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It is the end of the school year and Justin is eager to get home to greet his visiting cousin.
It was the final hour of school on the day before the start of summer vacation. Everyone was gathered in the school gymnasium to listen to the principal’s final address. Justin and his friends were standing toward the back, barely paying attention. They were instead talking about their plans for the summer.

“I’m going on vacation with my family,” Tyler was bragging the loudest. His wealthy family allotted him the most extravagant of their summer ventures. He was always telling his friends about the foreign countries he had visited.

“My family likes to go camping for a week toward the middle of summer but I’ll be around for the rest of the time,” Percy seemed less enthused about his plans than Tyler.

“I’ll be visiting relatives in another state during the July holiday,” Russell informed the group.

“Other way around for me,” Justin chimed in. “My extended family always comes in from out of town. Some of them only stay a few days but my cousin Mel has stayed for the whole summer for the last 3 years. Her parents always volunteer in other countries during the summer and they don’t trust her to stay home alone.”

“Your cousin sounds like a rebel,” Percy was intrigued.

“Is she single?” Russell asked.

Justin tilted his head in thought. He had never asked Mel if she had a boyfriend. The last time he saw her was before they were teenagers. Neither one of them had any real interest in the opposite sex back then.

“Ew, don’t hit on your friend’s cousin,” Tyler scolded Russell.

“We can’t all get pretty French girls at a five star hotel,” Russell turned the comment around on him. “You don’t know what it’s like to be poor. Girls don’t even talk to you without some connection. Can I come over at all this summer?” he asked Justin.

“I would’ve said yes but now that I know you’re just trying to chat up my cousin, I think I’ll pass,” Justin laughed at him.

“Can I come over then,” Percy asked.

“Not you too,” Tyler groaned.

“I'm not like Russ.” Percy punched his shoulder. I just know I'm gonna be bored all summer by myself.”

“You both can come over, but be warned, Mel will be there and if she wants to hang out with us, Mom will make me let her.”

“You’re trying to make it sound like you don’t want to, but I know you better than that.” Russell ruffled his hair. “She wouldn’t come over for three years in a row if you two didn’t get along. I bet you’re better friends with her than us. You just don’t want us to know you’d rather hang out with her.”

Justin shrugged, admitting Russell was not wrong. He was somewhat looking forward to seeing Mel again. She was as annoying as anyone he had to live with for months at a time but they had a lot in common. She was pretty much a tomboy; into sports and video games just like him.


The final address ended to feigned applause from the students and Justin was finally able to walk home for the day. His mom was sitting on the sofa in the living room watching TV when he entered. “Is Mel here yet?” he bellowed while slamming door to the kitchen entrance.

“Well, you haven’t changed at all in a year,” his mother laughed at him. “You two really get along too well.”

“I just get sick of my friends from school after nine months and any change from them is good,” he made a believable excuse.

“I haven’t started dinner yet because I wasn’t sure when you’d get home. That principal of yours always holds you back too long on the last day. Why don’t you go up and talk to Melina for a little bit while I get started. Just be a little careful.”

“Why?” Justin was confused.

“Well, you haven’t seen her for a while. She might not be as comfortable around boys as she used to be.”

“Why?” Justin was not taking the hint.

“You’ve both hit grown since last year,” she snapped at him. “She’s gonna be on her period at least 3 times this summer so don’t get on her nerves or anything.”

Justin blushed as he realized his mistake. His mother had been trying to be considerate of his embarrassment but he wouldn’t listen. Wanting to exit the conversation, he bounded up the stairs. He tossed his school bag into his room and pushed open the door to the guest room Mel always used. “Welcome back!” he practically shouted.

She sat up on the bed, having been leaning against the wall. She stared at him intently while holding her breath, not knowing how to react to his unexpected intrusion. She was only wearing a simple pair of neon green panties, having gotten distracted reading a magazine right after her shower and forgetting to get fully dressed. Justin wanted to kick himself. His mother had just warned him to be more careful.

This was not the first time this had happened. He had seen her naked several times; they even used to bathe together. But as his mother had mentioned, she had grown since last year. Her breasts were getting larger and she just looked more feminine than he remembered. Though his cheeks were red, Justin was determined not to show off his embarrassment. They had sat around a sweltering house with the AC broken together last year, neither of them wearing a top. It was no different; he told himself.

Mel calmed down a little when Justin sat next to her on the bed as if nothing was wrong. She smiled and leaned against the wall again, burying her nose in the magazine. He waited for her to find a good stopping point and set it down on the night stand. As soon as she had, he hugged her tightly. “It’s been too long!” he could not hide his excitement. His friends were right; he did like Mel a little more than them. She was his longest lasting friendship.

After returning his hug, she pushed him back to arms length so they were sitting on the bed facing each other. “How was your last day of school?”

“Why does your school get out the day before mine?” he complained. “We can’t even learn anything or get homework.”

“Principal windbag just likes making you stand and listen to him,” she recalled something he told her last year. “Oh, I probably shouldn’t call him that in front of your mother.”

“She calls him that too,” Justin admitted. “Have you gotten settled in? Do you need help unpacking?” he recalled that she hated unpacking from last year. She always lived out of her suitcase until she had gone through her entire wardrobe and had to borrow the wash. Then she always had trouble re-packing before leaving. It was one of her annoying quirks he easily looked past.

“What makes you think I need help unpacking?” she was not happy to be called out on her laziness.

“The fact that you’re still naked,” he reminded her.

“I just wanted to show off how much I had grown.” She made an excuse while sitting up on her knees and shaking her chest toward him. “What do you think?”

“Am I supposed to be impressed?” he tried to hide his red cheeks.

“Boys like staring at girls’ chests right? Are mine interesting to look at?”

“You look fine, as usual,” he did not really know how else to compliment her. She was a little older than him but was a little shorter. They were both lanky and she had darker brown hair, almost a little red. Last year it was as short as his but she had not cut it since then. She had very bright skin that did not tan well despite her participation in sports. For the first time ever he was paying enough attention to her cleavage to realize it was just as freckled as her face.

“Is that all you want to say?” she seemed disappointed in his reaction.

“Does it bother you, having lumps that stick out and jiggle when you’re running?” he was genuinely curious. She grabbed his hands and moved them to her chest, making him cup them. They were softer than he thought they would be. The fact that they were small meant they held their shape and did not sag. He assumed they would be taught like muscles but they were as soft as pudding. Without really thinking, he began to squeeze them to get a better feel.

She winced a little and then closed her eyes. After a while though, she gasped, causing him to pay attention and stop. Her face was as red as his and so were the sides of her breasts. He could not help but stare as she stood up off the bed. He had no idea why it intrigued him so much that her breasts reacted the same way as her face. For a moment he contemplated asking if she would let him touch his own face to her chest.

He quickly shook the idea from his head when he realized how awkward it would be. When he stopped shaking his head he found a pile of clothes dumped out on the bed in front of him from her suitcase. “You offered to help me unpack, right?” She began to sort through the clothes. When she found a pair of cargo shorts, she slid them on. Justin watched her put her full weight on her butt on the bed as she lifted her feet first. Once they were through the legs holes she moved into a kneeling position so she could slide them up. He watched her body twisting as the cloth slid up her thighs and came to a stop snuggly around her slender waist. Again, he could not explain why he was enjoying just watching her get dressed.

He assumed she would put on a shirt next, but she passed up the opportunity several times as he put her clothing away one piece at a time. It was when they came across a brassiere that she put on another layer of clothes. The clip was on the back though, so she turned around to have him connect it for her. He found himself mesmerized by her bare shoulder blades. They were still visible after he hooked the bra, but something about it just wasn’t the same. “You didn’t wear these last year,” he recalled. “You only wore camisoles during special occasions as well.

“I never realized you paid so much attention to my chest,” she teased him. He retaliated by tossing one of her shirts at her face. She quickly put it on and then spun around so he could get a good look at her. “What do you think?”

Once again he was caught off guard. She never used to ask him about her appearance. He felt she wanted to be complimented but it was embarrassing to be too positive for no reason. “Can I see you without your shirt again to compare?” he asked jokingly.

She swatted him on the shoulder as punishment. He moved as if to hit her back and when she flinched he grabbed her instead and dragged her down to the bed again. They rolled around atop her remaining clothes, giggling and tickling each other until the voice of his mother carried up the stairs, calling them for supper.

They both tried to hide sheepish grins as they trotted into the kitchen. Mrs. Weller was pleasantly surprised by how well they were getting along. She was part of the faction that believed opposite genders could not be friends. She really was worried they would have changed too much over the past year to get along anymore.


After supper, the two of them went out to the front porch to sit and catch up. There was a double seated rocking swing hanging from the port roof that they always enjoyed sitting on. They watched the neighbor kids playing in the yard and what few cars drove by as the daylight started to fade. Mel’s bright skin lit up with the same orange hue as the sky, mesmerizing Justin again.

As she talked he mostly nodded in response while watching her. He was so focused he could see the goose bumps forming on her arms as the temperature steadily dropped the darker it became. Mel was a little surprised when moved one of his legs to the other side of her so he was sitting behind her. He then began to rub both of her arms at the same time, trying to warm her with the friction.

She lowered her head so he could not see her blushing. They stayed that way until the sunlight had disappeared and the only thing lighting up the porch was the blue glow of the electric bug zapper hanging next to the swing. They had run out of things to say a while ago and were just sitting, her practically in his lap. They jolted and she stood up when the sound of a bug getting fried by the zapper startled them.

They both entered the house at the same time, looking at their feet shyly. “About time you two came inside.” His mother was watching TV on the couch again. “You can stay up until midnight because there’s no school but don’t be loud,” she warned them.

“I'm gonna take a shower before bed,” Justin announced before heading to the stairs. Mel followed him up the stairs before announcing she would take a shower too. He turned around just in time to see her taking off her shirt. He stared at her bra for a moment before responding. “Didn’t you shower when you arrived?” he reminded her.

“So? I like showering with you.”

“That was last year,” he argued.

“Has something changed from last year?” she tried to play dumb.

“There isn’t room for us both anymore,” he gave a simple but effective excuse. She frowned as she watched him enter the bathroom. He gave one last glance at her chest before closing the door.


The following morning, Mel woke up at what she thought was an early time. To her surprise the bathroom door was already shut and she could hear Justin humming behind it as he brushed his teeth. As it was summer, Mel had slept in a simple shirt and panties. She contemplated returning to her room to get some more appropriate clothing but decided that after yesterday, it would not matter.

Justin was a little surprised when the door to the bathroom opened and Mel walked in, yawning exaggeratedly. If he was at all disturbed by her lacking attire she might be able to play it off as being too asleep to realize she was being immodest in someone else’s home. When he saw what she was and was not wearing, he quickly adopted a straight face. Just like yesterday, it was time to pretend everything was normal.

She had her toothbrush in hand, having only just unpacked it, but she borrowed the toothpaste that Justin and his mom used. She leaned on the edge of the sink and stared at the mirror with a bored expression. Justin slowed down his brushing to watch her. Her hair was a little longer than his and therefore stuck out more. Toothpaste had already started to froth from her mouth and covered her lips almost entirely.

The thought that came to Justin’s mind was that they must taste like mint at the moment. He did not even consider the fact that his mouth was already full of that same flavor. When he did notice, he quickly spit it out and rinsed his mouth. He then checked his reflection and confirmed he did not need to comb his hair.

He turned to look at Mel to determine if she needed to brush her hair at all. Rather than her head, his eyes were drawn down her slanted back to her waist. If she were standing up straight her shirt would be hiding her panties from view but with her leaning against the counter her round butt was sticking out.

Her neon blue panties reminded him of a bikini his mother often wore at the beach. He really wanted to touch them for some reason. When she noticed him staring, he snapped his eyes back to her head. “You’ll need to brush your hair,” he stuttered.

She looked around the bathroom counter and located his mother’s hairbrush by the sink. She handed it to him with her left hand while continuing to brush her teeth with her right one. As her hair used to be short, Justin had never combed it before but he had run a blow dryer for her in the past. He moved to stand behind her so he could see the back of her head and the front in the mirror.

With her leaning forward, it was hard to reach her head without touching her butt with his torso. Already looking for an excuse to touch it since before, he did not even try not to. She giggled when she felt him pressing against her from behind. She slid further toward the sink and rested her elbows on the counter.

As he worked on her hair she finished brushing her teeth. She then stood up slightly so that her butt bumped into him. He ignored it and kept focused on her hair. She did it again with no response from him. On the third time he set down the brush and wrapped his arms around her stomach, lifting her into a proper standing position. He then rested his chin on her head and spoke while looking at her face in the mirror. “Shall I just mess up your hair again and waste all this hard work?”

She patted his hands and smiled. “You’re being more gentle than you used to be. Just because I look more girly doesn’t mean I'm not the same person you used to wrestle with last year. In fact, the way you’ve changed your attitude toward me is almost more insulting than considerate.”

He watched her lips moving in the mirror as she spoke. He was still wondering about their taste. When he realized she had stopped talking a while ago, he released his hold on her and backed up. As she was no longer leaning over, her shirt now hid her panties from view. It was no less stimulating though as now it somewhat appeared as if she was only wearing one piece of clothing.

As curiosity got the better of him, he reached down and was about to grab the hem of her shirt. She suddenly moved aside and sat down on the toilet next to the sink. He was stunned and stood still staring at her. She waited for a while but he still did not react. Finally she slid her panties to the floor while keeping her legs closed so he could not see anything between them. “I’ll be a while,” she informed him.

His eyes widened as he finally realized she needed to use the bathroom and he was preventing her. He turned and walked out stiffly, shutting the door behind him. He could hear her giggling at his idiocy as he trotted down the hall as quickly as he could without running.


Embarrassed, Justin did not leave his room for the rest of the morning. It was just before lunch that Mel entered without knocking to inform him that his mother left to get them pizza for lunch. “We can expect her to be gone for a while. She always ends up talking to someone and losing track of time when she goes out,” he explained without taking his eyes off his TV screen where he was playing a video game.

She sat down on his bed and began to open and close the drawers to his nightstand until she found a handheld gaming console of his. She lied down on her stomach and began to play.

When Justin finished the level he was on, he paused his game and stood up. He pretended to be stretching while staring right at Mel resting on his bed. Her round butt had been squeezed into a pair of cargo shorts. Unlike his that were loose with large pockets, these were girl’s shorts, like the kind Lara Croft wore. They were tight to her skin, for the most part. Right at the valley where her legs met, there was a slight gap between her leg and the pants. He could not see inside because of shadow but having seen her panties that morning he had a pretty good image already.

She barely reacted when he sat down on the bed, only shifting to avoid rolling over into the dent he was making with his weight. He pretended to be interested in the game she was playing and leaned over her shoulder, putting his hand in the center of her back to support himself.

He could feel her bra clip through her shirt and was reminded that she definitely was not wearing her bra that morning. The waist of her shirt had been dangling loosely as she leaned over the counter. If he had dropped to the floor he could have seen her bare breasts from below easily. Part of him regretted not taking the chance while the rest of him felt like an idiot for even thinking of it. There was no way she would have let it go unnoticed.

She giggled as his hand slid down her back. Her shirt was riding up enough that the dimples of her back were visible. He poked each one before continuing to slide his hand down. He rested it on her butt while leaning closer to her shoulder, determined to convince her his actions were absentminded. Finally he reached the leg of her shorts. He rested his hand on the inside of her thigh for a while until she got used to it, then he slid back up, under the cloth of her shorts this time.

Mel stifled the sound she wanted to make as she felt his fingers touching her inner thigh. He did not stop until he reached her actual crotch. Finally he was touching the cloth of her panties. There was no way she had not realized what he was doing but he continued to play dumb. He even asked her questions about the game she was playing as if he was completely unaware of his hand’s actions. The whole time he continued to play between her legs as he pleased.

He pushed the cloth against her crotch and ran his fingers back and forth until he had identified both sides of the outside of her cunt. Then, carefully, he pushed the cloth in-between them. She held her breathe while continuing to focus on the game. Her eyes were losing focus slightly though.

Her panties prevented him from reaching too far inside. Once he reached the limit they would allow, he began to rub the walls of her cunt back and forth. He told himself he only wanted to feel the cloth but he himself knew he did not need to push it inside her to do so. He had ulterior motives that he was not admitting to himself.

When the stimulation was too much for her, Mel let go of her held breath and gasped. Justin quickly withdrew his hand from her crotch. She looked over her shoulder at him with red cheeks, daring him to make an excuse. He remained silent for a while. When he was finally about to speak though, the sound of the front door startled them both.

Mel quickly pulled herself out from beneath him on the bed and stood up. As she walked to the door of the room, she stopped to look back at him. He was still staring at her swaying butt, completely mesmerized. She quickened her pace and left the room. She was not sure if she liked his new found interest in her body. She was flattered but his actions frightened her. Couldn’t he just ask politely to touch her? Was he afraid she would say no so he was just going ahead without her permission? Or perhaps he didn’t think he needed permission. They touched each other all the time last year. Perhaps he thought they were both still just playing.


After lunch, the two of them lazed around on the couch watching TV. His mother sat between them for a while but eventually went to prepare supper. As soon as she was out of sight, Justin slid closer to Mel on the couch and placed his hand on her leg. She could not believe how incorrigible he was. It was like he had no restraint.

She let him run his hand up her leg and even shifted slightly so he could get his hand back inside the pant leg of her shorts. She felt incredibly sneaky; practically spreading her legs for her cousin while his mother was in the other room. When she felt his fingers pushing her panties inside her again, she closed her eyes and leaned her head on the armrest. She tried to relax so she would not make any sudden sounds like last time.

Justin took his time. He swirled his fingers around the entire inside of her cunt, touching every wall that he could reach. It felt rough to her because her panties were still in-between his flesh and hers. Eventually he began to curl and uncurl his fingers like he was digging inside her. She sucked in a large breath and released it slowly to keep from making any sound.

With his other hand on her inner thigh, he moved her left leg so he could get a better view of the gap in her shorts. He was subconsciously interested in her insides but in his mind he was still just interested in how her body looked, especially how she was dressed. He pulled his fingers out of the pant leg and ran them up and down the crotch of her shorts. She sighed with relief. She was finally able to open her eyes and sit up slightly. She caught a glimpse of his face and how mesmerized he looked.

She felt really proud without knowing why. Almost eager to please him, she lifted her shirt up above her breasts and showed off her bra to him. He wasted no time redirecting his attention. This one had a clip on the front which he undid immediately. Her perfect perky breasts sprung into view, bright like her skin with red touches on the sides and a valley of freckles. He squished them with his hands, making her suck in another breath and close her eyes again.

Once again, he was not really aware of how she was feeling. He knew little about sex or stimulating a woman. He was just interested in how her body felt to his hands. He brushed her nipples slightly and was not surprised when she gasped. His nipples were pretty sensitive after all. Just like tickling though, the reaction was much stronger when someone else was doing the touching. Unaware of the point of stimulating her, he saw no reason to bother her ticklish areas and tried to avoid touching them again.

Instead he let his hands travel down from her breasts to her stomach. He loved how cute her bellybutton was. Unlike his it stuck outward. He justified his curiosity about her body and interest in the opposite gender in his mind. He knew enough about girls’ bodies from his mother, but he was never as interested in examining her as he was Mel at the moment.

He had just put his hands on her waist in preparation to pull her shorts down when his mother’s voice interrupted them from the kitchen. “You should both take a bath before supper!” she shouted.

“You mean together?” Mel asked.

“If you must,” she grumbled.

Mel looked at Justin. “Isn’t the bath too small?” she reminded him of his excuses from the day before.

“For us to have enough room to ourselves, it would be. If you don’t mind us sticking to each other a lot, it will be fine,” he redacted his excuse skillfully.

She looked down at his hands on her waist. “I don’t think touching each other will be that bad,” she answered smugly. He moved back so she could stand up. He expected her to put her shirt down so his mother would not see anything as they walked to the bathroom but to his surprise she simply pulled it the rest of the way off over her head, along with her bra.

Justin once again became mesmerized watching her breasts jiggling as she walked toward the stairs. Mrs. Weller turned around just in time to see her topless niece. “Wait until you’re in the shower to strip,” she grumbled. Knowing the two were going to bathe together meant they would see each other naked anyway. Justin need not have worried about his mother’s reaction. Despite what she said on the first day, she was also used to their behavior from last year as well. In her eyes Justin was still a child uninterested in the opposite sex.

Mel had already pulled down her shorts before Justin entered the bathroom after her. She was about to do the same with her panties but he grabbed her hands to stop her. “Let me,” he spoke a little forcefully. She let him back her against the sink counter to make room in the small bathroom. He slid his hand into the waist of her panties and immediately began to feel her bare cunt lips with his fingers.

She leaned against the counter, nearly falling over. It was much more stimulating than when he was overtop her panties. Assuming she was just ticklish, he apologized but did not stop. He pushed his fingers inside her cunt and swirled them around like before, forcing her to cover her mouth to keep quiet. Without the cloth to hold him back, he reached a lot further inside her. She squealed into her hands over her mouth as she shook her head at him.

When he saw the tears in her eyes he concluded she was far too ticklish. He pulled out of her and in the same motion pulled her panties down to her knees. She immediately sat down on the toilet and without even trying to close her legs like that morning, let out a small stream of liquid. His stimulation had caused her to lose control of her bladder. Rather than being embarrassed like before, Justin just watched intently. He did not know where her pee was coming from as she had no penis to aim it with like him.

He spent some time undressing himself as she finishing peeing and cleaned herself. When she stood up, he rudely grabbed her legs and pulled them apart so he could stare at her cunt and try to see where her pee had come from. Her cheeks were bright red but she was actually not as embarrassed as when he touched her breasts. He had acted like this the first time they bathed together as well. Her breasts were a new part of her body, her cunt was not.

Once he was sure he was not going to learn anything new from just looking, Justin climbed into the bathtub and then proceeded to lift Mel in after himself. Now that they were passed the awkward phase, the memory of how they used to be had come back to him. He had already touched every part of Mel the year before and never needed permission either. She seemed to have recalled as well as she was not complaining at all.

As soon as the bath water had risen enough, they began washing each other with soap; not themselves. It was how they had always done it. They laughed as they tickled each other, making sure to scrub every part properly. Shyly Mel spent as little time as possible washing Justin’s penis but he was much more meticulous with her breasts.

With her cunt, he was practically obsessed. He scrubbed the outside properly with soap but then rinsed it off and simply pushed his fingers back inside her. “Why do you keep doing that?” Mel finally asked.

He shrugged. “It feels so weird and your reactions are amazing. Does it tickle?”

She shook her head. “It’s not annoying like tickling. It feels like stretching but in a good way. It sends a thrilling sensation up my hips and into my neck. He touched part of her neck while plunging his fingers deeper into her. She jolted and gasped. “When you touch me in two places, it’s like my mind cannot decide which to react to. I wish you had more hands so we could try three places.”

“I have an idea.” Justin turned her around and lifted her enough that he could slide his leg underneath her. She was now straddling his knee. When he lifted it, it dug into her cunt. It was obviously not as stimulating has having his fingers shoved inside her but it would serve for the experiment. He touched her neck and the dimples in her back at the same time he bucked his knee up into her crotch. She practically shrieked and fell over against the side of the tub. “Was it good?” Justin was finally becoming aware that Mel enjoyed being touched as much as he enjoyed touching her.

She shook her head. “I need something else. It needs to actually go in my belly like your fingers.”

Justin looked around the tub, wandering if there was something small enough to fit into her crotch and not just against the outside. When he stood up to go retrieve something he saw, he slid Mel off his knee. She moaned reluctantly as if she didn’t want to stop being in contact with him. When he returned she was still leaning against the side of the tub with a dizzy expression. By now used to not asking before touching her, Justin simply plunged the handled of his toothbrush into her cunt without warning.

Mel shrieked while lurching forward. He had to grab her waist to keep her from trying to stand up to get away. She kicked wildly as he pulled her back into his lap. When she felt his body warmth against her from behind, she calmed down. “What did you do to me?” she gasped while pulling the toothbrush out of her cunt. He put his hand over hers and made her slide it back in. Despite her obvious pained grunts he felt her expression was perfect and wanted to see as much of it as possible.

“Ready?” he asked while placing his hands on her neck and back again. She nodded. When he touched her, she felt a shock running through her body but it was not as intense as with his fingers. “Well?” he asked hopefully.

She shook her head again. “When I do it myself, I have to keep pressing or it subsides,” she explained while moving the toothbrush around. He took it from her and moved it a little. She gasped deeply and her eyes began to flutter. It was obvious she received more stimulation when he touched her.

Abandoning the idea of touching multiple spots, Justin began to move the toothbrush around inside of her constantly. She kept reacting almost ceaselessly. Her whole body thrashed and she kicked her legs against the sides and bottom of the tub. He positioned himself in-between them to keep their range of movement small. After a while of swirling the toothbrush inside her cunt, he realized it was easier on his wrist to just keep pulling it out and pushing it back in.

After a lot of trial and error, he found the best position and way to move it. Mel was lying on her back with her legs raised and kept on either side of him. He was leaning over her so she could support herself by clinging to his neck and shoulders. His own waist was at the same level as his hand witch was thrusting the toothbrush into her and then pulling it back out.

As usual, he was obsessed with her appearance. Her bright face was redder than ever before and her eyes were clenched shut. She had stopped making repetitive sounds and just had her mouth open to let out a drawling groan that grew a little louder every time he pushed in and softer every time he pulled out.

It was then that he noticed something else next to his hand at her crotch. His own penis was swaying with the motion of his hips and wrist. It also looked a lot different than normal. It was not dangling at all and was instead standing erect. With his free hand he touched it and was surprised to find it was as hard as a bone. Confused he stopped all movement.

“Wha-why?” Mel gasped in disappointment. “Just a little more and…” she did not know what cumming was but she knew she was close. “Don’t stop. Keep pushing it in me. Don’t you like making me gasp and squeal? I promise I’ll make more noise if you just keep going faster. Don’t stop filling me,” she begged him.

Justin was reluctant though. His wrist was getting quite sore. He wished he could just attach the toothbrush to his waist and use his already moving hips to push it. “Hurry up!” Mel moaned while wrapping her legs around behind him, pulling him closer.

It was then that everything clicked in Justin’s mind. They had been going about this the wrong way. Without warning, he pulled the toothbrush out of Mel’s cunt, causing her to groan pitifully. She flexed her cunt muscles and pushed his hips forward with her feet, willing him to push something back into her.

When she felt the tip of his cock touching her cunt though she was shocked. She sat up and stared down at their practically joined crotches. His penis was bigger than she had ever seen it before. She looked him in the eyes and nodded, willing him to push it inside her. He grabbed her waist and pulled her toward himself. His cock slid into her cunt with no resistance at all. It went deeper than he had been willing to push the toothbrush and broke through what he had assumed was the back of her cunt.

She screamed out louder than before, forcing him to cover her mouth with his to keep his mother from hearing them. She plunged her tongue into his mouth greedily and began to thrust her own hips at his. She felt a dull ache growing inside her but the more his penis moved the less she cared about it. It was difficult to slide her butt back and forth on the tub though, so she lied back down and used her feet to push on Justin’s hips, willing him to do all the movement.

His cock reached much deeper once she was lying down and she had to cover her own mouth to keep from screaming again. Eventually she just kept her face under the water of the faucet to help drown out the noise. Every time Justin slowed down even a little, Mel would squeeze her legs around his waist, urging him on. He started moving faster and faster to the point that whenever their hips met he would push her along the bottom of the slippery tub. She covered her head with her hands to keep it from hitting the edge under the faucet.

After several minutes of thrusting, Justin felt something rising in him. He recalled what Mel had said about needing just a little more and he finally understood. He thrust as deep into her as he could just as he began to cum. His cock became too sensitive and he had to stop all movement. It was only then that he realized Mel’s head was fully underwater. He pulled her up into his arms and held her tightly as he felt something pouring out of his penis and into her one spurt at a time.

When she had regained composure she leaned back so she could look down. “Are you peeing in me?” she asked. He had no idea how to answer. “It’s okay. I kinda like it. I wish I’d realized what this hole was for. It’s such a weird feeling but I like it. When I get home, I'm gonna find anything long and hard that fits in my belly and try it out.”

“Can’t you just use this?” Justin lifted her a little and then let her fall back down on his cock.

She jolted and then smiled. “You can use my hole as much as you like while I'm here,” she assured him. “I won’t wear underwear anymore so you can get inside whenever you want. We can even sleep together naked if you want to use me at night.”

The way Mel was talking about herself like some toy was making Justin’s cock twitch inside of her. She kept giggling each time she felt him move. Suddenly she got a really shy look on her face. She pushed her fingers together cutely while speaking. “You probably shouldn’t pee inside me unless we’re in the bathroom, but if it’s in my mouth, I bet I could swallow it.”

Justin hugged her as tight as he could without her wet body slipping out of his grip. He had put a lot of the pieces together already. This was why adults got married and teenagers dated. They wanted to avail themselves of another person’s body. What would his friend’s say if they knew he had gotten himself a significant other with little to no work at all? Not even Tyler could brag about being that popular with girls.

When Justin’s cock had stopped twitching inside her entirely, Mel stood up and stepped out of the bathtub. She sat down on the toilet and began to expels what she assumed was pee from her cunt by flexing her torso muscles. When she saw Justin peeking over the side of the tub she waved him over to watch. She spread her legs and let him get a good view of his white cum sliding out of her.

“Do you have more?” she asked while reaching for his cock. “Use my mouth for now.” She pressed her lips to his shaft and then slid them up to the head so she could encompass it in her mouth. It was flaccid now and not difficult for her to fit inside at all. “Come on, pee for me,” she sounded desperate but it still turned Justin on. He was pretty sure what came out of his penis this time was not the same thing that was dripping out of her cunt but he did not feel the need to tell her that.

She opened the back of her throat and gulped as quickly as she could, swallowing his urine as soon as it filled her mouth. When she had finished swallowing everything and could talk again, Justin asked if she really enjoyed it. “Not really. It was warm and tingly but I don’t normally drink anything that fast so it was more work than fun but I don’t mind. I want to try putting as many things inside myself as I can from now on. Next time your penis gets all hard I want to put it in my mouth again. I have three holes and I want you to fill all of them as much as possible while I'm here,” she admitted shyly.

Justin’s cock twitched again as he imagined his cousin bending over to present her tiny butthole to him. He really wanted to know what kind of face she would make as he stretched that part of her. If he kept thinking about it his cock would probably engorge again and then he’d have no excuse not to try.

Mel watched cautiously as he reached between her legs and pushed his finger into her still slightly slimy cunt. He swirled it around until he had a proper glob of cum on the tip. He then slid out and down until he reached her puckered anus. She tilted her head back and stared at the bathroom lights with wide eyes with her tongue hanging out when he pushed his lubricated digit into her.

She stayed like that until he began to stroke her inside. “You’re so impatient,” she wailed. “I said sometime this summer, not right now. It’s like my body belongs to you. I can’t say no.”

He swirled his finger around until his cum had coated the inside of her anus. He then pulled out and grabbed both her ankles. He pulled her legs forward until she was lying on her back on the toilet seat with her legs in the air. He pressed the tip of his only semi erect cock to her anus and looked at her for confirmation. She nodded. “Do whatever you want to me. I belong to you.” If she was reluctant, she refused to show it. It did not matter to her if she got fucked in the ass now or later. She had already told him he could and she did not understand things like not being in the mood right now. There was no reason to keep him waiting.

He had just begun to push and expand her anus when there was a knock at the door to the bathroom. Justin’s cock went flaccid again without warning. He dropped Mel’s legs and she managed to sit up properly right before Mrs. Weller opened the door. She rolled her eyes when she saw Mel using the toilet while Justin was still in the shower, having only just managed to climb over the edge of the tub. “You guys are too comfortable with each other,” she scolded them.

“I had to go,” Mel played along.

“Yeah-yeah, finish up. Supper will get cold. I called you guys before but I guess you couldn’t hear over the water.”

Both of them nodded. They had not been paying enough attention either way and they welcomed the excuse. Mel stood up and left the bathroom ahead of Mrs. Weller. She had not brought any clothes with her. “You’re gonna make a lot of boys cry when you start dating,” Mrs. Weller sighed as she watched her niece’s round butt jiggling as she walked. “You need to protect her from boys that will make her cry,” she suddenly spoke to Justin.

“Um, okay,” he was caught off guard. It was not like they always lived together so he was not going to always be around to protect Mel. Still it was not surprising that his mother thought of them as siblings considering how close they acted.


As it was late and neither of the two kids planned to go out again that day they only put on loose clothes before coming down for supper. The three of them ate as a family, something that rarely happened with just Justin and his mother alone. Mrs. Weller was not incompetent as a mother just a little lazy. She acted more like a mother when she was trying to show off to her niece. Justin did not mind as it meant he usually had a lot of freedom to do whatever he liked. He was willing to put up with family dinners and other annoyances in order to have Mel live with them for three months of the year.

As Mrs. Weller wanted to watch prime time television, she sent the two of them upstairs to play video games on their own. This time Mel got to sit on the floor with the regular game console while Justin chose to just watch her. As an only child he primarily had single player games. Now that he had made some friends at school though he planned on buying a few and this summer with his cousin visiting seemed like the perfect time. If he got some money from his mother, he could probably make a date out of it tomorrow.

Eventually Justin started to get tired and he lied down on the bed. He was still watching the screen but he was not absorbing anything that was happening. It took him a while to realize when Mel paused the game and stood up. She stood at the side of the bed and took her loose shirt off over her head, revealing the fact that she was not wearing a bra.

Justin smiled subconsciously but suddenly sat up when she began to lower her fuzzy pajama shorts. “What are you doing?” He grabbed her hands to stop her.

“Didn’t we say we’d sleep naked together tonight?” she reminded him.

“Are we going to sleep right now?” He looked at his clock. It was not quite the normal time his mother set for curfew during the summer.

“Well, we might not be sleeping right away,” she admitted. He still held her hand when she tried to continue pulling down her shorts. “What’s wrong?” she was confused.

He stared at her waist and the lines of her crotch which were slightly visible now. He then pulled her shorts back up and continued to stare at the space between her legs and the slight gap between the leg hole of her shorts and her thigh. He did not know how to explain it but the idea of her being close to naked was almost more exciting to him at the moment.

“You’re weird,” she sighed as she crawled onto the bed. She kneeled above his head and leaned over him so her breasts were dangling in his face, as much as they could dangle at their current size and weight. He grinned as he touched and played with them. A few days ago he would have been cautious about invading her space and making her uncomfortable and last year he would have not even been entertained by her body. He had stumbled upon a feeling in-between; the desire to touch someone else and being allowed to do so.

She giggled as his fingers brushed her sensitive spots. She thought he was trying to tickle her but it didn’t feel quite the same. She scooted a little forward on the bed so that he could see directly up her pant legs at her crotch. “You like looking there, don’t you,” she teased him. “You kept sticking your fingers up there before and then your penis in the bath. Why do you like it so much?”

Slightly annoyed by her haughty attitude, he did exactly as she said and pushed his fingers into the crotch of her shorts and forced the cloth inside of her. She moaned while losing her balance and falling on top of him, her face as his waist and her crotch at his chin. In retaliation, she grabbed his already hardening shaft from the outside of his shorts. He sucked in a sharp breath while wincing. “Ooh, I found something you don’t like!” she snickered.

He continued to prod her crotch while she kept pulling on his. Whenever they each elicited a reaction from the other it would cause them to stop messing around long enough for the other to catch their breath. It was like a competition to get more reprieve by aggravating the other more.

Even though they both had cloth separating their privates from their opponent’s fingers, Mel was actually being penetrated and therefore was receiving more stimulation than Justin who was merely being fondled. Desperate to get ahead, Mel pulled his shorts to the side and touched his penis directly. He again gasped and then retaliated by pulling her pajama bottoms out of the way.

She moaned and laughed at the same time, laying her head down on his stomach to rest for a moment. When she got the energy to move again, she kissed the head of his cock and then touched her tongue to it. He winced and tried to push his fingers into her faster to distract her but she had already enveloped the entire head in her mouth. She intentionally let her drool slide down and coat the whole shaft before she started moving.

Not to be out done, Justin leaned forward enough to put his mouth near her cunt and pressed his tongue to the outside. She squealed as she felt something wet touching her privates for the first time. His fingers were always dry, forcing him to be patient as her own liquids lubricated them. This time his saliva gave him the chance to be quicker than she could adjust to. Realizing this, he began to lick from the top of her slit to the bottom and even her clit. She began to groan as her senses were overwhelmed. He wagged his tongue back and forth on her clit for a while when he realized it was her most sensitive spot.

It took her a while but she finally regained enough composure to start bobbing her head up and down his shaft again. He retaliated by plunging his tongue into her cunt and wagging it from side to side so it touched the walls. She flinched and let out another muffled groan but did not let up. She scooted forward and positioned her head directly above his waist so she could force her whole head down. His cock slid to the back of her throat and her tongue swirled around the shaft at the base.

Even when he was penetrating her cunt in the bath the only part of it that touched the base was the outside lips. He had not wondered what it would’ve felt like if the inside of her cunt had reached that far but now he felt like he knew. Having the inside of her mouth touching a part of his cock that it normally could not was amazing. He was so enamored that when she started to lift her head, he grabbed it and pulled it back down.

She squealed at first but then started to laugh, muffled by his cock in her throat. She knew she had done something right if he was this reluctant to let her stop. She scooted even lower so that she could fit her mouth further over his whole shaft. When the head of his cock popped into her throat, her eyes widened. It felt like it was touching her uvula. She was afraid that if his cock wasn’t plugging her throat she might’ve thrown up.

In her efforts to fit his cock further into her mouth, she had moved herself away from his face. He had to sit up to get a good view of it again but in that position he could not lick it anymore. He instead pulled her shorts down to her ankles and pushed his fingers back into her cunt. She made a slight noise but it was mostly muffled.

Flicking her clit repeatedly, he intentionally made her flinch over and over. Eventually she had to pull her head up because it was hard to breathe through her nose while he was messing with her. “You’re so mean,” she whined in between large breaths. There were several lines of thick saliva still connecting her lips to his shaft. She used her hand to sever them and then tried to wipe it off on his cock. Intrigued by how slippery it was she gripped his shaft and pumped her fist up and down faster than her lips could go.

He tossed his head back and closed his eyes as he felt stimulation similar to her cunt in the bath. He was not paying attention enough to warn her when he was about to cum but she could feel his muscles flexing. “Don’t make a mess in the bed.” She quickly put her mouth over the tip of his cock again. She expected it to the same as what she drank while sitting on the toilet but instead it was thick and slimy. There was a lot less of it but it also lasted a lot longed, just like when he kept tensing inside her cunt in the bath.

She swallowed the first few spurts but got tired of moving her throat after a while and instead let them collect in her mouth. When he finally stopped spurting inside her he collapsed on his back. She spun around on top of him so they were face to face. She waited for him to open his eyes before she opened her mouth to show him the pool of white slime inside. “Look,” she urged him. “What is this?”

“You should spit it out.” He looked at his night stand to see if there was a cup she could use. She shook her head while closing her mouth. He watched the outside of her throat moving as she gulped it down. “Why did you do that? Are you okay?” he was concerned.

“I want anything you put inside me to stay there,” she explained.

“Why?” he asked.

“I don’t know. I feel like it belongs there, don’t you? Girls have a hole in their body right where boys have a stick on theirs. Don’t you think we’re supposed to put them together?” She reached behind herself and grabbed his still slimy cock, intending to put it inside her cunt right then and there. It was completely flaccid though and far too sensitive. He grabbed her hand and moved it away.

She looked dejected. “Come on, you like pushing in me too, don’t you? Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt. Well, not as much as it feels amazing. It’s like when you’re full and you keep eating. It hurts but in a strange way. Your penis stretches my hole so much that it makes me want to cry and hold my belly until it stops. You said you like my reactions, right? Don’t you want to see what my face looks like when you stretch my hole again? Isn’t that why you put it in me in the bathtub? You couldn’t see my face under the water very well, right. This time watch me carefully. Watch me go crazy as you stretch me.”

Justin reached up and moved some of her hair so he could get a good look at her face. She already looked amazing to him. Her cheeks were red from exhaustion and her lips were raw from rubbing his shaft. She had drool running down to her chin and her eyes were a misty from watering up a little while she was choking on his cock.

He was just about to tell her that this was enough for him when he felt his cock stiffening again. Just looking at her face like this was turning him on again. He suddenly leaned forward and pressed his lips to hers, kissing her while also wrapping his arms around her waist and pushing her backward while he stood up into a kneeling position until she was lying down beneath him. Her eyes reflected her shock but she was also smiling. She had goaded him into continuing successfully.

Before his cock was even fully erect again, he pressed the tip against her crotch. Being slimy from her saliva it slid around instead of pushing in. He was immediately reminded of that evening when he had been interrupted in the bathroom. He lifted her hips slightly and aimed his cock lower. She seemed to realize what he was doing and winced. Her asshole spread easily as his slick cock pressed inside. It slid halfway in with a single thrust.

Her eyes and mouth opened wide, forcing him to break off their kiss. She did not make a sound but she looked like she was groaning. “Are you okay?” he asked. She shook her head. “Does it hurt?”

She nodded rapidly. “It feels like a stomach ache that doesn’t leave until you go to the bathroom,” she explained. “My butt is being forced apart but from the wrong side.” Concerned, he slid his cock completely out of her. “Oh god,” she sighed with relief. “It really does feel like going to the bathroom.”

“Should I continue?” Justin asked cautiously. Mel bit her lip as she thought. It really was a terrible feeling, being stuffed in a hole that was only meant for expulsion. However the feeling of relief she got from him pulling out was incredible. She definitely had to experience it one more time at least. She finally nodded while still biting her lip. Justin gripped her waist and slid her down while thrusting up.

She bit into her lip while clenching her eyes as she felt her anus spreading again. She felt incredible satisfaction when he stopped moving and her bowels stopped expanding. She kept her eyes closed while enjoying the feeling of her insides trying to contract around his invading shaft unsuccessfully. “Ready?” he asked while gripping her waist tighter. She nodded confidently.

When he pulled out, she let out a held breath and her eyes opened again but her pupils were hidden from view. Her lower body twitched as she held her legs up off the bed from clenching her muscles. Justin stared mesmerized at the wonderfully round hole that was once her puckered anus. If someone had told him he could change the shape of another person’s body by shoving his penis into them last week he would not have believed them.

As Mel seemed more confident, Justin stopped asking before moving. He simply shoved his cock back into her gapping asshole. She tried to smile while nodding to show she was fine but she was still holding her breath. Justin gyrated his hips a little, trying to touch all the walls like he had done in her cunt. She seemed annoyed and began to kick slightly. He used his knees to push her legs further apart.

With half of her breath escaping while she was kicking, she only let out a small sigh of relief when he pulled all the way out again. Once more, her anus remained unclosing. She had abandoned all attempts to keep her head up and was simply resting it on the bed. Her eyes remained open but her pupils were unfocused. She was panting for breath and her tongue was hanging out. Drool was dripping off of the tip.

Having practically fucked the resistance out of her, Justin pushed his cock back into her asshole with ease. Her muscles still contracted a little but she was much more relaxed. She just made a few different noises to differentiate when he was pushing in or pulling out. She still seemed to enjoy the latter part more. He stopped pulling all the way out and started leaving just the head of his cock inside her butt whenever he pulled back.

Justin could feel a distinct different between her cunt and her asshole. Her cunt was wetter from her own liquids while her bowels clung to his cock when he moved, practically turning inside out if he tugged too fast. It was also much tighter, squeezing his cock rather than letting it glide properly. He liked it but it was definitely harder work. It was also more stimulating. Despite having just cum, he felt his muscles tightening much quicker than in the bath.

Mel finally reacted when she felt his cock flinching inside her along with hot spurts of liquid lubricating her bowels. “No, you’re gonna make a mess,” she whined. He lifted her into his lap and continued to squirt inside of her while hugging her tightly. She winced each time his cock flinched. “I love it when you fill my holes,” she sighed when he finally stopped. He kissed her and then laid her back down so he could pull out of her asshole.

She immediately squeaked and crossed her legs to keep his cum from slipping out. Her anus was still gaping too much to hold anything in properly. “I’ll carry you to the bathroom,” he offered.

“No, I want to keep it inside me,” she complained.

“You were the one who didn’t want to make a mess.” He scooped her up into his arms and carried her out of the room. From the light emanating up the stairs they could tell his mom was still watching TV.

Justin set Mel on the toilet and watched the familiar scene of his cum dripping out of her, this time from her gaping anus instead of her raw cunt. Mel blushed in embarrassment at how closely he was watching but still spread her legs for him. By now nothing about either of their bodies was private.

When he glanced at the sink and saw his toothbrush, he recalled neither one of them had actually prepared for bed. Mel was a little shocked and disappointed when he walked over to the sink and began to brush. She was sitting next to him showing off her thoroughly fucked asshole but he was more interested in brushing his teeth. “Hey, brush mine as well,” she demanded in an annoyed tone. He stared at her in confusion but she just tilted her head back and opened her mouth. Unable to sigh with his mouth full of toothpaste, he rolled his eyes instead.

He prepared her tooth brush and put it in her mouth, expecting her to grab the handle. She did not though and just kept holding her legs apart. He almost wanted to laugh at how spoiled she was being. He began to brush her teeth carefully with one hand while finishing brushing his own with his other. It was quite difficult and took a long time. Furthermore, Mel’s reactions kept distracting him. Like getting tickled, having someone else touch the inside of her mouth made it more sensitive. It also reminded her of the fact she had his cock in her mouth an hour ago.

By the time she stood up and spit in the sink, her face was completely red; more so than the entire time they had been having sex. As she leaned over the sink, Justin eyed her still gaping anus and eventually pushed two of his fingers inside. She collapsed against the sink for a moment before pushing herself back up. She turned her head to look over her shoulder at him sheepishly. “It’s yours to do with as you please,” she assured him she did not mind.

Justin contemplated if his cock was up to the challenge of penetrating her asshole again while she struggled to hold herself up against the sink. While he really wanted to try, he really did not think he could. He just settled for playing with her butt as she finished rinsing her mouth. When she turned around to face him, pulling her butt away from his invading fingers in the process, he satisfied another of his curiosities; what her lips tasted like right after brushing her teeth.

When they were done kissing, they walked back to his bedroom and crawled under the sheets. “This feels amazing.” She rolled around in order to feel the soft linen touching every part of her bare body. “Why have I never tried sleeping naked before?” Justin watched her with interest until he noticed her rubbing her cunt lips against the sheets more than the rest of her body. “I can't help it; their so sensitive,” she whined when he tried to stop her.

“How does your butt feel then?” He rolled her onto her back so her ass was touching the sheets.

“It feels like it’s been turned inside out,” she answered. “I can feel the rim touching the cloth and it feels like if I flex it at all the cloth will slide up inside me.”

“Is that a bad thing?” Justin was slightly concerned.

“You like pushing my underwear inside me anyway so it’s not like I'm not used to it already.”

As if to punish her for calling him out, he slid his hand under the sheet and pushed it up into her butt just like she said. “God, you’re so obsessed.” She swatted his hand away. “You’re gonna be messing with me all night, aren't you?” He shrugged in response. “That’s alright,” she calmed down. “If you get hard in the night, don’t bother asking, just pick a hole and wake me up from the inside.”

Justin felt incredibly lucky all of a sudden. He bundled his sheets around Mel and hugged her tightly, causing her to giggle as the linen brushed her bare flesh. He knew that none of Tyler’s French girlfriends would be this approachable. It really did help that Mel and he were already close before all of this. He could not have asked for a better partner. They fell asleep tangled in the blankets to the point they almost forgot they were completely naked underneath.


Justin was no stranger to being woken up by his mother. As such it did not surprise him that the first thing he heard when he woke up was her voice. When he managed to open his eyes and sit up, he saw her in his doorway holding a spatula. “Come on, you two, I made pancakes.” She was once again attempting to show off her abilities as a parent to Mel.

She had gone to Mel’s room first and when she had not found her, she automatically assumed the two of them had slept in the same bed. Justin noticed that his lower half was tangled in the sheets but his bare chest was fully visible. The moment Mel sat up, her bare breasts came into view. Mrs. Weller looked at the floor and saw both of their clothes from supper the night before. “Was it really that hot last night?” she asked nervously.

“Sharing a bed with another person is always hot,” Mel explained while standing up, revealing the glory of her nudity to her aunt. She had to walk around the foot of the bed to get out because Justin was blocking her path.

Mrs. Weller grabbed her by the shoulder as she tried to walk past her. “He didn’t touch you at all last night, did he?” Though she was still having trouble imagining her niece and son doing anything wrong, she was starting to have suspicions.

“No more than usual,” Mel answered innocently.

Mrs. Well nodded as she recalled that they often slept in the same bed during her previous visits. She would have to put a stop to it soon but if she was too adamant about it they would ask why and she would end up having to tell them more than she was prepared to. “Just let me know if you need anything, sweetie.”

“Need anything?” Mel was confused.

“Like pills or condoms or stuff like that,” Mrs. Weller spoke softly.

Mel had no idea what kind of pills her aunt meant and did not know what a condom was. She did not care to prolong the conversation though and just nodded before leaving the room.

Mrs. Weller turned to her son who was much more reluctant to get out of bed in front of her. “Oh come on, you can show your cousin but not me?” she complained. He shrugged, admitting just that. “You two really like each other, don’t you?”

“Mom, can I marry my cousin,” he asked bluntly.

She burst out laughing immediately. She did not even answer him and just left the room. While that request should’ve made her more concerned it actually had the opposite effect. There was no way he would ask something so suspicious if he was trying to hide an illicit relationship from her. For now, he had put all of her concerns to rest.

The End


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Nice and exciting story...Continuing or Part 2?


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Nice and exciting story...Continuing or Part 2?

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