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Jill, Amy, and Chelsie are excited for the upcoming Christmas break. After their sexual awakenings over Thanksgiving they all now want to take things to another level.
It didn’t take long for Chelsie to finally admit to Amy and Jill that it was actually her Uncle who she got fucked by. She really hadn’t thought out her story and it took very little to piece together what’d actually happened. Chelsie was surprised by how accepting they were. Amy and Jill of course still felt some shame in their threesome and it helped to know that at least a videotaped threesome with a professor was more socially acceptable than fucking your biological Uncle.

The couple of weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas break were a blur. Before the girls knew it they had finished their last final and were packing up for their trips home. Jill was going to her Aunt’s place where the rest of the family was gathering. Amy was going home to her Mom, Stepdad, and Stepbrother, and Chelsie was going home.

As they all headed to the regional airport Jill joked, “Now Chelsie, I know you might see you Uncle this break, so be careful.” This was received with a chuckle and a glare.

“I don’t know Jill, you do talk about your cousin a lot, maybe you’re the one who should watch out.” Jill regretted sharing that she thought her cousin was hot, especially now that they’d all kind of accepted incest. Amy was happy that she wasn’t included in this back and forth. At the airport they said their farewells and went their separate ways.


Jill was actually pretty excited to see her Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin. She knew she’d only have a couple of days before the rest of the family showed up and the house turned into a zoo. Her Aunt picked her up at the airport. After exchanging pleasantries they got in the car and headed home. Her Aunt piped up part way through the drive, “Oh shoot, I forgot to tell you! Since Sidney has a baby, and Joel is bringing his wife we’re going to be really tight on rooms. Are you comfortable sharing a room with Jake? I can always have him sleep on the couch if you want.”

Jill swallowed, she knew she’d try something if left alone with Jake, but maybe that wouldn’t be all that bad. Chelsie seemed fine and consenting adults and all. Jill tried to sound as casual as possible, “Oh you don’t have to do that! I mean you have an air mattress or something right?”

Jill was assured Jake would have his own air mattress and Jill would get the bed. Jill could feel her pussy lips swelling a little; she’d really need to be careful. In order to maintain some level of deniability anything they’d do would have to be Jake’s idea, and she didn’t even really know if Jake would be interested. She was only half present for the rest of the drive.

It had been a week and Jake didn’t seem to be able to take any hint. Jill had been sleeping in the skimpiest pajamas she had, she had ‘accidentally” flashed him, she was even at the point where she might “accidentally” send him a nude. The rest of the family was finally trickling in and the house was getting real crowded. When Joel showed up things finally started moving in the right direction. Joel’s wife was a lush and that first night they were in the house they all had a healthy amount to drink. Jill was tired and figured that nothing was going to happen so she opted to go to bed before the others.

Figuring it was time for a hail marry, Jill decided to sleep naked and let the air out of Jake’s mattress. She laid in bed thinking about getting fucked by her cousin. He was pretty fit and a solid head taller than her. She was confident he had a decent cock too. She rubbed her clit as she drifted off.

She woke up as Jake opened the door. She stayed still as Jake closed the door and swore at his mattress. He walked over to Jill, “Hey cuz, can I crawl in? I’m so tired and my mattress is flat.” Jill pretended to be sleepier than she was, “sure, crawl in.” She rolled away from him and moved over to the side of the twin bed. She heard some clothes fall to the floor and Jake got into the bed. Jill had made sure that she had only given him enough room to fit in the bed if he spooned her. Jake realized he didn’t have any other option and faced his cousin and moved close. As he draped his arm over her he felt so much skin. It hit him that she was either completely naked or wearing very little.

Jake's dick hardened almost immediately. Jill took Jake's arm and held it against her bare tits and snuggled in a bit. She could feel the erection poking in to her back, and with a little adjusting it was saddled between her ass cheeks. Jill whispered to Jake, “Mmm, you’re so nice and warm.” She squeezed his arm into her breast again. Sure enough Jill felt Jake start to grind his cock into her. He stopped suddenly and Jill heard Jake start to snore. Jill wasn’t too disappointed, she now knew he found her sexually attractive and she was also pretty tired.

Jake woke up with a terrible case of morning wood. He was so distracted by his erection it took a second to realize he was spooning his cute little cousin. It then clicked that his cock was wedged between her ass cheeks and he was essentially dry humping her. Jake began pulling his arm back grazing her great tits. Jill suddenly grabbed his arm and pulled it back, keeping Jake up against her. Jake was losing control; he’d masturbated so much the last week, just to keep himself from hitting on Jill. This was too much, she clearly wanted it.

Jake ground his cock into her ass a little. He wanted it to be clear it wasn’t an involuntary movement, and sure enough Jill moved her hips in time. He pulled his arm back again and Jill let him go this time. Jake pulled his boxers off with his newly freed hand. The feeling of his cock on her ass was mind blowingly good. They rubbed into each other and Jake wrapped his arm around her again. This time he grabbed and squeezed her juicy Ds. Jill knew she was wet enough and reached down to Jake’s cock, with a little adjustment he was inside her.

Jill wanted this first time to be all about Jake. She had no interest in getting off, she needed him to just fuck her, and the rest would fall into place. Jake was struggling with fucking his cousin’s tight pussy and not making any noise. Jill was helping as much as she could, grinding ever so slightly. After a couple minutes of this Jill decided to try something a little more extreme, she reached back and grabbed Jake’s hair, “I want you to cum in me, I don’t care where, I just want your cum in me.” This was enough for Jake and he couldn’t hold it in anymore. He twitched in her and Jill knew she’d accomplished her goal.

Jake got out of the bed, dressed and headed to the bathroom. Jill stayed put but reached back to the bedside table and grabbed her phone. She took a picture of her cream pie and sent it to the group chat, “oops, I guess he just couldn’t resist.” She got immediately replies of “slut” but she loved it.

It was another couple of days before Jill got the opportunity she really wanted. Most of her family was going to go for a walk and the remainders were running errands. When she had said she wasn’t going on the walk, Jake chimed in that he wasn’t feeling it either. Five minutes later they were alone in the house. The front door had barely shut when Jill stood up and stripped naked. Jake’s jaw hit the floor as she picked up her clothes and walked to their bedroom. Jill walked into the room and turned on her phone’s camera, started recording a video and set it on the dresser across from the bed. She then laid on the bed facing the camera and door. It took longer than she expected for Jake to come in. Before he could say anything Jill took charge, “Get on your knees and come over here.”

Jake had thought up a little speech about how what they had done was wrong and they shouldn’t do it again, but that went out the window as he dropped to his knees and crawled over to his cousin. Jill had decided to get a full Brazilian a couple days ago and now she had it on display. She was a little disappointed with Jake’s cunnilingus but as she stared into the camera and sucked her tits she was getting to where she wanted to be.

Jill didn’t hold back at all as her orgasm built. Jake was worried the neighbors might hear with how loud she was being but he pushed through, fingering her tight hole and licking her clit the best he could. She grabbed his hair and pulled his head into her pussy as she ground out her orgasm. Jake was relieved when she finally collapsed. Jill cleared her throat, “My offer stands, whenever you want you can cum in any of my holes.”

Jake saw a chance to take control and he wasn’t going to let go of it, “Well then it’s your turn to get on your knees.” Jill obediently got to the floor as Jake removed his clothes. She revealed at his abs as she began licking his shaft. She’d made sure to angle herself such that the camera would capture this act. After licking his dick till it was rock hard she finally took it in. It must have just been the first half of it that had entered her this morning because she wouldn’t have guessed at the length or girth of Jake’s dick. She started to question if she could even deep throat it when Jake put one of his hands on her head and pulled her towards him. She opened wide and used her hand to guide the cock into her face.

She’d only gotten a couple inches in when she knew this was going to be tough. She tried to pull back but Jake didn’t let her, he just kept jamming it in for a couple more inches before releasing her. Jill was able to get one breath in before Jake forced her back onto his cock. This time it got a lot farther and Jill realized she just needed to relax and let Jake have his way. By the fifth thrust Jake was fitting his entire cock down Jill’s throat. Jake placed his hands on either side of Jill’s head and began to thrust in and out of her mouth. Jill was starved for air but relaxed the best she could. She knew she’d have a sore throat but this is what she signed up for. Jill had no idea how long it’d been but about ten minutes after it started Jake held her head against him as he twitched and released his load directly down her throat.

Jake released Jill’s head and she took the first full breath in what felt like a lifetime. As she stumbled to her feet she saw herself in the mirror, she had snot running down her nose and her makeup was smeared. She grabbed a tissue and cleaned herself up a little. She turned and Jake was lying back on the bed. Jill took a step towards him when he spoke, “Can you go into my bottom right drawer?” Jill walked across the room and opened the drawer, there was lube and condoms. She knew where this was going and grabbed the lube.

Jake had reoriented so he was lying on the bed face up. “Come over here and sixty nine with me.” Jill handed him the lube and complied. She began sucking his dick again. She didn’t dare deep throat him but between the ball play and sucking the head he began to swell up again. As he got harder she felt his tongue start to work her clit again. She was surprised at how quickly he was able to get her back into the mood. Almost like he read her mind Jake dribbled a little lube on her asshole. Keeping his tongue at her clit he began working his thumb up Jill’s ass. It was slow going but as he finally got the first knuckle into her she began cumming and collapsed on top of him. Jake was rock hard and a little worried his time was running out.

He rolled Jill off of him and got her bent over the edge of the bed. He sat on the bed next to her and spread her ass cheeks, pouring more lube on her rosebud. This time his finger went into her a lot easier. Soon he was running two fingers in and out of his cousin’s ass. Jake felt like she was ready and got up. He lubed the length of his shaft and pushed his head against her hole. It didn’t take long before he was pounding into her. Jill felt like all she was doing with Jake was telling her body to relax and accept his cock. The more she thought about it the more comfortable she was with it. She felt his pace quicken and although she’d have preferred he stopped and relubed, she knew that wasn’t going to happen. She felt him grip her hips hard and hold is cock in her. After some twitching he slowly pulled his meat from her.


Amy could hardly believe the video as she watched Jill get fucked so damn hard. She was a week and a half into her break and it had just been her, her Mom, and her stepdad Jeff. Amy knew that Jeff definitely had a thing for Asians since he was so into Amy’s mom, and Amy remembered hearing them fuck all the time when she was growing up. She didn’t know if she could get him to fuck her though. Amy felt a little left out now that Jill had fucked her Cousin and Chelsie had fucked her Uncle. Where was her taboo? Amy knew her mom was going to leave for a week, returning right before Christmas, maybe Amy could seduce him in the meantime?

Amy walked into the living room as her Mom and Jeff were about to leave for the airport. “Hey honey! Great news, Will will be coming back a little earlier so he’ll be here tomorrow night.” Will was Amy’s kind of frumpy looking stepbrother. Jeff wasn’t a looker but Will was a lot worse. Amy pretended to be excited and said her goodbyes to her Mom.

While Amy was alone in the house she decided to poke around in Will’s room. It didn’t take long to find some dirty magazines, all with Asian models. Maybe if she got desperate enough she could fuck him. While the magazines didn’t surprise her the flashlight she found looked really well used. She’d never seen one in person and thought it’d be funny to share with the gals. She knew she had to make her comment a little lewd otherwise they would give her shit for days. After thinking for a minute she pulled down her jeans and panties, bent over and slid the toy between her legs. She snapped a photo of the rubber imitation next to the real thing. It went out with the caption, “Which do you think he’d prefer?” She didn’t really know or care who the “he” was supposed to be. Sure enough she got a few replies about how pathetic that was.

She kept poking around but didn’t find anything else good. Since she was violating people’s privacy she figured she might as well do her parents next. Amy first checked Jeff’s bedside table and didn’t find anything, the dressers and bathroom didn’t yield any results, when she realized she hadn’t checked her Mom’s bedside table. She was initially confused with what she found, there was a camcorder and some memory cards, but then also a dildo with some straps on it. Amy felt like a dumbass when she realized it was a strap on.

She grabbed the memory cards and went back to her room. She copied them to her computer and began reviewing them. Based on the file dates they all appeared to be pretty spaced apart but they all showed her Mom somewhat reluctantly pegging Jeff, and in one case her fucking Jeff as he fucked her Mom’s friend Sue. Amy started to think maybe she could fuck Jeff. That would definitely one up her friends. Amy knew in order to do this she’d have to be convincing. She also felt weird about using her Mom’s strap on so she headed to the local marital aid store. She was surprised but happy that she was able to go to the store and back before Jeff returned. On the drive she’d figured out exactly how she’d ensnare Jeff.

When Jeff came back Amy was in the living room. She’d changed into some short shorts that showed the bottom of her ass and a tee shirt that was way too small. Her nipples were perky as ever and since she wasn’t wearing a bra or panties she was pretty confident she could get Jeff’s blood pumping. Jeff chatted with her briefly and Amy could see his erection. When he left he said he was going to take a shower. Amy knew he’d beat off in there but it wouldn’t be enough. That evening they made dinner and afterwards Amy convinced Jeff to watch a movie. She had racked her brain for the right movie and ultimately settled on one that had a pretty steamy sex scene with an Asian woman. Full frontal nudity and all.

Amy and Jeff were on the couch and Amy was sure to snuggle up to him, even going to far as to rest her head in his lap a couple minutes before the sex scene. She was so happy when she felt his cock hardening against her head. She adjusted so his dick was right against her face. She could feel him twitching. By the time the movie ended Amy was rubbing her head against his cock and he wasn’t doing anything to stop it. As the credits rolled, Jeff moved Amy off his lap and got up. Now was Amy’s time to pounce. “Wow, daddy. You really seemed to like that movie. Or was it my cute little face that did that?” She pointed at his rock hard cock.

“Amy, I don’t know what’s going on but it needs to stop now.” Amy could tell by Jeff’s quivering voice that she was almost there.

Amy stood up on the couch so she was taller than Jeff, and her nipples were right in his face. “You’re being awfully rude to me, almost like you want to be punished.” Amy saw the lust and yearning in Jeff’s eyes. This guy was a masochist and getting punished by her was all he wanted in that moment. Amy cleared her throat and went in for the kill, “If you don’t come to my room for your punishment in exactly three minutes I’m going to punish you and that wimpy son of yours.”

Amy went to her room and stripped naked. She put on the strap on and got her camera ready. Three minutes passed and nothing. At five minutes Amy walked out with her phone to see what was taking him so long. Jeff wasn’t in the living room, so she went to her parents’ room. Jeff was on the bed with his laptop open masturbating furiously. As Amy walked in she saw that the image on the screen was one of her in the bathroom. She put her phone on the dresser, recording what was about to happen.

Jeff stopped masturbating and reached for the laptop, but Amy was too fast. He started to get up and she slapped him as hard as she could. There were hundreds of photos of her on his computer, changing, showering, peeing, everything. Amy put the computer down and slapped Jeff again, and he just took it. Jeff probably had three times the weight of Amy, but deep down he wanted this abuse. “You disgusting old man. Bend over!”

Jeff complied as Amy applied lube to her strap on. “I should go in raw to prove my point. You’re lucky I don’t want blood everywhere.”

Before Jeff could respond Amy had pushed the fake dick into him. There was a built in vibrator so as Amy bottomed out and started grinding into her stepdad’s hairy ass she was getting a bit of a thrill. The video’s Amy had seen of her mom felt really sterile, she must not have been into it, but Amy had something to prove. She reached up and grabbed Jeff’s hair. “You can jerk off, but you better let me know before you cum!”

Jeff began jerking off again and pretty quickly he announced that he was about to cum. Amy jumped off of him and got in front of his cock. As her lips wrapped around his cock he released his load. It tasted gross and was pretty thin, but it was exactly what Amy had wanted. She stood back up and grabbed Jeff’s hair. As she pulled his head back he opened his mouth and let out a squeal. With his mouth open, Amy leaned down and kissed him, pushing his load into his own mouth. “Now swallow that.”

He obediently did. Amy got back behind him and fucked him till she came. She grabbed his laptop as she left. When she was back in her room she transferred the files to her own computer and deleted them from Jeff’s. She was sure he had more but she figured he could have some. She also checked and found a camera hidden in the bathroom. She took this one and set it up in her stepbrother’s room. She sent her video out to her friends with the caption, “I didn’t want him to fuck me, so I fucked him.”

Amy woke up to so many “Yassss Girl” texts. At breakfast she made Jeff eat her out at the table before explaining to him what was going to happen that night. “I’m going to fuck that son of yours and you’re not going to do anything. When I’m done with him I’ll come back and fuck you too. If you masturbate between now and the next time I fuck you, you’re going to learn how to deep throat.” Jeff agreed and walked away with a raging erection.

Amy had never been this excited to see Will. When he finally showed Amy went up and gave him a big hug. She was wearing a similar slutty outfit to the one she had worn the previous night. She was pretty sure she felt him get hard as they hugged. Much to Will’s surprise Amy followed him up to his room and continued talking to him. Will dropped his suitcase on his bed and was heading back to the door when Amy chimed in, “Here, let me help you unpack.”

Before he could stop her she had unzipped his back and quickly pulled out a newer fleshlight. Will went white as a sheet as Amy turned it over and saw a picture of her face on the top of the toy. “Wow, you fucking freak, you think my pussy is this big?”

Amy turned around, bent over, and pulled down her shorts. “This is what the real deal looks like and it’s so much better than this toy.” She turned back around and pulled up her shorts.

Will stuttered at her. Amy had him where she wanted him. “Either way it’s unacceptable that you have this toy and pretend it’s me. However, I’m feeling generous today. I’ll let you fuck me, but then I’m going to fuck you.”

Will didn’t really think it all the way through and eagerly agreed. He stripped down almost immediately, revealing a surprising good looking cock. Amy knew by looking at its length that she’d need to be warmed up a bit first. “Eat me out first. I’m so tight that I really need to be flowing to accept a cock like yours.”

Without hesitation Will was on the floor pulling Amy’s shorts off. He was halfway decent and Amy started to cum without much effort. As soon as she said she was done, Will pulled her to the ground and mounted her. A couple minutes later her pussy was filled with cum and Will was panting on his side. Amy snuck a picture of her cream pie and sent it out. Turning to will she began again, “Okay stud, better than the toy right?” Will just nodded in agreement. “Next it’s my turn to fuck you.”

Amy got up and walked to her room buck ass naked. She returned with the strap on and lube. Will stared at her as he finally realized what he’d agreed to. Amy could see the slight fear in his eyes. “You agreed to it, and any time you want to blow a load in my tight little pussy, I get to do this.”

Amy was thrown off by the fact that it looked like Will was already getting hard again. “I’m completely okay with that, please just be gentle. Also, can I, can I take a picture of you like that?”

Amy realized she was standing with her hands on her hips, nipples perky and nine inches of black rubber. “Alright you little perve, one picture.” She was sure to glare at the camera but that’s exactly what Will wanted. Without much more pretenses Amy had Will turn around and started to work the dildo into his ass. It was slow going initially but as he loosened up she could pick up the pace and finally get hers. She was surprised at her first orgasm, but it was light enough that she was able to stifle it and keep going. Around the ten minute mark though Will started to say he was about to cum. Amy reached down around him and worked his cock a little, making sure she caught his load in her hand. She put her hand in front of Will’s face, “lick it clean piggy!” Will did as he was told. Several minutes later Amy had a loud shaking orgasm.


Chelsie was amazed as she rewatched Amy pegging her stepbrother. She had been getting a lot of use out of her toy but was disappointed that Jill and Amy were having so much fun while she was stuck at home with her Mom. Chelsie was considering masturbating again when her Mom walked in, “Hey Hon, I know this is a lot to ask but with my brothers coming over for Christmas we will probably need somebody to take them back to the hotel at the end of the night, which means no drinking.”

Chelsie was only 19 so she couldn’t legally drink anyways but maybe she could sneak in another fuck with Dale while he’s here. “Yeah, mom. No problem.”

Christmas Eve came along and Chelsie had a pretty good time. Even though she wasn’t drinking it was still nice to see her Uncles and imagine them gangbanging women. They were all built like Dale, over six foot easily more than two hundred pounds, big hands, and hairy. As they got drunker, Chelsie noticed how frisky they were getting not only with their own wives, but with each other’s wives and even their sister.

At some point Chelsie noticed Dale and her Mom weren’t around. She checked the kitchen and then the patio. As she passed back through the kitchen she saw the light in the basement was on. She crept down the stairs and sure enough there was her mom and her brother Dale fucking away. Janice wasn’t a small woman, but the way Dale bounced her up and down would have made you think she weighed nothing. They finished up and Chelsie snuck back upstairs. She’d wondered if her Uncles had ever gangbanged her mom, and now she was pretty sure.

This whole evening was just a few bad decisions away from turning their home into an orgy. Chelsie bumped into her dad as she went into the living room. “Hey dear, have you seen Mom?”

Chelsie realized her Dad might not know and that’s the only reason things are barely holding together. “Her brothers are getting pretty handsy and I think it’s about time they head out.”

Chelsie smiled, “Oh I think she was showing some of her artwork in the basement to Dale. They should be back up in a minute.” As she said that they re-emerged from the kitchen. Chelsie’s Dad wrangled everyone together and got the three brothers and their wives into the van. “Honey, now be safe and don’t get distracted by any of these buffoons.” Chelsie smiled at her Dad and said not to worry.

The drive was rather uneventful, the wives passed out for the most part and the brothers behaved. When they got to the hotel Chelsie went ahead and parked and helped get everyone out to the car and into the hotel. She was hesitating slightly since everyone looked beat. She was about to say goodbye when Dale piped up, “Hey Chelsie if you’re tired you can crash with us, we have an extra bed in our room.”

Chelsie pretended to be torn before accepting his offer. She texted her Dad that she was too tired to drive back and that she was going to stay at the hotel. He just responded with “K”

When all seven of them piled into the elevator Chelsie could feel her heart pumping. She felt somebody grabbing her ass and she let it happen. By the time the doors opened they had been rubbing her cunt. The brothers went back to their respective rooms and Chelsie followed Dale and Clair. As soon as they were in the room Clair and Dale stripped down. They both looked at Chelsie, and she began stripping. When she was finally naked Dale spoke up, “So all us brothers want to fuck you. The catch is you need to send nice Christmas cards to them and their wives.”

Chelsie looked a little confused. Dale spoke back up, “We all agreed to this before coming out here, and my lovely wife was kind enough to bring you some props.” Clair put a bag on the bed and opened it up. There were all sorts of Christmas tree decorations in the bag and Clair started pulling them out. Chelsie went over and grabbed a piece of green garland and draped it over her shoulders.

Clair piped up, “So Roger kept on bringing up how you were a big old tree of a woman so it would probably be good to send him a picture of you as a tree. John is a bit of a freak, so we can figure that out in a minute.”

Chelsie agreed and got herself in the festive spirit. By the end she had ornaments hanging from her earring holes, and one balanced carefully on each nipple. She still had the garland draped over her and she stood on one leg bringing the other one up into tree pose. Clair rounded out the decorations with a bow tied around her waist. Clair took the pictures with Chelsie’s phone and they sent the best one to Roger and his wife.

Chelsie had been thinking and decided to propose her idea, “How about we do a collage, I have an app for that.” Clair loved the idea and they got to work. John was ecstatic when he received the picture. Top left picture was Chelsie with her mouth wide open wearing antlers. The top right picture was her tits tide together with the garland. And the bottom half was Chelsie bent over with spread legs, with candy canes shoved in her pussy and ass.

The two other brothers were there in an instant. Their wives were a little bit behind them but soon enough they were all naked. Roger and John’s wives lounged on the couch drinking wine as the three brothers rearranged the furniture. In moments the bulk of the room was cleared out. John laid down in the middle and turned his head towards Chelsie, “Come over here and let me see if that still tastes like candy canes.”

Chelsie obliged and sat on her Uncle’s face. She saw that Clare was taking pictures but didn’t mind one bit. Roger came over and without a word stuck his dick into Chelsie’s mouth, she gagged a little at first but soon the cunt licking and slight choking on a cock got her into a good place. She was getting close to cumming when Roger pulled out of her mouth and Dale stepped in. Chelsie was surprised Roger hadn’t cum in her mouth but the new dick and the same licking was enough to keep her happy. If it hadn’t been for the cock jammed down her throat she would have started to cry out a bit. As the orgasm hit she began shaking and Dale pulled out of her.

As Chelsie got her bearings she was helped onto John’s cock. Like Dale he had a huge member, but Chelsie had been practicing a little and could now comfortably take a cock like that in any of her holes. She rode his dick for a minute before he grabbed her by her tits and pulled her against him. In a second she felt a lubed up cock pushing against her asshole. She relaxed as another huge cock entered her body.

She’d never felt this before, but as Roger pounded her ass, he was actually grinding her clit against John. Still in the throes of her previous orgasm Chelsie started to cry out in pleasure. She was a little disappointed when she felt Roger cum in her ass; she wasn’t quite there yet and desperately need her orgasm. Roger pulled out but then Chelsie was pulled to her feet.

Dale stood in front of her and picked her up, lowering her down onto her cock like the first time. This time however she soon felt a cock pushing against her asshole, with a little adjustment she was again getting fucked in both holes, but it felt like she was begin suspended by her Uncles’ dicks. It didn’t take long and soon she was orgasming again. She barely registered as John came in her ass. Chelsie had no idea how long this went on for but when she awoke the next morning she could barely walk.

She looked at her phone and was surprised at the number of texts she had received. Some were congratulating her, some were pictures in the form of holiday cards. Jill had sent one of her with smeared makeup, reindeer antlers, and a load in her mouth. Amy’s was of her in red stocking and a Santa hat pegging her stepbrother. After scrolling up she found that her phone had started it. There was a collage again, the top two pictures were close-ups of Chelsie getting double penetrated, the bottom two pictures were Chelsie with a double cream pie, and her with a load in her mouth, in the middle though was a large photo of John and Roger holding her legs open and Dale kneeling in front of them, everyone was smiling. Chelsie was once again dressed up a bit like a Christmas tree and had the biggest smile of all.

Chelsie gathered her clothes, kissed her Aunt and Uncle goodbye and headed home. When she got back her parents were up and they all exchanged gifts. After the presents and lunch Chelsie’s dad stepped out to walk the dogs. Chelsie could feel some form of tensions in the room as she sat with her mom. Eventually her mom got up and walked over to her, she gave her a big hug and whispered, “I’m happy you’ve been given the best gift of all this year.” She kissed Chelsie on the lips and walked away. Chelsie pulled out her phone, she had sent both the original photos and the final collage to her mom. Chelsie felt weird but relieved, and she couldn’t wait for her next family gathering.
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