, he’d usually fuck me from behind while we lay on the couch. And when Ben and I got together to fuck, I’d come home to find Shane naked and stroking his big dick. We’d spend the rest of that night with Shane slamming his cock into me while I told him all the details of Ben’s massive cock hammering my pussy earlier that evening.

Of course, all of this was (mostly) put on hold when Frank was home from his business trips. Shane and I still snuck a quickie now and then when he was home from college and Frank was home, but occupied. And even Ben and I managed an occasional lunchtime blowjob or fuck sometimes while Frank was at work. All in all, I was quite enjoying all the cock I was getting from all the men in my life.


2022-03-27 17:27:27
darn , i wanted to read shane watching them fucking again. maybe hiding in the dark, o letting Ben catch shane watching and turning him into a cocksucker.


2022-03-21 16:10:30
Talkdtm - this is actually a very fair criticism. I've noticed this, myself, when re-reading my stories. I tend to over-use the words describing cock and boob size, when they've probably already done their job earlier in the set up. I plan to work on this in future stories.


2022-03-12 06:55:32
It'Ben's cock size and your big boobs without reading it 20 times per chapter. Seriously, I like the story, the criticizing was meant to be constructive.

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