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This is the first choose your own adventure from Magical Sex Shop. Read that story as the first chapter and this will make more sense.

I want to do this as a choose your own adventure. If you like the story, leave a positive rating and a comment about what you want to have happen next. As soon as I get the chance I'll write a chapter describing your choice.

This chapter was requested by Cloud2299. I hope that you enjoy it.
I called Ashley on the way home from the mystery sex shop and told her that when I got home that I was going to have my way with her. I could tell that she was excited and ready. She got off the phone quickly and went to get ready for me so I ended up driving for the next 20 minutes lost in my own fantasies and sporting a raging hard on.

As soon as I got through the door I kicked off my shoes and headed up stairs. My sexy red headed Ashley didn't disappoint. He lips were painted a bright red that matched the little baby doll that she was wearing. Her D tits were almost completely exposed to the point that I could see her nipple rings clearly. The bottom hem of the lacey material ended high enough that I could see each of the high hip strings of her thong.

Fuck, I was going to ravish her. I dropped pants and underwear all at once and threw my shirt across the room. "Oh fuck, you really are horney as hell." She was smiling big. "Luckily I've got just the thing to take care of that pent up lust."

I took her in my arms kissing her for only a minute. "I want you on your knees tonight." She obediently took up the position. I was about to thrust inside of her when I realized I didn't have the damned condom on yet. I went back over to my pants and pulled the gold foil wrapper out tearing it open with my teeth. Here goes nothing I thought to myself as I rolled it on.

I looked down at the red wrapper that was snugly fitted over my hard 7 inches and was a bit disappointed that nothing was doing. I didn't have my 15 inch cock to bury inside of her tight little waiting hole. My cock was standing proud and thick, but no huge growth spurt had occurred.

That's alright, I'm still going to fuck the shit out of her. Ashley's nice tight ass was up in the air for me and I could see the wet spot through her thong where he pussy was already starting to drool with hunger for my dick. It looked so tasty. I had to lower my face and lap at it before fucking it. I pulled the thin material out of the way and drove my tongue inside of her. Her glorious juices were flowing and so strong of flavor. God I could eat her all night.

As I'm eating her pussy my nose is rubbing right into her ass hole. I may just have to fuck it tonight too after I get my fill from her pussy. My cock is somehow getting even harder as I lick between her soft lips and drink her first round of cum. Fuck it, I can't wait anymore.

I stand up just off the bed with her ass and pussy there for my taking and line up my dick. Looking down I'm shocked. It fucking worked. Holy fuck! The head of my cock is wedged and is almost pointed at the tip and fairly blunt. There is no rubber coating of a condom and my cock is most definitely a pinkish red color. The head is about 2 inches long. 4 inches of shaft and then two bulges. It looks almost like I have balls on my shaft.

The bulges are my knot. I have a K9 cock! The knot is about 2 inches long and extends my 3 inch shaft to about 5 inches. Below my knot is another 2 inches of shaft. I've only gained about an inch in length and not counting the knot my doggy dick isn't much bigger than my actual cock, but I knew right away that there was no chance my knot was fitting inside of Ashley.

I am still going to try. I line up the head and push it inside of her pussy. She starts to thrust back against me. She loves to have me bottom out inside of her in one thrust, but the different shape of my cock slows her momentum. "Oh fuck! You feel even fatter than normal. Fuck your so big baby."

She pushes back against me again taking half of my new dick. "Oh fuck, seriously, what is going on?" The third of our thrusts has me in her up to my knot. I don't try to force it inside right away instead building a rhythm that I know will have her cuming soon. It doesn't take long before she's breathing in the fast way that tells me she's almost there. I continue thrusting while holding onto her hips pulling her tighter into me.

Her pussy clamps down on me and I almost yelp from the tightness. Her cum lubricates us as it flows around my cock out of her pussy. I keep on fucking her until the peak of her orgasm has passed and then I roll her to her back pulling her pussy off the edge of the bed so that I can really hammer it. I put a leg up on either of my shoulders and push hard into her.

With the new angle and her slick cum I slip my knot inside of her. "Oh fuck, what was that? I'm so full it hurts baby."

"It's alright, give it a second and you'll get used to it," I tell her. I use the two inches of shaft under my knot to glide in and out of her keeping her ready and taking her mind off of the foreign intrusion. I lean in and start kissing her deeply as I keep on thrusting inside of her.

Fuck that knot feels amazing. I've certainly never filled her this much before. I'm pushing in until my hips bottom out on her and pull out until the knot locks up near her entrance and won't fit any further out. Then I plunge back forward. With each thrust I can feel my knot getting larger and filling her even more. I can tell that Ashley is feeling the change as well, but she's thrusting against me. She's fucking herself and enjoying the knot.

"Fuck, your cock is going to tear my pussy apart!" she screams. "Oh fuck it feels so good." I reach down and grab tightly on her hips holding her in place and start jack hammering her. I'm thrusting as fast as I can. I can feel the sudden gush of her cum as another orgasm breaks over her, but the knot of my cock has sealed her up. None of her cum is able to escape and I can feel my balls tighten knowing that I'm about to flood her womb.

The warmth, the tightness, the sight of her losing all control a she cums... it's just to much for me. I lose it. It feels like buckets of cum are washing her inner walls. I can't even thrust again, my body is so spent. I'm slightly light headed and worried about passing out the orgasm is so much. Fuck I'm still cuming. The knot is holding in place and none of our mixed cum is escaping. It's only forcing it's way deeper inside of her pussy.

I finally look down and I can tell that Ashley is still riding the waves of her orgasm. The knot is sitting right on her g spot and each pulse and rhythm of cum is shooting waves of pleasure throughout her. Fuck, this is amazing. I've just had a good minute and a half of shooting cum inside of her and she's at least had a 3 minute high from her orgasm.

Finally my balls run dry. I've almost collapsed on her I'm so spent. Since my cock and knot are no longer thrumbing against her g spot, she is starting to come down as well.

"Why haven't you ever fucked me like that before? Fuck I'll be your sex slave and give my body to you whenever you want it if you keep that shit up."

I can't even reply. The bad part of a dog dick is here. I'm done. Fear and paralysis are setting in. I can't fuck anymore right now, but my knot means that I can't pull out either. I've seen dogs locked and how the female basically runs until she's able to pull free. The male is never happy during this part.

"Fuck, are you still hard? Do you have a cock ring on our something? You're a great size, but you don't stay hard after and you've never felt quite this big."

Oh fuck. She's noticed things aren't quite right. Play it cool. Play it cool. "I found a toy store today. I wanted to try something out on you. It seems like you've enjoyed it." I lean in to kiss her trying to muddle her mind just a bit.

"Fuck yes, I've liked it. Let me see my new prize though." She stared to pull back hard against my knot. The closest that I can explain is that it hurt so good. Pulling out of her super tight hole squeezed me so hard that it pulled my dick about an extra inch out of my body. It was like she was doing the tightest kegel muscle flex ever. When I finally started to slip free it was all in a rush allowing our mixed cum free. The cool air after being inside of her warmth was another high.

I lost control as my cock came free as it made a plop landing wet and sticky on her stomach. To make it even more of a surprise I came again on her this time. I shot cum up between her tits with a rope of white wider than my finger. The shaft and knot of my cock were a dark red and long enough that with my balls sitting on her clit the flared head of my cock was almost too my belly button.

"Oh fuck!" she said dreamily. "I've wanted a Bad Dragon dildo for a long time. Thank you baby, it's amazing." She reached down and started stroking my softening cock.

"Yeah, it's not quite a Bad Dragon." I told her the story of the shop and the condom and of course she didn't believe me. She started figuring out something was different though as she started trying to take it off but couldn't. She tugged and tugged, but the dildo that she expected and condom that I knew was there wouldn't come off.

I started to freak out. I don't know if it was an exciting freak out or a terrifying one thinking that I'd have a dog cock the rest of my life if we couldn't get it off. As soon as I tugged it though it slipped right off. My cock was still longer and fatter than normal. It even had a slightly pronounced bulge where my knot had just been, but my natural color was back and it was clearly human again.

As I held up the pink rubber used condom Ashley slowly smiled up at me. "Get dressed, we are going shopping."

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2022-03-27 04:16:12
We want a box of those rubbers as well. I have had day dreams like this story.
Well done.

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