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When I woke up I thought it was a dream. Nope definitely not the bed was saturated
I put the beast asleep

I woke up and smiled and grinned, opening my eyes to see the mysterious guest from last night, but when I looked around and didn't see the girl. Was I dreaming?

I lift the blanket and the smell of sex and seeing the dry white on the sheet. Nope definitely was a girl here.

Maybe she's in another room, I get up groggily, no one in my kitchen/dining room, bathroom door open and no one was around. I splashed water on my face in the bathroom, went back in my room, turned the light on and I saw a paper with some metal on it. I look at it and rub my eyes and do a double take. “There is no damn way”. I pick it up and read the note and I know my heart is beating fast out of excitement and disbelief. I go in my nightstand drawer, pull out the puzzle piece necklace and connect the two. They both were worn down some but they both fit like a charm after I skipped to the last part of the note saying where we first kissed.

I put my dark blue jeans on, tshirt my army hoodie, socks and shoes, and run out the door, with keys and necklace in hand and tear out the gravel parking lot and down the road. There is no way she came from Europe and just decided to bang me one day.

I pulled into the parking lot with a quick halt, shut the truck off, and went to the bleachers and saw a girl figure in a hoodie. Back to me. I drop my jaw there is no way. I climbed up the steps and sat down next to her realizing it's my hoodie but I did not care. She looks up in a blushing grin.

I blush and smile back.

After a moment, I grabbed her and wrapped her around my arms and just started crying. I whispered in her ear and kissed her cheek

“I missed you.”

She pulled me in. I missed you so much you have no idea.”

I pull away and pull the necklace out of my pocket, put it around her neck I put mine on, and connect the two. Our hands lace around each other's fingers and we kiss deeply.

When we break, how long have you been planning this? It's been at least 10 years!

“Oh well, maybe a year... I had a friend, Jaime specifically, gave me the down low on you. She did good, but not good enough, since she didn't mention you were a firefighter.

I gave a confused look ,Jaime? Is that why she didn't want to date me last year?

“Yeah... she told me after I asked her to be my private investigator.” She felt bad but one she knew you two just wouldn't make the cut well and two, well obviously me.”

I nod my head, yeah I suppose, I like the second reason better though.... So anyway about last night...“Was that how you planned to get me?”

actually , no I was going to stake you out a day and then just knock on the door. And say hey missing puzzle piece, but I forgot my coat, it was cold and got your warm hoodie, found your key with the date we kissed, and i fell asleep on your bed. But hid in the closet when you came home. I don't know what came over me. I just needed you, I hoped you remembered where we kissed when I left my puzzle piece.”

I smile and blush, “well you know what this was the best night I had ever had in years but we didn't have protection or anything.”

“Yeah I know.... I can get plan B if you want.”

“Mmm, how about we just let whatever happens happen and I marry you next week? Don't think about it just say yes.

Yes...Wait what? You sneaker... You... You're lucky I love you... Her voice trailed off and her eyes got wide eyed and her pupils constricted to the width of a needle and a deep red blush realizing what she said.

I lean in, pull her hand down and kiss her lips. I know you have since our first kiss.”

I must've set something off for her because after I said that, she pulled me into her and just kissed me deeply like the first kiss we had. I kiss back and I pull her onto me and we lay down on the bench. My hand goes between her legs up her dress skirt and she opens it enough and I find her panties damp already. We break from our kiss, I whisper “ wanna go somewhere allil warmer?

“I'm warm enough here, I just need you” She pushes me down against the bleacher, grinds against me and kisses my neck . I arch my neck and she lightly bites it. I grab her waist and pull her into me and my other hand is running around her panties. I moved the cloth off to the side and she moaned like last night. I rolled her over and pulled the panties off and lifted the skirt. Her ass was probably cold on the metal bleacher but she didn't care as I was lapping her clit.i just continued. She gripped my short hair, pulling my head deeper between her legs. She started tensing,gasping, then started shaking, and suddenly she gasped and moaned loudly, squeezing my head with her legs as her orgasm subsided. I licked the cum as she recouped until it was mostly gone. I came back up and kissed her. She looked at me,

“Me tasting myself on your lips is like such a turn on”.

I help her sit up ,then get up to her feet . I look around and still see no one. I grab her panties and put them in my back pocket. And we go to our vehicles. I ask her,Sooo you hungry? Cause

I am.

““Oh I am... I waited for hours for you to wake up and find me... is that diner by that police station still open? I loved their breakfast platter.”

“It is, meet you there or want to drop your car off my place and we go?

“Mmmm , We can take your truck when we drop it off, but lead the way. We do just that and we arrive, she parks it, then gets in my truck, kisses my cheek and we head to the diner. We talk about the betweens of what happened with family, life, school and our new and lost interests, the obvious. I pull into the parking lot and park right next to the door. We get out and I hold her hand as I open the door for us and we go in. We immediately got seated in a booth and we grabbed and looked over the menu. My hand rubs her leg lighty and the waitress comes to our table and slams the coffee pot down on the table, breaking the pot, getting hot coffee all over us, table and . What in the fuck are you doing in here you life ruiner piece of shit!? Both of us jumped scared, and moved out from the bench as coffee was running down the table onto us and wiped the coffee off us. We look up and see Charla. My ex…
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