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Dad and Mom take us on a Christmas Cruise. And they make us share a stateroom
College Fall term ended, and there was no amount of begging by my sister, and I could pull Dad away from the idea of a Christmas Cruise. It sounded absolutely horrible to Jill and I, especially the idea of sharing a cabin. Our parents did their best to sell my sister and I on the idea, "It'll be warm!" Mom said.

"Maybe you'll meet a girl," Dad suggested.

"And then what? I'm sharing a cabin with Jill," I groaned, unconvinced. Who wanted to spend a week at sea sharing a cramped cabin with their sister?

Jill and I are a year apart in age. I was her older brother. Except for our eyes, we barely pass as brother and sister. I have light brown hair; a strong chin line and I keep myself in great shape even after my football career ended during my senior year of High School. Jill's hair is constantly changing color. Right now, it's dark maroon. Jill's also skinny, though she does have big tits that look even bigger on her tiny frame. Those big tits always attracted the attention of my friends. As a constant flirt, Jill loved the attention and did her best to show-off her tits.

Dad and mom had a nice balcony room. Not for us. But at least we had they didn’t put us in a dark interior room. We had a porthole window room. After boarding, a steward led Jill and I to our tiny cave. We both freaked when he swung open the door and revealed a single queen-sized bed. "No way!" I protested, ready to swim home before I shared both a room and a bed with my sister.

"Shut up, dufus," Jill said, explaining the problem to the steward with limited command of the English language. He got the point, looking confused why we didn't want to sleep together before separating the single queen-sized bed into two single beds pushed against the walls with barely two feet between them.

Mom and Dad checked on us while Jill and I fought over storage space. We visited their cabin and it looked like a mansion compared to our closet-sized cabin. The four of us stood at the railing during as the ship set sail and Dad gave us one last lecture. At least his rules were easy to follow. Jill and I were free to do whatever we wanted as long as we ate together as a family for one meal a day.

And the best part.. Once we were in international waters, 18 years old was the legal drinking age. Suddenly, life felt bearable and as soon as we crossed into international waters, we started drinking. By the end of that first night, we were singing Christmas carols as we staggered back to our cabin.

Jill found the remote for the TV and put on one of those cheesy, late-night skin flicks. "Really?" I groaned.

"Afraid you'll get hard?" she asked, flashing me a drunk grin.

"Fuck you, I'm taking a shower," I said, heading towards the tiny bathroom.

"No jerking off in the shower!" she called after me.

As I danced around in the tiny shower beneath low water pressure, I tried not to think sister sitting just a few feet away watching softcore porn. The door to the bathroom had felt flimsy and I was completely naked. And drunk. As I soaped my private parts, I started getting hard. Should I risk taking care of myself with Jill so close? My cock grew harder as I slowly rubbed soap up and down my long shaft.

It would serve her right if I jerked off in the shower, right on the soap! Grinning to myself, that's just what I did, holding the soap in front of my hard cock as I sprayed it with thick, ropey strands of my hot cum. Would she notice? I carefully placed the soap on the built-in shelf. I smeared my white, creamy coating across the soap for her.

I dried off and pulled on a pair of boxer shorts before heading back into the cabin. "What's so funny?" she asked me, catching the way I was grinning.

"Nothing," I lied.

"You jerked off, didn't you?"

"Disappointed you didn't get to watch?" I asked, climbing into my tiny bed. What she said next wiped the smirk off my face.

"Maybe I did, too," she said. "Want to smell my finger?"

"No way," I said, not believing she had done anything while I was in the shower.

"Why not? Girls do it, too."

"Maybe, but not as often as guys."

"Says you," she shot back, and it pissed me off.

"Oh yeah? When was the last time you did it yourself?"

"Smell my finger," she giggled, holding out her hand. "Or maybe you want to taste it?"

"Shut the fuck up," I said. There was no way Jill had masturbated while I took a shower.

"Your loss," she giggled, heading into the bathroom. I waited to hear the shower running, except she didn't take one that night. Instead, she came out of the bathroom a few moments later wearing a long, oversized t-shirt. I noticed her tits swaying beneath the thin fabric and it looked as if her nipples were hard. She turned and poked her ass in my face as she pulled down the covers of her bed. I didn't notice any panty lines. Was she naked beneath that nightshirt? I tried not to think too much about it and fell asleep.

I woke up before Jill the next morning. I used the bathroom, not thinking about my piss hard-on showing as a tent inside my boxers until Jill said, "Looking good, bro!" I flipped her off.

We traded places in the bathroom, and I heard the shower starting. That's when I remembered what I had done the night before to the bar of soap. I waited to hear her shriek and didn't, which meant she didn't notice the special coating I had put on the soap. That also meant she was rubbing my cum all over her body. I smirked as I rubbed my aching cock and wondered if I had enough time to get off before she got out of the shower. I decided not to risk it, but the goofy grin I wore when she came back into the cabin sure made her suspicious.

Florida had been warm, but after spending the day and evening sailing south, it was even warmer! We checked in with our parents and quickly abandoned them in search of our own fun. After lunch, Jill suggested we visit one of the sunbathing decks and start working on our natural tans, so we stopped by our cabin and changed into our swimwear. "I heard there's a sundeck where women can sunbath topless," she said.

"You're so lying," I said, convinced that could never happen. She insisted she was telling the truth. "If we go, you have to do it," I said and much to my surprised, she agreed.

Finding the secluded deck was a bit of a challenge, but worth it once we got there. It was near the stacks and mostly empty. We picked two lounging deck chairs facing the sun and stretched out. I glanced at my sister, waiting for her to do it. "You don't think I will, do you?" she said, reaching for the tie behind her neck. She was right, I didn't believe, until she did it. "Problem?" she asked as she saw my eyes bulging out of my head.

Jill's big tits would be more than handful any guy and I stared directly at them as she laid back on the lounger. I studied them, actually, admiring how full and firm they looked. I noticed how her tan never stopped. Her soft skin had the same golden hue from her head to toes. Did that include beneath her bikini bottoms, too? I pushed away that thought as I studied the shape of her dark, rose colored nipples.

"Okay, you can stop staring, pervert," she said without ever opening her eyes to notice me staring.

"No, I can't," I grinned. I was glad her attempt at making me feel uncomfortable was backfiring.

"Fine, keep looking," she said, pulling out her bottle of lotion. She squirted a line across the top of her fine, large tits and began caressing them. "Don't want to burn the girls." That's when it became too much for me. I don't care if she is my sister, tits are tits and Jill had a damn fine rack! It looked as if her nipples grew hard as she rubbed lotion over her huge mounds. I turned away before I popped a boner while staring at my sister's tits.

"Am I getting to you?" she asked as if nothing was happening.

"No," I lied. I laid my lounger flat and rolled on my stomach before she could notice the growth inside my swim shorts.

"You're no fun," she giggled.

"You're still my sister," I muttered.

"But no one else knows," she pointed out.

"I do," I said and did my best to ignore her. And by that, I mean, I did my best to only steal glances at her tits when she wasn't looking at me. Damn it, she was getting to me and she knew it. I did my best to stay calm and failed horribly. I closed my eyes and tried to think about something other than Jill's tits.

After about half an hour of sunbathing on my back, I knew I was going to have problems if I didn't roll over. This private deck didn't include a swimming pool, hot tub, or bar service. "We should get a beer or something," I suggested. I carefully faced away from Jill as we left the sundeck and I led the way down the spiral staircase, effectively walking off my hard-on.

We strolled around the ship, drinking beers, shopping, and people watching. At one point, I came back from a bathroom stop and found some guy chatting up Jill. Later I found out his name was Steve. He looked as if he was pushing thirty, which made him a bit of an oddball. Most of the people on the ship were parents, grandparents, or kids. Technically, I guess Jill and I fell into the kids classification, except we were both legally adults.

I held back and watched the two of them. A couple minutes later, a pretty blonde joined Steve. She slipped up next to Steve, wrapped an arm around his waist and gave him a tiny kiss on the cheek. That was when Jill saw me. She waved me over and introduced to me Steve and Linda. I mumbled a "Hello," unsure what I had missed. "So, how long have you two been married?" Linda asked me.

"Oh, we're not. . ." I started, making the correction we so often had to do.

"Married," Jill quickly interjected, giving me a look I couldn't decipher before grabbing my hand.

"Oh," Steve said, looking at the pretty blonde next to him. "We just assumed. . ."

"Yeah, everyone does," Jill laughed. "Does that change things?"

Linda and Steve exchanged another look before the started laughing. "Actually, we're not married either," Linda said, as if that explained something. "We just find that most people in the lifestyle prefer married couples."

I felt more confused than before. What lifestyle? And why was Jill holding my hand?

"Well, if you're still interested, you know where to find us," Steve said. The two of them gave us a big smile and wandered off.

"What the fuck?" I asked, confused as hell and pulling my hand away from Jill's.

"Tell me you think she's cute."



"Yeah, she's cute as hell," I admitted, glad to finally say something that made sense to me. Linda was a tall, tight bodied blonde with stunning blue eyes and perky tits that kept attracting my attention.

"Would you do her?"

"What the fuck are you talking about?" I asked, lost again.

"God, sometimes you're so fucking stupid!" she said before she stormed off. I caught up and followed her down narrow passageways, until we were back in our cabin.

"What the fuck is going on?"

"They don't know we're related," she said, as if that explained anything. It didn't. "And they are into the lifestyle?" I was still lost. "And they want to party with us?" I shook my head, as confused as ever until she spelled it out for me. Linda and Steve were swingers and they wanted to swing with us.

"But we're brother and sister," I said, pointing out the flaw in her thinking.

"So what? We're not going to have sex with each other. We're going to swing, you know, swap partners. You get to fuck Linda and I get to fuck Steve. We just have to pretend we're a couple until we get down to business."

"And having sex in the same room next to your brother is, okay?" I protested, wondering why it didn't matter to her.

"So?" she said. "If we get drunk enough, will it even matter?"

"I don't know," I said, unsure. Jill kept pushing and finally I agreed to go with her to the club.

During dinner with our parents, they allowed us to drink beer. "Why not? It's legal," Dad told Mom. "And it's not as if they're going to drive anywhere." Dad cut us off after two each, helping us maintain the appearance of being sober. Truth was, we had been sipping beers most of the day. Mom and Dad tried talking us into some lame nightclub version of A Christmas Carol. Somehow, we dodged that bullet of mandatory family fun time and retreated back to our cabin. (Technically, cabins are referred to as "staterooms," except ours felt too small to over glorify it.)

Once we reached the room, Jill pulled off her t-shirt and bra. "What the fuck?" I asked, started with the sudden nudity.

"Oh, grow up. You've already seen them," she said, wiggling out of her shorts, exposing her thong panties. Thankfully, she kept those on as she stepped into the bathroom area. I changed into a nice pair of shorts and a Polo shirt while I waited for her to do her face and hair. Twenty minutes later, she walked into the room. Jill had changed into a white sundress that showed off her glowing tan. The halter top showed off her ample cleavage, too. She had done her hair, put on make-up, and looked hot as hell.

She ran her eyes over me, clearly inspecting my choice of attire and decided, "You look good," she said, running her eyes over me and smiling.

"You too," I mumbled. It felt funny complimenting her. Jill and I had grown up with that typical love/hate relationship siblings feel. No one could make me laugh harder than her and no one could get underneath my skin faster. At fourteen months older than her, I seldom played the role of big brother. Instead, we felt more like twins. Seeing her dressed up so precisely made me realize neither one of us were kids anymore.

The ship had several bars and nightclubs. The one where we met up with Linda and Steve played thumping pop music. No way would our parents ever venture near it. Lots of gels for the lights had been replaced with red and green in honor of the Christmas spirit. As soon as we joined Linda and Steve, a waiter arrived to take our drink orders. Steve ordered a round of shots and two pina coladas for us. The waiter never asked for our IDs. I wasn't surprised. Once I started wearing a two day growth of stubble instead of shaving, I never got carded and Jill's big tits usually assured she got her way.

Linda was a stunner with long, straight, yellow blonde hair that hung halfway down her back. She had full lips, a pretty smile and didn't look more than a few years older than Jill or I. She wore a flowing skirt and a bikini top. Between the two was a long, flat expanse of belly. Her blue eyes sparkled as brightly as her dazzling smile. She touched my arm a lot as we talked.

I think Jill did a better job at selling us as a couple. She kept touching my arm or shoulder. Twice, she kissed me on the cheek. It felt funny having her act so friendly towards me. I caressed her hair a couple of times and tried to act romantic towards her, too. I guess we were doing pretty good because, if Steve and Linda suspected anything, it didn't show.

We danced as couples a few times and I felt as if I was at a wedding or something. It wasn't until a long series of slow songs began that things felt weird. Linda melted against Steve, clinging to him as they kissed and swayed. I wasn't sure what to do, so I held her like I would hold a date, pressing her tightly against me as moved to the music.

"How's it going with Linda?" she asked.

"Good, I guess," I said. "It's weird with her boyfriend right there."

"Trust me, she wants you, I can tell."


"She keeps checking out your ass," Jill said, slipping her hands down my back and grabbing my ass. She held both cheeks, massaging them as she pressed against me from the front. "She's doing it right now."

"Fuck, Jill," I said as I felt my body reacting to her intimate caress. I understood she was just trying to sell our lie to Steve and Linda, but the rest of me didn't care. My cock started getting hard.

"We should kiss," she said as we swayed next to the other couple.

"Really?" I mumbled, unsure if I could do it. Jill didn't give a chance to argue with her. Keeping one hand on my ass, she grabbed the back of my head with the other and pressed her lips against mine. Again, my body reacted on autopilot. I felt her tongue caressing my lips, opened my lips, and used my tongue, too. I closed my eyes, imagined it was Linda inside my arms, and kissed her back.

I don't know how long our first kiss lasted. Once I relaxed into it, I didn't try to measure time. Jill's hand remained on the back of my head and as long as she held us together, I kept kissing her. Though I knew I was kissing my sister, my cock didn't care. The drinks, shots, and anticipation of fucking Linda worked against me and I grew hard.

"Damn," she whispered, looking up at me with dewy eyes and a hungry grin. "Are you happy to see me or is that a Christmas tree in your pants?" She pressed against me, dry humping my cock.

"Think you can ease off that?" I asked.

"No," she said, glancing to her left. My eyes followed hers. Next to us, Steve and Linda were entangled in a kiss even more intimate than ours. Steve moved his hand between their bodies and slipped his hand over Linda's bikini top, cupping her breast while they kissed and swayed. I was stunned by their intimacy.

When the long set of songs ended, the four of us drifted back to our table to our drinks. Linda stayed pressed against her boyfriend and Jill followed her lead, remaining next to me, too. While Steve ordered another round of shots, Linda peeled herself away from him. She squeezed my bicep and asked, "Have you ever done anything like this?" Linda asked.

"Swap?" I asked, hoping that's what she meant. She nodded and I shook my head no.

"But you like the idea?"

"I like you," I said, giving her my best rakish smile.

"Mm, I can't wait to have this," Linda purred, slipping her hand beneath the table and cupping my hard-on.

"How does it work?" I asked, struggling to maintain my control as this gorgeous woman caressed my junk just out of everyone's view. "Do I take you back to my stateroom while Steve takes Jill to yours?"

"Oh no, we like to do it in the same room. That's okay, isn't it?"

"I guess," I said, uncomfortable with idea of having sex in front Jill.

"Trust me, it's fun being watched," Linda said, leaning in and kissing my lips. She nodded across the table where Steve was kissing Jill. "And it's even more fun watching, isn't it?"

I had a chance to kiss Linda once more before Steve brought the evening to an unexpected end. "Okay you two," he announced over the music. "One more shot and then we're going to let you go back to your stateroom to take care of each other."

"But aren't we . . .?" Jill tried asking.

"Never on the first night," Steve said, passing out the shots he had ordered with a wave of his hand. He raised his little glass. "To tomorrow!" We knocked back our shots, traded good-night kisses with our dates and that was it. Jill and I were left to stagger back to our tiny stateroom alone.

"Fuck, I'm drunk," Jill said, leaning against me for support. "And horny as hell."

"Me too," I said, meaning I felt drunk.

"You're a good kisser."

"I don't want to talk about it," I said. "I only did it because you made me do it."

"I got so wet on the dance floor," she said as we reached our level. "Is that wrong?"

"It's sort of weird," I admitted.

"You got hard," she giggled.

"Because you were groping my ass and humping me," I said, working the key to our cabin. "What did you and Steve talk about?"

"How much he wanted to fuck me and how he was going to think about me tonight. And, he told me Linda goes both ways."

"Oh fuck," I said, stunned. "Do you?"

"Maybe," Jill grinned.


"Okay, maybe I want to try it?"

"Really?" I asked, unsure what to make of her confession.

"If that's what it takes to be with Steve, why not?"

"You think he's that hot?"

"I wasn't thinking about you when we kissed," she said. I don't know why, but that came as a relief. Jill reached behind her neck, pulled up on her dress and poked her head through the top curve of her halter-top. When she let it go, the top of her dress fell around her waist, baring her breasts to me again. "And I'm not going to be thinking about you when I do what I'm about to do." She shimmied out of her dress, revealing her thong underwear.

"Wha-what are you going to do?" I asked, stammering as I looked again at my sisters near perfect tits.

"I'm going to masturbate," she said as if announcing nothing more spectacular than saying she was going to brush her teeth. "Now turn off the lights because you don't get to watch me do it."

“The moonlight is shining through the porthole window. I’ll be able to see what you’re doing.”

I stood closest to the light switch for the overhead light. I snapped it off, plunging the room into darkness, except for the shimmer of moonlight shinning in. "Are you really going to play with yourself?" I asked.

"What do you think?" she asked, somehow hitting me in the face with her panties. "Damn, I am so fucking wet!"

I could see the silhouette movement of her hands as they started to work her wanton pussy.

"Hm-mm," she purred. "Are you going to do it, too?"

"Maybe," I said, already pulling off my shirt and shorts. My hard-on had eased during the walk back to our cabin, but I was hard again the moment I saw my sister's tits. I hooked my thumbs inside the waistband of my boxers, hesitating for a moment before pulling them off. Was this a prank?

"Is that the outline of your hard cock I see?" she asked, her voice sounding breathy and different than I had ever heard her sound before.

"What do you think?" I said, throwing my boxers at her.

"Gross!" she squealed, confirming my aim. "You look very hard!!"

"Did you want feel and find out?"

"I'm just asking," she sighed. "Fuck, my nipples are so hard."

"They've been hard all night," I said. I don't know why, because that meant I had noticed, and it felt weird telling my sister that I had noticed her hard nipples. I laid down on my bed and started stroking my hard cock. I was more excited than I thought and eased off how I was doing it so I wouldn't come too soon. Being excited felt good.

"You got so hard when we were slow dancing," she moaned. I didn't say anything. Instead, I listened and thought I could make out a soft, wet, smacking sound. Was she fingering herself or just rubbing her clit?

I bit back a groan and changed my grip again. Damn, I felt as if I could blast off from two good strokes. "Did you see how Steve was groping her?"

"Fuck, I know!"

"What if they expect us to do stuff?" I asked and Jill moaned again. "You know, with each other?" I clarified.

"Oh! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! I’m cummminnnnggg!!!" Jill gasped. My sister just orgasmed in front of me!

"Did you hear what I asked you?"

"I don't know," she said, her voice still breathy as if she was breathing really heavy.

"What don't you know?"

"Shut up and shoot your load," she said. "Are you even close?"

"Yeah," I said.

"How close? Like really close?"

"Yeah," I groaned, moving my hand back to its usual position.

"Tell me when you cum," she whispered.

"Almost there," I said, clinging to my last piece of sanity before the thrill of my orgasm took over my body. "Almost," I announced, no longer caring that I was talking to my sister and then, my orgasm started. "Yes! I’m Cumming!!" I cried out, digging my heels into the mattress and thrusting my hips upwards as I started spraying my hot, creamy goo across my chest and stomach.

And that's precisely when Jill flipped on the lights.

"You bitch!" I cried out, unable to stop what was happening with my body.

"Damn," she grinned as her eyes went wide. She was kneeling on the bed and staring at me with an eager look.

Spurt after joyful spurt of hot cum spewed from my cock and splashed in a long line of ropey white from right between my nipples all the way down to my bellybutton and below it. "Bitch," I repeated, staring at her.

"Aw, come on," she giggled. "That was hot as hell!"

I held my hand over my throbbing cock and climbed out of bed. Jill's eyes warily tracking me as I stood. I scooped a line of goo off my chest and smeared it on her shoulder as I went to the bathroom to clean up. I wiped off the rest and kept my still hard cock hidden as I went back into the cabin space.

"I want to do it again," she said with a hand between her legs, clutching herself as if she had already started.

"Go for it," I said, sitting on my bed, still covering my hard-on and looking at her. She made a move for the lightswitch. "No," I said, stopping her. "If you're going to do it, I get to watch."

"Are going to do it, too?"

I shook my head. I just did it, though I knew I could probably do it again in just another minute or two. That's something I've practiced at home. I used to do a lot of edging, you know, where you tease yourself close to an orgasm and then stop and leave yourself needy for as long as you can before doing it again. Because of all that, I can get off and get hard enough to get off again almost immediately, but I wasn't going to let Jill know that.

"Will you show it to me again?" she asked, playing with one of her nipples.

"Let me see what you're doing," I insisted.

Jill looked at me for a long moment as she thought about it. While she stared at me, mostly looking at my hand covering my cock, she kept on rubbing herself and playing with her tits. I felt my cock throb once against my palm and knew I was both hard and ready to get off again. Jill leaned against the wall and parted her legs wide, showing me every part of beautifully trimmed pussy. "Like this?" she asked.

"Yeah," I groaned, no longer caring that I was looking at my sister's pussy. There's a point where pussy becomes pussy. "Put your finger inside."

"You mean like this?" she asked again as I watched her middle finger slip and slide all the way inside of her. When she pulled it out, I saw how it glistened from her wetness. "Move your hand," she purred and I did, showing her my still hard cock. She shoved two fingers inside her pussy as she stared. "Damn, you're big," she groaned.

We sat across from each other, staring without talking. I started stroking myself again. Why not? Did it matter anymore? She had already seen me having an orgasm, what difference did it make now?

"You're going to make me cum," she sighed.

"Me? I'm not doing anything."

"I know, but you look . . . hot," she said as if catching herself before she said something else. She licked her lips and I could guess where her thoughts had gone.

"We should stop," I said, still stroking myself. "We should stop before we say or do something we shouldn't."

"We shouldn't be doing any of this," she said, rubbing her clit and never looking away from my cock.

"Taste your fingers," I suggested, wondering if she'd do it. "Pretend it's Linda."

Jill did it, staring right in my eyes as she did it. She sucked on her fingers, moving her head up and down and swirling her tongue around them until I realized she was thinking about something else.

"Do you want to suck me?"

"No," she said, except her eyes went back to my hard cock and I could see the hungry look in her eyes. "Is that what you want me to do?"

"I want more than that," I admitted.

"Tell me,"she insisted. I shook my head, afraid of saying anything. "Please, we don't have to do it. I just want to hear you say it."

"I want to fuck," I mumbled, thinking about Linda. "I want to shove my big hard cock inside your warm, wet pussy and fuck you until we both come."

"Yes!" she gasped, fingering herself again. She used both hands on her pussy, pistoning two fingers in and out of her pussy with one hand while rubbing her clit with her other. "Fuck me," she groaned. "Fuck me!" And she came again, this time, staring at my hard cock.

I stood up and her eyes followed me, questioning my movement without words. "Sometimes I like to stand," I said, rubbing my cock faster.

"Are you going to come again?"

I nodded, already close.

"Do it," she said, scooting closer. I instinctively backed up until the back of my calves were against my bed. There wasn't room for me to move back any farther. I was afraid she was going to touch me, but she stopped as soon as she reached the edge of her bed. She sat on the edge, watching me. "Come for me," she said. "Come on my face."

"No," I groaned, so close, so very close.

"Do it," she insisted. "On my face and my tits."

"Oh fuck," I cried out, once more reaching that point of no return. My orgasm clutched at my body, gripping me in its joy and my cock erupted. I didn't block its eruption. I let it happen and watched with a mixture of horror and glee as my orgasm shot across the narrow space between us and struck Jill's pretty face. She opened her mouth, catching some of it on her tongue before the final spurts struck her chin, neck, and chest.

"Yes!" she cried out as I came, welcoming my orgasm as joyfully as I did and artfully positioning herself to catch the shower of my orgasm. "Yes!" she repeated and scooped up what she could into her hungry mouth.

I shuddered with the last of my release and didn't know what to say. I fell back on bed and stared at Jill as she scooped up droplet after droplet and fed it to herself. "That's mine," I pointed out.

"I don't care," she smiled. "I love it. I've always loved the taste of cum."

"You're fucking made wrong," I said, pulling back my covers and climbing beneath them.

"Fuck you," she said and got up. She went into the bathroom while I laid on the bed and tried to wrap my drunken head around what had just happened. I was still thinking about it when sleep finally came over me.

I woke up naked in my bed and checked the clock for the time. Jill had turned off the nightstand light before going to bed and turned on the tiny night light near the foot of my bed. I wondered if she had gotten dressed. With her sheet up to her neck, I couldn't tell. Our clothes were still on the floor where they had landed last night. I scooped up my boxers and put them on before climbing out of bed. I visited the bathroom, took a shower and shaved.

When I came out of the shower, Jill was sitting up in her bed watching the TV. She was topless. "About time! I have to pee!" she said, kicking off her sheets and dancing past me to visit the bathroom. I saw enough to know she had spent the night naked.

I got dressed while she took a shower. Today was our first port. We ate a quick breakfast and headed topside to see the ship sitting next to pier. We joined the line of people waiting to use the gangplank and went into town. It felt funny seeing palm trees decorated with Christmas lights and garland. I think both of us spent the day keeping one eye out for Steve and Linda and the other eye searching for our parents. The last thing we needed was to meet up with Steve and Linda while we were with our parents!

It was late in the afternoon before we found our Mom and Dad. We hung out with them for a little while, but not too long. They said we looked tired and I told them we had spent the night dancing. Mom looked happy that her kids were getting along so well. Dad slipped us some money which we both pocketed, knowing his souvenir money would be saved as drinking money. The port-of-call only lasted until five and we ditched our parents for the last part of it.

"Should we talk about last night?" I asked, after we left Mom and Dad.

Jill shrugged. "I don't know. We were both drunk and horny, that's all."

"It's not weird knowing we saw each other, you know, doing stuff?"

"Not unless you want to make it weird," she said, dismissing the rest of the conversation. We went into a couple more stores. She bought some clothes before we went back to the ship without ever seeing Steve and Linda. I think we were both in a funk because we never saw our new friends.

We went back to our cabin, watched some TV and skipped dinner. Being at port meant we could use our cell phone in wifi mode and we spent a lot of time texting and catching up with our social media accounts. We kept one eye on the time, waiting until it was time to meet Linda and Steve.

Back in the club, we picked up where we left off last night with shots, tropical drinks and a lot of dancing. When the DJ finally spun a slower song, I quickly grabbed Linda and pulled her close. She pressed her hot, tight body against me, running her hands up and down my big biceps. "You workout, don't you?" Linda asked.

"A little," I said, leaving off details of the football career I had before blowing out my knee.

"Jill's a lucky woman."

"Steve is a lucky man," I said, enjoying how Linda's tits felt pressed against my chest. She wasn't shy about leaning into me.

"No, I'm the lucky one. I found a guy who likes to share," she said. "What about you? Do you share?"

"Sharing is good."

"And Jill? Is she okay with sharing?"

"This was her idea," I said. "So, is your stateroom big enough for all of us?"

"Yes, we normally get a big suite. It's more fun watching and being watched," she cooed. I grew tense. Was I ready to have sex in front of my sister? "I keep forgetting you've never done this before, have you?"

"No!," I mumbled.

"It's okay. We'll take it nice and slow." She kissed my neck again and that felt really good. A new slow song started and I was content to keep going, but Linda pulled away. "You should dance with your girlfriend," she said, giving me to Jill while she stepped into Steve's arms.

"Someone had fun dancing with her," Jill giggled, noticing my hard-on.

"They want us to go back to their suite," I said, feeling Jill pressing her big tits against my chest.

"I know. Steve said the same thing."

"What if they expect us to, you know, do stuff together?" Last night, she had avoided answering that question.

"I don't know," she said. She slipped her hand between us and squeezed my hard-on.

"Fuck, Jill, what are you doing? This isn't a goof or a joke. If we do something, we can't undo it."

"I want this," she purred, rhythmically squeezing my hard cock.

"Me?" I asked, startled.

"No, Steve and maybe Linda and everything else."

Planting a kiss on my lips, she said, "Get drunk enough and you won't care." She pulled me into a deeper kiss, and I felt my resolve wasting away.

The four of us visited the table, did one more shot and collected our drinks. I finished mine during the walk to their stateroom suite. Seeing their room made ours feel like a broom closet. Steve and Linda had won a contest and scored a grand suite with a balcony. We stepped inside to a seating area with a big sofa that faced two stuff chairs. Immediately behind those chairs was their big bed. Sliding glass doors opened to a private deck.

I guess my hesitation showed. While we were on the balcony, Linda squeezed up against me. I felt her tits against my back as she wrapped her hands around my waist and nuzzled against my neck. "It's okay," she cooed. "It's going to be fun, and you don't have to do anything you don't want to do." Except I knew anything I had to do with Jill would feel wrong.

"He'll be fine as soon as we get naked," Jill said.

"Sometimes, it goes better if we start slow," Steve suggested. "Maybe we should play our game?"

"That's a great idea," Linda smiled, moving closer to her boyfriend. "It's simple. We do something and then we get to watch you do something, too."

"It works better if you try to do something more than we did," Steve added before leaning over and kissing his girlfriend. Their lips lingered for a few moments before they pulled away and smiled at us. "Your turn."

I looked at Jill, unsure what we should do and hoping she had an idea. "Don't be so shy, baby," she purred, wrapping her arm around me. "You know we both want this." I didn't try correcting her. She pulled me into a full kiss. When I felt her tongue pushing into my mouth, I accepted it and played along hoping that would be enough. She held our kiss for a long time before pulling away and smiling at me. "Okay?"

"So hot," Linda said, approving. "But I bet we can beat that." Jill handed me back my drink as we watched Steve and Linda starting with another kiss. But a kiss was just the beginning as Steve moved his hand across Linda's perky tits, openly caressing them through her top. Seeing him groping her for our benefit had a positive effect on my cock. Eventually, they pulled away and smiled at us.

I still felt stuck on stupid, counting on Jill to lead the way. If she felt awkward, it never showed. She leaned in for another kiss and I'm about to say something I never thought I'd say: I was glad my sister was such a good kisser. Her lips were soft, wet, and warm against mine. Her tongue tasted sweet from her drink. I relaxed into it, knowing we had to do something more, so I borrowed from what we had just watched. Jill moved my hand to her chest and I gently squeezed my sister's big tits, marveling at how firm they felt while freaking out because, well, I was fondling my sister's tits!

I thought that might be enough, but Jill upped the ante. She began caressing my hardening cock. I moaned, unable to stop her and she didn't stop rubbing me until I was completely hard.

"So good," Steve said, smiling his approval. "But I bet I can top that." He pulled Linda's top off, baring beautiful breasts. I openly stared, never expecting Linda to have tanlines. Triangles of stark, white flesh outlined her tits, perfectly displaying how her bikini top would cup her tits. But exposing Linda's tits to the salt air wasn't enough. Steve leaned over and kissed both of her nipples, leaving behind twin pink points before he smiled for us to take our turn.

I was still at a loss for what to do. I tried to hide my confusion by pulling Jill into another kiss. Maybe something would come to me while we kissed. Instead, an idea occurred to her. While we kissed, I felt her tiny fingers working the front of my shorts. She deftly undid the top button and slipped her hand inside, forcing the zipper open as her hand slid inside my boxers, too. I felt my shorts and underwear sliding down my legs and froze when Jill caressed my exposed cock.

"Let's move inside," Steve suggested though no one could see us. "The furniture is more comfortable." I scooped up my shorts and boxers, holding them over my hard cock. Steve gestured for us to sit on the couch. I sat on one end and Jill sat right next to me. She pulled away my shorts, forcing me to keep my cock on display.

"Damn, your big," Linda purred, openly staring between my legs. "I can't wait to have that."

"Easy baby," Steve said, patting her knee as they sat in the two chairs facing the couch. They scooted the chairs close together and kissed. During that kiss, Linda worked off Steve's shorts, exposing him, too. Steve had reasons to be proud down there, too. As they kissed, Linda tugged and pulled on his big cock with eager enthusiasm. They finally pulled away and smiled at us.

"Oh wait, we're supposed to do something more," Linda said, standing. She pulled off her bottoms, both her shorts and panties and exposing a second set of tanlines. This set included two thin lines that disappeared around her narrow waist and tiny swatch of white that barely covered pussy. I couldn't help but wonder how she looked in whatever bikini she wore while tanning. Based on her tanlines, it was lowest cut bikini bottom possible. Like Jill, Linda had a beautiful, manicured bush.

"You are so beautiful," Jill gushed, openly staring at the other woman.

"Thanks. Steve likes tan lines."

"I like all over tans, too," he quickly added, looking at my sister.

"Jill has an all over tan," I volunteered. "Why don't you show it to them, baby?"

"Why don't you show it to them for me?" she asked, grinning. I knew what she wanted. She wanted me to undress her. My fingers shook as I pulled off her top, exposing her braless tits. Linda and Steve both cooed their appreciation of her big tits. I knelt in front of Jill and pulled off her shorts and panties, giving me a solid look between her legs. I averted my eyes, looking at her thigh instead of her pussy. While I was still between her legs, she tugged at my shirt, pulling it off my head so I was naked, too.

I moved back to the couch, embarrassed and nervous feeling. It felt awkward being naked and hard in front of two strangers and my sister. Sitting next to Jill made it feel worse. I focused on Linda and her beautiful body. She was easy to admire and her eager stare held promises of what might happen next.

"Could you stroke him for me?" Linda asked Jill, meaning could Jill stroke me. I felt my heart pounding in my chest as Jill wrapped her tiny hand around my big cock and caressed me as if I was her lover. "Mm, that looks so sexy," Linda purred, slipping off her chair and kneeling in front of me. She caressed my knees and thighs as she watched Jill's hand. "His cock is so fucking big. How much of it can you fit in your mouth?"

"Most of it," Jill lied.

"Show me," Linda cooed. "I want to see."

I squirmed, panicked as I desperately tried to find a way to stop it from happening, except what could I do? Jill was kneeling in front of me, caressing my legs and blocking any escape path I might have. My choices were plain. Either I push the pretty blonde away, snatch my clothes and run away or I sat there and endured whatever happened next. I looked at Jill, hoping against hope she had a plan for avoiding Linda's request.

"It's okay if you want to do it for me," Jill said.

"No, I want to see you do it," Linda insisted. "Is that okay?" She gave us both a worried look.

"Sure it is," Jill said, bending over. "Why wouldn't it be?"

Because you're my sister! I wanted to scream, except I didn't. I bit my tongue and braced myself for something I never wanted. I stared down, mostly looking at Linda, but seeing the back of Jill's head as she moved into position. A moment later, I felt a tentative lick before she opened her mouth and drew my hard cock between her lips. I released a low, mournful moan as another permanent line was forever crossed.

"Hey, it's okay," Linda purred, reaching over my sister and caressing my cheek. "Relax and enjoy."

I can't imagine how terrified I must have looked sitting there with my cock inside my sister's mouth, but what could I do about it? Making matters worse? It felt damn good. Jill knew how to suck cock and wasn't holding back. Nothing about the way her tongue licked, lapped, circled and teased my cock suggested she was holding back. Jill was going for it as if it didn't matter.

"It's only Jill touching you," Linda said, offering a comforting smile. Of course, she had no idea she had just named the exact reason why I was freaking out. What was wrong with my sister? Why wasn't she trying to change the direction of things? Did she feel as trapped as me? A long, mournful groan escaped my lips.

"Sounds as if someone has been waiting for this," Steve chuckled, getting it as wrong as his girlfriend.

"Do it," Linda purred, caressing my sister's back. "Suck it. Suck that big, fat cock. You know you want it. You know you love it."

Jill moaned. I don't know why. Was she moaning because she knew she was doing this to me or because she actually liked it?

"That's it," Linda said, pushing down on Jill's head. "Take it. Take it all. Let him choke you." I heard Jill gag and keep going. "Yeah, do it. Gag on it. Gag on that big cock," Linda insisted, forcing Jill to gag again.

"Okay, you need to stop that," Jill snapped, pulling away. "I don't mind sucking him, but I don't like to gag."

"Sorry," Linda said, pulling away. "Just trying to have some fun."

"No, it's okay," Jill quickly said. "Here, you do it."

"Can I?" Linda asked, looking over her shoulder at Steve.

"Maybe tomorrow," he said.

"But baby, he's so big!"

"I know and he'll be big tomorrow, too."

"Wait," Jill interjected. "Is this all we're going to do tonight?"

"We don't swap on the first night," Linda said as if that explained anything. Jill gave me a confused look. I shrugged because I didn't understand either.

"Just a little rule of ours," Steve said, pulling Linda to him. He started groping her chest while Linda snuggled close to him. "We hate one-night stands, so the first time we're with a new couple, we just like to do it in the same room."

"Do what?" I asked.

"Whatever you're comfortable doing," Linda said, slipping her hand between Steve's legs and caressing his hard cock. "Would you like to see me suck him?" She bent over, taking Steve's prick inside her mouth while keeping her eyes open and on us.

"Doesn't she look good doing that?" Steve asked me. "She loves sucking cock. Just wait until tomorrow when she does it to you."

"But not tonight?" Jill asked.

Steve said, looking worried. "We like to take things slow."

I looked at Jill for an explanation. She looked puzzled but looked as if she was putting the pieces together. "Oh, so that's what you meant when you said you liked to watch and show-off?"

Linda popped his cock from her mouth long enough to add, "Mm, I love being watched. It gets me so wet." She snaked a hand between her legs as she went back to sucking on her man.

"What are we supposed to do?" I asked.

"Whatever you want," Steve said.

"Do we have to do anything?" I asked.

"It's better if you do," Steve said with a patient look on his face. "But, if you're okay with it, we'll keep going."

"Good, because I want this," Linda said, pulling away. She sat up and kissed Steve while Jill and I gaped at them. Slowly, we looked at each other.

"Should I suck you some more?" Jill asked. My wide-eyed look was the only answer she needed. Still, it felt awkward not doing anything while we watched Linda sucking Steve. Jill cuddled closer and started stroking me. That felt like a good compromise. In fact, it felt like a good compromise and I relaxed. "Doesn't she look sexy doing that?"

Linda's eyes lit up hearing Jill's compliment. "Beautiful," I agreed. Steve moaned. Apparently, our compliments improved Linda's technique.

"I can't wait to suck his cock," Jill added. "I want to feel him deep down my throat." I moaned, too. Hearing Jill talking dirty was getting to me. My cock swelled in her hand as I relaxed into the moment. "Mm, you like that idea?" she purred, noticing the change. "You like the idea of seeing my lips wrapped around Steve's big, hard cock?"

"Yes," I quietly whispered, ashamed that I could get so excited thinking about my sister sucking Steve's cock. I squirmed, wanting more and terrified because, well, because I wanted more. I draped my arm around her shoulder and grabbed at one of her big tits. Damn Jill had great tits.

"Let me suck you again," she whispered in my ear, too soft for Steve or Linda to hear.

"No," I whispered back, knowing that if she hadn't asked, I wouldn't have stopped her.

"I want this," she said, loud enough for everyone to hear. She kissed me and I kissed her back. Our kiss didn't last long because we didn't want to miss the show happening just a couple feet away. She pulled my arm over her head. "At least touch me, too." She pushed my hand between her legs and my fingers slipped against her pussy.

Jill parted her legs wider, opening them towards Steve so he could see my fingers as I rubbed her pussy. My fingers slipped inside and around her pussy, caressing her clit and feeling inside of her. She was hot, wet, and slippery. We both moaned.

"That looks good enough to eat," Steve grinned, staring between her legs.

Linda pulled away from Steve's cock and watched up for a second before she said, "Do it. Eat her for me."

"Yeah," Jill said, smirking at me. "I went down on you. You should go down on me, too." She pulled away, moving to the other side of the couch with one leg on the floor and while bending her other knee, opening her pussy to me. "Do it," she said. "Eat me. I dare you."

I watched as she rubbed her pussy, waiting for me to make up my mind. I looked at Linda who smiled her encouragement. "I've never done it with an audience," I said, as if that might explain my reluctance.

"Just do it," Linda urged and with a hot, fiery look in her pretty blue eyes.

I felt trapped by circumstance. Everyone in the room was waiting for me to do it. I stared at Linda's eager look most of all and slipped off the couch. I knelt on the floor and I kissed Jill's inner thigh several times as I built up the courage to keep going. Maybe I could pretend I was doing it?

As I neared her pussy, I could smell Jill's excitement. I know I'm talking about my sister, but what can I say? I was already hard as hell and throbbing with excitement. My head buzzed with confusion, shame, excitement, and desire. I love eating pussy, I always have. I love the taste, aroma, and intimacy of pressing my face against a woman's pussy. I've always felt as if eating pussy was an art form. A woman's clit the most sensitive part of her body. Figure out how to treat that little nub just right and she's yours for life.

I kissed up her thigh and across her pussy, deeply inhaling my sister's scent. It was too much for me. I couldn't resist and knew I couldn't simulate giving her head. I gave into the moment, pressing my face against Jill's pussy and shoving my tongue between her nether lips.

The moment I tasted her, it no longer mattered if she was my sister or not. Her pussy tasted wonderful. I moaned loudly and went for it, licking and lapping at the tiny nub of her clitoris and hearing her gasp. I smiled, at least on the inside I did. Take it, bitch, your brother knows what he's doing when he's between a woman's legs!

I snaked a hand beneath my chin and pushed two fingers inside Jill, ignoring that I was fingerfucking my sister. It didn't matter anymore. I had a single goal in mind, and I wouldn't stop until she came. If Jill wanted this, I would give it to her. My tongue circled her clit as I lapped up the flood of her excitement. Hearing her moan and feeling her fingers lost in my hair only encouraged me.

"Fuck, he's good," I heard Linda say. Damn right. Give me a chance and I'll eat a woman into an orgasmic coma.

Jill moaned. It started as a low growl and kept building. "Yes," she cried out as she moved closer to her orgasm. "Yes!" she cried louder. I wasn't going to back away. I wasn't done until I felt her quiver and I knew I was close. "YES!" she called out right before bucking beneath me as the orgasm I gave my sister rocked her world. By the time I pulled away, my face was covered in her juices and she looked crazed with pleasure.

"Holy fuck," she groaned, staring at me with respect in her eyes.

"Damn," Steve agreed. I glanced in their direction and saw them both staring. I moved back to my couch, no longer caring who saw my hard cock between legs.

"Look how hard he is," Linda said. She was right because eating pussy always gets to me. My cock was harder and felt more needy than ever before.

"I want this," Jill said, grabbing at my hard cock.

I don't know where I found the strength to resist, but I did, "No."

"Please?" she begged.

"Would it help if we do it, too?" Linda asked, rubbing Steve's hard cock.

I shook my head. Jill and I had gone far enough. No way was I going to fuck my sister.

"Please fuck me," Jill begged again.

"Not tonight," I said with a level gaze at Steve and Linda. They wanted to draw line between us? Fine, I'd draw a line, too.

"I like that," Steve said. "A man with self-control."

"You know it," I agreed.

"Are you going to save yourself for tomorrow?" he asked.

"At least until we get back to our room," I said, reaching for my clothes. Fuck this. I didn't come here to have sex with my sister. I came here hoping to have sex with Linda. If that wasn't going to happen tonight, then why stay? They had gotten their show. Of course, I knew I wasn't going to fuck Jill when we got back to the room. But I would jerk off. I had to. I was too damn excited.

"Bastard," Jill groaned.

"Men are such jerks," Linda said, gracefully swinging a leg across Steve's lap until she was straddling him. She lowered herself directly over his hard cock without using her hands That's when Steve put his hand around her waist and locked her into place.

"Maybe we should wait, too," he said, lifting her off of him.

"You don't want me to fuck you?" Linda asked, sounding shocked.

"Of course I do," he grinned. "But if he can wait, so can I."

"You're right," Linda pouted, looking at Jill. "He is a bastard."

Jill giggled. Meanwhile, Steve stood snagged his shorts and pulled them back on. Slowly, the four of us got dressed.

"Tomorrow?" Steve asked Jill before we left.

"Tomorrow," Jill promised. She kissed Steve and I kissed Linda.

The pretty blonde grabbed at my cock while we kissed. "Tomorrow," she said.

I had to hold my hands over my cock as we walked back to our room. I knew my cock would stay hard until I gave it some relief. "Damn, you're good," Jill said as we walked and I knew my pussy eating skills had cursed me. Every woman I had ever met loved how I did it.

"Shut up," I growled, not wanting to talk about what had happened. We rode the elevator in silence and wasn't until we were walking down our passageway that I couldn't stand it anymore. "I can't believe you went down on me."

"What was I supposed to do?"

"I don't know," I grumbled, working the key to our room.

"I'm serious, we had to do something. You were there. You saw how it went."

"I know," I said, holding open the door to our miniature stateroom. It wasn't her fault I was on edge. I felt needy as hell. My cock ached. Hell, even my balls ached. I felt as if I had just spent the last two hours with a prick tease.

"Do you want to do something?" Jill asked, sitting on her bed.

"Yeah, I'm going to jerk off," I said, turning the TV and searching for more late night soft porn, anything I could use for inspiration that might take my mind away from what my sister and I had just done. I turned off the bedside lamp and laid on my bed, caressing the lump inside shorts. The TV light up the room more than I liked, but did it matter? Jill had already seen me naked and then some.

I looked over and saw her watching the TV with one hand inside her panties. Women have it easy. They can just stick their hand inside their pants whenever they want to get off. My aching cock throbbed. Was it because of what Jill was doing? I didn't know and didn't care. I needed to get off. I pulled off my shorts and caught Jill looking. "Keep your eyes on the TV," I said.

"Let me help you," she said, sitting up on her bed.

"No," I said, determined to ignore her. I kept my eyes on the TV and caressed my cock, hoping i could get off quickly, ease the tension and go to sleep.

"Please," she said, kneeling next to my bed. She slipped her tiny hand over my big cock. "I owe you."

"Don't," I said, but I didn't stop her. I didn't push her hand away because it felt too good.

"Tell me to stop and I will," she said, still stroking me.

I wanted to say the words, I really did. Except her hand felt better than mine. Besides, did it really matter? I kept my eyes on the TV, allowed her to keep going, and everything was fine until she leaned over and drew my hard cock back between her lips. "What are you doing?" I said, staring down at the back of her head in shock.

"Paying you back," she said, flashing me a smile before going back to work.

I sighed as I wrestled with my conscious. This was wrong, so very, very wrong. When we were with Linda and Steve, we sort of had to do stuff, didn't we? Doing stuff in front of Linda and Steve helped prove we were a couple instead of brother and sister. But now we were alone. Now, there wasn't a reason for Jill sucking my cock unless she really wanted to do it.

I opened my mouth, trying to tell her to stop, and only released a mournful groan. Like when we were upstairs with Linda and Steve, I felt helpless, trapped by circumstance. Every moral fiber I had screamed she should stop. That same conscious told me I was complicit if I didn't make her stop. Except, I wasn't forcing her to do it. I hadn't asked her to do it. She didn't have to do it if she didn't want to do it. She didn't really owe me. And, perhaps worst of all, it felt good. Damn good.

Unwilling to make her stop, I gave into what she was doing. I pushed past my guilt and shame and accepted the pleasurable sensations Jill offered. Her felt warm and her tongue felt wet. I heard and felt a soft moan from her. Fuck it. I gave in. I stopped fighting and allowed nature and my most animalistic needs to take over.

Jill tugged and pulled on my big, fat dick. She used both hands, one for caressing my swollen, needful balls and the other hand for stroking me. She swirled her tongue around my cockhead, delighting me in ways other women hadn't done for me. I gasped, arched my back, and warned her, "I'm gonna cum!"

Instead of backing away, Jill doubled her efforts on my hot cock. She sucked me faster and tugged on me with greater insistence. She squeezed my balls, tempting and teasing me to release my orgasm and I did. I came. I came deep and hard inside her mouth, releasing a huge amount of spunk as my orgasm began. All my sexual frustrations left me, filling her mouth as semen.

Jill groaned and kept her lips wrapped around my dick. My orgasm was over, but she kept sucking me. "Hey, I'm good," I softly told her, caressing the side of her face.

"I like how you feel in my mouth," she said, flashing me a smile as she pulled away. She got naked, laid on her bed, and started fingering herself. She kept looking over at me without saying anything. I could guess why. She wanted my help and was afraid of asking for it. I caressed my cock, still wet from her spit, and considered helping her. Would it matter if I went down on her again? Jill softly moaned. Her body went rigid and she came, removing the temptation from me. I turned off the TV and went to sleep wondering if things would ever feel normal between us again.

Jill and I woke up naked and not caring about it. Well, I say I didn't care, except I got hard a couple times from seeing her naked and being naked around her. She took the first shower and came back into the main portion of our room still naked. After my shower, I did the same thing, a bit surprised to find she was still lounging around the room naked.

The ship had docked again at our second port of call during the night. Again, we ate breakfast onboard before heading down the gangplank. We found our parents and had lunch with them. Mom and Dad looked as if they were having plenty of fun without us. They told us about the comedian they had watched the night before and seemed very happy how well we were getting along.

That afternoon, we found a cafe with good internet and spent a couple hours catching up with our friends. Of course, neither one of us could talk about what was really on our minds, the couple we had met.

Back onboard, it was my idea to have dinner with our parents. For some reason, it felt safer being around them. If we were together as a family, Jill couldn't flirt with me and I wouldn't think about her in a sexual way. But after dinner, Jill and I had a date. As soon as we went back to our stateroom, Jill stripped naked. "I'm so horny," she said, squirming and clutching herself.

"Let's get a drink before we meet them," I said, fighting off the low fever of excitement I felt, too. Jill slipped into a nearly sheer sundress she had bought in town. That was the only thing she wore. I wore loose fitting shorts and tight t that accentuated my muscular chest and big arms and we went into the same dance club with a couple hours to kill. I watched how our server eyed Jill. We took a chance ordering mixed drinks. The server, a guy, didn't hesitate and filled our order.

The night was early but people were in the mood to party. The music was loud and people were dancing. We sucked down our first drink and ordered a second before we hit the dance floor, too.

I was transfixed by Jill. Her sheer dress attracted as much attention as her bouncing tits. On the way back to our drinks, she nodded towards a couple women sitting together. "They can't keep their eyes off you," she giggled. I laughed. Hadn't she noticed how every guy in the place was staring at her?

Jill sipped at her second drink while I tossed it back and ordered a third. I asked if she wanted to do a couple shots, but she shook away the idea. "I don't want to be drunk tonight," she said. "I want to remember everything that happens." I didn't share her thinking and wanted as much liquid courage as I could manage without becoming falldown, stupid drunk. I didn't trust Linda and Steve really wanted to swap.

We knocked on Steve and Linda's suite, arriving precisely on time. "Damn, you look good enough to eat," Linda squealed as soon as she saw Jill. After giving Jill a big, friendly hug, she reached for me. "Mm," she purred in my ear as we hugged. Linda wore a different bikini top and another flowing skirt. I could guess she naked beneath it.

"Hey there," Steve said, already pouring out drinks for us. He gave Jill a hug and kept her next to him. Linda stayed draped around me and I gave up worrying about the lump showing inside my pants. When we moved to their seating area, Jill sat with Steve and I sat on the couch with Linda. She put her hand on my thigh, gently caressing my leg while my big cock tented the front of my shorts.

"So, what did the two of you do all day?" Linda asked as if nothing special was happening.

"Went into town," I said, setting aside my drink. I put my hand on her chest, caressing her breasts as we talked and growing more excited. Maybe this was going to be okay after! I felt her nipples harden beneath her string bikini top and gently circled one of them as I talked. "Jill did some shopping."

"That's where I bought this," Jill said, watching us with eager eyes.

"It looks beautiful on you," Linda told her.

"Stand up and model it for her," I suggested. Jill stood in the small space between us and slowly turned while modelling her new dress.

"Gorgeous," Linda said and I didn't know if she was talking about the dress or my sister. Did it matter? She reached out and ran her hands over Jill. "I like how it hugs her waist." Jill faced her, smiling. Linda's hands slipped upwards, cupping Jill's full breasts. "It feels lovely, too."

"You feel lovely," Jill said.

My fat cock throbbed hard inside my shorts as I watched Linda squeezing and playing with Jill's big tits. "Sometimes I wish my tits were bigger."

"No, you are perfect," Jill insisted, reaching down and cupping Jill's tits. "I love your breasts."

"Are these buttons down the front just for show?" Linda asked. She undid the top one and then the next one and one after that until the top of my sister's dress fell open, held on her body only by the straps on her shoulders. When Linda slipped a hand inside her dress, one of those straps fell down Jill's arm. When she shrugged off the second one, the dress fell to the floor.

"Oops," Jill giggled, naked from head to toe.

"You are so beautiful," Linda said, pulling Jill close and kissing her flat stomach while her hands slipped around her trim body. Jill straddled Linda's knees and sat on her lap. Their lips met and I watched from my ringside seat as the two girls kisses as deeply and romantically as any man or woman. As they kissed, Jill worked the ties behind Linda, pulling off her bikini top. They pressed their bare tits together and moaned.

I took off my shirt and shorts while watching. Clothes didn't matter anymore. Steve did the same and, like him, I casually stroked my hard cock as I watched the two girls kissing and making out. We traded rakish smirks but didn't say a word.

"I want you," Linda softly murmured. She urged Jill off and stood. Linda lost her skirt, exposing her bare bottom and cute tanlines before grabbing my sister by the hand and leading her to the big bed. Jill climbed on the bed. Linda looked over her shoulder and Steve and I, waving for us to join them.

Steve sat on one corner at the foot of the bed and I did the same, giving the women as much room as possible. They took up the middle of the bed, with legs and arms wrapped together as if they were two snakes wrestling while they kissed. I couldn't touch my swollen cock. I was too hard and too excited watching the lesbian action taking place in front of me. My big cock ached and throbbed with need I would resist as long as I had to. I thought I was doing pretty good, too, until Linda asked Jill, "Ready for your boyfriend to watch you eating pussy?" A clear droplet of pre-cum leaked from my throbbing cock.

Linda rolled on her back, leaning against the headboard. She bent her knees and parted her legs wide for Jill. My sister started with Linda's lips, kissing downwards, over and across both breasts before started a trail down her stomach. Jill didn't hesitate as she reached the tiny tuft of pubic hair. When she began licking Linda, the room filled with four moans and only Linda's moans didn't end.

"Oh, she's good," Linda reported, caressing Jill's face for a moment before she held out her hand towards me. She pulled me closer until I was directly next to her hip. Linda caressed my head. "Doesn't she look sexy doing that?"

"Yes," I gasped. Jill looked so full of bliss as she nuzzled her nose against that tiny tuft of pubic hair.

It didn’t take long. Linda squirmed, moaned, and dug her heels into the bed. She pushed her hips upwards as she cried out with the first orgasm of the evening. I watched her trim body quiver and buck beneath my sister's tongue and moaned with her. Finally, she relaxed, lowering her body back to the bed, revealing Jill's face wet with from her pussy. "Kiss her," Linda insisted, pushing my face towards Jill. Our lips met over Linda's thigh as we kissed more passionately than ever before.

I didn't notice when Steve had slipped up on the bed, but he was laying next to the two girls. He leaned over and kissed his girlfriend, too. When their lips parted, he told her, "Your turn."

"I know," Linda giggled, grabbing Jill and pulling her up and over her body. They kissed again before Linda rolled them over, moving until she was on top of Jill. Another trail of kisses as Linda moved down her body. We stared at Linda's pretty blue eyes as she pressed her mouth against Jill's pussy. When Jill moaned, I looked at her face and saw her eyes flutter with pleasure. Remembering what Linda had told me to do, I leaned over and kissed Jill, she tasted like Linda. Our kiss lasted until Jill came, moaning into my mouth.

My cock was the hardest I could ever recall. Both Linda and Jill began stroking me. "I think Jill wants this," Linda purred in my ear.

"She can have it later," I said, wanting to feel my cock back inside Linda.

"Do her," Linda insisted with a tiny giggle and big kiss. "I want to watch."

"Let's do them together," Steve suggested, holding out his hand for his girlfriend. Laughing and giggling, Linda climbed over Jill and I. She squeezed between Jill and Steve, facing Jill.

"Roll over," Linda told Jill, guiding her to roll on her side so the two girls faced each other. They started kissing and groping each other's chests.

"Yeah, baby, that's hot," Steve said, working behind her. I didn't need to see what he was doing to understand it. He was working his big cock inside Linda and I understood why we had changed positions. They expected us to do the same thing.

My hard cock pressed against Jill's ass. She looked at me over her shoulder. "Do it," she purred, reaching between us and grabbing my cock. "I want this."

I tried pulling away, trying to pull my cock too far away for her to put it inside of her, except the bed was full and I was too close to the edge. If I moved any farther away, I would fall off the bed.

"Do it," Linda said, too. She had put her hand between Jill's legs, followed Jill's hand, and cupped my balls. "I want to feel you inside of her."

I felt as trapped as I had every time we were with Linda and Steve. What could I do? Fall out of bed, get dressed and run back to my cabin? Feeling the two women tugging at me didn't leave many options. Giving in to the inevitable, I ended my retreat. I felt Jill guiding me, pulling my hard cock towards her wet pussy until there was nothing left for me to do expect push. I did.

I pushed my hard, swollen, needful cock deep inside my sister's hot, wet, waiting pussy.

And it felt wonderful.

"Yes!" she gasped as soon as it happened. She pressed backwards against me, taking all of me, insisting on all of me. I pressed forward until I was pressing against her tight, tiny butt before pulling back and doing it again. "Yes," she repeated during each one of my first few strokes. "Fuck me! Fuck me!"

Somewhere inside of me, I felt a switch turn-off (or maybe it was turn-on? Does it matter?) as I moved in and out of my sister's tight pussy. Jill felt substantially tighter than Linda and I felt an odd ripple inside of Jill's pussy that didn't happen when I was fucking Linda. It took me a moment to place what was happening before I realized it was because Jill was quivering with excitement.

"Damn, you want this, don't you?" I asked, my face right next to her ear.

"Yes!" she cried out, squirming against me each time my hips pressed against her bottom.

"No, I mean, you've been waiting this, haven't you?" I asked, trying to make the question fit my meaning. "Since when?"

"Since whenever," she gasped, looking over her shoulder at me.”

My body kept moving on autopilot as I struggled with how I should react. With every stroke, I felt as if I was damning myself to hell even as pleasure washed over me. "This is so wrong," I mumbled, holding her hip and fucking her harder. "So. Fucking. Wrong." I repeated, accentuating every word with a deep, pounding thrust.

"Damn," Steve said as I rocked our bed. "Hit that pussy!"

"Do it," Linda added, watching us, intrigued by the interplay going on. "Nothing that feels this good can ever be wrong."

"Oh fuck," Jill groaned as her body went stiff in front of me. She twitched and I kept fucking her until that twitch turned into her orgasm. "Oh fuck!" she yelled and thrashed along side of me, bucking backwards against me. "Do it! Do it! Do it!"

"I'm going to come inside you," I told her, feeling my next orgasm welling up inside my balls. "All the way inside you," I insisted and buried my cock deep as her pussy rhythmically squeezed my rock hard rod. I gave one more mighty thrust before holding myself deep and shooting off my load. I came deep inside of her, throbbing against the last of her orgasm.

It took me a few moments to regain my breath. Once I did, growled at her, "Are you happy?"

"Aren't you?" she asked, once more looking over her shoulder at me.

"Perfect," I said as sarcastically as I could. "Absolutely fucking perfect." I pulled out of her, climbed off the bed and went into Linda and Steve's bathroom. I wiped off my cock on one of their hand towels and tossed it on the floor. Had I gotten what I wanted? I got to fuck Linda, didn't I? It only cost my dignity. I crossed to my clothes and got dressed as three naked people watched me from the bed.

"Wait," Jill said, scrambling out of bed. "Don't leave without me, please?" She snatched up her dress from the floor and darted into the bathroom. I'm sure she needed to after I had filled her pussy.

"I'm sorry," I said to our hosts.

"Hey, it's okay. The lifestyle isn't for everyone," Steve said, reading the situation wrong.

"Take her back to the room and talk it out," Linda suggested.

I was glad when Jill came back into the room quickly. "Sorry," she said, looking embarrassed. I didn't have anything to add and headed towards the door. Jill was right behind me. As soon as we were in the hallway, she tried to stop me with a hand on my arm. "I'm so sorry," she gushed.

"Save it," I said and we walked side-by-side back to our room.

It wasn't until we were behind that closed door that Jill broke our silence. "Can we talk?" she asked. I shrugged. "I'm really sorry if you think I led you on. I never thought we'd. . . you do know. . . do it."

"We’re brother and sister," I said, confused why I had to remind her of that.

"I know, but so what? They don't know that and no one else knows that we did anything."

"I know," I said.

"Okay. You're right. You know. You know you fucked me. You know I sucked you off. And you know what else? I don't care. I liked doing it and I'd do it again."

"Do what? Set me up?"

"I didn't set you up," Jill said. "Unless you mean with Linda. That's all I was trying to do, set you up with Linda and me up with Steve."

For a long time, neither one of us said anything more. I'm guessing Jill was quiet because she didn't want to say the wrong thing. I was quiet because, well, what could I say? What was there to say? Finally, I broke the silence with a stupid question, "What if I liked doing it?" Jill looked at me with her head tilted, confused. "What if I liked fucking you? Then what?"

"Did you?"

"Did you?" I shot back, turning the question around.

"What if I said Yes?"

I stared at her with wide eyes. Was she fucking kidding me? "Right. So anytime I feel like getting naked and hard around you, I should just do it?" I asked, stunned by her answer. "And if I want you to suck me or jerk me off or bend over and let me fuck you, that's okay with you?"

Jill shrugged, but that wasn't what go to me. She didn't just shrug and that was all. She shrugged and squirmed. It was a small squirm, as if she was trying not to do it and did it anyway. I still saw it.

"Oh wow," I groaned, even more stunned than before. "Well, fuck Steve and Linda! Who the hell needs them when we can have our own little fuck-fest right here in this stateroom!"

"If you want to," she said.

"No, Jill," I warned.

"Why not?" she asked, squirming again, except this time she was working the skirt of her dress out from underneath her ass. Balling and bunching up her dress, she pulled it over her head as if it was nothing more than an extra long nightshirt. She tossed it away, sitting in front of me crosslegged and naked. She uncrossed her legs and bent her knees so I could see everything. "You can have this if you want it.”

I felt speechless as I gaped at her bare, exposed body. I didn't know what to say or do, so I just kept on staring with my mouth hanging open. After a time period that fell somewhere between a couple moments to a couple of hours long, I finally found my voice. "Get dressed."

"Why should I? What do I have that you haven't see, kissed, or fucked?"

"Whatever," I said, unable to know how to win this argument. Instead, I pulled down my sheet and climbed beneath, clothes and all. Rolling away from her, I closed my eyes and eventually fell asleep chasing dark demons of lust and desire while wishing my cock hadn't gotten hard again.

When I woke, the bedside light was still on as I rolled over and glanced at the clock. Just beyond the clock, I saw Jill laying naked on top of her sheets. It took a mighty effort to pull my eyes away from the sight of her full breasts rhythmically rising and falling with every breath. I stood, stretched, and went into the bathroom. As I took a shower, I tried not to think about what she had said last night. No way could she have meant it. No way at all.

After finishing my shower, I wrapped a towel around my waist in a vain effort to hide the hard-on I was experiencing. I kept my back to her bed as I dropped my towel and stepped into a pair of boxers. I added a pair of shorts before risking turning around.

"Good morning," Jill softly said from her bed.

"Morning," I acknowledged.

She was naked as she went into the bathroom. I sat on my bed looking looking at our itinerary. We had one more port-of-call before sailing overnight back to our home port. Otherwise, I waited for Jill before we went to breakfast.

Fifteen minutes later, Jill came out of the bathroom as naked as when she went into it. Leaning against the doorway, she smiled at me. "Just so you know, I was serious about what I said last night."

"Sure you were," I said, unable to stop myself from staring at her naked body. I rubbed the front of my shorts. Fuck, why not? Did it matter? Did any of it matter anymore? "I'll be sure to let you know when I need a blowjob from my sister."

Jill flipped me off for being sarcastic and got dressed. She got dressed and went to breakfast together. When I say, "We talked," I don't mean about anything important. We talked about going into town and what we should say or do if we say Steve or Linda again. It was a big boat and I figured we could go the whole day (and night) without bumping into them again.

We found Mom and Dad and hung out with them in town for a while. Being back together as a family felt comforting. Hell, doing anything normal felt comforting. Jill and I sniped at each other a few times, and that felt normal. We rolled our eyes together when Mom said something foolish or Dad made one of his bad puns. What I'm saying is, it felt just like it always did, except I knew it wasn't.

After lunch, we ditched our parents and found an internet cafe that didn't cost too much. Sitting side-by-side, we checked out our social media pages and got caught up with our friends. It wasn't until we were back in our cabin getting changing into nicer clothes for the final night's Christmas party that things felt odd again. Jill got naked in front me as she got changed and I didn't mind. In fact, I didn't worry about getting naked in front of her, either.

Jill and I tried to hang with my parents through the Christmas party they wanted to enjoy, but it was filled with too many old people and too many sing-a-longs of old fashioned Christmas songs. "Want to ditch?" I asked Jill and we did.

Free of our parents, we wandered the ship for a bit, enjoying the night air. "Are we okay?" she eventually asked.

"I think so," I said, feeling on firmer ground after a day of being normal.

"You don't have to, you know, do anything if you don't want to," she said.

"Thanks," I said and I grabbed her hand as we strolled. "What time is it, anyway?"

"Early," she said, finding a clock.

"I wonder if Steve and Linda are at the club?"

"Do we care?"

"I don't know," I shrugged. "But the music was better in that club."

"Can we change first?" she asked. I nodded and we went back to our room. I changed my shirt while Jill put more effort into things. She had bought one more sundress the other day she wanted to wear. It was white like her other one, not quite so sheer, and featured a halter style top with a deep plunge that accentuated her big tits. I thought it was interesting how she got changed in front of me, but turned her back to do it. "Ready?" she asked after primping in the mirror for a moment to adjust her makeup.

"Almost," I said, pulling her into my arms. She looked startled as I wrapped my arms around her and pressed her body close. "Just one adjustment I want to make." I reached beneath her skirt, found the elastic of her panties and pulled them off. She gave me a confused smile before I turned and opened the door.

The club was busier than any other night. Stepping inside, the loud, thumping music engulfed us. We got lucky and scored a table near the dance floor. We got lucky a second time when the server didn't care if we were old enough to order mixed drinks. We took a few sips of our fruity cocktails before hitting the dance floor. We were two songs into having some fun when I noticed the couple dancing next to us. Steve and Linda had found us.

"Everything good between the two of you?" Steve called over the music.

"Perfect," I called back. He nodded, accepting my answer at face value while both women exchanged a glance of their own. I didn't try to read into their look.

We danced one more song before drinks sounded like a better idea. Glancing around the club, I saw Steve and Linda's were parked a table across the dance floor. That was good. I wasn't interested in sharing a table with them.

An hour or so passed with another drink and more dances. A slow song started. Jill looked at me before stepping towards the table. Unlike before, we didn't have to pretend to be boyfriend and girlfriend for Steve and Linda's benefit. Just the same, I hooked her arm as she slipped past me. "Where do you think you're going?" I asked. I pulled her against me and we held each other somewhere between being brother and sister and being lovers.

"Thank you," she said, giving me a platonic kiss on the cheek.

"Shut up," I teased before grabbing her ass and pressing her against me. I kept my hand on her ass for the rest of the song. As that song ended, another slow one started. I considered heading back to the table but saw Steve and Linda heading our way.

"Mind if I cut in?" Steve asked and I traded Jill for Linda.

"We're leaving after this dance," Linda said as soon as she stepped into my arms.

"Okay," I said, cautious.

"I just wanted to say a couple things to you," she said with her head on my shoulder and breath hot against my neck. "First: thank you. Playing with you and Jill made this cruise more fun than we ever imagined."

"It's been interesting," I allowed.

"You're a good man," Linda said, giving me a peck on the lips. She hugged me closer and we swayed to the music for a few moments before she nuzzled against my ear, nibbling my earlobe before whispering, "Jill's lucky to have a big brother as cool as you."

"What?" I asked, hoping I sounded confused, shocked, and indignant enough.

"Relax," Linda purred, squeezing and keeping me close to her. "I played with my brother, too. A lot. And sometimes, we still do. It's okay."

"Is Steve. . .?" I managed, wondering they were brother and sister, too.

"Oh fuck no. And he doesn't know about my brother. And he hasn't guessed about the two of you."

We kept dancing, holding each other close while questions flooded my brain. "How did you guess?" I asked.

"Your eyes," she said. "They match too perfectly. I guessed it the first night, but after last night? I was convinced. Jill has it bad for you."

"You have no idea," I said. "It's weird."

"Only if you make it that way," she said as the song ended. Linda kissed me on the lips. I pulled her close and kissed her back.

"Thank you," I said before letting go of her.

"Merry Christmas," she said with a wistful grin before sliding next to her boyfriend.

"You're a lucky man," Steve told me, shaking my hand. "Hit that as often as you can for both of us."

I laughed, nodded, watched them leave. Jill stood next to me. "What do you want to do?" she asked.

"That's a great question," I asked, pulling her into my arms for another slow dance. "Did you enjoy your dance with Steve?"

"I think he enjoyed it more," she giggled, bumping against my crotch and I knew what she meant. He had gotten hard while they were dancing. We finished the dance and went back to the table to finish our drinks. Jill suggested one more and that sounded like a good idea. As we stood at the table, I noticed how other guys kept glancing at her. Growing up with Jill had made it easy for me to miss how beautiful of a woman she had become. It was more than her big tits and a low-cut dress. Jill truly was a beautiful woman with a style all her own. I leaned over and kissed her cheek. "What was that for?" she asked, beaming.

"Because I'm mostly drunk," I lied.

"Then get drunker," she said, pouring part of her drink into mine.

"You're just trying to get me drunk so you can have your way with me," I joked.

"Maybe," she said, laughing with me.

Another set of slow songs began.

I thought that was an interesting answer and I mulled it over as we danced. I pressed her closer to me, enjoying how her big tits pressed against my chest. When I ran my hand across her ass, I was reminded that she wasn't wearing panties. I started getting hard and didn't back away, decided I'd let her feel me getting hard. She grabbed me tighter.

"You feel good," she purred, grinding against me.

"We should go back to the room," I suggested.

"Really?" she asked, pulling away to look at my face to see if I was joking. I kissed her on the lips. When that felt good, I kissed her again, deeper the second time. Grabbing her hand, I walked to the door, leaving the rest of our drinks. We didn't those.

We held hands as we went back to our tiny stateroom. Jill was quiet. I'm guessing she was afraid of jinxing the moment. I opened the door for her and followed her inside before pulling her back into my arms and kissed her. My tongue parted her lips and found her tongue waiting eagerly for me. I clutched at Jill's big tits, pushing my hand inside her dress and grabbing at her bare breasts.

"I want you to suck me," I said, shoving off my shorts and boxers in one smooth movement. "Right here. Right now." Jill smiled, gave me an eager nod, and dropped to her knees. I held the base of my cock, feeding it to her, and pressing on the back of her head for her to take more of it into her mouth. She looked up at me, her matching eyes sparkling with joy. "I'm going to come in your mouth," I announced, not even trying to hold back. Why should I? I was horny and I knew I could stay hard enough for anything else I wanted to do. I felt her moan as much as I heard it and take pushed me over the edge. "Take it," I groaned. "Take all of it." I sprayed my first hot load of the day deep inside her throat. Jill moaned as she drank every drop of it and I knew I was just getting started.

"Get up," I said after she drank my last drop. She stood, looking at me with eager eyes. I pulled off her dress and turned her around. Damn, she looked good. I rubbed my cock. It felt wet from her spit. "Get on your bed," I said.

Jill stretched out on her back, smiling at me. I pushed her legs wider apart and dropped to my knees. I grabbed beneath her knees, bending and pushing her knees towards her chest as I exposed her pussy to my mouth. I lowered my mouth to her pussy and began licking. Unlike the other night when Steve and Linda had watched me eating her pussy, this time I didn't hesitate. I covered her sex with my mouth, licking at her clit and poking my tongue deep inside her pussy. I ate her as if overtaken by a fever.

Jill gasped, groaned, and moaned from the sudden, intense fury of my tongue against her pussy. She didn't know this was a signature move of mine, the fast and furious pussy licking. It was a little thing I sometimes did to a girlfriend just to remind her that I could own her pussy. I didn't stop until she shook and shivered with her orgasm.

"Now what about this?" I asked, kneeling in front of her. I pulled her ass close to the edge of the bed, positioning her legs on either side of me. Holding my big cock, I slapped her pussy. "Is this what you really want?"

"Yes," she moaned.

"Inside of you?"

"Please," she begged, squirming.

"Tell me to fuck you," I said. She did. "Say, 'Fuck me, brother.'"

"Fuck me, brother. Please, fuck me!"

I fed her pussy my hard cock, sliding it slowly inside of her and studying her as each inch slipped deeper into her wet, needful pussy. She felt so hot, wet, and ready for me. Her pussy started to squeeze me.

"I’m cumming all over your cock!" she gasped.

"Good," I played with Jill's big tits, toying with her swollen nipples and watching as she had another orgasm. I felt my cock swelling inside of her. I felt my balls tighten up and I knew I was on the edge of another orgasm.

"I'm going to come inside you again," I told her.

My big, hard cock throbbed, pumping my hot cream deep inside my sister's tight pussy as she cried out with pleasure.

Spent, I collapsed on top of her. Half of me still knelt on the floor. The rest of me laid on her chest and I rested my face between her big breasts. I kissed her nipples just for the fun of it and she caressed the side of face. "Thank you," she purred.

Tangled together, we fell asleep.

Waking up naked in a room with your sister is an odd sensation. Waking up and tangled in her arms and legs felt even stranger. We took showers and packed while the ship docked. We met up with our parents and spent the rest of the day travelling home

It was late by the time we arrived home. Nothing felt better than the idea of our beds. In the morning, our parents had to work. None of that mattered to me. I slept late and didn't leave my room until my stomach insisted on food.

I found Jill sitting at table in the kitchen in front of a bowl of cereal. She gave me a smile as I poured my own bowl. We kept looking at each other without saying anything. I'll admit, I stared right at her tits a couple of times. Were those still available to me? Did she mean what she had said on the ship? For some reason, our constant staring at each other became funny until she finally put down her spoon, tilted her head, and looked at me. "What?" she asked, fighting off a smile.

"Did you mean it when you sat naked on the cruise ship bed, and said I could have you anytime I wanted?"

"Do you want me to mean it?" she asked, her smile faltering a bit.

"Take off your shirt," I said as a test. Would she do it? Would she make a demand of me before she did it? She hesitated a second before a small grin appeared on her face. She pulled off her shirt, revealing her big, tanned tits to me.

"Should I keep going?" she asked. I nodded and she wiggled out of her sleep pants. If she had been wearing panties, they came off with her sleep pants.


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my brother has fucked me many times and he's eaten my pussy a lot also, i love sucking his cock and swallowing his hot cum and we kiss and hug all the time. try it with your brother, its called love!

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2022-08-26 12:27:24
I enjoyed this 'novel' as it was one of the longest reads I've ever kept reading to the end.
Obviously Jill wasn't finding as much taboo in sharing with her brother but I know that I would have caved in much earlier.


2022-01-01 13:06:41
awesome story, i had a boner the whole way, wish my sister was here to give me a blow job!


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I absolutely loved this story, keep up the good work!


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Very good story but as others pointed out you forgot to fuck Linda?

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